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New Titles Coming in May

Folio Society devotees

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Mar 17, 11:02am Top

Gleaned from the Folio Magazine, March 2017:

“Mani” and “Roumeli” by Patrick Leigh Fermour

“A Kestrel for a Knave” by Barry Hines

I think I'll be having all of those.

Mar 17, 1:27pm Top

Oh dear. Must-haves for me.

Mar 17, 6:29pm Top

Kes is a must have, studied that at school all them years ago!

May 2, 8:18pm Top

Does anyone know when in May these books will become available for order? I'm interested in the Fermour set, and I was hoping to see it up there since we are now in May.

May 6, 5:51am Top

I anticipate some more Fleming. Possibly Dr No.

May 6, 6:10am Top

It is interesting, that since the Folio Bookshop closed, there are no longer any rumours about the what and when of FS publications.
We used to rely on those who visited the FS Bookshop interrogating the staff about what was happening regarding the FS.
I miss these, often intriguing, sometimes misleading, bits of information.
I wonder if the FS will ever open another bookshop - it would be sad if they did not.

May 6, 6:54am Top

The new Newsletter says there are 12 new books coming; and there is one of their mystery pictures, which, as usual, conveys nothing to me.

May 6, 11:49am Top

>7 affle: The new Newsletter says there are 12 new books coming

Which newsletter is that, Alan? I don't recall seeing anything mentioning 12 books. Compared with recent efforts that would be a lot. And I would be delighted!

Edited: May 6, 12:57pm Top

>8 folio_books:

The monthly newsletter hit my inbox at 11pm last night, Glenn. And it says

"It’s not long until our new catalogue is released – which means 12 stunning new books!

Look out for a masterpiece of horror, landmark travelogues, secret agents and some fabulous history."

The landmark travelogues are easy: the Patrick Leigh Fermor pair mentioned by the OP, edited to say I notice now that was you...

May 6, 2:48pm Top

>9 affle: The monthly newsletter hit my inbox at 11pm last night

So it's an email thing? I don't get it. In every sense :)

>9 affle: "Look out for a masterpiece of horror, landmark travelogues, secret agents and some fabulous history."

You're right about the travelogues, no doubt. I assume the "secret agents" means another Bond. No clues about Pratchett, though, unless that's somehow connected to the mystery picture? They did a similar thing for Mort, I recall.

May 6, 4:49pm Top

>10 folio_books: So it's an email thing? I don't get it. In every sense :)

‘Sign up to the Folio newsletter for exclusive offers and updates’ - at the very bottom of the Folio News & Blogs page.

May 6, 4:54pm Top

>10 folio_books:

Yes, it's come by email near the beginning of the month, every month since last July. Whether it was new then I cannot tell: for some time I was excluded from email communication for no better reason than the FS's haphazard IT systems, and it took some persistence in the form of a few phone calls to be re-admitted. So the newsletter may also have been appearing while I was in purdah. As far as I can tell, the newsletter does not also appear on the website, though you would think that would be a simple enough piece of joining-up. The newsletter leads with a note of its contents, so this month:

"Included in this newsletter:
This Folio Life: Bill Bailey on The Malay Archipelago
Two Folio artists nominated at V&A Illustration Awards
Revelations of Divine Love for Julian of Norwich Festival
New limited edition: Riddley Walker
Winners announced for our American Gods print competition
Shortlist released for The Arthur C. Clarke Award
Your chance to win beautiful editions for World Dracula Day
A sneak peek at our upcoming books..."

Looking at this more closely, I guess the 'masterpiece of horror' may be Dracula?

May 6, 5:08pm Top

I didn't get a newsletter in my email, but when I enter my email on the folio page, its says that I am already signed up...

May 6, 5:10pm Top

They already have a Dracula edition in print though.

May 6, 5:18pm Top

They stopped sending me newsletters a couple of years ago. I tried signing up again, to no effect. IIRC most of what was in it can be found on the blog page.

May 6, 5:19pm Top

>14 Kieran_Cowan:

Ah, I hadn't registered that, as I don't read that kind of thing.

May 7, 3:40am Top

>11 bookfair_e: ‘Sign up to the Folio newsletter for exclusive offers and updates’ - at the very bottom of the Folio News & Blogs page.

I have to confess I am not the most observant of beings, nor a frequent visitor to "News and Blogs" which I find uninspiring.

>12 affle:

Thanks for taking the trouble to list the contents. Looks similar to the magazine but a little more up-to-date, obviously.

I'll try signing up and see where that gets me.

May 7, 10:23am Top

Just tried this but a message popped up saying this email is already subscribed (as I thought) however in typical folio style this means very little..... ;)

May 7, 10:34am Top

Folio's emails are strange and mysterious things

May 8, 6:38am Top

Well, we now know that The Call of Cthulhu standard edition is coming this month, along with the LE and ten other titles.

May 8, 5:38pm Top

"Look out for a masterpiece of horror, landmark travelogues, secret agents and some fabulous history."

Classics? And not just reprints?

May 9, 12:59am Top

New titles in May.

It's May. You know when is a good time to release May titles. In May.

Quit playing games and just tell us what the titles are. I have American Gods in my cart and I don't want to make 2 orders.

May 9, 1:05am Top

>22 devilsisland: It will also be May in three weeks time. If you don't want to make two orders then simply exercise some patience.

May 9, 7:00am Top

"...fabulous history..."

Really curious about this.

