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We Have Always Lived In The BBC- mstrust's #3

This is a continuation of the topic The Girl with The BBC Tattoo- mstrust #2.

75 Books Challenge for 2017

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Edited: Mar 22, 11:39am Top

Welcome to our new location!

We stock just about any book in existence, we have a patisserie, a tiki bar, comfortable chairs, occasional live performances and a staff that are mostly rude but can be inadvertently helpful at times.
We have many, many rooms to browse, enough to make you lose the whole day. Come for the Books, Booze and Chocolate, stay for the terrible service!

2017 Reads

1. Light Boxes- 4 stars
2. The Indian Lawyer- 4.2 stars
3. Dear Beatles- 3.2 stars
4. Down From The Attic- 4 stars
5. The Pursuit of Love- 4.5 stars
6. Googie: Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture- 4.5 stars
7. The Magician's Wife- 3 stars
8. The Know-It-All- 4.2 stars
9. The Victoria Vanishes- 4 stars
10. Pissing in the Gene Pool- 2.5 stars
11. The Brutal Telling- 4 stars
12. How To Be A Woman- 4.5 stars
13. The Third Man- 4 stars
14. My Crowd- 4.5 stars
15. The James River Plantation Cookbook- 4 stars
16. Spooksville: Aliens In The Sky- 3.5 stars
17. My Name Escapes Me- 4.5 stars
18. In A Glass Grimmly- 4.2 stars
19. Interpreter of Maladies- 4 stars
20. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold- 3.5 stars
21. A Taste of Honey- 4 stars
22. The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories- 3.5 stars
23. Whatever Happened To Pudding Pops?- 5 stars
24. Nightmare Abbey- 3.5 stars

Tiki at The BBC

Our patisserie

Mar 7, 12:31pm Top

Ooooh, new digs! Looks great. That staircase in pic 2 is almost Hogwartsian.

Mar 7, 12:48pm Top

Happy new thread, Jennifer! I'm pulling up my stool to the Tiki bar!!

Mar 7, 12:57pm Top

Happy new one, Jennifer. I take a seat and waiting what will happen.

Mar 7, 1:17pm Top

>2 PawsforThought: Thanks! You're right, that staircase does look rather Hog-ish.

>3 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda! Go ahead and grab one of those cocktails, I know you're good for it.

>4 Ameise1: Thank you! The staff moved an entire bookstore/bar/patisserie in less than 30 minutes.
Here's what Bernard is up to:

Though it was probably a mistake to put him in charge of moving the bar. We seem to have fewer bottles now.

Mar 7, 1:29pm Top

>5 mstrust: You mean there were bottles left at all?

And I think I'm going tog et a glass of wine and one of those tarts/cakes (?) with raspberries on them. Look amazing.

Mar 7, 1:45pm Top

It is still morning my time, so I will pass on the Tiki bar for now, but I will be back later! For now, I think, just a patisserie. Happy new thread!

Mar 7, 1:57pm Top

It's seven in London. I'm drinking for Britain now.

Mar 7, 2:03pm Top

Oh a whole new BBC to browse through - there goes my day!


I thought that last show was sort of like the calm before the storm. Rick and Michonne were having a romantic getaway that included all their favorite things - guns, food, and zombies! Although Rick was in no hurry to go home, he needs to get his head back in the game especially now that Rosita and Sasha are planning to take Negan out by themselves which I don't think will end happily! I guess the next episode will find Rick off to meet and make an agreement with the women at Oceanside, now that Tara has come clean about their existence.

Edited: Mar 7, 3:11pm Top

>6 PawsforThought: I suspect that what bottles remain are half-filled with water. Bernard is a sneaky drunk. That sugary raspberry tart is gorgeous, isn't it? I also wouldn't turn down one of those eclairs. Looks like a cafe-au-lait flavor.

>7 Berly: Thanks! What do you mean about it being too early for tiki? Cocktails contain orange, lime, guava, coconut... they're the primary source of my vitamins.

>8 SomeGuyInVirginia: I hope you warned them that you were coming. Give them time to bring out the reserves.

>9 DeltaQueen50: Welcome, Judy!
It did seem like they were having a bit of a honeymoon. Who knew that a bag of chili and mac and cheese was a love offering? I agree, it can't last, what with Rosita and Sasha and their plans to stage a two woman attack. But what if their plan to kill Negan does work? That would be so awesome, which is why it will fail.
Yep, once Rick knows about the Oceanside group he'll throw up a clouds of dust running to them. I'm not positive, but I think this season will end next month.

Mar 7, 3:32pm Top

Happy new thread to all at the BBC, Jennifer. xx

Mar 7, 4:30pm Top

Happy new thread! Any chance for a mojito from the tiki bar? I could use one...

Mar 7, 5:30pm Top

You know, when I lived in Europe I saw patisseries like the one above all the time but I've never seen anything like it in the US. Other than the perfume counter at Bergdorf's. There was on in Lisbon, all marble tops and dark mahogany and blue and white china, that I don't think had changed much since the 1880s.

Europe really does have class out the wazoo.

Mar 7, 5:50pm Top

>11 PaulCranswick: Good to see you, Paul!

>12 drneutron: Mojito, sir! One of the reasons I'll be potting some mint soon. Also Thai food. Mint is good, and don't we give you plenty of it in your drink? Like a salad.

>13 SomeGuyInVirginia: The Lisbon patisserie sounds beautiful. I love the old buildings of Europe, and New York. You can find beautiful old buildings in San Francisco too, but in Phoenix something has to be protected or it gets torn down.
Good thing The BBC raises the property value of wherever we are. It's also been noted that the citizens become better-looking, the air cleaner and reading becomes the most popular pastime. Also, everyone can sing at least one Misfits song.

Mar 7, 6:12pm Top

Happy new thread, Jennifer, I'll sit a while in a corner near the books with a Lumumba (hot chocolate milk with cognac).

Mar 7, 7:03pm Top

In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, I'll be eating all the Guinness chocolate cake ;) Happy new thread!

Mar 8, 12:41pm Top

Can I have the usual? (Jack with a Beck back; that's good eatin'!)

Edited: Mar 8, 1:30pm Top

>15 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita, glad you're here! Now the lumumba is a new one to me. I like hot chocolate with Bailey's or we used to have it with a cinnamon schnapps called Hot Damn!

>16 rabbitprincess: Hello, princess! Yum, I hope the ladies in the kitchen are in there putting the frosting on right now.

>17 SomeGuyInVirginia: It's already on the bar at your usual seat. How are things in London? *narrows eyes* Are you meeting with Mycroft Holmes?

