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tymfos tries to find time to read 75 books in 2017

75 Books Challenge for 2017

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Edited: Mar 29, 10:16pm Top

Hi, I'm Terri, and I'm back again. 2017 looks like it will be a busy year, so I don't know how much time I'll have for reading or posting or keeping up with threads. But I'm going to create a thread here and see what happens.

currently reading

The Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron (for AAC)
Strangers in Their Own Land by Arlie Russell-Hochschild
Mr. Lincoln's Army by Bruce Catton
The First Eagle by Tony Hillerman AUDIO
Never Kissed Goodnight by Edie Claire e-book

Edited: Mar 23, 6:24pm Top

This year I think I'm going to try the format with most recent books at the TOP of the list, and see how that works.

Books completed in MARCH
7. Remember Me Like This by Bret Anthony Johnston AUDIO (3/23/17)
Short Story: Never Neck at Niagara by Edie Claire (3/19/17)
6. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America by George Packer (3-18-17)
5. The Dead of Winter by Paula Gosling (3-10-17)

Books completed in February

Big fat ZERO. This is the first month since I joined LT in 2009 that I didn't finish one book. Blame the new job.

Books completed in JANUARY

4. Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen e-book (1-28-17)
3. The Soloist by Steve Lopez AUDIO (1-27-17)
2. One Coffee With by Margaret Maron (1-8-17)
1. The Dance of the Seagull by Andrea Camilleri AUDIO (1-6-17)

Edited: Mar 18, 2:20pm Top

I'm also doing the 2017 Category Challenge.

I'm keeping it simple this year, with only 7 categories for 2017. As shiny library books have been monopolizing much of my reading time, I need gain some balance in my reading material sources. I don't want to give up on library materials altogether, but I need to read more of my own books. I need to be mindful of the balance and . . .

Consider the source:

1. Books off my shelves -- paper variety acquired pre-2017: (trying to make this category as large as possible) 2

2. E-books acquired pre-2017:

3. Paper books borrowed from my hometown library:

4. E-books downloaded from library: 1

5. Audios downloaded from the library: 2

6. Inter-library loans: 1

7. Newly acquired -- any format: (trying to keep this category as small as possible)

Edited: Mar 23, 8:25pm Top

I'm also joining this group read Rachel (The_Hibernator) suggested based on a New York Times article listing 6 books to help understand what happened in the 2016 election.

January - February: THE UNWINDING: An Inner History of the New America, by George Packer COMPLETE

March - April: STRANGERS IN THEIR OWN LAND: Anger and Mourning on the American Right by Arlie Russell Hochschild -- on waitlist

*May - June: HILLBILLY ELEGY: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance

July - August: LISTEN, LIBERAL: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? by Thomas Frank

September - October: THE POPULIST EXPLOSION: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics by John B. Judis

*November - December: WHITE TRASH: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg

I know our library has the May and November books.

Edited: Dec 21, 2016, 11:35pm Top

I also plan to do the remaining books of Tony Hillerman's series, as that group read winds up this year:

January - The First Eagle
February -
March - Hunting Badger
April -
May - The Wailing Wind
June -
July - The Sinister Pig
August -
September - Skeleton Man
October -
November - The Shape Shifter
December -

Edited: Jan 1, 9:11pm Top

Reserved for future use.

Edited: Mar 14, 4:14pm Top

I'm planning to try at least some of the American Author Challenge authors -- at least the ones that are readily available to me:

January- Octavia Butler
February- Stewart O' Nan The Names of the Dead or Songs for the Missing (shelf)
March- William Styron: The Confessions of Nat Turner (shelf) currently reading
April- Poetry Month: Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (Kindle)
May- Zora Neale Hurston: Their Eyes were Watching God (library)
June- Sherman Alexie: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (library)
July- James McBride
August- Patricia Highsmith: A collection of her short stories (library)
September- Short Story Month (probably can find something)
October- Ann Patchett: Commonwealth or State of Wonder (library)
November- Russell Banks
December- Ernest Hemingway: For Whome the Bell Tolls (shelf)

Dec 21, 2016, 11:43pm Top

Anyway, that's mostly my reading plans (best of intentions and all that) for 2017.

Welcome! I probably won't be here much until January, and maybe not a whole lot even then.

Dec 22, 2016, 3:10am Top

A little sniffle as the British Author Challenge rates no mention but you certainly have enough challenges on the go there, Terri!

Lovely as always to see you in the group. xx

Dec 22, 2016, 6:17am Top

Hi Terri! I've dropped a star.

Dec 22, 2016, 7:29am Top

Hi Terri!

Dec 22, 2016, 4:15pm Top

Dropping my star, Terri!

Dec 22, 2016, 8:04pm Top

Hi Terri! I've dropped my star and will wait patiently for Sig sightings. He's such a handsome fellow.

Dec 23, 2016, 10:08am Top

Hi, Terri!

Dec 24, 2016, 1:42am Top

Hello tymfos!

Dec 26, 2016, 2:02pm Top

Happy 2017 thread, Terri!

Dec 26, 2016, 10:12pm Top

Dropping my star!!

Dec 27, 2016, 10:08am Top

Happy New One, Terri.

Found you and

Dec 29, 2016, 6:16am Top

Happy New Year!

Dec 30, 2016, 1:48pm Top

Happy reading in 2017, Terri!

Dec 31, 2016, 8:26am Top

Dec 31, 2016, 9:12am Top

I am part of the group.
I love being part of the group.
I love the friendships bestowed upon my by dint of my membership of this wonderful fellowship.
I love that race and creed and gender and age and sexuality and nationality make absolutely no difference to our being a valued member of the group.

Thank you for also being part of the group.

Dec 31, 2016, 4:02pm Top

I wish you from my heart health, happiness, satisfaction and much exciting read in 2017. May all your wishes come true.

from my hometown Zürich, Switzerland

Dec 31, 2016, 10:11pm Top

Found your thread and hanging my star!

Dec 31, 2016, 10:16pm Top

Happy New Year, Terri. Hope there's lots of great reading ahead in 2017.

It's good to see you back here again.

Jan 1, 7:56am Top

Happy New Year, Terri! I hope you have a nice holiday with the family.

Happy reading in 2017 and I am glad you will be joining us on the AAC. The more, the merrier, I say!

Jan 1, 10:42am Top

Happy New Year, Terri.

Edited: Jan 1, 2:14pm Top

Happy New Year, everyone!

Thanks for the greetings and holiday wishes, Paul, Diana, Rachel, Mamie, Carrie, Amber, Brodie, Lynda, Kim, Barbara, Anita, Lori, Linda, Mark, and Beth!

(I hope I didn't miss anyone.)

So nice to arrive at 2017 with such a nice group of visitors!

Edited: Jan 2, 7:37pm Top

I'm so sad to read of William Christopher's death yesterday. Not only did I love his work as Father Mulcahy on MASH, I also really was impressed by his and his wife's book Mixed Blessings, about raising their son Ned, who has autism. Bless their hearts, they were dealing with a medical establishment which didn't understand autism at all in those days when Ned was young. I can only try to imagine the frustration level as they dealt with society's total ignorance of the autism spectrum in those days. Folks like them helped to pave the way for those of us who followed later.

Jan 1, 5:02pm Top

Dropping by to set a star and wish you a happy new year!

