2008 Booklist ed. pick(1) 9/11(1) abuse(2) acceptance(1) accident(1) adoption(2) advice(1) africa(1) alternate world(1) alzheimers(1) American(1) antisemitism(1) Asperger's(1) Australia(3) award winner(1) babies(1) best of 07 FL(4) bet(1) blindness(1) boarding school(1) bondage(1) book lust(14) bookclub(1) Booklist 2007 editors choice(1) bookworm(1) break-ups(1) bullies(1) Canada(1) Canada Reads(3) Canadian(32) cancer(2) car(1) Carribean(1) Charles Dickens(1) cheating(1) childhood(1) children's(4) Christine recommendation(3) christmas(1) civil rights(1) civil war(1) classic(2) cleft palate(1) cojoined twins(1) college(1) comedy(1) coming of age(2) conflict(1) cult(1) cults(1) cutting(1) Danielle recommendation(2) dating(2) death(2) debut(3) demons(1) depression(1) diary(1) diet(1) disappearance(1) disasters(1) dreams(1) drinks(1) drugs(1) dystopian(7) Early Review(41) eating(1) England(2) environment(1) epistolary(2) essays(1) faeries(1) fairy tale(1) fairytale(1) families(1) family(11) fanfic(1) fantasy(1) feminism(1) fiction(198) flesh-eating disease(1) flood(1) fluff(2) friendship(1) funny(2) future(1) global warming(1) gods(1) governor general's award(2) graphic novel(4) greed(1) grief(1) guests(1) high school(2) historical(1) historical fiction(4) history(4) hoarding(1) Hollywood(1) homelessness(1) horror(5) humour(1) Ian recommendation(1) immigration(1) immortality(1) Ireland(2) Irish(1) Jacqui recommendation(1) Jenn recommendation(1) Jilanna recommendation(1) juvenile(1) librarians(3) Little House(1) loch ness(1) London(2) loss(1) Maggie Stiefvater recommendation(1) Maritimes(1) marriage(1) mars(1) medical(1) medical history(1) memoir(5) memoir/biography(12) mental illness(2) mermaids(1) military(1) mining(1) Mississippi(1) Montreal(1) more book lust(5) mother-daughter relationship(1) multi-generational(1) multiple personalities(1) murder(1) music(2) mystery(3) New York(1) Newberry(1) non-fiction(31) North(1) North Korea(1) Nova Scotia(2) NY Times Notable Book(8) ocean(1) online(1) opera(1) ordinary protagonist(1) orphans(2) paramedic(1) paranormal(4) personas(1) picture book(1) ping pong(1) pioneer(1) police(1) politics(1) post-war(1) post-WWII(1) predator(1) prison(1) private investigator(1) psychology(2) rage/zombies(1) Ray recommendation(1) re-telling(2) recommended(4) relationships(4) religion(4) road story(2) roadtrip(1) romance(2) royalty(1) sailing(1) salem(1) school library journal review(1) school shooting(1) sci-fi(1) scientology(2) scifi(1) sea monster(1) secrets(1) sequel(3) series(12) sexuality(1) short stories(3) sinking(1) social media(1) spies(1) spinster(1) steampunk(1) suicide(2) supernatural(1) superpowers(1) survival(2) swimming(1) terrorism(1) time travel(4) translation(1) travel(1) twins(1) Typhoid Mary(1) Unshelved(2) unwed mothers(1) vampires(5) Victorian(1) Virginia Woolf(1) waitstaff(1) war(5) widowhood(1) witchcraft(2) women(2) ya(56) YA Bookclub(5) zombies(4)
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