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John's 2017 thread - A year of Tea & Books Part Five.

75 Books Challenge for 2017

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May 1, 2:51pm Top

Welcome to thread number Five dear friends, I love seeing your posts.

May 1, 2:52pm Top

Hi I am John and this will be my fourth time with the 75ers and I must say I have made some great friends along the way.

I am 53 years old and have been married to Karen for 32 years, I have two children, Robert who is 29 and lives with his partner Louise and has a daughter Hannah who will be six at the end of February and a step-daughter Shannon who is 14, and Amy who is 27 and married Andy in October 2015. We also have a cat called Leo who is 14 and a half.

I love books and currently have just under 2,300 books on my shelves and this doesn't include my Cricket collection which stands at about 300 books. While reading I do enjoy the odd pot or two of tea and so thought I would combine these in my thread title for this year. In 2017 I will be mixing my reading up and getting some chunksters read as I have missed them in 2016 but wanted to try and reduce my TBR pile and it hasn't worked, lol.

Feel free to pop along and drop a comment or two and join the fun.

May 1, 2:52pm Top

May 1, 2:53pm Top


1. Sheer Folly by Carola Dunn, PB - 346 pgs, Daisy Dalrymple series, No18 of 22.
2. Sheer Abandon by Penny Vincenzi, PB - 720 pgs.
3. Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris, PB - 216 pgs, Lily Bard series, No 3 of 5.
4. How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry, PB - 367 pgs.
5. The Tangled Thread by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, PB - 474 pgs, Morland Saga series, No 10 of 35.
6. NYPD Red 3 by James Patterson, PB - 418 pgs, NYPD Red series No3 of 5.
7. Anthem for Doomed Youth by Carola Dunn, PB - 327 pgs, Daisy Dalrymple series, No19 of 22.

May 1, 2:53pm Top


8. The Santa Klaus Mystery by Mavis Doriel Hay, PB - 282 pgs.
9. God is an Englishman by R.F.Delderfield, PB -672 pgs, Swann Saga series, No 1 of 3.
10. Shakespeare's Trollop by Charlaine Harris, PB - 212 pgs, Lily Bard Series No 4 of 5.
11. Gone West by Carola Dunn, PB - 324 pgs, Daisy Dalrymple Series No 20 of 22.
12. Not That Kind of Girl by Catherine Alliott, PB - 565 pgs.
13. Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy, PB - 816 pgs, Jack Ryan Series 4 of 16.
14. Theodore Boone - The Fugitive by John Grisham, PB - 250 pgs, Theodore Boone Series No 5 of 6.

May 1, 2:54pm Top


15. Heirs to the Body by Carola Dunn, PB - 292 pgs, Daisy Dalrymple Series No 21 of 22.
16. Faith by Peter James, PB - 465 pgs.
17. Shakespeare's Counselor by Charlaine Harris, PB - 231 pgs, Lily Bard Series No 5 of 5.
18. Superfluous Women by Carola Dunn, PB - 305 pgs, Daisy Dalrymple Series No 22 of 22.
19. The Ring by Danielle Steel, PB - 344 pgs.
20. Theirs Was the Kingdom by R.F.Delderfield, PB - 896 pgs, Swann saga No 2 of 3.
21. Private Berlin by James Patterson, PB - 466 pgs, Private Series No 5 of 16.

Edited: May 7, 2:36pm Top


22. An Incomplete Revenge by Jacqueline Winspear, PB - 340pgs, Maisie Dobbs Series, No 5 of 13.
23. The Emperor by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, PB - 512 pgs, Morland Series, No 11 of 35.
24. Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson, PB - 383 pgs, Maximum Ride Series No 9 of 9.
25. Excursion to Tindari by Andrea Camilleri, PB - 305 pgs, Inspector Montalbano Series No 5 of 24.
26. The Warriors by John Jakes, PB - 695 pgs, Kent Family Chronicles Series No 6 of 8.
27. Saturday's Child by Ruth Hamilton, PB - 381 pgs.
28. Trunk Music by Michael Connelly, PB - 437 pgs, Harry Bosch Series No 5 of 26.

Edited: May 31, 4:11pm Top


29. Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear, PB - 338 pgs, Maisie Dobbs series No 6 of 13.
30. The Charm School by Nelson De Mille, PB - 671 pgs.
31. A Lesson in Love by Gervase Phinn, HB - 401 pgs, Little Village School Series No 4 of 5.
32. Angels Flight by Michael Connelly, PB - 400 pgs, Harry Bosch series No 6 of 26.
33. Glory Boys by Harry Bingham, PB - 613 pgs.
34. Paradise House by Erica James, PB - 439 pgs.
35. Truth or Die by James Patterson, PB - 491 pgs.

Edited: May 31, 4:30pm Top


The Beachside Guest House by Vanessa Greene
Get Even by Martina Cole

Edited: May 1, 3:40pm Top

Latest reading stats:

Books on shelves at 1-4-17 - 2311
Books added in April - 13
Books read in April - 7

Revised book total - 2317

Pages to read at 1-4-17 - 991,218
Pages added in April - 4,608
Pages read in April - 3,053

Revised total pages to read - 992,773

Edited: May 1, 3:42pm Top


Books Read...................... 7

No of Authors.................... 7

New Authors...................... 0

Male Authors..................... 4

Female Authors.................. 3

Pages Read....................... 3,053

Daily Avg........................... 101.77

Book Length avg................. 436.14

Pots of Tea Drunk................ 293

Edited: May 1, 3:45pm Top


Book Read................. 28

No of Authors............. 18

Male Authors.............. 8

Female Authors........... 10

New Authors............... 3

Pages Read................. 12,041

Daily Avg.................... 100.34

Book Length Avg.......... 430.04

Pots of Tea Drunk......... 1187

Edited: May 26, 4:49pm Top



1. Crisis by Frank Gardner, PB
2. Woman of God by James Patterson, PB
3. Death on the Cherwell by Mavis Doriel Hay, PB
4. 8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber, PB
5. The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths, PB
6. Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan, PB
7. The Battle of Evernight by Cecelia Dart-Thornton, PB
8. Stone of Farewell by Tad Williams, PB
9. Hidden by James Patterson, PB
10. Exquisite by Elizabeth Hayley, PB
11. The House Husband by James Patterson, PB