Jan 1, 8:47pm Top

I am impressed by all the planning you have done for your reading in 2017, Terri. Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Jan 2, 3:07am Top

Jan 2, 8:40am Top

Thanks, Katherine, Meg, and Kim!

Jan 2, 8:42am Top

Morning, Terri! I was also sad to hear about William Christopher's passing.

Jan 2, 10:14am Top

Hi Terri, thank you so much for stopping by my thread. I am looking forward to following your reading and anything else that may be posted here and over on the Category Challenge. It is very sad to learn that William Christopher has passed.

Relying on my Irish heritage to leave you the following Happy New Year wishes for you and your family:

Jan 2, 11:32am Top

Good morning, tymfos! I hope all is well with you.

>7 tymfos: I see you have a blank forr James McBride in July for the AAC. I have read Miracle at St. Anna and enjoyed it a lot. I am going to read Song Yet Sung in July. I also wanted to read his, first book, a memoir entitled The Color of Water.

Jan 2, 6:59pm Top

Happy New Year, Terri!

I got Hillbilly Elegy as a holiday gift, so I'll be reading that one, too.

Jan 2, 7:36pm Top

>34 Crazymamie: From all I hear, he was as nice offscreen as he was as Fr. Mulcahy.

>35 lkernagh: Thanks for the Irish blessing. I have a bit of Irish blood myself.

>36 brodiew2: Maybe I can get one of those via ILL. Thanks for the suggestions!

>37 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! Our library has Hillbilly Elegy but it has been constantly out on loan since it was catalogued. (The same is true of White Trash. Hopefully I can get my hands on it by May or June.

Jan 3, 9:49am Top

Good morning, Terri. I just found your thread, so I decided to drop by and drop a star. I was sad to hear about William Christopher's death too. I really love M*A*S*H*, even though I haven't watched all of it yet. Thanks for visiting my thread. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Jan 3, 9:53am Top

Morning Terri! Just stopping by to see how 2017 is treating you so far.

Jan 3, 1:47pm Top

Hi Terrie, I dropped my star earlier and now I came by to say Happy New Year!

I will be joining you and the group as we read some more Hillerman this year. I really enjoy those books.
The talk about M*A*S*H* conjures up fond memories. My mother loved that show so my dad made tapes of the series which ran almost nonstop for much of the time she was in a nursing home. I'm pretty sure I've seen bits and pieces of every episode.

Here's to good reading in 2017!

Jan 3, 10:08pm Top

Dropping a star and wishing you well in the new year, Terri!

Jan 4, 2:45pm Top

Happy New Year, Terri! Sorry for the late greeting, but I've finally finished with my Christmas and New Year's Day work stretch and now have time to make the rounds.

Jan 5, 7:34am Top

Good morning, Terri.

Jan 5, 4:57pm Top

>44 thearlybirdy: >39 thearlybirdy: Good day, Birdy! It's nice to have you stopping by!

>43 kidzdoc: Hi, Darryl! Thanks for stopping by.

>42 coppers: Hi, Joanne! Happy 2017!

>41 Donna828: Hi, Donna! I like your story about how your mother loved MASH. MASH was a favorite in our whole family.

>40 Carmenere: Hi, Lynda! So far, so good in this new year.

Edited: Jan 5, 4:58pm Top

More technology weirdness: We have Verizon service for our land line phone and internet. It's not unusual for the phone to work and the internet to not work.

Today the phone is dead, but the internet is working better than usual. Go figure.

Edited: Jan 7, 7:53pm Top

We went away for a while over Christmas. My hubby caught this photo of Sig when we were packing:

Not sure if he was trying to keep us from closing the suitcase and leaving, or trying to go with us. (More likely, just a cozy place to rest.)

He's very posessive of us now that we're back.

While we were away, we found a great refrigerator magnet. it says:

"Home is where the CAT HAIR is!"

Jan 5, 8:14pm Top

>47 tymfos: If I'd had my phone when I was packing, I could have caught more than one cat in mine at a time. I don't think all three were ever in there at once, but I am pretty sure Barney and Mr. B were in at the same time.

Jan 5, 8:44pm Top

>48 thornton37814: Cats do wind up in interesting places!

I decided to do the book meme again for 2016. Here's what I came up with:

Terri's meme for books read in 2016.

Describe yourself: The Story Teller

Describe how you feel: Out on a Limb

Describe where you currently live: Haunted Roads of Western Pennsylvania

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Joyland

Your favorite form of transportation: Last Train to Paradise

Your best friend is: Wednesday's Child

You and your friends are: The Forgotten Ones

Your favorite food is: The Riesling Retribution (Really, it's more like One Coffee With, but I didn't quite finish that book yet)

What's the Weather Like?: The Delicate Storm

You fear: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath and Lost Cat

What is the best advice you have to give: Never Preach Past Noon

Thought for the Day: The Name of God is Mercy

How I would like to die: Fatal Undertaking

My Soul's Present Condition: A Thread of Grace

Jan 6, 6:23am Top

A quick hello, Terri! A meme already? Some good books listed there :)

Jan 6, 12:22pm Top

Good afternoon, Terri.

>47 tymfos: I love this picture. Our first cat, Mercy, doesn't even like it if most of us go outside for a long period of time. I can't imagine what she would do if we went on a trip.

>49 tymfos: Cool meme.

Jan 6, 8:26pm Top

>47 tymfos: Adrian gets in my suitcase when I'm packing for a trip. He knows how to turn on the guilt!

Love the meme!

Jan 7, 9:26am Top

Oh! Sig :) Hugs from Auntie Kath

Jan 7, 4:23pm Top

Hi Terri, Happy New Year. I was just reading your post in the Introduction thread. I didn't know ( or at least if I did, I forgot) that you lived in Western PA. I'm in CA now but I grew up in the 'Burgh. Cool stuff

Jan 7, 7:59pm Top

>50 mckait: Hey there, Kath! The meme is with last year's books. It would be a big blank if it was this year's! The one that I finished, I don't know where it would go. . .

>51 thearlybirdy: Hi, Birdy! We have a good cat sitter who visits with Sig when we go away, but he's always eager to have us back.

>52 cbl_tn: Cats can turn on the guilt, can't they?

>53 mckait: *Sig squirms away from hug but meows to you*

>54 mahsdad: We're a bit away from the 'Burgh, in the western mountains, but it's the nearest big city.

Edited: Jan 7, 8:32pm Top

Ok, I finished a book. It's an audio, but it's book #1.

The Dance of the Seagull by Andrea Camilleri AUDIO (1-6-17)

Book #15 in the Inspector Montalbano series

The inspector witnesses the death of a seagull as the book opens. It performs a weird dance of death. Then he's faced with the disappearance of one of his officers, a claim by a boat owner that one of his boats may be engaging in illegal activity, and eventually dead bodies start to be found.

I usually love this series, but this one didn't work for me on a couple of levels. First off, the death of the seagull at the start of the book, and how it functioned near the end of the book, just seemed weird. Camilleri seemed to be trying to get metaphysical, but it just didn't make a lot of sense to me.

I also found the overall plot more convoluted and difficult to follow than usual.

Note for those who might have strong feelings about rough language: though I usually don't object to profanity in the dialogue of my books (if it fits the character and isn't gratuitous), this one really made me uncomfortable. There was a particular permutation of taking the Lord's name in vain, coupled with another profanity, that just rubbed me the wrong way -- and it repeated in several places.

