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2017 * 2: Longbook LizzieD Reads Again! Hi Yo Kindle, Away!

75 Books Challenge for 2017

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Edited: Mar 3, 10:36am Top

Posey and May just last year!

Edited: Mar 18, 11:05pm Top

This Is Not a Game

Into the House in March
The Cutting Season - Kindle Daily Deal
New Boy - ER ARC
Last Night at the Lobster - PBS
The Dead Ladies Project - gift from a very special friend

Out of the House
Mine ~ 6 Wards' ~ 2

Edited: Mar 18, 11:09pm Top

On the READ NOW table in March!

Mar 2, 10:53pm Top

Then, Happy New Thread, Peggy!!

Mar 2, 11:05pm Top

Feeble waves seem to be all I'm able to manage this year....

Mar 2, 11:13pm Top

Thank you, Ms. Cats! You are a welcome first visitor!
Reading today: a bit of *TINAG* (This Is Not a Game), Home (thanks to somebody who just read it --- can't remember), and *Sapiens*. I finally made my way through his discourse on money as the first globelizer (that's how I'd say it; wonder how on earth I should spell it?), which I didn't really need and didn't particularly enjoy. Tomorrow should be better if only I were not playing bridge!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
'Jeeves,' I said, 'may I speak frankly?'
'Very good, sir.'
~ Right Ho, Jeeves

***Quote of the Day***
It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.
~ P.G. Wodehouse (*Epigrams*)

Mar 3, 4:08am Top

Happy new one and happy Friday, Peggy.

Mar 3, 8:36am Top

Happy new thread! I don't know what's up with your right clicking, but it seems ot work on my Mac with Firefox.

Mar 3, 8:49am Top

Happy New Thread, Peggy!

>3 LizzieD: I've got Sapiens on my wishlist and am envious that you've got it on your READ NOW table! I've heard really good things about it.

I just had to change batteries in my wireless mouse - I'm hoping that's the problem with my fat fingering duplicate posts and weirdness when copy and pasting recently. Maybe there's a problem with your mouse/connection to PC?

Mar 3, 9:15am Top

Happy new thread! Love the Wodehouse. :)

Mar 3, 10:37am Top

Thank you, Barbara, Jim, Karen, and Jenn!
The right-click is fine this morning, so I think it was something to do with LT and not my mouse. (It worked everywhere else last night....and it's working now!) Yay!

Mar 3, 4:36pm Top

Happy new thread, Peggy.

Glad the problem with the clicks have left and its now all right!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mar 3, 5:11pm Top

Happy new thread, Peggy.

Mar 3, 11:29pm Top

Thank you, Paul and Beth!
How I hope to visit more than my own thread + 1 someday soon!
Query: do publishers now demand that novelists open every book with a prologue? The Underground Railroad is the only newish thing that I've read lately that didn't have one. I can't say I'm in love with the trend. I'm also contemplating a major rant on American speech patterns that are irritating me vastly, but I'll save that for another night. Oh, the curmudgeonliness of it all!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
For many centuries, the Celts were a mystery to their neighbours.
He plunged, like the sun and souls of the dead, into the roaring sea, and the ship that had carried him sailed on in the certain knowledge that light would soon be spreading from the east.
~ The Discovery of Middle Earth

***Quote of the Day***
Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.
~ Erma Bombeck (*1,911*)

Mar 4, 4:18am Top

That's a very wise quote. Happy weekend, Peggy.

Mar 4, 6:21am Top

Happy new one, Peggy.

Mar 4, 10:04am Top

Oh , I can't wait for your rant!

I'll help you get started. My main rant is just that Americans have a kind of timidity about showing any sort of love of language.

That and the transforming of the word "to orient" to "orientate". Complexification of language. Bah!

Mar 4, 10:07am Top

>17 sibyx: Me either, sibyx!

Good morning, Peggy! I hope that being farther south means that you didn't get the 20F we got early this morning.

Mar 4, 10:55am Top

Happy new thread and wishes for great weekend!

