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Marcus 2016 Readings

Club Read 2016

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This topic is currently marked as "dormant"—the last message is more than 90 days old. You can revive it by posting a reply.

Mar 23, 2016, 7:54pm Top

Players First: Coaching From the Inside Out, by John Calipari and Michael Sokolove:
College basketball is demanding and highly competitive. John Calipari gives his recipe for success: players first. It means: manage your basketball program and coach your team in order to maximize players' interest and goals. You can resume this enterprise in one phrase: get drafted in NBA, preferably be a lottery pick. One year of college and you are ready to cash in the magic world of the NBA. Along the way, get some national championship for "Blue Nation" and its commander in chief. College basketball, though, is more than that. The work to get a degree, the process of learning basketball's fundamentals, the experiences that come from the campus' environment. Calipari is silent about that, but he cares for his players, maximizes their potential, gives them the hottest ticket in town. Maybe he is right. Better be a straight pragmatic. From this point of view, the book comprises its scope.

Mar 23, 2016, 7:56pm Top

Metaphysics: A Very Short Introduction, by Stephen Mumford:
Is there any value in thinking about the world and its arrangements? Does one should inquire about questions that aren't scrutinized by observation? This short book tries to answer these questions and, along the way, gives the reader a first look in some crucial metaphysics problems. The text is well organized and succeed in presenting the material in an understandable way. This book is well suited for a reader that doesn't have previous expertise in the matter. Sometimes the reading can be hard but, in the end, the work is rewarded. Usefull readings are indicated in the end of the book, along with some tips.

Mar 23, 2016, 7:57pm Top

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon.
Examining a period of world (european) history (late antiquity throughout the middle ages) crucial to the understanding of western civilization, this book is a treasure. Edward Gibbon, drawing from various sources, most of them contemporary of the facts it exposes, traces the history of the Roman Empire in the west and in the east. Along the way, he discuss christianity, the Roman Catholic Church, the crusades, the beginning of the Muslim faith and the advent of the Ottoman Empire. The successive battles between the romans and the barbarian are explained in a way that one understands the facts that underline the formation of modern european states. The author is not shy in declining his views about the events, with renders the book even more fascinating. An enlightening reading!

Mar 23, 2016, 7:59pm Top

Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark Times, by Anne Heller.
The life and the work of Hannah Arendt appears interwoven in this short book. Anne Heller refers the main events of Arendt's life and discuss some of her most important books. Giving context to "Eichmann in Jerusalem" and "The Origins of Totalitarianism", the author provides useful tools to comprehend it. Arendt's ideas, in many aspects beyond the time in which they were exposed, emerge in a comprehensive way in this introductory work.

Mar 24, 2016, 3:10am Top

Metaphysics: A Very Short Introduction sounds interesting. I don't even know what metaphysics is, really.

I have two copies (paper and e-book) of The Origins of Totalitarianism but I keep putting off reading it...

Mar 25, 2016, 7:37pm Top

Actually, The Origins of Totalitarism is in my audiobook list. I'm looking forward to listening it.

Mar 27, 2016, 10:55am Top

>3 MarcusBastos: wow. Kudos on completing Gibbon

>1 MarcusBastos: very timely. I'm a KU fan and still recovering from last night.

Mar 27, 2016, 4:24pm Top

The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution, by Francis Fukuyama:
Departing from a biological ground, Francis Fukuyama exposes the origins of political order. Arguing that human is by nature a collective animal and not an individualist one, the author traces the process of state formation, describing the kindred, band and tribal steps. The book presents an useful exposition about the state formation in China, India and Muslim States, besides the considerations that lead to the genesis of modern europeans states. Drawing in the elements that constitute the modern state - strong central political order, rule of law and accountability - the author intends to demonstrate its origins and causes. The work is a persuasive exposition about the origins and development of the political institutions.