12. Malicious by James Patterson, PB
13. Debt of Honour by Tom Clancy, PB
14. Death of an Airman by Christopher St John Sprigg, PB
15. Blood Shot by Sara Paretsky, PB
16. Guardian Angel by Sara Paretsky, PB
17. Bitter Medicine by Sara Paretsky, PB
18. Buried in the Country by Carola Dunn, PB
19. A Very Distant Shore by Jenny Colgan. PB
20. Looking for Captain Poldark by Rowan Coleman, PB
21. A Shed of One's Own, Midlife without the Crisis by Marcus Berkmann, PB
22. French Twist by James Patterson, PB
23. A Wedding in Maine by Jen McLaughlin, PB
24. Mount by Jilly Cooper, PB
25. Nice Work (If You Can Get It)} by Celia Imrie, PB
26. Secrets at the Little Village School by Gervase Phinn, PB
27. Drive to the East by Harry Turtledove, PB
28. D-Day The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor, PB
29. The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly, PB
30. In The Cold Dark Ground by Stuart Macbride, PB


31. A Summer at Sea by Katie Fforde, PB
32. The Summer Seaside Kitchen by Jenny Colgan, PB
33. Never Never by James Patterson, PB
34. If Not For You by Debbie Macomber, PB
35. Rococo by Adriana Trigani, PB
36. Full Speed by Janet Evanovich, PB
37. Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich, PB
38. Death of a Maid by M.C.Beaton, PB
39. Heist by James Patterson, PB
40. The Hostage by James Patterson, PB
41. Hunted by James Patterson, PB
42. Private Royals by James Patterson, PB
43. Learning to Ride by Erin Knightley, PB
44. Dead Heat by James Patterson, PB
45. S.S. General by Sven Hassel, PB
46. Blitzfreeze by Sven Hassel, PB
47. Black and Blue by James Patterson, PB
48. Goodbye Piccadilly by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, PB
49. Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation by James Runcie, PB
50. Date with Death by Julia Chapman, PB
51. Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah, PB
52. The Father by Anton Svensson, PB
53. The Exile by James Patterson, PB
54. The Shut-in by James Patterson, PB


55. The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude, PB
56. Lazybones by Mark Billingham, PB
57. A King's Ransom by Sharon Penman, PB
58. Death of a Liar by M.C.Beaton, PB
59. Rules, Things are Changing at the Little School by the Sea by Jenny Colgan, PB
60. Murder at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison, PB
61. Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison, PB
62. Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison, PB
63. The Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith, PB
64. Following On by Emma John, PB
65. The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan, PB
66. A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler, PB
67. 2017 Wisden Cricketers' Almanack by Lawrence Booth, HB
68. Fragile Lives by Professor Stephen Westaby, HB
69. 2017 Playfair Cricket Annual by Ian Marshall, PB


70. Romola by George Eliot, HB
71. Dolly's War by Peter Tinniswood, PB
72. The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George, PB
73. Private Delhi by James Patterson, PB
74. Mr Gandy's Grand Tour by Alan Titchmarsh, PB
75. One Day at a Time by Danielle Steel, PB
76. Southern Lights by Danielle Steel, PB
77. This Was a Man by Jeffrey Archer, PB
78. The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly, PB
79. Private Gold by James Patterson, PB
80. The Au Pair by Janey Fraser, PB
81. Captains and the Kings by Taylor Caldwell, PB

May 1, 2:59pm Top

Books read 1 to 50

1. Railroad by Graham Masterton, 632 pgs.
2. Shogun by James Clavell, 1243 pgs.
3. Tai-Pan by James Clavell, 728 pgs.
4. Gai-Jin by James Clavell, 1578 pgs.
5. The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous by Jilly Cooper, 733 pgs.
6. The Island Harp by Jeanne Williams, 338 pgs.
7. Coal Baron by Carol Wensby-Scott, 432 pgs.
8. Silver by Graham Masterton, 431 pgs.
9. Saigon by Anthony Grey, 748 pgs.
10. The Millionaire by Philip Boast, 495 pgs.
11. King Rat by James Clavell, 320 pgs.
12. Hot Type by Kristy Daniels, 473 pgs.
13. Shadows of the Snow by Madge Swindells, 522 pgs
14. The Sisters by Pat Booth, 432 pgs.
15. Noble House by James Clavell, 1435 pgs.
16. War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk, 1171 pgs.
17. A Parliamentary Affair by Edwina Currie, 756 pgs.
18. The Warlord by Malcolm Bosse, 736 pgs.
19. Peking by Anthony Grey, 645 pgs.
20. A Dinner of Herbs by Catherine Cookson, 725 pgs.
21. Tomorrow Jerusalem by Teresa Crane, 572 pgs.
22. Fallen Angels by Eddie Shah, 527 pgs.
23. Whirlpool by Douglas Scott, 718 pgs.
24. Dragon's Blood by Christopher Nicole, 432 pgs.
25. The Sentinel by Madge Swindells, 560 pgs.
26. Ring of Red Roses by Eddie Shah, 477 pgs.
27. Kenjiro by Pat Barr, 511 pgs.
28. The Old-Girl Network by Catherine Alliott, 503 pgs.
29. Whirlwind by James Clavell, 1343 pgs.
30. The Game by Emma Davison, 503 pgs.
31. Spares by Caroline Grey, 344 pgs.
32. First Among Equals by Jeffrey Archer, 466 pgs.
33. A Woman's Place by Edwina Currie, 651 pgs.
34. Appassionata by Jilly Cooper, 892 pgs.
35. Cathedral by Nelson De Mille, 556 pgs.
36. The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, 541 pgs.
37. A Fallen Land by Janet Broomfield, 473 pgs.
38. I'll Bring You Buttercups by Elizabeth Elgin, 812 pgs.
39. Envy by Lis Leigh, 544 pgs.
40. Two Sisters by Nancy Livingston, 585 pgs.
41. The Parsifal Mosaic by Robert Ludlum, 637 pgs.
42. The Seventh Sanctuary by Daniel Easterman, 719 pgs.
43. The Winter House by Judith Lennox, 573 pgs.
44. Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer, 557 pgs.
45. Fashionably Late by Olivia Goldsmith, 576 pgs.
46. Solitaire by Graham Masterton, 568 pgs.
47. Winter's Gold by Margaret P.Kirk, 492 pgs.
48. Too Damn Rich by Judith Gould, 608 pgs.
49. Bestseller by Olivia Goldsmith, 688 pgs.
50. Firefly Summer by Maeve Binchy, 762 pgs.