Mar 4, 11:20pm Top

Kim and Barbara, thank you for good weekend wishes! If only the weather were not threatening me with a sore throat, I'd be having a lovely one!
Two truths, dear Lucy and Karen: language changes and people have no idea what a treasure their language is - or was. (They need more edumification, to use a friend's word.)
So here's the rant in part.......
I can scarcely listen to NPR these days or to Bloomburg News or the programs my mama has on her TV. The spoken language is moving in dire directions, and this tells me that I am old! So here are some things that you will never hear from my mouth!
1. Vocal fry
2. Nasal articulation
3. Distortion of the long A sound --- I will never say, "Isn't it ameezing? We got it on sell, and now all we have to do is peent it."
4. In-ter-REST-ing and In-ter-REST-ed
5. Poo-wul and Schoo-wul
6. The suddenly development of pronunciation of final letters.... I will never say, "NO-wah! I want you to stop-ah!" (Women with young daughters, are your girls doing this???)
7. "Dih-dunt" (or, worse, "dih-dint") nor "cou-dunt" nor "wou-dunt"
And on the word front ---
1. I will never end a clause or sentence with "as well."
2. I will never begin my part of a conversation with "You know" if I am not planning to establish what you do know or the newer "I mean" if I haven't said anything that needs interpreting.
I think that's enough for a start!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
The older woman sipped her coffee.
We can still hear the marching feet of millions in the streets of America, all of them belonging to the children of Emmett Till.
~ The Blood of Emmett Till

***Quote of the Day***
Every language is a temple in which the soul of those who speak it is enshrined.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes (*Epigrams*)

Mar 4, 11:34pm Top

And you chose a pertinent quote with which to punctuate your rant, Peggy! {{{{Peggy}}}}

Mar 5, 2:48am Top

What a wonderful quote. So sorry to hear that you have a sore throat. Get well soon, Peggy.

Mar 5, 7:11am Top

>20 LizzieD: 1. I will never end a clause or sentence with "as well."
I was doing okay until this one. I've always attributed it to living in England where "as well" is more commonly used. But I am a grammar/word usage snob so please educate me, Peggy!

Mar 5, 7:23am Top

>20 LizzieD: I would never tell you what should or should not bother you, Peggy, but I will say that in my latter years I have transformed from a strict prescriptivist to a much more laissez-faire sort of grammar snob. I have too little life left to be judgy about how other people speak — as long as I can understand what they mean to say, of course!

Mar 5, 12:10pm Top

Ooooo Posey and May frolicking!!! How did I not comment on this in my last comment?

LOVING your rant.

Mar 5, 1:39pm Top

That's a good list, Peggy. I think my biggest complaint is the shrinking vocabulary of younger people. I blame it on the fact that they encounter only the simplest language in their texting and no use of synonyms.

Mar 5, 3:29pm Top

Ranting is always good, Peggy :-)
>14 LizzieD: I like that quote!

Mar 5, 3:31pm Top

>26 Oregonreader: What Jan said!! That, and no one can spell anymore. They write half a word and then auto-correct suggests the word. Mind you that's a great feature for my daughter who has dyslexia and a valid excuse for not being able to spell, but the rest of the population? Learn how to spell!! And to use the correct homonym! Phew. Rant over. I feel better.

Mar 5, 6:38pm Top

Hello, Peggy!

Mar 5, 11:23pm Top

STASIA'S BACK!!! YAY!!!! Welcome home, Graduate!!!!!!!
Hi, Kim. Happy to have offered you rant-space. Honestly, if we don't bother to teach them to spell (and my school system certainly never did while I was teaching --- another rant or examples coming on --- *squash*), why should they bother to learn?
Hi, Anita and Jan. If the POTUS speaks like a 5th grader, why should anybody learn to do better? They don't read ---- another rant coming on --- *squash*
Stay tuned, Lucy, I'm not through.
Julia, I commend you, but I can't really join you although I'm sure you have a calmer life than I. I never say anything to offenders, but it's a visceral reaction. I put it down to my "High Sensitivity."
Hi, Roni and Barbara. I was happy to run into that quote.....
Laura, you have pushed a button. I feel that there's something not quite right about "as well," (Where's Tui? She'd know.), but it's the omni-presence and insistence on it that I object to. We certainly didn't seem to need "too" or "also" so often in the olden days. Continuing rant ---------
"As well" arrived in my little town in 2007 or thereabouts. I listened to our new, young minister teach himself to use it. In the early days I lost the thread of what he was saying as I counted as wells --- a typical 15 minutes produced 32 times, and at least once he even said, "...as well, as well."
Just for comparison's sake, I counted the local TV weather person this morning who said "as well" 3 times in one 3 or 4 minute report - and "as well as" once. (Most people don't use that phrase, which feels more legitimate to me, but I can't tell you why.)
You will note that I've said nothing about the newly ubiquitous "So," at the beginning of any sentence or the equally common "That's a good question," in response to any question at all. How do these things arrive in the verbal atmosphere???
I'm happy to report that I hear far less of the word-stutter among talking heads. I was afraid it was going to take over a year or so ago - (this from people who otherwise are able to speak perfectly fluently).
End of Rant.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
The ship's bells clang out their signal: Andrea Doria's four-master the Triton is about to set sail for Constantinople.
Seize the day.
~ The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi

***Quote of the Day***
Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language while in fact language remains the master of man.
~ Martin Heidegger (*Epigrams*)

Mar 6, 7:41am Top

>30 LizzieD: it's the omni-presence and insistence on it that I object to.
Oh, now I get it. It's like, when my daughter says "like", like so many times I just like wanna scream. :)

I'm glad to hear I wasn't making an egregious grammatical error. I, too, have a problem with words or phrases that suddenly become omnipresent. Thanks for clarifying!

Mar 6, 8:39am Top

>30 LizzieD: Event of the weekend was definitely Stasia's return to the fold. She is the original mega poster and her thread in the early days of 2010 (I only joined mid 2011) 9,210 posts which was double what anyone else had managed at the time. It is quite notable how active she was back in the day by the fact that only on three subsequent occasions in the next six years did anyone else break 9,000 posts. Myself in 2012 & 2013 and Amber in 2014. No one managed the feat in either 2015 or 2016.

I think the UK version of "as well" is "you know". To listen to a soccer player being interviewed is excruciatingly tedious. If we already know why the heck is he telling us?!

Mar 6, 8:51am Top

Mar 6, 11:11pm Top

Hope you had a happy Monday yourself, Jenny! Thank you for the good wish!
Oh Paul, I feel that the 75 group is much more intact with Stasia returned to the fold. I doubt that she'll be the omni-poster that she was in her glory days, but it's lovely to have her here at all!
I do so feel with you about "you know." NO. I don't know. If I knew, I wouldn't have asked. It just bugs me that people aren't sensitive enough to realize that words mean what they say.
Laura, I gave up on "like" a long time ago, and it does seem less prevalent than it was in the earliest days of the century. I wonder, though, whether your daughters have succumbed to the last letter-rah business.
I had a good time today with *Sapiens* and *TINAG* and *Home*, and even a bit of *J. Swift*. Tomorrow I get to stay home (well, with my mom), and that should be a very good day!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
"No!" said Jane Frame, replacing the telephone receiver with a furious crash.
"And," he added, with a flourish that tried to sound mournful, "this is the sad, yes, well, tragic proof of it."
~ Until Death Do Us Part

***Quote of the Day***
What luck for rulers that men do not think.
~ Adolf Hitler (*1,911*)

Edited: Mar 14, 11:51pm Top

Oh dear. I will now be listening to myself and wondering how many of these awful things I say.
I know I use "So," in speech, if not in writing. "Like" is all too often part of all my sentences. I hear myself doing it, I cringe, but it still happens. Sigh.
Something I will never do, though, is use the abbreviated words that are all the rage. "Totes adorbs" is one example.
The last letter-rah business is just whining. One cannot speak that way without whining. Try it.

One thing that bothers me a lot is the dumbing down of the books written for youth. I remember reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys when I was 9 or 10, and comparatively, the vocabulary in those books is much more challenging than what is found in the recently published books my 10 year old is reading. Luckily, he has me to feed him better stuff. *grin*

Mar 7, 4:55am Top

Happy new thread Peggy! I enjoyed your rant (although I'm sure I make a lot of those mistakes myself without realising).

Mar 7, 7:31am Top

I haven't heard "the last letter-rah" from my daughters yet but will be listening more closely now. I caught myself saying "as well" yesterday and my sentence just trailed off into nothingness. Peggy you're having such an impact on me already!