Mar 27, 2016, 4:25pm Top


Mar 31, 2016, 5:08am Top

>8 MarcusBastos: There was a lot of sarcasm in France about Fukuyama's theory on "the end of history". I saw a mention somewhere lately that hinted he was misunderstood, so now I'm thinking I should read him. Some day.

Apr 9, 2016, 7:24pm Top

You should. His work in political science is very enlightening. After reading the volume two, I'll give a try to "The End of History".

Apr 9, 2016, 7:40pm Top

Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction, by Jennifer Nagel:
Is Knowledge Possible?
The possibility of knowledge and the conditions one must observe in order to obtain it are examined in this book. Jennifer Nagel provides a good introduction to the subject, with emphasis in the skeptical tradition. A word about the presocratic conception of knowledge and some observations based on Plato and Aristotle ideas are provided, though the book could have given more attention to it. Descartes conception of knowledge and his response to skepticism is explained. This is an useful reading to understand crucial concepts of philosophy and a guide for future steps in the matter.

Apr 24, 2016, 7:52pm Top

Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy, by Francis Fukuyama :
Democracy and Liberalism
In the second volume of his work in political theory Francis Fukuyama contemplates the development of democracy and it's main characteristics (modern state, rule of law and accountability). Reflecting on the experiences of different countries and regions, the Author discuss the possibilities of democracy and the perils and challenges it faces. Liberal democracy, argues Fukuyama, isn't a natural development in politics. It must be constructed with institutions and desired by the people. Most important, it must answers the demands and fulfills the aspirations of the society. The ideal solution, Fukuyama points, is an efficient liberal democracy. In that regard, there is no simple solution. One must experiences distinct institutions and relates to diverse historical background. In the meantime, one has to believe in the advantages of democracy, because authoritarianism and dictatorship are along the way. Easy said than done!

May 7, 2016, 11:26pm Top

A Casa da Vovó, by Marcelo Godoy:
Razão e Violência
As atividades patrocinadas pela pol√≠cia ideol√≥gica (pol√≠tica) do Estado brasileiro durante o per√≠odo de exce√ß√£o (regime militar) carecem de melhor compreens√£o. O livro de Marcelo Godoy, abundantemente referenciado com depoimentos de diversos agentes p√ļblicos que exerceram suas fun√ß√Ķes no Destacamento de Opera√ß√Ķes de Informa√ß√Ķes (DOI) de S√£o Paulo e de alguns dos presos da √©poca (aqueles que n√£o "viajaram"), contribui decisivamente para isso. As ideias que inspiraram a a√ß√£o repressora do Estado, os objetivos perseguidos e os m√©todos utilizados s√£o referidos pelo autor de forma clara e bem disposta ao longo da obra. Os depoimentos colhidos para a edi√ß√£o do trabalho permitem compreender a l√≥gica da atua√ß√£o dos policiais. O relato do autor √© equilibrado sem omitir o indispens√°vel ju√≠zo de valor. Ao final, fica a percep√ß√£o de que n√£o h√° justificativa para tamanha viol√™ncia por parte do Estado, somada ao absoluto desprezo pelas regras que disciplinavam a responsabiliza√ß√£o penal √† √©poca dos fatos narrados (1969-1991).

May 15, 2016, 4:43pm Top

The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt:
Totalitarianism is a human enterprise difficult to explain but possible to comprehend. This work of Hannah Arendt helps the reader in understanding this human "achievement". Pure and absolute evil doesn't appear suddenly, it has its roots in history. Arendt examines the genesis and the development of anti-Semitism and imperialism in the first two parts of this work. Its characteristics and history are well explained in order to relate them to totalitarianism. Arendt has a talent to relate the pivotal facts in history to ideas (concepts), its generation and development. Her writings increase the reader comprehension of the questions and, when confronted with human faults and failures, inspire the search of solutions. As the result of this well made work, the reader gets invaluable knowledge about totalitarianism and its manifestations in history and about how to overcome it.

