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TPBM #97 - A Prime Number


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Apr 24, 10:01am Top

here 'tis.

TPBM has something interesting to say.

Edited: Apr 24, 10:02am Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Apr 24, 10:14am Top

//>1 karenmarie: Are you going to be in trouble with SGIV?? You know what a stickler he is and he said there has to be 400 posts and you only went to 399.... I hope this will blow over and he won't notice.//

Apr 24, 10:29am Top

Everything I say is interesting. Except that. And that. (ad infinitum).

TPBM will stop us yawning.

Apr 24, 10:36am Top

// shhhh! morningwalker. Maybe he will not realize that the last thread was 399 posts.//

Apr 24, 12:24pm Top

I recommend the remedy of which I am currently availing myself: a hot, steaming cup of freshly-made coffee. African bean mix, I believe. I'm not sure because I put the coffee in a jar without saving the label.

TPBM would know.

Apr 24, 12:26pm Top

//OK, who created a new thread at 399 posts??!! Tradition!

Oh! Karen. Good idea!//

Apr 24, 12:53pm Top

Wait, know what?

The person below me has a smarts today.

Apr 24, 1:01pm Top

yeah, has some scratches from doing yardwork yesterday. still smarts today.

TPBM is struggling with seasonal allergies.

Apr 24, 1:05pm Top

Cured! Local honey is the secret.

TPBM knows some local honey.

Apr 24, 2:25pm Top

Well, My Local Honey is my husband. I call him Bill Honey and have since before our daughter was born. One day at daycare when they were asked what their parents names were she proudly told them Karen and Bill Honey. When he went to pick her up that afternoon, they all said "Hi Bill Honey!" and called him that ever since.

TPBM has many nicknames for their pets.

Apr 24, 8:06pm Top

We have no pets, but we did once have a cat named 'Puss' and a hamster named 'Hammy'

TPBM Is more imaginative

Apr 24, 11:48pm Top

I was once in a household which had two gerbils named Volkswagen and Rambler, and two cats named Chevrolet and Toyota. The dog was named something else altogether.

TPBM knows something else altogether.

Apr 25, 5:24am Top

// >7 SomeGuyInVirginia: Since some of those posts aren't TPBM posts, does it really matter? {she whispered quietly} //

I do know something else altogether.

TPBM knows what it is.

Apr 25, 9:23am Top

I do, but your secret's safe with me.

//Thank you 400John_Vaughan. Now we won't suffer the wrath of SGIV. Even if he says it's okay, you never know....//

TPBM will come and claim the stray cat that is once again trying to work its way into my house. Thank you in advance.

Apr 25, 9:54am Top

I'll be right there! I can't resist any strays... cats, skunks, bachelor friends... I feed them all.

TPBM is also a softie.

Apr 25, 9:57am Top

I have been in the past, but right now am down to 2 kitties and am in attrition mode. Of course I say that but don't know what will actually happen when the 18-year old or 10-year old kitties go to Kitty Heaven.

TPBM has never had pets and doesn't feel like they've missed anything.

Apr 25, 11:15am Top

No way, I grew up with critters and love them. Parker is my kid.

//>14 Tid: >15 morningwalker: Moi?//

TPBM recently ran into an old friend.

Apr 25, 11:16am Top

No, that was WHL - we have always had a pet (or two). Yes I have missed the freedom of upping sticks and away at any time.

TPBM feels the same way about brats.

Apr 25, 12:35pm Top

yep, not interested in producing small humans. They make a lot of high-pitched noises, and they leak stuff.

TPBM is more maternal/paternal.

Apr 25, 1:59pm Top

Well, yes, I always wanted a child and had one when I was 40. They do make high-pitched noises and leak stuff, but they are also a source of fun and joy. I also have hopes that our daughter will provide for us in the comfort we aspire to in our late retirement. (just joking!)

TPBM has at least one set of twins in their extended family.

Edited: Apr 25, 2:01pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Apr 25, 3:11pm Top

No twins! I wonder how common they are, whether identical or not?

TPBM can quote chapter and verse on this...

Apr 26, 10:33am Top

I have identical twin males living next door to me and they are dead common. I call them 'The Justin Biebers'.

TPBM lives next door to the actual Justin Bieber.

