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Mikail's attempt at 75 books in 2017

75 Books Challenge for 2017

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Edited: Jun 3, 4:37am Top

Hey everyone,

I'm Mikail from Minneapolis, MN! I manage a coffee shop and work overnight security on top of attending college. Luckily this semester is my last semester (Jan-May)! So I will have more time to read! I also have a fiancee and two step children (5+7) so my hands are often quite full and life is always on the go!

This is my 7th time trying this challenge. Last year I only made it to 42 but I'm working on it! I like to read paranormal, sci fi, horror and realistic fiction books. Lara Adrian, Jodi Picoult, and Stephen King are my top three authors. I always am up for recommendations on books in any genre though!

I post all of my FULL book reviews at:
My Tumbler Account
My Blogspot

Alright so here it goes!

Books I've Finished

1. When Passion Lies - J.K. Beck (Shadow Keepers Book 4)
2. Winter People - Jennifer McMahon

3. When Darkness Hungers - J.K. Beck (Shadow Keepers Book 5)
4. Midnight Unbound - Lara Adrian (Midnight Breed Book 14.5)
5. When Temptation Burns - J.K. Beck (Shadow Keepers Book 6)

6. Feversong - Karen Marie Moning (Fever Series Book 9)

7. Dire Predictions - Michael E Mann
8. Lifeblood (An Everlife Novel) - Gena Showalter (Everlife Trilogy Book 2)
9. The Cellar - Natasha Preston

10. Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark Hunters Book 1)

Dec 31, 2016, 1:21am Top

Good to see you back for 2017, Mikhail.

Dec 31, 2016, 2:07am Top

Dropping a star. Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2016, 8:37am Top

Dec 31, 2016, 9:02am Top

I am part of the group.
I love being part of the group.
I love the friendships bestowed upon my by dint of my membership of this wonderful fellowship.
I love that race and creed and gender and age and sexuality and nationality make absolutely no difference to our being a valued member of the group.

Thank you for also being part of the group.

Dec 31, 2016, 12:16pm Top

Welcome back!

Dec 31, 2016, 1:32pm Top

Happy reading in 2017, Mikhail!

Dec 31, 2016, 8:38pm Top

Happy New Year! (dropping a star)

Jan 1, 6:26pm Top

Hi, Mikail! Welcome to the group!

Feb 3, 4:55am Top

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!
2017 started out rough for me, between busy work and school, I got the flu and was unable to sit up and eat for about 5 days which resulted in no books finished in January! But hey February is off to a great start.

I just finished the first book of the year. J.K. Beck's When Passion Lies this is book 4 of her Shadow Keeper series which is a paranormal series which focuses on a government agency in which protects humans from the shadow world. Most of her books contain vampires, werewolves, fae, and witches. This one was between a vampire and a vampire/werewolf hybrid. It was fast paced and entertaining I would definitely recommend her series to anyone who is interested!

Feb 24, 5:17am Top

I honestly can't even begin to say how odd this book was. Finished Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. This book I thought was more mystery when I read the cover but it turns out to be a mix of Dean Koontz and Stephen King...two authors I like but the style together is quite odd. The story goes between three different families between 1900 and present and they all live in the same farm house yet all have people in their families mysteriously die and others in the town turn up dead as well. The main characters of the present day family back track the history before them to find out who/what is killing their family. The book also covers diary pages from one of the characters who had previously died where she explains how to raise the dead and keep them alive. The whole concept of this book was quite interesting however it can be confusing at times with all the different families.

Edited: Mar 4, 5:35am Top

Finally finished book 5 of J.K beck's Shadow Keeper's series: When Darkness Hungers. There's only one more book left to go! Her series has been an interesting series about a supernatural law enforcement agency that works within the human FBI system. Each of her books features a different pairing of species. This book was a vampire and a vampire hunter that got paired together but in previous ones she has had witches, werewolves, and succubi. She does a good job at setting up a plot and an interesting story line but I find that a lot of the books have the same end result. They always get locked up somewhere and have to fight their way out. Slight flaw when all the plots are the same, it makes it easy to predict what happens next. But I will finish out the series and read book 6 next.