May 26, 2016, 10:59pm Top

A Tolice da Inteligência Brasileira: Ou como o País se Deixa Manipular pela Elite, por Jessé Souza:
A Alternativa à Esquerda
Esbo√ßar uma explica√ß√£o totalizante da sociedade brasileira contempor√Ęnea e das alternativas que possui em termos pol√≠ticos n√£o √© uma tarefa f√°cil. O livro de Jess√© Souza merece ser lido, tenha ou n√£o sucesso em atingir seu prop√≥sito, pois, ao deduzir seus argumentos, dialoga com os principais autores brasileiros em ci√™ncias sociais (Raymundo Faoro, Gilberto Freire, S√©rgio Buarque de Holanda, Caio Prado Jr., Florestan Fernandes, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Francisco de Oliveira, dentre outros) e importantes fil√≥sofos (Focault, Bourdieu e Charles Taylor). Trata-se de livro que conduz (estimula) a leitura de outros (bons) livros. Jess√© sustenta que a intelig√™ncia brasileira (pequena burguesia), colonizada pelas id√©ias liberais advindas dos pa√≠ses ricos do Atl√Ęntico Norte (especialmente os EUA), adota e reproduz solu√ß√Ķes pol√≠ticas que perpetuam as desigualdades que condenam nossa sociedade ao atraso. Sua argumenta√ß√£o √© convincente e bem fundamentada. A exposi√ß√£o √© clara e procura fazer justi√ßa aos argumentos de autores com os quais concorda (poucos) e com os quais discorda (muitos). Ao apresentar suas conclus√Ķes, adota um tom um tanto quanto panflet√°rio, circunst√Ęncia que n√£o retira o brilho do livro.

Jun 3, 2016, 9:19pm Top

Freedom for the Thought that We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment, by Anthony Lewis:
Liberty of Expression and Democracy
Liberty of thought and liberty of expression are essential in modern democracies. The path to the implementation of the first amendment and the meanings it assumes in American Law are explained in this book. The author refers U.S. Supreme Court decisions to elaborate in the matter, reflecting about liberty of speech, liberty of expression and freedom of the press. The understanding of this constitutional right, so argues Anthony Lewis, evolves through time, broadening it's scope. Specially attention is gave to the opinions of Justice Oliver W. Holmes, to whom the author attributed a major contribution to the realization of the first amendment. This is a readable book that deals with an important question in modern societies.

Jun 9, 2016, 10:59pm Top

Os Sentidos do Lulismo: Reforma Gradual e Pacto Conservador, by André Singer:
Esquerda e Mudança
A vit√≥ria de Lula nas elei√ß√Ķes presidenciais, ap√≥s sucessivas tentativas frustradas, galvanizou expectativas, especialmente √† esquerda do espectro pol√≠tico. Andr√© Singer, que participou do primeiro governo Lula como secret√°rio de comunica√ß√£o social, discute as principais decis√Ķes do governo (pol√≠ticas p√ļblicas) e sua aproxima√ß√£o maior ou menor com o ide√°rio "de esquerda" exposto programaticamente pelo Partido dos Trabalhadores. Sua an√°lise se estende por ambos os governos Lula e pelo in√≠cio do primeiro governo Dilma. A partir da cr√≠tica oriunda de setores do Partido dos Trabalhadores, segundo a qual o governo Lula abandonou as bandeiras hist√≥ricas da esquerda, - ataque √†s desigualdades sociais com redistribui√ß√£o das riquezas e redu√ß√£o da pobreza - procura demonstrar ter sido alcan√ßado progresso em ambas as √°reas. Refletindo a partir de indicadores de distribui√ß√£o de renda entre os diversos estratos sociais e, especialmente, dos dados de reparti√ß√£o dos votos nas sucessivas campanhas eleitorais vencidas pelo Partido dos Trabalhadores (LULA I e II e DILMA I), conclui que as medidas adotadas, ainda que rotuladas como um "reformismo fraco", propiciaram alguma redistribui√ß√£o de renda, beneficiando espec√≠fico setor da popula√ß√£o nacional (classes C e D). Programas como o Bolsa Fam√≠lia e Minha Casa Minha Vida s√£o referidos como medidas concretas neste sentido. A pol√≠tica econ√īmica adotada, reconhece o Autor, n√£o confrontou o capital, entenda-se, o setor financeiro, seja por conta da taxa de juros praticada, seja pela √™nfase na expans√£o do cr√©dito destinado ao consumo de bens dur√°veis. Essa circunst√Ęncia, tida pelos cr√≠ticos como demonstra√ß√£o de fraqueza e incoer√™ncia, √© apontada como condi√ß√£o para o implemento, ainda que gradual, das reformas estruturais ambicionadas. Se as reformas iniciadas pelo governo Lula ser√£o ou n√£o chanceladas pelo eleitorado e aprofundadas, √© algo que o futuro dir√°.