Grover Gardner's narration of the audio was, as usual, flawless. I just didn't enjoy this story very much. It was a three-week loan, and I only managed to finish it in time by making myself sit and listen (at 1.25x speed) the last evening to get it done.

I may give this series a rest for a while. I've read most of the first 15 in this series in a rather short span of time. Maybe I'm tiring of the good Inspector.

Jan 7, 8:34pm Top

Audio counts!

Jan 7, 8:36pm Top

Hi, Jim! I think more of my reads may be on audio this year. Reading-with-the-eyes time may be at a premium.

Jan 7, 8:37pm Top

Good evening, Terri. Congratulations on finishing your first book of the new year. Sorry you didn't enjoy the book more. Hope the next book you read is better.

Jan 7, 8:38pm Top

Hi, Birdy! I'm reading several books that I'm liking, so the next one I post will probably be a happier review!

Jan 7, 8:40pm Top

Glad to hear it.

Jan 7, 8:46pm Top

Happy New Year Terri!

Loved your meme: "What do you fear? Bad Kitty Gets a Bath" Hahahahhahaha!

I'll be joining in on Rachel's NYT read and the AA read. Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Edited: Jan 7, 9:24pm Top

>56 tymfos: I'm not sure I've read that one, but I don't think it's available through TN Reads. I need to check to see if they have any I haven't listened to.

Jan 8, 4:09am Top

>56 tymfos: It's a special Montalbano, indeed. I' m listening regulary to audios but the Montalbano books I've read.
Happy Sunday, Terri.

Jan 8, 2:01pm Top

Hi, Terri.

>56 tymfos: You know, that one, Dance of the Seagull, stands out for me as the one I didn't like as much. And I've read all of them now. I still love the series, so I do recommend trying the next one and seeing whether it gets you back on board.

I had a similar problem with the last Precious Ramotswe mystery I read, thinking maybe I was just tired of the series. But the next one looks pretty good, so I'll try it and see whether I'll keep going.

Jan 8, 2:03pm Top

>57 drneutron: What Jim said! Happy Sunday, Terri!

Jan 8, 2:33pm Top

Wishing you a good Sunday, Terri.

Jan 9, 2:52am Top

Terri--And a happy Monday! Sorry the Montalbano wasn't stellar. But audio definitely counts!

Jan 9, 8:02am Top

Good morning, Terri.

Jan 10, 8:02am Top

Hi, Terri. I'm just about to start my second Inspector Montalbano book. I enjoyed my first, and I probably have you to thank for hitting me with that particular BB.

Jan 10, 8:03am Top

Good morning, Terri. Hope you have a good week.

Jan 10, 11:13am Top

Still making the first rounds, trying to catch up with everyone. I'm only up to No. 9 or so with the Montalbano series, and I do try to spread them out. I always fear getting burned out on a favorite.

Edited: Jan 10, 12:17pm Top

Hi! Thanks to all my visitors. I'll be back to respond to you all individually after my dentist appointment.

I just want to get this latest book posted before I go:

Book #2 One Coffee With by Margaret Maron

Book #1 Sigrid Harald series

An art professor dies when someone puts poison in his coffee. But how did the killer know which "coffee w sugar" the victim would pick up?

The cast of suspects includes a variety of colorful characters who were in the art department offices that morning.

Sigrid is a woman detective in an era when women detectives were a novelty. She's an interesting character. I'm not totally sold on this series, but I love Maron's later Judge Deborah Knott series, so I'll give this some time and try to get hold of the next one.

Interestingly, I see that, after a 20-year break, Maron is going to be releasing a new book in this series in late June. Amazon says:

Following the heartwarming conclusion to her Deborah Knott series, New York Times bestselling author Margaret Maron returns with a thrilling new mystery featuring NYPD detective Sigrid Harald.

So the Deborah Knott series is done? I'm not quite halfway through it.

Jan 10, 12:09pm Top

I tried the Sigrid Harald series a few years ago, and I didn't like it as well as the Deborah Knott series either, but I mean to go on with it. I understand the two characters do meet at some point, but I don't know if it happens in one series or both. And there's some kind of family connection between them as well. It's all on Maron's website, but it's a little hard to follow. I also didn't know she had concluded the Knott series. I think I have five more to read.

Jan 10, 12:23pm Top

oh boy! Two more series to try.

Edited: Jan 10, 8:23pm Top

Back from the dentist. No cavities!

Small disaster: Sig tore the gasket on my washing machine. Second time he's done that, at around $160 per incident. We're looking into ways to avoid another repeat. Can't just keep the machine closed when not in use, because it gets musty/moldy.

>62 streamsong: I'm glad you liked that one. That was my favorite answer to the whole meme! One time Sig got his paws in an awful mess -- not healthy for him to just lick off -- and just trying to get his paws under the faucet to clean them off was a frightful thing!

>63 thornton37814: Well, if you can't get your hands on that one, I don't feel you'll have missed much, Lori.

>64 Ameise1: Hi, Barbara! I hope you have a great week.

>65 jnwelch: Thanks for that insight, Joe. I'm glad to hear that this is one that missed the mark for other readers, but doesn't mean that the series is going downhill.

>66 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie! Have a good week.

>67 thearlybirdy: >69 thearlybirdy: >71 thearlybirdy: Birdy, you are a faithful visitor! I hope your week is super.

>68 Berly: Kim, they can't all be great reads.

Jan 10, 8:21pm Top

>70 countrylife: Cindy, that first one was probably my least favorite, other than the one I just read. So you should really enjoy most of them, if you liked that one!

>72 laytonwoman3rd: Linda, I try to spread out series, too. But a few of them wind up being "go to" items for when I can't find anything else I want to read/listen to. Montalbano has been that for me, on audio. I will take a break for a while, then try the next one.

>74 laytonwoman3rd: I think the Deborah Knott series is really special. I'm going to continue with both.

>75 cal8769: By all means, give them a try, Carrie!

Jan 10, 8:29pm Top

A while back, I added the book The Soloist by Steve Lopez to my TBR list. I'm not sure where that book bullet came from. I wondered at the time if it was the same Steve Lopez whose column I read in the Philadelphia Inquirer back in the '80s. So now I started the book on audio, and lo and behold, it is! He was a favorite columnist of mine at the time.

The book is really good so far. It's about his encounter with a homeless musician who is mentally ill, and how he first saw him as a possible subject for a column, but eventually came to care about him and try to help him. I'm enjoying it immensely, especially appreciating his honesty in examining his own motives. It's also a really good examination of the cost of closing mental institutions without following up with community supports for those who need care.

Edited: Jan 10, 10:32pm Top

Current reads:

The Soloist by Steve Lopez AUDIO
Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen e-book
The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America by George Packer (ILL)
The Dead of Winter by Paula Gosling
Mr. Lincoln's Army by Bruce Catton

Jan 10, 9:16pm Top

Hi, Terri. I hope your week is going well. I like your current reads. A nice diversity. I read Mr. Lincoln's Army and liked it but never continued the trilogy. I hope to get back to it, one of these days.

Jan 10, 10:02pm Top

Hi Terri,
I think your Sig is sooo very beautiful and that is probably the main reason he gets to live! ha! I can't get enough of your stories and pictures of him. Both of you are funny... his antics and your reactions! Sorry about the washer expense x2. He needs a job.

