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What are we reading in February?

The 12 in 12 Category Challenge

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Feb 1, 2012, 2:48pm Top

One month of the challenge down, 11 to go! What are you reading this month? I got through about half of Susanna Kearsley's The Winter Sea in January, so I'll start February by finishing it.

Feb 1, 2012, 4:29pm Top

I have just started The Eyre Affair for Fforde February. Great so far!

Feb 1, 2012, 4:48pm Top

I'm about to finish The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis and then I'll start Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson.

Feb 1, 2012, 5:07pm Top

I've started the month with White Nights by Anne Cleeves, as this is the 2nd in the series, this will count towards the February TIOLI Monthly Challenge. I have also started Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for the Group Read and Soulless by Gail Carriger.

Feb 1, 2012, 5:36pm Top

Great Expectations will take up most of my February but I am also exploring graphic novels with Freeway and The Salon

Feb 1, 2012, 5:55pm Top

I'm reading a bunch of stuff. I'm about 1/3 of the way through Blandings Castle, a collection of Wodehouse short stories. I'm also reading Ender's game, chiefly because my nephew likes it very much. So far I find the characters unpleasant. I'm also reading Lion country, the first of the books of Bebb and I'm being rather pleasantly surprised. Also The God who is there (Christian apologetics) and Last waltz in Vienna by George Clare.

Feb 1, 2012, 6:06pm Top

Currently reading The Alienist which so far is excellent. Plan to listen to audio The Shape of Water and need to start my ER dead tree Conqueror by Conn Iggulden

Edited: Feb 6, 2012, 3:55pm Top

I'm still working my way through a ER book Faces of Grief: Stories of Surviving Loss and Finding Hope which I'm finding very slow going. Also A Bomb in February for my TIOLI, The Pillars of the Earth, and Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan.

ETA: The link for Now and Then went to the wrong book so I took it out.

Edited: Feb 1, 2012, 8:11pm Top

I'm all over the place, I'm reading Catch Me my December ER book, dipped into Great Expectations and having fun with my second Mallory read The Man Who Cast Two Shadows.

Feb 1, 2012, 11:05pm Top

I'm still listening to Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds, almost done. Also reading books I should have finished in Jan, The Disorderly Knights and How the soldier repairs the gramophone before catching up on Don Quixote and Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey.

Feb 2, 2012, 4:04am Top

2 - I remember reading Silver Pigs a few years ago, but I don't remember what I thought of it. Looking forward to your review.

7 - I really enjoyed The Alienist. I thought it was really well done.

11 - Totally loved Shades of Grey. That guy has a crazy imagination!

I'm reading Return to Treasure Island and The Search for Captain Kidd. It's good stuff. I just finished Champagne for One which I'm not sure will wind up being a challenge read. But it was fun all the same.

Feb 2, 2012, 4:44am Top

Well my reading has really slowed down over the last week - I am still reading The Kingdom of the Wicked. But I should finish it today and then I have five books out from the library, two of which are for group reads in the 75ers. I also hope to read Bleak House for the Readathing this week. We'll see;)

Feb 2, 2012, 5:48am Top

just finished portrait of the gulf stream and started the slynx

Feb 2, 2012, 8:24am Top

cmbohn, I loved The Silver Pigs! Putting together my thoughts.

Feb 2, 2012, 9:19am Top

I loved the Lindsey Davis series, #14 and #11. I should get back to it. I read perhaps the first four or five.

Feb 2, 2012, 1:53pm Top

Just finished Ethan Frome, what a great read!

Feb 2, 2012, 4:35pm Top

And now I'm on to Margaret Atwood's Bodily Harm which I'm enjoying so far.

Feb 2, 2012, 6:27pm Top

I'm still reading Hearts of Darkness by Dave Thompson, and I just started the audio version of Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard. I'm getting ready to read Scott O'Dell's My Name Is Not Angelica. I can probably read the whole thing this evening.

Feb 2, 2012, 6:57pm Top

Just started on Don Quixote, and am reading First Among Sequels as one of several Fforde books I hope to read for Fforde February! I am also reading Drown a series of short stories by Junot Diaz.

Feb 3, 2012, 9:22am Top

#18, I really liked Destiny of the Republic I thought it was history well done.

Feb 3, 2012, 9:25am Top

I'm now reading White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi and God's Philosophers by James Hannam.

Feb 3, 2012, 10:36am Top

I just finished The Shape of Water which was merely okay. (Audio book for when I can't sit down and read).