Jul 1, 2016, 10:00am Top

Reformation Thought, by Alister E. McGrath:
The Meaning of the Reformation
The reformation in Europe produced a major change in the way christian beliefs were understand and social life experienced. Alister E. McGrath wrote a clear and readable book about the period and theological ideas it produced. Drawing from the main theses of Luther, Zwingli and Calvin, the author explain the thought and the controversies occurred. The main doctrines of reformed theology are presented with special attention to the distinct emphasis gave by the reformers. After all one gets a clear view of the reformation's ideas and the context in with they were generated.

Jul 2, 2016, 10:31am Top

Crítica à Razão Dualista: O Ornitorrinco, by Francisco de Oliveira:
Desigualdade como Política
Os ensaios que comp√Ķem o livro, o segundo uma atualiza√ß√£o e uma reitera√ß√£o das teses expostas no primeiro, oferecem a interpreta√ß√£o do Autor a respeito do desenvolvimento econ√īmico brasileiro registrado em per√≠odo recente (s√©culo XX, especialmente sua segunda metade). Francisco de Oliveira procura refutar a tese de que as disparidades verificadas na moderniza√ß√£o da economia brasileira - setores relativamente bem desenvolvidos convivendo com outros em estado prec√°rio - constituem um componente necess√°rio ao desenvolvimento nacional. As desigualdades crescentes e persistentes no Brasil, sustenta, s√£o produto de escolhas e pol√≠ticas pr√≥prias de um sistema voltado √† acumula√ß√£o e √† expropria√ß√£o da mais valia do trabalho. Movimentando-se na periferia do sistema capitalista, a economia brasileira poderia se sair melhor (melhor = menor n√≠vel de desigualdades).

Jul 3, 2016, 6:10pm Top

Eichmann in Jerusalem, by Hannah Arendt:
The Quest for Justice
The Eichmann's trial posed multiple questions about human rights and justice. Hannah Arendt, considering the facts of the case and the circumstances of Eichmann capture, reflects about the judgment, its procedure, reasons and justification. Her knowledge of the facts about the holocaust and the judaic nation during the Second World War, helps to provide a clear and insightful analysis. Her critic of the behavior of judaic leaders during the war, specially their omission in reacting to the mass murder, put some aspects of the judgment in perspective. Her observations about the role played by Eichmann in the mass extermination of the jews allowed to determine his proper responsibility. This is a valuable book that gives light about a decisive event of human history.

Jul 6, 2016, 9:03am Top

Free Thought and Official Propaganda, by Bertrand Russell:
In this short essay, Welsh philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell wrote about his understanding of free thought, liberty of the press and state (official) propaganda. The text is readable, clear and straightforward. Liberty of thought and speech is a hard feature to achieve and harder to maintain. States and social arrangements have distinct ways to suppress it. Russell points to some of it and gives some tolls to overcome it, in order to achieve better results, provided we all agree in the goodness of free thought.