Apr 26, 11:53am Top

yeah, but if he doesn't stop calling me "baby" I'm going to have to poison his food.

TPBM likes cute endearments.

Apr 26, 12:00pm Top

Chance would be a fine thing!

TPBM takes what comes.

Apr 26, 1:04pm Top

Mostly, unless it's liver and onions. I don't do liver and onions.

TPBM doesn't do ___________.

Apr 26, 1:40pm Top

.....oysters or mussels. Probably a lot of other things, too, except ignorance is bliss.

TPBM doesn't do ________.

Apr 26, 1:47pm Top

We both love liver (bacon) and onions and I adore oysters and mussels and caviar an...
But I don't do Bieber.

TPBM abhors all so-called "celebrities".

Apr 26, 5:25pm Top

To me, a "so-called celebrity" is a "nonebrity".

TPBM will name an exception to this rule.

Apr 27, 9:18am Top

Jimmy Stewart.

TPBM was a fan of Charm School on VH1, the show where they took strippers, taught them deportment, and turned them into lady strippers. God, I LOVED that show.

Apr 27, 10:10am Top

The only Charm School I'm familiar with is the Nelson DeMille book. It's kind of about deportment training, but not the same thing at all.

TPBM watches VH1.

Apr 27, 11:39am Top

I thought that went the way of MTV, but then I haven't watched regular TV for several years now so don't quote me on that. Actually, don't quote me on anything really important because I could be wrong.

TPBM has fun plans for the weekend.

Apr 27, 1:31pm Top


TBPM celebrates.

Edited: Apr 27, 3:52pm Top

Yep, Beltane here too.

//>34 PhaedraB: wishing you a bright and blessed one//

TPBM is joining us.

Apr 27, 4:03pm Top

///>35 Darth-Heather: Thanks, and you too!///

Apr 27, 8:45pm Top

At this stage of my life, any new cosmic belief system is anathema.

TPBM knows where 23 skiddo came from.

Apr 27, 8:59pm Top

>37 SomeGuyInVirginia: Surely that was your old address in Seattle? Or was that one 23 Skid Row?
//Calan Mai! Druids? May Day?! Maypoles and deflowering virgins ..new belief system indeed!//

TPBM prefers the old (pagan) holidays too.

Apr 28, 2:32am Top

Combining >24 SomeGuyInVirginia: and >38 John_Vaughan: would give us Justin Bieber worship. I have a lifesize cardboard Justin Bieber at home, so that should count.

TPBM has a lifesize __________

Apr 28, 6:51am Top

Wonder Woman, except I can't find it. I think I may have given it to a friend who really wanted it. I looked for it to put in my new garage to greet me when I come home, but alas... I have a picture of a wolf cub instead.

The person below me has something in or near his or her home that brings on a smile.

Apr 28, 8:11am Top

My 3-tube-and tray bird feeder. It's set up about 20 feet from where I'm sitting here typing, and I enjoy watching the birds.

TPBM keeps a bird life list.

Apr 29, 12:13am Top

I do, but I'm a terrible bird watcher. My eyesight isn't good enough to see finer details (new glasses didn't help as much as I hoped) and I can't tell calls apart. Still, I do what I can, which generally means a lot of paging through the bird book going, no, that's not it, no, that's not it, um, maybe but I don't remember that eye color...rinse and repeat.

TPBM is friends with their field guide.

Apr 29, 10:11am Top

I carry the Audubon Society Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians with me everywhere, because I volunteer for a state reporting program that tracks populations of these creatures and so I need to be able to identify them when I see them.

I could just take a photo and look it up later, but my camera hasn't really enjoyed some of these excursions and it is tough to get mud out of the lens.

TPBM also has a favorite field guide.

Apr 30, 8:06pm Top

Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers. Mine smells of all the woods flowers I've pressed in there for 4 decades. But this weekend I found the perfect primary guide on birds for me. Birds of Kentucky is organized by primary color, with page sized photos for each species. So, I was able to identify the Brown Thrasher I encountered in the brush.

TPBM had a significant encounter with another species.

Apr 30, 10:51pm Top

My brother just had a significant encounter with a pair of skunks, right under his bedroom window. I don't think I'll be visiting his place for awhile.

TPBM had a different significant encounter.

May 1, 9:37am Top

Newp, I stayed home and read all weekend.