Still reading The Alienist which I'm loving.

Also will start the audio book Agents of Light and Darkness by Simon R. Green

Feb 3, 2012, 11:32am Top

Currently listening to Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

Feb 3, 2012, 12:27pm Top

I finished Atlantic and both volumes of Maus. I feel well caught up on nonfiction now. This weekend I will enjoy rereading The Mistress of the Art of Death but will try to refrain from rereading the whole series. I have The Tiger's Wife on my Kindle thanks to my SantaThing pal so I will probably read that next.

Feb 4, 2012, 10:53am Top

Trying to juggles books in an organized manner.... currently reading Paris Requiem, which I plan to then follow with the sequel Unholy Loves. I have Don Quixote on hold but will continue to read it in snatches as I am reading an ebook version on my iPod Touch.

Feb 4, 2012, 12:10pm Top

I just finished Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson and am still reading Gormenghast. I'm also reading February by Lisa Moore.

Feb 4, 2012, 1:04pm Top

So far, I've finished Shadows on the Gulf, a carry-over from January, and for a change of pace, I've picked up The Naked Marquis by Sally MacKenzie. I also have Gilead started in January but need to finish before I go on to anything else.

Feb 4, 2012, 3:11pm Top

I've just started The One That I Want by Jennifer Echols.

Feb 4, 2012, 6:30pm Top

I've finally settled on Raven Black and Beast in View.

Feb 4, 2012, 8:55pm Top

I'm starting the second in the Spellman series, Curse of the Spellmans and am hoping it's better than the first one! :)

Feb 4, 2012, 11:53pm Top

I'm starting Mr. Churchill's Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal. It's my January ER book -- I can't believe how fast it got here!

Feb 5, 2012, 12:29am Top

Read Ender's game on the advice of my nephew. I ended up liking it very much, but it took me a while to get into it.

Feb 5, 2012, 5:12am Top

I've now started Bleak House by Charles Dickens.

Feb 5, 2012, 2:11pm Top

Finished a very light, quick read, The Naked Marquis by Sally MacKenzie. Humorous fluff but fun! Now back to Gilead by Marilynne Robinson and very much enjoying it so far.

Feb 5, 2012, 4:49pm Top

I've just started Unhallowed Ground by Mel Starr, and I'm still listening to Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard.

Feb 5, 2012, 5:09pm Top

I've made a start on The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstein and still plugging away at The Disorderly Knights.

Feb 5, 2012, 5:16pm Top

I finished Mistress of the Art of Death too fast, unfortunately. As good if not better than the first time I read it. I have now started The Tiger's Wife which is on my Kindle.

Feb 6, 2012, 12:03am Top

I finished A Song for Summer, which is good escapist romantic fun. Now I'm reading 1215: The Year of the Magna Carta and The Killer of Little Shepherds. Both very good.

Feb 6, 2012, 5:43am Top

Well I finished Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde (disappointingly dull) and I am now feverish with excitement as Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway is waiting to be collected.

Feb 6, 2012, 6:36am Top

Finished Bodily Harm on the plane and then started 77 Shadow Street.

Edited: Feb 6, 2012, 3:56pm Top

I finished Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan and just started The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.

Feb 6, 2012, 11:05am Top

Feb 6, 2012, 12:56pm Top

I already finished Trick of the Light and Count of Monte Cristo. I'm currently reading Forgotten Garden getting ready to start Great Expectations.

Feb 8, 2012, 12:02pm Top

I've started on Great Expectations.

Feb 8, 2012, 2:32pm Top

#39: I'm just starting Shades of Grey, hopefully I might like it more. I still have The goneaway world to read and have heard nothing but praise for Harkaway.

Feb 8, 2012, 2:47pm Top

I'm finishing February by Lisa Moore, which was melancholy and beautifully written. I'm also halfway through Gormenghast, the middle book of Mervyn Peake's trilogy. I'm not sure what I'll start next. I'm thinking a crime novel of some sort.

Feb 8, 2012, 5:10pm Top

I've started The Hemingses of Monticello. Since I'm still listening to Destiny of the Republic, I'm working on books about two different presidents. I guess I'm getting ready for Presidents Day.

Feb 8, 2012, 5:55pm Top

I am currently reading When the Astors Owned New York by Justin Kaplan and The Sandman Vol 1: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman. About to start Unnatural Death by Dorothy Sayers.