May 10, 6:37am Top

May 10, 1:58pm Top

I got an e-mail reply from customer service today and there in it was mentioned that the new catalogue will arrive in 10 days and the website will show the new collection from that moment on.

May 11, 1:03am Top

>26 NLNils: Good to know, I will now plan accordingly.

>25 Kerl: The War of the Worlds reprint is already available. I don't think it counts towards the new collection coming out.

May 12, 12:40pm Top

>24 adriano77: The Bayeux Tapestry contraption.

May 12, 5:52pm Top

I think they ought to do a modern equivalent. At most, the Normans accounted for only 5% of the population of Briton.

May 14, 1:46pm Top

I wonder if "a masterpiece of horror" could be one of the titles from last August's horror survey? I would have imagined it would have taken longer to put the results of the survey into production.

Red Dragon (Thomas Harris)
Rosemary’s Baby (Ira Levin)
A Ghost Story (Peter Straub)
Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Edgar Allan Poe)
The Exorcist (William Peter Blatty)
I am Legend (William Matheson)
The Woman in Black (Susan Hill)

May 14, 1:58pm Top

>30 sir.david:

It's going to be the standard edition of The Call of Cthulhu, isn't it?

May 14, 3:17pm Top

Wouldn't be surprised if some of what we are about to receive are on these lists. See posts 1, 9 and 13. The Lovecraft and Patrick Leigh Fermor are here. And this is from 2012.

May 14, 4:31pm Top

I also think that the 'masterpiece of horror' is Locecraft, The Call of Cthulhu. Spy suggests another Bond, which obviously sell well for them.

May 15, 1:10pm Top

FS tweeted this earlier:

"Wonderful! I hope you enjoy it 😀 The other editions are wonderful as well! (We have new editions coming out later this week...)"

May 16, 8:42am Top

You'd do well to guess any of these from the teaser:


Edited: May 16, 9:15am Top

>35 leemeadowcroft: That was a stupid teaser. Come on FS you can do better than that ;)

I presume this is the first of more teasers to come, so okay FS i forgive you

Edited for afterthought (more people should do that)

May 16, 9:13am Top

They could have shown a wardrobe-sized cardboard box but we'd have all known it was the Bayeux contraption.

May 16, 9:57am Top

>37 HuxleyTheCat: Or a box of multiple copies of a book, FS trolling us. The larger book with the purplish tinted cover will be Lovecraft I think.

May 16, 10:19am Top

My best guess is it's a subtle way of telling us they've finally abandoned slipcases ...

May 16, 10:37am Top

I guess we'll find out on May 18.

Edited: May 17, 2:21pm Top

>41 leemeadowcroft:

Hmm, I wonder what that could be?

May 18 - now that rings a bell ...

Edited for stupid typo.

May 17, 2:07pm Top

>39 folio_books:
Perish the thought! I would be devastated.

May 17, 2:11pm Top

It happened to me. I had to enter a different email to receive it...

May 17, 2:21pm Top

>43 Mister_Fox: Perish the thought! I would be devastated.

I wasn't being serious, truly. And now I have to wonder if I've just hexed the remaining life out of Folio slipcases :/

May 17, 6:57pm Top

I left a comment on their Facebook post of the photo, asking if we should be nervous about the lack of slipcovers in the photograph. I was assured not to worry, that they had only removed the slipcovers to take the photo.

May 18, 3:18am Top

They're not up yet. I live on GMT+1 time, so it's 8:18 AM in London right now.

May 18, 5:04am Top

I tweeted them yesterday and they said the new titles would be up by noon (UK time) but could be up from 10am. And it's now 10:03, so start hitting 'refresh' ...

I asked because I'd pre-ordered Cthulu, then cancelled it, and decided I wanted it after all. But in the event I phoned them and still managed to order one of the '200'.

May 18, 5:05am Top

Not very punctual: it's been May 18th for more than 10 hours (GMT)!

May 18, 6:38am Top

Edited: May 18, 6:40am Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

May 18, 6:39am Top

I really like that edition of `Rebecca` - looks stunning

May 18, 6:43am Top

Bunch of reprints and no mention of the Lovecraft. A Kestrel for a Knave is a definite, probably the Paddy Fermor set (though that's another £75 title), Dr No - otherwise little or nothing for me. Disappointing.

May 18, 6:44am Top

Distinctly underwhelming, I'm afraid.

May 18, 6:50am Top

Can't say anything piques my interest. Oh well.

May 18, 6:54am Top

Kestrel for a Knave, the one I've been waiting for. "Please note: this edition has a translucent dust jacket in place of a slipcase."

I've obviously offended the Folio Society in some way.

May 18, 7:02am Top


A Kestrel for a Knave
The Call of Cthulhu & Other Weird Stories (standard edition)

May 18, 7:03am Top

>56 mpreed: Looks like the binding material is of the shimmery two-tone variety used for Beowulf. If so it makes this at a saving of £270 a far more attractive proposition.

May 18, 7:09am Top

I'm not overwhelmed either. There's simply nothing that makes me think that I really want to have it. With regard to the illustrations, the few books that pull me in visually are mostly not that appealing to me with regards to their content.

Am I alone in this, or are other people here disappointed with the direction FS is taking with their illustrators? Until not that long ago, I would often buy books simply because the illustrations were so gorgeous, but these days that basically doesn't happen. In some cases, I found the illustrations so off-putting that I decided not to buy one of their books or bought it despite the illustrations, not because I couldn't resist the sheer beauty and fascination of what had been done visually.