TPBM has a new pal.

May 1, 10:55am Top

Yup, my son's African puppy. We collected her from Customs (dreadful and expensive 8 hour ordeal) and she stayed with us until they got in from Dubai.

TPBM can imagine.

May 1, 1:27pm Top

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope one day you'll join us
And the world will live as one

TPBM can imagine too.

Edited: May 1, 2:15pm Top

I haven't had time to imagine, check LT, or much of anything yet today. Stupid work is sooooo overrated.

//>43 Darth-Heather: I did that several years ago. It was a nice excuse for a walk in the woods to turn over logs and stones and look for the little "herps.'" Of course they weren't too fond of having their covers overturned.

// >47 John_Vaughan: is African puppy a breed, or did it come from Africa??? We need to see a pic. of puppy//

TPBM is in area of Tornado warnings today.

May 1, 2:24pm Top

Yup. Loads of rain and the metal roof keeps vibrating. No basement, no crawlspace. The single restrooms is where we'd all crowd as the safe space.

TPBM chases storms.

May 1, 4:15pm Top

No, but it's the kind of reckless, somewhat dangerous and stoopid thing I'd probably love. "There's a tornado! Let's go! There's, like, a 65% chance that it won't even come toward us. OH SHI..."

I did see a dashcam video of a car 20 feet or so in front of the POV that got swallowed up by a tornado and simply disappeared. Very dramatic.

TPBM plays fair.

May 1, 4:32pm Top

I do, regardless of whatever you might have heard from those who have lost to me at Risk. Sore losers...

TPBM plays foul.

May 1, 6:27pm Top

No Sir (or Madam)! That would be ungentlemanly and certainly not British!

TPBM clings to their national stereotype.

May 1, 6:35pm Top

Like, whatever.

TPBM is fresh as a day in May.

May 2, 5:41am Top

More like as corny as Kansas in August.

TPBM sings in the bath

May 2, 9:19am Top

Every day, in the shower. Usually to P-Bitty although he thinks singing is alarming. At least, my singing.

TPBM belts it out.

Edited: May 2, 9:23am Top

When I'm singing songs from musicals and am alone in the house or car, yes.

I recently saw a live production of My Fair Lady and have been having a blast with the songs and accents.

TPBM has been in a chorus or choir.

May 2, 10:34am Top

Surely you jest!!!!! No, sadly I have no musical ability or talent.

TPBM plays a musical instrument.

May 2, 2:46pm Top

I am to the violin as Lisa Simpson is to the saxophone. No, that's wrong. I am to the violin as Mahatma Gandhi was to the AK47. But I did get piano Grade 4.

TPBM plays a musical instrument much better.

May 3, 9:10am Top

Musical instruments and I long ago parted ways. It was an amicable split and we were each well quit of the other. We kept the friends we had before the relationship.

TPBM performed for an audience.

May 3, 9:30am Top

My local choir will be performing Handel's Acis and Galatea and Vaughan Williams's Pilgrim's Journey next weekend. A slightly odd combination of works.

TPBM confesses to having a touch of the Diva

Edited: May 3, 3:32pm Top

No! I most certainly do NOT! How dare you even suggest it? Now bring me my tea, my good man. Lapsang exactly as I like it. What, you need to ASK?? Now I'm losing patience.

TPBM is a performer

May 3, 5:27pm Top

And a mover and a shaker.

TPBM likes to sing-a, 'bout the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a.

May 4, 6:38am Top

Nope, but this guy does


TPBM is preparing for a challenge

May 4, 12:25pm Top

Every day's a challenge on these mean streets.

TPBM's rays are all ablaze with ever-living glory.

May 4, 12:58pm Top

I have the shades down against the heat, so I guess not.

TPBM is burning up about ____________.

May 4, 3:52pm Top

Pick something. I seem to be constantly aggrieved these days.

TPBM is OK with it.

May 4, 6:05pm Top

We're heading ever closer to Trump-land, and so are the French. Definitely not OK with that.

TPBM will offer some hope.

May 4, 7:04pm Top

Today is not a hopeful day, what with president tweet signing some let's-break-down-the-barriers-between-church-and-state and the House passing screw-the-American-people-trumpcare.

I don't have much to offer, I'm afraid.

TPBM will offer some hope.

