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March Chats

Mystery and Suspense

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Feb 22, 8:14am Top

Come on...don't hold back. Tell us what you are thinking or feeling. Just be kind.

Feb 25, 4:08pm Top

I have a question for you all...

How do you handle the answering of the questions for the group reads?
Answer as you go? or
Answer after you've read the entire section?

I usually answer the questions after I've read the entire section. I try to answer based on what I knew at the time of the question and not apply whatever I may have found out later in the section.

Just curious as to how the group approaches the discussions.

Feb 25, 4:22pm Top

I have done both ways. If I'm behind in my reading, then I answer as I go along. Which is easier to answer the questions that way as very fresh in your mind.

If the book is a bit complicated like The Charlemagne Pursuit, I take lots of notes and that usually helps me answer better too.

I just wish people would not read ahead as it does spoil the book when people answer questions and I have no idea what they are referring too until I read the next section and then it makes sense but does spoil the fact that I didn't find out on my own.

I don't mean to offend anyone but I am very direct sometimes when things bug me. lol

I think we should promise not to read ahead. If Andrew needs to read ahead in order know better how to direct the questions, that is fine with me but there really is no reason for others to do so.

Feb 25, 4:27pm Top

>2 bhabeck: A good question!
I try wherever possible to answer the question as it was at that stage in the book (although has been known for something from later on in the section to slip in). Of course easy for me as I know when I set that question, I generate questions as I read based on things that occur to me or questions I have in my head. If you posted as you read a section would there be a danger of coming across a question that could be a spoiler?
Funnily enough your question reflects my thinking about posting questions, do I post them as soon as I get the question or post them all together at the end. I have always posted them altogether at the end.

Feb 25, 4:29pm Top

>3 EadieB: Wherever possible I try not to read ahead, and if I do I am very strict with myself about ensuring I don't post anything from that section. Think I'm about 99.9% foolproof on that.

Feb 25, 4:36pm Top

>4 Andrew-theQM: I've tried answering as I go and have found that sometimes a question ends up being a spoiler - like when you ask about a death. This isn't usually a big deal so it doesn't bother me much but it lets me know that I have to stop answering since I didn't yet know that happened

Feb 25, 4:48pm Top

I only participated in one group read so far but I read the section, took notes, then answered questions for that section. If I didn't take notes I would probably have to answer as I go because I would never remember lol.

I was wondering if others take notes too? When I plan to review a book I have to take notes and write things that I'm thinking and questions that I'm wondering about.

Feb 25, 5:06pm Top

>7 LadyJ71: I don't usually take notes on the story itself but I will make note of things that I'd like to go back and check out later. Often, someone provides background information on something going on in the story and I generally wait until I'm done with the book to follow-up on those items unless it's something I think I might need to know for a portion of the story to make sense to me (e.g. the supervolcano discussion in the Sanguines series)

Feb 25, 5:07pm Top

>7 LadyJ71: Sometimes if there are a lot of characters I record notes on one sheet of A4 but never go onto a second sheet. Generally got a good memory for things.

>6 bhabeck: That would be my concern about answering as you go (instead of at the end of a section ), some questions would be spoilers.

Feb 25, 8:09pm Top

>6 bhabeck: I tried it both ways but, like you, I found that a question was a spoiler so I just read the entire section now before answering questions.

Feb 25, 8:46pm Top

I read the whole section and then respond to the q's as best my memory allows, :) , I know it's a bit of fun and not a comprehension test, so I don't let it bog me down.

If I can't remember how I felt about a particular point that Andrew brings up, then I just say "I don't know" or read what others have written to see if that jogs my memory (and sometimes it does - one of the bonuses of group reads!).

After several years of group reads I've grown accustomed to Andrew's style - I know he asks q's based on what he knows up to a certain point within each section, so I answer in the same manner, ignoring what may come later in that same section.

I never read ahead of the scheduled chapters: I'd never be able to remember what I should or should not know at any given point, ha!

Feb 26, 10:07am Top

I believe that I follow more closely with Sergei's style of answering. I tried the note taking and found that it takes up a major amount of time.

Feb 26, 10:10am Top

I never read ahead. Once I know the ending, I just can't go back and remember what I was thinking before I knew who did it. I usually read each section on the day it's assigned and then read the questions once they are posted.

Feb 26, 10:50am Top

>12 Carol420: This is also my approach, if I use any notes (rarely) it just tells me who a character, is - e.g. Mary, son of Fred, hairdresser. Memory is what I rely on.

