"(1) 1450-1600(1) 1564-1616 --Criticism and interpretation. Sex differences (Psychology) in literature. Drama--Psychological aspects. Sex role in literature.(1) 15th Amendment(1) 1600-(1) 1600- --Addresses(2) 1600- --Sources. Women’s rights--History--Sources. Feminism--History--Sources.(1) 1735-1815. Seneca Indians.(1) 1740-1814 --Characters--Women. Erotic literature(1) 18-32 --Criticism(1) 1815-1902 --Juvenile literature. Stanton(1) 1815-1902. Feminists. Women--Biography. Women's Studies(1) 1833-1909 --Diaries. Domestics--Great Britain--Diaries. Victorian England(1) 1864-1922 --Fiction. Anthropologists--Fiction. Poets--Fiction. War neuroses--Fiction. Soldiers--Fiction. World War(1) 1865-1951. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People--Biography. Civil rights workers--United States--Biography. Women civil rights workers--United States--Biography. African Americans--Civil rights. Civil rights movements--United States-(1) 1866-1946 --Relations with women. Novelists(1) 1867- Working class women--China--Biography. China--Social life and customs.(1) 1877-1951. Hausa (African people)--Social life and customs. Hausa (African people)--Biography. Baba(1) 1879-1966. Birth control--United States--Biography. Women social reformers--United States--Biography.(1) 1879-1966. Sanger(1) 1884-1962.; Presidents’ spouses--United States--Biography; Women's Studies(1) 1886-1967 --Fiction. Rivers(1) 1892-1950. Women--China--History.(1) 1894- --Correspondence. Women--South Africa--Correspondence. Women(1) 1900- Korean Americans--Biography. Korean American women--Biography. Immigrants--United States--Biography. United States--Emigration and immigration--History--20th century. Korea--Emigration and immigration--History--20th century. Korean Americans(1) 1908-1986 --Translations into English. France--Social life and customs--Fiction.(1) 1911- African Americans--Alabama--Biography(1) 1914-1918--Great Britain--Fiction. Great Britain--Fiction.(1) 1914-1918--Peace.(1) 1914-1943. Holocaust(1) 1921-1944 --Diaries.; Jews--Palestine--Diaries.; Holocaust(1) 1932- Welfare recipients--New York (State)--New York--Biography. Puerto Ricans--New York (State)--New York.(1) 1939-1945--Jewish resistance--Hungary.; Israel & Zionism(1) 1940- --Childhood and youth. African American girls--Mississippi--Biography. African Americans--Mississippi--Biography. African American girls--Mississippi--Social conditions--20th century. African Americans--Mississippi--Social conditions--20th century. (1) 1943- Women--Religious aspects--Christianity. Theology(1) 1944- --Family. Racially mixed women--Race identity--United States. Racially mixed women--United States--Biography. Daughters--United States--Biography. African American women--Biography. Jewish women--United States--Biography.(1) 1960s(1) 1963-(1) 1978(1) 1992 presidential election(1) 1995 NGO Forum and the Fourth World Conference in Beijing(1) 1996 Olympics(1) 19th and 20th century women's history(1) 202 b.c.-220 a.d.(1) 20th century(4) 20th century women(1) 403-221 B.C. China--History--Han dynasty(1) 600-1500.; Sodomy --Europe --History.;(1) 77?-6? B.C. Lie nu ̈zhuan. Women--China--History. Women--China--Conduct of life. Women--China--Social conditions. China--History--Warring States(1) 9 to 5(1) ;(9) ; Abortion(1) ; African American women. African American women --Biography. African American women --Diaries. Women(1) ; Aids (disease); women-diseases(1) ; Anorexia nervosa --History. Anorexia nervosa --Social aspects. Teenage girls --Diseases --History(1) ; Articulation(1) ; bible(1) ; Children --Social conditions. Family.(1) ; Dictionary(1) ; eating disorders(1) ; Feminism. Women in Christianity.(1) ; Feminist theology--Congresses.(1) ; Jewish literature(1) ; Minimum wage --United States. Working poor --United States. Unskilled labor --United States. Poverty --United States.(1) ; Objections and Replies(1) ; prostituion(1) ; Revolution (Theology) Messianism. Christian sociology.(1) ; Sex instruction for teenagers(1) ; Sexual harassment in universities and colleges--United States. Women college students--United States. Sexual harassment of women--Law and legislation--United States. College teachers--United States.(1) ; test(1) ; Women --United States --Social conditions. Women --United States --Economic conditions. Feminism --United States.(1) ; Women in motion pictures. Women in the motion picture industry. Feminist motion pictures.(1) ; Women in science. Feminism. Science--Social aspects. Sexism in science. Women's Studies(1) ; Women teachers--United States. Education--United States--Curricula. Teachers--United States--Psychology. Sex role--United States. Feminist criticism--United States.(1) ; Women--Health and hygiene. Women--Physiology. Gynecology--Popular works.(1) ; Women--Suffrage--United States--History. Women--Suffrage--Great Britain--History. Suffragists--United States. Suffragists--Great Britain. Women's Studies(1) ; Women--United States--History--Chronology.(1) Abigail Abbot Bailey(1) abolition(3) abolitionism(1) abortion(18) abortion clinics(1) Abortion--Miscellanea. Abortion--Moral and ethical aspects--Miscellanea.(1) Abortion--Psychological aspects.(1) abortion-political aspects(1) abstinence(1) abundance of freedoms(1) abuse(5) abuse and the court system(1) abuse of mothers(1) academia(2) academic discipline(1) acquaintance rape(1) action(1) activism(7) activists and politicians(1) actors(1) actresses. Culture. Feminist criticism. Women in popular culture. Feminist theory.(1) addict(1) addiction(1) administrative positions(1) adolescence(3) adolescence and sex role transcendence(1) adolescent development(1) adolescents and sex(1) adoption(1) adornment and sexualtiy(1) Adrienne Rich(4) adrogyny(1) adult education(1) adult survivors(1) adult violence and sexuality(1) advancement(1) advancement of women(1) adventure(2) advertisements(1) advice(1) affirmative action(4) Africa(2) Africa/Anthropology/Women's Studies; Women; Nigeria & Igbo society; social conditions; gender - economy(1) African American activists(1) African American families--Case studies. Poor--United States--Case studies.(1) African American families--Illinois--Chicago(1) african american feminism(1) African American women(4) African American women and religion(1) African American women--Social conditions. Sexism--United States. Feminism--United States.(1) African Americans(1) African Americans--Alabama--Social life and customs(1) African Americans--Illinois--Chicago--Social conditions(1) African tribe(1) African womanhood(1) African women(3) African-American(2) African-American authors and literature(1) african-american identity(1) African-American literature(1) African-American writers(1) afro-american authors(1) Afro-American experience(1) afro-american women(1) Afro-American women history(1) age(2) age and sexuality(1) ageism(2) aggression(1) aging(1) Aging --Social aspects; Older people --Psychology; Older people --Health and hygiene; Quality of life; Well-being;(1) Agnes(1) Agnes li Patiniere of Douai(1) Agnes Mary Mansour(1) agoraphobia(1) aids(2) AIDS and HIV(1) Akan women(1) Alabama--Biography(1) Alabama--Rural conditions--Case studies.(1) alcholic parents(1) alcoholism(1) Alice(1) Alice Walker(5) Amada Pineda(1) Amazon cultures(1) Amazon women(1) Amazonian tribe(1) America(1) America's sexual revolution(1) American --Literary collections.; Ethnic groups --Literary collections.; Group identity --Literary collections.; Immigrants --Literary collections.; American literature --20th century.;(1) American Buddhism(1) American Christianity(1) American cities(1) American couples(2) American culture and society(1) American dream(2) American history(4) American Indian(1) American Indian culture and society(1) American Indian literature(1) American Indian women(1) american literature(2) American literature --Minority authors.; National characteristics(1) American literature and Afro-Americans in literature(1) American literature--African American authors--History and criticism--theory(1) American literature--African American authors--History and criticism. American literature--Women authors--History and criticism. African American women--Intellectual life. Women and literature--United States. African American women in literature. African (1) American literature--Women authors--History and criticism--Theory(1) American political parties(1) American politics(1) American social history(1) American women(3) American women's history(1) American writers(1) American--20th century--Biography. Entertainers--United States--Biography. African American families--Arkansas. African American authors--Biography. Arkansas--Intellectual life--20th century. Arkansas--Social life and customs.(1) American--Afro-American authors. Social life and customs. 20th Century American Fiction.(1) American--History and criticism. Literature and society--United States--History. Advertising(1) American--Homes and haunts--Arkansas. Authors(1) American. American fiction--Indian authors. American fiction--Women authors. Indians of North America--Fiction. Indians of North America--Folklore. Native American Women and culture(1) American. American fiction--Women authors.(1) American. Short stories(1) Amusements--New York (State)--New York--History(1) anarchism(1) anatomy(2) ancient greco-roman women's religious lives(1) ancient history(1) and balance(1) and pagan women(1) and women's consciousness and class conflict(1) Andhra(1) androgyny(2) anesthesia(1) Angela Davis(1) Angelou(1) anger management(1) anima(1) animal instincts(1) animal rights(1) Ann Judson(1) Anna Wheeler(1) Anne(1) Anne Moody(2) anorexia(4) anorexic women(1) antebellum(1) antebellum women reformers(1) anthology of feminist spirituality(1) anthropology(3) anti-feminist(1) anti-racism(2) anti-rape movement(1) anti-slavery(1) antifeminist backlash(1) antinuclear issues(1) antiphallic campaign(1) apartheid(2) aphrodisia(1) apocalypse(1) Arab countries(1) Arab marriage and divorce(1) Arab sexual discrimination(1) arab society(1) Arabic(1) Arabic--Egypt--History and criticism. Bedouins--Egypt--Folklore. Honor--Folklore. Sex customs--Egypt. Women(1) arousal(1) art(5) art history(2) artists and entertainers(1) Artwork(1) Aryans(1) asia(1) Asian American men and women(1) Asian immigrants(1) Asian-American(1) assault(2) assertiveness training(1) Athenian housewives(1) athlete(1) athletes(1) athletics(2) atlas(1) attracting women(1) Audre Lorde(1) Aunt Jemims(1) author's letters(1) authority(1) authors(2) autobiographical writings(1) autobiography(11) Autobiography--Women authors(1) autoeroticism(1) awakening(1) b. 1876 --Correspondence. Makhanya(1) babies having babies(1) ballerina(1) Barbara Ferraro(1) Barbara Oliver(1) barriers in frienships(1) battered wives(1) battered women(7) battered women's movement(1) beating(1) beauty(2) beauty secrets(1) Bedouin--Egypt. Bedouins(1) behaviorism(1) bell hooks(2) benefits and risks of common medical interventions(1) benevolence(1) Bengal(1) Bernadette Brooten(1) bi-racial(1) biased language(1) Bible and homosexuality.; Homosexuality in the Bible.; Homosexuality --History --To 1500.;(1) Bible--Criticism(1) Bible. N.T. Romans I(1) Bible. O.T.--Feminist criticism.(1) biblical hermeneutics(1) biblical stories from a feminist perspective(1) biblical teaching(1) biker chick(1) binging(1) bio-bibliography(1) bioethics(1) biographical dictionary(1) biography(10) Biography as a literary form(1) biological determinism(1) biological differences(2) biological reproduction(1) biology(1) biology; sex roles(1) bionic bimbo(1) biracial(1) birth(3) birth control(11) birth control and abortion(1) birth control and contraceptives(1) birth control in 19th-century America(1) Birth control--United States--History--19th century. Contraception--United States--History--19th century. Sex customs--United States--History--19th century.(1) Birth control--United States--History.(1) birth limitation(1) birth limitations(1) birth rate(1) bisexual(1) bisexuality(1) Black --Biography. Women(1) Black --Caribbean Area --Biography. Women(1) Black --Caribbean Area --Diaries. Women(1) Black --Diaries.(1) black culture(1) Black education system(1) black experience in the South(2) black family(1) black feminism(1) Black feminists(1) black lesbians(2) black male sexism(2) black political culture(1) Black Power Movement(1) black reality(1) black revolution(1) black students(1) Black theology(1) black woman(1) Black women(1) black women after emancipation(1) black women in America(1) black writers(1) Black--Biography.(1) Black--Economic conditions--Congresses. African American women--Social conditions--Congresses. African American women--Economic conditions--Congresses.(1) Black--Education--South Africa. South Africa--Race relations. South African women(1) Black--History. Women(1) Black--Social conditions--Congresses. Women(1) Black--South Africa--Social conditions. Orange Free State(1) blackness(1) Blanche of Castile(1) blue-collar(1) boarding houses(1) body(1) body building(1) body concept(1) body functions(1) body image(6) body issues(3) body politic(2) body politics(2) body-esteem(2) Bom Jesus(1) Book of Paul(1) born-again Christians(1) boundary development(1) Brave Bird(1) bread and butter issues(1) Bread and Puppet theatre(1) breaking-up(1) breast cancer(1) breast cancer gene(1) breast cancer screening(1) breast exam(1) breast screening(1) Breast--Cancer--Genetic aspects. Breast Neoplasms--genetics. Breast Neoplasms--etiology. Linkage (Genetics).(1) Breast--Examination. Self-examination(1) breastfeeding(1) breeding breaks out in the eye of the cat(1) British speech communities(1) Brontes(1) Brooks(1) Buddhism(3) bulemia(1) bulimia(3) business(1) Butch and femme(1) butches(1) ca. 30-600.; Lesbianism --Biblical teaching.; Lesbianism --Religious aspects --Christianity --History of doctrines --Early church(1) ca. 30-600.; Lesbianism --Rome.; Homoeroticism.(1) cal-pep(1) California(3) Cameran(1) campus climate(3) campus diversity(1) cancer(1) cannery labor market(1) canon(1) canon law(1) capital punishment(1) capitalism(1) capitalist patriarchy(2) Care and hygiene.