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👣 Walking to Mordor 👣

The Green Dragon

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Mar 3, 10:03am Top

Some of us are planning to join peace2 tracking miles and walking through Middle Earth.

Please join us if you are at all inclined.

Edited: Mar 3, 10:53am Top

Oh! I recently started reading LOTR to stellarwoman aloud. She's never read it. I'd love to participate, but I'm also afraid that the speed of of our walk may leave us behind -- maybe as far back as The Inn of the Prancing Pony!

We can certainly see where the trek takes us!

Mar 3, 11:01am Top

We're not going to try to stay together since peace2 is already hundreds of miles ahead of us anyway. I'm going to start with my miles from January 1st, 2017. I had talked about doing this last Fall and promptly forgot. :o)

So, how is stellarwoman enjoying LotR so far?

Mar 3, 11:34am Top

Do we get a ring at the end?

Mar 3, 11:43am Top

Can I run part of the way? How long is it to Mordor?

I think when we make it to Mordor, we should all get a ring. 😜

Mar 3, 12:13pm Top

>4 suitable1: >5 catzteach: No, no, when you get to Mordor you have to lose one of the rings you already own! :P

Edited: Mar 3, 12:25pm Top

>4 suitable1: & >5 catzteach: You can get there in whichever manner you prefer, on your own furry feet or on the backs of ponies or eagles...

>6 sandstone78: Indeed!

Mar 3, 12:28pm Top

Delurking to ask if you are using an app to calculate the distances. This sounds like fun.

Edited: Mar 3, 1:03pm Top

I'm currently just using a regular walking app. There is a website with all the info on mileage: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/

The actual data came from Eowyn's Challenge: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Walk/walk.html

I've taken the liberty of sharing the info as it is broken down into each leg of the journey here:

From Hobbiton to Rivendell - 458 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Bag_end/bag_end.html

From Rivendell, through Moria, to Lothlorien - 462 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Rivendell_Lorien/rivendell_lorie...

From Lothlorien, down the Anduin, to Rauros Falls - 389 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Lorien_Rauros/lorien_rauros.html

From Rauros to Mt. Doom - 470 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Frodo_and_Sam/frodo_and_sam.html

From Minas Tirith to Isengard - 535 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Isengard_Return/isengard_return....

From Isengard to Rivendell - 693 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Rivendell_Return/rivendell_retur...

From Rivendell to Bag End - 397 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Bag_End_Return/bag_end_return.ht...

From Bag End to the Grey Havens - 467 miles: http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/Tools/Grey_Havens/grey_havens.html

Mar 3, 12:54pm Top

>6 sandstone78: Does getting engaged count as losing a ring? (Don't congrats yet. Two weeks before I ask yet. :) )

Mar 3, 12:55pm Top

I'm thinking I'll just start with March 1st because I hate the idea of missing the walk through Hobbiton.

Mar 3, 12:55pm Top

>10 gilroy: Sort of! And *hugs* anyway! :o)

Mar 3, 2:44pm Top

>12 clamairy: Whoops. Guess I revealed what my announcement might be, huh? :)

Mar 3, 3:48pm Top

I stayed in Frogmorton last night, trying to get to Brandy Hall before tonight, but I'm thinking I'll be lucky to make it to Whitfurrows. Why can't I remember the name of the farmer with the mushrooms? I'm not sure his place is on my map, but I really wanted to take a shortcut to mushrooms.

By the by, I'm using my edition of The Atlas of Middle-Earth to travel with.

>13 gilroy: I think you may have given that announcement away awhile back, either that or I guess good. A very happy day to you in the future.

Mar 3, 4:36pm Top

>7 clamairy: oh, so I can ride, too. That works for me!

>10 gilroy: exciting!

>14 MrsLee: I'll have to get one of these. The Husband may want to take part in this.

Now I have to figure out if my Apple Watch keeps an accumulative total on mileage walked.

Mar 3, 4:48pm Top

I've got a spreadsheet (Excel) I'd be willing to turn it blank for a new start, if anyone wants me to email a copy to them. I just enter each day's total (based on how far my phone travels with me - it doesn't seem to count car or bus travel - I haven't worked out how it knows the difference given that at times I'm walking faster than the traffic around).

I started the journey in May last year, but have no doubt whatsoever that some people will catch me up before I finish.

>10 gilroy: Hope all goes well.

>14 MrsLee: That sounds interesting - I'm 51 miles beyond Lothlorien right now.

Mar 3, 4:51pm Top

This is also helping boost my audio book intake as well - any time I'm walking on my own is a great time to get a little further through an audio book.

