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New Tote Bags in our Store

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Mar 20, 7:56am Top

LibraryThing just added some attractive, new tote bags to our Store! The spacious bags are made with 100%-certified organic cotton and come ready with a key clip, interior, and exterior pockets. There's plenty of room for all of your reading and provisions.

Order one today from our Store (link here), or post any thoughts/questions you have below.

Mar 20, 8:05am Top

What are the metric dimensions?

Mar 20, 8:40am Top

Not sure, but I could do the math if you need. The imperial dimensions are 14.4"H x 20"L x 7.4"W, so: ~ 36.5cm H x 51cm L x 19cm W (not exact, but you get the gist).

Mar 20, 9:50am Top

Love the look with the super-size "stamp!" And the red trimmings.

Yonks ago I bought the yellow messenger bag, which was available through a link to another site I believe. Any thoughts on making those available again? Or perhaps a similar version? The last time I looked, they were not for sale any more on the site, but that has been a couple of years.

I ask because I walk to work and need to take some "stuff" but try to keep it light and hands-free. My yellow bag is getting stained and sad looking, although otherwise holding up very well.

Mar 20, 10:17am Top

>4 MrsLee: You're right, CafePress stopped selling those yellow messenger bags. We might look into other messenger bags in the future, though, I'll keep your suggestion in mind! Thanks MrsLee.

Mar 20, 11:17am Top

>5 kristilabrie: I am finding this checkout thing very upsetting. I want one of EACH bag, and it will only let me have one thing at a time. What am I doing wrong?

I click on the Add to Cart button, and it takes me to paypal. When I click on the add to cart button for the other bag, it clears out the previous item. This is making me sad. It's the first thing you've had in your store that I would want, and I need them both. Do I just have to buy them separately? It seems very inefficient.

Edited: Mar 20, 11:26am Top

>5 kristilabrie: It appears to be my browser. Never mind, I'm buying by using another, different browser.

ETA: I'm now 53 dollars poorer, but happy!

Mar 20, 11:22am Top

FYI: The red color is really gorgeous.

Mar 20, 12:27pm Top

>6 Lyndatrue: Oh, not good. What browser are you using, out of curiosity? There might be something we can do on our end to fix that, would be worth looking into at least. Anyway, glad you got your fix! I'll be in the office tomorrow to send them out to you. :)

Mar 20, 1:23pm Top

>9 kristilabrie: Nothing you need to do. In my normal browser, I have cookie settings that sometimes interfere with Paypal. I just used another browser that has a lower level of paranoia. :-}

Mar 20, 2:39pm Top

Ah, ok! Good then. :)

Edited: Mar 20, 3:28pm Top

Oh good, I need a tote bag to store all my other Librarything tote bags in.

Mar 20, 3:57pm Top

Mar 20, 4:11pm Top

>13 timspalding: Do I win a free tote bag??

Mar 20, 9:49pm Top

>14 norabelle414:

Winner of the Invisible Tote Bag for Talk Comment Award!

Mar 21, 6:55am Top

Looks nice, but of course it doesn't make any economic or environmental sense to have an individual one shipped across the ocean.

But it did finally make me look it up to find out what a tote is and why one would need a bag to put one in. Where I grew up it's a form of racecourse betting (tote = totalisator), which didn't seem likely - apparently in the bag sense it's from the verb, as in "Ol' man river". Which the OED tells me is "colloq. orig. US", first spotted in print in 1677 in Virginia. Fun - a genuine bit of pre-revolutionary America in a cotton bag!

Mar 21, 7:06am Top

Can someone please supply the dimensions in cubits? Yahweh told me to procure a tote bag that would secure two of every animal, and not sure that the LT bag fits the bill. Ta.

Edited: Mar 21, 11:06am Top

>17 MrAndrew:

Does this mean you'll take our guinea pigs?


Looks nice, but of course it doesn't make any economic or environmental sense to have an individual one shipped across the ocean.

We'll ship it by land!

Mar 21, 2:38pm Top

>16 thorold: I have a prelapsarian shellac 78rpm record of 'Ol' Man River' by Paul Robeson when he was still singing the 'n' word. Looking on-line we have several options including the weak 'Lots of folk work on the Mississippi' and the non-scanning 'Colored folks work.....'.

I was more interested in 'tote' which I'd always thought of as meaning 'carry' (so a good match with bags) but the singer is actually being told to 'tote that barge'. Will the LT bags cope with being dragged through water?

Mar 21, 4:22pm Top

I'm not sure how degradable the organic cotton is, particularly if you're dragging it in the Mississippi... it might dissolve! :)

Mar 21, 4:23pm Top

>19 abbottthomas: Will the LT bags cope with being dragged through water?

Only the gopher-wood edition (cf. >17 MrAndrew:)

Mar 23, 6:47pm Top

Today I came home, and found two lovely Tote Bags in my mailbox. One just like this:


And another that looks just like this:


That last one's a collector's item, and I love that the pocket on the front of the larger one just fits my iPad. My Kindle fits in either one. :-}

Thank you, and I'll treasure them.

Mar 23, 8:13pm Top

>22 Lyndatrue: So glad that you like them! Makes me even more eager to get my hands on one of my own!

Mar 24, 6:59am Top

>22 Lyndatrue: What lorannen said! I love my "little" (regular) tote and can't wait to have the pretty red one for longer excursions.

Mar 24, 8:39am Top

I love it and I would buy it but Can I make an order from Italy?

Mar 24, 9:54am Top

Absolutely, you can — we ship by First Class internationally, so it'll take a week or two to get to you (barring any Customs or other delays), but you're more than welcome to get one for yourself. :)

Mar 24, 11:13pm Top

How long are the straps? I would like to buy one, but only if I could wear it on my shoulder like a purse.

Mar 24, 11:31pm Top

>27 Heather19:

When folded over, they are about an inch or two above the bottom of the bag. Definitely shoulder material (depending on how long you need them to be - they won't work as a cross-body for example but they are long enough for shoulder carry.

Mar 25, 2:16am Top

Thanks AnnieMod!

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