(1) career(4) career and employment(1) career and family(5) careers(1) Carmen(1) Carnaval(1) Carole Byard(1) case studies(2) case studies of single women(1) Catherine Senesh(1) Catholic Church --Doctrines --History.; Catholic Church --Controversial literature.; Sodomy --Religious aspects --Christianity --History of doctrines --Middle Ages(1) Catholic Church--Doctrines; Lesbians--Religious life; Women's Studies; catholic lesbians; lesbianism(1) Catholic reform(1) Catholic Worker(1) Catholicism(2) Catholicism and abortion(1) causes of breast cancer(1) Cavafy(1) celebrity(1) Celebrity.(1) Central America(1) cervical cancer(1) Ch'ing Dynasty(1) challenge to women's movement(1) Change(1) changes in American society(1) character(1) Charles Dickens(1) chauvinism(1) Chicago(2) Chicago (Ill.)--Social conditions(1) Chicana experience in American(1) Chicanas and work(1) child abuse(6) child bearing(2) child care(6) child care programs(1) child custody(1) child development(1) Child development. Character tests. Moral education.(1) child labor laws(1) child molestation(1) child psychology(2) Child psychology. Learning(1) child rearing(1) Child sexual abuse(1) childbearing and childbirth(1) Childbirth(1) childhood(1) childless women(1) childrearing(2) children(10) children as witnesses(1) children of alcoholics(1) children of divorced parents(1) China(2) China and communism(1) China and the West(1) Chinese(2) Chinese culture and society(1) Chinese customs(2) Chinese history(2) Chinese occupation(1) Chinese reform(1) Chinese traditions(1) Chinese women(1) chivalry(1) Chona(1) Christ(1) Christian(4) Christian life--Mennonite authors. Conflict (Psychology)(1) Christian theology(1) Christian thought(1) christianity(1) christianity and culture(1) Christianity and Judaism(1) christianity and missionaries(1) chromosomes(1) church(2) civil liberty(1) civil rights(6) Civil War women(1) civilization(1) civilized and nativ(1) Clarence Thomas(1) class(4) class and female solidarity(1) class consciousness(1) class structure(1) classroom(2) codependency(2) Cokie Roberts(1) Colgate University(1) collaboration between postsecondary institutions and elementary and secondary schools(1) collective consciousness(2) college(1) college and university(1) college demonstrations(1) college women(1) colonial(1) colonial New England(1) colonial systems(1) colonial women(1) colonialism(2) color-blindness(1) coming out(1) coming out story(1) commercialization(1) commitment without marriage(1) commuinty life(1) communal life(1) communication(3) communication within relationship(1) communism(1) communist China(1) Communist party(1) communities of support(1) Community(1) community relations(1) community work(1) comparable worth(1) compensation(1) competition(1) complictations(1) conception(2) conceptions of masculinity(1) conceptions of sex(1) Concise Words(1) condoms(1) Coney Island(1) confidence(1) conflict(1) conflict resolution(1) confrontation(1) Confucianism(2) Congregationalist(1) Congress(1) Congress.(1) congresses(1) conjunction(1) connection(1) consanguineal relationships(1) consciousness raising(1) consensual sex(1) conservation(1) consumer consciousness(1) consumerism(1) Contemporary affairs; Abortion -religious aspects -Catholic Church - Addresses(1) contemporary feminism(1) contemporary gender relations(1) contemporary peasant women(1) contraception(6) contraception-research(1) contraceptives(4) contraceptives and abortion(1) control (psychology)(1) controlling parents(1) conversation(1) coping with disease(1) coping with illness(1) cosmetics(1) cotton manufacture(1) counseling(3) couple(1) couple therapy(1) courtship(1) Courtship--United States--History--20th century(1) Coyote (Organization)--Political activity(1) creation(1) creativity(2) credit(1) crime(4) crimes or violence against women(1) criminal justice center(1) criminology(1) crisis centers(1) critical perspectives(1) criticism(2) Crone(1) cross cultural inequality(1) cross culture analysis(1) Cross-cultural studies(1) cultural anthropology(1) cultural comparison(1) cultural criticism(1) cultural images(1) cultural revolution(2) culture(7) culture and sexual abuse(1) culture clases(1) cycle of life(1) daddy's list girl(1) Daisy Zamora(1) Dalai Lama(1) dancer(1) Dasang Dadul Tsarong(1) date rape(2) Date rape--United States. Sex and law--United States. Law reform--United States. Feminism--United States.(1) dating(1) Dating (Social customs)--History--20th century(1) dating violence(1) daughter and father relationships(1) daughter of Jephthah(1) daughters(1) day care classroom(1) day care curriculum(1) day care teaching staff(1) Day nurseries(1) death(2) death and dying(1) death in Brazil(1) decadence(1) delivery(1) democracy(3) demographics(1) denial(2) depression(3) destiny of men(1) destruction(1) Developing countries.(1) development(1) development projects(1) deviance(1) deviate sexual behavior(1) Dian Wakoski(1) diary(1) diary of a doctor(1) diet(1) dietetics and pleasure(1) dieting(1) different lives of women(1) dilemma between work and family(1) Dina(2) disarmaments(1) discrimination(4) discrimination in employment(1) Discrimination in higher education --United States.;(1) disease(2) diseases(2) disintegration of the family(1) division of labor(2) divorce(4) divorce and family(1) divorcees and widows(1) dna(1) doctor(1) doctors and scientists(1) Doctrinal --India --Congresses.; Dalits --India --Religion --Congresses.;(1) Doctrinal--Asia--History. Asian women(1) documenting women(1) dogmatists(1) domestic(1) domestic abuse(6) domestic changes(1) domestic labor and black women in the professions(1) domestic relations(2) domestic servants(1) domestic violence(8) domestic violence and abuse(1) domestic workers(1) domesticity(1) domination(1) double bind(1) double burdens(1) double standard(1) douching(1) drama(1) drug abuse(1) drug addiction(1) dual identity(1) Durrell(1) dysfuctional families(1) dysfunction(1) dysfunctional families(1) Earl of Essex(1) early 20th century(2) early church ca 30-600(1) early feminism(4) early suffragist ideas(1) early working women(1) earth(1) east and west(1) eating disorders(10) ecofeminism(2) ecology(1) economic conditions from 1961 to present(1) economic crisis(1) economic equality(1) economic history(1) economic independence(1) economic life(1) economic perspective(1) economic status(1) economics(3) Economics --Psychological aspects.; Economics --Sociological aspects.;(1) economy(2) economy of the family(1) Edith Mirante(1) education(22) education and training for revolution(1) education in the Middle Ages(1) Egypt(2) El Norte(1) Eleanor(1) Eleanor of Montfort(1) electronic industry workers(1) Eleonora of Aragon(1) Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza(1) Elizabeth Cady(1) Elizabeth Cady Stanton(2) Elizabeth Cady Stanton Stanton(1) Elizabeth Morancy(1) Elizabeth Taylor(1) Elizabeth Warnock--Travel--Iraq--Nahr. Women--Iraq--Nahr. Nahr (Iraq)--Social life and customs. Women's studies(1) Ellen DeGeneres(1) emancipation in Israel(1) emasculated veteran(1) embryonic development(1) emergency responses(1) Emma Goldman(2) Emma Martin(1) Emma Mashinini(1) emotion(1) emotional labor(1) emotions(1) employment(9) empowerment(5) energy(1) engagement(1) England(2) English(2) English Dictionary(1) English language--Rhetoric--Study and teaching--California. Report writing--Study and teaching--California. English language--Composition and exercises.(1) English literature(1) English--20th century--Biography.(1) English. England--Social life and customs--Fiction.(1) entrepreneur(1) entrepreneurs(1) enviromentalism(1) environment(1) Environmental policy--Political aspects. Human ecology--Political aspects. Feminist theory.(1) epistemology of race(1) equal pay and wage gap(1) equal pay for equal work(1) equal rights(3) Equal Rights Amendment(1) Equal rights amendments--North Carolina(1) equality(4) equity in the workplace(1) era(2) erectile dysfunction(1) erotica(1) eroticism(1) eschatology(1) espionage(1) essay(1) essays(10) essays on women's issues(1) etc.(1) etc. --History --Early church(1) etc. American literature--Women authors--History and criticism--Theory(1) etc. English literature--Women authors--History and criticism--Theory(1) etc. Feminism and literature--English-speaking countries. Women and literature--English-speaking countries. Gender identity in literature. Authorship--Sex differences. Sex role in literature.(1) etc. Feminism and literature--United States--History. Women and literature--United States--History. African American women--Intellectual life. African American women in literature. Womanism in literature. African Americans in literature. Community life in(1) etc. Feminist fiction--History and criticism--Theory(1) etc. Fetus--Legal status(1) etc. gay resources(1) etc. Science fiction--History and criticism--Theory(1) etc.--United States(1) etc.--United States. Body(1) etc.; Bible. N.T. Romans I(1) ethical theory(1) ethics(9) ethics and politics(2) ethnic feudalism(1) ethnicity(2) ethnicity and race(1) Ethnology--Papua New Guinea--Trobriand Islands. Women--Papua New Guinea--Trobriand Islands.(1) Etty(1) eugenics(6) Europe(5) Evangelism(1) Eve(1) evolution(3) existentialism(1) extended kinship group(1) factory(1) factory girls(1) fair play(1) fairies(1) faith(2) family(23) family and career(2) family and children(1) family and marriage(1) family health(2) Family Health Foundation (La.) Birth control--Louisiana. Birth control--Government policy--Louisiana.(1) family life(1) family planning(2) family reform(1) family relations(1) family secrets(1) family systems theory(1) Family--California--Santa Clara County--Case studies(1) famous women(2) Fanny Wright(1) Farm life--Alabama--History--20th century(1) farmer life(1) Fascism(1) fatherhood(1) fatherless children(1) fear(1) fear of abandonment(1) fear of intimacy(1) feasting and fasting(1) female(2) female activists(1) female adolescence(1) female archetypes(1) female artist(1) female artists(1) female athlete(1) female athletes(1) female body(1) female bullying(1) female characters(1) female circumcision(1) female emotion(1) female employment(1) female eroticism(2) female experience(1) female identity(1) female image(2) female labor(1) female labour(2) Female offenders(1) Female offenders--United States--Case studies. Women prisoners--United States--Case studies. Reformatories for women--United States.(1) female power(1) female psychology(1) female saviors(1) female sex-role conflicts(1) female sexuality(5) female spirituality(2) female stereotypes(1) female subordination(1) feminine and masculinity(1) feminine beauty(1) feminine experience(1) feminine images in literature(1) feminine mystique(1) feminine power(1) femininity(8) feminisim(1) Feminism(2) feminism - political aspects(1) Feminism --United States --History --20th century.; Women’s rights --United States --History --20th century.; feminsism(1) feminism and literature(3) feminism and marriage(1) feminism and men(1) feminism and reading(1) feminism and religion(1) feminism and virtue(2) feminism history(1) feminism in Europe(1) feminism in Israel(1) feminism revival(1) Feminism--Europe(1) Feminism--France--History--19th century(1) Feminism--Middle East(1) Feminism--North Carolina(1) Feminism--Soviet Union.(1) Feminism--United States--History(1) Feminism--United States.(1) feminist(7) feminist analysis(1) feminist backlash(1) feminist biblical criticism(1) feminist complex(1) feminist consciousness(1) feminist criticism(2) feminist discourse on art(1) feminist ethics(2) feminist freethinker(1) feminist hermeneutics(1) feminist history(1) feminist ideology(1) feminist liberation(1) Feminist literary criticism. Feminism and literature.(1) feminist methodology(1) feminist movement(1) feminist movements(1) feminist organizations(1) feminist peace politics(1) feminist perspective(2) feminist perspective on language(1) feminist philosophy(2) feminist politics(4) feminist politics and human nature(1) feminist psychoanalytic theory(1) feminist religion(1) feminist research(1) feminist research methods(1) feminist scholarship(1) feminist theology(9) feminist theoloygy(1) feminist theory(13) feminist theory and history(1) feminist therapy(1) feminist trilogy(1) feminist utopia(1) feminists(1) Feminists--United States--Biography(1) Feminists--United States--Biography. Feminism--United States. Women’s rights--United States. Women--United States--Social conditions.(1) feminists-case studies(1) feminity(1) feminsim(1) feminst ideology(1) femmes(1) femocratic experiment(1) femocrats(1) Fernea(1) fertility(2) fetal development(1) fetal growth(1) fetus(1) fidelity(1) figures in women's history(1) film studies(1) financial aid(1) financial problems(1) first lady(1) first woman govenor of Vermont(1) flood(1) folk poetry(1) Food supply. Food supply--Government policy. Agriculture and state. Agriculture--Research--Developing countries.(1) Forster(1) fortitude(1) forward-looking strategies(1) foster parents(1) France(1) France--History--1945(1) Frances Ellen Watkins Harper(1) Frances Kissling(1) free blacks(1) free love(1) free speech(1) freedom(1) freedom of choice in abortion(1) freedom of speech(1) French feminist movement(1) French feminist writing(1) French--History and criticism. Women and literature--France--History--18th century. French literature--Psychological aspects. Sex (Psychology) in literature. Women--Psychology. Pornography.(1) Frente Sandinista de Liberacioń Nacional(1) Freud(5) friends(1) friendship(2) frigidity(4) Fruit Cocktail(1) ftm(1) fugitive slave law(1) functionalism(1) fundamentalism(1) fundamentalism and the control of women(1) gay(5) gay activists(1) gay and lesbian children(2) gay and lesbian literature(1) gay famous people(1) gay history(1) gay Indians(1) gay information(1) Gay lawyers --United States --Biography.; Japanese American lawyers --Biography.; Gay rights --United States.; Civil rights --United States.; Assimilation (Sociology); gay rights(1) gay life(2) gay men(2) Gay men--United States.