May 18, 7:12am Top

Just saw one positive thing: "SAVE £20 when you spend £150 or more." Much more appealing than that 'Get a magazine and a really limited 10% voucher' from March.

May 18, 7:15am Top

I am spending just under A$400, but all on the books released earlier this year, none from the May list that I have been waiting for before ordering.
On the home page they are offering "$40 off if you spend A$300", but that is not happening automatically for me and there is no discount code that I can find. It does NOT say that you must order more than A$300 from the may release list.
The LE Cthulhu is A$695 in Australia, which is about A$110 greater than the fair exchange price from Sterling for this book :-( Wasn't planning to buy this anyway.

May 18, 7:16am Top

I really want Kestrel for a Knave but am disappointed by the lack of slipcase. It's in my basket.
I really want the Leigh Fermor duo but am hesitating because of the price (having just paid a small fortune to the dentist). Mani is an exquisitely written book.
Glad there's nothing else to tempt me.

May 18, 7:21am Top

Kestrel no slipcase - big, big disappointment - a must- buy turned into a what the hell are they playing at?

May 18, 7:28am Top

For me, the Fermor set, and probably the standard Lovecraft.

May 18, 7:33am Top

Despite my moaning I relented and telephoned an order:

A Kestrel for a Knave (grumble no slipcase grumble)
The Paddy Fermor duo (grumble another £75 "standard" edition grumble)
The Lovecraft non-eco edition (grumble yet another £75 "standard" edition grumble)
Dr No (no grumbles)
The Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy (because I like the author who is particularly good on the Pre-Raphaelites).

I also get a free "mystery" title and have clarified it is so called because it's a random selection from the "unsellables" bin as opposed to a book within the mystery genre.

The £20 discount was applied without me having to ask for it. Indeed, I was unaware of the discount until the helpful Christine mentioned it.

I love the Folio Society, deeply.

May 18, 7:38am Top

I was just told on facebook that Kestrel for a Knave is in a "nature series" with The Grasmere Journal, the reason for the lack of a slipcase! Someone please explain to me the connection between Dorothy Wordsworth and Barry Hines.

May 18, 7:44am Top

Just placed an order online to get a "mystery" title and make use of the £20 voucher. The former applied automatically, the latter by way of a code now showing on the UK website.

I'd already preordered the LE Lovecraft - can't wait for that to arrive - so this time I went for Dr No and a selection of older titles I hadn't got my hands on yet (including the other Bonds).

May 18, 7:49am Top

Discount code is now listed (very subtely) on the website - HMACXX

May 18, 7:50am Top

>67 overthemoon:

Why, Nature of course, and being British too. The series continues with Tarka the Otter and Lark Rise to Candleford, and if those go well it will be rounded off with The Compleat Angler and It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet.

May 18, 8:02am Top

I would like to see more heavyweight literature. Some of these are nice and I'll consider them, but there's not much that I feel like I NEED.

May 18, 8:28am Top

I like the design of the Patrick Leigh Fermor set, it's got a wonderful mid-20th century feel to it. Yay! The new Rebecca has a striking binding though as I already have Folio's attractive earlier set of Du Maurier novels I won't be getting it. I won't be getting Kestrel for a Knave either without a slipcase. Boo! The dual-tone full cloth unlimited Lovecraft looks very attractive, another Yay! I prefer it to the full 'eco' non-leather LE considering the relative prices, 'eco' clearly not being short for economical. For some reason I dislike the beige of the three-quarter cloth for Empire of the Sun: to my eyes it sits oddly with the strong red black and white design of the front board. So overall a mixed bag for me. I've popped Fermor and Lovecraft (the non-upholstery material one) in my on-line shopping basket and have successfully added the £20 off discount code and am now actively dithering. Why, Mole, do we now have to input this discount code ourselves whereas the website previously would automatically apply it? Another Boo!

>67 overthemoon: Kestrel for a Knave in a 'nature' series with Dorothy Wordsworth's Grasmere Journal? This is another thing I miss about the dMR: none of the staff would ever have been able to say that with a straight face.

May 18, 8:42am Top

I'll get the pre-Raphaelite Trilogy and Rebecca, but neither strike me as particularly urgent. I much prefer the binding of the LE Lovecraft to the cloth of the standard (although I like the cloth!)

May 18, 8:45am Top

I'd thought there must be some seriously overstocked books to warrant providing a free title with every order, and now the offer directs to a page hinting at some of the possibilities:

"Until Friday 30 June, you will receive one of seven mystery Folio books FREE with your order. We have selected several beautiful editions from our extensive catalogue to give you FREE with your next order. Your Folio Mystery Book will be chosen at random by our warehouse staff and could be a fiction or non-fiction title. Each edition is made with the same care and craftsmanship as always, fully illustrated and comes complete with slipcase.

You could find yourself uncovering the seductive and heady East, hiding out in the Cretan mountains, dancing in King Arthur’s Court, or maybe unravelling the secrets of murder and madness. It’s a mystery … "

At least the slipcase rules out YRTTD

May 18, 8:59am Top

I placed a £160 order online including Kestrel, but then had to phone Folio up to cancel the order upon hearing that Kestrel does not come with a slipcase.

I do not purchase Folios without slipcases.

May 18, 9:31am Top

>75 sir.david: but you just have to purchase The Grasmere Journal and lo and behold! you have a set!

May 18, 9:45am Top

No Bayeux contraption?! I've been saving for a week to get it!

My interests lie with the travels of Fermor and Hibbert's Italian tales. As books which were added value to by their respective editions and series.

