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Weekend of April 20th - 22nd, 2012 - What are your plans?

The Green Dragon

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Apr 20, 2012, 7:37am Top

Not sure what I'll be doing. I know I should be cleaning inside and doing yard work outside, but all I can think about is catching up on lost sleep, watching Netflix and reading.

What will you be doing?

Apr 20, 2012, 7:55am Top

I'm still at the hospital with my mother. She is in a private room now and we're hoping to be released the first of the week. My brother is coming to relieve me tomorrow. Like Clammy, I plan to catch up on sleep and read a little. Netflix sounds great, too! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Apr 20, 2012, 8:02am Top

I should be cleaning inside, too, but my ground cover plants arrived yesterday, so I will probably be doing a lot of digging and planting Saturday morning.

My ER book from December arrived, too, so I'm hoping to start it tonight. :)

Apr 20, 2012, 8:19am Top

Heading to NY to the Saratoga Auto Museum for a wine tasting event and to see the Porsche exhibit. http://saratogaautomuseum.org/porsche_ss/

I've shot in that museum before and am changing up my lens choice to better deal with the impossible lighting. Oy. But it's not really a photography outing, so I won't cry too much if I come away with crap.

Apr 20, 2012, 8:29am Top

ah... ah... I think weather is supposed to be nice so I'll probably spend as much time as I can outdoors: weeding, planting, weeding, finishing the greenhouse floor/foundation (which is proving to be a little tricky), more weeding. Pull those dandelions out of the grass? prune?

I suppose I might wash a few dishes and make a big pot of soup for the group coming to watch George R.R. Martin's opus on TV.

Apr 20, 2012, 8:46am Top

I'm going out with my walking group again this Saturday. At present it is hailing outside; I hope it won't do that tomorrow! Sunday is church in the morning, then back to my parents' for lunch. Sunday evening will be spent reading.

Apr 20, 2012, 9:01am Top

Forecast - continued heavy showers. Caving trip is nominally on for Sunday, but may well be too wet to do anything sensible. Hence I might be forced to find more local pubs sell Mild, as part of our local CAMRA promotion.

Apr 20, 2012, 11:59am Top

Plans for the weekend...

Playoff HOCKEY - Bruins vs Caps on both days

Saturday - New camera shopping for point and shoot digital. In the evening, looks like New Moon dinner with friends.

Sunday - Earth Day community clean up.

Apr 20, 2012, 12:37pm Top

Working again. My days off were Wed/Thurs. which I spent reading and running errands. I went to apply for jobs yesterday, frustration personified. It was very warm, so I wore some sandals. My feet are old, so I wear SAS. They GLUED themselves to my feet! Literally. I thought it was just a bit sticky because of the warmth, but as time went on they became increasingly uncomfortable and ended at painful. Cut short my errands (meaning I didn't get my new garden gloves and plants) to come home and get them off my feet. For a minute I thought I was going to need a crowbar. They left black sticky glue on the bottoms of my feet and toes. Like tar. Soap, baby oil and nail polish remover wouldn't take it off. I had some success scraping it off. So I wrote to SAS about the experience, made myself a gin and tonic and read the rest of the day.

Now it's back to six days of work. I have one more application to drop off, probably tomorrow.

Apr 20, 2012, 12:51pm Top

Saturday: Tai chi demo in the morning morning at the Farmer's Market, so I'll also visit the market. Eye exam on Saturday afternoon, and, depending on the results, maybe order new glasses.

Rest of weekend: Gardening. Need to clean out the veg garden that did not get done last fall, plus start on some of the flower beds. I want to rent a chipper/shredder as I have a lot of rubbish that I'd like to put in the compost, but not sure if that will happen. I might just make a big pile and do the chipping/shredding later. Also still working on listing/pricing comics every evening.

Plus usual chores, laundry, reading, cat-cuddling, etc.

Apr 20, 2012, 2:01pm Top

Making up for last weekends somewhat adult focused wine festival, this weekend we will play host to 15 6/7 year olds to celebrate my youngests 7th birthday. We're hoping desperately for good weather so they can play outside.

Apr 21, 2012, 11:04am Top

Aside from dodging the raindrops, I intend to do as little as possible this weekend (woo-hoo!)... part of that "little" involves going through my photography archives and attempting to find some older shots that might just be worth sharing online.

I have a couple to share here this week (to make up for completely missing last week's thread):

The Statuette by Scott Fisher

From my Google+ Album:Black & White

Apr 21, 2012, 11:55am Top

Beautiful, Tane!

Apr 21, 2012, 1:23pm Top

12: Very nice, Tane! Thank you for sharing!

My husband and I will be heading over to the plant nursery, then getting some coffee at our favorite beaner (they roast their own stuff!), then we've gotta get our bikes tuned, followed by a visit to a nice shoe store to see about getting my toe shoes repaired. I wish the men's sizes went down to 37 (they stop at 38), but you've heard that gripe, already. I still haven't started my petition to get Small, Medium, and Wide sizes in this company, so there's no point in complaining.

Anywho, I bought these shoes last summer, they're $125, so they should kinda last. I trust this store to be fair, though. They've been nothing but wonderful in the past.

After all of this, I'm hoping to do some Diablo III stress testing. It all depends on whether or not my laptop can handle it. A 2008 MacBook might be a little on the light side.

I shall also continue to post pictures in my gardening journal.

Apr 21, 2012, 2:45pm Top

#12 Tane's pictures are always a highlight of the week!