(1) gay parent(1) gay pride(1) gay rights(1) gay sex(1) Gender(1) gender across cultures(1) gender and college campus(1) gender and culture(2) gender and curriculum(1) gender and education(1) gender and law(1) gender and philosophy(1) gender and women(1) gender as factor in perception(1) gender bias(1) gender construction(2) gender differences(4) gender discrimination(3) gender discrimination and college(1) gender equality(2) gender equity and schools(1) gender identification(1) gender identity(5) gender ideology(1) gender in Malay(1) gender in society(1) gender inequality(4) gender inequality and male dominance(1) gender inequality in China(2) gender inequality in religion(1) gender on college campus(1) gender personality(1) gender power(1) gender relations(2) gender roles(21) gender roles in Africa(1) gender socialization(1) gender stratification(1) gendered language(1) generation gap(1) generations of women(1) genes(1) genetic differences(1) genitals(1) geography(1) George Eliot(1) Gestalt(1) girl bullying(1) girlhood(1) Gladys Baez(1) glasnost(1) glass ceiling(1) global economy(3) global progress of women(1) Gloria Jean--Childhood and youth. African Americans--Tennessee--Memphis--Biography. African American women--Tennessee--Memphis--Biography. African Americans--Tennessee--Memphis--Social conditions. Memphis (Tenn.)--Race relations.(1) Glory Box(1) gnorrhea(1) God(1) goddess(1) goddess worship(1) goddesses(1) Golda Meir(1) government(1) governments(1) gradualism(1) graduate school(1) Grammar(1) grassroots(1) grassroots politics(1) Great Britain(1) Greek poets(1) Greek society(1) Grimké(1) grocery shopping(1) group dynamics(1) group interaction(1) group marriages and cooperative households(1) gynecology(5) H. G. (Herbert George)(1) Hagar(1) Handsome Lake(1) Hannah(2) harem(1) Harlem Renaissance(1) Harriet Jacobs(1) Harriet Taylor Mill(2) Hate groups --United States; Hate crimes --United States.; Universities and colleges --United States.;(1) hate speech(1) Hausa(1) healer(1) health(5) health and hygiene(1) health and sexual vigor(1) health and social services(1) health care(4) health occupations(1) healthcare(3) heath(1) Hebrew Orphan Asylum(1) Helen Thomas(1) heretical movements(1) Herod(1) heroines(1) heroines in Arab literature(1) heroization(1) herstory(1) heterosexism(5) heterosexist theology(1) heterosexuality(1) heterosexuals(1) Hidden God(1) hierarchy(1) higher education(4) Higher-United States--Congresses(1) Hildegarde of Bingen(1) Hillary Rodham Clinton(1) Hillesum(1) Hinduism(2) Hispanic American women --Social conditions --Anecdotes.; Hispanic American feminists --Biography --Anecdotes.; Sex discrimination against women --United States --Anecdotes.; United States --Ethnic relations --Anecdotes.; Hispanic American women(1) historical(1) historical rapes(1) historiography(1) History(2) history and criticism(3) history of(1) history of domesticity(1) history of feminism(2) history of homosexuality(1) history of medicine(2) history of religion(1) history of science(1) history of women(1) history of women in United States(1) hiv(6) Ho-de-no-sau-nee(1) Hollywood(1) Holocaust(1) home and family(1) homecoming(1) homemakers(1) homoeroticism(2) homophobia(5) homophobia in schools(1) Homophobia--United States. Heterosexism--United States. Lesbianism--United States.(1) homosexual(1) homosexual children(2) homosexual literature(1) homosexual resources(1) Homosexuality(1) homosexuality and education(1) homosexuality in Greek myth and society(1) honor(1) hope(1) hormones(2) hormones and sex(1) hosptial residence(1) housewife(2) housewives(3) housework(3) Hull House(1) human anatomy(1) human biology(1) human biology - social aspects(1) human development(1) human faith(1) human liberation(1) human nature(2) human reproduction(1) Human reproduction--Moral and ethical aspects.(1) Human reproductive technology--Moral and ethical aspects. Surrogate motherhood--Moral and ethical aspects. Pregnant women--Legal status(1) human rights(6) Human Rights Campaign(1) human sexual inadequacy(1) human sexual response(1) Human--Law and legislation--United States. Feminism--United States. Sex differences.(1) humanistic phemonology(1) Humphrey Bogart(1) hunger(2) hunters-and-gatherers(1) Hyderabad(1) Hygiene(1) hymen(1) hysterectomy(1) hysteria(3) Hysteria.; Psychoanalysis.;(1) Ibsen(1) ice shows(1) ideal beauty(1) Identity(1) identity lost(1) ideology(1) ideology of(1) idustry(1) illiteracy(1) image(1) image of God(1) images of beauty(1) immigrant women(1) immigrants(1) immigration(1) immune system(1) Imperial China(1) imperial evangelism(1) impotence(4) in utero(1) in-laws(2) incest(1) incest survivors(1) Incest victims--Sexual behavior. Incest victims--Mental health. Incest victims--Family relationships. Sex therapy. Child Abuse--popular works. Incest--popular works. Sex Behavior--popular works. Sex Offences--popular works.(1) income(1) independence(2) India(1) indian chiefs(1) indian history(1) indian islam religions(1) Indian tests(1) Indian tribe(1) Indian women(2) Indians of South America--Sexual behavior--Brazil(1) indigenous theology(1) individualism versus collectivism(1) individuality(1) Industrial hygiene--Developing countries.(1) industrialization(4) inequality(1) inequality between the genders(1) inequality of the sexes(1) infancy(1) infantile sexuality(1) infertility(2) inflation(1) influential women(1) information and communciation(1) inherited tendencies(1) inner child(1) inner femininity(1) intellect(1) Intellectual life(1) intellectuals(1) inter-racial relationships(1) Intercultural communication. Ethnopsychology. Language and culture. Communication--Africa.(1) International business enterprises--Developing countries--Employees(1) international conflict(1) international mobilization of women(1) international relations(1) international status of women(1) international trade(1) international traffic in women(3) international women's conferences(1) International Women's Year(1) interpersonal relationships(1) interpretation(3) interviews(1) intimacy(2) inversion(1) Iran(1) Irigaray(1) Irish double bind(1) Irish sex roles(1) Irish socialization(1) Iroquois(1) Islam(6) Islamic dress(1) Islamic women(1) islands(1) Israel(2) Israeli and Jewish Palestinian women relationships(1) Israeli women(1) Isthmus Zapotec culture(1) Italian families(1) iww(1) Jane(1) Jane Addams School for Democracy.; Citizenship --Study and teaching --Minnesota --Saint Paul.; Civics --Study and teaching --Minnesota --Saint Paul.;(1) Jane Goodall(1) Japan--Social conditions--1945- Korea (South)--Social conditions(1) Japanese(1) Japanese-Canadian(1) jealousy(1) Jessie Redmon Fauset(1) Jesus(1) Jewelle Gomez(1) Jewish(2) Jewish (1939-1945)--Hungary.; Holocaust(1) Jewish (1939-1945)--Hungary.; World War(1) Jewish (1939-1945)--Influence. Jews--Politics and government--1948- Antisemitism.(1) Jewish (1939-1945)--Netherlands--Personal narratives. Jews--Netherlands--Biography. Netherlands--Ethnic relations.(1) Jewish American politics(1) Jewish ceremony(1) Jewish feminism(1) Jewish woman(1) Jewish women(2) Jewish women--Literary collections(1) Jews(1) Jigme Taring(1) Jimi Hendrix(1) job and career(1) job discrimination(5) job opportunites(1) job segregation(1) job transfers(1) jobs(3) Jocelyn Elders(1) John C. Calhoun(1) John Stuart Mill(1) journalism(1) Judaeo-Christian(1) Judaism(6) Judea(1) judicial response(1) Juliette(1) June Cleaver(1) Jung(1) justice(1) Justine(1) Karo(1) Kibbutzim(1) kibbutzism(1) kinship(2) kinship and marriage in primitive society(1) kkk(1) knowledge(1) Korean families(1) Korean social structure(1) Korean women(1) Kpelle (African people)--Economic conditions(1) Kpelle (African people)--Marriage customs and rites(1) Kpelle (African people)--Social conditions(1) Kpelle society(1) Kunin(1) La Repuesta a Sor Filotea(2) labor(4) labor and laboring classes(1) labor division(1) labor market(1) labor movement(1) labor strike(1) laboratory research(1) lactation(1) Lady Elizabeth Cary(1) Lake Titicaca(2) language(4) language of religion(1) Lao Tʻai-tʻai(1) Latin America(3) latina liberatio(1) Latina women in America(1) Lauren Bacall(1) law(2) law enforcement(1) law firms(1) law reform(1) law school(1) Lawrence textile strike(1) laws(3) lcwr(1) leaders(2) Leadership; Universities and colleges;(1) leaving(1) lecture(1) lectures(2) lectures - Sexism(1) lectures.(5) lectures. monolithic religious expression(1) legalization(1) legalized abortion(1) Legislation(1) lesbian(9) lesbian artists(1) lesbian biography(1) lesbian culture(2) lesbian feminist psychology(1) lesbian identity(1) lesbian literature(1) lesbian parenting(1) lesbian poetry(1) lesbian relationships(1) Lesbianism(1) lesbianism in literature and history(1) lesbianism in the classroom(1) lesbians(3) lesbians in academe(1) lesbians in literature(1) Lesbians in literature. Lesbians’ writings--History and criticism. Lesbians--Biography. Lesbianism.(1) lesbians in physical education and sports(1) lesbians psychology(1) Lesbos(1) Lhasa(1) liberal education(1) liberalism(4) liberalist feminism(1) liberation(4) liberation theology(1) liberation theory(1) Liberia(1) Liberian women(1) lifestyles(1) lilith(1) Lily Moya(1) Lily Patience--Correspondence. Palmer(1) Lincoln Logs(1) linguistic strategies(1) linguistics(4) literary canon(1) literary personalities(1) literature(7) Literature.(1) liturgics(1) liturgies(1) Liu(1) living condition(1) looking glass(1) Lougy(1) Louisiana Family Health Foundation(2) love(7) love relationships(2) lover(1) lovers(1) lovestyle(1) Lowell(1) Lowell Mills(1) lower class(1) lower income women(1) lower-class(1) Ludus(1) Lusaka(1) Lynda Barry(1) lyre(1) Mabel(1) Mabel Palmer(1) machismo(1) Madeleine. Governors--Vermont--Biography. Vermont--Politics and government--1865-(1) madwoman(1) Magazine--United States--History. 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Women consumers--United States--Attitudes.(1) magic(2) maids(1) maine(1) Malay(1) Malaysian women(1) male athletes(1) male body(1) male contraceptives(1) male domination(1) male feminism(1) male gaze(1) male independence(1) male Jew(1) male patriarchy(2) male power(1) male sexual abuse(1) male sexuality(1) male victims(1) Male--Handbooks(1) Male--United States.(1) male-identified woman(3) malnutrition(1) man(2) man's world(1) mana(1) management of nature(1) managing debt and credit(1) managing home and family(1) managing money(1) manifest destiny(1) manipulation(1) manuals(1) Margaret(1) Margaret Fuller(1) Margaret Mead(1) Margaret Paston(1) Margaret Sanger(2) Margherita Datini(1) Marianne(1) marital abuse(1) marital fertility(1) marital rape(1) marital relationships(1) Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky(1) Marjorie Reiley Maguire(1) marquis de(1) Marquis de Sade(1) marraige(1) marriage(25) marriage and divorce(1) marriage and family(5) marriage and legal status(1) marriage and love(1) marriage and motherhood(1) marriage and relationships(1) marriage counseling(2) marriage reform(1) marriage resistance(1) Marriage--China--History. Marriage customs and rites--China--History. Sex role--China--History. Equality--China--History.(2) Marriage. Sex role.(1) marriages of convenience(1) married couples(2) Martin Navratilova(1) Marxism(1) Marxist feminism(1) Mary Ann Sorrentino(1) Mary Crow Dog autobiography(1) Mary Gordon(1) Mary Hunt(1) Mary Marshall Dyer(1) Mary Mason(1) Mary Paik(1) Mary Paik Lee(1) Mary White(1) Mary White Ovington(1) Mary Wollstonecraft(2) Mary. Teton--Biography. Dakota Indians--Social conditions. Rosebud Indian Reservation (S.D.)(1) masculinist(1) Masculinity(1) masculinity and femininity in Shakespeare(1) Masculinity--United States(1) mass media(1) mass-consciousness(1) Massachusetts-History(1) mastectomy(3) Masters and Johnson(2) masturbation(3) math(1) matriarchy(4) matrilineal society(1) mature women(1) maturity(1) maverick women(1) Maya Angelou(4) Maya civilization(1) Maya--Childhood and youth. Angelou(1) Maya--Homes and haunts--Arkansas. Authors(1) McDonald's(1) meaning(1) media(2) media and popular culture(2) media images(1) media influences on eating disorders(1) medical industry(1) medical model(1) medical profession(1) medical professionalization(1) Medical. Breast--Cancer--Diagnosis. Breast neoplasms--Prevention and control--Popular works.(1) medicine(2) medicine culture(2) medieval theology(1) Medieval woman(1) medieval women(1) mediterranean religious life(1) Mehinacu Indians--Sexual behavior(1) Mel Leventhal(1) memoirs(1) men(6) Men in motion pictures. Men in popular culture. Sex role in motion pictures.(1) men's movement(1) menarche(1) menopause(4) menopause and aging(1) menopause and sex life(2) Menopause--Popular works. Middle-aged women--Medical care--Social aspects. Women--Health and hygiene--Sociological aspects. Menopause--Hormone therapy.(1) menstration(1) menstruation(3) mental health(6) mental illness in Ireland(1) Men’s studies--United States(1) meritocracy(2) metaphysical(1) Mexican American(1) Mexican nun(2) Mexican-American women.(1) Mexico(1) middle ages(2) middle class women(1) Middle class women.(1) Middle East(2) middle eastern society(1) midwives(1) Midwives' Alliance of North America(1) migrants and immigrants(1) military(2) mill life(1) Minneapolis Experiment(1) Minorities--United States--Political activity--History--20th century(1) minority(1) minority authors(3) misogynism(1) misogyny(1) missionaries(1) mixed race(1) modern sexuality(1) modernization(1) Moghuls(1) molestation(1) momma(1) Mommy Track(1) Monasticism and religious orders for women--United States--History--20th century(1) money(1) monogamy(2) monologues(1) Moody(1) moral advice(1) moral and ethical aspects of feminism(1) moral development(1) Moral education --United States.; Civics --Study and teaching (Higher) --United States.;(1) moral luck(1) moral panic(1) moral psychology(2) morality(3) mother(1) mother earth(1) mother-daughter relationship(1) mother-daughter relationships(1) mother-son relationship(1) Motherhood(1) motherhood and childbearing(1) motherhood and reproduction(2) motherhood career(1) mothering(1) motherlogues(1) mothers(6) mothers and daughters(2) Mothers. Women--Psychology. Mother and child. Women and psychoanalysis.