Mar 7, 1:22pm Top

Oh, Laura! And Heather! And Jenn! My profound apologies!!! I didn't mean to complain about everyday speech and certainly not of my friends'. I do object to hearing professionals speaking professionally sounding --- unprofessional, I guess. That, and I'm just a bit nuts.
I'm not sure whether the totes adorbs has reached here, but I guess that it has and I just don't talk to teen-age girls enough to realize it. (Isn't it interesting that the male population doesn't glom on to a lot of this stuff?) Surely, surely teens won't take this into their careers with them although we can't say that for "like." *sigh*
I do so deplore lowered expectations regarding reading. Kids can read what they want to read if given the opportunity.

Mar 7, 10:45pm Top

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
Somewhere around mile three on the trek up the hill Pitry Suturashini decides he would not describe the Javrati sun as "warm and relaxing," as all the travel advertisements say.
They climb aboard and ready themselves for the short journey home.
~ City of Blades

***Quote of the Day***
I never knew any man in my life who could not bear another's misfortunes perfectly like a Christian.
~ Alexander Pope (*Epigrams*)

Mar 7, 11:10pm Top

Aaargh, don't remind me that I really don't like the use of present tense in story telling, even though I do like that series by Bennett. But the tense puts me off before I even start the story.

Dropping off my nightly hugs, Peggy. {{{{Peggy}}}}

Mar 8, 11:32pm Top

I've about given up on contemporary writers and that present tense. I also deplore it, Roni - especially in first person narratives. Oh well. But to say ((((((Roni)))))) is a lovely thing!
I spent a little time with Gilead this morning to be sure that I was remembering things correctly. Home is another gem as far as I'm concerned! On the other hand, whether I finish a book this month is anybody's guess. I'm certainly not getting/making much time to read. Oh well, again.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
It was during the Thompson-Delacroix wedding, Caren's first week on the job, that a cottonmouth, measuring the length of a Cadillac, fell some twenty feet from a live oak on the front lawn, landing like a coil of rope in the lap of the bride's future mother-in-law.
Leave it just as it is.
~ The Cutting Season

***Quote of the Day***
No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.
~ Lily Tomlin (*1,911*)

Edited: Mar 9, 11:43pm Top

Bailey List!!!! (Thank you, Luci!)

The longlisted books are as follows:

Stay With Me, Ayobami Adebayo
The Power, Naomi Alderman
Hag-Seed, Margaret Atwood
Little Deaths, Emma Flint
The Mare, Mary Gaitskill
The Dark Circle, Linda Grant
The Lesser Bohemians, Eimear McBride
Midwinter, Fiona Melrose
The Sport of Kings, C.E. Morgan
The Woman Next Door, Yewande Omotoso
The Lonely Hearts Hotel, Heather O’Neill
The Essex Serpent, Sarah Perry
Barkskins, Annie Proulx
First Love, Gwendoline Riley
Do Not Say We Have Nothing, Madeleine Thien
The Gustav Sonata, Rose Tremain

Mar 9, 9:13am Top

Good morning, Peggy! I hope you're having a good week even if you're not getting/making enough time to read.

We might get snow on Sunday.

Mar 9, 11:47pm Top

Hi, Karen! Another day without much time in the books........ We might get some snow Sunday morning too, but they say that it won't accumulate since we'll be in the 40s by afternoon. These are the same people who said that we wouldn't see much at all of Matthew - not a comforting thought.
When I do read, I read This Is Not a Game, which is fun and Home. When I read something like, "But his voice was mild and warm, courteous to the page he read from...," I melt. I don't particularly care for the Rev. Mr. Boughton, and part of that is MR's fault. His "Yes!" has become irritating in the extreme. I loved John Ames. I think I'm going to end up loving Jack and I already empathize with Glory. Adding depths to Gilead (or the other way around) is a really good thing!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
"Home to stay, Glory! Yes!" her father said, and her heart sank.
The Lord is wonderful.
~ Home
(If I have posted this one before, I apologize. I didn't remember the last line, so here it is again maybe.)

***Quote of the Day***
A politician is a man who approaches every problem with an open mouth.
~ Adlai Stevenson (*Last 637*)

Mar 10, 8:08am Top

Love that last one!