Mar 3, 9:49pm Top

Will a fitbit count my dance steps in the kitchen?

Mar 4, 2:14am Top

>18 clamairy: I think it will count your dancing. It counts my high stepping, it even counts some of my more vigorous tossing and turning at night as steps, which I'm glad of because at least I know they are of some use. However, it doesn't count when I'm jiggling my legs at my desk, or shaking my arm.

I only made it 5 more miles today, so it looks as if I will be camping for the weekend somewhere between Frogmorton and Whitfurrows. Not good, since we are expecting a rainy weekend. Oh well.

Mar 4, 2:16pm Top

>3 clamairy: She had no idea how beautiful JRRT's language was. Loves it.

Mar 4, 2:17pm Top

I'm wondering how accurate my phone is at tracking. Today, I went out for a walk and thought that perhaps the hills involved were what had maybe accounted for how tired I was in relation to how far it thought I'd travelled combined with a bad night's sleep.

According to the phone, I've done 3 miles over the whole of the day. According to googlemaps, the 'I'm out walking' part of the day alone, there was approximately a mile more in difference meaning today is 4 miles rather than less than 3. I programmed yesterday's walks in and didn't get such a massive difference. hmmm. Well I'll keep using the phone as I know for sure it's more accurate than the pedometer I was using before. Still from a health point of view (if not a getting to Mordor one) it means I'm likely making more steps than I thought which has to be good, right?

Mar 4, 2:42pm Top

Apparently a lot depends on how strong the satellite signals are in your area, and how accurate the GPS in your phone is as well. I have mine set to check constantly, as much for Pokémon Go as for my walking app.

Mar 4, 9:31pm Top

#19 That cinches it for me. I'm ordering the Atlas. :o)

Mar 4, 9:40pm Top

I think I'm going to see if my Barnes and Noble has the atlas. I just looked and my library carries it, but I think I'd rather have my own copy as reference. I bet it's beautiful.

Mar 4, 9:44pm Top

I just looked on Amazon and bought the paperback version for $18. The hardcover was $35. The Kindle version was even cheaper, but I'd have to use my tablet to view it properly and it didn't seem worth the effort.

Mar 4, 9:46pm Top

Oh, well, maybe I'll just get it from Amazon. Thanks for the heads up.

Mar 4, 10:24pm Top

I'm sure B&N would have it, too.

Mar 4, 10:44pm Top

I love the atas, pouring over maps has always been an obsession of mine.

>21 Peace2: That's why I went with the fitbit. My phone was not catching my steps consistently. Since I know it is a mile from home to work, and my steps are fairly consistent, I became tired of my phone giving me 1500 steps one day on the trip, and 2500 the next. Irritating, to say the least. I have not seen that inconsistency with the fitbit.

Mar 5, 7:08am Top

>28 MrsLee: Which Fitbit do you have? I've got a Flex right now, but am seriously considering an upgrade.

Mar 5, 8:45am Top

>28 MrsLee: Same. As a small child I used to copy maps into little notebook that I carried around. One of my brothers likes to tell the story that an adult saw me studiously working on a drawing while laying on the floor and asked me if I was drawing a bunny, to which I exasperatedly replied, "No... it's Iceland." I was about 3 or 4 years old.

Mar 5, 11:37am Top

>30 clamairy: I love that!

Mar 5, 12:52pm Top

>29 gilroy: Mine is the Alta. Chosen more for its trim looks and accessorizing band than for any other functionality, I'm afraid to say. :) I held off on getting one for so long because they were plug-ugly, but this one I adore.

*sigh* No elves spotted yet.

Mar 5, 4:15pm Top

>28 MrsLee: I earned a BS in Geography. Cartography was one of my favorite classes. I think I made three maps that year (by hand, it was before computers could do them well). I loved it!

Mar 5, 4:17pm Top

>33 catzteach: That is very impressive. Do you miss it?

Mar 5, 7:35pm Top

>34 clamairy: I do. Being able to teach geography and geology has been great, but there is a part of me that wonders if I could've made it in the mapmaking world.

Mar 5, 9:47pm Top

Well, at least this thread has inspired me to charge my Fitbit, which has been sitting on a shelf since I was sick. I'm not even going to try to walk to Mordor, though, as it would take me so long that I would forget where I was going.

I love maps, too. When I was a kid, I used to spend hours poring over atlases of both real and fictional places. My kids don't understand my fascination with maps and atlases at all.