Cthulhu, Empire of the Sun, Three men in a boat and War of the Worlds are interesting titles, but do I need them as Folios? Would I reread them is the better question?

May 18, 9:54am Top

>66 folio_books: Tough luck there's no Collectable in there. You'll have to wait till next time - if there is a next time - here's hoping, yes?

May 18, 10:04am Top

So 3 reprints - a bit more than usual, which leaves us only 8 distinct new titles. Which I actually don't mind - I think the amount of new titles Folio was churning out in the past few years was a little too high making it hard to keep up, at least in my case, since I'm also catching up on past OOP output. So on one hand I welcome the lower yearly total of new titles. On the other hand, it's more fun to browse through many new titles. So perhaps Folio could keep the lower output, but bunch it into fewer releases? Perhaps one spring and one autumn?

Anyway, after first round of browsing I'm aiming at:
Empire of the Sun - a must; illustrations look very promising, I wish Folio added more pics of the book
The House of Borgia - my Rise and Fall of the House of Medici is very excited to get an unexpected twin
Mani & Roumeli - a bit disappointed with the "elephanthide" paper binding

The standard Cthulhu looks like it's bound in the same type of wonderful cloth as Beowulf, In Parenthesis, or the India set; I expect it to actually look more impressive in person than on Folio's pic. Too bad my only past read of Lovecraft wasn't very promising. Adding it to the bottom of my wish list to give Lovecraft another chance some time in the future.

May 18, 10:15am Top

>78 scratchpad: Tough luck there's no Collectable in there.

You know, I hadn't realised that. Maybe that's the good news in this disappointing and, yes, I will use the word again, boring collection. "A Kestrel for a Knave" would have been the one welcome surprise if we hadn't been tipped off about it two months ago. Paddy Fermor was the other victim of the spoilers. I agree with >72 cronshaw: on the design. It immediately reminded me of 1950's dust-jackets.

May 18, 10:17am Top

>79 elladan0891: So perhaps Folio could keep the lower output, but bunch it into fewer releases? Perhaps one spring and one autumn?

Bearing in mind we haven't had the September and Christmas Collections yet, and who knows what in between. I'm all for lower output.

Edited: May 18, 11:03am Top

>80 folio_books:
Yes, taking out the reprints and the titles we already knew were coming, leaves only 4 books. I think this explains the lack of wild enthusiasm among the long-standing devotees. Again, I think rather than spurting out a few new books 5 times a year, it would be more exciting to bunch them up into 2 big releases. That would be something to look for. Frequent is not always good. I love Christmas; and World Cup, and Olympics, but celebrating Christmas once a quarter or having the World Cup once or twice a year would surely kill all the excitement.

May 18, 11:14am Top

I liked it better in the olden days, when they published 12 books a year, plus a free presentation volume. You only needed to order four, and paid for them all with the order, then had something to look forward to all through the year, with plenty of time to read each one at a leisurely pace. If you didn't want four from the new books you could order from the back catalogue. I found my reading and spending much easier like that - now I have a huge pile waiting and I don't know how many years left for me to read them.

May 18, 11:42am Top

I'm quite excited by several of these titles - I'd love to get Rebecca (I do have the older version, but much prefer the look of this new one, plus it's one of my favourite novels anyway, which is, of course, a brilliant excuse for getting another book). Also would love to get the Lovecraft (standard version), Three men in a Boat (another favourite), the Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy, and maybe A Kestrel for a Knave.

However, I've been on holiday this week, and it has more or less consisted of one long book-buying orgy (only one Folio though!) so I think I must hold back for a while.

May 18, 11:45am Top

>83 overthemoon: I liked it better in the olden days, when they published 12 books a year,

Me too. A civilised pace. But now they want to publish (or re-publish) up to a hundred a year. No-one can afford to keep up with that even they wanted to (well, maybe one of us could) and that's leaving aside the obvious question of where do you put them all. Your TBR pile seems as intimidating as mine.

May 18, 11:48am Top

Placed the order for Rebecca and Three Men In a Boat. Both are my favourites and kinda love the illustrations. Am eagerly looking forward to re-reading them all over again.

Had pre-ordered the Lovecraft LE.

Edited: May 18, 11:56am Top

>67 overthemoon: Dove cottage is just down the road from Kes(wick). That's the best I could come up with at short notice-sorry.
(I tried to stretch it with a hawk and dove analogy but gave up)

May 18, 11:55am Top

No new Terry Pratchett? I thought that this was going to be the next and great big series. I'm surprised and a little disappointed. "Empire of the Sun", is the only book that I am interested in.

May 18, 12:04pm Top

I'm a little tempted by the William Gaunt and Leigh Fermor, and just imaginably the standard Lovecraft. Nothing urgent or definite, and, after recent purchases of Riddley Walker and 23 volumes by and about Ivy Compton-Burnett (an eBay lot including the 19 volume limited collected edition), I'll let a few weeks go by and see which if any of the new titles still appeals.

May 18, 12:07pm Top

Nicholas and Alexandra is a reprint of the 2002 Folio edition with a slightly different binding.

May 18, 12:07pm Top

Dull lot. I ordered Kestrel, which for some reason I'd never heard of. I didn't like the see-through dustjackets either, until I checked out my old Folios from the 50s and 60s and found that those with dustjackets were in better shape than those in slipcases. I guess I won't be around in 2070 to see if that trend continues with the current crop. Filled out the order with Ulysses to take advantage of the discount. I was kind of hoping for TTDYR because there's one kid in the neighbourhood who doesn't have one yet. I suspect that "new" titles will be doled out over the year to provide steady employment for the distribution centre they now use.