May 5, 8:27am Top

Yes. Here is an alternative to fake news, alternative facts and inaccurate history lessons http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/. Wallow in some good news.

TPBM wallows in ______.

Edited: May 5, 8:38am Top

//>70 morningwalker: Thank you! A good website to have. I've added it to my favorites.//

May 5, 12:05pm Top

Good thoughts and lollipops.

On some sweet mornin' when this life is o'er, TPBM will fly away.

May 7, 5:05pm Top

Before this life is over, I will fly away on Tuesday back to CA to empty Mom's house out, make selling decisions, split stuff up with my sister, and continue the excruciating process of being executor and successor trustee.

TPBM says "Been there, done that, and never again!"

May 7, 7:34pm Top

Yes. I started dealing with my husband's estate and his copious belongings (and library) seven years ago and some stuff is still in limbo. I responded by vigorously sorting, shredding and downsizing my own things. I am all too aware of how that thing which was so important to you becomes at the moment of your death a thing that someone else who has no idea what it is will have to deal with.

TPBM is more cheerful.

Edited: May 7, 9:00pm Top

About accumulated 'stuff', not at all. I have restarted some efforts of a decade ago to set down our family history. The searches on-line have improved enormously so the process seems to have become never-ending. At least all I will leave behind of this is a computer file - unfinished??

TPBM has spat in a test tube to see if they have Hottentot blood or are related to Genghis Khan or whatever.

May 8, 8:49am Top

I did the Ancestry.com genetic profile, but those results weren't as interesting as when I spat in a test tube in the bacteria lab here. You probably don't want to know how many different organisms live in a human mouth.

TPBM already knows.

May 8, 9:35am Top

Ewww...No, but I'm sure it probably depends a little on whether it's a "dirty mouth" or a clean one.

TPBM has a dirty mouth.

Edited: May 8, 10:32am Top

No. Except for an occasional rant. But my eldest who is a former Marine often apologizes for his "potty mouth".
//>75 abbottthomas: are we not ALL related to Khan? Coincidentally, just this week, I also refreshed my legacy files - not gone back online again yet though - its been a decade since I did any research!//

TBPM has a sweetness.

May 8, 1:07pm Top

I do, don't I?

TPBM is all the rage.

May 9, 8:41am Top

In a rage? Of course I am, I mean with the price of gas, the political climate, climate change, social media and electronic devices controlling lives...oops, did you say All the rage? Never mind then.

TPBM is thinking of a new hair style.

May 9, 9:20am Top

No, no - not allowed. Copying his buddy's new law in NKorea we are now required to all have the same bleached comb-over.

TPBM is, at least, thinking.

May 9, 11:32am Top

Yes! Big thoughts, all the time! I have so many brains it's a wonder my head doesn't explode!

//Not-so-little Kim's hairstyle has a NK state name, and it's 'Ambitious' style. That little perv is going to get a lot of people killed, or a lot more.//

TPBM, like me, is working on a list of the greatest ear worm bands of all time (ABBA, Barry Manilow, whoever did 'Crimson and Clover'.)

May 9, 2:47pm Top

///>82 SomeGuyInVirginia: Tommy James and the Shondells. I'm old enough to know that without looking it up.///

May 10, 7:45am Top

//I always admired the structure of Tommy James' songs. First album bought!//

Edited: May 10, 8:27am Top

Well I don't have a list of my own but found this one and think it's a good one. Be forewarned if you read the list and get an earworm, I will not be held responsible. http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/20-worst-earworm-songs-warning-think-click/ ( disagree with Uptown Funk - Love Bruno and welcome that song anytime)

TPBM has had a psychic reading.

May 10, 8:40am Top

In my younger days I've had a psychic reading, my palm(s) read, Tarot cards read, and the numerology bit done. ABout the only thing they got right is that I'm still alive at age 58 even tho I have the same disease (Neurofibromatosis) that my father had and he died when he was around 30.

TPBM is ready for the weekend to arrive.

May 10, 9:12am Top

Oh dear god yes. I've found that weekends seem longer if I cram as much into each day as I can. For the past two I've sat around reading mysteries and they have freakin' flown by.

//>85 morningwalker: I read a Jonathan Carroll book where the protagonist always reads his Tarot before he makes a decision. He doesn't believe in supernatural intervention, just that having some kind of feedback helps him to provide structure to his decision making.//

TPBM gives a little, takes a little.