>13 Olivermagnus: I also try to read it the same day or I can't remember!

Feb 26, 3:38pm Top

One thing I have to admit - I concentrate harder on our group reads than I do on my lone reads, because one never knows what topic Andrew may raise... :)

Feb 26, 4:46pm Top

>15 Sergeirocks: I'll let you into a little secret, neither do I!

Feb 26, 5:36pm Top

I also read the entire section and then answer the questions--usually my answers reflect how I feel by the end of the section. It's too hard for me to remember what came first and how I felt at particular moment.

I never have the problem of reading ahead--I'm usually running behind so can start the questions as soon as I finish the last chapter of the section.

Once in a while I'll take notes, but usually not. However, like >15 Sergeirocks:, I often concentrated harder on our group reads.

Feb 26, 6:04pm Top

>17 Bluebird1: So so I, it takes a lot of concentration. :)

Mar 5, 9:56am Top

I read the section and try to answer without reference to things happening later in the section but I can't guarantee I can keep everything straight. I don't read beyond the end of the section before answering the questions. The only notes I take are sometimes a list of characters to keep the names straight.

Mar 8, 5:12pm Top

This should possibly be in one of our books! Has anyone seen Cotton? Or Payne and Jones?


Mar 8, 5:56pm Top

>20 Andrew-theQM:
Funny but very interesting!

Mar 9, 9:11am Top

>20 Andrew-theQM: Why can't I find something like this?

Mar 9, 12:57pm Top

>22 Carol420: Perhaps you don't look down enough rabbit holes! But seriously an incredible find!

Mar 9, 1:39pm Top

>23 Andrew-theQM: Well that probably explains it. Off to find a rabbit hole!

Mar 9, 3:25pm Top

I probably couldn't participate in a group read like that. I am such an in the moment reader and I'm usually multiple reading anyway. I enjoy it while I'm reading but not very good at the post mortem. But I'm still an avid and devoted reader.

Mar 9, 3:29pm Top

I have a silly question for the group, hope I'm not messing with the flow, but do any of you ever judge a book by its cover? I've always been intrigued by this idea. So do you ever by or borrow a book because of the cover, be it the artwork, the burbs, hell even the lettering. I'm just wondering and will be interested to hear some answers.

Mar 9, 3:37pm Top

>26 ColinMichaelFelix: Definitely not messing with the flow, this is exactly what the chat thread is for. I am very much a cover person, often don't like to read the blurb as it can spoil the story and often doesn't tell me much. Pictures that publishers use often give a strong feel to me about the type of book or type of genre a book is. When I read a book that I enjoy I will look for similar type covers that will attract my attention. Covers at libraries are a big pull to me!

Edited: Mar 9, 3:58pm Top

>26 ColinMichaelFelix: I pick up books at the library all the time based on the cover or especially the blurb. If it's an author that I read all the time...and there are hundreds of those I'm sure...I don't do this...but new or lesser know authors...yes. I also pick up books based on the blurbs on Fantastic Fiction and Stop! You're Killing Me websites. I mostly read mystery & Suspense and some paranormal...I'm a push over for a good ghost story...so the covers that portray spooky looking scenes are more apt to draw my attention. I've actually gotten some pretty good ones.

You should try a group read with us. We read the book in sections ...usually over 5 or 6 days... because none of us can remember what happened after we've read the entire book. It doesn't matter about the pace that you read. We have people that sometimes are a week getting to the questions and you don't have to answer them all.

Mar 9, 6:01pm Top

>27 Andrew-theQM: >28 Carol420: so, I'm guessing that this wouldn't be any fun for either of you...lol. Would there be a "deer in the headlights" look?


A lot less detail upfront than what we see in the Blind Dates that we do in either this group or Dusty's

Mar 9, 6:04pm Top

>26 ColinMichaelFelix: I always judge a book by its cover: I can usually tell from the artwork if it's the type of book I will enjoy. Only rarely have I been mistaken, but I think this is more a case of being misled by the publishers trying to cash in on the latest bestselling bandwagon and trying to classify a book as a certain genre when clearly it isn't...

I don't always read the blurb as I don't like to know the plot before I read the book.

Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but I've been known to pick up a book purely because I like the colour on the sleeve, :)

Mar 9, 6:04pm Top

Mar 9, 6:06pm Top

>29 bhabeck: My idea of Hell - I'd run a mile, :D

Edited: Mar 9, 6:08pm Top

>26 ColinMichaelFelix: - I often pick out books that have interesting covers. I also participate in a lot of reading challenges that want some sort of object on the cover, like a farm animal, snow, specific color, etc. I just picked up the new Neil Gaiman book because it has such a beautiful cover.

Mar 9, 10:58pm Top

>29 bhabeck: That just gave me the heebee jeebees. No thank you very much lol
>30 Sergeirocks: Don't feel bad about that I do that more often than I may care to admit. Even when choosing Ebooks.

Mar 9, 11:07pm Top

That was fun and enlightining, so here's another: Who are some of the authors you would read no questions asked? Once they release a novel you are reading. For me it begins with David Baldacci, Lee Child, John Sandford, Louise Penny, James Paterrson's Cross series to name a few

Edited: Mar 10, 12:20am Top

>35 ColinMichaelFelix:
For me it's Ann Cleeves, Louise Penny, Karin Slaughter, Peter May, Nicole French, Harlen Coben, Elly Griffiths, Brad Parks, Robert Galbraith, Alan Bradley, Tana French, Simon Beckett, Linda Castillo, Hilary Davidson, P.J. Tracy, Linwood Barclay, Susan Hill, Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin, Steve Berry, James Rollins, William Kent Krueger, Julia Spencer-Fleming, James Twining, Michael Connelly, J. T. Ellison, Michael Koryta, Chris Carter, Robert Bryndza, Simon Toyne, James Oswald, Kate Ellis, Val Mc Dermid, Greg Iles, Daniel Silva, Jeffrey Deaver

I also choose a lot of books because I like the cover.

Edited: Mar 10, 7:33am Top

>29 bhabeck: I have seen this Blind Date concept at other libraries and I think I would be game for it. If I didn't like the book I could just bring it back. Now if I had to BUY the book it would be a horse of another color. I've enjoyed our Blind Date With A Book we do on Dusty's Treasure Trove and the Mystery & Suspense Extra sites. I've had more 4 & 5 star ones than 2 or 3's.

>35 ColinMichaelFelix: Oh dear...I think it would be easier and less time consuming if I named the authors that I wouldn't read...no questions asked.

Okay... those will ALWAYS have a home on my shelf....David Baldacci, Lee Child, John Sandford, Chris Carter, Kate Ellis, Michael Koryta, Peter James, Linda Castillo, Peter May, Peter Robinson, Linwood Barclay,Robert Bryndza, Harlan Coben, Ann Cleeves, Simon Beckett, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, J.T. Ellison, Catherine Coulter, Elly Griffiths, M.J. Aldridge, Jefferson Bass, Paul Cleaves, Robert Crais, Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin & Oregon Files series), Nelson DeMille, Robert Dugoni, Tess Gerritsen, Andrew Grant, Steve Hamilton, Steven James, Alex Kava, Jonathan Kellerman, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Bently Little, Stuart MacBride, Douglas preston, Lincoln Child (together or separately), J.D. Robb (not as Nora Roberts), John Saul (one of my favorites for paranormal).

Mar 10, 8:58am Top

>35 ColinMichaelFelix: I like a mix of genres so it's all over the place for me - John Sanford, Michael Connelly, Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, Johanna Lindsay, Jude Deveraux, Larry Niven, Vince Flynn, Robin Hobb, Brad Thor, Nelson DeMille, Jonathan Kellerman, Dean Koontz

Mar 10, 9:00am Top

>35 ColinMichaelFelix: - I'm with Carol. I have too many to list but some of mine are:

Maurizio de Giovanni, Lee Child, David Baldacci, Daniel Silva, John Sandford (Lucas Davenport), Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child (combo), Karin Slaughter, Mo Hayder, Nele Neuhaus, Kristina Ohlsson, Anne Cleeves, Jussi Adler Olson, Peter James, P. J. Tracy, Luke McCallin, C. J. Sansom, Lisa Gardner, Harlan Coben, Malla Nunn, Elly Griffiths

Mar 10, 9:04am Top

Raymond Khoury's The End Game is free at Amazon today

Mar 10, 10:11am Top

>39 Olivermagnus: I'm amazed at the number of same favorites that you and Eadie and I share. I shouldn't be as I believe you and I have the largest number of books alike of anyone I'm friends with. We've had them since Shelfari and we just keep adding. Eadie is quickly catching up.