May 18, 12:16pm Top

They probably want to keep their customers warm with having "regular" offers, love me a little from time to time, or i will leave you for someone else more loving than you, kind of thing.. a modern focus on love

May 18, 12:23pm Top

>72 cronshaw: I may be wrong, but I suspect the colour scheme of the binding on 'Empire of the Sun', particularly the spine, refers to the 'standard' paint scheme on many Mitsubishi Zeros. They do feature in the book, the film and an illustration shown on the FS website.

May 18, 12:24pm Top

>93 xrayman: That would certainly explain the peculiar colour combination. Thanks for enlightening me!

May 18, 12:30pm Top

Japan is also known as `the land of the rising sun`

May 18, 12:51pm Top

>72 cronshaw: >93 xrayman: >95 Pellias: The beige cloth reminds me of bamboo and rotan, maybe it alludes to the housing in the internment camp?

May 18, 1:04pm Top

>74 terebinth: I'll guess at 'In Xanadu', 'Hide and Seek' and ' A Connecticut Yankee...'. I may be wrong about the former, F.S. could have found an overlooked stash of 'Travels in Deserta Arabia' (I live in hope).

May 18, 1:15pm Top

Hmm. Well with the discount code, I finally picked up the wish list items from this year's prior two releases. I almost added Revelations of Divine Love and Thomas More, but it's almost unthinkable that these won't be a regular feature of sales at some point in the future.

May 18, 2:03pm Top

I am pretty sure I'm going to end up buying the Lovecraft standard edition (This might be an odd opinion but I somehow prefer it to the limited edition) and American gods. American gods were the only one I was really excited about last time and the Lovecraft sits in the same position this time. It feels a bit crazy to splurge 150 pounds on just two books (especially after the new year sale and me beeing a student) but I think it is inevitable. At least I will get a free book and just be eligible for the discount.

May 18, 2:14pm Top

Not really interested in any of them. I'm a little surprised they didn't give Kestrel for a Knave slightly better treatment.

Edited: May 18, 2:20pm Top

>101 Sorion:

I'm glad they didn't because if they had included a slip case I would have purchased it.

May 18, 2:20pm Top

>100 GilbertSWE: Look at it this way, 150 pounds is worth a little less than $200 US but the FS is charging their former colonists $240. So you're really getting a 20% discount!

Sadly, I gave in and ordered American Gods, the standard edition of the Lovecraft, and Dr No only taking advantage of the 10% ($30) discount code which really just covers the postage.

May 18, 2:40pm Top

I echo the sentiments here. I wasn't interested in Kestrel for a Knave but the lack of slipcase is egregious. I love the Empire of the Sun spine but the paper board ruins it all for me - I hate that it looks so jarring against the spine. I'm not particularly interested in the Lovecraft design, but I imagine one day I'll purchase it when it's not $155!

The obvious standout to me is Rebecca, which is gorgeous and priced correctly. Nicholas and Alexandra I'm quite impressed with too... full brocaded cloth and an interesting subject matter to me. I'm not pumped about an image on the slipcase... I would have preferred that was omitted entirely.

Edited: May 18, 3:04pm Top

Ha, curiously, contrary to the trend or reissuing in cheaper materials, they actually improved Nicholas & Alexandra's spine - the old edition featured a thin stripe of a leather label (was it leather?) with title only, now the leather label grew in size considerably and looks much more regal, featuring a large Imperial double-headed eagle, author's name, and FS sign.

May 18, 3:15pm Top

>98 xrayman: May I politely counter...

May 18, 3:17pm Top

>105 elladan0891:

Is it a leather label? I can't see any statement to that effect and it looks to be of negligible thickness from the zoom view, so I'm guessing leathercloth. Not that I'm concerned, just curious.

May 18, 3:21pm Top

>83 overthemoon:
I liked it better in the olden days, when they published 12 books a year, plus a free presentation volume.

Me too.

Edited: May 18, 3:28pm Top

>83 overthemoon: >108 drasvola: Me three.

>105 elladan0891: Reprints often appear in lesser quality garments than their seniors, but some nevertheless represent upgrades. Off the top of my head: the reprinted Dubliners comes with a newly commissioned introduction absent from the first issue; the reprinted Goodbye to Berlin acquired a snazzy quarter cloth spine; and the attractive binding and new illustrations of the reprinted Miss Marple Short Stories are a huge improvement on earlier issues.

May 18, 3:38pm Top

I know it was hardly a surprise, but I'm so pleased to see Folio continue their series of Bond novels, upping the release schedule from just one every twelve months, and continuing to employ the talents of Fay Dalton. I hope they continue to sell well for the Society, providing funds to support other releases. I adore Fay Dalton's work and hope she goes on to illustrate many more Folio editions of the Bond novels. I'd even love to see her illustrate Trigger Mortis alongside a Goldfinger release.

May 18, 3:42pm Top

>88 Eastonorfolio: It wouldn't surprise me if we see a couple of new Pratchetts before 2017 is out.

May 18, 4:06pm Top

>107 terebinth:
Genuine leather doesn't have to be thick. And personally, I can't judge its thickness from the zoom view, as the pic looks photoshopped to me, passing through resizes/resolution downgrades. Of course, it could very well be eco leather, or whatever the hip way of calling imitation leather Folio uses now. But then you can't really distinguish good imitation leather from the real stuff just by looking at it anyway. The graining looks nice in the pic, real leather or not.