May 10, 11:16am Top

//>87 SomeGuyInVirginia: I've never read Jonathan Carroll. I'll have to look into him. Any suggestions for his best?//

Edited: May 10, 1:46pm Top

//>88 morningwalker: The Land of Laughs is a good bet. I think Sleeping in Flame was the book with the Tarot reading protagonist.//

ETC grimmer an sich.

May 10, 1:29pm Top

Whilst we do give (particularly Vets) we take quite a bit.

TPBM will define Charity

May 10, 1:51pm Top

What we do to keep hell or government lawyers at bay.

TPBM will define Temptation.

May 10, 5:44pm Top

Chocolate. REAL chocolate.

TPBM will define Sloth .

May 10, 8:34pm Top

A lie in that lay down.

TPBM will define Individualism.

May 11, 5:28am Top

"I am not a number! I am a free man!"

(Remember that?)

...so I will change tack.

TPBM has a smile on their face.

Edited: May 11, 10:36am Top

Usually, although it's cool and rainy here today so I'm just trying to hang on.

I had to look it up. From 'The Prisoner', the Ur-text of the revolution!

TPBM turned that frown upside down.

May 11, 5:21pm Top

>94 abbottthomas: >95 SomeGuyInVirginia: // " I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!" //

May 11, 7:15pm Top

>96 Tid: //Good for you!//

May 12, 4:48am Top

>97 abbottthomas: // Who is Number One? //

May 12, 5:11am Top

>98 Tid: //Lost in the mists of time, I fear. I remember McGoohan banging on the desk, the Lotus 7, Portmeiron, the big white balloon but little more.//

Edited: May 12, 9:02am Top

My frown is never permanent.

// Round about the time "Prisoner" was showing I was messing around in motor sports, rallying a mini and writing reports for the specialist press. I received a note signed by Colin stating that I must cease and desist using the word "Loti" as a plural for the dearly beloved Lotus!//

TPBM often invents words for plurals (or even the singular).

May 12, 9:09am Top

I prefer "mousies" instead of "mice".

I often mix two words - sometimes my brain can't choose between them, so it comes out as a blend of both. I think that is where I got the word "squirky", meaning both strange and quirky. Often used in reference to cats.

TPBM has their own word for feline behaviors.

May 12, 11:54am Top

Tiny brain. I've only ever known one cat that I didn't consider to be clearly insane. And Parker isn't the one.

TPBM lives in a tiny house, or is in the tiny house movement.

May 12, 9:28pm Top

Oh heavens no. I have an entire extra bedroom for my books. And they are still spilling over in various other areas of my apartment.

I have watched some of those tiny house shows and always think they are cute and wouldn't it be fun to be so mobile, but always get stuck on the book problem.

TPBM has solved the book problem

May 12, 9:48pm Top

Nope. I've sold about 1000 of them, but I still have a storage locker for the overflow.

TPBM says, "What problem?"

May 13, 7:23am Top

Yes and no. I still read paper books in bed each night - that's the only time I do, and then there's the problem of where to keep them all. Otherwise it's all audiobooks on my computer - no problem!

TPBM has solved "the problem".

May 13, 12:03pm Top

We've delayed the problem by deciding 2 years ago to live in this house for 10 more years and then deciding again what to do. So for the next 8 years my books all have a home with me.

TPBM still has some books from their childhood.

May 15, 9:10am Top

I sure do - Danny, The Champion of the World, A Wrinkle In Time, and The Black Pearl get rereads occasionally. The 12-book Junior Classics set has it's own shelf in my library, and I plan to reread a few of them this year.

TPBM has some too.

May 15, 9:22am Top

A few Nancy Drews. I also have several Shel Silverstein books on hand for when young nieces and nephews used to visit. Sigh...they've all grown up now, but I'm still hanging on to Shel.

TPBM has let things go and is ready to move on.

May 15, 9:28am Top

I heartily regret most of the books I've given away, and vow to hoard better.

TPBM's library is a fortress.

May 15, 10:33am Top

Yes, every man's home is his castle. But mine leaks books.

TPBM has had a hard day's knight in the castle.

Edited: May 15, 1:29pm Top

Oooooooh, doesn't that sound nice!

