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Nittnut - Replanted and Blooming 2017 Part 3

This is a continuation of the topic Nittnut - Replanted and Blooming 2017 Part 2.

75 Books Challenge for 2017

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Edited: Mar 18, 11:02am Top

Fanleaf Hawthorne

Edited: Mar 18, 11:00am Top

I'm Jennifer. I read in bed. Also at the pool, in restaurants, at the beach, but not in the car. I have been married 23 years to my best friend. He puts up with my reading addictions, mostly, although I am not allowed to read while watching sport. We have three children ages 18, 12 and 10 and I often find them reading in bed after lights out. Success!

We have lived in California, Oregon, Colorado, New Zealand, and now we live in North Carolina. If you've been around my thread the last few months, you will know we have just moved. We are still getting settled, but we can tell we are going to like it here.

My thread toppers will be photos of native North Carolina plants - going along with the theme of Blooming where I'm planted...

Reading goals (flexible, of course):

Wheel of Time series - continued - This will be a long term effort. :)
American Author Challenge - LOVE this
ANZAC Challenge
Nonfiction Challenge

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American Author Challenge

Jan - Octavia Butler - Unexpected Stories
Feb - Stewart O' - Emily, Alone
Mar - William Styron - The Long March
Apr - Poetry -
May - Zora Neale Hurston - Dust Tracks on a Road
Jun - Sherman Alexie - pass
Jul - James McBride - The Color of Water
Aug - Patricia Highsmith
Sep - Short Stories
Oct - Ann Patchett - This is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Nov - Russell Banks -
Dec - Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea

Non-fiction Challenge

Jan - Prizewinners - Founding Brothers
Feb - Voyages of Exploration - The Warmth of Other Suns
Mar - Heroes and Villains - Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln
Apr - Hobbies, Pastimes and Passions
May - History
Jun - The Natural World
Jul - Creators and Creativity
Aug - I've Always Been Curious About ...
Sep - Gods, Demons and Spirits
Oct - The World We Live In: Current Affairs
Nov - Science and Technology
Dec - Out of Your Comfort Zone

ReRead Challenge


Edited: Mar 18, 11:31am Top

A peek at the Organized Chaos - or just Chaos - that is my life right now. Life is very good. Note the books on the shelves, even if the bedding isn't on the beds...

Edited: Mar 21, 9:27pm Top

Currently Reading

Pages: 12294

Currently Reading: Giants: Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, The Long March

Newbery Award: Roller Skates

Currently Listening: A Man Called Ove


Octavia Butler - Unexpected Stories - completed
Stewart O'Nan - Emily Alone - completed
William Styron - The Long March - completed


Founding Brothers - Joseph J. Ellis - completed
The Warmth of Other Suns - Isabel Wilkerson - completed
Giants: Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln


Cotillion - completed
The Bear and the Nightingale - completed
Black Sheep - completed

The Wild Girl - Set Outside Australasia - C
The Slow Natives - Award Winner (Miles Franklin) - abandoned
The Quake Year - Number or quantity in the title
The Fire-Raiser - WWI - C

March Reading

34. The Chimes
35. The Mutual Admiration Society
36. Talking To the Dead
37. Love Story, With Murders
38. The Fire Raiser
39. The Long March

Edited: Mar 18, 11:33am Top


Edited: Mar 18, 1:01pm Top

Hey, I think I'm first :) Happy new thread. I love your built-in shelf/desk unit!!

Mar 18, 1:03pm Top

Happy new thread! I hope the whiplash isn't too bad today!

Mar 18, 1:59pm Top

Happy New Thread, Jenn! Hope the soreness is improving and the whiplash doesn't materialize. Yes, a very nice built-in desk/book wall!

Mar 18, 3:01pm Top

Happy new thread, Jenn! Of course books get taken care of before bedding!

Mar 18, 4:23pm Top

>7 nittnut: I had to check to see where that was. I guess I won't be making a stop anytime soon.

Mar 18, 5:47pm Top

Happy new thread. Hope you're not feeling too bruised and battered.

Mar 18, 6:08pm Top

Happy new thread, Jenn! Those built-ins are lovely! I want some.

Mar 18, 10:37pm Top

>8 RebaRelishesReading: You were first Reba! That means you get the choice of seats - what seats there are. *grin*

>9 drneutron: Hi Jim. I'm doing OK, thank you. Better than the doctor expected, anyway. I told him yesterday I was stiff and sore, but not having pain, and he said, "that's nice, but I'd give it a day or two." So far, so good.

>10 ronincats: Hi Roni, thanks, me too. :)

>11 karenmarie: Of course they do.

