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EAM Prunes More ROOTS


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Edited: Jan 1, 1:57am Top

I am back for more fun! I just made my goal for 2016 and am looking forward to kicking it higher in 2017. I am considering maybe an alphabet challenge (authors and then book titles) which would get me there and be fun.

Jan 1, 4:21am Top

Happy rooting in 2017!

Jan 1, 9:06am Top

Welcome back and have fun with your alphabet challenge if you decide to do it! That would be an interesting way to pick from the TBR.

Jan 1, 5:05pm Top

Good luck with your ROOTing.

Jan 1, 5:17pm Top

>1 enemyanniemae: Welcome back and good luck - an alphabet challenge sounds great. I tried it a couple of years ago but was never able to complete it.

Jan 2, 1:56am Top

>5 Henrik_Madsen: I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to pick an A book. So I think I am going to revert to Plan Last Year, which was to pick a shelf/bookcase and read it down. Part of my problem is that I have so many books that I can't make a decision because of overload. I will continue to read a bookcase that I would like to get rid of once I've completed everything on it.

Jan 2, 6:02am Top

Hi enemyanniemae -welcome to another year of rooting!

Your plan of shelf/bookcase sounds like mine! I'm only reading from the bookcase downstairs- it contains both nonfiction and fiction.And once the fiction non- keepers are read out they go.More room to buy books! SSHH don't tell! Happy reading!

Jan 2, 12:25pm Top

>6 enemyanniemae: I know the overload thing very well. Sometimes I look at twenty books that I would be more than willing to read if I had only that book at hand, but since they are all available I can't make up my mind. And trying to make up my mind I tend to start diminishing perfectly good books.

It's a bit ridiculous and I sometimes envy the people who are able to read 4-5 books at the same time.

Jan 2, 12:39pm Top

The Category Challenge group has a challenge within the challenge where every month 2 letters are designated for reading - either in the title or the author's name. I use it and it really helps me to select books that have been sitting on the shelf. Maybe you'd could do that.

Jan 2, 4:53pm Top

Good luck with your goal!

Jan 2, 7:42pm Top

Welcome back & Happy 2017 ROOTing!

Jan 2, 11:01pm Top

Here's to a great 2017 with lots of ROOTing.

Jan 3, 7:09am Top

Good luck with your reading this year, hope you meet your goal! (but even if you don't, hope you have some excellent reads!)

Jan 3, 12:07pm Top

>6 enemyanniemae: I'm looking back at your plan here... interesting plan!
Because of the way I organize my books, though, I think that wouldn't work for me... which leads me to the obvious question.. how do you organize your books? I.e., what might you find on a single shelf/bookcase?

Jan 3, 5:52pm Top

>14 avanders: Organize? Me?? I don't even know what that word means. I think I heard it once a long time ago. Doesn't it have something to do with church music? *ahem*

I am afraid that my bookcases and shelves are just a hodge-podge of what I happen to have in my hand when I put it down. There is no order, just chaos. I do have a specific place for special books (my beloved authors whose works I buy as soon as they are released) but everything else lives where it ends up. Fortunately, no one asks to borrow a specific book because I'd be searching for it for weeks. I have books in crates, plastic bins, cardboard boxes... and of course let's not forget the many bookcases and stacks on the floor.

Gah. That sounds horrible, doesn't it? But it does make picking a shelf/stack/box easy since it's always a surprise.

Jan 4, 9:45am Top

>15 enemyanniemae: lol
Well I can see how that would work then .. not limiting yourself to an author or genre or anything ;)
doesn't sound horrible - sounds book'y. Every bookish person organizes (or doesn't) to suit their own preferences, and I think it's all great! I'm a super Type-A type person, so mine are organized (though I do tend to intentionally not organize them like a library.. keep it a little interesting, for the creative side in me ;)), but I think it's great that you have books everywhere & get to enjoy a surprise when picking a new book!

Jan 5, 10:34am Top

Hi EAM! So good to see you here again. Happy ROOTing.

I did the Alphabet Writer thing in 2014 (I think). And I used my LT lists to choose them. (excluding the X and Y).
That worked all right.

Jan 6, 8:30pm Top

Got my first finished. YAY!


1. Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland FINISHED 1/5/17

Jan 7, 2:51am Top

Good Job, EAM!