(1) movements(1) Ms.(1) Ms. magazine(1) mtf(1) multi-racial(1) multicultural feminism(1) multinational corporations and women(3) multiple identities(1) murder(1) Muslim(1) Muslim women(1) My Queer Body(1) mystery(1) mystics(2) mythology(1) myths(1) N.Y.) Teenage girls--New York (State)--Troy--Attitudes--Case studies. Teenage girls--New York (State)--Troy--Psychology--Case studies. Teenage girls--Education--New York (State)--Troy--Case studies. Emma Willard School(1) N.Y.); Feminism --United States --History.; Women's rights --United States --History.;(1) naacp(1) Naked Breath(1) nannies(1) narcissism(1) narcissistic relations(1) narrative(1) narratives(1) National Association of Colored Women(1) National Association of Working Women(1) National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.(1) National Commission on the Observance of IWY(1) National Gay Task Force(1) National Organization for Women(1) nationalism(1) Native American gender roles(1) Native American women(1) Native Americans(1) natural sexual inequality(1) nature(1) nature and nurture(2) nature as feminine(1) nature dualism(1) Nella Larson(1) Nelle Morton(1) neo-liberalism(1) nesting(1) new age(1) new feminism(1) new woman(1) New York (N.Y.)--Social life and customs--19th century(1) New York (N.Y.)--Social life and customs--20th century(1) newspaper(1) newswoman(1) ngo(1) Nicaragua--History--Uprising(1) nickel(1) Nigerian women(1) Nineteenth Century(1) Nineteenth century prostitutes(1) Nineteenth Century women(2) Nineteenth Century women in America(1) nineteenth-century American literature(1) nineteeth century(1) Ning(1) Ning lao T'ai-t'ai(1) Nisa(1) Nobel prizewinners(1) non-industrialized countries(1) non-monogomous relationships(1) non-traditional marriages(1) nonviolent feminist protest(2) nonviolent resistance(1) Nootka women--Fiction.(1) Nora Astorga(1) North Carolina(1) novel(1) now(1) Ntozake Shange(1) Nuns--United States(1) Nyanga bush(1) object love(1) objectification(1) objectification of women(1) objections from a modern jewish historian(1) obscenity(1) obstetrics(1) occupations(1) oedipal(2) of Karo(1) office politics(1) Ohlones(1) old age(1) old maid(1) old-testament(1) Older women--Social conditions. Middle-aged women--Social conditions. Aging--Social aspects. Women in mass media. Feminist theory.(1) Olympic Games(1) Oppression(1) oppression of women(1) oral civilizations(1) oral contraceptives(1) organizations(1) organizing a revolution(1) orgasm(5) oriental and irish(1) orientation(1) Original Sin(1) origins of violence(1) orthodox(1) overcoming inequality(1) pacifism(1) Paganism(1) paganism in the mediterranean region(1) painters(1) paintings(1) Pakistan(1) Palestinian women(1) Palestinians and Israelis(1) pap smear(1) Papago(1) parent-child relations(1) parenthood(2) parenting(5) Parenting. Dual-career families. Sexual division of labor. Working mothers.(1) parents(1) parents and family(1) partner(1) partner communication(1) passion(1) Passover(1) Paterson silk strike(1) patient therapist relations(2) patriarchal(1) Patriarchy(1) patriarchy within Christianity(1) Patriarchy.(1) Patricia Hussey(1) Patricia Ireland(1) patriot(1) pay equity-United States(1) Peace(1) peace and history(1) peace education(3) peace movement(1) peacemaking(1) pedagogy(1) pedastal(1) pedophilia(1) peer pressure(1) penis and phallus(1) penis envy(1) penis pity(1) perfect body(1) perfectionism(1) performance(1) performers(1) performing arts(1) person and offices(1) personal accounts(1) personal experience with God(1) personal experience with racism(2) personal growth(1) personal journal entries(1) personal liberation(1) personal stories(1) personal stories in slavery(1) personal stories of AIDS patients(2) personal story(3) perspective(1) Peru; Poor; women merchangs; marginality(1) pestilence(1) pets(1) petticoat authors(1) Peyote hunt(1) phallus(1) Phillis Wheatley(1) philosophical clash(1) Philosophy(1) philosophy and religion(1) photographs(3) photographs of women(1) physical abuse(1) physical eductation(1) physical loss(1) physicians(1) physiological differences(1) physiology(1) pioneers(1) pioneers and adventurers(1) plains cultures(1) planned parenthood(2) plastic surgery(1) Plato(1) Plato's Hystera(1) play(1) plays(2) pleasure(1) pleasure and happiness(1) pluralism(1) poems(5) Poetry(3) poetry and literature(2) political activity(2) political conditions(1) political conservatism(1) political efficacy(1) political movement(1) political organizations(1) political philosophy(1) political radicalism(1) political ramifications of Engels for women(1) political representation(1) political science(1) political system(1) political theory(5) politics(19) politics and women(1) politics of gender(1) politics of religion(1) polygamy(1) polygymy(1) pop culture(2) popular culture(3) Popular culture--United States--History--20th century(1) popular myths about women(1) population(1) pornography(5) pornography and censorship(1) Portugal(2) positive thinking(1) Post-Vietnam war(1) postpartum(1) poverty(10) poverty and employment(1) power(8) power relations in film and sex(1) practical advice(1) pre-marital sex(2) preadolescence(1) pregnancy(9) pregnancy and childbirth(1) pregnancy disability benefits(1) pregnancy tests(1) prejudice(2) prejudices(1) premarital sex(1) premature ejaculation(2) prental technology(1) preoedipal and oedioal period(1) preservation(1) presidential history(1) primitive cultures(1) prison(1) prison relationships(1) private property(1) pro-choice(5) pro-life(5) problem families(1) prochoice(1) procreative technology(1) professional development(1) professional life(2) professional sexism(1) professional women(4) professor student relations(1) professors(1) projection(1) promiscuity(2) property rights(1) Proposal writing for grants;(1) prose(1) prostituion(1) prostitute with heart of gold(1) Prostitutes--Legal status(1) prostitution(6) prostitution in New York(1) Prostitution--Moral and ethical aspects--United States(1) protest(5) Protestant establishment(1) pscyhoanalysis(1) psychiatrically institutionalized women(2) psycho-sexual fears(1) psychoanalysis(4) Psychoanalysis. Incest victims. Sexually abused children.(1) psychological identity(1) psychology(12) psychology and gender(1) psychology and race(1) psychology of gender(1) psychology of homosexuality(1) psychology of sex(2) Psychology of. Educational psychology.(1) Psychology; medicine; Anorexia nervosa(1) psychosexual development(1) psychosocial theory of learned helplessness(1) puberty(6) public policy(1) punishment(1) Punjab(1) Puritan(1) Queen of England(1) queer(8) queer culture(1) queer entertainment(1) queer identity(2) queer issues(4) queer literature(1) queer media(1) queer politics(2) queer rights(1) queer rights movement(1) queer studies(3) queer theory(1) queers(1) questioning faith(1) quotas(1) race(6) race and class(1) race and employment(1) race and ethnicity(1) race and feminism(2) race and gender(1) race and sexuality(1) race discrimination(1) race identity(1) race relations(4) race relations in America(1) racial and sexual harassment(1) racial identity(1) racial stereotype(1) racism(13) racism and education(1) racism and homophobia(1) racism and race relations(1) racism in the 1920s(1) Racism--United States(1) Racism--United States. Racially mixed people--United States. Family--United States. United States--Race relations.(1) radical feminism(1) Radical feminists(1) radical politics(1) radicalism(1) raising children(1) Ramón and Lupe(1) Rape(1) rape and law(1) rape in war and myth(1) rape law(1) rc607.a26 w65 1990"(1) re-formulating education(1) Reagan(1) reason and passion(1) Rebecca Lobo(1) rebellion(1) reconstituting the phallus(1) recovery(1) reference(1) reformation(1) relations and college(1) relationship(1) relationships(18) relationships between girls(1) relationships between men(1) relationships between women(2) relatives(2) religion(23) religion and gay issues(1) religion and politics(2) religious aspects(2) religious cults(1) religious life(2) religious redemption(1) religious women(1) Renaissance(1) Renaissance history(1) reporting(1) Representatives(1) reproduction(5) reproductive and legal rights(1) reproductive rights(4) reproductive technology(1) research(3) resistance(1) resources(1) responses to social movements(1) restrictive eating(1) Resumes (Employment);(1) reverse discrimination(1) revisionist movement(1) revolution(3) revolutionary women(1) rewriting women's history(1) right(1) right relation(1) rights(2) Rinchen Dolma Taring(1) Rita Dove(1) Rita Moreno(1) ritual(1) ritual and science(1) ritual; politics of motherhood; colonialism and erosion of women's power; gender(1) rituals and conventions of dating(1) Robert Devereux(1) Robert Nichols(1) Robert Owen(1) Robyn(1) Roe v. Wade(3) role-training(1) romanticism(1) Roosevelt(1) Rousseau(1) routinization(1) Rowland(1) runaways(1) running(1) rural domestic relations(2) rural women(2) Russia(2) Russian factories(1) Russian feminists(1) Russian industrial capitalism(1) Russian marriage(2) Ruth McDonough Fitzpatrick(1) Sade(1) sadomasochism(1) safe house(1) safe sex(1) Saint-Simonian vision(1) salvation(1) San Franscisco(1) Sanger(1) Sanskrit(1) Santana(1) Sappho(1) Sara(1) satisfying sex(1) scandal and crisis(2) school administration(1) school listing(1) school systems(1) science(2) science fiction(1) scripture(1) Scriptures(1) sears case(1) secondary victims(1) secularists(1) seekers(1) self confidence(1) self help(1) self-assurance(1) self-awareness(1) self-defense(1) self-esteem(5) self-examination(2) self-help(2) self-portrait(1) self-portraits(1) self-realization(1) self-reliane(1) Selling; Women sales personnel;(1) semiology(1) Senators(1) sensitive side(1) separating(1) separation(1) separatism(1) servant life(1) service work(1) servility(1) settlement house(1) Sex(1) sex - religious aspects(1) sex addiction(2) sex anarchy(1) sex and gender bias(1) sex and gender roles(1) sex and God(1) Sex and law--United States(1) sex and pregnancy(1) Sex and revolution.(1) sex and sexuality(1) sex as a social construction(1) sex as science(1) sex behavior(1) sex crime(1) Sex crimes(1) sex customs(1) Sex customs--United States. Family--United States. Love. Sex role.(1) sex differences(10) sex discrimination(1) sex discrimination against women(2) Sex discrimination against women--Congresses(1) Sex discrimination against women--Law and legislation--United States. Women--Legal status(1) sex discrimination and the law(1) Sex discrimination in employment(1) Sex discrimination in employment--Congresses(1) sex drive(1) sex education(6) sex in art(1) sex in literature(1) sex inequality(3) Sex instruction for youth(1) Sex instruction for youth. Adolescence. Sexual ethics. Sex instruction for youth. Adolescence. Sexual ethics.(1) Sex instruction.(1) Sex offenders(1) sex ratio(2) sex relations(3) Sex role(1) Sex role --History; Sexual orientation --History; Gender identity --History; Paraphilias --History; Intersexuality --History;(1) sex role specialization(1) sex role theory(1) Sex role--Brazil(1) Sex role--United States(1) Sex role.; Masculinity.; Femininity.; Women --Psychology.; Socialization.; sex(1) sex roles(18) sex spheres(1) sex techniques(1) sex therapy(1) sex workers(2) sex-class linked(1) Sex.(1) Sex. Sex customs. Sex (Psychology)(1) Sex. Sex customs. Sex (Psychology) Sex manuals.(1) Sex. United States--Moral conditions.(1) sexaul harassment(1) sexdiscrimination(1) sexism(19) sexism in language(1) sexism in sociobiology.(1) sexism in the classroom(2) sexist biology(2) sexist christology(1) sexist learning(1) sexist medical taboos(2) sexpieces(1) Sexual(1) sexual aberrations(1) sexual abuse(3) Sexual abuse victims--Rehabilitation. Incest victims--Rehabilitation. Twelve-step programs.(1) sexual aggression against females(1) sexual anatomy(2) sexual and gender relations(1) sexual arousal(1) sexual assault(5) sexual behavior(2) sexual development(1) sexual deviance(1) sexual differences(1) sexual discovery(1) sexual disorders(1) sexual dysfunction(2) sexual economic equality(1) sexual essentialism(1) sexual ethics(1) sexual evolution(1) sexual expansion(1) sexual frustration(1) sexual harassment(6) sexual harassment and assault(1) sexual harrassment(1) sexual identity(3) sexual improvement(1) sexual inequality(2) sexual liberation(3) sexual maturity(1) sexual orientation(2) sexual physiology(1) sexual politics(1) sexual problems(2) sexual psychology(1) sexual reassignment(1) sexual relations(1) sexual revolution(4) sexual ritual(1) sexual taboos(1) sexual transmitted diseases(1) sexual violence(3) Sexual. Sexual intercourse. Human reproduction. sex in society(1) sexuality(33) sexually transmitted diseases(1) Shakespeare's sister(1) shamanism(1) shameless sexuality(1) shape shifter(1) Shen Fu(1) Shirelles(1) Sibusisiwe(1) Sibusisiwe Makhanya(1) Siegfried(1) Sigourney Weaver(1) Simone de(1) Simone de Beauvoir(2) sin(1) single-parent families(1) single-parent households(1) sisterhood and community(1) sixteen shewings(1) slave narrative(1) slavery(1) Slaves--United States--Social conditions.(1) slums(2) Smedley(1) soap opera(1) social - US. political theory(1) social activism(1) Social and intellectual change(1) social aspects(1) social change(11) social change theory(1) social class(3) social conditions(5) social construction of gender(1) social construction of reality(1) Social Darwinism(1) social history(1) social injustice(1) social institutions(1) social justice(1) social justice and movements(1) Social justice--History--20th century(1) social life and customs(1) social movements(6) social movements and protests(1) Social movements--United States--History--20th century(1) social paradigm(1) social policy(1) social psychology(1) social reformers(1) social revolution(1) Social role(1) social scene(1) social science(1) Social sciences --Research.;(1) social security(1) social services(1) Social stratification.; Oppression (Psychology); Stereotypes (Social psychology); Racism.; Sexism.; Heterosexism.; Social ethics.; social stratification(1) social structure(1) social theory(1) social values(1) Social values. United States--Social conditions--1980- United States--Moral conditions.