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Palestine -- Social life and customs(1) Panaya Kapulu (Ephesus (Extinct city))(1) Papacy -- History(2) Papal States -- History -- 1815-1870 -- Sources(1) Papal States -- Politics and government(1) Papier-mâché(1) Paraguay -- History -- To 1811(1) Paris (France) -- Description and travel(1) Paris (France) -- Social life and customs(1) Paris (France) -- Social life and customs -- 20th century(2) parodies(2) Patternmaking(1) Pavements(1) Pavilions(1) Pavilions -- England -- 18th century(1) Pavilions -- England -- Brighton(2) Peace(1) Peasants -- Great Britain(1) Penmanship(2) Perfumes(1) periodicals(1) Persecution(1) Persian poetry -- Translations into English(1) Perspective(2) Philosophers(1) philosophy(1) Philosophy -- History(1) Philosophy and religion(1) Photographers -- Correspondence(1) Photographs -- 19th century(1) Photography(1) Photography -- History(1) Physiology(1) Piedmont (Italy) -- Description and travel(1) Pilgrims and pilgrimages -- Jerusalem(1) Pitts family(1) Plague -- England -- London -- Fiction(1) Plants -- Poetry(1) Plays(17) Poetry(1) Poetry -- Collections(2) Political ethics(1) Political science(1) Political science -- Juvenile literature(1) Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) -- Guidebooks(1) Pompeii (Extinct city) -- Description and travel(1) Popes -- Infallibility(1) Popes -- Quotations(1) Popular culture -- United States(1) Pornography(1) Port-Royal des Champs (Abbey)(1) Portrait photography(2) Portugal -- Colonies -- India(1) Portugal -- Pictorial works(1) Pottery -- Japan -- History(1) Pozzuoli (Italy) -- Antiquities(1) prayer(1) Prayer books(4) Prayers(1) Pre-Raphaelitism(12) Printers -- England -- London(1) Printing -- History(2) Printing -- Specimens(1) Printing -- Style manuals(1) Prisoners of war -- Germany(1) Prisons -- Great Britain(1) Private libraries(1) Prize books(4) Prohibited books(1) Prohibited books (Canon law)(3) Proportional representation(1) Protectionism(1) Proverbs(1) Providence and government of God(1) Psalters(2) Psychiatry(1) Psychoanalysis(1) Public buildings -- England -- London(1) Publishers and publishing -- Great Britain(1) Punishment(1) Puri (India : District) -- Social conditions(1) Qianlong Emperor of China(1) Queen Victoria(1) Rab (Dog)(1) Racial prejudice(1) Railroads -- Great Britain(1) Rare books -- Private collections(1) Rationalism(1) Realism in art(1) Relics(1) Religion(1) Religion and poetry(1) Religion and science -- History(1) Religion and science -- History -- 20th century(1) Religious education(1) Religious poetry(2) Religious thought -- 16th century(1) Religious thought -- England -- Periodicals(1) Religious thought -- Great Britain(1) Religious thought -- History(1) Renaissance(1) Representative government and representation(1) Rhine River Valley -- Description and travel(1) Rhodes (Greece : Island) -- Description and travel(1) Riddles(1) Rif Revolt 1921-1926(1) Robins(1) Rock paintings -- Tanzania(1) roman literature(2) Roman provinces -- Great Britain(1) Roman question(1) Romanies -- Great Britain(1) Romanies -- Spain(1) Rome (Italy) -- Antiquities(2) Rome (Italy) -- Pictorial works(1) Rome -- Antiquities(1) Rome -- Biography(1) Rome -- Civilization(1) Rome -- History(2) Rome -- History -- Empire(1) Rome -- Social life and customs(1) Romulus(1) Royal Pavilion Art Gallery and Museums(2) Royalty(1) Rudyard Kipling(1) Russia -- Court and courtiers(1) Russia -- Social conditions(1) russian literature(3) Sailors -- Caricatures and cartoons(1) Saint 1118?-1170 -- Fiction(1) Saint Helena(1) Saint Petersburg (Russia) -- History -- To 1917(1) Saints(2) Saints -- Dictionaries(1) Saints -- France(1) Salisbury (England) -- History(1) Salisbury Cathedral(1) Salvation Army(1) Sandro Botticelli(1) Sanitation -- India(1) satire(2) Saudi Arabia -- Description and travel(1) Schism -- Eastern and Western Church(1) School buildings(1) school stories(2) Science -- Juvenile literature(3) Science fiction(1) Scotland -- Antiquities(1) Scotland -- Description and travel(2) Scotland -- Pictorial works(2) Scotland)(2) Scottish Borders (Scotland)(1) Scottish Gaelic poetry -- Translations into English(1) scottish literature(14) Sculptors -- Italy(1) Sculpture(2) Sculpture -- England -- London(1) Sculpture -- Technique(1) Seafaring life(1) Seasons(2) Seasons -- Poetry(1) Sects(1) Sepulchral monuments(2) Sepulchral monuments -- England(1) Sepulchral monuments -- Great Britain(2) Sermons(2) Sermons (English)(1) Sex in literature(1) Sexual ethics(1) Shaving(1) Shipping -- Great Britain(2) short stories(6) Short stories -- Periodicals(1) Shrines -- Palestine(1) Sicily (Italy) -- Description and travel(1) Signs and signboards(1) Silver furniture(1) Sir John Soane's Museum(3) Sir Thomas More(1) Sitwell family(1) Slavery -- United States -- Poetry(1) Smith-Carrington family(1) Soap sculpture(1) Social problems(2) Social registers -- New York (State) -- New York(1) Social surveys -- Great Britain(1) Socialism(2) Socialism -- Great Britain(3) Soldiers -- Caricatures and cartoons(1) Songs (Medium voice) with piano(1) Southampton (England) -- Guidebooks(1) Soviet Union -- Description and travel(1) Spain -- Description and travel(3) Spain -- History -- Civil War(1) Spain -- History -- Civil War 1936-1939(1) Spain -- Pictorial works(2) spanish literature(1) Spanish poetry -- Translations into English(3) Speech and social status(1) speeches(1) Spires(1) Spiritual direction(1) Spiritual life(2) Spiritual life -- Catholic Church(2) Spiritual retreats(5) Sri Lanka -- Antiquities(1) Sri Lanka -- Politics and government(1) St. Aloysius Church (Leonardtown Md.)(1) St. Francis(1) St. Joseph(1) St. Patrick's Church (Donegal Ireland)(1) St. Patrick's College(1) Stanley family(1) Stations of the Cross(1) Stonor family(1) Stonyhurst College -- Pictorial works(1) Stowe School(1) Sublime(1) Success(1) Sudan -- Description and travel(1) Sudan -- Pictorial works(1) Suffering(1) Suicide(1) Sunday schools(1) Sussex (England) -- Description and travel(1) Switzerland -- Description and travel(1) Switzerland -- Pictorial works(1) Symbolism in literature(2) Tales -- China(1) Tales -- India(1) Technology -- Religious aspects -- Christianity(1) Telegraph(1) Thames River (England)(1) Theater -- England -- History(1) Theater -- Great Britain(1) Theaters -- Stage-setting and scenery(2) Theism(1) Theology(2) Theology -- Dictionaries(1) Theology -- Encyclopedias(1) Theology -- History -- 19th century(1) Theosophists -- Biography(1) Thomas Moore(1) Thomas à Becket(2) Thought and thinking(1) Thynne family(1) Thérèse de Lisieux(2) Tournaments -- Scotland(1) Towers(1) Trajan's Column (Rome(1) Transatlantic cables(1) Translating and interpreting(2) Trappists(1) Trappists -- United States -- Biography(1) travel(3) Traveling sales personnel -- Great Britain(1) Trees(1) Trials (Treason) -- Great Britain(1) trivia(1) Trollope family(1) Turkey(1) Turkey -- History -- 1918-1960(1) Tuscany (Italy) -- History(1) Type and type-founding(1) Type designers -- England -- Biography(1) Typology (Theology)(1) Tyrol (Austria) -- Description and travel(1) Umbrellas(1) Undertakers and undertaking -- United States(1) Unitarian churches -- Discipline(1) United States -- Description and travel(2) United States -- History -- Poetry(1) United States -- Social life and customs(2) Universities and colleges -- Religion(1) University of Cambridge(1) University of Cambridge -- Pictorial works(1) University of Oxford(1) University of Oxford -- History(3) University of Oxford -- Intellectual life(1) Usury(1) Utopias(4) Varnish and varnishing(1) Vatican Council (1st : 1869-1870)(1) Velha Goa (India) -- Description and travel(1) Venice (Italy) -- Guidebooks(2) Victoria Queen of Great Britain(2) Vienna (Austria) -- Palaces(1) Vincent de Paul(1) Vintners -- France -- Champagne -- Biography(1) Virgin Mary(1) Voyages and travels(3) Voyages around the world(1) Waldenses(1) Wales -- Description and travel -- Early works to 1800(1) Wales)(1) Wandering Jew -- Illustrations(1) Watercolor painting(1) Waugh family(1) Westminster Palace (London(1) Whaling(1) White's Club(2) White's Club (London(1) Wicklow (Ireland : County)(1) Wiertz Antoine Joseph(1) William Eden(1) William Hogarth(1) William Shakespeare(2) William Weston(1) Wiltshire (England) -- History(1) Windsor Castle(1) Windsor Forest(1) Wine and wine making(5) Wine lists -- England -- London(1) Wit and humor(1) Women -- Social conditions(1) Women -- Suffrage -- Great Britain(1) Women in art(1) Women in literature(1) Women's rights(1) Wood engraving(2) Wood-engraving(2) Wood-engraving -- History(1) Wood-engraving -- Technique(1) Working class -- Dwellings(1) Working class -- Great Britain(1) World history(1) World history -- Pictorial works(1) World politics(1) World War(1) World War 1914-1918(2) World War 1914-1918 -- Campaigns -- Turkey(1) World War 1914-1918 -- Causes(1) World War 1914-1918 -- Fiction(1) World War 1914-1918 -- Great Britain(1) World War 1914-1918 -- Personal narratives(3) World War 1914-1918 -- Pictorial works(1) World War 1939-1945(2) World War 1939-1945 -- Atrocities(1) World War 1939-1945 -- Campaigns -- Africa(1) World War 1939-1945 -- Campaigns -- Italy(2) World War 1939-1945 -- Campaigns -- Libya(1) World War 1939-1945 -- Caricatures and cartoons(2) World War 1939-1945 -- Fiction(1) World War 1939-1945 -- Medical care(1) World War 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives(5) Wyandot Indians(1) Yachts(2) Yegen (Spain) -- Social life and customs(1) Young women -- Education(1) yugoslavia(1) Zionism(1) Zionism -- History(1)
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