Mar 10, 11:02pm Top

Hi, Lucy. Hmmm. I must have more politician in me than I thought!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
Paston Village, Norfolk.
In the Paston letters there is a chorus of voices - rational, humane, amused, sceptical, pragmatic, and resilient - speaking across the centuries to contradict him.
~ Blood and Roses

***Quote of the Day***
Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.
~ Salvador Dali (*Advice*)

Mar 10, 11:48pm Top


Mar 11, 3:54pm Top

>46 LizzieD: I have finally come to understanding "you'll never reach it"-part of perfection ;-)

Mar 11, 6:56pm Top

Dali gave the best advice! (in this case anyway)

Mar 11, 7:08pm Top

Dali was right. *smile*

Mar 11, 8:51pm Top

>44 LizzieD: Wouldn't Adlai Stevenson do a much better job today?! He did forget to add "and a closed heart" in the modern context.

Have a lovely weekend, Peggy.

Mar 11, 9:33pm Top

>46 LizzieD: Smart man. : )

Edited: Mar 11, 10:01pm Top

Where did my post go? I know I posted it.
(((((Roni))))) Thank you!
Beth, Paul, Megan, Anita, and Karen, I'm glad that Dali or Stevenson spoke to you.
I'm just too young to have been able to vote for Stevenson - I would have. Perfection - well.......
I spent my morning making soup and pimiento cheese in preparation for our snow storm. We're not supposed to have any accumulation since our temps will be back in the mid-40s in the afternoon. I'll be happy to see a flake or two fall if that has to happen. I did mourn our azaleas on our walk today. The early ones, a full month too soon, are in full, gorgeous bloom. The rest are full of buds about ready to pop.

That's how they look right now. *sigh*

Mar 11, 10:03pm Top

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
In 1878 Leslie Stephen married Julia Duckworth, formerly Julia Jackson.
He was afraid I'd think him sentimental but it seems so appropriate that I could only think it right.
~ A Very Close Conspiracy

***Quote of the Day***
Nothing is stronger than the position of the dead among the living.
~ Virginia Woolf (*Epigrams*)

Edited: Mar 11, 10:51pm Top

I voted for Adlai Stevenson!! It was in second grade in the middle of Kansas, 5 miles from Ike's boyhood home, and every other kid in the classroom voted for Ike (1956). Not a secret ballot, obviously. I was the only Democrat and the only Catholic in my class. Stood out in all sorts of ways...

My Adlai quote (in my mail sigs) is "A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular." Quite relevant now as well.

ETA: Almost forgot the hugs. {{{{{Peggy}}}}}

Mar 12, 5:14am Top

Happy Sunday, Peggy. Sending huge spring waves over the pond.

Mar 12, 12:05pm Top

Hi Peggy - Happy Sunday. Love the quotes.

Mar 12, 6:47pm Top

Hi Peggy! Happy Sunday. Did you get any snow?

We got a bit. It was all gone by lunchtime. It's still cold, so we had homemade vegetable beef soup and cornbread for dinner while we watched the tail end of the NCAA bracket selection. Husband is happy that the Tarheels got a #1 seed but don't think they deserved it.

Edited: Mar 13, 10:03pm Top

>55 ronincats: Wow, Roni! That's a splendid memory! GOOD for you!!!
Thanks for happy wishes, Anita, Beth, and Karen.
We did get snow - about 4&12; hours of steady precip...... It was pretty on lawns, etc. Then it stopped, and the whole thing was gone inside 2 hours. That is pretty much my dream snow except that I didn't get to watch it fall much and I would have preferred it earlier in the winter when all the flowers were not so vulnerable. The 20s we expect Wednesday should be even more harmful.

HOME by Marilynne Robinson
I started out loving this one. I love the experiment of seeing the story of Gilead through the eyes of the other family. I was hoping for some sort of redemption for Glory and Jack Boughton and even for their father, and it didn't happen. It was only after I finished the book tonight that I realized that Jack reminds me forcefully of my father's cousin, who was already an alcoholic at 11 when he came to live with my grandparents after his mother died. He was the same quiet, smiling man - the outsider in the midst of the boisterous, normal family. Bill didn't have Jack's talents, but he did end up with a wife and child and some happiness, I think, in Texas.
I guess I'll have to look at Lila for a minute at least.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***

Mar 13, 7:59am Top

>59 LizzieD: Such a sad story of your father's cousin; I can see why you might have a visceral reaction to Home. Jack doesn't figure much in Lila, which is much more about Lila & John. I hope you like it.