Feb 8, 2012, 8:34pm Top

I'm starting Shades of Grey now in honor of Fforde Ffebruary.

Feb 8, 2012, 8:51pm Top

Now that I finished watching Boardwalk Empire, I can concentrate. I'll be continuing with Great Expectations and starting Unnatural Death.

Feb 8, 2012, 10:28pm Top

Orthodoxy by G. K.Chesterton, Our mutual friend by Dickens and Alice of Old Vincennes

Feb 9, 2012, 7:40am Top

Listening to Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo

Feb 9, 2012, 10:46pm Top

I'm reading 1215: The Year of the Magna Carta and I'm really enjoying it. It just makes the whole period come alive. And I started The Cold Dish but decided against it.

Feb 10, 2012, 3:37pm Top

53, Cindy, I've got The Cold Dish on my list. Anything particular that turned you off of it?

Feb 10, 2012, 3:54pm Top

Just finished Great Expectations and am now going to start on The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.

Feb 10, 2012, 4:28pm Top

> 55 I have The Blind Assassin on my potential list for later in the year for one of my categories. I'll be looking to see what you think of it.

Feb 10, 2012, 4:37pm Top

>56 dudes22: It's my February TIOLI challenge as the main characters name is Iris (the birth flower).

Feb 10, 2012, 6:41pm Top

I've started The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Feb 10, 2012, 6:45pm Top

>57 jillbone: AAH! - I see. I'm trying to do the TIOLI strictly by the month names. So far - so good. And I'm all set up through May so far.

Feb 10, 2012, 7:41pm Top

About Cold Dish - no, nothing in particular, but I just felt it was going to be darker than I wanted right now. Not at all what I'm in the mood for.

Feb 11, 2012, 11:03am Top

@ 51 -- Bjace, I hope you enjoy Orthodoxy -- it's one of my favorite books!

Feb 12, 2012, 7:52am Top


Here’s my review

Gritty, fascinating, intriguing view of the creation of a special unit created to track down a serial killer. It took me awhile because I wanted to think about it, the details, the complexities.

Highly recommended for those interested in such things.

Feb 12, 2012, 3:14pm Top

I finished The Eyre Affair and just started Friends, Lovers, Chocolate

Feb 12, 2012, 4:00pm Top

Since it's African-American History month, I'm going to try to read all African-American authors or themes although ER books that happen to arrive take precedence! Fortunately, the current ER book All Different Kinds of Free fit in. I've got a stupid head cold though so I'm not sure my brain is up to the challenge!!!

Feb 12, 2012, 5:14pm Top

I finished The Tiger's Wife, a book that was widely read last year. Very good!

I've started the YA book Ash which is a quite edgy version of Cinderella making the buzz around my school district's librarians.

Feb 12, 2012, 8:37pm Top

I'm starting Hester Browne's The Little Lady Agency. Time for a little light reading!

Feb 13, 2012, 5:19am Top

I was happy to finish Them as it is on its last renewal at the library. I am currently in the middle of Unnatural Death and The Vault. Oh, and also plugging away at Great Expectations.

Feb 13, 2012, 7:46am Top

Edited: Feb 13, 2012, 1:15pm Top

I just finished Ash by Malinda Lo, an interesting twist on the Cinderella story. I will now move on to The Odditorium, received from the ER program.

Feb 13, 2012, 4:14pm Top

I have completely deviated from my list and am reading Heaven Cracks, Earth Shakes which doesn't fit any of my categories. How will I ever get through my list that way?!

Feb 13, 2012, 7:31pm Top

I have finished Unnatural Death and I'm on the final pages of Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. Next up is going to be Where the Buffalo Roam by Michael Zimmer and Pale Immortal by Anne Frasier.

Feb 13, 2012, 9:12pm Top

@69 Ash has been on and off my wishlist. I'll be interested to see what you think about it.

Feb 15, 2012, 2:35am Top

Reading The Training Ground about the Mexican-American war. Really good.

Feb 15, 2012, 7:38am Top

Feb 15, 2012, 9:39am Top

I'm reading A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore.

Feb 15, 2012, 1:34pm Top

Currently reading A Free Man of Color by Barbara Hambly.

Feb 15, 2012, 1:38pm Top

I have pages left in Unnatural Death, and I'm still plugging away at Great Expectations.

