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Ruth is gonna try this


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Jan 9, 8:53am Top

I've spent the last couple of days trying to deep clean a few areas of the house and I'm appalled at the amount of random stuff. Several trips to Salvation Army drop off and the recycling bins already. I've got another box by the door, and it does have a few books in it.

So, is this supposed to be an invitation? I will mail these books to anyone who expresses an interest. I'm not confident they will find good homes otherwise.

Edited: Jan 9, 9:52am Top

How you do it is up to you. Some of the books I have discarded have gone into the paper recycling. Out dated guidebooks and such. Anyone in Europe is welcome to ask for books on my list, but I only mail inside Europe. I have sent a few packages. (BTW, my husband did not take the current bag with him today, so they are still available.)

Children's books in German go to the school I used to volunteer at. Other books in German to the local library where any they don't want for their collection get put out for people to take. (Last time one book was claimed by one of the library staff before I had turned from the desk.) Books in English go to a charity sale.

I like the pressure of having to come up with ten books every month, and I can find books for that without it hurting too much. I've kept it up for over a year now, and some of the bookcases are no longer overflowing. I've also managed to slow the incoming books to under the rate I can read them at, so as the stacks of books I need to read slowly decrease, I can find space for them in the shelves.

Welcome, and good luck.

Edited: Jan 9, 10:10am Top

>2 MarthaJeanne: I don't think it registered that you had set a monthly goal. Hmmm. My problem is finding the right places for the books to move to. There are two Little Free Libraries near my office, but the material doesn't seem to move much.

And my local library used to have an exchange table, but has been discouraging its use recently. I did manage to drop off a lovely set of encyclopedias last year and they were snapped up quickly.

Jan 9, 10:12am Top

>3 2wonderY: Your local hospital might take them if they are clean, dust free, and in decent shape. Or you could ask local clinics if they are willing to take some books.

Edited: Jan 23, 2:44pm Top

Short pile

Southern living 1995 Garden Annual

Southern Living Landscape Book

Exploring the World of Leaves, an old biology text. Diagrams, but few photos.

a tiny book, Garden Birds by Jim Flegg, 48 page miniature book

Will ship to good homes.


Edited: Jan 23, 2:46pm Top

Going to the church library:

The Good Enough Catholic Paul Wilkes
Know Light, No Fear Anderson & Miller
Same God, Different Churches Katie Meier
The Question Box Bertrand L. Conway, extra copy
The Spiritual Life of Children Robert Coles
The Rebirth of Orthodoxy Thomas C. Oden

No longer needed or planned reading:

Creeds and Confessions Erik Routley
Revival Lectures Charles G. Finney
Sermons on Old Testament Heroes Clarence E. McCartney
Islam: A Way of Life Philip K. Hitti
So What’s the Difference? Fritz Ridenour
Infinity and the Mind Rudy Rucker
The Last Three Minutes Paul Davies
This I Believe edited by Edward R. Murrow
Bridge Over Troubled Water James Bell
Ten Commandments Twice Removed Shelton & Quinn
Stephen Hawking two titles in one large format HB, isbn 9780507291172

Read and ready to pass on:

Diplomatic Immunity Bujold - paperback replaced with HB
The House Without a Key Earl Derr Biggers
The Chalet School at War and The Rivals of the Chalet School Elinor M. Brent-Dyer


Jan 16, 3:32pm Top

Looks like you have made a good start.

Jan 17, 1:14pm Top

Do you still have Garden Birds by Jim Flegg and Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold?

Jan 17, 1:14pm Top

I do, and I was thinking of you! Sending both your way.

Edited: Jan 23, 2:45pm Top

going to the church:

With Hearts Light as Feathers Joseph Champlin
From Age to Age: How Christians Have Celebrated the Eucharist Edward Foley

no longer need:

Inside Out: Decorating Outdoor Spaces with Indoor Style Better Homes and Gardens
Beautiful Bible stories Patricia Summerlin Martin


Jan 23, 2:46pm Top

I took a bag of books to church and pointed them out to Sister Placida. She seemed so enthused that I offered her the chance to pick through the rest of the books. She took two boxes of books, including some that are recorded on my laptop but not yet listed here.