Edited: Mar 6, 9:40am Top

>36 SylviaC: I hear yah. It's definitely put things in a new perspective for me. In 5 days I still have not covered the ground the hobbits did on their first. Granted our weather took a very nippy turn, but I have used the treadmill a few times. I'm at 16.5 miles.

Mar 6, 9:42am Top

>36 SylviaC:
Maybe we can just walk around the Shire.

Mar 6, 9:47am Top

>38 suitable1: that could be counterproductive, as there is danger of stopping off at Hobbit households for various breakfasts and such.

Mar 6, 10:18am Top

>38 suitable1: and >39 Darth-Heather: Sounds good to me!

Mar 6, 10:33am Top

>39 Darth-Heather: Thought that was part of the point of walking around the shire. :)

Mar 7, 1:45pm Top

This is fantastic! Makes my trudging around a ward at work much more enjoyable!

Mar 7, 8:19pm Top

>42 fif: It does!

My atlas came yesterday! Seems I spent last night camping out a few miles behind MrsLee. It does help to know she's not far down the road. I also got my Fitbit, and I expect my daily mileage will creep up a smidgen. Mostly because it counts every step, whereas before I was only counting my outside & treadmill walks. That means I should actually be able to spend the night in Frogmorton tonight. Or at least grab a pint at the pub before finding some roots to sleep on.

Mar 8, 12:27am Top

>43 clamairy: So glad you got the atlas! I'm on the banks of the Brandywine tonight. Unless some Black Riders show up, I won't be crossing until tomorrow.

Having a hard time from the Atlas telling where the old forest is. I want to visit Tom Bombadil.

Wait! Just found more details on page 120! I'm at Farmer Maggot's house tonight enjoying mushrooms! Tomorrow I hope to make it to the Brandyberry ferry.

Edited: Mar 8, 5:36am Top

>44 MrsLee: the banks of the Brandywine

I think some local town planners must have been LotR fans, as there is a town named Brandywine less than an hour away from me. :)

ETA: Sadly, I've not taken up this challenge as of yet. The weather here has been ... unpredictable of late. From sunny and 80s to 30s and hail then back to 60s and sunny -- All within a few days.

Mar 8, 9:40am Top

>45 gilroy: Yeah, March weather. I think we've had that kind of weather all in one day! For several days now. Cloudy, with bits of sun, then hail, then wind with a chill factor in the 30s, or any combination therein. I'm hoping to have a break of nice weather now for at least a few days.

Mar 8, 11:58am Top

{Whack on forehead}

I actually thought this thread was going to be a group read Of LOTR! "Walk" was a metaphor, I thought!

Sheesh. No wonder I thought my reading aloud might lag the group.

I'm not a prolific walker. Wondering whether I can bicycle over the route when it gets a little warmer, and before that travel by spinning bike...

Mar 8, 12:38pm Top

>47 stellarexplorer: I'll admit I did wonder if you were confused. But you seemed so happy that I decided not to say a word. :o)

Feel free to come along by whatever mode you desire.

Mar 8, 1:52pm Top

Mar 8, 3:23pm Top

>49 suitable1: I'm standing right outside the Old Mill in Hobbiton. I'm trying to get an Uber, but for some reason I can't get the app to load?!

Mar 8, 3:26pm Top

>48 clamairy: Appreciate your not wanting to rain on my parade. But inevitably the time would come when I'd feel a little sheepish. {:-|)

Mar 8, 3:51pm Top

>47 stellarexplorer:

Maybe we should start a group read to support the walkers. It's been decades since I last read LOTR.

Mar 8, 4:43pm Top

>52 suitable1:, makes me wonder if we have had a group read of Tolkien in this group. I don't remember one, and somehow it seems very inappropriate if we haven't!

Mar 8, 5:01pm Top

>52 suitable1:, 53 It does seem so!

Mar 8, 8:38pm Top

>51 stellarexplorer: I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure exactly what you thought was going on. LOL

>52 suitable1: >53 MrsLee: That might be fun, but I'll be walking so much slower than we'll be reading. :o)

Mar 8, 9:30pm Top

I made it to Whitfurrows! I'm at 31.1 miles for March so far. I'm definitely covering more ground each day using the Fitbit.

MrsLee, I see I'm going to have to hustle if I'm ever going to get close to you.

Mar 8, 10:06pm Top

Ack! I need to order an Atlas. I'm going to make a confession, please don't kick me out of the walk, but I've never actually read LOTR. *hangs head in shame* I've read The Hobbit, though. And loved the LOTR movies.

Edited: Mar 9, 6:55am Top

>57 catzteach: No worries. :o) I'm sure you're not alone, even in this group.