Feb 15, 2012, 1:41pm Top

OK, so I started The Odditorium and read the first story and decided this was going to be tough going unless she lightened up and allowed myself to pick up The Serpent's Tale to continue my reread of Arianna Franklin's medieval mystery series. Ahh, that's better.

Feb 15, 2012, 1:54pm Top

I'm reading Snow by Orhan Pamuk for a 1001 books group read. Also starting Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard.

Feb 15, 2012, 5:23pm Top

I'm reading Sophie and the Rising Sun and listening to Friendship Bread. That one is making me hungry!

Feb 15, 2012, 10:00pm Top

I'm about to start The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton.

Feb 15, 2012, 10:11pm Top

I've read Kafka on the Shore by Murakami, Promise at Dawn by Romain Gary already. Currently reading The Liars' Club by Karr and will be putting Don Quixote on hold for a little while while I listen to Brideshead Revisited.

Feb 16, 2012, 12:16am Top

Hi all,
I discovered Nanjing Requiem in the library over the weekend, so I put Don't Know Much about Mythology on hold until I finish it, likely this weekend.

Feb 16, 2012, 6:23am Top

I think since I was last here, I've finished The Eyre Affair and Friends, Lovers, Chocolate and have started Lost in a Good Book. Still trying to avoid finish my ER book.

Feb 16, 2012, 6:32am Top

Just started Fear of Flying last night.

Feb 16, 2012, 7:23am Top

I've finished A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore, and have now started The Crime Writer by Gregg Hurwitz.

Feb 16, 2012, 11:48am Top

I just finished Conn Iggulden's Conqueror . A pretty interesting read. I know nearly nothing about that part of history so it was intriguing to learn a thing or two. It's an ER book so will definitely do a review, but not today as I am suffering from a pretty bad cold.

Feb 18, 2012, 8:28am Top

Feb 18, 2012, 3:41pm Top

I'm starting Sharon Shinn's Dark Moon Defender.

Feb 18, 2012, 5:23pm Top

Still working on Great Expectations. I'm also halfway through You Only Live Twice.

Feb 18, 2012, 5:24pm Top

I'm starting The Eyre Affair and listening to Extraordinary, Ordinary People.

Feb 18, 2012, 8:47pm Top

I too am still working on Great Expectations, and have also started Betrayal of Trust.

Feb 18, 2012, 10:22pm Top

I am reading The Untied Kingdom by Kate Johnson and The Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst.

Feb 19, 2012, 7:29am Top

I've read Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, a very good sci fi entry, and The Breach by Patrick Lee a fast-paced techno-thriller. Both were very good. Will start Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas, today.

Feb 19, 2012, 11:35am Top

Started Pretty monsters yesterday. Kelly Link is a joy to read.

Feb 19, 2012, 11:55am Top

Finished The Eyre Affair last night. Still working on Great Expectations and about to start Ivona, Princess of Burgundia and Haunting Violet.

Feb 19, 2012, 12:22pm Top

Finished 11/22/63 last night and I'm about halfway through both Birds of a Feather and Moonwalking with Einstein.

Feb 19, 2012, 2:14pm Top

I finished The Serpent's Tale and am mostly through The Wager, one of Donna Jo Napoli's spins on old stories, this time the old story of making a deal with the devil. I also started a book that's been hanging around for a while, Catilina's Riddle by Steven Saylor.

Feb 19, 2012, 10:37pm Top

I am almost done Return to Tibet and just finished a graphic novel Motel Art Improvement Service. I am considering starting The Mysterious Affair of Styles , the first in the Poriot series and Kim March group read.

Feb 20, 2012, 7:51am Top

Currently listening to The Affair by Lee Child.

Feb 23, 2012, 2:11am Top

Feb 23, 2012, 6:52am Top

I'm reading Under the Yoke by Ivan Vazov and still listening to Extraordinary, Ordinary People by Condoleezza Rice.

Feb 23, 2012, 12:01pm Top

I read the book It Gets Better. If even one teen is persuaded to hang in there by all the messages of encouragement and hope, it was worth the effort to publish it.

Feb 23, 2012, 12:50pm Top

I've started The Earth Hums in B Flat and am a bit infatuated - I do hope it stays magical to the end!

Feb 23, 2012, 1:16pm Top

Thats a great book, Eva! I hope you like it!

Edited: Feb 23, 2012, 2:54pm Top

That's somewhere on the WL although not in the TBR yet. I just finished the 2nd Fforde book Lost in a Good Book and am starting The Lace Makers of Glenmara although I might not finish it before we leave on vacation so it will probably count for next month.