(1) Social work with people with social disabilities.; Poor.; Poverty.; social work(1) Socialism(1) socialist feminism(1) socialization(1) societal roles(1) society(4) society girl(1) society's negative views of aging(1) sociobiology(3) sociolinguistics(2) sociological paternity(1) sociology(8) Sojourner Truth(2) Some Golden States(1) soul(1) South Africa(2) Southern black woman(1) Southerner(1) Soviet Russia(1) Soviet Union(2) Soviet women(1) Spanish-American literature(2) speech(1) spells(1) spinster(1) spiritual identity(1) Spiritual life--Christianity. Christian women--Religious life--Europe.(1) spiritual women(1) spirituality(8) sport(1) spousal abuse(2) spy thriller(1) stabilization(1) Stalin(1) starting a day care center(1) state formation(1) statistical politics(1) Status(1) staying(1) STD's(1) STDs(3) STDs"(1) stereotypes(6) sterilization(2) stolen land(1) Storge(1) stress(1) Stretch Marks(1) strikebreakers(1) structural sexism(1) Struggle(1) Stuart women(1) student(1) student development(1) students(1) sub-Saharan nations(1) Sub-Saharan--Economic conditions. Women--Africa(1) Sub-Saharan--Social conditions. Women in politics--Africa(1) Sub-Saharan.(1) subjection of women(2) subjugation of women(1) subordination of women(1) subserviance(1) suffrage(3) suffrage movement(1) suffragette(2) suicide(1) superwoman philosophy(1) superwoman syndrome(3) support groups(1) Supreme Court decision(1) survey of graduates(1) survey of schools(1) survival(1) survivors and perpetrators(1) Sweden(1) swinging(1) syntax(1) syphilis(1) system(1) systems of oppression(1) talmud(1) Tamar(1) Tano(1) Taoism(1) Tapir women(1) Taroudannt(1) task force(1) tattoos(1) teacher(1) teachers as models(1) teaching writing(1) Teaching.; Teaching --Vocational guidance.; Motivation in education.;(1) technology(1) teenage mothers(1) Teenage pregnancy--United States. Teenage pregnancy--Government policy--United States. Teenage pregnancy--United States--Prevention.(1) teenagers(2) television(2) tenure and promotion(1) textile industries(1) textile workers(1) the Bible(1) the black experience(1) The Color Purple(1) the female body(3) the girl next door(1) the Goddess(1) the maternal role(1) the matriarchal mirage - the Moynihan connection historical perspective(1) the media(1) the men's movement(1) the origins of ownership(1) the other sex(1) the pill(1) The Sanctuary Movement(1) The Second Sex(1) the second shift(3) the self(2) the sixties(1) the South(1) the state(1) the veil(1) theatre(1) Theology(1) theology and women(1) theory(2) therapeutic cults(1) therapist abuse(2) therapy(1) Theresa Kane(1) thinness(1) third wave feminism(1) third world(1) third world culture(1) Third World development(1) third world industrial development(1) Third World women(1) Tibet(2) Tibetan refugee(1) Title IX(1) Toaism(1) tobacco and textile industry(1) Tokyo Rose(1) tomboy(1) Toni Morrison(3) tourism(1) trade(1) tradition(2) trafficking(1) transexuals(1) transformation(2) transformations of puberty(1) transgender(1) transnational corporations(1) transsexualism(1) transsexuals(1) Transvestism; Transvestites;(1) treehuggers(1) trends in feminist scholarship since 1975(1) trophy wife(1) ture stories(1) u.s.(4) U.S. history(1) U.S. ice hockey(1) u.s.s.r.(1) under-priveleged(1) union women(1) unions(1) united states(2) United States history(2) United States--Politics and government--1989-(1) United States--Race relations(1) United States--Social life and customs--20th century(1) Unity(1) University of Michigan(1) university or college(1) unnamed concubine(1) unwanted pregnancy(1) unwed mothers(1) unwed pregnancy(1) urban crime(1) urban domestic relations(2) urban economy(1) urban women(1) urbanization(1) utopian ideals(1) vegetarianism(1) veneral disease(1) venereal disease(1) Vera Brittain(1) Vera Wang(1) verbal abuse(1) victimhood(1) victimless crimes(1) victims(1) victims of the Holocaust(1) Victorian women(1) Vietnam(1) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit(1) violence(5) violence against men(1) violence against women(16) violence and force in sex(1) Violence in the Bible(1) Violent crimes(1) Virginia Woolf(5) virginity(3) virginity and widowhood(1) virtue(1) virtues(1) visionaries(1) voice(1) W. H. R. (William Halse Rivers)(1) wage discrimination(1) wage gap(4) Wages--Women--Developing countries(1) walk-about women(1) Walker(1) war(3) war and peace(1) warrior(1) washington reporter(1) wca(1) wealthy(1) weight(2) weightism(1) welfare(2) Western feminist thought(1) westernization(1) white americans(1) white feminist(1) white feminists(1) white house press(1) white male system(1) white woman's burden(1) White--United States--Social conditions(1) wickedary(1) wife(1) Willa Carther(1) William(1) William Shakespeare(1) Wise Women(1) witch(1) witchcraft(1) witches(1) wives(1) wiving and breeding(1) woemn and technology(1) woman(1) woman (Christian theology)(1) woman as individual(1) woman as mediator(1) woman policy(1) woman's mission(1) woman's place(1) Woman's Rights Convention (1st : 1848 : Seneca Falls(1) woman's sphere(1) woman-centered(1) womanhood(3) Womanist(1) Womanist theology(1) womanist theology in literature(1) Woman’s Peace Party. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. World War(1) Women(3) women - psychology(1) women and academia(1) women and AIDS(3) women and alcohol(1) women and America(1) women and Arab history(1) women and Catholicism(1) women and Christianity(1) women and church(1) women and college(1) Women and communism. Feminism.(1) women and corporations(1) women and culture(1) women and developing coutnries(1) women and diets(1) women and domestic service(1) women and education(8) women and Egypt(1) women and employment(2) women and factories(1) women and family(2) women and feudalism(1) women and health care(1) women and history(3) women and industry in Mexico(1) women and jobs(1) women and Judaism(1) women and labor(7) women and literary history(1) women and literature(1) Women and literature.(1) women and medicine(2) women and medicineBreast--Cancer--Patients--Biography.(1) Women and peace. Peace--Study and teaching.(1) women and politics(10) women and poverty(1) women and religion(9) women and science(1) women and social change(1) women and social status(3) women and socialism(2) Women and socialism--Nicaragua(1) women and society(5) women and sports(3) women and subjects(1) women and the Bible(1) women and the Church(2) women and the economy(2) women and the environment(1) women and the Intifada(1) women and the law(1) women and the New Testament(1) women and the Soviet Union(1) women and the workplace(1) women and theology(3) women and trade unions(1) women and work(3) women artists(2) Women artists--Biography--History and criticism. Feminism and art. Women in art. Art and society.(1) women as artists(1) women as directors of own destinies(1) women as historical writers(1) women as psychiatric patients(2) women as the caregiver(1) women athletes(2) women authors(5) Women Biblical scholars.(1) women Buddhist teachers(1) Women college teachers. Sex discrimination in higher education. Sexism in higher education.(1) women doctors and nurses(1) women economic well-being(1) women employers(1) women excluded from history(1) Women executives--United States. Businesswomen--United States. Discrimination in employment--United States.(1) women faculty(1) women historians(1) women in Africa(3) women in American history(1) women in art(1) women in christianity(2) women in church(1) women in college(1) women in colonial America(1) women in development(1) Women in development--Developing countries--Case studies(1) women in fine arts(1) women in industry(1) Women in Islam--Middle East(1) women in judaism(1) Women in Judaism. Feminism--Religious aspects--Judaism. Judaism--20th century.(1) women in leadership roles(1) women in Nigeria(1) women in religion(2) Women in the Bible(1) women in the Industrial Revolution(1) women in the media(1) women in the military(2) women in the peace movement(1) women in World War II(1) women journalists(1) women linguistics(1) women missionaries(1) women of color(4) Women of the Ku Klux Klan(1) Women offshore assembly industry workers --Mexico.; Working class women --Mexico.; Sexual division of labor --Mexico.; patriarchy(1) women relationships(1) Women social reformers--United States--History--19th century. Women in charitable work--United States--History--19th century. Middle class women--United States--History--19th century. United States--Moral conditions.(1) Women soldiers--Nicaragua--Interviews(1) women students(1) women teachers(1) Women teachers--United States. Education--United States--Curricula. Teachers--United States--Psychology. Sex role--United States. Feminist criticism--United States.(1) women without children(1) women workers(1) women writers(9) women's accomplishments(1) Women's Action Forum(1) women's activism(1) women's activities(1) women's athletics(2) women's bodies(1) women's community(1) women's dignity and equality(1) women's economic independence(1) women's emancipation(1) women's health(10) women's health care(1) women's healthcare(1) women's history(2) women's history in America(1) women's issues(3) women's liberation(1) women's liberation movement(1) women's lives(2) women's lives.(1) women's medicine(6) women's movement(14) women's movement history(1) women's movement in France(1) women's movements(3) women's organizations(2) women's place(1) women's place in history(1) women's poetry(1) women's power(2) women's prisons(1) women's programs(1) women's recreation(1) women's rights(22) women's rights movement(5) Women's rights.(1) women's roles(1) women's sexuality(2) women's spirits(1) Women's Studies(2) Women's Studies / Ecofeminism; Human ecology; Feminist criticism(1) Women's Studies / Feminism;(1) Women's Studies / Philosophy; Woman(1) Women's Studies / Sex Discrimination; Sex discrimination in education-United States--Congresses; Educational equalization-United States--Congresses; Education(1) Women's Studies / The Nuer; The Nuer; Nilotic people; African studies; tribal studies.(1) Women's Studies / Women in International Politics.; Gender in politics; sex tourism; nationalism and masculinity; base women; diplomatic wives; women in banana republics; patriarchal land reform; women's cheap labor; domestic servants.(1) Women's Studies.; AIDS(2) women's studies.; American fiction--19th century--History and criticism. Short stories--Publishing--United States--History--19th century. Periodicals--Publishing--Economic aspects--United States. Popular literature--United States--History and criticism. A(1) Women's Studies.; gender equity(1) Women's Studies.; Marxism; feminism; female political activism; Bolivia; social and economic discrimination; poverty.(1) Women's Studies.; Multiple personalities; child abuse; psychological abuse; child molestation; incest.(1) Women's Studies.; women's history(1) Women's Studies.; women's political groups; female politicians.(1) Women's Studies/Women and War.; Women and war; military; armed civic virtue; feminism; women as warriors; just warriors; sexual discrimination in military.(1) Women's Studies;(176) Women's Studies; !Kung(1) Women's Studies; 1960s(1) Women's Studies; 1960s women's movement in England(1) Women's Studies; 19th century(1) Women's Studies; abolitionists(1) Women's Studies; abortion(7) Women's Studies; abortion debate(1) Women's Studies; Abortion. Abortion - political aspects. Birth control.(1) Women's Studies; abuse(2) Women's Studies; abused children(1) Women's Studies; activism(1) Women's Studies; Addresses(1) Women's Studies; adult children of alcoholics(1) Women's Studies; adult-child(1) Women's Studies; affirmative action(1) Women's Studies; africa(1) Women's Studies; African American(2) Women's Studies; African American women(1) Women's Studies; African American women. African Americans--Social conditions--1975- Sexism--United States. Racism--United States. Sexism. Racism. United States--Race relations. Afro-American women(1) Women's Studies; African American women. United States--Social policy--1980-1993. African American women(1) Women's Studies; African Americans--Race identity--Fiction. Race awareness--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; African Americans--Social conditions--1975- African Americans--Politics and government. Social classes--United States. African American women--Political activity. Feminism--United States. United States--Race relations. Angela Davis(1) Women's Studies; African literature(1) Women's Studies; African women(1) Women's Studies; Afro-American authors(1) Women's Studies; Afro-American history(1) Women's Studies; Afro-American women(1) Women's Studies; Afrocentric(1) Women's Studies; age(1) Women's Studies; aging(1) Women's Studies; Agoraphobia. Women--Mental health. Sexism. marriage(1) Women's Studies; AIDS(2) Women's Studies; alcoholism(1) Women's Studies; American blacks(1) Women's Studies; American culture(1) Women's Studies; American drama--Asian American authors. American drama--Women authors. American drama--20th century. Asian Americans--Drama.