Mar 8, 11:17pm Top

>57 catzteach: My confession is that I read it, and thought it was...okay. But I love The Hobbit.

Mar 9, 1:37am Top

>57 catzteach: >59 SylviaC: Mine is that, as embarrassing as it is to make an assertion like this, I love it and view it as one of the great works of world literature, a treasure.

Mar 9, 5:30am Top

>57 catzteach: My confession is more grievous than yours... I've not read either LotR or The Hobbit. (But loved the LotR movies. Not seen the Hobbit ones yet.)

Mar 9, 8:42am Top

>60 stellarexplorer: I'm with you, I love every word. I also love the movies - I know they took certain liberties for cinematography reasons, but I was delighted that everything looked exactly the way I had always pictured it.

Mar 9, 9:20am Top

Managed to cross the Brandywine yesterday, no Black Riders in sight (only a dental hygienist, which is close).

Since we all seem to be in a testimonial confession mode, I love the books, I love the movies, I love everything I've ever read by Tolkien about Middle Earth. I do however, see the flaws and understand why some do not love them. It was all I could do, when teaching my children history, to not include the history of Middle Earth in our timeline. Happily, they love it as much as I do, so we had two timelines.

Edited: Mar 9, 9:34am Top

>63 MrsLee: What was the date for the start of your walk, MrsLee? According to the chart in post #9 it's 70 miles from Bag End to the river. (Or are you using only your atlas? Because on there a straight shot would be about 50 miles I think.)

Also love the books and films, except for the final segment of The Hobbit... which I won't speak about in here.

Edited: Mar 9, 9:45am Top

I started tracking on Feb. 6th I think. I'm not being scientific at all about this. I'm using the atlas, with my fingers estimating distance. :) So, if I took the actual path of the Hobbits, I am not near the river yet. I've walked 55.82 miles so far.

ETA: I hadn't clicked on the link up there to see the actual chart. I'll start going by that now, since it is so detailed. Which means, I am in a sunny spot, not across the river!

Mar 9, 10:34am Top

The thing I love about the chart is all the details I've completely forgotten. I'm going to see my first Black Rider today! Gets my heart pumping. :o)

Mar 9, 4:56pm Top

Last night we got from Gandalf telling Bilbo to put the envelope on the mantle, not to give it to him, up to Bilbo disappearing over the low place in the hedge. Then I heard rhythmic deep breathing.

So let's call it generously 50 feet.

Mar 9, 5:28pm Top

:o) I hope you weren't offended.

Mar 9, 6:24pm Top

>68 clamairy: Par for the course. Should've started earlier if I'd expected to cover some serious ground!

Mar 9, 9:47pm Top

Maybe you're the human equivalent of Old Man Willow and your voice has a soothing soporific effect.

Edited: Mar 9, 11:46pm Top

Could be. But I'm a less evil entity than the Old Man. And more mobile. ;)

Mar 10, 9:41am Top

OK, using the chart, at 61 miles, I am FINALLY at the edges of Farmer Maggot's field, there will be mushrooms on the menu tonight!

Mar 10, 10:38am Top

Save them for second breakfast. :)

Edited: Mar 10, 10:51am Top

>72 MrsLee: Yum! Have you ever just eaten them roasted as they do in FotR? I have not, but I have tossed them on the grill with just a spritz of EVOO and a sprinkling of salt and they are wonderful.

Saw my first Black Rider at some point yesterday! w000h000!

Mar 10, 12:51pm Top

>74 clamairy: I've taken to roasting mine in the oven. Sliced on a pan, a drizzle of EVOO, salt, pepper and roast at 450° for 10 min., stir, back in the hot oven for another 5-10 min. Much of the time and heat depends on your roasting pan and oven. It's a trial and error thing.

Love them grilled, sauted, fried, baked, roasted, marinated...

Mar 10, 11:49pm Top

My son says we're doing it wrong. He says we need to have gamer's dice and every third day roll them to see how bad our situation is compared to the movie or book. It sounds complicated, but a fun concept.

Mar 11, 1:09pm Top

>76 MrsLee: ha ha! your son is right!

Mar 11, 7:39pm Top

Tonight I roasted (and ate most of) a whole container of Portabellas in honor of Farmer Maggot.

>76 MrsLee: Ha! I'm sure we have some of those floating around the house somewhere.

Mar 12, 11:27am Top

I ordered my atlas on Friday. I'm only about 80 miles into the journey. I'll be able to pick up my pace once the weather gets warmer.

