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11l(9) 11lg(1) 11lt(1) 11m(14) 11mil(2) 11mt(25) 11nc(43) 11nt(21) 11op(20) 11p(46) 11por(1) 11pps(1) 11ps(40) 11pw(19) 11rf(24) 11tr(12) 11w(8) 11wls(63) 11wlw(2) 11wt(6) 12aw(1) 12bb(4) 12bf(2) 12ca(2) 12cb(18) 12cup(3) 12ea(32) 12ff(1) 12fm(2) 12g(20) 12gr(25) 12hm(2) 12hp(15) 12ibc(10) 12lg(2) 12lor(1) 12m(19) 12mil(3) 12mom(1) 12mt(6) 12nc(24) 12nt(11) 12op(26) 12p(36) 12pow(18) 12ps(40) 12pw(14) 12rf(9) 12rfbp(1) 12rjj(1) 12tb(3) 12tn(1) 12uce(6) 12w(11) 12wl(4) 12wls(30) 12wlw(22) 13bc(6) 13bn(1) 13bng(1) 13e(19) 13gr(29) 13hp(6) 13ibc(6) 13k(1) 13mt(12) 13nc(7) 13nt(16) 13op(17) 13p(21) 13ps(34) 13pw(7) 13rf(17) 13tr(2) 13uce(7) 13w(7) 13wls(34) 13wlw(15) 14bb(6) 14bn(1) 14bpfr(20) 14cb(13) 14e(72) 14ea(26) 14er(1) 14g(10) 14gg(1) 14gr(22) 14gw(1) 14hp(2) 14ibc(8) 14mt(5) 14nc(5) 14nt(18) 14op(52) 14p(38) 14por(1) 14pow(5) 14ps(17) 14rf(7) 14tb(4) 14tr(1) 14vp(7) 14w(8) 14wls(20) 14wt(12) 15e(33) 15ge(1) 15gw(14) 15ps(8) 15pw(5) 15th c.(1) 15w(3) 15wlw(7) 16th c.(6) 17th c.(63) 1851 ed.(1) 1893(1) 18th(1) 18th c(2) 18th c.(123) 1962(1) 1964(1) 1965(1) 1966(1) 1975(1) 1982(1) 1984(1) 1985(1) 19th c.(339) 19thy c.(1) 2 copies(4) 2 vol.(1) 2 volumes(2) 20s(1) 20th c(1) 20th c.(183) 21st c.(1) 3 volumes(1) 50s(1) 60s(2) 70s(1) aar(1) abolition(24) academic(2) academy(4) acadmic(1) advertising(1) aesthetics(1) afghan(1) africa(36) african amerian(1) african-american history(134) aging(1) agnostic(1) agriculture(5) alaska(2) alcohol(1) alternative(23) alternative history(2) amateur(1) american history(1,116) american intellectual(135) american literature(146) american religious history(982) american revolution(1) americana(2) amish(13) anabaptist(4) anatomy(1) ancient(33) ancient christianity(1) ancient history(1) anglican(8) anglicanism(1) antebellum(1) anthology(146) anthro(50) anthropology(1) anthroposophy(1) anthrosophy(2) antislavery(1) apocalyptic(1) apocalypticism(7) apologetics(44) aquinas(22) archaeology(7) architecture(67) aristotle(1) art(70) arthur(3) 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