Mar 13, 10:32pm Top

Yes, Laura, Bill's story is sad. He was a marine in Korea, not the best place for an alcoholic.
Anyway, I hope I like it too, Laura. I hope I find it. It's not where I tagged it to be, and I haven't had much time to look for it. I like Lila herself, so I'll be happy to read her story. I also like John more than Boughton even if I am Presbyterian!

This Is Not a Game by Walter Jon Williams
(*RRRRRRRrrrrrr Touchstones* The correct book is not in the list when I type the title in all caps as is my practice.)
What a fun book!!! It is perfect entertainment for would-be gamers (those of us who still prefer to read rather than play full-time). Dagmar is the puppet master and creator of ARGs, which are played by tens of thousands or more world-wide at several websites and in real life. Players may see a billboard that contains clues or receive phone calls or go to RL events. They post their conclusions online for a very cooperative, group mind solving of puzzles and narrative adventure games.
Dagmar's three college friends, who spent their time gaming with her are the other main characters. Charlie is a highly successful writer of software. BJ was once his partner but was fired from the company before it succeeded. Austin is a financial wizard.
When one of them is murdered, Dagmar uses the group mind to hunt down his assassin. She also sets them up to avert a real life financial apocalypse.
I loved it!
And there's a sequel!!

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
Dee noticed him before everyone else.
The darkness overtook her, and the scene went black.
~ New Boy

***Quote of the Day***
Silence is not always tact and it is tact that is golden, not silence.
~ Samuel Butler

Mar 14, 7:19am Top

>61 LizzieD: I also like John more than Boughton even if I am Presbyterian!
Me too! I'm not sure I agree with all of John's theology but he's still a fine man.

Edited: Mar 14, 10:55pm Top

Agreed, Laura. (And I'm pretty sure I don't agree with all John's theology.)

Mar 14, 11:03pm Top

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
I have lost count of the days that have passed since I fled the horrors of Vasco Miranda's mad fortress in the Andalusian mountain-village of Benegeli; ran from death under cover of darkness and left a message nailed to the door.
I'll drink some wine; and then, like a latter-day Van Winkle, I'll lay me down upon this graven stone, lay my head beneath these letters R I P, and close my eyes, according to our family's old practice of falling asleep in times of trouble, and hope to awaken, renewed and joyful, into a better time.
~ The Moor's Last Sigh

***Quote of the Day***
This disappointment serves you right. You would rather hope for goodness tomorrow than practise it today.
~ Marcus Aurelius (*Epigrams*)

Mar 14, 11:19pm Top

{{{{Hugs}}}} You are too far south for all that weather, aren't you? We were up to 87 today at the house, way above normal. Cherry and apricot trees are blooming.

Mar 14, 11:54pm Top


Mar 15, 7:30pm Top

Hi Peggy, I am hopelessly behind and don't have a single intelligent thing to say at the moment. But I do love the sweet photo of May and Posey.

Mar 15, 9:04pm Top

Hi Peggy, I too am way behind in posting. I'm stopping by to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you.

Much Love!

Mar 15, 10:41pm Top

(((Roni))), the storm came from the south, so we had our share of it Sunday with the 4-hour snow that disappeared. Now it's just cold. We may get down even into the teens tonight - way too cold for my taste!
Happy to see you, Jenn, Nancy, and Linda! You're kind to come here. I can't keep up. I'm able to visit maybe a couple of threads at night when I get home, and that's all I can manage for the time being. I really appreciate friends who come even when I haven't repaid their visits!
I think I have maybe 20% of Sapiens left to read. I definitely enjoyed the first third of the book more than I am liking the last third - not that it's bad.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
The day is early with birds beginning and the wren in a cloud piping like the child in the poem, drop thy pipe, thy happy pipe.
And Bob was deaf, and he sat alone, and slobber trickled down his chin, and his voice had grown thin like a thread, and the day burned on him as hot as the stove that is ready for pikelets if there were anyone in the world to make them.
~ Owls Do Cry

***Quote of the Day***
There ain't no rules around here! We're trying to accomplish something!
~ Thomas Edison (*Last 637*)

Mar 16, 11:21pm Top

Oh well....... I had planned to sit in the car in the sun and read *Sapiens* for a full 45 minutes while Mama had her hair cut. The car and sun were fine, but when I had read a paragraph, the Kindle put up the 'Battery Low' window, and I hadn't brought anything else to read. SO I trundled home, plugged in the Kindle, took a bathroom break, and by the time I got back to the car in the sun and book 2, I had about 10 minutes. That's how it was all day. Mama's hair looks pretty though.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
Mall traffic on a gray winter's day, stalled.
It's late, and he needs to get to bed if he's going to make it in early tomorrow.

