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Oct 28, 2011, 10:46am Top

What mental image do you have of Katsa? Describe what she looks like and her personality for me. What ways does the author allow the reader to "see" Katsa? Can you give me some examples from the book?

Oct 31, 2011, 8:23am Top

Written by Takwa Maklad, Hillhouse High School

When I think of Kasta, I think one blue eye one green, she's white, brown hair. she's defenetley in a shape that an athlete would be in. skinny and not very tall.
*Her personality is strong, but always scard of being trapped in a box (I think of it as a side effect of how her uncle treated her and used her and controlled how she would look like and how how her reputation is and always would be.) or i might as well say "marriage" she always thinks that marrige would strip her freedum away (just like how her uncle had done).
*The author makes me see that Kasta can take care of her self very dependently. she can also take care of others vary well. she can deal with what ever situation she's in. she is very understanding (as in has sharp insight like when ever she knows something about Po in the begging and in the end, but in the same time she didn't see it coming when one of her friends was truly in love with her and wanted to marry her) and very loyal. very kind. Likes doing good and truly wants to help others.
*Some examples from the book are when she took the little princess "Bitter Blue" across those unbelievably long, tiring, freezing mountains in impossible circumstances with a child on her back and light clothes, in one day, or even if it wasn't one day, she never stopped running, till she saw green trees. she made hiking shose out of trees, clothes out of the fur of what ever animal that came across her, Ex: mountain lion, wolfs, and rabbits. she knew there was some thing wrong with Po and knew what it was, while his own family hadn't. Po's own brother was having a one on one fight with his brother and yet didn't know! Yet Kasta knew from just sitting with him in the same room with every one else! and when Kasta wanted to teach little girls hoe to fight. Her relation with Bitter Blue, how very protective with her, that the child loved her almost as she did with her mother, and came to trust her so.

Nov 4, 2011, 8:44am Top

Joy Okeke I like this book. The thing is I am very disapointed by the ending, a well there will be others i guess

Nov 16, 2011, 12:51pm Top

The mental image I have of Katsa is a stubborn, beautiful in her manner of being, and courageous young lady. The author tells us these characteristics when Katsa and Bitterblue are crossing the monsean mountains. She wants to hurry but stops occasionally to make sure Bitterblue is alright. Katsa gives Bitterblue everything she has on to keep her warm and that is the beautifulest thing you can do. She shows stubborness when Bitterblue doesn't want her to travel with light clothing on through the mountains and when Katsa says she will never marry despite the fact that she is in love with Po. And Finally, she is courageous when she was fighting the wildcat, having to stand up to her uncle, King Randa, defeating King Leck, and not letting the blizzards of the monsean mountains keep her from reaching safety for her and Bitterblue.

Nov 16, 2011, 12:52pm Top

HSC Book Club Member

Nov 16, 2011, 12:53pm Top

When i think of Katsa i think beautiful but not super model beautiful. In my mind she's strong and in great shape and if not for her eyes she would look like an average person. But the fierceness she has is what i personally find attractive in her. Her independence and need to be able to do everything she wants to do, and her way is what makes her different. In the book it says most people didn't look into a graceling's eyes, but i think it was Katsa's attitude more so than her eyes and the stories they have heard, that had people afraid of her. It's almost like when you walk into a room with someone who is important, you can almost feel it in the air... that's the affect i feel Katsa had.
-Gabby; HSC

Edited: Nov 27, 2011, 7:51pm Top

I find Katsa to be very similar to Katniss, from Hunger Games. They both have strong personalities and are powerful fighters. They also both possess that undeniable beauty that only they are not aware of. Often throughout Graceling they reference to Katsa's beauty, especially her eyes. However, I find Katsa's personality to be a bit more harsh than Katniss'. Katsa can be short and sarcastic for no reason, Katniss did not have that much of a temper. The two female heroines also share a strong sense of justice. As displayed by Katsa's council and Katniss' whole mocking jay movement.

--Christine, MBA

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