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medieval history (Includes: medieval history, history of middle ages, histoire medievale, geschiedenis; middeleeuwen, medevil history, history; middle ages, meieval history, history;middle ages, history: mediaeval, "medieval history81 more, histoire médievale, medievil history, @history>medieval, history: middle ages, mittelalterliche geschichte, history of the middle ages, history:medieval, history -- medieval, medieval - history, history. medieval, middle ages/history, mediveal history, history- middle ages, history (middle ages), historia-edad media, medieal history, medeval history, history~medieval, "history/medieval", history.middle ages, middle ages (history), /middle ages - history/, history/ medieval, historymedieval, midieval history, history: mid. ages, mediaeval history, storia medio evo, History(Medieval), history. middle ages., history; medieval history, Middle Ages > History, History--Middle Ages, History/medieval, history_medieval, medieval-history, Middle Ages. Medieval History., HISTORIA MEDIEVAL, history Middle Ages, history-middle ages, miedeavel history, storia medioevale, history - medieval, History.Medieval, History > Medieval, History/Middle Ages, medievalhistory, miedieval history, medieval hist, middle ages history, Histoire médiévale, medieval_history, Middeleeuwse geschiedenis, history mediaeval, history-medieval, medeibal history, medievel history, history (mediaeval), history- medieval, medeival history, middle_ages history, history (Mediæval), history medieval, History: Medieval, Mideaval History, history:middle ages, storia medievale, middle ages--history, history (medieval), middle ages - history, History - Middle Ages, History/ Middle Ages, History_Mediaeval, medival history, History. Medieval., History; Medieval, medieaval history, Geschiedenis Middeleeuwen, History--Medieval, Middle Ages-History, Middle Ages -- History)

exclude: history (Includes: history, történelem, *history, История, histoy, история, historio, historia/history, povijest, hestoria51 more, ]history, geschiedensi, geschhiedenis, -geschiedenis, hist, geschiedenis, +history, h(istory), history , historia, historie, histort, tÖrtÉnelem, storia, geschichte, hisotry, història, hostory, (history), hietory, HIstoire, History., @HISTORY, Histpry, *História#, histroy, ^History, "history, Hiistory, History. ., c:History, história, hsitory, Hisoty, "history", histry, histoey, hsstory, hisory, histora, #History, Histria, hitory, Hiastory, 02-History, [history], history", s:history, histria, historia - history, 歴史)

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