Mar 10, 2:48pm Top

>40 bhabeck: £5.99 in the U.K.! 😡

Edited: Mar 10, 3:05pm Top

Here's a few in no particular order, covering a range of genres. Apologies to those authors I miss!

Harlan Coben, Linwood Barclay, Michael Connelly, Ann Cleeves, Simon Beckett, Lee Child, James Twining, Chris Kuzneski, James Rollins, Rebecca Cantrell, Clive Cussler, Scott Mariani, James Becker, Steve Berry, Andrea Camilleri, Alex Lukeman, Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Lucinda Riley, Robert Goddard, Peter Robinson, L J Sellers, Maeve Binchy, Ian Rankin, Edward Marston, Alexander McCall Smith, Nicki French, Jeffery Archer, Sharon Penman, Barbara Erskine, Val McDermid, Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden, Jeffery Deaver, Michael Dobbs, Simon Kernick, Elly Griffiths, Dorothy Koomson, George RR Martin, Tess Gerritsen, Robert Harris, Lisa Jewell, Karin Slaughter, Glenn Cooper, Matthew Reilly, Ben Kane, Sam Bourne, Marian Keyes, Matt Hilton, Peter James, Danielle Ramsay, Tom Barber, Greg Iles, Jack Kerley, Julian Stockwin, Simon Toyne, Linda Castillo, Boyd Morrison, Laurence O'Bryan, Jacqueline Winspear, Mark Edwards, Jed Rubenfeld, Suzanne Collins, Louise Voss, Jack Higgins

Mar 10, 4:34pm Top

I'm not even going to attempt to make a list, but all my favourites would be covered by those already listed above, :)

Edited: Mar 10, 6:11pm Top

I'm going to start looking at some of the authors above that I'm not familiar with.

>41 Carol420: - I remember exploring Shelfari and seeing a comparison between our books the first time I logged on. You were my very first friend and have always recommended some great authors.

>40 bhabeck: - Thanks Brenda....picked it up for free.

Edited: Mar 10, 7:34pm Top

>45 Olivermagnus: every time someone posts a list of favorite authors/series/books here, I make a note of it. I'm way behind the rest of you in terms of the mystery/suspense authors and need all the help I can get.

When I need a new book to read, I've been using the list of Group Reads Since Inception for both this group and Extra to pick one.

Mar 10, 8:00pm Top

>46 bhabeck: There are certainly some excellent authors on that list Brenda.

Edited: Mar 13, 8:33am Top

Snow Alert! How much did you get? We are looking at getting maybe 2 ft by the end of Tuesday in Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania.

Edited: Mar 13, 10:39am Top

>48 EadieB: Most of Michigan is getting the outer fringes of it. We have about 2 inches on the ground and it's coming down really fine or we'd have more....and will diffidently get more before it's done. The weather alert is out for us until 2:00 tomorrow morning. I think your area and the rest of the East Coast is going to get it a lot worse than we are. Stay safe.

Mar 13, 11:55am Top

>48 EadieB:, >49 Carol420: East central Iowa has received around 5 to 8 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. I think the robins and daffodils that were out are getting cold.

Mar 13, 1:36pm Top

In Arizona we are expecting sunny skies and a high of 91. I would like something in between a blizzard and high heat but I can't complain when I see the bad weather ahead for you. Stay warm, everyone!

Mar 13, 1:45pm Top

>50 Hope_H: That will teach those robins to keep their long underwear on:)

>51 Olivermagnus: You have to come home sometime so I'll just keep some of the white stuff for you.

Mar 13, 4:40pm Top

Here in the western part of Virginia, it's sunny right now but the snow is supposed to start around 8pm tonight and go until tomorrow around 2pm. They say 8-12 inches. A week ago, it was in the low 70s and my plum trees were starting to bloom - but not any more!

Mar 13, 5:02pm Top

>51 Olivermagnus: It was a lovely Spring day today for us, and a nice clear moonlit night, and quite warm with it for the time of year.

Hope you all keep warm and be careful whether walking or driving in that weather. In fact forget going out, cuddle up to the fire with a good book instead!

Mar 16, 11:04am Top

Elizabeth George's new book One Evil Act is $1.99 on Kindle at Amazon today. It's #18 in the Lynley series

Mar 17, 1:14pm Top

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours!