Edited: Mar 8, 1:44pm Top

19. Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. A collection of short stories about Indian or Indian-Americans, loss, loneliness, and finding out that you don't really know the person closest to you. In the title story, a man who works weekends guiding tourist around to Indian temples and sights, sees the wife of a family he's guiding as showing a special interest in him. With little love in his own marriage, this spark revives hope for him. In "The Blessed House", a young Indian-American couple find that their new house has a vast collection of Jesus paraphernalia hidden about, which charms the wife and alarms the husband. My favorite was "Mrs. Sen's", about a young and lonely Indian wife who is trying desperately to assimilate to her new life in America as her husband is losing patience with her dependence on him. Advertising as a baby-sitter, her struggle is seen through the eyes of her eleven year-old American charge. 4 stars

I read this one for the "One Book" group.

Edited: Mar 9, 9:40am Top

Tiki alert! Mondo Tees, ground zero for fan art, is selling a series of Alien tiki mugs. The first two colors are already sold out, but they have the blue version up now. $28 plus $10.50 shipping. Christmas came early!

Mar 9, 10:40am Top

Are you getting one? It's very unique, as when tiki and spacey stuff meet, it's usually the 50's or 60's Jetsons look. I had a closer look at this one and it's got a lot more detail than at first glance, and that mottling is really great.
I'm working on a tiki but starting to have trouble with my Dremel, so it's slow going. Maybe another two weeks or so to finish carving, then several coats of varnish.

Ugh, we're going to be at 85 degrees today and we'll be in the 90's by next week. This is orange blossom season though, which is wonderful at night. We were going to drive east a few nights ago, to the neighborhoods that have lots of orange trees, but I opened the door and the air was filled with the strong scent of night-blooming jasmine.

Mar 9, 2:02pm Top

Yeah, I already bought one. Stuff at Mondo sells out in minutes, sometimes. Can be very frustrating. Plus, there was some deal where their very productive creative director left suddenly and under a cloud and the place has kind of sucked since.

There's a Alamo Cinema and Drafthouse nearby, but I've never been. They play lots of cool movies.

Hey! I've been in the bookstore in >1 mstrust:. It's the Lello and Bros. bookstore in Porto. I went there once to buy translated Agatha Christies so I could brush up on my Portuguese. Didn't come out with any Agathas, but I did get a translation of Huckelberry Finn.

Edited: Mar 9, 3:44pm Top

I did see that Mondo has a really cool Alfred Hitchcock figurine. I'm still in the market for a shrunken head mug and I really like the Trader Sam's version. But look what I found while trolling around-

A mug of the "green girl" in the painting. This is wonderful.

No, no you're mistaken. The BBC is the first bookstore ever in that building. Before we moved in it housed a store that sold nothing but boomerangs. After we move on, I'm sure it will be back.

Oh, and we were out on the outskirts of the city this morning and found a guy selling jars of local honey at the side of the road. I got jars of wildflower honey for us and one to take to Mom next week. He was also selling gems and fossils, but nothing of a quality that interested me.

Mar 9, 4:17pm Top

Doh! What was I thinking, of course you're right! The BBC rules!

Holy cow, that tiki is AWESOME! It's meta camp.

Mar 9, 4:22pm Top

Isn't it great? I only wonder why she's blue rather than green, but whatever, she's so cool.
I hope your trip is going well!

Mar 10, 4:46pm Top

She's probably not green so my head won't explode.

Mar 10, 5:47pm Top

Ha, well she's lovely and worth tracking down even if she is in the wrong shade. Btw, I was looking on Ebay yesterday to see what mugs were on offer, and there were three of my fugly Frankie's dragon ghost mugs. The prices ranged from $250-400. Wow! But then there were only 300 released.
My Frankie's orange Frankenstein, released last Halloween, was going for $200. It makes me feel so smart that this is my retirement plan.

And did anyone catch the premiere of "Feud", the new show about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis? I saw that one of the creators is one of the "American Horror Story" guys. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Mar 11, 12:17pm Top

Happy weekend, Jennifer.

Mar 11, 12:25pm Top

You too, Barbara!

We've been to a small farmer's market this morning and did I ever shop. Massive lemons, parsley, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, tomato, fennel, green beans, a loaf of cinnamon pecan bread and another of semolina bread, and a really big planter of mint. Plus a big breakfast burrito of chirizo, bacon, eggs, potatoes and cheese. Seems like we'll return again. I'm making Mulligatawny Stew tonight.

Mar 11, 12:44pm Top

Happy Saturday Jennifer!

Mar 11, 12:47pm Top

And Happy Saturday to you, Linda!

Mar 11, 2:16pm Top

>29 mstrust: Sounds amazing. Wish there were farmer's markets to visit here this time of year, but think the snow has to melt first, at least.

Edited: Mar 11, 4:21pm Top

Where do you live? In Phoenix our farmer's markets will run through late April or early May, then disappear until the Fall because of the intense heat. But they are great while they last. The fresh bread with brie was fantastic!

I have a few more sodas to mention quickly:

Sprecher Ginger Ale

I find that Canada Dry ginger ale is very light and mild, Schwepp's has more ginger flavor, but Sprecher's has real ginger bite. Not that ginger burn like a ginger beer, but far more than your average ginger ale.

Boston Tower Orange Soda. This really tastes like a Necco wafer, if Neccos wafers came in an orange flavor. It has that powdered sugar aftertaste. I'm not complaining, but I prefer a more realistic flavor.

Mar 11, 4:47pm Top

>29 mstrust: Your shopping sounds fantastic.

Mar 11, 7:18pm Top

>33 mstrust: Northern Sweden, where winters are long (but not so tough anymore because climate change) and nothing can be harvested for months yet.
We have the occasional farmer's markets in late summer and early autumn. We had an international food market (with food trucks and stands from about 30 different countries) that combined with a farmer's market in September last year. Was amazing. Fresh apple juice in bag in box! Also, lángos, because there was a Hungarian stand there.

Specher's sounds interesting, but I'd be surprised if I could find it over here. I love ginger ale - it's the only fizzy drink I genuinely like, and more ginger taste sounds great. Aaaaaand, now I want ginger.

Edited: Mar 11, 8:43pm Top

>33 mstrust: Ginger Beer was one of my favourite drinks growing up. Over here the brands I used to drink as a kid are not available but I often drank this one:

Mar 12, 11:18am Top

>34 Ameise1: It was, and Mike surprised me by saying right away that he'd like to go back next week, so clearly he wasn't traumatized. ; ) I used one of my lemons to make a lemon hot milk sponge cake with lemon frosting for our dessert last night, and a batch of jelly muffins for the freezer. Those are a cakey muffin that I added lemon to, and then there's strawberry preserves in the middle.
I also used some lemon juice, green beans and potatoes in the Mulligatawny stew. I spent a good portion of yesterday cooking.

>35 PawsforThought: Sprecher's is made in Wisconsin, I believe, so it could be a challenge for you. My sister loves ginger stuff, much more than me, and one of her favorite candies are the ginger chews. I think they started out being advertised for upset stomachs but then people began eating them as candy. She also uses the Origins line of ginger lotions and soaps.