(1) Women's Studies; American history(3) Women's Studies; american literature(1) Women's Studies; American poetry(1) Women's Studies; american protestantism(1) Women's Studies; American revolution(1) Women's Studies; american west(1) Women's Studies; American woman(1) Women's Studies; American women(2) Women's Studies; anger(1) Women's Studies; animals(1) Women's Studies; Anita Hill(1) Women's Studies; Anne Sexton(1) Women's Studies; anorexia(2) Women's Studies; anorexia nervosa(1) Women's Studies; antebellum(1) Women's Studies; Antebellum American culture(1) Women's Studies; anthology(1) Women's Studies; Aphrodite(1) Women's Studies; appearance and sexuality(1) Women's Studies; arab women(1) Women's Studies; art(3) Women's Studies; art history(1) Women's Studies; artificial insimination(1) Women's Studies; Asian American(2) Women's Studies; Asian Americans--Social conditions. Race(1) Women's Studies; atlas(1) Women's Studies; Australian feminists(1) Women's Studies; Austria(1) Women's Studies; authors(2) Women's Studies; Autobiography(1) Women's Studies; Baba(1) Women's Studies; battered women(2) Women's Studies; battered women's movement(1) Women's Studies; Bay Area Writing Project(1) Women's Studies; Beauvoir(1) Women's Studies; Bedouins--Egypt--Social life and customs. Folk poetry(1) Women's Studies; bible(2) Women's Studies; Bible--Feminist criticism. Bible and feminism. feminist theology(1) Women's Studies; biographies of women(1) Women's Studies; biography(2) Women's Studies; biological considerations(1) Women's Studies; birth control(3) Women's Studies; bisexual(1) Women's Studies; bisexuality(1) Women's studies; black family in the United States(1) Women's Studies; black studies(1) Women's Studies; black women(3) Women's Studies; black women's writing(1) Women's Studies; Black women. Women(1) Women's Studies; body image(4) Women's Studies; Bolshevik(1) Women's Studies; boys(1) Women's Studies; breast cancer(4) Women's Studies; British suffrage movement(1) Women's Studies; Bronte.̈ Women. Writers. Bronte ̈family--Poetic works. English poetry--19th century.(2) Women's Studies; Buddhism(1) Women's Studies; business(1) Women's Studies; campus climate(1) Women's Studies; Capitalism. Marxian economics. Feminist economics. feminism(1) Women's Studies; career(2) Women's Studies; career and family(1) Women's Studies; career couples(2) Women's Studies; Catholic church(2) Women's Studies; Catholicism(2) Women's Studies; Cesarean delivery(1) Women's Studies; Charlotte Perkins Gilman(1) Women's Studies; Chicana(1) Women's Studies; Chicano families(1) Women's Studies; Chicano gangs(1) Women's Studies; chicken soup(1) Women's Studies; child abuse(5) Women's Studies; child custody(1) Women's Studies; child development(1) Women's Studies; Child rearing--Psychological aspects. Discipline of children--Psychological aspects. Children and violence--Psychological aspects. child rearing(1) Women's studies; child sexual abuse; self-help; child sexual abuse; healing process; supporters of survivors; resources for healing(1) Women's Studies; Child study. Character tests. Moral education.(1) Women's Studies; childbearing(1) Women's Studies; childbirth(1) Women's Studies; childcare(1) Women's Studies; childhood trauma(1) Women's Studies; Children(1) Women's Studies; China(3) Women's Studies; China and missionaries(1) Women's Studies; Chinese(1) Women's Studies; Chinese feminsm(2) Women's Studies; Chinese poets(1) Women's Studies; Chinese Revolution(1) Women's Studies; chinese women(1) Women's Studies; Chinese-American women(1) Women's Studies; Choice (Psychology) Social choice. Family--United States. United States--Economic conditions--1945- United States--Social conditions--1945- family(1) Women's Studies; choosing not to have children(1) Women's Studies; Christian life(1) Women's Studies; Christianity(1) Women's Studies; cinema(1) Women's Studies; co-dependence(1) Women's Studies; coitus(1) Women's Studies; Colgate University. Women’s studies--New York (State)(1) Women's Studies; college(1) Women's Studies; college admissions(1) Women's Studies; college teaching(1) Women's Studies; colonial America(1) Women's Studies; Communism(1) Women's Studies; community service(1) Women's Studies; competition(1) Women's Studies; compulsory heterosexuality(1) Women's Studies; Congresswomen(1) Women's Studies; contemporary feminist critical theory(1) Women's Studies; contemporary issues(1) Women's Studies; contraception(1) Women's Studies; contraception and abortion(1) Women's Studies; contraceptives(1) Women's Studies; courtship and dating in America(1) Women's Studies; crimes against women(1) Women's Studies; criticisms of contemporary french literature(1) Women's Studies; cross culture(1) Women's Studies; Cuba(1) Women's Studies; Cullwick(1) women's studies; current affairs; Pro-choice movement -United States; Abortion -United States(1) Women's Studies; Dalai Lama(1) Women's Studies; date rape(1) Women's Studies; day care(1) Women's Studies; depression(1) Women's Studies; deviance(1) Women's Studies; dialectic of sex(1) Women's Studies; dieting(1) Women's Studies; divorce(1) Women's Studies; domestic service(1) Women's Studies; domestic violence(7) Women's Studies; domestic violence and abuse(1) Women's Studies; Dora(1) Women's Studies; Dorothy Day(1) Women's Studies; drag queens(1) Women's Studies; drama(3) Women's Studies; Dual-career families--United States. Dual-career families--United States--Case studies. Sex role--United States. Working mothers--United States. career and family(1) Women's Studies; Duke Univeristy(1) Women's Studies; eating disorders(4) Women's Studies; Ecofeminism. Philosophy of nature. ecology(1) Women's Studies; economic conditions(1) Women's Studies; economic development of underdeveloped countries(1) Women's Studies; Economic development. Developing countries--Economic conditions. less developed countries(1) Women's Studies; education(3) Women's Studies; ego(1) Women's Studies; Elizabeth Cady Stanton(1) Women's Studies; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn(1) Women's Studies; Elizabeth I(1) Women's Studies; Emma Goldman(2) Women's Studies; Emma Willard School (Troy(1) Women's Studies; emotional loss(1) Women's Studies; employment(1) Women's Studies; empowerment(1) Women's Studies; England(1) Women's Studies; English language(1) Women's Studies; environmental justice(1) Women's Studies; Environmental policy--Political aspects. Human ecology--Political aspects. Feminist theory. ecofeminism(1) Women's Studies; environmentalism(1) Women's Studies; equality(1) Women's Studies; Equality. Equal pay for equal work--United States. Equality before the law--United States. Sex discrimination in employment--United States. United States--Social policy. inequality(1) Women's Studies; Eros(1) Women's Studies; erotic power(1) Women's Studies; essays(1) Women's Studies; ethnology(1) Women's Studies; Eve (Biblical figure) Women--Religious aspects. Eve(1) Women's Studies; evolution(1) Women's Studies; Faith Ringgold(1) Women's Studies; family(5) Women's Studies; Family life education. Marriage counseling. Preparation for marriage(1) Women's Studies; family planning(1) Women's Studies; Family--China. Patriarchy--China. Women and socialism--China. Family policy--China. China--Social conditions--1949-1976. socialism(1) Women's Studies; famous women(2) Women's Studies; fantasy(1) women's studies; Farmers’ spouses--Fiction. Married women--Fiction. Farm life--Fiction. China--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; fat(1) Women's Studies; Fathers and daughters--Fiction. Female friendship--Fiction. Mate selection--Fiction. Young women--Fiction. England--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; feeling(1) Women's Studies; female(1) Women's Studies; female criminals(1) Women's Studies; female elders(1) Women's Studies; female friendship(1) Women's Studies; female genital mutilation(1) Women's Studies; female images(1) Women's Studies; female power(1) Women's Studies; female psychology vs male psychology(1) Women's Studies; female sexuality(2) Women's Studies; female stereotypes(1) Women's Studies; femininity(1) Women's Studies; Feminism(5) Women's Studies; feminism - philosophy(1) Women's Studies; Feminism - US - Evaluation. Afro-American women - Attitudes. Marginality(1) Women's Studies; Feminism - US. Afro-American Women. US - Race relations. Perspective on gender v.2(1) Women's Studies; feminism - US. feminist criticism - US.(1) Women's Studies; feminism and art(1) Women's Studies; feminism and education(2) Women's Studies; feminism and peace(1) Women's Studies; feminism and philosophy(1) Women's Studies; feminism and religion(1) Women's Studies; feminism and theology(1) Women's Studies; feminism in Africa(1) Women's Studies; Feminism--Moral and ethical aspects. Feminism--Religious aspects. Social ethics--United States. Feminism--United States. survey of women's issues and strategies(1) Women's Studies; Feminism--United States(1) Women's Studies; Feminism--United States--History--19th century. Feminism--United States--History--20th century. suffrage(1) Women's Studies; Feminism--United States--History. Feminism--United States. Feminism - US - history.(1) Women's Studies; Feminism--United States. Culture. Criticism (Philosophy) Women and literature--United States. literature(1) Women's Studies; Feminism--United States. Feminist criticism--United States. Women and literature--United States. Women in literature. feminism(1) Women's Studies; feminism-United States history of(1) Women's Studies; Feminism. Reproduction.(1) Women's Studies; Feminism. Sexism. Sex role. Sexual ethics. Marriage.(1) Women's Studies; Feminism. Social action. Social justice. Women social reformers.(1) Women's Studies; Feminism. Socialism. Great Britain--Social conditions.(1) Women's Studies; feminist consciousness(2) Women's Studies; feminist cultural theory(1) Women's Studies; feminist history(2) Women's Studies; feminist identity(1) Women's Studies; feminist movement(2) Women's Studies; feminist perspective on sociological theory(1) Women's Studies; feminist philosophy(2) Women's Studies; feminist theology(3) Women's Studies; Feminist theology. Women--Religious aspects--Christianity. spirituality(1) Women's Studies; feminist theory(3) Women's Studies; feminist Utopian writing(1) Women's Studies; feminists(2) Women's Studies; fiction(1) Women's Studies; food and religion(1) Women's Studies; foster care(1) Women's Studies; frama(1) Women's Studies; France's first woman of letters(1) Women's Studies; French feminism(2) Women's Studies; Freud(1) Women's Studies; freudian psychoanalysis(1) Women's Studies; friendships between women(1) Women's Studies; frienship(1) Women's Studies; Fugitives from justice--Fiction. Revolutionaries--Fiction. Bombings--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Future(1) Women's Studies; gay college students(1) Women's Studies; gay men(1) Women's Studies; Gay men--United States--Information services. Homosexuality(1) Women's Studies; gay rights movement(1) Women's Studies; gay travel book(1) Women's Studies; gays(1) Women's Studies; gender(7) Women's Studies; gender and college(1) Women's Studies; gender and religion(1) Women's Studies; gender and sex(1) Women's Studies; gender anthropology(1) Women's Studies; gender differences(1) Women's Studies; gender differences and socialization(1) Women's Studies; gender equlality(1) Women's Studies; gender identity(1) Women's Studies; gender inequality(1) Women's Studies; gender relations(1) Women's Studies; gender roles(5) Women's Studies; gender socialization(1) Women's Studies; gender through history(1) Women's Studies; gender-biased education(1) Women's Studies; genealogy of gods(1) Women's Studies; genetics(1) Women's Studies; Ghana woman(1) Women's Studies; girls and education(1) Women's Studies; global economy(1) Women's Studies; global women's movement(1) Women's Studies; grammar(1) Women's Studies; greek antiquity(1) Women's Studies; Greenham women(1) Women's Studies; Grimke(1) Women's Studies; Guerrilla Girls(1) Women's Studies; Guinea-Bissau(2) Women's Studies; Hannah Senesh(1) Women's Studies; hate crimes(1) Women's Studies; health(1) Women's Studies; health and education(1) Women's Studies; health care(2) Women's Studies; healthcare(1) Women's Studies; Helen Thomas(1) Women's Studies; hellraiser(1) Women's Studies; higher education(1) Women's Studies; history(2) Women's Studies; history and criticism(1) Women's Studies; history of feminism 1890-1920(1) Women's Studies; history of gender(1) Women's Studies; history of sexuality(1) Women's Studies; history of women(1) Women's Studies; HIV(1) Women's Studies; Holocaust(2) Women's Studies; Home economics--United States--History. Household appliances--United States--History. Housewives--United States--History. household labor(1) Women's Studies; homeless families and aid(1) Women's Studies; homeless women(1) Women's Studies; homelessness(1) Women's Studies; homoerotic(1) Women's Studies; homosexual culture(1) Women's studies; homosexuality(1) Women's Studies; homosexuality and Judaism(1) Women's Studies; Homosexuality--United States. Homosexuality--Denmark. Homosexuality--Netherlands.