Lara Adrian is launching her new novella 14.5 Midnight Unbound on the 14th and I intend to read that one when it comes out so that one might get done first. (So new it doesn't even have a touch stone yet!)

Mar 17, 1:32am Top

Finished Novella 14.5 of Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series. Of all of the paranormal series I have read I would honestly say Lara's is my favorite. She has written a world of a militant vampire group that has turned into a family of fighters to reach a common goal. Her full length 15th book to the series doesn't come out until June but I am very excited for it. I was introduced to this series back in 2011 when it had the first 9 books out and I fell in love with it ever since. Lara is really great at character development and strengthening a moving plot. She often writes between different points of view of characters and allows you to see her story from different sides. If you haven't read her series yet I would highly recommend it! The nice thing about the Novella's is that you can read it from any point, it doesn't have to be in order, the full length books I would read in order however.

Mar 17, 1:35am Top

Finished book 6 of J.K Beck's Shadow Keeper series. This series has been a good one, I don't feel like she left it at a straight close, there's room for a 7th book but judging by her website it doesn't look like she's continuing on the series. When Temptation Burns was the last book to her series so far and it is about a Para Demon cop who meets a human reporter who is covering a case about a serial rapist who was sentenced to capitol punishment but ends up escaping his transport vehicle. It is an interesting series and each book has a different story even though the characters are re-occuring. It is a quick and interesting read and overall a great series. I do wish she would continue it.

Mar 20, 8:33pm Top

Obviously you love this paranormal series! What other fantasy series do you like?

Edited: Apr 22, 4:30am Top

Ronincats - I just finished the Fever series from Karen Marie Moning. The last book came out this year and I finally finished it. It's about the Fae within the human world and it is an amazing series. I hate that it's over with. Karen Marie Moning is a really strong author and creates a really good fantasy world. Her books can get lengthy however.
I also have started getting into Gena Showalter's books but she is a little bit out there for me. I'm currently reading the second book of her trilogy Everlife about a humans decision which side of death to go to after her soul dies. It's really strange but It's interesting if you're into fantasy.

Apr 22, 4:27am Top

It is with heavy heart that I announce that I finished Karen Marie Moning's 9th and last book to her Fever series...FeverSong and I will forever miss this series. I wish she would continue it but she has said multiple times that it was time to lay the series to rest. This final book came out in January of 2017 and is about 500 pages long, it is one of the largest in the series and it is full of twists and turns. Moning is a very good author and really good at conveying emotions.

This series was about the Fae taking over the human world on Earth and how multiple species had to interact to over take and stop the war that was spreading and killing Earth at its core. It has a lot of ups and downs and is quite frustrating at times character wise but it is well worth the read.

May 12, 10:41pm Top

OK so I finally graduated from college today so I should have more time to do some reading!
Unfortunately I have to add this book to the one I had to read for one of my classes.
It's called Dire Predictions and is pretty much a book about how CO2 emissions and humans are destroying the Earth. I think it was a load of crap but had some good pictures to it. Wouldn't recommend to actually read it though. It was a snooze.