>36 PaulCranswick: That looks serious. I've occasionally seen a stout in a stone bottle, but that's the first ginger beer I've seen in one. How strong is it?
I made ginger beer on my counter once, from a recipe from Gourmet or Bon Appetit. It turned out highly gingery and Mike wouldn't touch it. I remember it as being pretty easy to make as long as you have the patience to leave it alone.

Which reminds me that I plan on making another quart of blackberry liqueur soon. I'm about 3/4 of the way through my first bottle, as it's turned out to be so versatile and I like knowing the ingredients in what I'm drinking. I may even make raspberry or lemon version too.

Mar 12, 12:52pm Top

>37 mstrust: Yeah, I figured it'd be next to impossible to get hold of it.
Ginger candies aren't that common here, but I have liked it when I've tried it. Must see if I can find it in any of the shops. Or there's always Amazon.

Mar 12, 2:50pm Top

Amazon for sure. I'm afraid I can't remember the brand she eats all the time, but I do remember that it features a ginger root with a smiling face on the package. That sounds strange, I know.

Edited: Mar 12, 3:03pm Top

20. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by John Le Carre. Alec Leamas had been heading the Berlin branch of British Intelligence for several years when he witnesses the death of one of his German double agents. He's called back to London to meet with Control and have a proposition put forth. At fifty years old and no family, Leamas must allow the opposition to trap him, to turn him into a defector and feed them information that will give the British the upper hand. If he fails, he'll likely be killed or put into a faraway prison, but if he succeeds, he'll be taken out of the cold and be safe at home.

True espionage that hinges on the acting skills of one mid-level agent. The back and forth is fast and the reader is never positive who to root for, as some of Leamas' rivals seem like decent guys, but you really are hoping that Leamus will be alright. 3.5 stars

Mar 12, 7:08pm Top

>39 mstrust: Well, the top result when I search for "ginger sweets" on Amazon is from a brand called "Gin Gins" that has two smiling gingers roots on the front of the package.

Mar 12, 8:00pm Top

That's it!

Mar 13, 1:11pm Top


1. Carol's being her usual cheerful self around frightened young males. So when Sam asked her to teach him how to make cookies, she did. When Ben asks her to teach him how to stay alive, she says no and stomps away.
2. We see a very different Richard than the one Daryl beat up a few days ago. In this episode, he's humble and trying to make amends. And all Morgan has to do is glare at him to provoke this whole crying backstory and confession.
3. So why would that douchebag Savior shoot Ben in the thigh rather than Richard, whom he really hated and was standing there asking to be killed?
4. Savior Gavin is as good a guy as the Saviors get, I guess.
5. And now Morgan's crazy again, which may be his default setting. He goes from "I don't kill" to strangling a man with his hands in one day. And then making it worse by doing it in front of the Saviors and telling them about Richard's plan, the tattletale. But he pulls it together enough to go to Carol's door and tell her about Glenn and Abraham. Does lulling the Saviors into thinking you're trained require strangling a man in front of them?
6. Carol's back!

Mar 13, 5:23pm Top

La la la la la!

I got the tiki mugs unpacked and am grooving on them. They're so heavy! I'm on the tiki mugs wagon for a while because I spent all my cash on this- Rotten Slow Joe, with blood splatter by Turkey Merck. I won't even get it for a couple of months and I'm already having to breath into a paper bag because I'm light headed.

Mar 13, 5:28pm Top

>40 mstrust: I was kind of 'meh' on that one. I have not read any of Le Carre's other books to this point.

Edited: Mar 13, 6:49pm Top

>44 SomeGuyInVirginia: That is awesome! Is it an upcoming release? Wow, you're finding some really great mugs! Hey, do you ever visit tikicentral.com? There is the coolest, most authentic home tiki room pictured there. In Wisconsin!

>45 alcottacre: I liked it, except the young woman Liz was definitely a character of the time. She falls in love with the wrong guy, and within weeks she's so completely loyal and good and willing to do anything for a guy who tells her to leave him alone. That was really the only part of the story I didn't buy.

Edited: Mar 13, 6:47pm Top

21. A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney. A play set in Lancashire, about "semi-whore" Helen and her seventeen year-old daughter Jo. The two have a bitter, combative relationship made worse by Helen's boyfriend and pimp, Peter, who likes to taunt Jo to see her get angry. Though Helen is an alcoholic, she hasn't neglected Jo her whole life intentionally, more out of obliviousness, but Jo has seething resentment towards her mother. Left alone over Christmas, Jo finds her first boyfriend, a sailor about to leave for six months. Jump to six months later and we find that the sailor hasn't returned, Helen and Peter have married and moved away, and Jo is six months pregnant and being supported by her gay friend, Geoffrey.
I read this one for "The Swinging Sixties" challenge even though is was published in 1956 and first performed in 1958 in London, but the movie version, which a saw just a few years ago and starred Rita Tushingham, was released in 1961. It's black and white and fits right in with the Angry Young Man films, except for Jo being a girl. The dialogue is biting and often funny, and the insults still sting. 4 stars

Mar 13, 7:37pm Top

>44 SomeGuyInVirginia: Ok, that is an objectively awesome mug. I think you should bring it in to work to drink your morning coffee from. You'll be able to work without any interruptions.

Mar 13, 11:38pm Top

So, last night's Walking Dead sees Carol coming back and Morgan going to live in her time-out cottage. Do you think there is going to be romance between Carol and the King? They sure seem cozy with each other.

I think this season will be over before we see the group take the fight to the Saviors. We will see the preparations but the actual event will probably be next fall.

I absolutely love that mug in >44 SomeGuyInVirginia:!

Mar 14, 11:57am Top

>48 RidgewayGirl: And then someone would steal it the first time he walked away, lol.

>49 DeltaQueen50: I thought that there might be something between Carol and Ezekiel from the way he was coming on to her, but I don't know now. She's just so wrapped up in herself that I don't think her boyfriend, Tobin, would have a chance either.
They may leave the actual fight for next season, like they left us with Rick getting pumped in the rail car at Terminus. I read an interview with Robert Kirkland recently, so I know which one of the members of Rick's group who's going to die in this fight. There may be more than one, but he named one. But I hope the leader of the trash diggers gets it too. ; )
And I guess we can assume that Heath died on that bridge when Tara couldn't find him, since he stars in another show now.