May 18, 4:20pm Top

Reflecting on May's releases this morning I'm actually quite glad there are none that interest me. Provides an opportunity to purchase some more private press works that have caught my interest.

I think in all honesty that I'm being more picky regarding FS in general.

May 18, 4:22pm Top

>109 cronshaw:
You're right, of course. I'm sure there are more examples of reissue improvements. That's why I wrote 'trend', which doesn't exclude various deviations and examples of the contrary. But now, thinking about it, I guess I'm not even sure if we can talk about a trend. Perhaps it's just perception on these boards. And perhaps the real trend is to simply keep things the same )

May 18, 4:38pm Top

>106 NLNils: I was hoping not to enter the surprisingly contentious world of Japanese aircraft colour schemes! Briefly the assumed 'standard' colours on early (and many later) Zeros is detailed in a number of Japanese imperial navy and other documents. Over time many colour schemes were used depending on the force and theatre. There were even Zeros in Luftwaffe and USAF (captured) guises. Nevertheless many go with the beige/gray or olive as 'standard' although there is a surprising lack of definitive information.

The fact that the aircraft features heavily in the book, led me to theorise about the colour. Particularly on the spine with the red disc (like the hinomaru on the fuselage). However as I said, I may be wrong. Perhaps if the mole is interested an explanation may appear in the book description

May 18, 5:33pm Top

The Fermour double looks nice, but at $172 delivered it's William Trevor.

May 18, 5:36pm Top

>115 xrayman: >106 NLNils:
Well, it could be a little more generic too. The color of Japanese uniforms was khaki. Red disk is an easily recognized Japanese symbol. You put two together, you get an easy and obvious reference. Just like countless books and other items referring to Germany would use the gray of their uniforms. Slap the Imperial eagle on it - you get a WWI feel/design, Nazi eagle or swastika - WWII.

Edited: May 18, 9:37pm Top

My order will be: Cthulhu (standard), Dr. No, and War of the Worlds.

Rebecca looks nice, but I already have the 2008 edition.


May 18, 11:03pm Top

Rebecca does look nice!

Edited: May 19, 4:57am Top

I can only agree with >80 folio_books:, what a dull, boring collection, particularly as I already have one-third of the books trumpeted.

So, of those left, William Gaunt and Kestrel for a Knave initially appealed, but the latter is a non-starter without a slipcase. I'll probably land up with the Gaunt one day, but that's about it.

Hmmmm. Two FS books bought direct since my last sales splurge in January 2016, and my last full price purchases in September 2015. I used to buy 15-20 books direct (sometimes more) a year. There are a few on my wishlist, but none that demand buying at the prices currently asked. Still remain disappointed that FS seem to have virtually abandoned classic novels other than the odd reprint or rehash.

May 19, 5:11am Top

I slept on it, and ordered only Kestrel for a Knave, even though the postage for one book hurts. I'll have a go at making a slipcase for it myself. Saving the Leigh Fermor duo for later. Very curious about the mystery book, I hope I don't have it already.

May 19, 6:44am Top

The £20 discount: does anyone know if it can be used more than once?

May 19, 6:55am Top

>122 scratchpad:
That would be good to know. Have anyone used it that can try to aply it on a second order?

May 19, 7:00am Top

Dear Mole, please note that your website search window doesn't recognise the titles or authors' names of any of your newly issued volumes x

May 19, 9:20am Top

I placed an order yesterday and was able to apply the code on a second order online, however, I haven't gone all the way through to purchase yet, but it isn't rejected at the basket stage so should be fine.

May 19, 9:37am Top

>120 Willoyd:

I was temtped by the William Gaunt until I looked him up on amazon--he was apparently a drudge who churned out lots of art books for the "coffee-table set." This particular work offered by FS has been out of print for a while and I see no reason to come out with a new edition now--other than low royalties, of course.

May 19, 9:55am Top

>125 hugofount: So far so good. Let us know if there is a last minute hitch. My second order will depend wholly upon a second bite at the discount cherry. Every little helps.

>126 podaniel: Interesting and offputting - thanks for that.

May 19, 10:24am Top

>126 podaniel: he was apparently a drudge who churned out lots of art books for the "coffee-table set."

Alternatively: "Born the son of a graphic designer and chromolithographer, Gaunt dabbled in drawing and writing as a youth. In 1914, after winning a literary contest in the Connoisseur for an essay on Shakespeare's The Tempest, his thoughts seriously turned to becoming a critic. He served briefly in World War I, fighting in the Durham Light Infantry, 1918, until the war ended that year. The following year he attended Worcester College, Oxford, where he read modern history and participated in the Art Society. At Oxford his friends included John Rothenstein and Cyril Connolly. Graduating with honors in 1922, he studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and wrote reviews of art exhibitions. He worked as a free-lance contributor for The Studio magazine, editing several special issues. Gaunt was fascinated by the Pre-Raphaelites, at that time undervalued as Victorian. He published in 1942 his most enduring title on that subject, The Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy. He completed an M.A. in 1926. In 1930 he published a collection of his drawings, called London Promenade. 1935 he married Mary Catherine Reilly Connolly(died, 1980). The years 1930-39 were spent writing various literary and artistic criticism, including The Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy." Wikipedia.

I recommend you read the full article. I haven't read this particular title of his but have read several others and own at least one. I find him an accomplished and erudite guide to 19th century art, hence I was very pleased (and not a little surprised) to see this title in the May Collection. Ordered without further thought being necessary.