>12 thornton37814: I guess not, but if you ever decide to travel, the little town where that bookshop lives is well worth a visit.

>13 charl08: I am doing pretty well, thanks Charlotte!

>14 Crazymamie: I LOVE them. I have always wanted some. We will call that room The Library, in proper, reverential tones. :) It will also have a piano when the rest of our furniture comes.

Off to bed for me. My bracket is OK, but seriously, Villanova! Seriously?

Mar 18, 10:42pm Top

Villanova broke The Wayne's bracket, but I don't think it was in great shape anyway :-P He gets really into the tournament despite knowing absolutely nothing about college basketball. Cracks me up.

I'm sorry about the car accident. I hope you continue not to have any pain!

Mar 19, 1:17am Top

Hi Jenn - at last. I need to go back to your last thread...one minute I'm reading basketball talk (I knew what Villanova was!) and the next I see car crash. Hope you are all ok.

Mar 19, 4:39am Top

>3 nittnut: I love how you have the page printed off. Do you have it stuck somewhere so you are constantly reminded to read to order!? I had my last BINGO challenge up in the wall. I loved seeing it :)

>17 cushlareads: It's Cushla!!! *faints*


Mar 19, 8:13am Top

Hi Jenn!

Villanova indeed. But I have Duke beating them to get to the Final Four, so I'm not totally dead yet. I can get back into it in then.

Husband and I are exactly tied in ESPN's bracket challenge point wise. I usually beat him, knowing hardly anything about men's college basketball. Sometimes I pick by uniform colors..... drives him nuts.

The Library sounds and looks lovely. I am sure you're happy to have all your things around you finally.

Mar 19, 8:55am Top

Happy new thread Jennifer!
Yes, the same here. Since we are together (1983) we moved 6 times, and after moving the books were always the first to be in place :-)
Sorry about the accident, I hope the sores are gone soon.

Mar 19, 6:32pm Top

>15 nittnut: I'd like to sit by the bookshelf please :)

Mar 19, 8:16pm Top

Hi Jenn. I am sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are feeling better. I love your library.

Mar 19, 8:38pm Top

Grest new thread, Jenn! Love the theme of blooming where you are planted.

Mar 19, 10:30pm Top

>16 katiekrug: I have been more informed in the past, I can't say I've watched much college BB this year, but I'm all in, of course.

>17 cushlareads: Hi Cushla! Awesome to see you!! I got rear-ended Thursday night. It wasn't terrible. Fortunately, nobody was in the car with me. I was on my way to my RL book group. Didn't make it. Lol. I've been to the Osteo, and I go back in the morning to see what X-ray results are. Insurance is involved, so all will be fixed with a minimum of fuss. It's my first ever accident though, and I'm kind of sad about it. I had a good record. At least it wasn't my fault and nobody was hurt.

>18 Ireadthereforeiam: It's on my fridge. I've marked some boxes too, so I need a new photo. :)

>19 karenmarie: I've lost Villanova and Florida State. Thank goodness Oregon pulled off the win over Rhode Island. Who knew Rhode Island would be so good? I sure didn't. My daughter did her bracket all on colors. She had two purple teams playing each other for the final and they are both out now, so that didn't go too well. Lol
We are getting unpacked slowly. I tend to overthink the unpacking a bit, having a highly optimistic idea that it will stay where I put it...

>20 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita! There is something so settling about unpacking the books, isn't there?

>21 RebaRelishesReading: Absolutely, Reba! I will move a big cozy chair in there for you directly. *grin*

>22 BLBera: Thanks Beth. It's fortunate that the accident turns out to be more of an inconvenience than anything. I feel very blessed. The two things that sold me the house - the library and the screened porch.

>23 lit_chick: Hi Nancy! It's the only way to go, IMO. I learned an interesting lesson in the 5th grade when we moved and I determined that if I didn't make any friends, my parents would move back to the old place. So wrong, Lol. It's funny now, but at the time, I made things pretty hard for myself. The next time we moved, I determined to make the best of it, and it worked out much better. There you go. *grin*

Mar 19, 10:36pm Top

#38 The Fire Raiser - ANZAC challenge - WWI

Someone in town is starting fires. Nobody knows who it is, but some of the local children have their suspicions. They decide to investigate. On one level, this is a children's mystery story. On another level, The Fire Raiser is about things that hide inside us. There are all sorts of prejudices in town. Prejudice against those who don't look and sound English, prejudice against Germans, and class prejudice. Gee does a lovely job portraying a town with both good and bad people, and people who get caught up in something. A great read to prompt discussion of how we see others and why.