Mar 18, 1:21pm Top

>56 EadieB: Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Mar 18, 1:27pm Top

>57 Sergeirocks:
"And the balance of the day to yourself"

Mar 19, 7:57pm Top

Nominations for the Group Read in April are now open.


Mar 20, 6:06pm Top

Picked up the He book for the next Group Read from the library tonight - starts Friday 24th, The Forbidden Tomb by Chris Kuzneski.

At 548 pages in length (paperback) it looks like this will run over 6 or 7 days,

Also picked up Corsair by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul, for one of the April Group Reads. Another big book at 536 pages (paperback).

Mar 20, 6:07pm Top

>60 Andrew-theQM:
I've got my books too already to go.

Mar 20, 6:12pm Top

>60 Andrew-theQM: Looks like Africa will be well serviced through these group reads - at first glance one visits Tunisia and the other visits Egypt.

Mar 20, 6:15pm Top

>62 Andrew-theQM: Couldn't plan that if we tried!

Mar 20, 6:25pm Top

>63 EadieB: Funnily enough they both have a link to the Sahara Desert! Can always rely on Clive Cussler to take us to some more remote locations - usually in Africa and/or Asia

Mar 20, 6:28pm Top

>64 Andrew-theQM: Both have links to the Sahara Desert - that's amazing! lol

Mar 20, 7:47pm Top

>60 Andrew-theQM: I'm planning to participate in the Corsair group read. Like Eadie, I have my book ready to go. It's the audio version, which I need to help me get through it fast enough to keep up with the discussion. I'm looking forward to it!

Mar 20, 7:59pm Top

>66 gaylebutz: They are always interesting reads.

Mar 20, 8:34pm Top

I have both the books and am really looking forward to the adventures!

Mar 21, 7:58am Top

I have the next one but will pick up Corsair on Friday. It looks like they have three copies in.

Mar 21, 8:26am Top

>69 Carol420: Well, then invite two friends to join us! lol

Mar 21, 9:12am Top

>70 EadieB: Now that's's an idea:) Maybe two that can make brownies and cheesecake.

Edited: Mar 21, 9:33am Top

>71 Carol420: Only good bakers are invited for sure!

Mar 21, 2:40pm Top

Edited: Mar 21, 2:43pm Top

Really sad news, Colin Dexter (creator and author of Inspector Morse) has died. He created a great character in Inspector Morse and I grew up with the TV Series (and the later series Lewis). This TV Series helped launch my passion for crime TV / Books.

Mar 21, 3:43pm Top

>75 Andrew-theQM: Sad that we have lost another good author. I have some of his books. I need to move them up on the old TBR list.

Mar 21, 3:57pm Top

>76 EadieB: I've read a few but not all of them. Will need to read one soon!

Mar 21, 7:17pm Top

>74 Andrew-theQM:, >76 EadieB: My favorite was The Wench Is Dead, which I don't think I ever saw on TV.

Andrew - thanks for the link to the article. I enjoyed reading it!

Mar 21, 7:32pm Top

>78 Hope_H: I enjoyed that one and Death is Now My Neighbour.

Mar 22, 7:44am Top

>78 Hope_H: >79 Andrew-theQM: I own those two but I suppose I should read them in order.

Mar 22, 1:53pm Top

>78 Hope_H: >80 EadieB: This is definitely one series I haven't read in order, so far read books 8, 11, 2, 12 in that order.

Mar 22, 2:16pm Top

>81 Andrew-theQM: Am I not surprised!

Mar 22, 9:57pm Top

>80 EadieB: I'm pretty sure that when I read them I didn't realize there was an order to them! I remember buying them in the area's Walden's Books, so it was ages ago.

Mar 23, 6:26am Top

>83 Hope_H: I like to read series in order as you get to see the characters grow and the author's writing seems to get better as you go along sometimes too.

Mar 23, 3:37pm Top

>84 EadieB: Oh go on Eadie, be a devil! We can set up a support group to help you. 🙊

Mar 23, 3:47pm Top

>85 Andrew-theQM: It will feel like I'm wearing my shoes on the wrong feet!

Mar 23, 6:18pm Top

>84 EadieB: I'm definitely that way now! I have to read a series in order. I'm not sure if I've just gotten a tad OCD as I've gotten older or if in my younger years I was even aware that there were book series! It does seem like there has been a proliferation of series books over the past decade or so.

Edited: Mar 24, 10:12am Top

I'm with>84 EadieB: >87 Hope_H: - I have to read a series in order. I like to watch the characters develop and I don't like to know if a character dies in a previous book.