Edited: Mar 14, 3:01pm Top

Today is out to get me. Here's my rant/ pity party:
I went to the garage and found a flat tire on my car. Completely flat, so I had to call AAA to inflate it so I could drive to the tire shop because I didn't have the spare. Except that meant getting the neighbor's pool guy to move his truck, which he had parked to block our driveway. So AAA was so incredibly fast to arrive I couldn't believe it. Less than 5 minutes and the guy was really nice. I had my tires put on by Discount Tires last time and still had the paperwork with the warranty that includes a free patch. My tires are good and it was a small screw in the tread, so both Mike and the AAA guy said it would just be a patch. But, what a surprise, the Discount Tire guy says my tire is too old for them to be able to work on. Not in bad shape, because it wasn't and it only gets driven around the house, but it's age is too old and they weren't allowed to patch it, so I have to buy a new one. Actually, of course, he tried to sell me four new tires, just as he'd tried to do to another woman there. So I bought a new tire.
Then I come home and there's a sex offender notice in my mailbox. Inside, I turn on the sink in the hall bathroom and let the water warm up, walk down the hallway for a towel and come back to a flooded bathroom. The sink was clogged.
It's only noon and I want to just fast forward to tomorrow.

Mar 14, 3:52pm Top

>51 mstrust: Oh, no! What a horrible day!

Here are some books and a few bottles of wine to make it suck a little bit less.

Mar 14, 4:11pm Top

Oh no!! What a horrible-no-good morning!!! Open one of those bottles ^^ immediately! And then open a cover....

Mar 14, 5:20pm Top

>52 PawsforThought: Those books and bottles would make anyone feel better! Thanks!

>53 Berly: Good advice! If only my horrible-no-good-day ended with me winning the science fair or taking down the school bully...

Right after I posted my little hissy, Mike called me to say that one of the lawn guys was on his way to measure whatever, and I told him no, I was done with people for the day. There are times when I wish I had a moat full of crocodiles around the house. It was really the pool guy who put me in a bad mood because he's always a jerk, and then the Discount Tire guy. Funny thing is, when I went out to get my car back, there was a man waiting for service who immediately began telling me how he went to his car this morning to find two or his tires and rims had been stolen, so he was having a worse day. Then when I told him how they hadn't honored my warranty and I had to buy a new tire, he began questioning the service guy about why they hadn't just patched my tire and where in the warranty did it say that, ha! He was hot and wanted to argue about something, but he was what I'd call a polite arguer.
But then I sat down to watch my new favorite, "Feud", and Mike called to tell me that he'd looked up the tours at Ethel M. Chocolates in Vegas, and he booked us in for the tour and the special chocolate tasting class too. My mood has dissolved.

Mar 14, 5:45pm Top

>54 mstrust: Ah, chocolate tours sounds great. Glad your day ended on a positive note.

I generally "cure" bad days with wine and chocolate (that sounds SO bad!) - no better way. Unless I have work the day after. Then it's chocolate and tea.

Mar 14, 5:55pm Top

Oh snap! I'm glad things turned around. Some days do seemed cursed, Dad is firmly convinced Friday 13th is an unlucky day (with justification) and he simply stays home. When are you going to Vegas? I love that town, just because it's the opposite of almost everywhere else in the country. Wow! Even the chocolates in Las Vegas don't release their full name!

>46 mstrust: >48 RidgewayGirl:> >49 DeltaQueen50: Thanks! I think if I were 11 and saw something like that I really would hyperventilate. I'll try to get a job working in Human Resources, interviewing possible new hires.

Mar 14, 6:31pm Top

>55 PawsforThought: Your pic in >52 PawsforThought: did remind me that I had 1. limes 2. coconut milk and 3. fresh mint. I made myself a coconut mojito and you were the inspiration!
Hearing the words "I've made reservations for a chocolate tasting at the chocolate factory," is like hearing the flutter of angel's wings. Suddenly I was smiling. Mike certainly knows who he's dealing with.
I like red wine with dark chocolate, but I don't think I've tried it with tea. When I have a cup of Earl Grey, it's usually with something like a lemon or shortbread cookie because the tea has such floral notes. What tea and chocolate do you pair together? I can see a strong Orange Pekoe going well with chocolate.

>56 SomeGuyInVirginia: Today was a "dig a hole, climb in and pull the hole in after you" day. I'm lucky that these days don't occur often.
Oh, are you unfamiliar with Ethel M.? That's not surprising as you don't see the brand too much outside of Vegas. Ethel was the mother of the Mars chocolate guy. Ethel M. has been in Vegas for decades as the "luxury" chocolates that are sold in the high end hotels. They have a factory and botanical garden in Henderson, a suburb of Vegas, and we went there when my sister and I were kids. I've only had their chocolate bars so far, and they're very creamy, smooth chocolate. I like them a lot and plan on bringing a few back with me.

Now let's all look at chocolate and feel the love.

Edited: Mar 15, 12:08pm Top

Yes! I'd know those chocolates anywhere!! Those are from Ethel M! We've had them mailed to our home (not the liqour filled) maybe the rule has changed.
Oh, how we savored every bite!

Mar 15, 12:16pm Top

Ha! Another fan!
We have about a two month window in the year when we're almost guaranteed to get delivered chocolate in good condition, and that's January and February. Here it's March and we've already had a few days at 92 degrees.
I didn't know Ethel M. even made liquor-filled ones, but I see they have seasonal flavors, so I guess we'll find out what's new for Easter. I'll definitely fill everyone in on what an official chocolate tasting is all about.

Mar 15, 12:32pm Top

Obviously, the Easter-themed chocolates will be stuffed with booze. Obviously.

Mar 15, 1:40pm Top

>57 mstrust: I'm glad I could inspire you to make yourself a drink.

Re: chocolate and tea, I usually have a properly dark chocolate (70+%) and drink rooibos with it. I'm sure there are other varieties that could work. Russian Earl Grey, perhaps, since it has citrus flavours? Citrus usually works well with chocolate.

Mar 15, 3:21pm Top

I like orange and chocolate together, and always enjoyed those Christmas oranges. When I did dessert catering I created a chocolate orange cake that I called "Black Sunshine" (any White Zombie fans?) that I loved, but since I'm the only one in my family who likes that combination, I never got to make it for my house.

Mar 15, 3:36pm Top

>62 mstrust: We don't have chocolate oranges at Christmas here, but we do have Romerska bågar (Roman Arches) which are a classic - though not really bound to any holiday.

If I were you I'd make the cake anyway and eat it all on my own. Let them make their own cake if the one you made isn't good enough. Bah!

Mar 15, 8:53pm Top

I had to look up Romerska bagar:

I suspect they taste a lot like the Terri's oranges.
I should make my cake for myself, but you haven't heard Mike's whining about there being something lurking in the house he doesn't want to eat himself. He takes food way too seriously is is often traumatized by it not meeting his standards. ; )

Mar 16, 9:46am Top

Mom always bought my brother and me a chocolate Santa at Christmas. Even when it was just painful for her to get around, she'd make a trip into town to buy two chocolate Santas.

Mar 16, 10:21am Top

>64 mstrust: They're regular milk chocolate with a hint of orange.

Mar 16, 12:03pm Top

>65 SomeGuyInVirginia: Oh, that's sweet! My Dad always had little boxes of chocolates for his daughters on Valentine's. ' Course it was Mom who bought them and had Dad sign his name. : D

>66 PawsforThought: That's what I thought. The Terri's are covered in orange foil and you're suppose to smack them the break the orange into its segments before unwrapping. Good eatin'.