May 1, 3:00pm Top

Books read 51 to 100

51. The Real Thing by Catherine Alliott, 471 pgs.
52. Present of the Past by Elizabeth Adler, 660 pgs.
53. Always a Stranger by Margaret P.Kirk, 501 pgs.
54. The Road to Omaha by Robert Ludlum, 637 pgs.
55. Beverly Hills by Pat Booth, 492 pgs.
56. Centennial by James A. Michener, 1100 pgs.
57. The Heiresses by Elizabeth Adler, 394 pgs.
58. The Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer, 464 pgs.
59. London's Daughter by Philip Boast, 599 pgs.
60. Fanfare by Andrew McCallan, 600 pgs.
61. Harry's Game by Gerald Seymour, 256 pgs.
62. Too Few for Drums by R.F.Delderfield, 222 pgs.
63. Escape by James Clavell, 584 pgs.
64. A Horseman Riding by, BK 1-Long Summer Day by R.F.Delderfield, 576 pgs.
65. Where Bluebells Chime by Elizabeth Elgin, 703 pgs.
66. As the Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer, 639 pgs.
67. Every Woman Knows a Secret by Rosie Thomas, 490 pgs.
68. Supply of Heroes by James Carrol, 383 pgs.
69. A Horseman Riding by, Bk 2- Post of Honour by R.F.Delderfield, 661 pgs.
70. Archangel by Gerald Seymour, 352 pgs.
71. A Horseman Riding by, Bk 3- The Green Gauntlet by R.F.Delderfield, 475 pgs.
72. Other Peoples Marriages by Rosie Thomas, 559 pgs.
73. The Shadowed Hills by Audrey Howard, 538 pgs.
74. Cast the First Stone by Angela Arney, 572 pgs.
75. Through the Storm by Maureen Lee, 330 pgs.
76. Watermelon by Marian Keyes, 614 pgs.
77. The Bells of Scotland Road by Ruth Hamilton, 573 pgs.
78. Thunder Point by Jack Higgins, 362 pgs.
79. French Relations by Fiona Walker, 785 pgs.
80. Lady of Fortune by Graham Masterton, 540 pgs.
81. Song of the Wind by Madge Swindells, 505 pgs.
82. Nest of Sorrows by Ruth Hamilton, 380 pgs.
83. Rich by Graham Masterton, 760 pgs.
84. Watersmeet by Philip Boast, 435 pgs.
85. The Covenant by James A.Michener, 1080 pgs.
86. Dickie Bird-My Autobiography by Dickie Bird, 479 pgs.
87. The Pride of Polly Perkins by Joan Jonker, 408 pgs.
88. Chaff Upon the Wind by Margaret Dickinson, 447 pgs.
89. Kiss Chase by Fiona Walker, 790 pgs.
90. The Journeyman Tailor by Gerald Seymour, 432 pgs.
91. Mr Macgregor by Alan Titchmarsh, 296 pgs.
92. Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope, 570 pgs.
93. The Heart of Danger by Gerald Seymour, 506 pgs.
94. Gridiron by Philip Kerr, 374 pgs.
95. Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres, 435 pgs.
96. Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes, 626 pgs.
97. Old Sins by Penny Vincenzi, 985 pgs.
98. Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon, 489 pgs.
99. All The Sweet Promises by Elizabeth Elgin, 800 pgs.
100. Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by Marian Keyes, 740 pgs.

May 1, 3:00pm Top

Books read 101 to 150

101. Firefox by Craig Thomas, 359 pgs.
102. Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone by J.K.Rowling, 223 pgs.
103. Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell, 406 pgs.
104. My Hands Were Tied by Glen Wood, 282 pgs.
105. Caribbean by James A.Michener, 944 pgs.
106. Jessica's Girl by Josephine Cox, 552 pgs.
107. A Whiff of Scandal by Carole Matthews, 342 pgs.
108. Going Too Far by Catherine Alliott, 502 pgs.
109. Well Groomed by Fiona Walker, 698 pgs.
110. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets by J.K.Rowling, 251 pgs.
111. Managing my Life by Alex Ferguson, 477 pgs.
112. The Dreaming Suburb by R.F.Delderfield, 470 pgs.
113. Head Over Heels by Jill Mansell, 441 pgs.
114. London Belongs to Me by Norman Collins, 663 pgs.
115. The Shot by Philip Kerr, 370 pgs.
116. The Last Lighthouse Keeper by Alan Titchmarsh, 242 pgs.
117. The Avenue Goes to War by R.F.Delderfield, 630 pgs.
118. Our Father's House by Caroline Fabre, 486 pgs.
119. Jewels of Our Father by Kristy Daniels, 528 pgs.
120. The Drifter's by James A.Michener, 830 pgs.
121. Original Sin by P.D.James, 426 pgs.
122. Trick Shot by David Hunt, 426 pgs.
123. Snap Happy by Fiona Walker, 566 pgs.
124. Corroboree by Graham Masterton, 510 pgs.
125. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, 317 pgs.
126. In Honour Bound by Gerald Seymour, 350 pgs.
127. Fatherland by Robert Harris, 386 pgs.
128. Riders by Jilly Cooper, 919 pgs.
129. Above the Law by Dexter Dias, 472 pgs.
130. September by Rosamunde Pilcher, 616 pgs.
131. Rivals by Jilly Cooper, 716 pgs.
132. Game, Set and Match by Kathryn Bellamy, 386 pgs.
133. Polo by Jilly Cooper, 766 pgs.
134. White Cap and Bails by Dickie Bird, 470 pgs.
135. Tokyo Bay by Anthony Grey, 673 pgs.
136. The Second Angel by Philip Kerr, 432 pgs.
137. Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd, 1344 pgs.
138. Longshot by Dick Francis, 304 pgs.
139. Night of the Seventh Darkness by Daniel Easterman, 460 pgs.
140. A Will to Win - The Manager's Diary by Alex Ferguson, 277 pgs.
141. Maiden Voyage by Graham Masterton, 562 pgs.
142. Pandora's Box by Elizabeth Gage, 864 pgs.
143. The Fighting Man by Gerald Seymour, 507 pgs.
144. IKON by Graham Masterton, 376 pgs.
145. Amanda's Wedding by Jenny Colgan, 374 pgs.
146. Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell, 228 pgs.
147. Holding the Zero by Gerald Seymour, 525 pgs.
148. Love is a Four Letter Word by Claire Calman, 317 pgs.
149. A Philosophical Investigation by Philip Kerr, 360 pgs.
150. Striptease by Carl Hiaasen, 405 pgs.