Mar 13, 9:27pm Top

I've passed the 1000 mile point - my feet are tired and my bones are weary.

Mar 14, 9:34am Top

At 74.3 miles, I'm about to enter the Old Forest.

>80 Peace2: I hear ya!

Mar 15, 12:55pm Top

I made it to Farmer Maggot's!

Edited: Mar 15, 1:10pm Top

I made it 13 miles on day one (I'm biking it), and then family came to town. Pretty sure the Nazgul are catching up...

ETA: Many, many thanks to Peace for the spreadsheet!

Mar 15, 6:20pm Top

Well, I spent the money and upgraded my Fitbit today. Got myself a Charge 2. If I go backed on the numbers since March 1, I'm 34 miles in. However, I need to get my stride corrected in the system, so I am going to delay my start of my walk until I can get the stride length set right.

Mar 15, 6:53pm Top

Slight panic today - my MP3 player jammed and wouldn't play - the button worked for selecting everything except 'play' - so I could scroll and select and rewind and forward but I couldn't play. Fortunately this was just as I got home so I could make alternative arrangements, but the thought of doing all my walking with it is.... positively terrifying!

Mar 15, 9:52pm Top

At 82.7 miles I am walking the path in the forest, gently climbing. That must be why my thighs are killing me, and not the few burpies I did yesterday. :P

So glad you are all on the journey!

>82 clamairy: Enjoy the mushrooms and homemade bread with cheese!

Mar 19, 3:34pm Top

Uh Oh. Stopped by Old Man Willow to rest a bit this weekend. You may not hear from me for a bit. :P

Mar 19, 5:12pm Top

My Atlas of Middle Earth came today! Yay! The Husband is liking it, too.

I'm a bit ahead of you MrsLee, but not much, maybe ten miles. I really need to print those charts.

And, Peace, I'd love to have a copy of the spreadsheet!

Mar 19, 5:36pm Top

So gave away the ring well before I got to Mordor. :)

Mar 19, 5:44pm Top

>89 gilroy: Congrats! :o)

Mar 19, 9:01pm Top

>88 catzteach: More than happy to share the spreadsheet with you I'm using - if you want to ping me an email address in a pm, I'll send it over when I get back from work on Monday evening.

Mar 20, 8:11am Top

I'm in the Old Forrest as well. On a gently climbing path, apparently. :o) Still a few days away from Old Man Willow.

>88 catzteach: Yay!

Mar 20, 10:45pm Top

>91 Peace2: message sent. :)

Edited: Mar 21, 3:35am Top

>93 catzteach: Reply sent - Happy walking! Ooops - resent - hopefully to right place this time.

Mar 22, 10:01pm Top

>94 Peace2: thanks! It's awesome! I'll input the info this weekend. I can add another 7.63 miles for today. :)

Mar 23, 11:25pm Top

Tonight I am camped in the western part of the Midgewater Marshes.

It was soooo easy to calculate, thanks to the spreadsheet!

Mar 24, 8:14am Top

I made it to Tom Bombadil's yesterday, after being rescued from the clutches of our favorite hobbit-eating tree. :o)

>96 catzteach: How are those hobbit-eating midges?

Mar 24, 9:19am Top

Whew! I just got out of the Barrow downs. Fusty, smelly, creepy old place. But scored a sword!

>97 clamairy: You will probably catch up to me soon! I don't plan on a lot of walking this weekend since I'm going away for a girl's getaway! Most walking we will do is across the street from the Inn to the Mexican restaurant and back. :)

Mar 24, 9:31am Top

I think I'm just trolling the Shire for all the good food. :)

Mar 24, 9:39am Top

>98 MrsLee: I was just about to ask if you'd been seen lately, or whether we need to send out a search party.

Mar 29, 8:57pm Top

Maybe I should be checking my progress more often. Because I am already passed the Barrow Downs. According to the chart last night I reached the "Former boundary of Cardolan, part of the North Kingdom of Arnor." At least Tom is still will us.

Edited: Mar 30, 9:45am Top

>101 clamairy: Me too. Totally skipped my stay in Bree. :( However, I now have Aragorn Strider with me!

Edited: Mar 30, 2:25pm Top

>102 MrsLee: Ooooh! I have that to look forward to. :o) I'm thinking of wasting paper and printing out the chart so I can see where I am daily. Or I guess I could just save it to my phone... Maybe I'll do that. But then I can't write on it to mark my progess. :o/ *sigh*

ETA: I saved it as a word file and printed it two-sided in .7 font so it only used two sheets of paper. Now I can see where I am before I go to sleep each night.
:o) Apparently Strider spotted us last night but hid. Muwahaha!