Jan 7, 11:29pm Top

>19 connie53: thank you much!


1. Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland FINISHED 1/5/17
2. A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay (audio) FINISHED 1/7/17

Edited: Jan 11, 11:00am Top

>20 enemyanniemae: woo hoo! Congrats on your first 2 ROOTs!

Jan 31, 9:59pm Top

Good heavens, this has been a rough month. Between a gazillion doctor's appointments and extreme fatigue, I didn't physically read a whole heck of a lot this month- did get a few audiobooks in. I'm going to be having surgery soon and I will make use of the recuperation that will be forced upon me (can you tell how enthusiastic I am about the whole thing? They keep telling me to be positive. I AM positive... that I don't want to do this. DO NOT WANT) to read as much as I can. At least that will make me happy. Grr.


1. Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland FINISHED 1/5/17
2. A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay (audio) FINISHED 1/7/17
3. The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin FINISHED 1/17/17
4. We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson (audio) FINISHED 1/29/17
5. Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris (audio) FINISHED 1/31/17

Jan 31, 10:17pm Top

I'm sorry to hear you need surgery and hope that the recovery period has lots of good books in store for you.

Feb 1, 4:42am Top

All the best wishes that everything goes well with your surgery.

Feb 1, 8:31am Top

Hoping you have a speedy recovery.

Feb 1, 2:34pm Top

>22 enemyanniemae: oh no! I hope you're feeling at least a little better now! Good luck with your surgery - sorry you're dreading it :(
It will be over before you know it!
Oooh Holidays on Ice - did you enjoy? It's probably my favorite Sedaris :)

Feb 1, 4:28pm Top

Wishing you the speediest of recoveries! Hopefully your books will be the perfect medicine!

Edited: Feb 7, 2:15pm Top

Take heart -- the best thing about surgery is that you sleep through it. The worst thing is that it knocks you back so much more than you either expect or realize until you try to get back to normal.

I get overwhelmed by my TBR pile, too. Perhaps a good way for me to plow through it would be to pick a different book cover color every month and read accordingly.

Best of luck in meeting and exceeding your goals.

Feb 19, 5:51am Top

Good luck EAM. I had a very positive experience with my knee surgery. I hope it will be that for you too.
And I hope it's behind you now. Have a good recovery. Hugs!

Feb 21, 12:26pm Top

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the encouraging messages (both reading and health related). I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I have been told that I have a 75% chance of a simple procedure and no complications. (for anyone interested, I had colonoscopy in November- they removed 2 small polyps; however, there was one ginormous polyp *36mm* that requires surgical removal. Surgeon will do laparoscopic assisted colonoscopy under general anesthesia. He will attempt to remove the mountain that way but should it prove too difficult or if he perforates my colon, I'll already be under anesthesia and he will remove the entire ascending colon) I was quite nervous about it a while back but I guess I have reconciled myself to the fact that it is necessary (the mountain is precancerous) and I am strangely calm now. While I don't want to deal with this, I truly would not want to deal with the outcome should I delay for too long.

If that isn't sufficient, I came down with a raging sinus infection two weeks ago and have just in the past day or so felt like a human being. So between worrying/preparing and fighting infection, I have not done much reading. But I did finish one and I hope to be able to get at least one more in before the end of the month.


6. Seize the Night by Dean Koontz FINISHED at some point between the 14th and 19th

Feb 21, 5:11pm Top

>30 enemyanniemae: Wow, that sounds like a lot to wrap your head around. I hope that the strange calmness continues, and hope that the surgeons manage to ensure you're one of the 75%! All the very best for tomorrow EAM! x

Feb 21, 6:23pm Top

>30 enemyanniemae: All the best for a quick and easy procedure.

Feb 21, 6:24pm Top

Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Sending extra calm thoughts.

Feb 22, 6:20am Top

All the best for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.

Feb 25, 1:29am Top

Home and feeling GREAT! The whole thing was much easier than expected- the surgeon even said that things went much better than they had expected at the outset. I have no restrictions and have already been released to return to work. Thank you all for the well wishes- they certainly worked!

The only downside to the whole thing is that I did not get the opportunity to do all the recuperation reading that I intended. So I must read like the wind now. *grin*

Feb 25, 4:16am Top

>35 enemyanniemae: it's always encouraging to hear of a successful surgery - stay well, and happy catch-up reading!