May 1, 3:01pm Top

Books read 151 to 200

151. Lessons for a Sunday Father by Claire Calman, 447 pgs.
152. Farewell, The Tranquil Mind by R.F.Delderfield, 319 pgs.
153. Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen, 325 pgs.
154. The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 159 pgs.
155. A Five Year Plan by Philip Kerr, 324 pgs.
156. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams, 187 pgs.
157. Now or Never by Elizabeth Adler, 376 pgs.
158. The Street lawyer by John Grisham, 361 pgs.
159. A Few Little Lies by Sue Welfare, 313 pgs.
160. Two Women by Martina Cole, 663 pgs.
161. The Ambassador by Edwina Currie, 503 pgs.
162. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich, 290 pgs.
163. Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen, 472 pgs.
164. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, 350 pgs.
165. Mr Commitment by Mike Gayle, 322 pgs.
166. Life, the Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams, 162 pgs.
167. The Waiting Time by Gerald Seymour, 459 pgs.
168. Fast Forward by Claire Dowling, 571 pgs.
169. Changing Seasons (A History of Cricket in England 1945-1996) by David Lemmon, 456 pgs.
170. Bridie and Finn by Harry Cauley, 357 pgs.
171. It's Just Not Cricket by Henry Blofeld, 346 pgs.
172. Farewell to Cricket by Don Bradman, 320 pgs.
173. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling, 636 pgs.
174. Homeland by John Jakes, 1138 pgs.
175. Look Stranger by Mary Hocking, 237 pgs.
176. Roses are Red by James Patterson, 414 pgs.
177. Killing Paparazzi by Robert M.Eversz, 310 pgs.
178. Moving on Up by Sue Welfare, 327 pgs.
179. The Ladykiller by Martina Cole, 629 pgs.
180. The First Wives Club by Olivia Golsmith, 470 pgs.
181. Allan Lamb - My Autobiography by Allan Lamb, 288 pgs.
182. Seize the Day by Tanni Grey-Thompson, 251 pgs.
183. My Canape Hell by Imogen Edwards-Jones, 343 pgs.
184. When the Wind Blows by James Patterson, 468 pgs.
185. Gavaskar- Portrait of a Hero by Clifford Narinesingh, 222 pgs.
186. Executioner: Pierrepoint by Albert Pierrepoint, 208 pgs.
187. Daisychain Summer by Elizabeth Elgin, 664 pgs.
188. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, 945 pgs.
189. Yakking around the World by Simon Hughes, 257 pgs.
190. Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich, 301 pgs.
191. Ladies Man by John Ramster, 343 pgs.
192. Faceless by Martina Cole, 405 pgs.
193. Broken by Martina Cole, 469 pgs.
194. Nellie's War by Victor Pemberton, 438, pgs.
195. Score! by Jilly Cooper, 796 pgs.
196. The Cigarette Girl by Carol Wolper, 323 pgs.
197. Russka by Edward Rutherfurd, 1007 pgs.
198. A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, 1474 pgs.
199. Jumping to Conclusions by Christina Jones, 502 pgs.
200. Black Market by James Patterson, 400 pgs.

May 1, 3:02pm Top

Books read 201 to 250

201. One Summer at Deer's Leap by Elizabeth Elgin, 629 pgs.
202. Cradle and All by James Patterson, 455 pgs.
203. Kiss by Jill Mansell, 503 pgs.
204. Going Out Live by Mark Lawson, 260 pgs.
205. Shep-My Autobiography by David Shepherd, 242 pgs.
206. North and South by John Jakes, 730 pgs.
207. The Falls by Ian Rankin, 479 pgs.
208. Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen, 341 pgs.
209. Guilty Creatures by Sue Welfare, 325 pgs.
210. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, 280 pgs.
211. One Across, Two Down by Ruth Rendell, 250 pgs.
212. Kiss the Girls by James Patterson, 451 pgs.
213. Opening Up by Michael Atherton, 330 pgs.
214. Three to get Deadly by Janet Evanovich, 300 pgs.
215. Blessed-The Autobiography by George Best, 472 pgs.
216. Windfall by Penny Vincenzi, 838 pgs.
217. Manchester Blue by Eddie Shah, 426 pgs.
218. Lords of the Air by Graham Masterton, 628 pgs.
219. Between Males by Fiona Walker, 566 pgs.
220. Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell, 280 pgs.
221. To Hell in a Handcart by Richard Littlerjohn, 426 pgs.
222. Four to Score by Janet Evanovich, 311 pgs.
223. Love and War by John Jakes, 1019 pgs.
224. Trouble and Strife by Elizabeth Waite, 380 pgs.
225. All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell, 438 pgs.
226. Just Desserts by Sue Welfare, 328 pgs.
227. The Client by John Grisham, 458 pgs.
228. A Fragile Peace by Teresa Crane, 445 pgs.
229. A Compromising Position by Carole Matthews, 408 pgs.
230. While the Light Lasts by Agatha Christie, 213 pgs.
231. The Generals Daughter by Nelson De Mille, 454 pgs.
232. Trowel and Error by Alan Titchmarsh, 322 pgs.
233. The Marrying Game by Kate Saunders, 534 pgs.
234. Windflower Wedding by Elizabeth Elgin, 672 pgs.
235. Artemis Fowl-The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer, 288 pgs.
236. Two's Company by Jill Mansell, 398 pgs.
237. Resurrection Man by Ian Rankin, 484 pgs.
238. A Lot of Hard Yakka by Simon Hughes, 311 pgs.
239. The Bangkok Secret by Anthony Grey, 376 pgs.
240. High Five by Janet Evanovich, 336 pgs.
241. Hot Six by Janet Evanovich, 324 pgs.
242. Canto for a Gypsy by Martin Cruz-Smith, 198 pgs.
243. Seven Up by Janet Evanovich, 373 pgs.
244. Deception Point by Dan Brown, 585 pgs.
245. Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich, 339 pgs.
246. Animal Instincts by Alan Titchmarsh, 373 pgs.
247. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K.Rowling, 766 pgs.
248. The Evening News by Arthur Hailey, 647 pgs.
249. Only Dad by Alan Titchmarsh, 357 pgs.
250. Violets are Blue by James Patterson, 445 pgs.