Edited: Mar 24, 6:50pm Top

>88 Olivermagnus: same here. Too many spoilers if you read out of order. Plus, I always feel like I'm missing backstory that would be nice to have

Mar 25, 9:22pm Top

>84 EadieB: >88 Olivermagnus: Funny I have no qualms about reading a series out of order, unless its like a specific purpose for the order like a trilogy for example. Actually I find enjoyment in bouncing around the series and spoilers never bother, its about the journey with me anyway. But then again I am a strange one

Mar 25, 9:27pm Top

>84 EadieB: >88 Olivermagnus: >90 ColinMichaelFelix: A few of us are known for reading out of order (I am happy to do so) whereas some of us most definitely choose not to read out of order. Like you Colin I tend not to read trilogies out of order.

Mar 26, 4:10pm Top

Just checking in. How is everyone?

Mar 26, 6:30pm Top

Hey >92 Coffee.Mama: All is well over here. What are you reading today?

Mar 27, 12:04am Top

>93 ColinMichaelFelix: Sadly, I'm not really reading anything at the moment. Most of my books are packed up, so it's slim pickins. I'm trying to figure out what reading mood I'm in, and if I that type of book is within easy reach. SMH - Who am I kidding. The only mood I'm ever in is for psychological thrillers and mysteries, so I just need to find one and buckle down. LOL!
What are you reading?

Mar 27, 6:46am Top

>94 Coffee.Mama: Have you read Birthdays for the Dead by Stuart MacBride? It might fit your psychological thriller genre. I just finished it and even though I gave it 3.5 stars it was still a good story. Eadie also read it and she gave it 5 stars....so maybe it was just me. I think what I didn't like about it the most was how out of character the forensic profiler was. She became tiresome after a while. If you are a RIO person it is the first book in the Ash Henderson series. MacBrides Logan McRae books are good also and fit your wanted genre.

Mar 28, 7:26pm Top

>95 Carol420: No, I haven't read that, Carol. Think I'll look into it and your other recommendation as well. Thanks!

Mar 28, 9:12pm Top

>94 Coffee.Mama: Whenever I'm in that mood I tend to just grab a book my collection. It usually gets my juices flowing, so that even when I might not be sticking with that book at the time it helps me to focus on where I want to go. That being said, I'm currently reading Never Go Back by Lee Child and Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen. The latter is very bendy as Phoebe from Friends might say. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Edited: Mar 29, 7:15am Top

>97 ColinMichaelFelix: Both authors are among my favorites. I didn't care much for the last Jack Reacher book, Night School. It was just too different and not enough of the Jack Reacher from the previous books. I see that a new one Midnight Line comes out Nov. 7 and it looks like Jack will be back on the street doing his thing. Looking forward to that one.

Mar 29, 11:59pm Top

>97 ColinMichaelFelix: Oh, those sound like good reads. And, I agree with you. Sometimes, I do just grab a book and see where it takes me.

>98 Carol420: Carol, how do you feel about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? I'm sure conversational was flowing all over the place for a while about that, but I haven't read the series, so I didn't pay much attention to talk though I did notice some people were quite unhappy. I'm just curious about your opinion and if it even matters to you.

Mar 30, 6:22am Top

>99 Coffee.Mama: Well ...we all know that he certainly ISN'T Jack Reacher by any stretch of the imagination. I believe that they should have been more selective when choosing an actor to portray a character that all of the long time readers had read vivid descriptions of... and had well formed pictures in their minds. I bought the DVD and I had to say that Tom Cruise did a fairly good job of pulling off the role. He did a lot of his own stunts which was one thing that many fans thought he would fail at. Other than he's about 10 inches shorter and a good 100 pounds lighter...I can live with it. I really can't think of anyone off hand that would really fit the role. I think we all form solid ideas of what our book heroes should look like. An example that comes to mind for me is Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone...from Robert Parker's books. That is exactly what I thought Jesse would look like.

Mar 30, 9:40am Top

>100 Carol420: maybe Bradley Cooper? ;D

Mar 30, 10:28am Top

>100 Carol420: - I liked both of the Jack Reacher movies, but he is absolutely the wrong size for Jack. I don't think moviegoers who never read the books will care and I can't blame Lee Child for wanting one of the most famous movie stars in the world to recreate his character. I love action movies and hope he continues both the Reacher franchise and more Mission Impossible movies too.