May 19, 10:30am Top

I cannot redeem my discount on my iPad or my Apple desktop. Am I missing something here? Does anyone else out there use an Apple computer?

May 19, 11:45am Top

>129 scratchpad: I cannot redeem my discount on my iPad or my Apple desktop.

FWIW I've just tried on my Mac Desktop and it didn't work for me. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the order I placed yesterday by telephone, to which the discount was applied?

May 19, 11:55am Top

I just 'phoned Folio and asked about the £20 off £150 orders and it is a single use only.

May 19, 12:00pm Top

I just tried to apply the code, and while the green pop up informed me that it was applied successfully, the total hasn't changed. First time code use, windows laptop, in the US.

May 19, 12:28pm Top

>131 bookfair_e:

I've said it before, but I don't see how this can be logical. If two customers want to place one £150 order each, they each get a discount and FS gets £260. If one customer wants to place two £150 orders, FS would lose nothing as against the previous scenario if they gave discounts on each and accepted £260 from this customer as well. (Surely one customer buying five books is as good as five customers each buying one book?) As it stands, by charging the third customer £280, they're penalising their best customers, and most likely discouraging them (like >127 scratchpad:) from placing more orders.

May 19, 12:42pm Top

>133 PeterFitzGerald: At the moment, unfortunately, I'm discouraged from placing my first order!

May 19, 12:45pm Top

>133 PeterFitzGerald:

Yes, I agree. If Folio applied a pro rata discount they would lose nothing and gain sales. I intended to place three separate orders to take advantage of the discount, which actually amounts to less than a £30 saving because of three times P&P, nevertheless, that will buy me another book.

Now, I will wait to see what the summer sale will bring.

May 19, 2:48pm Top

To all it may concern: My discount problem (>129 scratchpad:) was speedily solved by Sally at FS. Ten out of ten for prompt service. Placed my order a few minutes ago.

May 19, 3:31pm Top

>136 scratchpad: My discount problem was speedily solved by Sally at FS.

Ah, she's a gem. Did it turn out to be Apple-related in the end?

May 19, 5:25pm Top

>137 folio_books: Apple? Don't know, she didn't say, I didn't ask - we didn't speak, just exchanged fond missives. I look forward to my next computer glitch.

May 19, 5:31pm Top

I ended up ordering this morning: Mani & Roumeli, as well as the Call of Cthulhu et al. (after a lot of going back and forth, I finally decided to get the LE - I have been a Lovecraft fan for a long time, though I liked the look of the standard version too). Hope to see them soon.

May 19, 5:53pm Top

>138 scratchpad:
Works for me now, thanks for taking care of it )
Obviously nothing apple/browser related, just their website bug, as I'm running chrome on windows.

May 20, 2:26am Top

Just ordered Doctor No for now, and Secret Garden for my wife. May go back for more later but that's all I'm committing to at the moment.

Anyone have a list of the possible Mystery books, based on the descriptions?

It's one of seven and the following clues are given:

uncovering the seductive and heady East
hiding out in the Cretan mountains
dancing in King Arthur’s Court
or maybe unravelling the secrets of murder and madness

May 20, 2:46am Top

>141 leemeadowcroft:
The second book in your mystery book list is probably Hide and Seek, and number three is possibly A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

May 20, 4:15am Top

>142 wcarter:

Yes, I'd agree with those. I think the 4th is most likely The Surgeon of Crowthorne. If pressed on the first I'd venture In Xanadu.

May 20, 4:26am Top

>143 folio_books:. Good call. I loved The Surgeon of Crowthorne. There are certainly worse books to receive free of charge.

May 20, 10:26pm Top

>143 folio_books:
I'd be a little surprised if they started giving out In Xanadu, as it's a very recent title. The Great Railway Bazaar, perhaps?

Personally, I really hope I find myself hiding out in the Cretan mountains or uncovering the seductive and heady East. Dancing in King's Arthur Court - not so much, and not because I'm a lousy dancer - I already have A Connecticut Yankee.

Which makes me think - since some of us might end up with unwanted mystery books, we could organize a little bartering marketplace here, exchanging the unwanted books for the low price of postage to each other (within the same country).

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear what titles are given out for free, hoping to hear from our British devotees who should be getting their packages soon.

May 21, 3:44am Top

>145 elladan0891: same here. I'm hoping it isn't Hide and Seek or Surgeon of Crowthorne as I already have them, and I don't particularly want the Yankee.

I'm ready to swap/barter, but restricting it to Switzerland, I'm not likely to find a taker.

May 22, 8:28am Top

>112 elladan0891:

Curiously, the printed prospectus shows no graining at all on the spine label of Nicholas and Alexandra. The description only says that the binding is of blocked cloth, and my guess would be that the label itself is the blocking. If that's so, it's a definite example of gravitation toward cheaper and less durable techniques.

May 22, 11:34am Top

>147 terebinth: blocked cloth? that sounds weird - mine is bound in "full jacquard", matt blue with shiny design, I really like it. It looks very flat on the photo in the prospectus; it's hard to see whether the label is thin leather stuck on, or a blocked design.

May 22, 11:50am Top

>148 overthemoon: it's hard to see whether the label is thin leather stuck on, or a blocked design.

The original (2002) is in full blue jacquard cloth with a black (real) leather titling label on the spine. The label clearly stands quite proud of the spine, ie the (real) leather is quite thick.

May 25, 3:09pm Top

Just took my delivery of Dr No and The Secret Garden and my mystery book is The War of the End of the World. Not something I would ever have thought of buying but look forward to reading now!