I have book-buying regret, and a yuge book sale to go to in June. It's not going to be pretty.

TPBM was hit by the WannaCry ransomware attack.

May 16, 8:40am Top

No. My computer at work is usually kept updated and protected by back office. THEY know and see all....

TPBM is prepared if/when the internet implodes.

May 16, 8:50am Top

TPBM wanna cry.

Edited: May 16, 10:22am Top

Ugh. The North Koreans may have just got too crazy to tolerate. Someone is egging The Haircut on, someone who hopes to take his place when he's eventually neutralized.

Did you pay?

TPBM turns their face to the sun.

May 17, 5:20am Top

Call me Girasole.

Plant wise, TPBM is more of a ...........

May 17, 8:20am Top

brown thumb, for sure. If my houseplants would meow, I would recognize that they need something, but nooooo they just silently suffer until it's too late.

TPBM sees the needs.

May 17, 9:09am Top

Not with Seeds. I wouldn't have a plant in the house, too much like taking care of a pet in a coma.

TPBM loving and gentle and good.

May 17, 10:43am Top

Is that Sunday's child?

TPBM is Thursday's Child

Edited: May 17, 11:53am Top

God yes.

//It's Cosette to Valjene, a line in the song 'In My Life' from Les Miserables.//

TPBM puts on a happy face.

May 17, 12:06pm Top

Of course, the gloomy mask of tragedy is not my style.

TPBM is always whistling tunes from the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals.

May 17, 12:42pm Top

Yes, when I'm somewhere Over the Rainbow and I Put on a Happy Face I start Singing in the Rain then I get One for my Baby, and one for the Road.

TPBM is a crooner.

May 17, 4:39pm Top

There's no love song finer, but how strange the change from major to minor...

TPBM wiill continue the theme.

May 18, 4:53am Top

It's the wrong time, and the wrong place.

TPBM is all right with that.

Edited: May 18, 2:38pm Top

It's alright, baby's coming back

TPBM Don't really cares where he's been.

May 18, 8:21am Top

Well, as time goes by, nope I don't care.

TPBM likes to make em laugh.

May 18, 8:58am Top

Yes! I say send in the clowns. //But enough about congress.//

TPBM traveled each and every highway.

May 18, 9:26am Top

I've traveled many roads
And not all of them where good
The foolish ones taught more to me
Than the wise ones ever could.

TPBM Knows which path leads to freedom

May 18, 2:07pm Top

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
And nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free

TPBM knows how many miles from LA (please be there)

May 19, 9:26am Top

No, but I know the way to San Jose.

TPBM hears a warning voice that comes in the night and repeats, repeats in their ear.

May 19, 10:45am Top

Is that what is repeating? Something is giving me acid re-flux.

TPBM can repeat the warning.

May 19, 11:37am Top

You never can win. Use your mentality, wake up to reality.

TPBM has been polishing the sun

Edited: May 19, 11:38am Top

No, just walking on sunshine.

TPBM writes_______.

May 19, 11:44am Top

Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the book

TPBM wrote________.

May 19, 2:25pm Top

The book of love.

TPBM may be right, they may be wrong, but they're perfectly willing to swear __________.

May 19, 5:15pm Top

There are angels dancing in the Ritz and a nightingale sang...

TPBM knows where the nightingale sang.

May 20, 8:30am Top

Berkeley before she sailed away on the sea.

The person below me wore ______________.

Edited: May 21, 12:51am Top

An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

TPBM Sticks around well and tells us more ___________.

May 20, 5:24pm Top

more more, how do you like it, how do you like it?

TPBM is not that chained up little person still in love with you.

May 20, 7:21pm Top

Oh no not I, I will survive!

TPBM tied a yellow ribbon 'round that old oak tree.

Edited: May 21, 8:12am Top

They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum

TPBM experienced that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?

May 22, 9:00am Top

Yes, but too few to mention.

TPBM did what they had to do.

May 22, 9:29am Top

and I did it My Way.

TPBM has met a stranger in the night.

May 22, 9:46am Top

Are those sweet, gentle pleasures gone for good?

TPBM found beauty in the bellow of the blast.