Jan 23, 7:34pm Top

>9 2wonderY: thank you!!!

Edited: Jan 28, 2:43pm Top

Highlights of Church History Howard Vos

Angels: An Endangered Species Godwin (duplicate)

Half-Truths or Whole Gospel? Pennington

Saints, Signs and Symbols Post, 1st edition

In His Light Anderson, 1979 edition

Reconstructing Catholicism Ludwig

The French Revolution Pernoud & Flaissier

Buddha’s Warriors Dunham

Unyoung – Uncolored – Unpoor Morris

Machines That Built America Burlingame

Tracing Your Ancestry Helmbold

Conan Doyle’sBest Books in three volumes (I have only Volumes 1 & 2)

What Grandpa Laughed At Croy

Allah, the God of Islam Fitch (photos saved, volume thrown out)

Offering to my children:

Tales of Mystery and Imagination Poe (this is from the ancestors’ collection)


Edited: Feb 4, 1:39pm Top

Here’s one I think my daughter will take:

Beat It, Burn It, and Drown It Hilton

Great title, eh? Daughter #2 has been on the quality testing team during this slowdown in the work season. It’s actually an enjoyable read. The title echoes the first three chapter titles.

The rest of them are:
Smash It
Shake, Stretch and Squeeze It
Take It Apart
Handle With Care

One I want to share with the grands – My Symphony Englebreit

Available, soon gone:

The King’s Daughter Pansy (perhaps my third copy.)

King Arthur and his Knights EL Merchant ill. By Edward F. Cortese The Children’s Classics (Holt Rinehart & Winston)

The Sketch Book Irving (I admit finally that I won’t read it.)

Great Expectations Dickens (read in school. No hankering to read it again.)

How to Build Your Own Wood-Frame House from Scratch N. H. Roberts (I have no idea why I have this except perhaps the cute old-fashioned cover.)

Readings for Today Weisinger (1947 college text used in composition class)

As For Me and My House Wangerin (I loved The Book of the Dun Cow. That’s not a good reason for owning this marriage manual.)

Generation Change Zach Hunter

The Little Grey Men BB (I bought this 25 years ago, and have never cracked it open.)

The Bounty Trilogy Nordhoff

Without Lawful Authority Manning Coles

Coming of Age in Samoa Mead

The Cross and the Crescent Fletcher


Dangit! Will fix touchstones tomorrow. Connection is rotten.

Jan 30, 2:10pm Top


I am ordering the occasional book or three from my favorite site, half.com.
I just ordered three Vorkosigan titles so that shelf will be more complete and orderly.

I must reduce the book burden as a whole, and it seems I'm starting in the right direction at least.
Of course, in determining whether the books are still desirable, I'm having to open and browse, so my living room is getting messy. The shelves themselves are looking slightly better.

Edited: Feb 4, 1:42pm Top

Dottie Dimple at her Grandmother’s Sophie May (back cover is loose)

Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales and Wonder Stories Louis Read

Andersen’s Fairy Tales William T. Atwood (The Children’s Classics) ill. By Richardson and Cooke

A Decade of Masterpiece Theatre Masterpieces Alistair Cooke

The Financial Expert R. K. Narayan

National History Museum Chapultepec Castle

The Sunny Side of Asia Elliott (1928 travel narrative with photos, beginning with the Orient Express, through to Angkor and the Pacific.)

Bob and Judy (a second or third level school reader)

These still count for January, as they were culled then, but not reported here.


For a total of 65 discards in January.