May 1, 3:03pm Top

Books read 251 to 300

251. Tickled Pink by Christina Jones, 485 pgs.
252. Hide and Seek by James Patterson, 356 pgs.
253. For Better, For Worse by Carole Matthews, 406 pgs.
254. This Honourable House by Edwina Currie, 424 pgs.
255. Dialogues of the Dead by Reginald Hill, 558 pgs.
256. Fly Fishing by Sarah Harvey, 441 pgs.
257. Heaven and Hell by John Jakes, 959 pgs.
258. Psycho by Stuart Pearce, 438 pgs.
259. The Jump by Martina Cole, 664 pgs.
260. Waggoner's Way by Harry Bowling, 630 pgs.
261. The Untouchable by Gerald Seymour, 622 pgs.
262. 1st to Die by James Patterson, 458 pgs.
263. Knock Down by Dick Francis, 274 pgs.
264. Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen, 419 pgs.
265. 1966 and all That by Geoff Hurst, 433 pgs.
266. Sunday Morning by Ray Connolly, 560 pgs.
267. To The Hilt by Dick Francis, 393 pgs.
268. Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon, 863 pgs.
269. Traditions by Alan Ebert and Janice Rotchstein, 911 pgs.
270. Fox Evil by Minette Walters, 557 pgs.
271. Space by James A.Michener, 808 pgs.
272. Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich, 152 pgs.
273. The Strode Venturer by Hammond Innes, 254 pgs.
274. Four Blind Mice by James Patterson, 387 pgs.
275. A Minor Indiscretion by Carole Matthews, 472 pgs.
276. Speaking in Tongues by Jeffrey Deaver, 357 pgs.
277. Diana by R.F.Delderfield, 666 pgs.
278. Beating the Field - My Own Story by Brian Lara, 273 pgs.
279. The Rainmaker by John Grisham, 568 pgs.
280. Hot Shot by Charlotte Hughes, 376 pgs.
281. Trial Run by Dick Francis, 223 pgs.
282. Cat Walk by Emma Davison, 519 pgs.
283. California Gold by John Jakes, 910 pgs.
284. Fast Friends by Jill Mansell, 600 pgs.
285. The Nanny by Melissa Nathan, 536 pgs.
286. Dangerous Lady by Martina Cole, 563 pgs.
287. The No1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, 233 pgs.
288. 2nd Chance by James Patterson, 401 pgs.
289. French Revolutions - Cycling the Tour De France by Tim Moore, 277 pgs.
290. Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle, 350 pgs.
291. March Battalion by Sven Hassel, 221 pgs.
292. The Sweetest Taboo by Carole Matthews, 406 pgs.
293. Messiah by Boris Starling, 483 pgs.
294. Come Home Charlie, and Face Them by R.F.Delderfield, 284 pgs.
295. The King of Torts by John Grisham, 490 pgs.
296. Full House by Janet Evanovich, 310 pgs.
297. Maura's Game by Martina Cole, 628 pgs.
298. Killing Ground by Gerald Seymour, 572 pgs.
299. Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith, 217 pgs.
300. Pandora by Jilly Cooper, 751 pgs.

May 1, 3:04pm Top

Books read 301 to 350

301. Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino by Paul Kimmage, 201 pgs.
302. Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes, 596 pgs.
303. Storm by Boris Starling, 467 pgs.
304. The Summons by John Grisham, 391 pgs.
305. The Lake House by James Patterson, 388 pgs.
306. To The Nines by Janet Evanovich, 372 pgs.
307. Texas by James A.Michener, 1508 pgs.
308. Want to Play? by P.J.Tracy, 454 pgs.
309. Popcorn by Ben Elton, 320 pgs.
310. Fen by Freya North, 354 pgs.
311. The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson, 392 pgs.
312. More to Life than This by Carole Matthews, 438 pgs.
313. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, 963 pgs.
314. Bookends by Jane Green, 394 pgs.
315. Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich, 339 pgs.
316. Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer, 329 pgs.
317. The Chamber by John Grisham, 598 pgs.
318. Chapatti or Chips? by Nisha Minhas, 452 pgs.
319. 3rd Degree by James Patterson, 356 pgs.
320. It's Not About The Bike - My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong, 294 pgs.
321. Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith, 225 pgs.
322. Goodnight Lady by Martina Cole, 693 pgs.
323. Playing with Stars by Sally Stewart, 374 pgs.
324. Playing for Keeps by Alec Stewart, 400 pgs.
325. The Rebel Fairy by Deborah Wright, 499 pgs.
326. The Beach House by James Patterson, 372 pgs.
327. Good at Games by Jill Mansell, 502 pgs.
328. Losing my Virginity - Richard Branson, The Autobiography by Richard Branson, 535 pgs.
329. Cat by Freya North, 427 pgs.
330. Anything But.... An Autobiography by Richie Benaud, 293 pgs.
331. Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich, 374 pgs.
332. Rosie by Alan Titchmarsh, 304 pgs.
333. The Waitress by Melissa Nathan, 510 pgs.
334. The Runaway by Martina Cole, 663 pgs.
335. Be My Enemy by Christopher Brookmyre, 390 pgs.
336. The Kindness of Strangers - The Autobiography by Kate Adie, 373 pgs.
337. Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich, 393 pgs.
338. The Pelican Brief by John Grisham, 421 pgs.
339. Whiteout by Ken Follett, 394 pgs.
340. The Jester by James Patterson, 519 pgs.
341. Graham Gooch by Ivo Tennant, 252 pgs.
342. The Linden Walk by Elizabeth Elgin, 628 pgs.
343. The Yellow Jersey Companion to the Tour De France by Les Woodland, 397 pgs.
344. The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Alexander McCall Smith, 210 pgs.
345. Polly by Freya North, 401 pgs.
346. Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by M.C.Beaton, 272 pgs.
347. The Eddie Stobart Story by Hunter Davies, 364 pgs.
348. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling, 607 pgs.
349. Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet by M.C.Beaton, 238 pgs.
350. London Bridges by James Patterson, 417 pgs.