Edited: May 30, 12:12am Top

Just finished book two of the Everlife Trilogy by Gena Showalter called Lifeblood. The third and final installment of this series will not release until next February which I am upset about but I guess I have something to wait and look forward too! I had mixed feelings about this series when I read the first one. The first book was very stereotypical for Young Adult series with the whole love triangle and 17 year old annoying girl a lot like Bella Cullen. But the reason why I gave it a go for the second book is because of the concept that Gena Showalter presented. The story line is based off of the concept of our modern world known as the "Land of Harvest". The harvesting being people's souls. When people die from their first life and head into their second life they must choose between two realms. The Light which is known as Troika or the Dark known as Myriad. The FirstKing has two Sons....Secondking of Troika, Prince of Doves, Eron. and Secondking of Myriad, Prince of Ravens, Ambrosine. The two sons waged war against their two cities of Troka and Myriad a couple of thousands of years ago and the souls are harvested purposely for the war. The two cities are very different: Troika believes in Equality, Justice, and Love with the belief that everyone's contract should be the same but they do not allow second chances, yet forgive everyone. Myriad believes in the more you work the more you earn, that partying is an acceptable way of life, and that your soul contract depends on your usefulness in the city, they do not forgive and hold vengeance quite high. By book two in this trilogy, Lifeblood, Tenley Lockwood the main character has died and gone to Troika and taken her place as the highest General in the Troikan army. Her boyfriend however is in Myriad and is attempting to launch a rebellion against the king. Apart from the annoying complicated love story she's got going on the series is pretty entertaining. My only concern is that she has dragged out the explaining of the two cities and the war for 2 books now, and this is only supposed to be a trilogy. She is going to have to have a lot of action and story telling to do if she's going to magically end this series as a trilogy. I am hoping it will continue. My favorite book series is by Lara Adrian called the Midnight Breed Series, it also started as a trilogy and is now expecting book 14 in August. These things can happen.

Also check out this book cover! This one and Firstlife's are amazing. Props to that cover artist!

May 28, 11:36pm Top

>17 OMBWarrior47: It looks like my library has all of these so I have put the first one Dark Fever on my To Read shelf on the website so I will remember to try it out when I have time. Thanks for the recommendation.

May 30, 12:05am Top

>20 ronincats: Ronincats: No problem glad I could add another to your list! I know my own lists are huge and I have no idea when I'll ever get them all done!

May 30, 12:12am Top

I normally read series books but this one I decided to read just because I thought the cover was cool when I found it. It is by British author Natasha Preston called The Cellar. I thought that this would be an interesting thriller but it ended up being a cheesy predictable horror book to my disappointment.
The first ten paged the author goes on about a teenager who's family is paranoid about her walking to a party alone. As you can guess she goes missing at this party. It was not surprising at all after how much she set it up. The story itself was originally interesting. It was about a man who wanted a family after his mother passed. So he turns his old cellar into a mini apartment where he plans to have 4 women live. He will call them his flowers: Rose, Violet, Poppy and Lily. They will be ordered to keep things clean and cook for him.
He kidnaps the main character and names her Lily. There are already a Rose, Poppy and Violet in the basement. Lily later finds out that she is the second Lily since Rose has been trapped there, and Rose has been there for 3 years.
By the end of the book the man has killed 13 women that he's taken off the streets and that have disobeyed him in his mind. Lily manages to escape after her boyfriend ends up meeting her captor in the city and thinks he's strange. Needless to say it was an interesting beginning and then it just became an anticlimactic mess of an ending. I read it in one night. Was disappointed.

I plan on starting a series with nearly 30 books to it next but I'll read some stand-alone's in between.

Jun 3, 4:46am Top

Another one down! I just finished Fantasy Lover which is book 1 of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series. This series was actually recommended to me back in 2011 but I never had the time to start reading it. At the time it only had about 15 books to it and now it's up to 27 last I checked and holy crap she's still going one is due to release in August! Luckily my fiancee owns all of them so I don't have to buy them all but I do have to say I was rather disappointed with this one.

It is obvious that this is a new series and that she was just starting some sort of basis for the story but there was barely any action. I can deal with Paranormal romance to a point but when there's little action in it and just romance I get a little bored. The series is based off of the Greek and Roman God's from what I've gotten out of it so far but I am unfamiliar with the whole mythology it was something that I never got into. I've always liked my vampires.

She did a lot with character building and setting up the main characters, Grace and Julian, for their love story but again it fell flat on its face for action.

Another obnoxious thing Kenyon does in this book is she puts both their view points in on the same page. Many authors will toggle view points between chapters but this was particularly annoying. One paragraph is in Grace's head and then two paragraphs later it's in Julian's. Kind of confusing but she makes it her best to try and make it flow.

Because we own the series I might as well just go ahead and keep reading on. Praying book 2 has a little bit more of a story line and maybe some action.

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