Mar 30, 7:00pm Top

>30 clamairy: He just wasn't ready for a woman like you! ;)

I'mgoing to do what you did. I mean print it.

Mar 30, 7:21pm Top

>104 MrsLee: No one is! :o)

And good for you. I probably won't post daily, but I think I'll be a lot more engaged in the process if I can see where I am every day.

Apr 1, 11:34am Top

Apparently, at 153 milesish, I am in a good spot. "Ground dropping slowly, quiet and peaceful."

Apr 2, 2:56am Top

End of March update on Walking to Mordor : 1060.39 miles just under 250 miles to go to get to Rauros - currently predicted to get there by 23rd June.

Edited: Apr 2, 10:54pm Top

83.55 miles, middle of the Old Forest! At this rate I'll be back home in...3580.5 days.

Apr 4, 10:09am Top

I seem to be in eastern Chetwood. I'm not eager to come out because there is a long slog through midges ahead for me. :/

Which seems appropriate, because there are tons of starving mosquitoes coming out right now here at home.

Edited: Apr 4, 11:04am Top

>109 MrsLee: I think I've just about caught up with you! I was at 161 last night. I should be leaving Chetwood today, and I'm not thrilled about meeting the midges either. :o(

No skeeters here yet, but lots of peepers. And I saw that my bats are back. :o)

Apr 8, 4:02pm Top

Hit 178 last night. Oh yay. Midges. :oS

Apr 8, 11:37pm Top

I'm past Weathertop and camping in thickets tonight.

Apr 11, 9:31am Top

Still trudging through the Marshes. I have to say, I have the right sound effects here with all my frogs.

I'm two miles away from seeing the flashes of light in the east! Weather forecast is thunder and lightening in the next day or so. Seemingly, the world at large is intent on providing effects for my walk to Mordor. I just hope it doesn't provide the terror of the Black Riders and other horrors along the way.

Apr 11, 10:19am Top

One pair of shoes gave up the ghost last week while I was walking to work. New shoes have rubbed blisters and they're not even on my heels - they're round the side below the ankle bone! Awesome.... *sigh* Combined with ongoing coldy/fluey symptoms and I'm not making good progress this week. I still have about 218 miles to go to get to Rauros.

Apr 15, 9:49pm Top

>114 Peace2: Ouch! I hope they heal quickly!

I've been stagnant as well. I've been working late to get my papers done for my professional development course I'm doing. Once that is done, hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I can start really exercising again.

Apr 16, 10:07am Top

212 miles for me, have awakened by a stream, studded with alder trees. Paper says moon is waxing, but I know for a fact it is waning, because I was doing my yoga by the full moon this last week. Looking ahead to the ruins of Weathertop.

Lots of rain and cold here, which means I am not walking to work as frequently as I would wish. Patience, grasshopper, summer will come. With a vengeance most likely. Then I will have to figure out how to get my walking in when it is triple digits outside.

Apr 16, 1:46pm Top

>116 MrsLee: yeah, the weather here isn't helping. I'm ready to be outside more, but with it being only in the 40s, that's not going to happen. Well, I can run, but I won't ride my bike until it's over 50.

Apr 16, 10:38pm Top

I was at 219 miles last night. It's been pretty nice here. :o)

Apr 17, 11:10pm Top

Just added up my miles. I'm at 306, which means I'm following a wide shallow curving valley.

Apr 18, 9:14am Top

>118 clamairy: Pant, pant, trying to catch up! I'm at 218 miles this morning. Sadly, thunderstorms predicted right when I should be walking to work, but maybe later today I can push on.

Apr 18, 11:12am Top

What do Hobbits do when it rain during an adventure?

Apr 19, 9:35am Top

>121 suitable1: I am only a Hobbit in training. And I don't have a ring. So I'm not walking in the rain to work. So there. :P

Apr 19, 9:45am Top

Besides, if you walk in the rain and get too wet, you might shrink

Apr 21, 9:14am Top

I'm at 234 miles this morning. It took me awhile to find that cunningly hidden path, but I did. I don't have Sam to recite for me, so I am listening to Harry Dresden tell his story.

Apr 21, 10:49am Top

>121 suitable1: I seem to remember they just got wet. There wasn't much weather in LoTR, but in TH there are plenty of damp cloaks and drips off the end of beards - ok that was the dwarfs, but I'm sure Bilbo was wet too.