Feb 25, 8:39am Top

Great news! Be sure you take good care of yourself.

Feb 25, 8:47am Top

Good news! Congrats!

Feb 25, 8:57am Top

Yay for successful surgery and no restrictions! Hope you still manage to get some recovery reading in. :)

Mar 5, 3:02pm Top

I have GOT to get reading- I must regain my star!


7. Redemption Road by John Hart (audio) FINISHED 3/4/17

Mar 5, 3:28pm Top

I hope your recovery is going as well as your surgery - reading will pick up when it's time. (And if it's time now, that's just great!)

Edited: Mar 11, 12:19pm Top

>41 Henrik_Madsen: I've been working a bit more than usual. How dare it take away from my reading time. But I did get a couple more done. (although I did hit the semi-annual library sale and came away with a bag full of new books... it will never end)


7. Redemption Road by John Hart (audio) FINISHED 3/4/17
8. Homicide Trinity by Rex Stout FINISHED 3/7/17
9. The Outfit by Richard Stark (audio) FINISHED 3/9/17

I started listening to Go Set a Watchman (finally) and I am enjoying it so far. I just wish that they could have gotten Sissy Spacek to read it rather than Reese Witherspoon.

Mar 19, 5:33pm Top

7. Redemption Road by John Hart (audio) FINISHED 3/4/17
8. Homicide Trinity by Rex Stout FINISHED 3/7/17
9. The Outfit by Richard Stark (audio) FINISHED 3/9/17
10. Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee (audio) FINISHED 3/19/17

I am afraid that I enjoyed the Lee sequel less and less as it went on. Reese Witherspoon had no clue of what she was supposed to be doing. Her narration was some of the worst I have heard. (subject didn't help, either- I understand what Lee was trying to do and say but it still hurt my heart)

Mar 19, 8:42pm Top

>43 enemyanniemae: I belong to a bookclub that read Go Set A Watchman as our January read. I found out that actually GSAW was Lee's first submission to a publishing house way back when. They rejected it and told her that she needed to start at the beginning; hence To Kill a Mockingbird. Her family decided to resubmit GSAW when she became so ill that they became her power of attorney. She was aware that they did it and was not upset. It got published this time because of the iconic stature that Mockingbird had.

Mar 20, 11:48pm Top

>44 tess_schoolmarm: I participated in a TKAM read-a-thon the day before GSAW was released. I ended up reading the last 45 minutes of the book because there were no other readers available. When I finished, a young lady who had been listening came up to tell me that she had been scheduled to read after me. I asked why she hadn't said anything (my throat was a desert by the time I said 'the end') and she said that she got so caught up in listening to the story that she forgot to let us know she was there to read. I was very flattered and very annoyed at the same time. I would have killed for a sip of water right about the time that all the bad stuff was going down under that tree.

I guess I can say that it was a good book, even though I will not say that I enjoyed it. I am going to have to buy a physical copy of the book- I am NOT hanging onto the audiobook. I am telling you that Reese Witherspoon was AWFUL. (of course, Sissy Spacek read TKAM and she was phenomenal- not sure that anyone could have measured up to her but Witherspoon didn't even try)

Mar 21, 6:42am Top

My daughter bought me a lovely hardback GSAW for my birthday and I abandoned it after a few pages - guilt will ensure I finish it! I guess Lee's publisher was right in knocking it back originally and it's recent publishing is more about curiousity value than literary quality. Or the money. There's always the money.....

Mar 21, 10:02am Top

>46 floremolla: The fear that it's really about the money is what's stopped me from getting a copy. Well, that and the fear that my favourite characters will all be ruined.

If I see a charity shop copy then I might get it, but otherwise I think I want to remain in my TKAM bubble.

Mar 23, 1:35pm Top

... I will definitely not be able to "catch up" on threads.. so I'm just dropping in to say Hi!! :)

& >35 enemyanniemae: glad to hear your surgery went so well!

Apr 3, 9:33pm Top


11. The Black Dudley Murder by Margery Allingham FINISHED 4/3/17

Apr 13, 1:36pm Top

Hi, EAM. A bit late with my congrats on a successful surgery. But I want to give them anyway. Good to hear everything went better than expected. And that your reading mood is back again.