Feb 23, 2012, 3:02pm Top

I just finished The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. Now I'm about to begin A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell.

Feb 23, 2012, 9:08pm Top

I'm on a bit of a chick-lit binge right now...just finished Little Lady, Big Apple and rolled right into The Little Lady Agency and the Prince.

Feb 23, 2012, 9:11pm Top

It will probably be March when I finish this, but I just started Great Sky Woman by Steven Barnes. It's taking me a little time to adjust to the writing style, but I think I'm going to like it.

Feb 23, 2012, 10:21pm Top

#110 - Cammykitty, I read Great Sky Woman a few years ago, and I really liked it. I have the sequel, Shadow Valley on my Kindle and hope to get to it after I finish my current reads of Island of Ghosts by Gillian Bradshaw and Two Corinthians by Carola Dunn.

Feb 24, 2012, 10:00am Top

I am still wading through Great Expectations.

Feb 24, 2012, 11:14am Top

#112 Hi Victoria: me too, I'm hoping I can finish it by next week!

Feb 24, 2012, 12:14pm Top

Hey Lisa! Me too. Glad we're in this together...

Feb 24, 2012, 9:41pm Top

111 Thanks DeltaQueen! That makes me more eager to read it. It's long enough to be daunting at this time of year. Steven Barnes and his wife, Tannarive Due, are going to be in town for a convention later this year, and I'm really looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

Feb 24, 2012, 11:46pm Top

Looking forward to starting Lauren Willig's The Garden Intrigue tomorrow!

Feb 25, 2012, 7:01am Top

Christina, I love our annual Willig-read, thanks for waiting on me! I'm starting The Garden Intrigue this afternoon.

Feb 25, 2012, 7:10am Top

I'm slowly working my way through The Stories of John Cheever and I'm reading The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen, because I can't go too long without a Nordic crime novel.

Edited: Feb 25, 2012, 8:19am Top

I finished Nanjing Requiem which I'm glad I read. I'm back to Don't Know Much about Mythology and should finish it off before month's end since I have jury duty next week and I'm usually not selected for one. Not sure which book I will pick up next.

Feb 25, 2012, 1:08pm Top

Started A Confederacy of Dunces last night; I really don't know quite what to say about Ignatius...

Feb 25, 2012, 3:02pm Top

I finished Catilina's Riddle by Steven Saylor this morning and loved it so much I ordered and started the first book of the series, Roman Blood, on my Kindle.

Feb 25, 2012, 5:57pm Top

I'm reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. It's shaping up to be one of those books that exactly fits my mood right now.

Feb 26, 2012, 1:09pm Top

I'm probably going to finish the month with Great Expectations hopefully, and Faceless Killers.

Feb 26, 2012, 1:13pm Top

We are celebrating Mystery March over at the 75 Challenge Thread. Anyone who is interested in reading, discussing or getting reading ideas for mysteries is welcome to join in.

The thread is here: Mystery March

Hope to see you there!

Feb 26, 2012, 2:36pm Top

I'm reading Murder on Waverly Place. It's such a quick read that I'll probably finish it today and start on Good Morning, Irene. I'm also listening to Little Bee.

Feb 26, 2012, 3:21pm Top

Methinks I'm on to Gail Carriger's Timeless.

Feb 26, 2012, 3:52pm Top

I've already finished Roman Blood and have ordered the second of the series, The House of the Vestals. I love weekends!

Feb 26, 2012, 8:51pm Top

I've started Something Rotten by Fforde and The Mathematics of Life by Ian Stewart.

Feb 27, 2012, 7:52am Top

I'm reading The Cool Cottontail by John Ball. It's the second in the Virgil Tibbs series.

Feb 27, 2012, 4:31pm Top

I have started Blankets by Craig Thompson, and I am also reading Shadow Valley a historical fiction that is set in pre-historic Africa, it is the sequel to Great Sky Woman.

Feb 28, 2012, 11:50am Top

Feb 28, 2012, 11:56am Top

I've started listening to Milk and Honey by Faye Kellerman.

Feb 28, 2012, 12:59pm Top

I finallly finished Great Expectations hooray! I will be reading Faceless Killers to end the month.

Feb 28, 2012, 8:48pm Top

I've started Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. Just picked it up from the store today along with my tickets for her signing on the 17th. So excited!

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