***Quote of the Day***
Sometimes a day serves only to hold time together.
~ H.D. Thoreau (*Epigrams*)

Mar 16, 11:27pm Top

That definitely calls for {{{{{{{Peggy}}}}}}}!

First sentence: As far as it was possible for an elderly gentleman suffering from dyspepsia and a particularly violent attack of gout to take pleasure in anything but the alleviation of his various pains the Earl of Wroxton was enjoying himself.
Last sentence: "But if you should get into any more scrapes, Des, just send me word, and I'll post straight back to rescue you!"
from my last book finished. ;-)

Mar 17, 2:04am Top

>70 LizzieD: That's a quote I know too well.

Happy Friday, Peggy.

Edited: Mar 17, 10:48pm Top

Hi, (((((Roni)))))! Thanks for the hug; I sort of needed one. And I know that Heyer for sure! Nobody like her - even when she's not at her best!
Sorry you have personal experience with that time thing, Barbara.
Today my mom reclaimed another big piece of her life. She was strong enough to sit through lunch in a restaurant and another couple of hours of bridge. She was tired when she got home, but not devastated, and SO happy!!!! I can't say how happy I am for her or how proud I am of her.
Meanwhile, I just can't finish *Sapiens*. I should be skimming all this economic theory that is basic enough for even me to know it already. Instead, I nod off. Oh well. Persevere.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
Maulkin abruptly heaved himself out of his wallow with a wild thrash that left the atmosphere hanging thick with particles.
"Remember this, then, above all else. That we must continue to seek She Who Remembers."
~ Ship of Magic

***Quote of the Day***
Half the people in America are faking it.
~ Robert Mitchum (*1,911*)

Mar 17, 11:52pm Top

Grrr to Kindle battery, Peggy. Glad your mama's hair looks pretty; I am sure she enjoyed the outing.

Mar 18, 1:30am Top

>73 LizzieD: I am sorry Sapiens is putting you to sleep, Peggy. Although I found it worthwhile, maybe you should reserve it for episodes of insomnia? ;)

Edited: Mar 18, 4:53am Top

>73 LizzieD: Luckily not too often.
Happy weekend, Peggy.

Mar 18, 11:34pm Top

Hi, Nancy, Rex, and Barbara! Glad to hear from you all.
Unfortunately for my reading, I'm a champion sleeper. I will finish *Sapiens* before the month is out - I have not so much yet to go. I just apparently don't reverberate with economics.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
There are two Chicago cops standing in my kitchen.
It's time to go.

***Quote of the Day***
A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.
~ Robert Frost (*Epigrams*)

Mar 19, 9:42am Top

Love this bunch of quotes from Dali to Frost!

Hope temps are warming up for you. They sort of are here--mainly the strengthening sun and some sunny days. Melting are snow a few inches every day, a welcome thing. I really am so done with winter!

Mar 19, 8:58pm Top

>77 LizzieD: Robert Frost was a cynical old fellow. Perhaps explains the mess the Democratic Party got itself into!

Have a great Sunday, Peggy. xx

Mar 19, 10:37pm Top

Hi, Lucy and Paul! Spring is coming, and I don't know that anything except the world's general tendency to go nuts can explain the mess the Democrats have gotten themselves into.
I'm still not reading much, doggone it, and I have to play bridge tomorrow. I get what I ask for, I guess.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
In a single year, my father left us twice.
Remember what I say: not everything will pass.
~ Do Not Say We Have Nothing

***Quote of the Day***
Ronald Reagan is the first president to be accompanied by a Silly Statement Repair Team.
~ Mark Russell (*1,911*)

(Who would have thought that those were the days!?!?!)

Mar 19, 10:53pm Top

Rats about the Kindle battery! But HOORAY that your mama is doing so well. :)

Mar 20, 8:04am Top

Hi Peggy! Wishing you a wonderful Monday.

>69 LizzieD: I bought Sapiens at Costco the other day and am on chapter 2. It's quite wonderful!