(1) Women's Studies; honors thesis(1) Women's Studies; Hope(1) Women's Studies; Horror tales--Appreciation--Fiction. Books and reading--Fiction. Love stories(1) Women's Studies; Huichol Indians(1) Women's Studies; human evolution(2) Women's Studies; human reproduction(1) Women's Studies; human rights(1) Women's Studies; human sexuality(1) Women's Studies; Hydrotherapy--United States--History--19th century. Women--Health and hygiene--United States--History--19th century. Balneology--history. Therapeutic Cults--history. Women. hydrotherapy(1) Women's Studies; iconophobia(1) Women's Studies; improving lives affected by sexual abuse and incest(1) Women's Studies; incest(5) Women's Studies; India(3) Women's Studies; Indian women--Literary collections. Women--United States--Literary collections. Short stories(1) Women's Studies; Indian writers(1) Women's Studies; industrialized countries(1) Women's Studies; Inheritance and succession--Fiction. Social classes--Fiction. Young women--Fiction. Sisters--Fiction. England--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; insanity(1) Women's Studies; interviews of women(1) Women's Studies; Iroquois(1) Women's Studies; Isadora Duncan(1) Women's Studies; Israel & Zionism; Holocaust--jewish; History--jewish; Senesh(1) Women's Studies; Italian women(1) Women's Studies; Jacques Lacan(1) Women's Studies; Jane Addams(1) Women's Studies; Jane Austen(1) Women's Studies; Japenese feminism(1) Women's Studies; jesus christ(1) Women's Studies; Jesus Christ--History of doctrines--20th century. Jesus Christ--Person and offices. Feminist theology--History--20th century. Black theology--History--20th century. Liberation theology--History--20th century. Christology(1) Women's Studies; Jesus Christ--Political and social views. Jesus Christ--Person and offices. Christianity and culture. Christianity and politics. Christianity(1) Women's Studies; Jewish(3) Women's Studies; Jewish and Christian women(1) Women's Studies; Jewish identity(1) Women's Studies; Jewish tradition(1) Women's Studies; Jewish women(2) Women's Studies; job discrimination(1) Women's Studies; John Stuart Mill(2) Women's Studies; Josephine Herbst(1) Women's Studies; Judaism(1) Women's Studies; Karachi(1) Women's Studies; Katoppo(1) Women's Studies; kinship(2) Women's Studies; Kinship--Tonga. Sex role--Tonga. Acculturation--Tonga. Tonga--Politics and government. Tonga--Social conditions. Tongan Islands(1) Women's Studies; Ku Klux Klan(1) Women's Studies; Lakota(1) Women's Studies; language(3) Women's Studies; language and gender(1) Women's Studies; language and sexism(1) Women's Studies; Latina(1) Women's Studies; Latina feminists(1) Women's Studies; latina/o studies(1) Women's Studies; lawyers(1) Women's Studies; learned women(1) Women's Studies; Lee(1) Women's Studies; lesbian culture(1) Women's Studies; Lesbianism(1) Women's Studies; lesbianism history(1) Women's Studies; Lesbians(1) Women's Studies; lesbians of color(1) Women's Studies; lesbians' writings(1) Women's Studies; Lesbians--Fiction. Lesbians’ writings(1) Women's Studies; Lesbians--Fiction. Life on other planets--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Lesbians--Poetry.(1) Women's Studies; Lesbians--Poetry. Women--Poetry. Social problems--Poetry.(1) Women's Studies; liberalism(1) Women's Studies; liberation theology - addresses(1) Women's Studies; Liberation theology. Christian sociology. Theology. Hermeneutic Circle(1) Women's Studies; literature(2) Women's Studies; Literature--Women authors. Women and literature. Feminism and literature. sexuality(1) Women's Studies; love(2) Women's Studies; machismo(1) Women's Studies; Madonna(1) Women's Studies; male body(1) Women's Studies; male-female relationships(1) Women's Studies; male/female relationships(1) Women's Studies; manliness(1) Women's Studies; Mariamne(1) Women's Studies; marital abuse(1) Women's Studies; marital rape(1) Women's Studies; marriage(5) Women's Studies; marriage and divorce(1) Women's Studies; marriage and family(1) Women's Studies; marriage and religious institution(1) Women's Studies; marriage in China(2) Women's Studies; Marriage--History.(1) Women's Studies; Marxist thought(1) Women's Studies; Mary Maclane(1) Women's Studies; Mary Ritter Beard(1) Women's Studies; Mary Wollstonecraft(1) Women's Studies; masculinity(3) Women's Studies; mass media(1) Women's Studies; mass rape(1) Women's Studies; Masters and Johnson(3) Women's Studies; maternity(1) Women's Studies; maternity and infant care(1) Women's Studies; matriarchy(1) Women's Studies; Maya Angelou(1) Women's Studies; medical practices(1) Women's Studies; medicalization of women(2) Women's Studies; medicine(1) Women's Studies; medieval(1) Women's Studies; medieval women(1) Women's Studies; Mehinaku(1) Women's Studies; memoirs(1) Women's Studies; memoirs of Madeleine Kunin(1) Women's Studies; men(1) Women's Studies; men's behavior(1) Women's Studies; Men--Sexual behavior. Masculinity. sexuality(1) Women's Studies; Men--United States(1) Women's Studies; Men. Masculinity. Patriarchy. Power (Social sciences) patriarchy(1) Women's Studies; Men. Power (Social sciences) Patriarchy. Sex discrimination against women. patriarchy(1) Women's Studies; menopause(4) Women's Studies; menstruation(1) Women's Studies; mental illness(2) Women's Studies; Men’s movement--United States. Feminist criticism--United States. men's movement(1) Women's Studies; Mexican-American border region(1) Women's Studies; Middle Ages(1) Women's Studies; middle and working-class women(1) Women's Studies; Middle East(1) Women's Studies; Middle Eastern society(1) Women's Studies; middle eastern women; social change; gender issues; Women--Middle East--Social conditions.; Muslim women--Middle East--Social conditions.; Women--Middle East--Economic conditions.; Muslim women--Middle East--Economic conditions.(1) Women's Studies; Middle-aged women--Fiction.; Feminists--Fiction.(2) Women's Studies; midlife crisis(1) Women's Studies; midwifery(1) Women's Studies; millennialism(1) Women's Studies; minorities(1) Women's Studies; missionary(1) Women's Studies; modernity(1) Women's Studies; morality(1) Women's Studies; morals(2) Women's Studies; Mother Jones(1) Women's Studies; Mother Julian(1) Women's Studies; motherhood(3) Women's Studies; Motherhood. Mother and child. Feminism.(1) Women's Studies; Moya(1) Women's Studies; multiculturism(1) Women's Studies; Munduruku women. Munduruku Indians--Social life and customs. Mundurucú(1) Women's Studies; mythology(1) Women's Studies; myths(1) Women's Studies; narcissism(1) Women's Studies; Native American(3) Women's Studies; Native Americans(1) Women's Studies; nature(1) Women's Studies; nature vs. nuture(1) Women's Studies; New England(1) Women's Studies; New England women(1) Women's Studies; new woman(1) Women's Studies; New York(1) Women's Studies; Nicaragua(1) Women's Studies; Ning Lao T'at-t'ai(1) Women's Studies; North American Indian women(2) Women's Studies; NOW(1) Women's Studies; Nuclear warfare--Religious aspects. Spiritual life. Human ecology--Religious aspects.(1) Women's Studies; occult(1) Women's Studies; orphanage(1) Women's Studies; osteoporosis(1) Women's Studies; overcoming lonliness(1) Women's Studies; Ovington(1) Women's Studies; Palestine(1) Women's Studies; participatory theory(1) Women's Studies; passion(1) Women's Studies; patriarchy(6) Women's Studies; pay equity(1) Women's Studies; peace(2) Women's Studies; peace movements(1) Women's Studies; personal boundaries(1) Women's Studies; philosophy(2) Women's Studies; Poetics. Poetry--Collections.(2) Women's Studies; poetry(7) Women's Studies; political economy(1) Women's Studies; politics(1) Women's Studies; pop culture(1) Women's Studies; pornography(4) Women's Studies; pregnancy(2) Women's Studies; premarital sex(1) Women's Studies; prepuberty(1) Women's studies; primates(2) Women's Studies; pro-choice(1) Women's Studies; professional figure skater(1) Women's Studies; prostitutes-legal status(1) Women's Studies; prostitution(1) Women's Studies; prozac(1) Women's Studies; Psychiatric hospital patients--Fiction. Inheritance and succession--Fiction. Country homes--Fiction. Art teachers--Fiction. Deception--Fiction. Nobility--Fiction. England--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; psychoanalysis(1) Women's Studies; psychology(6) Women's Studies; psychotherapy(1) Women's Studies; puberty(1) Women's Studies; public school system(1) Women's Studies; public school teachers(1) Women's Studies; queer images(1) Women's Studies; queer rights(1) Women's Studies; race(3) Women's Studies; race relations(1) Women's Studies; Rachel(1) Women's Studies; racial discrimination(1) Women's Studies; racism(2) Women's Studies; racism and race relations(1) Women's Studies; rape(5) Women's Studies; rape in marriage(1) Women's Studies; reader-response criticism(1) Women's Studies; real women's lives(1) Women's Studies; refugee(1) Women's studies; relationship(1) Women's Studies; relationships(2) Women's Studies; religion(4) Women's Studies; religious lives of early Christian(1) Women's Studies; Renaissance(1) Women's Studies; resource(1) Women's Studies; revolution(1) Women's Studies; revolutionary theology(1) Women's Studies; Richard Nixon(1) Women's Studies; right-wing(1) Women's Studies; Rosalind Franklin(1) Women's Studies; Russian poetry(1) Women's Studies; Russian women(1) Women's Studies; rutobiography(1) Women's Studies; safe sex(1) Women's Studies; Sappho--Fiction. Women poets--Fiction. Lesbos Island (Greece)--Fiction. Greece--History--To 146 B.C.--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Sappho--Translations into English. Greek poetry--Translations into English. Greek poetry--Women authors--Translations into English. Women and literature--Greece. Sappho(1) Women's Studies; Sara Brooks(1) Women's Studies; Sassoon(1) Women's Studies; schizophrenia(1) Women's Studies; science as influenced by nonrational procedures(1) Women's Studies; second sex(2) Women's Studies; seduction(1) Women's Studies; self-help(2) Women's Studies; self-respect(1) Women's Studies; Seneca Nation(1) women's studies; sex(1) Women's Studies; Sex (Biology) Sex (Psychology) Psychosexual development. Sex customs. Psychosexual development. Sex behavior. sexual development(1) Women's Studies; sex after sixty(1) Women's Studies; sex and intercourse(1) Women's Studies; sex change(1) Women's Studies; sex counseling(1) Women's Studies; Sex customs--United States--Addresses(1) Women's Studies; Sex customs--United States--History. Sexuality(1) Women's Studies; sex difference - psychology(1) Women's Studies; sex differences(2) Women's Studies; sex discrimination(1) Women's Studies; sex discrimination against women(1) Women's Studies; Sex discrimination in employment--United States. Sexual harassment of women--United States. Sex role in the work environment--United States. personal sexism(1) Women's Studies; Sex discrimination in employment. Sex discrimination against women. Women heads of households. Poverty. poverty(1) Women's Studies; sex education(3) Women's Studies; sex instruction(1) Women's Studies; sex instruction for youth(2) Women's Studies; Sex instruction for youth. Adolescence. Sexual ethics. adolescence and sex(1) Women's Studies; Sex role--China--History. Women--China--Social conditions. Technology--Social aspects--China--History. China--Social conditions--960-1644. China--Social conditions--1644-1912.(1) Women's Studies; Sex role. Sexism. Power (Social sciences) Symbolism (Psychology) Sex (Psychology) Cross-cultural studies. patriarchy(1) Women's Studies; sex roles(2) Women's Studies; sex stereotypes(1) Women's Studies; sex therapy(1) Women's Studies; sex-differentiated language(1) Women's Studies; Sex. Sex--Philosophy. Sex role. Sex differences (Psychology) Man-woman relationships--Philosophy. sex and gender(1) Women's Studies; Sex. Sexual ethics. Marriage. Sex instruction. Birth control.(1) Women's Studies; sexism(1) Women's Studies; sexism and the media(1) Women's Studies; sexual abuse(2) Women's Studies; sexual assault(2) Women's Studies; sexual character(1) Women's Studies; Sexual disorders. Social status. Self-reliance. Social adjustment. sexual health(1) Women's Studies; sexual harrassment(1) Women's Studies; sexual harrassment in college(1) Women's Studies; sexual inequality(1) Women's Studies; sexual intercourse(1) Women's Studies; sexual liberty(1) Women's Studies; sexual politics(1) Women's Studies; sexual response(1) Women's Studies; sexual revolution(1) Women's Studies; sexual violence and abuse(1) Women's Studies; sexuality(9) Women's Studies; sexually abused children(1) Women's Studies; sexually active(1) Women's Studies; Shakers(1) Women's Studies; Shakespeare(2) Women's Studies; Shoplifting(1) Women's Studies; Short stories(1) Women's Studies; Simone de Beauvoir(1) Women's Studies; Simone DeBeauvior(1) Women's Studies; single mothers(1) Women's Studies; Single women--United States. Single women--United States--Case studies. Divorced women--Case studies. Widows--United States--Case studies. single women(1) Women's Studies; slavery(1) Women's Studies; social change(1) Women's Studies; social darwinism(1) Women's Studies; social ethics(2) Women's Studies; social history(2) Women's Studies; Social reformers--South Africa--Autoiography. Women(1) Women's Studies; social shifts(1) Women's Studies; Socialism(1) Women's Studies; Socialist feminism(2) Women's Studies; sociology(2) Women's Studies; Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz(2) Women's Studies; Southern belle(1) Women's Studies; southern sudan(1) Women's Studies; spiritual ritual(1) Women's Studies; spirituality(3) Women's studies; Sports for women. Running for women. sports for women(1) Women's Studies; standardize service(1) Women's Studies; state policy(1) Women's Studies; stereotypes(1) Women's Studies; stories(1) Women's Studies; sub-Saharan Africa(1) Women's Studies; suffrage(1) Women's Studies; survival(1) Women's Studies; teaching(1) Women's Studies; teenagers(1) Women's Studies; Telangana struggle(1) Women's Studies; Telangana. Hyderabad. Women activists. Misrepresentation and exploitation of Women.(1) Women's Studies; tennis(1) Women's Studies; textbook(1) Women's Studies; theatre(1) Women's Studies; thesis(1) Women's Studies; Third World(1) Women's Studies; Time travel--Fiction. Female friendship--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; travel(1) Women's Studies; true crime(1) Women's Studies; true stories(1) Women's Studies; Twelve Issues(1) Women's Studies; U.S. Civil War(1) Women's Studies; UN(1) Women's Studies; underdevelopment(1) Women's Studies; United States law(1) Women's Studies; United States. Marine Corps--Women. Sex role in the work environment--United States. Women and the military--United States. Male nurses--United States. Stereotypes (Social psychology). Masculinity.