May 25, 3:12pm Top

>150 leemeadowcroft: I think you'll have made a few devotees green with envy and I can imagine a few Connecticut Yankees flying across rooms; that's quite some book to receive as a freebie!

May 25, 4:41pm Top

>151 HuxleyTheCat: that's quite some book to receive as a freebie!

Absolutely. I didn't think when this started they'd include big books but both WatEotW and the Connecticut Yankee are by no means small volumes. And WatEotW is a very nice book indeed, whereas the Connecticut Yankee ... isn't.

May 25, 5:25pm Top

>152 folio_books:
WatEotW is a very nice book indeed, whereas the Connecticut Yankee ... is even nicer

Here, Glenn, fixed it for you.

>151 HuxleyTheCat:
Yes, I'm impressed.
Don't recall them giving away such books as freebies since I became a member in 2014. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves?

May 25, 5:38pm Top

I was surprised and delighted to receive War at the End of the World today also. I didn't fancy A Connecticut Yankee and I already have The Surgeon of Crowthorne.

May 25, 5:57pm Top

Seems like these books go out in batches - I got The War...too.

May 26, 9:56am Top

I should get my second delivery on Tuesday I'd think, fingers crossed for The War or Surgeon of Crowthorne, the Yankee that was received was not to my taste unfortunately.

May 26, 2:55pm Top

The War of the End of the World is terrific and I am sure you will enjoy it. It is based on Brazil's national epic, Os Sertoes by Euclides da Cunha, and is written by Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel laureate. Hope I do as well with my "mystery book".

May 26, 3:11pm Top

There's a new War book up on eBay for £40 or best offer. Which one of you was it? Haha

May 26, 3:24pm Top

My only concern about it is that I already have a copy! If that's the one that comes up, some lucky person gets a gift.

May 26, 3:28pm Top

i placed my order last night. i hope i get The War and not Surgeon. also as a twain fan, but who has never read Yankee, how bad is it, or are we just discussing the folio presentation and illustrations being not to everyones taste?

May 26, 4:08pm Top

>160 stumc:
The passionate remarks you see here are purely because David Hughes' style is most definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I think he's great, and his illustrations for A Connecticut Yankee work particularly well. You can check his illustrations and see for yourself whether you'd be repulsed by his work or not.

May 26, 5:21pm Top

>161 elladan0891: thanks for your feedback! ive checked out the illustrations and whilst i am a traditionalist, i think his quirky style probably will fit with what im sure (knowing twain) is the satirical tone of the book. im much more open to this than Surgeon, although still hoping to get The War.

folio society must get some respect here: by the free mystery books actually being quality works it shows loyalty towards customers. and a surprise (nice or not) is always exciting!

Edited: May 26, 5:35pm Top

At the risk of sounding like a GOM (which my wife thinks I already am!), I really can't see the point of mystery volumes, or at least the attraction of them. In fact, I actually find them a turn-off. That may be because I'm fairly replete on the Folio books I want, but those thoughts have also applied when the tactic has been used elsewhere. There is an outside chance that the book will actually be one I want, but ninety percent of the time it will be one that I've already decided I don't want, or it's a duplicate. Sending me it is then a waste of time, effort, resources and money. I've already enough clutter to deal with!

The reality is that it's simply a way of offloading excess print so that somebody else will dispose it for them.

(Personally, I'd rather they were upfront and, gave people a choice of which books they would prefer as a freebie, if they want one at all).

May 26, 5:54pm Top

>163 Willoyd: i take your point, but as someone could buy a collectable or a less expensive folio and end up with, in the case of The War, a substantially more costly book, i think it is a reasonsable thing to put forward.
the fact that the seven mystery books seem to me to all be quality offerings, albeit to different tastes, i think is a good thing, no matter how many copies folio may or not have.
of course i would like to choose my own title, but then again having a book different to my usual reading choices is not necessarily a bad thing.

May 26, 6:16pm Top

>8 folio_books:

Another email newsletter has come, Glenn - a bit early, perhaps because of the bank holiday. It's low on news, and mostly repeats the current marketing positions as you already know them, viz

"Included in this newsletter:
New books
This Folio Life: Bill Bailey on The Malay Archipelago
The V&A Illustration Awards 2017
Win a set of exclusive prints from Mani and Roumeli
New limited edition: The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories
Your chance to win two beautiful editions for World Dracula Day
Now available: The Bayeux Tapestry"

May 26, 6:53pm Top

I received my shipment of Mani & Roumeli today, along with a separate shipment, which I haven't opened yet, but I presume is the Lovecraft LE.

along with Mani & Roumeli, I received my "free folio mystery book": Napoleon & Wellington, by Andrew Roberts. While not previously familiar with this book, I am quite pleased to have received it.

Yesterday, 4:18am Top

>165 affle: Another email newsletter has come

Thanks for the heads-up, Alan. Amazingly, I received one at the same time. I signed up after your news of the last one but truly wasn't expecting to see one after the comments on here. O ye of little faith, lo and behold etc etc. I am now as well informed as most other FSD folk.

Yesterday, 2:02pm Top

> 163 Willoyd

I agree completely. I'd definitely prefer either making my own choice or getting a discount instead. The likelihood of my getting a book I actually want and haven't bought from them yet is zero.

While they may have chosen some high-quality titles, it's clear that this kind of thing is a way of either getting rid of books that sell badly or - like with the (Un)Collectables - try to get people interested in something.

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