>80 LizzieD: I love that quote by Mark Russell. I was never a Reagan fan, being from California, but honestly! The Republicans just keep getting worse and worse and worse, and more dangerous and more dangerous and more dangerous. I hope the Dems can be smart and get some power back in 2018. I keep saying I'm going to attend our Democratic precinct meetings but am on hold what with Mom's death in December and the financial hash she had made of things. Perhaps by summer.....

In the meantime, today looks to be lovely here, weatherwise. Bookwise, too, with Poldark and Sapiens!

Mar 20, 11:34pm Top

Ummm. Poldark and *Sapiens* sound good to me, Karen! I was a great fan of the first third to half of the book. This latter part is hard going for me although now that he's dealing with consumerism, my interest has picked up. I didn't attend our latest precinct meeting last week, but like you, I hope to get to one eventually.
Today was bridge. I was low. Had one completely bust hand and lots of peculiar, unbiddable ones. Oh well.
Hi, Jenn! Mama is doing really, really well! She has to have a tooth filled tomorrow, so I'll have some waiting room reading time except that I have to work on a Bible lesson. Very good, but it doesn't help my recorded reading for the month.

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
Penitence Hurd and the Plague arrived in London on the same day.
"... Much, much duller."
~ The Vizard Mask

***Quote of the Day***
Good health makes the practice of virtue more difficult.
~ John Bunan (*Last 637*)

Mar 21, 9:47am Top

This is the day. I am going to go out and just sit on my screened porch. Sigh of happiness.

Mar 21, 10:34pm Top

Oh, YAY, Jenn! I'm off to your thread to see whether there are pictures. Congratulations!!!!

Mar 22, 11:35pm Top

Oooops. I forgot to come back last night with my dailies. I won't try to make anything up, but here are a couple for today.....

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
I had just begun to write this story, when a literary pal of mine who had had a sticky night out with the P.E.N. Club blew in to borrow bicarbonate of soda, and I thought it would be as well to have him vet what I'd done, in case I might have foozled my tee-shot.
Then, hand in hand, we walked down the lane, guided by the scent of frying sausages which told me that Eggy had not overestimated his culinary skill and that little Joey Cooley was busy victualling up against the new day.
~ Laughing Gas

***Quote of the Day***
A word is not the same with one writer as with another. One tears it from his guts. Another pulls it out of his overcoat pocket.
~ Charles Péguy (*Epigrams*)

Mar 23, 10:36pm Top

***First Sentence/Last Sentence***
When I opened my eyes, I saw John Wayne pointing a .38 at my chest.
"They make a great rice pudding."
~ The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance

***Quote of the Day***
There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.
~ John W. Raper (*1,911*)

Yesterday, 12:12am Top


Yesterday, 10:01am Top

Hi Peggy! Happy lovely spring day to you.

I love the John Raper quote. I'm afraid that I'm still in irresponsible retirement - only doing things when they have to be done. And sometimes, not even then....

I'm hoping that we're past frost although we have a month to officially go up here before we're safe. I think I'll put the plants out that are clogging up my living room. If I have to bring them in again, oh well! At least they'll get some fresh air and sunlight today!

Yesterday, 10:58pm Top

It has been lovely, hasn't it, Karen? I do sympathize about those plants, but I'm not here enough in the daytime to put ours out and then bring them back if I need to. We know we'll have an Easter cold snap. How 'bout Them Heels???!!!!! Looks like their shooting eye is coming back although I never saw a more sober bench of winners.

*First Sentence/Last Sentence***
For many centuries, the Celts were a mystery to their neighbours.
He plunged, like the sun and the souls of the dead, into the roaring sea, and the ship that had carried him sailed on in the certain knowledge that light would soon be spreading from the east.
~ The Discovery of Middle Earth

***Quote of the Day***
Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.
~ Josh Billings (*Epigrams*)

Yesterday, 11:20pm Top

Yup! How 'bout Them Heels!!! Got scared when Berry fell, for a bit, but they were excellent from three-point-land for sure. Maye! He was fantastic. They're in my bracket for the Final, loyal wife that I am - and my husband picked the dread Kansas to beat them in the semifinals. If they beat Kansas I have ammunition for an entire year. *smile*

I know we won't get by without another freeze, I just wanted them out of the living room for a while. We'll monitor the nights and bring them back in - they're smallish and light enough and I'll just put the plastic trays down under them again.

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