Mar 19, 11:07pm Top

Just popping by to see what you have been reading, Jennifer. I really loved Emily, Alone, and a Man Called Ove. Code Verity is one I have been meaning to read.

Mar 19, 11:39pm Top

>24 nittnut: Hey Jenn! Well, with Duke losing I'm totally out of the East. Boo hoo. If the 'Heels meet Gonzaga, I'll be in clover. Husband got so stressed with the Carolina game that he turned the volume off and kept switching games. Thank goodness they finally won! Oregon had me going too, because I've got them going a bit further.

That's a hoot about your daughter picking by uniform colors, too. Husband and I are still exactly equal in ESPN's bracket challenge.....

Slow unpacking isn't a bad thing IMO. It beats shoving things every which way then not remembering where you put them!

Mar 19, 11:51pm Top

Some dangerous pairings today and a lot of close games! Fortunately my alma mater pulled away at the end...
AND there are still 3 Big 12 teams in the top 16. Unlike the ACC.

Mar 20, 12:22am Top

>25 nittnut: Ooh The Fire Raiser! I remember reading that when I stayed a night or so in Wellington years ago. The book was first a tv series written by Gee if I remember correctly.

Hope you had good news from the osteo.

Mar 20, 12:37am Top

Hi Jenn, Just catching up, finally. Looks like the whole moving house thing is going well! Sorry to hear about the car accident- hope you're feeling ok.

Mar 20, 6:40am Top

Oh no, I'm sorry about the rear-ending! Yeesh. I hope it gets resolved quickly and smoothly.

Mar 20, 6:46am Top

>28 ronincats: Oooh, ACC snark! I love it - I married into a Tarheels basketball-loving family and had to be told who Dean Smith was when I first moved here. I love the 'Heels 'cuz husband does. Personally, I was always a USC or UCLA fan, being from CA.

Good morning, Jenn! I hope the settling in is coming along. Are your kids still in the same schools?

Mar 20, 12:34pm Top

>32 karenmarie: "a USC or UCLA fan" -- don't think that's possible since those two are huge rivals. I used to have a button that read "my two favorite teams are UCLA and whoever is playing USC"...still feel that way :)

Mar 20, 8:46pm Top

>26 vancouverdeb: Hi Deb! I have yet to start listening to A Man Called Ove. It's loaded and ready, I just fall asleep every time I sit down. Other than driving, of course. *grin*

>27 karenmarie: DUKE! Gosh Dangit. I definitely need Gonzaga and NC to stay in business.

>28 ronincats: Hi Roni. Starting something on my thread, are you? Don't forget, I grew up in So. CA, so I'm slightly biased that way too. Shhhhh.

>29 avatiakh: Hi Kerry. I have whiplash, but no tendon damage, so good news IMO. Thanks for the link. It's pretty well done - sounds just like the book. My kids were riveted. Lol

>30 coppers: Hi Joanne :)
>31 scaifea: Hi Amber :)
The other insurance company has been proactive and set up a claim and so on, so I think things will get taken care of. I'm sore, but OK. Very glad it wasn't worse and very glad my kids were not in the car.

>32 karenmarie: Hi Karen. We are progressing slowly, but getting there. Kids are in the same schools, which was our goal. Hooray! How did you manage to root for USC or UCLA? That's a no-no! We always called USC The University of Spoiled Children...

>33 RebaRelishesReading: I know, right? But maybe it's possible. I don't think one can be a Tar Heels and a Duke fan either.

Mar 21, 9:25pm Top

#39 The Long March - AAC

Six years after the end of WWII, the Marine Reserves are called up and sent with a bunch of regulars to South Carolina to train for the Korean conflict. Many of the reserves are ambivalent at best. This novella centers around a 36 mile forced march, for which none of them are prepared.
I was impressed with Styron's ability to evoke the tension, fear, anxiety, and other emotions experienced by men who knew what war was, and how the forced march affected each man differently.

Mar 21, 9:25pm Top

I am going to give Giants: The Parallel Lives of a few more chapters, but I am not hopeful.

Mar 21, 10:15pm Top

Jenn, a new thread and a new house. You are energetic despite your aches and pains from your accident. It is never a good time to be rearended, but when you have a house to put together, it must be the pits. I love the pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Edited: Mar 21, 10:46pm Top

Oh dear! I'm happy about the house, but sorry about the accident. Take it easy. Everything will be there when you're feeling 100% yourself, and I can teach you how to ignore that level of chaos if you need help!
ACC snark - well, yes. Both DH and I spent some time at Chapel Hill, so we are diehards. >33 RebaRelishesReading: Reba sounds like she would understand an ABC fan in the ACC (Anybody But Carolina). We pity them.
Today was lovely here - somewhere around 80°. Tomorrow will be cooler again. Enjoy that screened-in porch!