So the weatherman on TV said that today begins the "dead of winter". Apparently it goes from 1/10 to 2/10. Never heard that before. Don't know if it is a Maine thing??? Anyway I love winter, so I'll be interested in knowing how Gosling's The Dead of Winter turns out. The touchstone led me to A Game of Thrones ??? Why do these things happen?

Edited: Jan 10, 10:45pm Top

>80 msf59: Hi, Mark! Life is good. I am enjoying a nice mix of diverse books now.

>81 -Cee-: Ha! Cee, that cat drives me crazy at times. I had considered a putting a door on the laundry room, but it meant moving Sig's downstairs litter box from where it's been from Day One of his arrival. Well, now I moved it and so far he seems ok with the new location. Now to buy and install the door.

Touchstone fixed (for now) on Dead of Winter. I can't figure why they default to the books they do, and why they don't always stay put once I fix them.

Interesting about what the weatherman said. This book takes place somewhere along the Great Lakes. I had read a book by the author years ago and made a note of her name. I found the note when I cleaned out my desk and found the first of the series in a used bookstore in Houghton, MI while on vacation this summer. I like the author's style! The one I read before was second in series, so now this one is #3 and I am enjoying it.

Jan 11, 6:35am Top

Sig is clearly a very smart cat! ( And very handsome as well)

I am still reading mostly light books, urban fantasy, etc. I'm in a patch of Andy Carpenter books at the minute, which I am reading sort of sideways. These days I get most of my books from the Carnegie Library system in PGH in e-format. much less expensive and no need to find shelf space :)

Hope all is well~

Jan 11, 10:40am Top

Some good reads here, Terri. Wasn't The Soloist made into a movie, as well? The story seems really familiar to me. Actually, I think my son read the book and told me about it.

I read the Sigrid Harald series before I started the Deborah Knott, and while I liked Sigrid well enough, I preferred the Knott series. So sad she's wrapped it up. :( Maybe she'll reconsider...

Jan 11, 1:06pm Top

Good afternoon, Terri.

Jan 12, 12:34am Top

Bad, Sig. Isn't it strange what they get in their heads to do? The photo of cat in suitcase is very familiar. Animals always know when you are leaving.

Jan 12, 11:09am Top

>83 mckait: Sig is clearly a very smart cat! ( And very handsome as well)

Hi, Kath! Sometimes Sig is too smart for his own good . . . (but he is a handsome devil, isn't he? :-)

These days I get most of my books from the Carnegie Library system in PGH in e-format. much less expensive and no need to find shelf space :)

Gee, and I seem to remember when you were skeptical of the whole e-book thing . . . ;) They are convenient, aren't they? I have a card with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh system. I have one from Free Library of Philadelphia, too, as well as my local library, of course. (I love that PA has the statewide access rule, to get cards from other Access libraries if you have a card from your home library.) Lots of reading material at my fingertips -- most of my e-book reading and all of the audios are from the libraries. But I still get drawn in by those "dead tree" books.

Jan 12, 11:18am Top

>84 BLBera: Wasn't The Soloist made into a movie, as well?

Yes, it was, indeed, made into a movie. Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr., according to the overview. I haven't seen it. Maybe I'll look it up after I finish the book.

>85 thearlybirdy: Good morning, Birdy! It's so nice to have you dropping by so frequently. I hope you have a spectacular day today.

>86 Familyhistorian: Isn't it strange what they get in their heads to do?
Meg, I used to be able to leave the washer door ajar to air it out a little, and Sig wouldn't bother it. But then he learned to nudge it open, and would go in and curl up when it wasn't in use. Sometimes he'd try to move around, and get that "hamster wheel" effect of the washer tub turning. (That's probably not good for the washer either.) I don't think he meant to tear the gasket -- just an unintended consequence of his moving in and out. It looks like he just nicked it with a claw.

Jan 12, 11:21am Top

It's so much nicer when I actually post from the computer, rather than a phone or tablet. Much easier to type. I'll have less time for posting in the weeks ahead, but probably will be spending more time on the computer proper due to class demands.

Our internet has been MUCH better since the repairman came from Verizon to fix our dead phone. That phone going dead may have been the best thing to happen to us: they finally had to send someone to actually look at the connection of our line at the pole. The reapirman was amazed we had ANY internet connection, it was so messed up.

Jan 12, 11:24am Top

I am amazed at how much activity there has been on the threads already this year. Some folks are on a third thread! I've already given up on trying to even come close to keeping up. I'll just lurk a bit here and there and chime in when I feel moved to do so.

Edited: Jan 12, 10:59pm Top

Fiddlesticks! Tonight I damaged my beloved car -- and my garage, too.

Our garage sits very close to the narrow alley behind our house, and one has to judge very carefully to make the turn from the alley into the garage, and get the angle just right, to make the turn cleanly.

I've skimmed the door frame a few times and gotten white paint on my black car. But tonight I really messed up. Coming home from the gym in the dark and the rain, I caught the edge of the garage door frame right at the back edge of my passenger side door. Crunch!

I come by my garage mishaps naturally. Once upon a time, my mom knocked the whole family garage down when she hit the center support between the garage doors while backing out.

Like mother, like daughter . . .

Jan 13, 1:29am Top

>91 tymfos: Oh, that's too bad, Terri. I hope it doesn't look too bad when you see the car, and the garage, in the daylight.

Jan 13, 3:09am Top

T--Sorry about your garage and the car! Major bummer. : /

Jan 13, 7:43am Top

Good morning, Terri. So sorry to hear about your car and garage. Hope there isn't to much damage. That's a really funny story about your mom though.

Jan 13, 9:47am Top

Oh, Terri! Sorry about the garage and the car. On the bright side, Friday has arrived - hope it's kind to you!

Jan 13, 10:24am Top

Oh dang, I'm sorry about the car and the garage!

Jan 13, 5:50pm Top

Sorry about your car mishap. I did a mirrorectomy backing out of my garage once.

Jan 13, 6:14pm Top

>91 tymfos: Ouch! The trick is to damage everything enough that it NEEDS to be fixed. Once the repair is done, you'll be able to forget about it. Mostly.

Right after we had our trim newly wrapped, Ron backed into the side of the garage door. Not bad enough to get it fixed... so, it still irritates me. Like the ding in my car that I did not do! Someone in the grocer's parking lot hit me years ago. Ron deemed it too small to fix. Why do I listen to him? It still bugs the heck out of me. I keep hoping someone will accidentally run into me just in that spot so I can get it fixed. But nooooo.

Anywho... let me see your handsome kitty. That should calm me back down. >47 tymfos: hehehe!

Edited: Jan 13, 9:44pm Top

OK, by popular request: the latest photo of Sig:

It was so nice yesterday, I opened the front door to let some air in through the screen door, and Sig went climbing! This was after he guarded the house from a stink bug trying to get in under the front door (when it was closed). I managed to move the thing outdoors before Sig squashed it. (Sig had a really exciting day yesterday!)

OK, the car and the garage are OK. Just minor damage to the garage trim, and the car . . . not sure if any car paint is damaged, or if it's just the garage paint stuck on it. No obvious dent.

>98 -Cee-: Cee, I think my mishap falls into that "too small to fix" category. My car has a lot of glitches like that. (For one thing, when I bought the car, used, it had a lovely custom paint job that was obviously not of enduring quality.) Drives me crazy!

>97 BLBera: Beth, I did a partial "mirrorectomy" once at the bank drive-through ATM. (I dutifully reported my mishap to the bank, but the ATM was unharmed.) And once, a deer took off my passenger side-view mirror.