Jul 7, 2016, 12:40am Top

always heavy reading going on here. I was very interested in your review of Eichmann in Jerusalem.

Jul 11, 2016, 7:13pm Top

Thanks, dchaikin.

Jul 11, 2016, 7:15pm Top

Pobreza e Cidadania, by Vera da Silva Telles:
Pobreza como Paisagem
A autora re√ļne neste livro trabalhos publicados em momentos diversos, tratando de pobreza, cidadania e pol√≠ticas sociais. Os textos baseiam-se em dados coletados na d√©cada de noventa e comp√Ķem reflex√£o na qual a pobreza √© identificada primariamente com destitui√ß√£o de direitos (aus√™ncia de cidadania). A concep√ß√£o meramente formal dos direitos individuais e sociais, aliada √† racionalidade econ√īmica impeditiva da universaliza√ß√£o destes mesmos direitos, s√£o examinadas pela autora e apontadas como causas de desigualdade e exclus√£o (aus√™ncia de cidadania) de parcela significativa da popula√ß√£o brasileira. Cidadania, entendida como efetivo acesso e frui√ß√£o dos direitos, ao ver da autora, somente se obt√©m com a realiza√ß√£o de pol√≠ticas p√ļblicas que patrocinem distribui√ß√£o de renda e cuja concep√ß√£o e execu√ß√£o sejam descentralizadas.

Jul 14, 2016, 9:39pm Top

The Coming of the Third Reich, by Richard J. Evans:
Madness As Human Achievement
The historical circunstances that precede the Third Reich are examined in this well researched and written book. Richard J. Evans analysed the main factors that caused the end of Weimar Republic and the birth of the Nazi Regime. German political development in the end of XIX and the beginning of the XX century is considered. The fate of the First World War and the consequences experienced by german people are linked with the economic and social environment of the time, in order to explain the progressive advance of such a violent and totalitarian regime. Along the way, the central figures of the Nazi Regime - Hitler, Goebbels, Göring - are caracterized and situated in the events of the time. Combining facts descriptions with narratives, the author gave a good portrait of this pivotal moment in western history.

Jul 15, 2016, 2:17pm Top

This is a part of history so few understand which is rather sad - and scary - considering how important it is to know about!

Jul 20, 2016, 8:57pm Top

Logic: A Very Short Introduction, by Graham Priest:
Reflection and Logic
The basic features of logic aren't easy to grasp. This introductory book gives the reader the indispensables tools to make the first steps in the field. The author explains the main questions in logic by reference to ordinary reasoning. The logic's operators are presented and the most important logicians are refered. In the final of each (short) chapter the main ideas are recapitulated. The author gives reading suggestions and a glossary of logic's symbols in the end of the book allows the beginers more familiarity with the technicalities of the field. Also in the end one finds questions to fix the informations presented in the book.

Jul 20, 2016, 8:58pm Top

That's right!

Sep 11, 2016, 8:37pm Top

A Radiografia do Golpe: Entenda como e por que você foi enganado, by Jesse Souza.
A Sem√Ęntica do Golpe
Jess√© Souza exp√Ķe as raz√Ķes pelas quais entende n√£o ser leg√≠timo o processo que culminou no impeachment da Presidenta Dilma. O diagn√≥stico que apresenta parte do pressuposto de que a sociedade brasileira, "patologicamente desigual e perversa", legitima-se a partir do "trabalho das 'vacas sagradas' que forjaram o pensamento social e pol√≠tico brasileiro". A refer√™ncia alcan√ßa a reflex√£o levada a efeito, dentre outros, por Gilberto Freire e S√©rgio Buarque de Holanda e foi melhor desenvolvida no livro intitulado "A Tolice da Intelig√™ncia Brasileira: Ou como o pa√≠s se deixa manipular pela elite". A an√°lise que faz p√Ķe em destaque a a√ß√£o, que entende concertada, da elite financeira nacional, dos pol√≠ticos e da m√≠dia por ela financiados e dos "justiceiros" de ocasi√£o (integrantes do aparato jur√≠dico policial do Estado), todos unidos contra a corrup√ß√£o do Estado, mais especificamente dos integrantes do Partido dos Trabalhadores. Nesse quadro, o processo que culminou no impeachment da Presidenta Dilma √© apresentado como o resultado desta a√ß√£o concertada.