Edited: Mar 21, 10:47pm Top

A fairly belated Happy New Thread from me, Jenn.

>35 nittnut: I am not familiar with that one by Styron but judging by your review, I should go and seek it out.

Sorry to read about the accident and the whiplash. Time and several good books will hopefully be a companionable healer.

Mar 22, 3:15pm Top

>24 nittnut: >20 FAMeulstee: Yes, when the books are placed it starts to feel like HOME :-)

Edited: Mar 22, 3:44pm Top

>33 RebaRelishesReading: and >34 nittnut: Okay, Reba and Jenn. USC and UCLA. During my college years in the early 1970s: If USC was playing UCLA, USC had to win because a couple of my high school friends went to USC. If UCLA was playing anybody else they had to win because it's LA county, right? It's true that USC is private and UCLA is public/state, but c'mon. The uniforms are so much nicer - gold and scarlet. *smile*

And for the 'Heels: Husband's rule is 'Heels always. Anybody except Duke or State within the ACC. Any ACC team outside the conference, even Duke and State..

For March Madness the rule is 'Heels always. Any ACC team except when they are playing the 'Heels. The rule can be modified if there is a wager going on with husband and husband didn't pick the 'Heels to win the whole enchilada like loyal wife did.....

I'm glad you're settling in, Jenn, concerned about the whiplash. Do take good care of yourself. (I don't want to be an alarmist, but my whiplash/back symptoms didn't start until about 6 months after the accident.)

Edited: Mar 22, 3:59pm Top

>37 Donna828: Hi Donna! I believe I ran out of energy yesterday. I am resting up though and will be back in the thick of things tomorrow. The car accident was certainly an inconvenience, but it could have been much worse, and for that I am grateful.

>38 LizzieD: We (meaning the husband) have a list of AB's at our house. Anybody but The Yankees, Anybody but Utah, Anybody but Stanford...
We (meaning me) think it will be wise to remain unaffiliated around here. If possible. I appreciate the reminder that it will all still be here if I take a rest. Lol. I do tend to forget that. Living with chaos is not a forte of mine, but an ability I should cultivate to a certain extent. I had a wee nap on the screened porch yesterday, but was awoken by birds and spring-time shenanigans, which were being carried on to a shocking extent in my backyard. LOL

>39 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul. Books are certainly helpful. I do think you would like the Styron. It's short, but powerful.

>40 FAMeulstee: Anita - so true. The kids have already visited the shelves looking for old friends. Makes my heart happy.

Edited: Mar 22, 3:58pm Top

>41 karenmarie: I guess I can live with that explanation Karen. I can't speak for Roni though. LOL

Here's a funny story related to Basketball fever. My daughter came home last week complaining about a sort of heated political discussion that happened at school among a group of (her words) totally biased and uninformed dingdongs. She's in middle school, so you can imagine. She was asking her father what to do in that situation. His advice? "Ask them how they feel (insert team) is doing in the tournament." She came home yesterday and reported that it worked a charm. I wish I had a video of that moment.

ETA: I am seeing a chiropractor a couple times a week for whiplash, and I sure hope that will keep it from becoming a long term problem. He does adjustments, but is giving me rehab type exercises as well, which I very much appreciate. Also, no carrying heavy boxes around, which is a pain, but kind of nice too. Lol

For anyone who has Shakespeare Saved My Life on their TBR pile, it's on sale today on various e-readers. Here's the link to the Kindle one.


Mar 22, 5:39pm Top

And I can add my enthusiastic recommendation of Shakespeare Saved My Life — it was delightful.

Mar 22, 5:41pm Top

If your daughter hasn't read it, I suggest The Crossover by Kwame Alexander, a basketball themed verse novel. Just check the age level for the book.

Mar 23, 10:13pm Top

>44 rosalita: I think that's where I got the BB Julia. From your thread.

>45 avatiakh: I will try and see if she will read it Kerry. She's usually reluctant to read sport books, but we try and branch out now and then.

Thank you Gonzaga and Oregon. My bracket popped back up to 62%. Phew!

Mar 24, 4:15am Top

I totally missed the fact that you has been involved in a rear-ender fender bender!! Sorry to have commented on other matters and then high-tailed it outa here.
Any lasting ill effects? It must have been scary, and I totally get that you are irked with your clean record being broken. I have only had one 'accident' in a car, I slowed down not slowly enough at an intersection and tapped a guys tow bar...denting my number plate slightly. I was 19 and we were on our way to a funeral. I cried. My friend talked to the guy in the other car, and someone else in my car drove the rest of the way to the funeral.