>96 scaifea: Thanks, Amber!

Edited: Jan 13, 8:37pm Top

>95 Crazymamie: Mamie, Friday was pretty good! Hubby took me out to dinner this evening. I had some amazing cream of crab soup, and crab-stuffed shrimp!

>94 thearlybirdy: Good evening, Birdy! I really must look in the old photo box and see if I inherited any of the photos of my Mom's garage mishap!

>93 Berly: Thanks, Kim; it turned out to not be so bad, really!

>92 Familyhistorian: It was good to get a look at things in the daylight. No nearly so bad as I feared, Meg!

Edited: Jan 13, 10:08pm Top

I found a pile of books in a nook under my desk that are ones that, when I first joined LT, I couldn't find a matching record to catalog them. (I used to be very fussy about matching the correct edition, and less skilled about finding it.) I think I may give another try at cataloging them.

eta While I was adding books, I added a bunch of "next in series" books to my "wishlist," too.

Jan 13, 10:22pm Top

>100 tymfos: It usually sounds worse than it looks, Terri. My windshield was hit by a stone coming off a gravel truck once and it sounded as loud as a gun shot, only a tiny ding in the windshield that never grew after I got glass injected into it. Good to hear that the damage was minor.

Jan 14, 8:37am Top

Morning, Terri. Glad the damage was not to bad. >99 tymfos: Sig is adorable, and I'm very impressed with his climbing prowess.

Jan 14, 9:43am Top

Love the latest Sig photo! That cat si so full of fabulous, Terri! And your Friday sounds lovely.

Jan 15, 4:52am Top

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your car and garage. I love Sig's photo. What a great view he must have.
Happy Sunday, Terri.

Jan 15, 9:07am Top

Morning, Terri.

Jan 15, 11:41am Top

Oooo, sorry about the car and I've done close to that too.
Love the photo of Sig! Glad she finally had a chance to get that bug!
Love the Deborah Knott series too, but I haven't come close to finishing it... I think.
Glad to see you're in 75ers!!!

Jan 15, 5:35pm Top

Dropping by with Happy Sunday wishes for your Terri.

>46 tymfos: - Well, that is an interesting technology weirdness.

>47 tymfos: - Love Sig settled on top of the clothes in your suitcase. Cats are so cute/funny that way.

>49 tymfos: - Great meme answers!

>91 tymfos: - Oh no.... My mom had the same problem with her car and the door frame of the garage getting a little too close and personal. Glad to see that the damage was just minor.

Jan 16, 12:07pm Top

Just dropping in to say hi, Terri.

Jan 17, 11:42pm Top

>101 tymfos: Good luck with the cataloging effort!

Jan 18, 2:15pm Top

Afternoon, Terri.

Jan 20, 7:15am Top

Good morning, Terri. I hope you have a great weekend.

Jan 20, 10:21pm Top

Stopping in to say hello and leave a star.

I'm sorry about tha garage mishap. I hate things like that.

Sig! What is he looking at? He's a smart boy.

Jan 21, 1:06pm Top

Happy Saturday, Terri.

Jan 21, 10:37pm Top

Hi to all visitors. Individual replies must wait -- life is crazy now. Just stopping by to celebrate the Sigaversary -- our handsome cat has been with us for 3 years today.

I think I may have little time for LT for a while .. .

Jan 22, 2:37am Top

Happy birthday? anniversary? to Sig.

Jan 22, 3:04am Top

>115 tymfos: Kitty comes first, Terri. xx

Have a great weekend.

Jan 22, 6:52am Top

>117 PaulCranswick: The time crunch isn't cat related -- work and education mayhem.

Jan 22, 10:10am Top

Happy Sigaversary!

Jan 22, 1:00pm Top

I hope you get through the "work and education mayhem" as you put it; and Happy Sigaversary!

Jan 22, 8:13pm Top

Yup. I guess you mean it and are sticking to your story. Sig really has been with you for 3 years! He's as handsome and devil-may-care as ever!
Happy Sigaversary! (now why is my computer telling me I spelled that wrong?)

Jan 23, 7:32am Top

Morning, Terri. I hope you have a great week.

Jan 23, 1:22pm Top

I'll be curious to see what you think of Paula Gosling's The Dead of Winter. It's be on the top of one of my book piles for forever, surprisingly so.

Jan 24, 7:43am Top

Happy Tuesday, Terri.

Edited: Jan 24, 8:29pm Top

>124 thearlybirdy: (and Birdy's other greetings) Hi, Birdy! I hope you had a happy Tuesday, too! You have been such a faithful visitor to my thread.

I've been largely absent and neglecting my reading because of changes at work and with education.

I started a new job today. I'm still in library work, but I'm full-time and have more responsibility (and better pay, too). I also need to further my education. So I am going to be very busy. I don't plan to abandon LT, but I'll be even scarcer around here for the forseeable future.

Jan 24, 8:33pm Top

I'm going to work backward on responses:

>123 lindapanzo: Linda, so far, I'm enjoying it. My slow reading of it is not a reflection on my interest level.

>121 -Cee-: Yes, I went back and checked my threads from 3 years ago, and we were just getting used to having a four-footed family member back then.

>119 Crazymamie: Sig meows thanks, Mamie!

>117 PaulCranswick: I had already answered you, Paul, but now you know the details of my recent mayhem!

>116 Familyhistorian: I guess anniversary. Three years ago, that lost kitten attached himself to us, and we never could find out who he belonged to before.

Jan 24, 8:41pm Top

>113 bohemima: Gail, who knows what it is that catches a cat's attention at any given moment? I mean, sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes it is an absolute mystery.

>110 Berly: I got those books cataloged -- not that many in the pile.

>108 lkernagh: You know, so much has happened the past week or so that my car mishap has become a dim memory. The white paint from the garage matches the snow that keeps getting all over it.

>107 cammykitty: Hi, Katie! Glad you're here, too!

Edited: Jan 24, 8:44pm Top

>105 Ameise1: Yes, great view from there!

>104 Crazymamie: That cat si so full of fabulous
Mamie, he's also full of mischief . . .

>102 Familyhistorian: It usually sounds worse than it looks,
Yes! It did, Meg!

Jan 24, 8:45pm Top

Ok, I think I'm caught up here. (If I missed anyone, please holler!)

Now, out on the threads is another matter. I will never, ever, catch up. Just scattershot visiting and drive-by comments for now.

Jan 24, 9:42pm Top

Good luck with the new job. I hope you'll still find time for the stimulation of LT visits!

Jan 24, 9:50pm Top

>130 laytonwoman3rd: Thanks, Linda!

Jan 24, 10:23pm Top

Congrats on the new job, Terri!

Jan 25, 2:36am Top

A new job and better pay!! Congratulations, Terri!

Jan 25, 8:22am Top

Congratulations on the new job, Terri.

Jan 25, 9:26am Top

Congrats on the new job!!

Jan 25, 10:10am Top

Morning, Terri. I hope you have a good day. Congratulations on the new job I hope you like it.

Jan 25, 6:08pm Top

Congrats on the new job, Terri.

Jan 26, 11:12am Top

Don't forget to take some relaxation/fun time for yourself with all that new responsibility. Good luck!

Jan 26, 1:48pm Top

A new job! That's great. Congrats!

Jan 26, 7:15pm Top

>125 tymfos: Congrats on the new library job!