Speaking of food, (what, do I ever bring up food?) a friend brought us a whole bunch of nice presents yesterday. From his own yard, two dozen fresh eggs and a couple of ruby grapefruits. From the farmer's market, six huge jicamas, about four pounds of Brussel sprouts ( boooo!) and about twenty 4 oz. cartons of cranberry juice cocktail. That's an unusual haul.

Edited: Mar 16, 12:12pm Top

22. The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories by Agatha Christie. A collection of short mysteries that feature Poirot, Miss Marple or Parker Pyne. These involve murders, a stolen diamond, and a woman who wants her son's engagement to an unsuitable woman to be broken.
I like these quick mysteries from Christie. She gets to the point with small lists of suspects and few red herrings. I like knowing that she enjoyed writing mysteries enough to do them at any length, and had such an imagination that the well never ran dry. Some are better than others, but they're all pretty good. 3.5 stars

Doesn't that look like Ray Milland on the cover?

Mar 16, 12:37pm Top

>67 mstrust: Definitely sounds like an odd collection of foods. I had to google jicamas because I wasn't familiar but I like roots generally. I'd be delighted by a haul of brussel sprouts, and horrified by grapefruits, though.

Mar 16, 1:19pm Top

Jicama is a peppery root that is pretty dense, sort of like an uncooked potato. It's used mainly in Hispanic cooking and in fresh salads. The only thing I normally use it in is a crunchy salad of jicama, oranges, red onion, bell pepper, with vinegar, oil, salt and chili powder. I don't know what I'll do with six jicamas.
I won't eat brussel sprouts. Not only do they taste awful, they stink. Mike likes them so I suppose I'll stink the house up at least once by cooking some for him. The fresh eggs are very appreciated.

Mar 16, 3:21pm Top

>70 mstrust: But brussel sprouts are SO GOOD! They don't smell, and they taste so good if you cook them properly.

Jicamas sound like they're similar to horseradish.

I'd love to have fresh eggs. We do have a poulty farmer not far from here, but never get around to buying eggs from them.

Mar 16, 4:30pm Top

>51 mstrust: Oh dear, what a horrible day,

Yep, chocolate is always goid for the mood.

Sweet Thursday, Jennifer.

Mar 16, 6:22pm Top

>71 PawsforThought: You know, it wouldn't surprise me if jicama and horseradish are related. Jicama doesn't clear your sinuses the way horseradish does, but it can have a strong black pepper taste.
Nope, nothing can convince me that people should eat brussel sprouts. Hurkkk! Mom made us eat them every year before going trick 'r' treating.
I use to have a steady supply of farm fresh eggs from a guy Mike knew. We were paying $3.75 a dozen, but then he started filling the container with eggs the size of pecans, and it would take 5-6 of his eggs to equal two grocery store eggs, so not worth it. It'll be great if I can get s steady supply from our friend now.

>72 Ameise1: The memory will last a while. ; ) Chocolate can certainly do wonders for the mood, at least mine, for sure. I hope you're having a good Thursday too!

Mar 16, 7:22pm Top

>73 mstrust: I had to look it up and they aren't related at all! (Other than being plants and all plants are related somehow, obviously.) Jicama is related to peas and chickpeas, and horseradish is related to - can you guess? - brussel sprouts! And other cabbages. But still.

And any food you've been forced to eat is difficult to like, so I definitely understand your reluctance. But I'm just saying, lightly boiled (not too much, that's what ruins them!) or sautéed with a tiny pinch of sugar towards the end. Also garlic is great.

And what a nasty trick with the eggs! Not okay to put in tiny eggs and expect you to pay the same.

Mar 17, 12:19pm Top

I love brussel sprouts, but I acknowledge that they are bitter, at best. Must be a chemical thing.

>68 mstrust: I didn't know Ray Milland played blond? Ray Milland, now THAT man was a brussel sprout.

Edited: Mar 17, 1:23pm Top

Happy St. Patrick's Day

>74 PawsforThought: Nope nope nope nope. I hear that you can cook them in bacon or put on butter... that just ruins bacon or butter. Huh, well I don't like horseradish or cabbage either so maybe it's a whole family I have a grudge against. ; )
>75 SomeGuyInVirginia: I have to believe that the book artist had a picture of Milland propped up while he worked. Otherwise, how would he have gotten the long hair just right?

Mar 17, 4:22pm Top

>76 mstrust: Well, adding bacon to anything ruins whatever it is your cooking so I'd never recommend doing that (can you tell I hate bacon?)
I love cabbage, as you may have notised. We pretty much always have a batch of coleslaw going in the fridge - perfect side to almost any dish.
I always have loved veggies. I may be the only person who as a child would throw herself over the broccoli but refuse to eat pork chops. And then there's you, the bane of Brassicaceae everywhere...

Mar 17, 5:12pm Top

It's pretty rare, but I've heard of just a couple of kids who preferred vegetables over sweets. I have a cousin who refused chocolate and candy at Christmas when we were kids because she didn't like sweets. My sister and I were suspicious of her and tried to figure out what her angle was, because it had to be a lie.
It probably wouldn't surprise you hear that one of my favorite vegetables is sweet potatoes. It's a vegetable that you can put brown sugar on, so great, but I most often put butter, salt and pepper, or I do a mean sweet potato souffle.
But every year I also look forward to the Summer heirloom tomatoes. We're going back to the farmers market tomorrow and I know I'll get more of those immense lemons to take to Mom.

I'm currently re-reading Whatever Happened To Pudding Pops?, a look at the cool/stupid things from my childhood, like "After School Specials", Ants in the Pants and Pop Rocks. It's a book of awesomeness.

Mar 17, 5:26pm Top

>78 mstrust: I'd never turn down chocolate (or most sweets) for vegetables.
I've only had sweet potatoes once and wasn't wowed by it - too sweet for a savory food. I'm sure there are ways you could prepare it so that it'd be good, though.

The book sounds interesting. Not that I've ever eaten any of the things you mentioned - nor even heard of them.

Edited: Mar 17, 5:42pm Top

You didn't get Pop Rocks in Sweden? I'm sure there are plenty of people here who can give a more precise explanation, but it's a small pouch of flavored sugar that has had carbon dioxide pumped in so that they look like little rocks and pop and crackle in your mouth. It's still made.
"After School Specials" were one hour tv specials that taught kids the dangers of drinking and lying and having sex. The take away was always that these things would ruin your life.

Ants in the Pants was a tiddley-wink type of game. All the components were plastic. You tried to flick "ants" into a standing pair of overalls. Yes, really.