May 1, 3:04pm Top

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May 1, 3:05pm Top

Books read 351 to 400

351. The Full Cupboard of Life by Alexander McCall Smith, 212 pgs.
352. PS, I Love You x by Cecilia Ahern, 503 pgs.
353. Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener by M.C.Beaton, 223 pgs.
354. The Other Side of The Dale by Gervase Phinn, 276 pgs.
355. The Know by Martina Cole, 629 pgs.
356. The Last Juror by John Grisham, 506 pgs.
357. "Charlie", The Charlie Williams Story by Stephen D.Smith, 204 pgs.
358. She's Leaving Home by Edwina Currie, 660 pgs.
359. Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley by M.C.Beaton, 207 pgs.
360. Calling the Shots: My Story as England Captain by Michael Vaughan, 270 pgs.
361. Over Hill and Dale by Gervase Phinn, 340 pgs.
362. Honeymoon by James Patterson, 393 pgs.
363. In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith, 252 pgs.
364. With or Without You by Carole Matthews, 407 pgs.
365. Traitor's Kiss by Gerald Seymour, 540 pgs.
366. Trace by Patricia Cornwell, 489 pgs.
367. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson, 454 pgs.
368. The Promise of Happiness by Justin Cartwright, 306 pgs.
369. Esau by Philip Kerr, 456 pgs.
370. Right Back to the Beginning! Jimmy Armfield, The Autobiography by Jimmy Armfield, 346 pgs.
371. Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage by M.C.Beaton, 196 pgs.
372. Gazza! My Story by Hunter Davies, 390 pgs.
373. Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist by M.C.Beaton, 182 pgs.
374. Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death by M.C.Beaton, 184 pgs.
375. Head Over Heels in the Dales by Gervase Phinn, 323 pgs.
376. In Search of the Tiger by Ian Stafford, 298 pgs.
377. Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham by M.C.Beaton, 196 pgs.
378. My Life by Bill Clinton, 1,000 pgs.
379. The Hope by Herman Wouk, 716 pgs.
380. Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson, 491 pgs.
381. Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhaddon by M.C.Beaton, 196 pgs.
382. Child of the Phoenix by Barbara Erskine, 1,086 pgs.
383. Maigret's Failure by Georges Simenon, 160 pgs.
384. Agatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfam by M.C.Beaton, 197 pgs.
385. 4th of July by James Patterson, 414 pgs.
386. An Auctioneer's Lot by Philip Serrell, 289 pgs.
387. The Graft by Martina Cole, 679 pgs.
388. The Bastard by John Jakes, 528 pgs.
389. Lifeguard by James Patterson, 487 pgs.
390. Eragon by Christopher Paolini, 517 pgs.
391. A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn, 144 pgs.
392. The Narrows by Michael Connelly, 405 pgs.
393. The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith, 281 pgs.
394. Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich, 371 pgs.
395. Worth the Wait by Darren Lehmann, 267 pgs.
396. Artemis Fowl - The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer, 343 pgs.
397. The Thomas Berryman Number by James Patterson, 272 pgs.
398. Rage by Jonathan Kellerman, 495 pgs.
399. Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, 1,059 pgs.
400. Rosie Meadows Regrets by Catherine Alliott, 567 pgs.

May 1, 3:05pm Top

Books read 401 to 450

401. Mary, Mary by James Patterson, 435 pgs.
402. City of Bones by Michael Connelly, 410 pgs.
403. The Exile by Allan Folsom, 866 pgs.
404. Agatha Raisin and the Love From Hell by M.C.Beaton, 229 pgs.
405. The Juror by George Dawes Green, 430 pgs.
406. Up and Down in the Dales by Gervase Phinn, 341 pgs.
407. Final Winter by Brendan Dubois, 528 pgs.
408. Eldest by Christopher Paolini, 681 pgs.
409. Along Came a Spider by James Patterson, 435 pgs.
410. The Century by Michael Molloy, 896 pgs.
411. You Must Like Cricket? Memoirs of a Cricket fan by Soumya Bhattarcharya, 188 pgs.
412. Cat and Mouse by James Patterson, 502 pgs.
413. Floodlit Dreams: How to Save a Football Club by Ian Ridley, 321 pgs.
414. The Eye of The World: Bk 1 of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, 800 pgs.
415. The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lilian Jackson Braun, 182 pgs.
416. The 5th Horseman by James Patterson, 468 pgs.
417. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling, 607 pgs.
418. Morning Everyone - An Ashes Odyssey by Simon Hughes, 337 pgs.
419. Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich, 340 pgs.
420. Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan, 375 pgs.
421. Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich, 396 pgs.
422. Close by Martina Cole, 663 pgs.
423. The Unknown Soldier by Gerald Seymour, 544 pgs.
424. Turn Left at the Daffodils by Elizabeth Elgin, 633 pgs.
425. Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, 399 pgs.
426. Jackdaws by Ken Follett, 595 pgs.
427. The Hard Way by Lee Child, 515 pgs.
428. Beach Road by James Patterson, 423 pgs.
429. Black and Blue by Ian Rankin, 498 pgs.
430. Love and Mr Devon by Alan Titchmarsh, 272 pgs.
431. The Midnight Club by James Patterson, 295 pgs.
432. Pip by Freya North, 364 pgs.
433. Jack and Jill by James Patterson, 432 pgs.
434. The Rebels by John Jakes, 491 pgs.
435. The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, 238 pgs.
436. Scared to Live by Stephen Booth, 630 pgs.
437. Relentless by Simon Kernick, 461 pgs.
438. Kingdom of Shadows by Barbara Erskine, 772 pgs.
439. Judge 'N Jury by James Patterson, 435 pgs.
440. Friends, Lovers, Chocolate by Alexander McCall Smith, 277 pgs.
441. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, 708 pgs.
442. The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross, 472 pgs.
443. Almost a Crime by Penny Vincenzi, 817 pgs.
444. Farewell but not Goodbye - My Autobiography by Bobby Robson, 312 pgs.
445. Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came by M.C.Beaton, 213 pgs.
446. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson, 310 pgs.
447. The Voice of Rugby - My Autobiography by Bill McLaren, 383 pgs.
448. Secrets in Prior's Ford by Eve Houston, 337 pgs.
449. The Closers by Michael Connelly, 405 pgs.
450. Duncton Wood by William Horwood, 733 pgs.