Edited: Mar 30, 10:35am Top

>101 bhabeck: Good choice. I can live with Tom Cruise though...well not literally:) >102 Olivermagnus: I haven't seen the last movie yet.

Mar 30, 12:54pm Top

>99 Coffee.Mama: >100 Carol420: >101 bhabeck: >102 Olivermagnus: Here goes and those in the group since Shelfari days know my strong opinion on this. Carol said she can live with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, I can't - it says clearly in the fact file at the front of each book that Jack Reacher is 6 Foot 5 Inches tall (1.95m), Tom Cruise clearly isn't. I have nothing against Tom Cruise personally (I'd be happy to go for a drink with him if he gave me a call) but he wasn't the right profile for this role and should never have been cast in this role in my humble opinion. I blame the studio and the author (?) for allowing this! I have never watched one of the Jack Reacher movies and won't in protest, not saying they are not good movies in their own right. I even stopped reading Jack Reacher books for 2 - 3 years after this casting in protest! My view has never changed on this.

Mar 30, 2:13pm Top

>99 Coffee.Mama: >100 Carol420: >104 Andrew-theQM: I am with Andrew on this one and I actually like Tom Cruise but I think he is wrong for Reacher and not just physically. I find the tone of the movies doesn't do the book and the character justice. When I compare the treatment Bosch is getting on Amazon it makes it even sadder to look at what I think is a most minimalist take on such a large(and not just physically) presence as Jack Reacher. As one who has been with the character from the beginning I was beyond disappointed

Mar 30, 2:22pm Top

>105 ColinMichaelFelix: Pleased to see I am not alone, it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have the fact file at the front of each book showing how tall he is. 6 Foot 5 Inches is very tall! Unfortunately all too often people are chosen on who is hot in Hollywood and not who is best for the role.

Edited: Mar 30, 3:21pm Top

>104 Andrew-theQM: Gee, Andrew...1.95m makes him sound kinda short:)

Mar 30, 3:22pm Top

>107 Carol420: The power or not of the decimal! 😹

Mar 30, 4:23pm Top

Mar 30, 6:05pm Top

>105 ColinMichaelFelix: - Titus Welliver is the perfect Bosch, in my opinion. I love that series and have already circled April 21 for season 3. I even got the audios of the last couple books because he narrates them.

Apr 2, 7:17pm Top

>100 Carol420:
>104 Andrew-theQM:
>105 ColinMichaelFelix:
See Andrew, that's how I would've felt if I had read the books. A Shelfari friend introduced me to them, and I had decided to read one when I heard about Cruise getting that role. I was offended and hadn't even read the books. LOL! I mean, I could use him for an arm rest for crying out loud, and when he was cast, I just felt like they were clamping on to his celebrity to *ensure* the movie would do well. I found that icky. I'd much rather see unknowns on the big and small screen especially related to books I've read. I never read any of the books in that series.

Apr 2, 7:30pm Top

My previous comment sat here for two days because I thought I posted it. Seriously. Sigh. SMH.

Apr 4, 2:29am Top

>111 Coffee.Mama: With so many Jack Reacher books out there, it was an ideal opportunity to pick someone who fit the bill and make a new 'star' - I'm sure some unknown actor would have loved the chance to 'be' Reacher... Look at Daniel Craig - a virtual nobody before James Bond.

Apr 4, 12:44pm Top

>113 Sergeirocks: - I think it's so interesting that almost every actor who ever played James Bond is so nasty about the opportunity. I loved Daniel Craig's version but he said last year he would rather “slash his wrists” than portray the spy again. I see money has persuaded him and he's nearly certain to return one more time. I'm hoping the next one will do a good job of making the role "his own" like Craig did.

Apr 4, 2:42pm Top

>111 Coffee.Mama: Pleased to see I am not alone in my views. Do try to give new talent a go.

Apr 6, 9:35am Top

>114 Olivermagnus: I've never heard Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan say anything bad about the experience. Actually they were the only 2 to give condolences on the death or the original Q. Roger may have even gone to the funeral but yeah most of them seem nasty about the role after the fact. Interesting

Apr 7, 7:09pm Top

>114 Olivermagnus: I'm hoping the next one will do a good job of making the role "his own" like Craig did.

I hope so too. I love how each of them brought something different to the role. Moore is my favorite, but I really liked Craig's portrayal - I thought it fit very well with the scripts he got.

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