February, sorting the loose piles in the dining room:
Regensburg Widman

Books from the series The Grand Tour
The World of Pleasure
Children of Fire

Time-Life Books The Missing Link

Rome for Ourselves Aubrey Menen

Space Time Infinity James S. Trefil

The Signature of God Grant Jeffrey

Divorce in the New Testament Raymond Collins

Ten Philosophical Mistakes Mortimer J. Adler

According to Paul Harris Franklin Rall

The Mind of the Maker Dorothy Sayer (duplicate)

Home with a Heart Dobson

Old Testament Stories Lillie A. Faris

Practical Drawing D. L. Stoddard

and again, touchstones stink.

Feb 3, 9:34pm Top

You seem to be making in-roads! I keep looking at my piles & wonder if I have the will to part with most of it since I will never read the books.

Feb 4, 1:37pm Top

You have no idea how trashed my house has become with excess books. This is just scraping the surface. It's a disease.

Edited: Feb 4, 1:59pm Top

This may be a counterproductive thought, but there are books that I’d rather save for a friend to put in their booth, along with other stuff that I’ve determined I can live without. I’ve got tins of buttons, some old pottery and some kitchen tinware that I’m ready to discard. I closed my own booth last December, as I found it was allowing me to purchase more stuff so as to keep the space stocked.

The Complete Cow Sara Rath

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (boardbook)

AnnualReport of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Year ending June 30, 1905

The Renaissance Harper Torchbooks

Readings in Social Theory James Farganis

Another Day, Another Dungeon Costikyan

Balook Piers Anthony

England Under Edward I Jennifer Hawthorne

The War of 1812 Harry Coles. Boorstin ed.


Feb 4, 2:50pm Top

>19 2wonderY: Buttons? Did you say buttons? Are they the older style buttons?

Feb 4, 6:16pm Top

You knew I collect buttons, yes? As a corolarry I have pounds of less interesting buttons. I was selling them myself in my stall, by the Baggie load. This winter I'm digging around and finding lots more.
I used to do a button program at kindergartens/first grade, and had tins of buttons for the tikes to rummage and keep "treasures."

Feb 4, 9:28pm Top

I used to rummage through Mom's button box (an old Buster Brown shoe box) and Mamaw's too when she'd let me. I always enjoyed spilling them through my hands. I've now got about 1/2 of Mamaw's collection (I split it with Mom) and some of Mom's. Kinda like me slowly getting Mom's cookbook collection. I ask her to bring me a few she's willing to part with any time she comes to visit. Heh.

Feb 4, 9:56pm Top

Yes, my sisters and I spent hours in my mom's button tin. When my sister ended up with Nana's few, she felt guilty and began picking up jars and tin fulls for me. We eventually discovered the National Button Society, and I got very serious for a decade. Till my next passion - my ridge top.

Feb 13, 8:33am Top

Slowing down. I've got only about half a dozen recorded on my laptop for this past week.

Feb 13, 8:47pm Top

>9 2wonderY: they came, thank you. I love that little bird book.

Feb 14, 5:35am Top

So glad!

a few more, already gone:

The Art of Photographing Nature Martha Hill/Art Wolfe

Two Serious Ladies Jane Bowles

Lady Audley’s Secret Braddon

The Misadventures of Benjamin
Bartholomew Piff Lethcoe

Fortress of Frost and Fire Lackey & Emerson


Feb 16, 7:25am Top

My public library is discarding lots of big format non-fiction books; one of my weaknesses. Argh!

I came home with a handful hoping they would be appropriate for the grands. Gladly, daughter#1 agreed and took them along with another handful of childrens chapter books and a couple for herself. I'm not listing any of them here, as the library books only passed through briefly, and the others will remain in my library record as just moving to another location.

Edited: Mar 1, 2:57pm Top

For February, I can claim three more, one being a third copy of The Three Musketeers, another a slim recipes pamphlet and I don't recall the title of the third. All three are housed in a Little Free Library in town.


For a total of 31 in February, and 96 for the year. Only acquired 4 or 5.