Jan 27, 12:42am Top

>125 tymfos: Congrats on your new job. No pressure on LT. We're here when you find time to come back.

Edited: Jan 27, 11:33pm Top

Thank you for the well wishes, Joanne, Kim, Diana, Amber, Birdy, Beth, Cee, Carrie, Lori, and Barbara!

And I finished a book. It was an audio book loan that was about to expire, so I made it a priority to finish it. I admit to revving up the playback speed on my Overdrive app for the final chapters, to make sure I finished before the book disappeared. Comments to follow in a bit.

Jan 28, 3:02am Top

Congratulations on the new job, Terri. Good thing that you got used to taking courses, that will make it easier to further your education for your job.

Jan 28, 6:46pm Top

Good evening, Terri. I hope you had a good week, and have an even better weekend.

Jan 29, 10:50am Top

I see congratulations are in order, Terri. First to Sig on his 3-year anniversary. I can't believe it has been that long! Then to you on the full-time library job. Sorry that means less LT time, though. Like you, I have given up on keeping up! I like the term 'drive-by' postings. That's how I roll these days, too.

Jan 29, 12:08pm Top

Congrats on the full-time job with better pay, Terri. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Edited: Jan 29, 3:53pm Top

Thanks, Meg, Birdy, Donna, and Mamie!

Book #3 The Soloist by Steve Lopez AUDIO

This was a marvelous book! Steve Lopez was a columnist for the Los Angeles Tribune when he chanced to meet a homeless street musician not far from his office. The man was managing to coax surprisingly good music from a violin that was missing two strings.

At first, Lopez sees Nathaniel Ayers as material for an interesting newspaper column. But as he gets to know him, and learns his story, he becomes drawn into Nathaniel's life. His efforts to help the mentally-ill musician, who was once a promising Julliard student, feel like one step forward and two steps back. He begins to study the issues of how society deals with (or fails to deal with) the issues of homelessness and especially mental illness.

Years ago, I used to enjoy Lopez's column when he was a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He was a gadfly for social change even then, and a thorn in the side of the politicos. But his relationship with Nathaniel Ayers appears to have motivated to even further efforts on behalf of citizens who are too often voiceless. I also like that he's willing to question his own motivations for his extensive efforts to help Nathaniel.

I listened to a very well-done audio version through Overdrive.

This book has also been made into a major motion picture. I'd like to see it.

Jan 30, 12:15pm Top

Hi, Terri. Lovely review.

Edited: Jan 30, 8:57pm Top

Good for you!!! Congratulations on the new job! I wish you the best.

Jan 30, 10:15pm Top

>148 thearlybirdy: Hi, Birdy! Thanks!

>149 Whisper1: Thanks, Linda! Thanks for the lovely picture!

Jan 30, 10:25pm Top

Book #4 Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen e-book

I just tried to describe this book, and wound up deleting my whole review. Suffice it to say, it's a wild story set in a hurricane zone. I enjoyed it.

Jan 31, 8:05am Top

Morning, Terri. ^ I've done that before too.

Jan 31, 6:29pm Top

Finally catching up on threads. Good luck on the new job, Terri. Hope it's working out well.

Feb 1, 9:45am Top

Good morning, Terri. Happy Febuary!!

Feb 2, 8:16am Top

Happy Groundhog's Day, Terri!!!

Feb 3, 1:51am Top

>151 tymfos:. But then that sentence alone makes me want to read this.

Feb 3, 7:11am Top

Carl Hiaasen is so much fun to read. I forgot about him. Shame on me!

Feb 3, 7:17am Top

>154 thearlybirdy: Hi, Birdy! Hiaasen's books kind of defy description. Any effort to explain them just sounds weird -- and they are weird, but a lot of fun.

>155 thearlybirdy: And I hope you had a nice groundhog day, Birdy. I went to a meeting yesterday, and they actually served groundhog-shaped cookies.

>156 mahsdad: I don't know how this one will read if you haven't read the earlier Skink books. But give it a try!

>157 cal8769: Carrie, I couldn't take a steady diet of him, but about once a year or so, I grab one of his books to read.

Feb 3, 2:58pm Top

Hey, Terri. >158 tymfos: Yeah I've read books before that defy description. I hope the cookies where good.

Feb 5, 12:45pm Top

Afternoon, Terri. I hope you have a good weekend. We're going to be rooting for the Falcons in the Super-Bowl.

Feb 5, 1:01pm Top

Happy Sunday, Terri! Congrats on the new full-time job!! The Soloist sounds awesome. Nice review. And I love your one-sentence re-do on the Hiaasen. ; )

Feb 5, 3:09pm Top

HI Terri. I check my library to see that I own a copy of The Soloist. As soon as I find where I put it, I'l read it. Thanks for your great review.

Feb 5, 4:49pm Top

>162 Whisper1: Linda, I think you will really like it.

>161 Berly: Thanks, Kim!

>160 thearlybirdy: Birdy, I'm rooting for them, too, since my team didn't make it.

Feb 5, 5:08pm Top

Well, congratulations on the new job! It sounds as though your free time will be considerably reduced now. I'd hate that at this stage of my life, but maybe for you it's a good thing?

Enjoy the game.

Feb 6, 7:28am Top

Morning, Terri. I hope you have a good week.

Feb 12, 8:16am Top

Feb 12, 3:59pm Top

>164 bohemima: Hi, Gail. Thanks. It seems a little weird doing this at this point in my life, but somehow it seems the right thing for me. Maybe it will keep me sharp?

>165 thearlybirdy: Hi, Birdy!

>166 DianaNL: Awww, cute!! Thanks, Diana!

Feb 13, 12:38am Top

Happy new week, Terri.

Feb 14, 10:06pm Top

Hi Terri! How is the new librarian job going? How are the people? Is it in the same location? Inquiring minds want to know!

Feb 15, 8:15am Top

Morning, Terri. I hope life has been treating you well. ^I'm also an inquiring mind.

Edited: Feb 15, 6:58pm Top

>168 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara! Hope you are having a good week, too!

>169 Berly: Hi, Kim! It's really hectic and overwhelming right now, but I'm surrounded by good people who are glad I got the job, so it will all be good.

I just wish I had time to read. :(

>170 thearlybirdy: Hi, Birdy! All is well; just very, very, busy!

Feb 16, 3:40am Top

>171 tymfos: Good news!! Thanks for the update. No worries. We will see you when we see you. : )

Feb 16, 6:45am Top

Good morning, Terri. I hope it's a good busy.

Feb 16, 8:38pm Top

It's all kinds of busy, Birdy! Thank you for your good wishes!

Feb 17, 6:57am Top

Well I'm glad your still in good spirits. Have a good morning, Terri.

Feb 18, 8:30am Top

Good morning, Terri. i hope you have a good weekend!

Edited: Feb 18, 10:26pm Top

>171 tymfos: It must make it more comfortable knowing that your coworkers wanted you to get the job. Do you work weekends?

Edited: Feb 18, 10:55pm Top

I wouldn't normally work weekends, except for an occasional special activity; but right now I'm putting in some Saturday hours just getting some things caught up and learning the new job.

Then Sundays I have my church commitments. It's busy.

Feb 19, 1:33am Top

>178 tymfos: It sounds very busy, Terri. I bet you will be glad when you can have all of your Saturdays back!

Feb 19, 11:26am Top

I'm glad it's good busy, Terri. You're smart to put in some extra time to get adjusted to the new job, but I'm sure that's challenging. Hope it all settles down a bit and you get more time for reading soon.