May 1, 3:06pm Top

Books read 451 to 500

451. Harvest by Tess Gerritsen, 510 pgs.
452. Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson, 269 pgs.
453. Deal Breaker by Harlen Coben, 343 pgs.
454. Size 12 is not fat by Meg Cabot, 345 pgs.
455. Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes, 593 pgs.
456. The Mayor of Lexington Avenue by James Sheehan, 589 pgs.
457. The 6th Target by James Patterson, 434 pgs.
458. Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope, 840 pgs.
459. The Journeyer by Gary Jennings, 1,219 pgs.
460. The Final Reckoning by Sam Bourne, 552 pgs.
461. Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate by M.C.Beaton, 212 pgs.
462. One Shot by Lee Child, 495 pgs.
463. A Short History of Ukrainian Tractors by Marina Lewycka, 326 pgs.
464. The Take by Martina Cole, 661 pgs.
465. Playing for Pizza by John Grisham, 325 pgs.
466. Step on a Crack by James Patterson, 407 pgs.
467. Bearders: My Life in Cricket by Bill Frindall, 328 pgs.
468. Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka, 310 pgs.
469. The Little Grey Men by 'BB', 253 pgs.
470. Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House by M.C.Beaton, 246 pgs.
471. A Good War by Patrick Bishop, 521 pgs.
472. Storming Heaven by Dale Brown, 494 pgs.
473. Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich, 371 pgs.
474. The Ivy Chronicles by Karen Quinn, 435 pgs.
475. Balance of Power by Richard North Patterson, 800 pgs.
476. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, 216 pgs.
477. Gallows View by Peter Robinson, 308 pgs.
478. The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner, 224 pgs.
479. The Quickie by James Patterson, 407 pgs.
480. Forbidden Places by Penny Vincenzi, 671 pgs.
481. Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith, 242 pgs.
482. Rat Run by Gerald Seymour, 576 pgs.
483. The Cat Who Went Underground by Lilian Jackson Braun, 248 pgs.
484. See How They Run by James Patterson, 320 pgs.
485. Petersburg by Emily Hanlon, 826 pgs.
486. Cross by James Patterson, 436 pgs.
487. The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith, 314 pgs.
488. My Spin on Cricket by Richie Benaud, 293 pgs.
489. Dog Days by Mavis Cheek, 213 pgs.
490. Coming Back to Me - The Autobiography by Marcus Trescothick, 342 pgs.
491. Behind the Shades - The Autobiography by Duncan Fletcher, 378 pgs.
492. One Day Cricket - The Indian Challenge by Ashis Ray, 386 pgs.
493. Pandora's Star by Peter F.Hamilton, 1,144 pgs.
494. The Business of Dying by Simon Kernick, 446 pgs.
495. Olivia's Luck by Catherine Alliott, 566 pgs.
496. Brisingr by Christopher Paolini, 763 pgs.
497. 7th Heaven by James Patterson, 473 pgs.
498. The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, 599 pgs.
499. The Innocent Man by John Grisham, 501 pgs.
500. The Dilemma by Penny Vincenzi, 884 pgs.

May 1, 3:07pm Top

Books read 501 to 550

501. Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs, 509 pgs.
502. Coming Into Play - My Life in Test Cricket by Andrew Strauss, 296 pgs.
503. A Good Day to Die by Simon Kernick, 448 pgs.
504. Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance by M.C.Beaton, 233 pgs.
505. Double Cross by James Patterson, 437 pgs.
506. Teacher, Teacher by Jack Sheffield, 333 pgs.
507. Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon by M.C.Beaton, 284 pgs.
508. Drama Comes to Prior's Ford by Eve Houston, 308 pgs.
509. In The Dark by Mark Billingham, 435 pgs.
510. Size Matters... or does it? by Judy Astley, 272 pgs.
511. You've Been Warned by James Patterson, 403 pgs.
512. Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich, 372 pgs.
513. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive by Alexander McCall Smith, 212 pgs.
514. The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick, 446 pgs.
515. The Tenko Club by Elizabeth Noble, 437 pgs.
516. Going Home by Danielle Steel, 316 pgs.
517. The Glass Painters Daughter by Rachel Hore, 450 pgs.
518. Folly by Alan Titchmarsh, 415 pgs.
519. Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich, 281 pgs.
520. Sail by James Patterson, 448 pgs.
521. The Foundling by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 527 pgs.
522. The Careful Use of Compliments by Alexander McCall Smith, 246 pgs.
523. Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever by James Patterson, 457 pgs.
524. The Perfect 10 by Louise Kean, 340 pgs.
525. Faces by Martina Cole, 666 pgs.
526. Strictly Me - My Life Under the Spotlight by Mark Ramprakash, 288 pgs.
527. Time to Declare by Michael Vaughan, 466 pgs.
528. Cross Country by James Patterson, 412 pgs.
529. Fools Errand - The Tawny Man Bk 1 by Robin Hobb, 661 pgs.
530. The Other Hand by Chris Cleave, 378 pgs.
531. Death of a Gossip by M.C.Beaton, 187 pgs.
532. The Affair of the Blood-Stained Egg Cosy by James Anderson, 366 pgs.
533. The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen, 416 pgs.
534. Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson, 309 pgs.
535. Judas Unchained by Peter F.Hamilton, 1,235 pgs.
536. Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor by M.C.Beaton, 268 pgs.
537. Knave of Spades by Alan Titchmarsh, 298 pgs.
538. Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, 428 pgs.
539. Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen, 310 pgs.
540. Baking Cakes in Kigali by Gaile Parkin, 361 pgs.
541. 8th Confession by James Patterson, 458 pgs.
542. The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, 589 pgs.
543. The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly, 567 pgs.
544. Zimmer Man by Marcus Berkmann, 249 pgs.
545. Maximum Ride : Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson, 434 pgs.
546. Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, 1,185 pgs.
547. The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen, 477 pgs.
548. The Affair of the Mutilated Mink by James Anderson, 380 pgs.
549. Wicked! by Jilly Cooper, 1,007 pgs.
550. The Magician's Apprentice by Trudi Canavan, 702 pgs.