Mar 11, 2:59pm Top

Good job!

Mar 20, 8:42pm Top

Not doing much sorting this month.

The Technique of Getting Things Done - Laird
The Catholic Teen Bible will be donated to church.

Mar 21, 9:31am Top

>30 2wonderY: LOLOL!

The contrast between your comment and your first book made me giggle...

Mar 21, 9:34am Top

>31 fuzzi: Huh! I hadn't noticed. Harrumph! Perhaps I need to keep that one.

Mar 21, 9:34am Top


Mar 21, 10:12am Top

>30 2wonderY: >31 fuzzi: etc.: LOL indeed!

Apr 18, 6:33pm Top

Just one this week, an advance copy of twisted that I never did read.

May 21, 3:21pm Top

Stuck in town because my mechanic forgot to order the rear coil spring; my car won’t pass inspection without it. I was planning to take my annual week off for my birthday, but I have to postpone it now.

Went out and chopped at the underbrush first to discharge my frustration. Then began putting my kitchen to rights. It has developed into an awful mess this past year, and I’ve just been ignoring it.

Shelf full of recipe and household management books, along with 100 year old formularies.

What I can live without:

Wokcraft – a lovely little book from the 70s San Francisco scene. Illustrations, by Win Ng are very beautiful.

The Winland Family Book of Old-Fashioned Home Cooking – not sure why this is even in my house.

An Invitation to Tea - one of those small gift books with quotes and a few recipes.

Betty Crocker’s One-Dish Main Meals - I doubt I’ve ever opened this, though it has several slips of papers as markers, mostly in the pizza section. Will have to ask daughter.

Good Housekeeping’s Book of the Business of Housekeeping (duplicate) – This is nearly a centenary, published in 1924. I will wrap it and give it to daughter as a housewarming gift. She’s buying a hundred year old foursquare.

The World Book Encyclopedia of Science Volume III Chemistry Today – nice, but a bit primary.

The Lifetime Kitchen Collection – this is a benchtop stand alone format.

Campbell’s Creative Cooking with Soup – this has always agreed with my method of modular cooking. But I have no need for it anymore. Daughters and SILs lead with all the cooking.

A Taste of Catholicism – I think this was acquired in the last day of a book sale, sold by the bagful.

May 21, 3:41pm Top

So we have both made progress this month.

BTW my car is also waiting to pass its inspection. They have to polish the headlights on Tuesday. The outside of the plastic is going milky, so it didn't pass. I hope they know what they are doing and the lights can shine brightly again!

May 21, 7:48pm Top

I used to have a copy of Campbell's Creative Cooking with Soup. I thought the layout was rather nifty, but I no longer cook much with canned soup.

Edited: May 22, 8:30pm Top

>36 2wonderY: I wish I could weed out my dh's extensive (and unused) cookbook collection. I have The Joy of Cooking that my mother gave me when I got married, and at least one of her James Beard cookbooks. I've used the former, a lot.

>37 MarthaJeanne: I bit the bullet and just had my headlight covers replaced. It wasn't horribly expensive, and now I can see better at night.

Edited: May 21, 8:41pm Top

>39 fuzzi: I think you mean me. I try very hard not to drive at night, and when I do, it's in the city, so it shouldn't make that much difference. The polishing is what the garage recommends. Of course, the local garage can do the polishing, but if they need replacing I have to go to the Honda garage for the parts. (Might be why they chose polishing.) But the Honda place is much harder to get to.

May 22, 8:30pm Top

>40 MarthaJeanne: yes, I did mean you!

I have a local garage that will and can do almost anything, except body work.

Jun 13, 11:06am Top

Jun 13, 2:50pm Top

My daughter is preparing to move to a neighboring state, so I've avoided bringing ANYTHING into her house for a couple of months. But the pile of books I'm planning to move to her and her children's collections is growing next to my front door.

Jun 13, 3:06pm Top

>43 2wonderY: the books might need some family planning...

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