May 22, 11:48am Top

Volcanoes have a splendour that is grim

TPBM is never alone, never disconnected!
is home with her/his own

May 22, 4:29pm Top

May you always have plenty
The glass never empty

TPBM sees a red door and knows what colour they want it painted

May 22, 4:53pm Top

As black as night

TPBM leaves no stone unturned

May 22, 4:56pm Top

yes but I'm lazy so I prefer the rolling ones that turn themselves.

TPBM has sailed into the mystic

May 22, 8:31pm Top

Well, I've been on a magic carpet ride.

TPBM has a girl crush.

May 23, 6:32am Top

never, never, never

TPBM knows that the pills that mother gave you don't do anything at all

May 23, 11:10am Top

Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane didn't do anything at all about playing White Rabbit at a concert I saw them in at the Hollywood Bowl in September 1972. The audience was Not Pleased.

TPBM has been to a concert where the band didn't perform a song the audience wanted.

May 23, 12:49pm Top


Once was at a Donovan concert in Chicago in the early '70s. He was playing a lot of new stuff, and some guy in the audience kept shouting, "Play Jennifer Juniper." After several outbreaks (as in, it was shouted after every song) some other gentleman in the audience shouted, "Play whatever you want!" As it turned out, JJ was his encore song.

The other time was same city, same time frame (and the same theater, I recall). George Carlin was just transitioning from his predictable standup to more radical stream-of-thought routines like The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television (which I think was still a year away). (I was at his performance at Milwaukee Wisconsin's Summerfest when he did that routine and was arrested as he stepped offstage. People were literally walking their children out with their hands over the children's ears. But I digress.) At the Chicago show, someone kept repeatedly yelling, "Do the Hippie-Dippy Weatherman!" Neither the performer nor the audience was amused.

TPBM was amused at __________.

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Not George Carlin. I saw one of his last shows at the Stardust in Las Vegas. He was one pissed off angry old dude. Seriously, he should have kept on drinking. At one point in his routine he was so appalling that the audience was completely quiet and still, like we were in a sound vacuum. Later, one of the pit bosses asked me what I thought of the show, and all I could say was 'Well, I always wanted to see him...' I think he they let his contract lapse not long after that, and then he was dead.

//Tid, at and John, thought and prayers.//

TPBM was amused at _________.

May 23, 5:37pm Top

// Thank you SGIV - yet another grim day. The first time I've ever agreed with Trump's use of the word 'losers'. Thoughts and prayers welcome. //

May 24, 9:24am Top

When I think about it, a lot.

TPBM recently saw something noteworthy.

May 24, 9:31am Top

Noteworthy? Hmmm...Yes, there is a local cemetery that has 1,500 rhododendrons and they are now at their peak performance. It's a beautiful and serene place and I sometimes walk there during my lunch break.

TPBM recently saw something disturbing.

May 24, 9:41am Top

A man with a tape recorder up his nose.

Now for something completely different from TPBM.

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I was strolling through the Inner and Middle Temple in London on Sunday when the peace was disturbed by a large and noisy drone hovering over the rooftops. A minder from the group of people controlling the thing detached himself and came over to deter us from poking our noses in. He admitted to working for Disney Corp. and then was unaccountably impressed by my suggestion that they were getting footage for Mary Poppins Returns. Seemed a pretty easy guess to me!

TPBM is much more blasé about watching location shots.

//>152 SomeGuyInVirginia: - Thanks, SomeGuy. After that atrocity I expect the Temple area will be full of armed troops today.//

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>157 abbottthomas: I just saw the pictures of the soldiers on the street! With all those people walking around with assault rifles, it looked like the homecoming parade in the little Southern town I grew up in. Good times, good times.

I hope you, and everyone in the UK, stay safe.

May 25, 12:14pm Top

I don't have much experience with location shots where I live (nowhere special). Although a small bit from the Cormac McCarthy movie 'The Road' was filmed at a desolate area near me.

TPBM is _______.

May 25, 12:25pm Top

I am. Thanks for noticing.

TPBM is wearing buckles and bows.

May 25, 12:54pm Top

Yes, I'm wearing, buckling, and cannot bow or even curtsey.

TPBM is made of slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

May 26, 8:51am Top

As are all little boys.

TPBM knows what Tid is made of.

May 26, 1:24pm Top

Pages and spines and pastedowns and endpapers? Really pretty endpapers?

TPBM knows.

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