Feb 22, 11:28am Top

Just stopping in to let you know I am thinking about you, Terri.

Feb 23, 6:43pm Top

Hello Terri!

Feb 24, 1:36am Top

Happy Friday, Terri.

Feb 25, 10:31pm Top

>179 Familyhistorian: This Saturday was a sad duty; one of our most faithful volunteers died, and I went to the calling hours at the funeral home. Very, very sad to lose him. He was a great guy.

>180 jnwelch: I can start to see the end in sight on several major projects that have been weighing on me. It should calm down a little then.

>181 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie!

>182 cal8769: Hello, Carrie!

>183 Ameise1: Happy weekend, Barbara!

Feb 25, 10:36pm Top

I've been accepted into graduate school to get my Masters degree in Information and Library Science. Yay!

Currently reading:

Audio: Remember Me Like This by Bret Anthony Johnston
Paperback: The Dead of Winter by Paula Gosling (hoping to get back to this one)

Not completed Non-fiction: The Unwinding by George Packer. With my schedule lately, I couldn't finish this inter-library loan, even with one renewal. Even when I had a little time, I didn't have enough brain left. A worthwhile book that I'd like to finish someday.

Feb 25, 10:44pm Top

>185 tymfos: Congrats, Terri.

Feb 26, 4:20am Top

>184 tymfos: So sorry for your loss, Terri.
>185 tymfos: And you thought you were busy now. Congrats!

Feb 26, 3:54pm Top

Congrats on getting accepted! Have fun with it.

Feb 26, 6:44pm Top

>184 tymfos: & >185 tymfos: A bittersweet day. Losing a friend being accompanied with the fantastic news about your Master's Acceptance. Sure that you'll do great with that, Terri. xx

Feb 26, 8:16pm Top

Stopping by to wave at you & Sig.

Congrats on the master's program and the new job!

And condolences for the volunteer and friend that you lost.

Feb 27, 2:34am Top

Congrats Terri. What wonderful news.
Sorry to hear about your loss.

Feb 27, 6:48am Top

Congrats on the grad school acceptance!!

Feb 27, 8:33am Top

Terri, I am sorry for your loss. And I am so very happy that you have been excepted into grad school - congratulations to you!

Please give Sig my love and take some for yourself.

Feb 27, 2:16pm Top

Congratulations on the MS acceptance! I suppose this means we'll be seeing even less of you, though... Condolences for the loss of your colleague. These things come along much too frequently.

Feb 27, 8:01pm Top

>185 tymfos: Congrats! That's so exciting.

Mar 1, 4:40am Top

Mar 2, 8:14pm Top


Edited: Mar 3, 6:27pm Top

Hello, all! Thanks for the kind words. Short post because my computer keyboard lost its letter "e" and I can't even type my password to log into Windows. I finally have a little free time, and I'm stuck posting from a tablet. AGGRAVATION! Maybe I should go read.

Mar 3, 7:52pm Top

Testing new keyboard . . .


Edited: Mar 3, 8:08pm Top

Thank you, Linda, Meg, Jim, Paul, Janet, Barbara, Amber, Mamie, Linda, Mary, Kim, and Carrie!

Today I completed two of the more daunting projects that have had me tied up in knots at work. Hubby took me out to a late lunch to celebrate.

Then I came home and found that the local tax bureau still has my tax account messed up. They keep saying I didn't file 2015 because they can't recognize that the Me who used to file singly is the same Me who now files jointly with my husband, since they started allowing that. Same name, same address, same SS#. But they can't understand that it's the same person, even though we followed all the directions for dealing with that error. Twice. AAAAAAAGH!

Edited: Mar 3, 8:10pm Top

I mentioned above in >185 tymfos: that my ILL expired for The Unwinding before I could finish it. However, I managed to snag an e-book copy through Overdrive, and I think I can finish the rest of it during the 3-week loan term. It's a bit late for the group read, but I want to finish the book.

My audio loan of Remember Me Like This is about to expire, but it looks like I'm going to be able to renew that.

Mar 3, 8:16pm Top

Oh, heck! February is gone, and I didn't get around to reading a Stewart O'Nan book for the AAC. I actually had TWO actually ON MY OWN SHELF that I wanted to read. There was just no reading time for me during the month. That was the first month since I joined LT that I didn't finish one book. Disgusting!

Mar 4, 4:01am Top

Happy weekend, Terri.
You can still read the O'Nan book. I know this feeling when a month is over and I was able to finish only obe book. Sometimes RL is consuming.

Mar 4, 6:14am Top

Mar 4, 11:06am Top

Congratulations on your grad school acceptance, Terri.

Sympathy regarding your IRS struggles. Good luck.

Mar 4, 12:31pm Top

Terri--Sometimes RL just gets in the way. No one is judging you, but you! LOL Hope March is a better reading month. Good luck with the taxes....

Mar 4, 12:54pm Top

Hello, Terri!

Mar 4, 6:20pm Top

>203 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara! I'm sure I'll get to the O'Nan eventually.

>204 DianaNL: Thanks, Diana!

>205 BLBera: Thanks Beth! But it's the bureau that collects the local tax, not the Feds. Should be easier to deal with, but maybe not.

>206 Berly: Thanks, Kim! I just really miss my reading and LT time.

>207 alcottacre: Well, hello there, Stasia! So good to see you here.

Mar 4, 8:12pm Top

Dear Terri. I am so sorry for your loss. And, likewise, I am ever so proud and happy that you are working toward a master's degree! I know you can do it! You are an inspiration to us all.

Edited: Mar 14, 9:21am Top

>209 Whisper1: Thanks so much, Linda!

SNOW DAY! Most of the Northeast is having a snow day today. I hope that everyone stays safe and warm through the storm.

Book #5 The Dead of Winter by Paula Gosling

Book #3 in Blackwater Bay / Sherriff Matt Gabriel series

When my reading ground to a halt in February, I entered March still reading this book and thinking that I'd be finishing it practically in the Spring. Well, here it is March 14, and we're having our most wintry weather of the season. I feel, well, downright seasonal posting this book I finished on Friday.

An ice fisherman snags more than the catch of the day when a body turns up in his fishing hole. As Sherriff Matt tries to determine first who the man was, and then why he turned up dead under the ice, other issues are brewing in Blackwater Bay. A high school honor student has been caught hosting a wild party where drugs were found. After being bailed out of jail, she goes missing. Where is she? Where are the new "designer drugs" coming from? And is there any link with the body in the lake?

Teacher Jess Gibbons, who lives in the big house out on Perkins Point with a group of other teachers, is wondering what's going on, too. Will her own unofficial investigation reap helpful results or trouble?

Complicating the investigation, a blizzard -- with all its associated challenges -- descends upon the area.

This was a tidy little mystery set in the Great Lakes region, though Gosling is never very specific about the particular lake or state.

It was odd reading a book set in the U.S. but written with British English spellings, at least in my edition. Gosling is originally from Michigan, but has lived in the U.K for many years, so this was actually a British publication.

I recently read the first book in this series, The Body in Blackwater Bay; however, it's been years since I read A Few Dying Words, the second book in this series, which our library used to have. I felt a slight disconnect between this and the first book, and would like to reread Book 2 to recall what transpired in it.

All in all, it was a nice little winter mystery which didn't suffer too much from my spotty reading schedule.