Apr 22, 2:42pm Top

I'm at 242 and bad things happened to Frodo last night. :o(

I think the weather might be matching the story here. It's been gray and damp the last couple of days.

Apr 27, 9:27am Top

257 miles. Trudging on. Have had a hard time motivating myself lately, but must keep on to get Frodo some help. Rivendale seems so far away.

Edited: May 6, 9:30am Top

Uh oh.... haven't checked for a while. Thankfully I found a handy thingy on my Fitbit dashboard that lets me plug in a date range and get my miles. (Up until now I've just been doing it a few days at a time, and scrolling through each day and adding it up. TMI, I know.)

I'm at 292 miles, which means I'm three days out from Weathertop.

(EDT: Originally posted May 3. Fixed a typo and the date changed.)

Edited: May 4, 9:36am Top

>128 clamairy: 283 miles here. Is Frodo beginning to get on your nerves? I mean, we love him of course, but I miss my sleep.

I have only found the thingy on my Fitbit that lets me look at 3 months or 1 year at a time.

Are you tracking your sleep patterns?

May 4, 10:07am Top

>129 MrsLee: The whimpering in pain thing can only be tolerated for so long.

Yes I am! The Sleep Stages thing finally showed up on my app this week. That's what I bought the thing for. The steps/mileage tracker is just a bonus feature. I'm getting the appropriate % of REM and Deep sleep for my age/gender, but not enough of it this week. (Thanks to my cat who has decided she needs love at first light the last 3 days. Once my son brings his cat home this weekend I will be keeping my door shut at night. I don't want Belle to get lonely.)

The ability to add up miles by date is only on the Dashboard on the PC, not on my phone. If you still can't find it let me know and I'll see if I can write up some instructions.

May 4, 3:29pm Top

>130 clamairy: Oh, I haven't ever looked at the Dashboard on my PC. Guess I should figure out how to do that sometime! :)

I only have the Alta, not the new and improved Alta, so I don't think it tracks the sleep stages? Mine (on the phone), shows me my restless and awake times. I'm playing with my beverage intake at night. I read that gin can help arthritic pain, so I've been having a small shot in the evening, then I was having a hot tea because it was a nice routine for Mark and I. I experimented with caffeinated kinds, but have found that when I have caffeine in the evening, the urge to pee at about 2 or 3am is too strong to resist. If I avoid caffeine, that urge can be ignored. Also, I began taking my golden milk about 1/2 hour before bed and that seems to make me sleep without any restlessness for the first 4 or 5 hours. Either that, or the gin, not sure which, so more experimentation is required. I don't really want to drink gin every night though, so I'm hoping it's the golden milk.

May 5, 7:46pm Top

I made it to Weathertop last night! Time to start carrying Frodo, I guess.

May 6, 9:31am Top

>131 MrsLee: What is golden milk? And I love the sleep stages! Turns out I spend more time in REM than women of my age usually do. Not surprised at that as I've always been a vivid dreamer. I used to just assume everyone dreamed a lot but just didn't remember their dreams like I do.

>132 ArmyAngel1986: Yay! And, yup!

May 6, 4:07pm Top

>133 clamairy: This amount makes enough for 2 - 6-8 oz. cups of milk

1 t. turmeric
1 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. ginger
pinch of black pepper
1 t. coconut oil

Mix into a paste, add to milk of your choice (I use cow's milk, others use almond, etc.), heat gently. Stir in 1 t. honey (more or less to taste), stir and sip. It's a lovely flavor. That in itself is enough for me.

But it also has benefits for health. Turmeric and cinnamon are good for inflammation reduction and high blood pressure, especially if you add the black pepper which has a chemical that helps the turmeric chemicals activate. Turmeric is a blood thinner though, so if you decide to do this regularly, you need to tell your doctor.

Now, are all of those things just folk remedies? I don't know. I do know the placebo effect is strong and as long as it doesn't hurt you, why not? I think it helps me and it tastes fantastic.

I have made it with powder or fresh turmeric and ginger. Wonderful both ways, although fresh can have a texture not everyone desires (I like it with little bits in it to chew, and my Vitamix gets rid of most of them). I do fresh as a rule because I can, but it is good to make enough to last a week or so in the fridge. It's easier that way.

One hint, if you are using a blender, and you think it will help to puree it to add a little water, don't. It makes a mess. Add more coconut oil instead.

May 8, 1:15pm Top

>134 MrsLee: Thank you! Might give it a shot at some point. :o)

May 19, 12:25pm Top

I'm at 379 miles, and I still haven't made it to Rivendell!