Sep 20, 2016, 8:13am Top

Por Que Gritamos Golpe? Para entender o impeachment e a crise política no Brasil, by Andre Singer.
√Č Golpe!
Obra coletiva composta de reflex√Ķes sobre o impeachment da Presidenta Dilma, suas caracter√≠sticas, seus efeitos e desafios. Sob a perspectiva da esquerda e dos movimentos sociais, apresenta-se an√°lise da crise pol√≠tica, aqui inclu√≠dos os fatos que lhe antecederam. Em que pese a natural dificuldade que o exame de importantes eventos no calor das circunst√Ęncias encerra, a leitura vale a pena. H√° textos (poucos) que n√£o se limitam a apontar os erros (as ilegalidades) observados no processo (no golpe), desenvolvendo necess√°ria autocr√≠tica sobre os desencontros (erros) ocorridos no exerc√≠cio do poder pelo Partido dos Trabalhadores por 13 (treze) anos consecutivos. Faltou incluir an√°lise mais detida do papel decisivo exercido pelo Judici√°rio e Minist√©rio P√ļblico em todo o processo.

Oct 1, 2016, 4:05pm Top

The Third Reich in Power, by Richard J. Evans:
In his second book of the trilogy about the Third Reich, Richard Evans describes the german state, its main features and institutions. A police state that implemented terror, murder and despised the law. The arrival of the nazism to power, so argued the author, was accompanied with massive propaganda and the abolition of individual rights. There was no valid law against the desire of state agents. The politics enemies (communists and social-democrats) and minorities (homosexuals, non-arians and jews) are purged. Nazi's project is put into practice. The german territorial expansion begins with the invasion of Austria and Czech Republic. All this are covered by the book that ends in the beginning of the second world war (invasion of Poland). A great description of a modern totalitarian experience.

Oct 2, 2016, 10:38pm Top

Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World, by Michael Lewis:
The Money Party
The capitalism party is very compelling. Money abounds. Everybody is happy. Wishes become reality. The problem is: someone has to pay the bill. Michael Lewis notes that financial crisis produces its worst effects in Iceland, where everybody is an investment expert; in Greece, where everybody is smart and therefore evades his basic obligations; in Ireland, where private losses are guaranteed by public funds; in America, where one can borrow money despite his capacity of pay it. This party is possible because someone else (some other country, some other people) pay the bill. Michael Lewis tells this story without any meaningful reference to the inequality that made it possible. I guess, it's a shame!

Oct 5, 2016, 1:11pm Top

Bala perdida: A violência policial no Brasil e os desafios para sua superação, by Bernardo Kucinski:
O Massacre Nosso de Cada Dia
Reunindo textos que abordam a viol√™ncia policial, o livro organizado por Bernardo Kucinski apresenta diversas abordagens e prop√Ķe variadas interven√ß√Ķes com o fim de mitigar o massacre que atinge parcela da popula√ß√£o brasileira, grupo de pessoas formado, em sua maioria, por jovens do sexo masculino, pobres e negros. A cr√≠tica √† militariza√ß√£o da pol√≠cia, o exame da pol√≠tica proibicionista em rela√ß√£o √†s drogas e o tratamento da viol√™ncia policial s√£o temas presentes nos diversos textos aqui compilados. Ao leitor que se interessar por avan√ßar no tema da viol√™ncia policial ser√° de especial utilidade a indica√ß√£o de leituras (obras e textos) contida no final do livro. Ap√≥s a leitura deste livro, fica a convic√ß√£o de que, no Brasil, a atua√ß√£o do aparato jur√≠dico policial do Estado √© um dos meios mais eficazes para a naturaliza√ß√£o da desigualdade e a promo√ß√£o do exterm√≠nio de parcela de nossa popula√ß√£o.