Edited: Mar 17, 7:11pm Top

>80 mstrust: Oh, yeah, we had something like that. Don't think they've ever been a big thing, though. There were similar things that were very "in" when I was a kid (80's and 90's). One was a lollipop that you'd dip in that Pop Rocks-type sugar mix and then get your tongue burned off. Another was Double Dip (I loved Double Dip!) that also had a bit of a chemical reaction when you put it in your mouth but not as much as the other thing.
Also, silly me. I know what After School Specials is, but I just assumed there was something else also called that but was something you ate. I blame the fact that I hadn't eaten dinner yet.
Ants in pants? Really? Oh my god. It looks like Jumping Frogs a bit. That's what we had. I spent many hours in pre-school playing Jumping Frogs.

There was a fantastic cookbook based on an equally fantastic blog a few years ago called "The Brown Food" where they tried to cook meals from 70's recipe cards. The results were as horrible as you can imagine. Lots of aspic. And carrots used for decoration. It was named The Brown Food because basically all the food made in the 70's was brown.

Mar 17, 9:55pm Top

Happy weekend, Jennifer! Sounds like you need it after the day you had.

Mar 17, 10:14pm Top

So far I like every food item that has come up for discussion here this week. Bring on the brussel sprouts, bring on the horseradish, and most certainly bring on the chocolate!

Sorry you had a bad day, but I hope the rest of week was crammed with goodness.

Mar 18, 4:30am Top

Happy weekend, Jennifer. Hopefully filled with R&R.

Edited: Mar 18, 1:37pm Top

>81 PawsforThought: We had Fun Dip, which sounds the same as Double Dip. It came with a very hard sugar stick and little pouches that held three different powders, which seemed to be a mix of sugar, citric acid and flavoring. Eat a whole package of this stuff and your tongue felt raw.

I'll look The Brown Food. I've been a big fan of James Lileks for a number of years. He wrote Gastroanomalies and The Gallery of Regrettable Food, and has a website that features regrettable food, along with horrible fashion and other things. I really wish he'd come out with another book.

>82 alcottacre: Happy weekend, Stasia! Things are better now, I'm glad to say. And since we're leaving for Vegas and a chocolate tour, I'm feeling alright.

>83 DeltaQueen50: Thanks, Judy! I wish I could have handed off those brussel sprouts to someone who would like them, but I couldn't find anyone who liked them. This morning I took out a handful to cook for Mike, and threw the rest away. They should have never entered my home.
I don't like spicy food, so no horseradish for me. Which is strange, I guess, because both my parents used to eat Mexican food so spicy that their eyes would water. My dad made his own Buffalo wings using almost a full bottle of Tabasco sauce. My heat limit is a few drops of Siracha in a quesadilla, or cinnamon and cloves in cookies.

>84 Ameise1: Happy weekend, Barbara! I'm afraid there will be little R&R for me this weekend. I've just started laundry, then I need to do housework, 'cause my MIL is staying here with Coral while we're gone and she's nosy. I have to pack and cook dinner tonight. I believe that whatever I make will have a side of Asian cucumber salad. I think I'll be very tired when I go to bed tonight, yet won't be able to sleep.

We were back at the farmers market this morning for more lemons, green onions, fingerling potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, a bouquet of daisies, green beans, asparagus, carrots, a loaf of bread from a local Greek monastery. and another breakfast burrito. The flowers and some of the lemons and the bread are going with us for Mom. I also have a jar of wildflower honey and a jar of apricot peach preserves for her.
We leave in the morning and I'll be crossing my fingers the whole time that Coral doesn't rip the place apart. We stopped and bought a package of minty bones for her as a bribe for MIL to hand out.

Edited: Mar 22, 11:17am Top

23. Whatever Happened To Pudding Pops? by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and Brian Bellmont. Subtitled "The Lost Toys, Tastes & Trends of the 70's & 80's", this is a fun, funny look at the things just about any American kid growing up in those decades. K-Tel and Power records, "Charlie's Angels", Love's Baby Soft, G.I. Joe's kung fu grip, Dixie riddle cups, playing outside, "The Battle of the Network Stars", "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" and Shakey's Pizza... there's enough cheese here for a dairy farm. But when something was truly awesome, like John Hughes movies or The Pop Shoppe, the authors throw in a bit of respect. Liked your Strawberry Shortcake back in the day?

The dregs of a fruit smoothie left to curdle on your car's dashboard in July. Fruit preserves soaked in cheap perfume. A melted gel air freshener. That's probably not what the chemists at American Greetings had in mind, but that's kind of what Strawberry Shortcake dolls smelled like."

How about sitting in the way back of a station wagon-
Back in the days before safety was invented, the most sought-after seat in Mom's faux-wood-paneled Country Squire station wagon wasn't shotgun in front. It wasn't in the back either, crammed in with your sticky siblings. It was the "way back"- vehicular Valhalla. While the rest of the family faced front, the luckiest kids scored the best seats in the house, the collapsible ones with a view out a rear window. Seat belts? Who needed 'em? When Dad took a hairpin turn, you'd roll around like a pop can.

And "Schoolhouse Rock!" is also here, which was a fantastic part of our Saturday mornings, and yes, I do have a Schoolhouse Rock! t-shirt that gets lots of compliments every time I wear it, thank you. I recommend this book if you can have a sense of humor about your childhood; if everything you grew up with is precious to you, you may not like it. I think it's pretty great to re-visit all the crap I grew up on. 5 stars

Mar 19, 4:55am Top

Nice shopping at the farmers market. Safe travels, Jennifer.

Mar 19, 11:34am Top

Happy Sunday, Jennifer!
I forgot all about pop rocks! I liked them well enough but I'd rather crab anything chocolate.
Surprisingly, my son has always loved Brussels sprouts and broccoli but won't eat a green bean to save his life.
>23 mstrust: yup yup and yup I remember all of those things from the 70's/80's. I must get that book and reminisce and cry cause I'm sooo old.
Safe travels!!

Mar 19, 4:04pm Top

Finding a place to hide your brussel sprouts reminded me of a childhood incident that I am surprised didn't scar me for life. My Mom served me some kind of yucky casserole for lunch one day and I quietly spooned it up and slipped it into the huge pocket in the front of my apron. Cleaned my plate and was off outside to play. Unfortunately, my sister came home from school for lunch and put on my apron by mistake. Of course she squealed on me. My Mom called me inside, scooped out the pocket - old crumbs, lint and all and made me eat the whole mess. After that I was pretty good about cleaning my plate

Mar 19, 4:10pm Top

>86 mstrust: I have very fond memories of Schoolhouse Rock (I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill. . ./Conjunction Junction, what's your function?) so I will have to find a copy of that one!

Mar 20, 9:39am Top

Ack! Remember Lawn Darts?!

Mar 20, 10:30am Top

>88 Carmenere: I hated Brussels Sprouts when I was a kid and my twin brother wasn't overly keen on either cabbage or carrots. Depending upon what was the second veg I would always swap him and we would both "make a clean plate" and qualify for pudding.