(1) Women's Studies; Uterine families(1) Women's Studies; vagina(1) Women's Studies; vasectomy(1) Women's Studies; venereal disease(1) Women's Studies; Victorian morality(1) Women's Studies; violence(1) Women's Studies; violence against women(2) Women's Studies; Wade-Gayles(1) Women's Studies; wage discrimination; Equal pay for equal work--United States.; Equal pay for equal work--Law and legislation--United States.; job discrimination; wage gap; job segregation; pay equity; Title VII(1) Women's Studies; wage gap(1) Women's Studies; wage gap; Pay equity--United States.; comparable worth; economics; collective bargaining(1) Women's Studies; War(1) Women's Studies; war and peace(1) Women's Studies; welfare(1) Women's Studies; Wells(1) Women's Studies; West Indian women(1) Women's Studies; white women(1) Women's Studies; William Shakespeare(1) Women's Studies; witchcraft(2) Women's Studies; Woman and employment in China(1) Women's Studies; woman suffrage(1) Women's Studies; woman writer(1) Women's Studies; woman's role(1) Women's Studies; womanist perspective(1) Women's Studies; Women(3) Women's Studies; Women - US - Economic conditions. Women - Employment - US. US - Social policy - 1980. gender equality(1) Women's Studies; women and art(2) Women's Studies; women and biography(1) Women's Studies; women and economy(1) Women's Studies; women and education(3) Women's Studies; Women and family(1) Women's Studies; women and higher education(1) Women's Studies; women and history(2) Women's Studies; women and Islam(1) Women's Studies; Women and Judaism(1) Women's Studies; women and language(1) Women's Studies; women and literature(1) Women's Studies; women and medicine(2) Women's Studies; women and politics(1) Women's Studies; women and politics in Italy(1) Women's Studies; women and psychology(1) Women's Studies; women and religion(5) Women's Studies; women and religon(1) Women's Studies; women and Russia(1) Women's Studies; women and sex(1) Women's Studies; women and society(2) Women's Studies; women and South Africa(1) Women's Studies; women and sports(2) Women's Studies; women and the church(1) Women's Studies; women and theology(2) Women's Studies; women and travelling(1) Women's Studies; women and Western civilization(1) Women's Studies; women artists(1) Women's Studies; women balancing career and home(1) Women's Studies; women biblical scholars(1) women's studies; Women consumers. Culture--Economic aspects. Consumption (Economics). Deborah S Ryan. Janice Winship. Mica Nava. Alia Al-Khalidi. Sallie McNamara. Penny Tinkler. Barbara Usherwood. Jen Browne. Alison J Clarke. Anne M Cronin. Mary Bucholtz.(1) Women's Studies; women domestics; peddlers and peddling; employment; South America; merchants; Lima(1) Women's Studies; Women executives--Psychology. Women executives--United States--Interviews. Social change. Interpersonal relations. marriage and family(1) Women's Studies; women healers(1) Women's Studies; women in 17th century England(1) Women's Studies; women in Africa(1) Women's Studies; women in ancient Greece and Rome(1) Women's Studies; women in business(1) Women's Studies; women in conflict(1) Women's Studies; Women in development--Latin America.; Women in development--Caribbean Area.; Feminism--Latin America.; Feminism--Caribbean Area.(1) Women's Studies; Women in development. Sexual division of labor--Developing countries. Sex role--Developing countries. Social change. Women and society(1) Women's Studies; women in history(1) Women's Studies; women in Liberia(1) Women's Studies; women in literature(1) Women's Studies; women in politics(1) Women's Studies; women in primitive society(1) Women's studies; Women in public life--United States.; Leadership.; Women social reformers--United States.; Feminism--United States.; Women--United States--Social conditions.(1) Women's Studies; Women in rural development. Sexual division of labor. Rural development. Women--Employment--Developing countries. Division of labor(1) Women's Studies; women of color(1) Women's Studies; women on welfare(1) Women's Studies; women prisoners(1) Women's Studies; Women singers--Fiction. Children of clergy--Fiction. Swedish Americans--Fiction. Young women--Fiction. Opera--Fiction. Chicago (Ill.)--Fiction. Colorado--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Women textile workers--Massachusetts--Lowell--History. Women--Employment--Massachusetts--Lowell--History. Textile workers--Massachusetts--Lowell--History. Cotton manufacture--Massachusetts--Lowell--History. Lowell (Mass.)--Social conditio(1) Women's Studies; Women textile workers--Mexico--Ciudad Juaŕez. Women electronic industry workers--Mexico--Ciudad Juaŕez. Textile industry--Mexico--Ciudad Juaŕez. Electronic industries--Mexico--Ciudad Juaŕez. Mexican-American Border Region--Economic co(1) Women's Studies; women writers(2) Women's Studies; Women writers and artists(1) Women's Studies; women's athletics(2) Women's Studies; Women's Caucus for Art(1) Women's Studies; women's education(1) Women's Studies; women's health(1) Women's Studies; women's history(6) Women's Studies; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; European War; women and peace(1) Women's Studies; women's liberation(4) Women's Studies; women's life(1) Women's Studies; women's literacy(1) Women's Studies; women's movement(5) Women's Studies; women's movement history(1) Women's Studies; women's movement in England(2) Women's Studies; women's movement; feminism; the f word(1) Women's Studies; women's movement; social change; women's leadership and power; community activism; liberation struggles and education(1) Women's Studies; women's movment(1) Women's Studies; Women's political gains(1) Women's Studies; women's rights(2) Women's Studies; women's rights movement(1) Women's Studies; women's roles(1) Women's Studies; women's status(1) Women's Studies; women's studies(3) Women's Studies; women's studies - Asia. women's studies - study and teaching - Asia. women scholars - Asia.Committee on Women's Studies in Asia. women's studies(1) Women's Studies; Women's studies - US. Women college graduates - Employment - US. Occupational surveys - US. history of women's studies(1) Women's Studies; Women's Studies; politics(1) Women's Studies; Women's Studies; Sex. Hygiene(1) Women's Studies; Women's Studies; Working class families - US. United States - Social conditions - 1960. class(1) Women's Studies; Women's work(1) Women's Studies; Women--China--Social conditions. China--Politics and government--19th century. China--Politics and government--20th century. Audrey Lorde(1) Women's Studies; Women--Developing countries. Women in rural development--Developing countries. Sex discrimination against women--Developing countries. Division of labor. domestication(1) Women's Studies; Women--El Salvador--Social conditions--20th century. Oral history. El Salvador--History--20th century.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Employment--Great Britain. Discrimination in employment--Government policy--Great Britain. Day care centers--Government policy--Great Britain. Women--Employment--Sweden. Discrimination in employment--Government policy--Sweden. Day (1) Women's Studies; Women--Employment--United States--History--Sources. Women--Employment--United States--History. history of working women(1) Women's Studies; Women--Employment--United States. Marxian economics. women's status(1) Women's Studies; Women--Fiction. Jamaica--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Fiction.; Self-realization--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Health and hygiene--Sociological aspects. Women’s health services. Women--Health and hygiene--Information services. history of medicine(1) Women's Studies; Women--History. Social history. Sex role.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Israel(1) Women's Studies; Women--Morocco--Folklore. Women--Morocco--Taroudant. Muslim women--Morocco--Taroudant. Tales--Morocco. Moraccan religion and folklore(1) Women's Studies; Women--Morocco--Interviews. Women--Morocco--Social conditions. Sex role--Morocco. Moroccan women(1) Women's Studies; Women--Nigeria--History. Women--Nigeria--Biography. Women--Nigeria--Social conditions. history(1) Women's Studies; Women--Psychology--Longitudinal studies. Developmental psychology--Longitudinal studies. Moral development--Longitudinal studies. Women--Psychology. psychology(1) Women's Studies; Women--Psychology.(2) Women's Studies; Women--Psychology. Dependency (Psychology)(1) Women's Studies; Women--Psychology. Feminism. Sexism.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Sexual behavior. Femininity. sexuality(1) Women's Studies; Women--Social conditions--Maps. Women--Economic conditions--Maps.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Social conditions.witch hunts(1) Women's Studies; Women--Soviet Union--Social conditions--Congresses.; Women--Soviet Union--History--Congresses.(1) Women's Studies; Women--United States--History--Sources. Women--Employment--United States--History--Sources. Women in politics--United States--History--Sources. Women--Health and hygiene--United States--History--Sources. Feminism--United States--History--(1) Women's Studies; Women--United States--History. Women--Suffrage--United States--History. Women’s rights--United States--History.(1) Women's Studies; Women--Zambia--Lusaka. Lusaka (Zambia)--Social conditions.(1) Women's Studies; Women. Women’s studies. Feminism. addresses(1) Women's Studies; womens' movement in Asia(1) Women's Studies; Women’s rights--Pakistan--History--20th century. Feminism--Pakistan--History--20th century. Pakistani women(1) Women's Studies; Women’s rights. Women--Social conditions. Women--Economic conditions. Women--Health and hygiene. Women in development.(1) Women's Studies; Women’s studies--Methodology. Feminism--Research--Methodology. Social sciences--Research--Methodology. feminist(1) Women's Studies; Women’s studies--United States--History.(1) Women's Studies; word of God(1) Women's Studies; working class(1) Women's Studies; working class women(3) Women's Studies; working mothers(1) Women's Studies; working women(5) Women's Studies; world ethnology(1) Women's Studies; writing(1) Women's Studies; young feminists(1) Women's Studies; Young women--Fiction. Rejection (Psychology)--Fiction. Motherless families--Fiction. Ship captains--Fiction. England--Fiction.(1) Women's Studies; Zora Neale Hurston(1) women's suffrage(4) women's thinking(1) women's work(1) women's writing(1) Women--Africa(1) Women--Africa.City and town life--Africa. Sex customs--Africa.(1) Women--Arab countries. Family--Arab countries. Women--Iran. Arab countries--Social life and customs.(1) Women--Biography--Authorship(1) Women--Biography--History and criticism(1) Women--China--Conduct of life.(1) Women--China--Social conditions(1) Women--Early works to 1800. Equality--Early works to 1800. Women’s rights--Early works to 1800.(1) Women--Economic conditions(1) Women--Education (Higher)--United States--History. Women’s colleges--United States--History. Women college students--United States--History.(1) Women--Education (Higher)--United States. Sex discrimination in education--United States. Sexism in education--United States. Feminist criticism--United States. English language--Sex differences--United States.(1) Women--Education--United States. Feminism--United States.(1) Women--Employment--Congresses(1) Women--Employment--Developing countries(1) Women--Employment--Developing countries--Congresses. Women in development--Developing countries--Congresses. Women’s rights--Developing countries--Congresses. Developing countries--Economic policy--Congresses.(1) Women--Employment--Developing countries. Wages--Women--Developing countries. International business enterprises--Developing countries--Employees. Industrial hygiene--Developing countries.(1) Women--Employment--Soviet Union--History. Factory system--Soviet Union--History.(1) Women--England--History--17th century(1) Women--England--History--Modern period(1) Women--England--History--Renaissance(1) Women--France--Social conditions(1) Women--Guinea-Bissau. Women’s rights--Guinea-Bissau. Guinea-Bissau--Colonial influence.(2) Women--Historiography(1) Women--History(1) Women--History--Modern period(3) Women--History--To 500--Sources. Women--Greece--History--Sources. Women--Rome--History--Sources.(1) Women--History.(1) Women--Israel(1) Women--Japan--Social conditions(1) Women--Korea (South)--Social conditions(1) Women--Literary collections.(1) Women--Middle East--Social conditions(1) Women--Middle East. Women in politics--Middle East.(1) Women--New York (State)--New York(1) Women--Psychology. Women--United States--Social conditions.(1) Women--Religious aspects--Christianity. Feminism--Religious aspects--Christianity. Theology--Study and teaching--United States. Sexism in theological seminaries--United States.(1) Women--Social conditions(3) Women--United States--Addresses(1) Women--United States--History--20th century--Chronology. Feminism--United States--History--20th century--Chronology.(1) Women--United States--Social conditions(1) Women--United States--Social conditions. Women--Psychology. Sex role.(1) Women--Zambia--Lusaka. Lusaka (Zambia)--Social conditions.(1) women-black(1) women-centered(1) women-employment-France-history(1) women-psychology(1) womenn's lives(1) Womens rights(1) Womens Studies; Feminism and religion(1) Womens' Studies; Feminist theology(1) Womens' Studies; women and health(1) Womens' Studies; Women travelers--Balkan Peninsula--Biography.; Balkan Peninsula--Description and travel.(1) Womens' Studies; women's rights(1) Women’s rights--France--History(1) Women’s rights--North Carolina(1) Words(1) work(9) work and career(1) work and education(1) work and family commitments(1) work and family; career and family; Feminism--United States.(1) work and power(1) workaholics(1) working class(1) Working class families--California--Santa Clara County--Case studies(1) working class feminism(1) working class mothers(1) working class power(1) working class women(2) working mothers(7) working parents(2) working wives(1) working women(6) working-class women(1) workplace(1) world(1) world population(1) World War(2) World War I(1) World War II(1) writers(1) writers and journalists(1) wwi(1) Xiang(1) Yiddish(2) young adults(1) young manhood(1) youth(5) youth and sex(1) Zambia(1) Zionism(1) Zora Neale Hurston(1)
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