Mar 24, 6:39am Top

>46 nittnut: I don't like sports in the slightest, but I really enjoyed The Crossover - I hope you can get her to agree to it!

Mar 24, 6:54am Top

>46 nittnut: I think that's where I got the BB Julia. From your thread.

Oh, that makes me happy, Jenn!

I hope you're feeling better today. I've never had whiplash but I can't imagine it's very comfortable. I was a passenger in a car driven by a friend that rear-ended someone, and my head made contact with the windshield* and broke the windshield, but I was fine. My mom, who had been calling me hard-headed my whole life in other contexts, was unsurprised.

* Yes, no seatbelts. This was before wearing seatbelts were required by law.

Mar 24, 9:30pm Top

Hi Jenn! Happy new thread. Sounds like BBall is cause for lots of excitement at your house. ; ) Sorry about the car accident, but glad your bumper held up well and that you are seeing someone for the whiplash. I am not surprised that books came before bedding in the put-away contest--you are an LTer after all! Wishing you a great weekend.

Mar 24, 11:00pm Top

How 'bout Them Heels!!!!!

Mar 25, 12:08am Top

I am way behind on threads and just catching up. I love the look of your new place, Jenn. The tan in the ceiling part of the dining room really sets it off IMO. Sorry to hear about the car accident but nothing you could have done to avoid that. Time and treatment should put you on the path to recovery. At least you had the books put away before that happened!

Mar 27, 12:56pm Top

Happy new thread, Jenn and congratulations on moving into your new home! sorry to learn about the accident and your whiplash. I hope the stiff and soreness disappears and that you are feeling better soon. As for March Madness, I only joined the fun this year by choosing to cheer for NorthWestern (because of their purple uniforms, and as newbies to the tourney) - I am not much of a sports fan - but my sister and her family are devout followers of March Madness.

Mar 27, 1:24pm Top

Happy new week everyone! I am sitting a moment and trying to catch up on LT while I get a few odds and ends fixed on my roof, do some laundry and pay the bills. I need to clean the bathroom, vaccuum and do some sewing too, and that might happen. The husband is out of town for today and part of tomorrow, so I also have baseball practice duties tonight. 6-8 pm. Sigh.

I finished The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and I will review it soon. I started reading Giants: the Parallel Lives again, but I am really struggling with taking Mr. Stauffer's scholarship seriously. I am used to the likes of Hilary Mantel and David McCullough. Serious scholarship. This guy just gets a kick out of digging up all the salacious gossip and muckraking stuff and speculating in the most horrid way about things. So annoying. So, so annoying.

It's the most gorgeous day. It rained last night, so all is shiny, the sun is out, birds are singing, and a light breeze is blowing through the kitchen. Lovely.

>47 Ireadthereforeiam: Ha! I didn't notice. I am sure the other matters were much more interesting than the car accident. How stinky to get in an accident on the way to a funeral. Blech.

>48 scaifea: Lol Amber. I will tell her you said so. Maybe it will carry some weight. How are you liking Wildwood Dancing?

>49 rosalita: Hi Julia! The Whiplash isn't too bad for me, but I get sort of sore in the middle of my back if I sit on the sofa too long or stand and do stuff for too long. I'm going to start my weight lifting exercises again this week, modified, so we will see if that makes it worse or not. I well remember the days before seatbelt laws. My brothers and I were very active in the back seat of my mother's car, and we drove her nuts.

>50 Berly: We do love BB here. Everyone does a bracket, and my husband does 3 or 4, and we follow all the action. It's more fun if everyone is in. My daughter is the least enthusiastic, but she's cooperative. Lol

>51 LizzieD: I know, right!! The Tarheels, Oregon and Gonzaga are all I have left. I am SO disappointed in Kansas. Until they lost, I had like 85%. I was killing it. Sob!

>52 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg! I am always behind on threads. I can barely manage my own some weeks. Thanks for the vote on the dining room ceiling. :) I am liking it more every day.

>53 lkernagh: Hi Nancy. You and my daughter, Lol. She chose NWestern because purple uniforms. It was pretty exciting for them to make the tournament too, we've got to give a cheer for the underdog. Did you see the adorable boy at the game who cried when they lost. Awwww.

Mar 27, 4:02pm Top

Hi Jenn!

I hope you're settling in nicely. It's just about perfect timing for porch sitting.

I married into a BB family and it took quite a few years before I really got interested, but now I'm hooked. Next Saturday should be fun.

Yesterday, 10:36pm Top

Just leaving this photo here.....


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