Mar 20, 11:58am Top

>87 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara. We made good time getting here and we're having a good time.

>88 Carmenere: Chocolate has always been number one with me and everything else is a bit lesser ; ) But I enjoyed Pop rocks as a kid and still do. It's the candy that fights back.
i think you'd enjoy this book, it's a lot of fun. I put up my review at the same time LT was going down, so I need to put the book cover on my review.

>89 DeltaQueen50: That sounds traumatic! My older sister liked to get me in trouble too. See everybody, brussel sprouts are the work of the devil.

>90 alcottacre: Schoolhouse Rock! taught us that a noun is a person,place or thing, and how a bill was created and the planets (Interplanet Janet she a galaxy girl...) Why'd they ever stop playing it?

>91 SomeGuyInVirginia: Lawn darts are in the book! Along with some "how were harpoons ever considered a toy?" discussion. I didn't know anyone who had lawn darts, maybe because we all had small yards. We sure had access to knives and matches and rocks though!

>92 PaulCranswick: I admit that as kids, the only vegetable we willingly ate was corn on the cob. Everything else had to come with a threat to get us to force it down.

We got to Mom's just before noon yesterday. We went to The Rampart in Summerlin for lunch and a little gambling, then shopped. That night we went to a steakhouse for filet mignons and then gambled a bit, and i hit a jackpot. Heee! We'd been playing less than 10 minutes when I hit a 7 out of 7 on Keno, which pays $1750. Later, we dropped mom at home and Mike and I went to our tiki bar, Frankie's, for Scurveys and Nine Islands, and yes! they had a brand new tiki mug that had just come out. I'll post a pic when I get home. Around midnight we were at the new Papaya King that just opened, first one in the west.
Our appointment at the chocolate factory is for 10am, so we'll be going soon. I'll post pics.

Mar 20, 12:32pm Top

Wow, nice jackpot!!!

Mar 20, 12:48pm Top

Woo Hoo! Jennifer!! It sounds like such a fun evening! So, I had to Google Frankie's . Looks perfect for Las Vegas!
Continue the fun and enjoy Ethel M's!

Mar 20, 3:03pm Top

>93 mstrust: Woot! Hurrah for winning the jackpot! I don't think I've ever won more than about $5 on anything.

Mar 20, 8:21pm Top

Holy cow, that's some!

Edited: Mar 21, 10:27pm Top

We got back this afternoon. That was a fun trip, but then winning a jackpot makes everything better.
Here's the new tiki mug from Frankie's, being released about 3 weeks ago. The dark shading is in a deep purpley-brown. It's called Kapu i'a Spear Fisher. It's so new that I only found two pics of it on the internet and this was the smaller one.

The chocolate tasting was fun. They have a big classroom with a flat screen that our guide used to show pictures of every step of the chocolate making process, from tree to their factory. It was just Mike, Mom and I because the other tasters canceled at the last minute. At the end, we each had four pieces of chocolate laid out with a placemat that had a chocolate wheel of scent and taste descriptions. We were suppose to smell and look at our chocolates, but of course, I picked up the first one and chomped right in, which made the guide gasp. I had to be reined in. It was a fun and informative of about 30-40 minutes. Then we were let loose in the store and Mike and I lost our minds. Oh, and they gave us a certificate at the end of the class that says we're chocolatiers.

The rest of the day was going through the botanical gardens, shopping, our favorite Mexican restaurant, and we watched the first episode of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" because neither Mom or Mike had seen it.

>94 lunacat: I was very happy with it! I'll try to do it again next time.

>95 Carmenere: We love Frankie's. The atmosphere, the drinks, Malo the bartender, and their jukebox is awesome. It's where I discovered The Ramonateurs, Los Straightjackets, and now, The High-Fives. And Moss, the owner, puts together his own videos of both ultra-cool and embarrassingly stupid movie and music clips that play constantly. This time, an Arthur Brown video came on and I couldn't help but point and laugh hysterically. Sure, I was on my second cocktail, but it wasn't just me.

>96 PawsforThought: It's been a very long time since I'd hit a big jackpot, years. I was so surprised that I said to my mom sitting next to me, "Look. I did it."

>97 SomeGuyInVirginia: That's some nerve? I agree!

Mar 22, 10:00am Top

Winning money is one of the reasons I love Las Vegas. I mean the whole city is so unlike everywhere else. I'm glad you won, that makes the trip even better. I haven't been to Vegas in years and probably won't go for a few more, especially since the new MGM National Harbor is within walking distance. It's brand new, all light and airy and you know how I hate that.

Are you going to put 'chocolatier' on your resume? Totally do it.

Mar 22, 11:16am Top

Winning at gambling is wonderful. You've accomplished something. That's why they allowed my machine to keep alarming for about 10 minutes while they did my paperwork, and I had so many people come over to ask me what I'd hit. Mine was the only jackpot that I heard the whole trip though.
I sorta could have put 'chocolatier' on my resume already, as I had a dessert catering business around 13 years ago and I specializes in chocolate. I did very well and had my cakes in local restaurants.
You'll want to run away now, as I'm going to discuss-


Being gone, I wasn't able to see Sunday's episode until last night.

1. The opener went nearly six minutes before a single word was said.
2. We learn that Jesus is gay.
3. Simon behaves like Negan when he's in charge, like he's imitating Negan's weird mannerisms.
4. We finally get some of Rosita's backstory. We find out how she survived and how she learned to diffuse bombs. You know what this means, don't you?
The actor, Christian Serratos, was on the "Talking Dead" and she's pretty far along in pregnancy.
5. Daryl crying! Awwww! And he and Maggie finally talk about Glenn's death. Daryl has been carrying that guilt around for all these episodes. Awwww!

Edited: Mar 22, 11:34am Top

24. Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock. Young Scythrop Glowry lives with his father in a desolate castle, his bitter mother having died suddenly, to his father's joy. Scythrop recently graduated from a university, where his head was filled with nothing but he picked up the habit of drinking too much. Both Scythrop and his father enjoy the miserable things in life, but Scythrop is young and quickly falls in love with Emily, who quickly marries another, leaving Scythorpe in a romantic depression. When his father's many miserable friends come to visit, there also arrives beautiful and cruel Marionetta, and The Honourable Mr. Listless, who lies on the sofa reading, as doing any more is too taxing.

Published in 1818, this is a satire of the Gothic romance novels that were popular at the time. The characters are thinly veiled caricatures of Lord Byron, Shelley and Wordsworth. 3.5 stars

This slim book sat on my shelf for many years and I kept meaning to read it during my Halloween reads. The title kept throwing me, but aside from the discussion and sight of a "spectre", this is definitely a comedy.