Oct 8, 2016, 4:50pm Top

An Introduction to Greek Philosophy, by David Roochnik:
An Enlightened Dialogue
This course exposes the ideas of greek philosophers in a dialectic form. The thinkers are engaged in a dialogue, reacting from the ideas of his predecessors. The author examines the presocratic philosophers, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in an understandable way and gives his insights about the many problems they posed. When exposing Socrates words, no distinction is made to adress the question about who is speaking (Socrates or Plato). The presupposition is that Socrates speaks. Plato and Aristotle works are presented as the culmination of greek wisdom. The sophist objections and thought are always mentioned. In the course they served as a bridge with modern concepts and thought. The work gives a clear exposition of greek philosophy. One will profit listening to it!

Oct 10, 2016, 9:18am Top

Como Matar a Borboleta Azul: Uma Cr√īnica da Era Dilma, by Monica Baumgarten de Bolle:
Crescimento para Quem?
O governo Dilma, a autora postula, foi um desgoverno em mat√©ria de gest√£o da economia. A cr√īnica, recheada a exaust√£o de met√°foras liter√°rias, algumas de bom gosto, outras artificiais, aborda as decis√Ķes sucessivamente adotadas pela equipe econ√īmica de Dilma Rousseff. Deplora a pouca aten√ß√£o dada ao controle da infla√ß√£o, seu Santo Graal. Sublinha a ado√ß√£o de medidas que restringem a livre atua√ß√£o dos agentes e das vari√°veis econ√īmicas (controle do c√Ęmbio, imposi√ß√£o de obst√°culos ao ingresso de capitais, concentra√ß√£o do financiamento p√ļblico em determinadas √°reas/empresas, tentativa de tabelamento dos juros cobrados nos empr√©stimos banc√°rios, congelamento disfar√ßado dos pre√ßos administrados). Adianta a hip√≥tese, segundo a qual a indexa√ß√£o do sal√°rio m√≠nimo, assegurando-lhe significativos aumentos reais, somada aos programas de transfer√™ncia de renda, "... mal-articuladas com o quadro dom√©stico, a ind√ļstria pouco competitiva e as dificuldades dos pequenos e m√©dios empres√°rios, acabavam por prejudicar o crescimento". Ao que parece, para a Autora os recursos resultantes do bom desempenho econ√īmico do Brasil no passado recente (na primeira d√©cada do s√©culo XXI) deveriam ter outro destino. Em seu relato sobre as seguidas decis√Ķes equivocadas de Dilma Rousseff na √°rea econ√īmica, a Autora reserva um cap√≠tulo para tratar da desigualdade. Ap√≥s especular sobre a efetiva redu√ß√£o da desigualdade durante os 10 (dez) primeiros anos dos governos do PT, supondo que seu leitor seja ignorante, a Autora se lan√ßa em discuss√£o fr√≠vola sobre r√≥tulos observados entre os cultores da racionalidade econ√īmica, aquela que pretende melhorar o ambiente social, ainda que as custas da morte de in√ļmeros de seus protagonistas. O resultado catastr√≥fico das aventuras de Dilma Rousseff na economia, afirma a Autora, como o leitor que chega a esta altura do livro certamente j√° percebeu, havia sido previsto por ela! Trata-se de cr√īnica cujos pressupostos n√£o s√£o explicitados em momento algum. A an√°lise √© superficial e simplista.