Mar 14, 8:14pm Top

>210 tymfos: Sounds like you spent your snow day well, Terri. It was probably time for a little R&R. We may have had non-ending winter weather but we never got a snow day out of it *sigh*.

Edited: Mar 15, 9:59am Top

>211 Familyhistorian: Meg, this is the first snow day we've had this winter, though there was one day when the schools closed early and a couple of delayed openings for the schools.

Anyway, it was a good day to warm the kitchen with the oven, so I baked a pie for pi(e) day!

Edited: Mar 15, 10:02am Top

We have another snow day. It is still snowing, and the wind is howling. The snow is piled up over three feet deep by our back porch, where the wind creates a massive snowdrift. Nearby, the snow has been blown away nearly clear to the ground.

At some point today, I need to go into the office despite the fact that we're closed, because there is paperwork I simply must get done.

Mar 16, 1:36am Top

Are you shoveled out yet? Yikes!!

Mar 16, 3:28pm Top

Sorry to hear about your awful weather. Sending some huge spring waves over the pond.

Mar 16, 8:04pm Top

>214 Berly: Kim, fortunately, hubby did most of the shoveling at home this time, and we have a wonderful volunteer who does our sidewalks at the library. I have a shoulder injury right now, so I need to keep my shoveling to a minimum. We are reasonably dug out and back to work, though my walk to work takes me past some homes whose owners don't shovel at all.

>215 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara! This is really pretty much normal weather for where we live. We just got spoiled by a mild winter and thought we were headed into spring, and then we got hit with the snow. The folks further east who got heavy snow have a harder time coping with it than us mountain folk who are more accustomed to it.

I remember one March after an insurance inspection, our insurance company wrote ordering us to paint our house, or fix a sidewalk, or some such outdoor work, within so many days. My husband called them (the company we had then was headquartered in Lancaster, PA) and said, "excuse me, but we have a foot of snow on the ground right now. I don't think we'll be doing that work quite yet." They were like, "WHERE do you live in Pennsylvania?" It would have been funny if it wasn't so aggravating.

Mar 16, 8:12pm Top

Sending warm thoughts up your way, Terri! Maybe they will help?

Mar 16, 8:54pm Top

Send some of that snow my way, please? It's currently 93 degrees here.

Mar 16, 9:36pm Top

>210 tymfos: Just thinking how the British must view Blackwater Bay as having an exotic setting, whereas I'm just thinking, yup, it's about time somebody ice-fished up a body, although how a body would float to the surface at just the right time... Puzzling.

Belated congrats on going back for your library science degree!!! The world needs more keepers of the knowledge.

Edited: Mar 18, 3:49am Top

Happy weekend, Terri. I hope that snow is gone now.

Mar 18, 9:32am Top

Spring is coming, Terri. I'm sending warm thoughts your way.

Mar 18, 11:00am Top

>216 tymfos: I hope you switched insurance companies, Terri!

Mar 18, 2:06pm Top

>217 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia! It's a little warmer today.

>218 Heather19: Ow, Heather! I think I prefer my snow to 93 degrees!

>219 cammykitty: Thanks, Katie! You know, I think many mysteries depend upon unlikely coincidence.

>220 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara! We got a little snow overnight, but it didn't amount to anything. Tuesday/Wednesday's snows are melting. The March sun really helps clear the paved areas, even when the ambient temperature is around freezing.

>221 BLBera: Thanks, Beth!

>222 laytonwoman3rd: Well, we do have a different insurance company now, but I think it had more to do with our independent insurance agent changing business ties.

Edited: Mar 18, 2:12pm Top

I emptied a twleve-pack of diet Orange Crush, and my Orange Cat decided to investigate the empty carton.

At one point, he had wedged himself well into the box, but I didn't get the photo quickly enough. His antics included an impressive dive off the table with the carton still on his head -- he landed safely on his feet.

Of course, he's not supposed to be on the table at all. He's usually good about that, but not today.

Mar 18, 2:16pm Top

Book #6 The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America by George Packer

I finally finished this National Book Award winner. It was a lot to digest, written in a rather unorthodox style. I came away from it feeling even more pesemistic about our country, because it's clear there is plenty of blame to go around for the state of things, and no easy answers to fix things.

Mar 18, 6:50pm Top

>224 tymfos: Has he been watching Maru videos?

Mar 19, 8:47am Top

Orange crush cat. Lol he's hilarious!

Mar 19, 9:03pm Top

Delurking to wish you a lovely Sunday, Terri.

Mar 20, 11:24pm Top

>226 laytonwoman3rd: LOL, Linda!

>227 cal8769: Carrie, he brings lots of joy and laughs into our lives!

>228 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul! I hope you have a great week.

Mar 20, 11:32pm Top

Amazon had a special with this short story and the next two books (from where I left off last reading the series) for 99 cents. That evening, I had insomnia, and needed a quick piece of brain candy to read through. This short story was just the ticket.

Never Neck at Niagara by Edie Claire (Kindle short story).

This was a super-short story. I've read and enjoyed several in this series, which typically takes place in Pittsburgh area. Our protagonist has made a trip to Niagara Falls in this story, and overhears a seemingly deadly plot.

Edited: Mar 31, 7:22am Top

Book #7 Remember Me Like This by Bret Anthony Johnston AUDIO

This is a complex and troubling book about a family reunited with their missing son after the boy is rescued from a pedophile who had kidnapped him.

There is no graphic revelation of what the boy went through -- the book is much more subtle, as it explores the reactions and adjustments of family members to the "new normal" of having Justin back. That new normal includes sessions with the district attorney and a social worker, and encounters with well-meaning but intrusive townsfolk who want to express their joy that the boy has been found. It also includes the realization that they will never know the full extent of what Justin has been through. And through it all, there is rage at his abductor.

ETA for minor corrections

Mar 26, 10:54am Top

Stopping by to wish you a lovely Sunday, Terri. xx

Mar 26, 6:41pm Top

Oh, I think Never Neck at Niagara sounds interesting. I might have to check that out.

Your kitty is so cute in that box! Why do kitties like boxes so much? lol

Mar 26, 6:45pm Top

Happy Sunday, Terri!

Love the orange crush cat!

Mar 27, 1:50pm Top

Stopping by to get caught up, Terri and noticing that March has been a rather snowy one in your area.

>224 tymfos: - What a fun picture of Sig! I love how cats are notoriously curious about boxes.

Mar 29, 10:21pm Top

>232 PaulCranswick: Hi, Paul! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're having a great week.

>233 Heather19: Thanks for visiting, Heather! Kitties do love boxes, don't they? We ordered a folding door that is waiting to be installed, and it came in a big box. Well, our cat has one corner of the box totally shredded!

>234 alcottacre: Hi, Stasia! It's so nice to have you around again!

>235 lkernagh: Hi, Lori! I think maybe the snow is finally done for the season? (I'm hoping it is, anyway.)

I'm starting to find a little bit of time and brain-power to read. I'm focusing more on that than on posting here. No new completed books to report, though I'm nearing the end of a Tony Hillerman audio book.

Mar 30, 5:07pm Top

Hi Terri! Silly cat. : )

Nice review of Remember Me Like This, but I think a need some lighter fare right now. Carry on!

Apr 1, 2:44pm Top

He is a silly cat, Kim! As for Remember Me Like This, definitely not light fare. But the Edie Claire cozy I'm reading now is pretty light.

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