Mar 24, 12:35pm Top

I've always loved Peacock, although it's been years since I've read anything by him. I keep on telling myself that I need to read the gothic shockers, especially since they're free on Kindle. Have you ever read The String of Pearls? It surprised me that it was such an entertaining read, although I don't know why. It's a serial, so if it were bad it's wouldn't have lasted to the end. And there was real power in some of the passages. It's also got a really high 'eewww' factor.

Mar 24, 12:37pm Top

>100 mstrust: I have one question, WHY is she the only one with a gun??!!

Mar 24, 2:14pm Top

>102 SomeGuyInVirginia: Hi Guy! I haven't read The String of Pearls yet, but I'd love to as it's been on my BookMooch wishlist for a couple of years now and nobody has coughed it up. I've never read a review of it so maybe that's why I haven't gone ahead and bought it, but your rec, (a really high 'eewww' factor!) makes me put it on the list for Halloween. I've read just a few Gothics, especially if you consider Rebecca and Endless Night in the genre.

>103 SomeGuyInVirginia: Oh boy! *rubs hands together and squirms* I get to explain a TWD plot point.
O.k., so at this point The Saviors, the most powerful group in the area, who are pretty much bikers and truckers who murder and demand payment of food & medicine to not murder, have taken all the guns from Rick's group, the Alexandrians. Rosita is an Alexandrian. With all the guns and ammo taken, Rosita had gone into the woods and took out walkers in order to get a gun. Then she had Eugene make her a single bullet from scratch. Why just one, when he had the equipment to make more? It's possible that Rosita wanted killing Negan, the leader of The Saviors and the man who beat Rosita's ex to death in front of her, to be her last act. At the point of this pic, super-pissed Rosita's current sorta boyfriend had just had his belly ripped open and his innards were on the street, also in front of Rosita.
I actually posted this pic simply because there aren't a whole lot on offer in which Rosita is front and center, and even fewer memes of her. She hasn't been a focal character until now. With both her men dead, we've seen her anger motivate her to suicidal actions.

Mar 24, 2:24pm Top

Well, your trip to Vegas sounds wonderful in every way! Was the BBC modeled after Frankie's?
Did you try the liquor filled candies at Ethel M? What did you think?

Mar 24, 2:37pm Top

Good eye, Lynda! Our tiki bar at The BBC was indeed inspired by Frankie's. It's very rare that we hit Vegas without at least one trip to Frankie's, just like it's very rare for certain BBC patrons to not finish out the day clutching the bar for support.
I did try a couple of the liquor chocolates, and were they ever good. I tried the milk chocolate and coffee liqueur and the chocolate and cherry liqueur. They do an excellent job of adding just enough liquor so that you taste it but it isn't predominant.

Mar 25, 11:04am Top

It's the 25th, which means it's my 9th Thingaversary. I really don't know if I'll buy books this year, as I bought 50 last month and I've put myself on a book diet until I make room on the shelves.
But, maybe just one...

Yesterday, 3:40am Top

>107 mstrust: Go on, Jennifer. Be a devil and treat yourself. xx

Yesterday, 5:35am Top

Happy Sunday and happy thingaversary, Jennifer. I can understand you not buying another stack now after the 50 last month. Perhaps you buy them later this year.

Yesterday, 9:15am Top

Happy Thingaversary! You were just buying your Thingaversary books early :)

Yesterday, 9:59am Top

Happy Thingaversary! May there be many more.

Edited: Yesterday, 1:46pm Top

>108 PaulCranswick: Ha! I wish I had, and I meant to. I thought I'd buy myself just one book to commemorate, but I had a very busy day and just didn't get around to it. I did get around to opening a bottle of champagne last night though, because I didn't forget that.

>109 Ameise1: Happy Sunday, Barbara! I'm sure I'll buy more books this year, but I have to get rid of some too. My shelves are packed and overflowing. I need a bigger house. Or to take up carpentry.

>110 rabbitprincess: Thank you, princess. That's pretty much what Mike said when I told him about it being my Thingaversary. There was a pause as he processed the whole idea of celebrating an anniversary for joining a book site, looked at me hard to determine if I'd lost my mind, decided that I'm not crazy enough for it to involve paperwork, then reminded me about the enormous book sale last month.

>111 RidgewayGirl: Thank you! So many nice book people and great reviews here on LT!

Yesterday, 4:52pm Top

Happy thingaversary, Jennifer, we joined LT only 19 days apart ;-)

Yesterday, 5:09pm Top

Hi Jennifer, I haven't been around on LT much this last week, still trying to recover from Shingles. Happy belated Thingaversary - 9 years, you must be one of the original LTers! My 8th is coming up in June.

Now for The Walking Dead. I was wondering about Jesus - he is obviously gay in the books, and this week I read Volume 25 and 26 and it was interesting seeing the difference between the show and the books. Last weeks show was interesting, and it looks like Sasha and Rosita have got themselves in serious trouble. I loved the scene between Daryl and Maggie. But now I am ready for some action - I want to see Carol, Daryl, Rick, Michonne and the rest of the group take it to the Saviors!

Edited: Yesterday, 5:15pm Top

Happy Sunday, Jennifer! Happy Thingaversary!

Yesterday, 7:22pm Top

>113 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! We're twinsies! : D

>114 DeltaQueen50: I hope you've had some improvement in the shingles! It's torture, I know.
I think LT is 10 years old now, so I guess I stumbled upon it soon after it was launched. Lucky me!
TWD- Even though I haven't gotten far enough in the comics to see much of Jesus, I knew he was gay because there was a discussion that included some of the comic panels in an issue of TWD magazine. I just sort of wish the Jesus on tv was as big and intimidating at the Jesus in the comics.
I hate to say it, but I think Rosita's days are numbered. And I'll miss her. She's been on for three seasons now, but it seems like we're just getting to know her. But I'm with you on wanting some action. Rick is going around talking, but Rosita and Sasha are done talking. It may get them both killed, but they're doing something.

>115 alcottacre: Thanks, and I hope you've had a happy Sunday, Stasia! We've just gotten back from furniture shopping. My new sofa and chaise lounge are being delivered Tuesday. Hooray!

Today, 10:44am Top

TWD stuff:

1. Yes, Tara went ahead and spilled her guts about the women of Oceanside. But instead of talking to them, Rick decides to set off a bunch of explosions to scare them? Really? Because that would prove that you're reasonable and make people want to work with you? Really, Rick? That doesn't make sense.
And the mass of walkers who are drawn by the explosions have the extra panache of barnacles stuck to their faces.

2. Oh man, The Saviors caught Sasha! And then Negan steps in and saves her from Rapey Dave, then tried to convince her to join his group.

3. It appears that Eugene really has joined Negan. What can you say, except that Eugene has usually put his life ahead of anything else. If Rick rescued Eugene, he'd go right back to loyalty to Alexandria, but how would he live down giving Sasha poison?

4. Gregory is useless against walkers. He's just useless in general.

5. Rosita made it back, and with a willing prisoner who has turned on Negan. We'll see. Next week is the season finale.

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