Apr 20, 5:39pm Top

>50 connie53: thank you so much! I was quite relieved after I got over the initial 'what?'

Reading has been going slowly, mainly because I have greatly curtailed my eating out. I read a bit during lunch at work and before I head off to bed but it doesn't seem like much gets accomplished. So I am happy to have finally finished something but sad that it is an Early Reviewers book and does not qualify as a ROOT. It was good, at least, and has given me cause for conversation/debate with folks. (the book is The Good Death by Ann Neumann- it's about end of life issues and aid in dying for terminal patients) I am almost finished with my car audiobook, so I'll be listing that soon. Also I began This Time Together written by Carol Burnett. I just realized that she signed it. It's been in a pile of ARCs that I got from the bookstore. SIGNED. It was definitely a 'whoa' moment.

Apr 23, 8:38pm Top


11. The Black Dudley Murder by Margery Allingham FINISHED 4/3/17
12. The Art Thief by Noah Charney FINISHED 4/23/17

Apr 26, 4:05pm Top

>51 enemyanniemae: funny that those are linked in your life -- reading and eating out. I can see that, though.. for me, it was more the coffee shops... when I stopped going as often...
Congrats on finishing a book, though, even if it wasn't a ROOT!
& very cool re the signed Burnett book!

Apr 26, 8:02pm Top

>53 avanders: Oh yes, coffee shops are one of my favourite places for reading.

Apr 26, 10:17pm Top

>54 Robertgreaves: they have *just* the right ambiance, don't they.. ☺️

Apr 27, 3:48am Top

>51 enemyanniemae: >53 avanders: >54 Robertgreaves: it's easy to lose half a day at my favourite garden centre: browsing plants + reading over a coffee afterwards = perfect :)

Apr 27, 12:16pm Top

>52 enemyanniemae:, how did you like The Art Thief?
I remember really enjoying the art professor's lecture on The Arnolfini Wedding in the London National Gallery, but remember relatively little else of it, I'm ashamed to say.

Apr 27, 10:30pm Top

>56 floremolla: oh that sounds just lovely too!

May 1, 7:42pm Top

Criminy, only got 2 read in April (that count as ROOTs).

>57 Caramellunacy: I learned a whole lot about art- I too enjoyed the lectures. The book itself was so like a shell game that I was totally confused at the end as to what had actually happened. Oh well. I'm now reading a nice urban fantasy that does not require a lot of thought or attention.

Edited: May 22, 8:38am Top


13. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carre (audio) FINISHED 5/8/17
14. Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow FINISHED 5/21/17

Jun 2, 9:11pm Top


15. Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre FINISHED 6/1/17

Jun 2, 10:48pm Top

Congrats on your progress! Even though it might not be as much as you'd like (>59 enemyanniemae:), it's still progress!

Jun 3, 7:08pm Top


15. Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre FINISHED 6/1/17
16. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (audio) FINISHED 6/2/17

>62 avanders: thank you! I feel like I should be so much further along than I am, but I have lots more spare cash since I am not eating out daily. I had my chemo infusion yesterday and ambitiously brought a book along with me... only to conk out when they gave me a bag of Benadryl before they started the poisons. I woke up after a few hours, hurriedly asked my sister if I had been snoring (she said no but I am always paranoid so I always ask) and managed to get about 20 pages into the book I'm reading to review.

I listened to Twilight and was surprised that I kind of liked it. It was not the greatest of literature but when I tossed aside all preconceived notions that I had and all the criticism I've heard and decided to take it for what it is, it didn't suck. (pun intended) I have a few friends who loved the books and I could see them looking all nervous when I said that I had borrowed it from someone to listen to. I'll have to tell them that it was not horrible and I will borrow the next one at some point. they'll be thrilled.

Jun 3, 7:44pm Top

>63 enemyanniemae: it's nice that you have your sister with you to guard your dignity! I hope the chemo infusion does its job and you bounce back quickly.

You're doing well with the ROOTing in the circumstances - good for you!

Jun 15, 5:08pm Top

>63 enemyanniemae: that's awesome that you have more spare cash for not eating out daily ... for me, that would help w/ the waistline too!
... a bag of Benadryl? that sounds like a lot of Benadryl! I'd conk out right away too!


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