Went to 4 of 6 gardens in this year's Kloof Indigenous Open Gardens. Top of the desirability list was one known to aficionados as "Ian Garland's Garden". Let me explain.

Ian Garland started up as a sugar farmer at a place called Twinstreams near Mtunzini (Zululand). Like all sugar farmers in about 1950, he planted right up to the streams, and soon enough found that the streams dried up. Unlike the others, he did some joined-up thinking and started to pull back from the river banks. At the same time he acquired a Zulu mentor called Jobe, who knew more than about any three experts about the trees of Zululand, and who started teaching him the trees. Ian started growing Zululand / Tongaland / Maputaland trees on his streambanks. And guess what, the streams came back, and so did the wildlife. For the next 50-60 years he taught anybody and everybody who would or wouldn't listen about the environment. For this he received 2 honorary degrees from University of Natal, and numerous other awards.

In due course anno domini caught up, and his daughter stomped on him to sell up the farm and move to Durban. He agreed provided that she found him a place with a large house with a spectacular view, which she did, and he moved to Kloof. He called the place 'New Forest', and proceeded to plant vast numbers of the trees he knew in the garden. Sadly, he died in 2007, and his widow sold the place in 2008. The people who bought it had the wit to find out what the trees were, and having done so didn't touch anything they didn't have to other than labelling as many trees as possible. That's the garden I went to see.

Needless to say, the other 3 gardens I saw today didn't measure up to that standard.

(Apology for the l-o-n-g post)

Apr 21, 2012, 3:19pm Top

Great story, Hugh. Gives me hope for humanity to read it.

Apr 21, 2012, 3:21pm Top

15>Don't apologize! Very interesting, and I wish I could see it myself.

I got all my other errands done, had a bit of lunch and now 'm just killing time now until my optometrist appointment at 2. Then into the garden! Yay!

Apr 21, 2012, 3:43pm Top

#17 And if you could find your way here, I'd take you to see it! The new owners are delightful.

Apr 21, 2012, 5:14pm Top

Having spent part of today cooking Pork-with-Carrots
and Red Cabbage-with-Apples & Raisins, I'll swim my 12 laps at the pool mid-afternoon. esta

Apr 21, 2012, 6:42pm Top

I had a wonderful outdoors dinner with friends last night. I'm glad I've found some people I can call friends here. It can be really difficult starting up a completely new social network in a new city. I don't know how people do it regularly. I know that finding a church would actually do that for me, but given that I'm not a churchgoer, it would be hypocritical and against my own ethics to do so just to make friends.

Apr 21, 2012, 7:22pm Top

I move frequently. A pattern set up in my youth, I expect. So, I am always in that position of looking for new friends, and I also am not a church going woman, so that is not a comfortable option for me either. And yet... they come, they come. Slowly but surely I've made friends with a neighbor who has a small farm and has horses, and a wonderful new puppy. She is very kind to recommend to me other activities. Garden club! Book group! And I do have one other advantage. I am not so far from where I used to live so occasionally I can entice my "older" friends to drive out here, too.

But I know what you mean! I am glad you are finding some friendly folks.

Apr 21, 2012, 7:40pm Top

Oh Dear I'm not really doing anything interesting the weather is so dreary

Apr 21, 2012, 8:30pm Top

We went out on a date for the first time in a long time. Went to a local neighborhood tavern with an Irish flavor called McGarry's. It has Irish food and Irish ale on tap (a Black and Tan for MrMorphy!) but there was sports TV in the bar area and country music playing (until I asked them to change the station.) Only in Minnesota, I guess.

The food was DIVINE. I had an "Irish Pot Pie" - corned beef, cabbage, vegetables in a puff pastry with a white sauce over mashed potatoes. MrMorphy had Beef Tips with Guinness mushroom gravy over garlic mashed potatoes. We split a cup of potato leek soup beforehand and chocolate cake for dessert.

I'm stuffed!

Apr 21, 2012, 8:39pm Top

oh, I LOVE pot pies. Especially chicken, but that Irish one sounds delish. MrMorphy's selection also sounds mouthwatering. Can you tell it's dinner time? I guess I should get on with it!

Apr 22, 2012, 9:57pm Top

owwww. I spent all day in the garden, and even though I took a few breaks, I am exhausted and sore. However, I'm pleased with the amount accomplished - front yard beds are edged and the lawn raked (using raker bar on mower which is much easier and faster than by hand) and the vegetable beds are all cleaned up and dug over and ready for planting (earliest I've got that done in a long time). It's really too early to plant most things although if I use hot caps and stuff it might be okay. I might risk it. Not today, though!

Apr 23, 2012, 3:15am Top

Hugh, I love your post, and that you got to go see that garden! I have to wonder though, did Jobe garner any awards. :) I know, the way of the world.

I made a curry today, lamb with an onion, garlic and chili paste, and corn. It's yummy, but I have to add my hot to it. Otherwise it's just work, work, work for me lately.

Apr 23, 2012, 8:46am Top

did not take one photo all weekend, strangely. the wine tasting at the car museum was pretty good; showed what absolutely great wine we drink by comparison with what was at the tables. ah well.

Apr 23, 2012, 10:14am Top

Community clean up was rained out this past Sunday, so we need to reschedule that.
Dinner with friends was enlightening as usual.

Hockey - Split games, so its winner take on come Wednesday.

New camera - Check! New Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8K point and shoot. Lots of great kitty pictures over the weekend.

Apr 23, 2012, 4:08pm Top

#26 Not that I'm aware of, but I cannot imagine that Ian would have failed to set up a decent pension for him (which many employers fail to do).

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