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The Third Reich at War, by Richard J. Evans:

Total Violence
This book is about the Third Reich development during the Second World War and not a history of the war itself. The author describes the steps adopted by the Nazi State in war, since the invasion of Poland. Special attention is paid to the eugenic ideology of Nazism. The mass murder of gypsies, jew and mental sickness are referred. The final solution of the Jewish question produced the murder by german troops of 5.5 million jews (6 million with the help of german's allies). The book gave special attention to it. The war economy and the war machine in german are described and confronted with the allies effort in war time. The main battles in the west and east fronts are mentioned by the author, in order to show the german concept of total war. Interesting and useful remarks are given about the morality of the Third Reich as it appears in literature, movies, theater, radio and arts. In the final chapters, contemplating the defeat of Nazism, the author mentioned the suicides of many nazi officials and the judgments of others. The legacy of the Third Reich, so argues Richard Evans, consists in revealing the possibilities of totalitarianism. One must learn with history.

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Masters of Greek Thought: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, by Robert C. Bartlett:
Philosophy and Human Affairs
The course examined the thought of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, with special emphasis in moral philosophy. The evolution of the socratic philosophy, through the works of Plato, is exposed, without any tentative to distinguish the ideas of both thinkers (In Plato's dialogues, what are Socrates's concepts and what are Plato's ideas?). The life and judgment of Socrates, his way of living and his thought about education and piety are well examined. Plato works and ideas are explained, with emphasis in the Republic. Aristotle is presented by the exposition of the Ethics and Politics. The author discuss the concept of virtue and good life in greek thought. This is an excellent course in Greek moral philosophy.

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Li√ß√Ķes de Filosofia Primeira, by Jos√© Arthur Giannotti, portuguese edition:
Epistemologia e Lógica
O fil√≥sofo, diz o Autor, deve se afastar das ideias feitas e desconfiar das novidades espalhafatosas. O livro passa em revista √†s ideias de importantes fil√≥sofos (a sele√ß√£o fica a cargo do autor e de seus crit√©rios, n√£o explicitados), declinando-as e interpretando-as. Tema recorrente na sua exposi√ß√£o diz respeito √†s condi√ß√Ķes do conhecimento e as caracter√≠sticas que assume (epistemologia). O desenvolvimento da l√≥gica e a pretens√£o que assumiu de ser a "ci√™ncia das ci√™ncias" √© abordado na segunda parte da obra. Trata-se de um livro cuja leitura sup√Ķe alguma familiaridade pr√©via do leitor com conceitos e terminologia pr√≥prios da filosofia. O leitor sem proximidade com os temas/conceitos tratados n√£o deixar√°, contudo, de aproveitar o livro, especialmente quando aborda as condi√ß√Ķes do conhecimento. √Č necess√°rio uma boa dose de perseveran√ßa para percorrer os cap√≠tulos dedicados a Husserl e Heidegger, tarefa um tanto mais f√°cil de ser conclu√≠da quanto maior for a disposi√ß√£o do leitor de entregar-se √† leitura independentemente da compreens√£o do que for lido (deve haver alguma recompensa para isto). O livro se encerra com uma breve exposi√ß√£o das ideias de Wittgenstein sobre linguagem e l√≥gica. O Autor se esfor√ßa por "... mostrar como problemas l√≥gicos e ontol√≥gicos, embora nem sempre pensados, continuam a dar rumo pelo menos a algumas das investiga√ß√Ķes filos√≥ficas mais potentes do s√©culo XX".

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Ceasar and Christ, by Will Durant:
Early Steps of European Civilization
The formation of Roman Empire and it's evolution are exposed in a clear and fluent narrative by Will Durant. His easy prose and irony provides the reader/listener a well informed testimony about ancient time. The book examines a pivotal moment of European and west civilization: the formation and early development of Roman Empire (II century BC to III century AD) and the advent and beginnings of Christianity (till it's adoption by Constantine).
The ideas and the main events of the period, besides some gossips and debates, are examined in a way that enables the reader to grasp the historical background of the period. The part of the book reserved to Christianity, though, could be more complete. This is a book worth reading (or listening). It enhances our knowing of European history.

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