Edited: May 19, 3:48pm Top

>136 clamairy: 29 miles behind you. *trudge, trudge*

I bought some bluetooth earbuds, and I like 'em, but this morning they told me the battery was dying, so I walked to work listening to traffic, birds, squirrels and whatnot instead of Thursday Next.

May 19, 3:59pm Top

>137 MrsLee: Out of curiosity, how do you recharge them/replace the battery? How long does the battery last - approximately?

May 20, 3:41pm Top

>138 Peace2: Mine have a port for a USB cable, and happily I bought a Tardis USB thingy to hook into my computer, so I have enough ports. One for my fitbit, one for my earbuds, one for my cuecat, and one for my Kindle.

I'm going to see if it will do to charge them on Wednesday and Friday evenings. I only listen with them when I walk to work (40 minutes a day if all goes well). I've only had mine 1 week.

May 22, 11:05pm Top

I have made it to Rivendell!!! Woohoo!

>137 MrsLee: Not to butt in on the conversation, but my bluetooth headphones have 8 hours of play time after a charge. I like mine because it tells me how much is left when I turn them on.

May 23, 9:11am Top

>140 catzteach: Ah, I'm still all bumbly-fumbly with mine, figuring out how they work and sync, etc. They did tell me when the battery was low, so I wonder if I actually had them in my ear when I turned them on if they would tell me that?

A left-handed gripe. The controls are on the right ear, and very close up to the ear, so I can't see them when the earphone is in my ear and I'm just rather dumb about it. Suppose that with time this will all become easy, but why does it have to be such a learning curve every time I get a new piece of technology?

361 miles for me, so, still about 90 miles to go before I reach Rivendell. Now I am in the hills, hope there are not trolls...

Jun 2, 9:36am Top

I got to see the Stone Trolls yesterday, and listen to Sam's poem. He's so cute. I'm at 399mi. Looking forward to meeting Glorfindel next week *swoon* (I once had a goldfish named Glorfindel).

Jun 2, 12:24pm Top

Dagnabbit, I missed the trolls! :o(

I'm at 445 miles, and "hobbling along" according to the print-out. I'm only 12 miles from Rivendell so I should reach it by Sunday evening. I'm going to have to print out the next few pages of the walk details.

Jun 5, 5:58pm Top

Currently listening to "The Fellowship of the Ring" when walking alone (which reminds me I must recharge the mp3 player). Tom Bombadil has just come to the rescue of Merry and Pippin thankfully.

I've made it to about 1,224.54 miles but haven't got to Rauros yet - if things go well I'll get there at the end of this month, but there's not a lot of leeway so it may be early next month. I've invested in a new pair of shoes in the hope of less discomfort when I'm walking... I may need luck with that as my shoe buying of late has not been a roaring success on any front!

Typically we're now predicted a few days of high wind and heavy rain - this also will not assist my progress.

Jun 13, 9:10am Top

Last night we camped by the River Bruinen. We hobbits are hobbling along!

Jun 15, 9:29pm Top

I've been walking but not paying much attention to how much and where I'm supposed to be in ME. Shame on me. Things got a little busy what with gardening season descending upon us. And then I went to NYC for a weekend.

So it seems I did indeed hit Rivendell on June 4th. And then I promptly forgot about it. So now I'm 61 miles past Rivendell and I just passed a small stream. I don't think things will be getting too exciting for another 200 miles at least.

Jun 15, 9:38pm Top

I haven't updated my mileage since I hit Rivendell. I'll work on that this weekend.

Jun 15, 11:15pm Top

I made it to Rivendell on the 13th! Approximately 55 days until Lothlorian.

Jun 16, 9:15am Top

Whew! I'm overlooking Rivendell from the cliff's edge. Remember that view all you all? So lovely. By the time I get to work this morning, I will be in Rivendell and I plan to spend the weekend there resting and recovering and enjoying the food. Unlike most hobbits, I really enjoy salad and vegetables and light bits of meat. And elf music.

Jun 18, 7:16pm Top

I won't be walking much the next few days. It doesn't get below 80° right now. I'm going to try this tomorrow for exercise; I will get up at 5am, go garden for an hour, then come in to do yoga, shower and coffee before work. I may even make my coffee tonight so I can have a cup first thing to get my eyes open.

Jun 18, 9:42pm Top

>150 MrsLee: I'm impressed! Good luck with that! I'm not sure I could do that here, both because there are too many skeeters at that hour and also because I would be hard pressed to get my sorry carcass out of bed that early for gardening. I can do it to catch a plane or a train, but probably not for that. :o/

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