May 1, 3:08pm Top

Books read 551 to 600

551. The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross, 600 pgs.
552. Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer, 376 pgs.
553. Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich, 373 pgs.
554. The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall Smith, 249 pgs.
555. Death Message by Mark Billingham, 458 pgs
556. And God Created Cricket by Simon Hughes, 463 pgs.
557. Mayday by Nelson De Mille, 461 pgs.
558. The Shape of Water by Andrea Camilleri, 249 pgs.
559. Run For Your Life by James Patterson, 373 pgs.
560. Sally by Freya North, 327 pgs.
561. The History of Australian Cricket by Chris Harte and Bernard Whimpress, 862 pgs.
562. Lost Light by Michael Connelly, 341 pgs.
563. Out of My Comfort Zone - The Autobiography by Steve Waugh, 801 pgs.
564. The Appeal by John Grisham, 501 pgs.
565. 1895 and All That by Tony Collins, 238 pgs.
566. Witch and Wizard by James Patterson, 314 pgs.
567. Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry, 752 pgs.
568. A Cotswold Killing by Rebecca Tope, 414 pgs.
569. Roots by Alex Haley, 639 pgs.
570. The Business by Martina Cole, 568 pgs.
571. Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye, 206 pgs.
572. Savannah or A Gift for Mr Lincoln by John Jakes, 321 pgs.
573. The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, 209 pgs.
574. The Collaborator by Gerald Seymour, 538 pgs.
575. Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson, 712 pgs.
576. A Room Swept White by Sophie Hannah, 456 pgs.
577. 9th Judgement by James Patterson, 445 pgs.
578. Lots of Love by Fiona Walker, 660 pgs.
579. Without Remorse by Tom Clancy, 768 pgs.
580. Stolen by Tess Gerritsen, 330 pgs.
581. Swimsuit by James Patterson, 479 pgs.
582. Tawny Man Bk 2 : The Golden Fool by Robin Hobb, 712 pgs.
583. Agatha Raisin - A Spoonful of Poison by M.C.Beaton, 284 pgs.
584. Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson, 388 pgs.
585. Tea-Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith, 250 pgs.
586. Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly, 374 pgs.
587. Death at Wentwater Court by Carola Dunn, 247 pgs.
588. Size 14 is not Fat Either by Meg Cabot, 344 pgs.
589. Maximum Ride: The Final Warning by James Patterson, 292 pgs.
590. The Best of Times by Penny Vincenzi, 880 pgs.
591. The Comfort of Saturdays by Alexander McCall Smith, 234 pgs.
592. The Affair of the Thirty-Nine Cufflinks by James Anderson, 413 pgs.
593. Lucky by Jackie Collins, 639 pgs.
594. Dying Light by Stuart Macbride, 519 pgs.
595. The Memory Garden by Rachel Hore, 421 pgs.
596. Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes, 564 pgs.
597. The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson, 326 pgs.
598. The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg, 506 pgs.
599. The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse, 282 pgs.
600. The Seekers by John Jakes, 637 pgs.

May 1, 3:09pm Top

Books read 601 to 650

601. Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson, 485 pgs.
602. The Dark Rose by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 559 pgs.
603. The Associate by John Grisham, 483 pgs.
604. Empress by Graham Masterton, 648 pgs.
605. Worst Case by James Patterson, 442 pgs.
606. Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear, 294 pgs.
607. Red Wolf by Liza Marklund, 487 pgs.
608. Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich, 346 pgs.
609. The Terracotta Dog by Andrea Camilleri, 333 pgs.
610. The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, 1,412 pgs.
611. Golden Moments by Danielle Steel, 380 pgs.
612. Cross Fire by James Patterson, 452 pgs.
613. The Heart of the Dales by Gervase Phinn, 381 pgs.
614. The Family by Martina Cole, 563 pgs.
615. Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, 860 pgs.
616. The Wedding Day by Catherine Alliott, 534 pgs.
617. Mister Teacher by Jack Sheffield, 363 pgs.
618. Sion by Philip Boast, 597 pgs.
619. Postcard Killers by James Patterson, 516 pgs.
620. Camellia by Lesley Pearce, 763 pgs.
621. A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin, 440 pgs.
622. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, 645 pgs.
623. Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy, 551 pgs.
624. Sepulchre by Kate Mosse, 739 pgs.
625. Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich, 341 pgs.
626. Tick Tock by James Patterson, 484 pgs.
627. The Double Comfort Safari Club by Alexander McCall Smith, 247 pgs.
628. Penguins Stopped Play - Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World by Harry Thompson, 304 pgs.
629. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James, 514 pgs.
630. The Cat Who Went Bananas by Lilian Jackson Braun, 200 pgs.
631. Tawny Man Bk3 : Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb, 805 pgs.
632. Fifty Shades Darker by E.L.James, 532 pgs.
633. Agatha Raisin - There Goes the Bride by M.C.Beaton, 278 pgs.
634. Private London by James Patterson, 467 pgs.
635. The Lost Art of Gratitude by Alexander McCall Smith, 249 pgs.
636. The Princeling by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 410 pgs.
637. The Faithless by Martina Cole, 513 pgs.
638. A Winter's Tale by Trisha Ashley, 403 pgs.
639. Fifty Shades Freed by E.L.James, 579 pgs.
640. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach, 281 pgs.
641. Don't Blink by James Patterson, 471 pgs.
642. 10th Anniversary by James Patterson, 481 pgs.
643. Night Fall by Nelson De Mille, 657 pgs.
644. Bared to You by Sylvia Day, 334 pgs.
645. Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich, 342 pgs.
646. Hard Girls by Martina Cole, 583 pgs.
647. Whisper on the Wind by Elizabeth Elgin, 592 pgs.
648. Cold Granite by Stuart Macbride, 575 pgs.
649. Now You See Her by James Patterson, 478 pgs.
650. Bluebirds by Margaret Mayhew, 703 pgs.

Edited: May 1, 4:56pm Top

Books read 651 to 700

651. The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks, 484 pgs.
652. I, Alex Cross by James Patterson, 456 pgs.
653. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, 593 pgs.
654. Charleston by John Jakes, 532 pgs.
655. Private by James Patterson, 481 pgs.
656. Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body by M.C.Beaton, 199 pgs.
657. Dear Teacher by Jack Sheffield, 351 pgs.
658. True Colours by Adam Gilchrist, 627 pgs.
659. The Winter Garden Mystery by Carola Dunn, 272 pgs.
660. Birds of a Feather by Jacqueline Winspear, 307 pgs.
661. A Married Man by Catherine Alliott, 567 pgs.
662. Village Teacher by Jack Sheffield, 347 pgs.
663. The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party by Alexander McCall Smith, 248 pgs.
664. The Oak Apple by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 403 pgs.
665. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun, 191 pgs.
666. Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson, 483 pgs.
667. Agatha Raisin - As the Pig Turns by M.C.Beaton, 198 pgs.
668. The Snack Thief by Andrea Camilleri, 298 pgs.
669. Now and Forever by Danielle Steel, 382 pgs.
670. The Ex-Wives by Deborah Moggach, 390 pgs.
671. Please Sir! by Jack Sheffield, 336 pgs.
672. The Black Echo by Michael Connelly, 456 pgs.
673. 15 Seconds by Andrew Gross, 453 pgs.
674. Educating Jack by Jack Sheffield, 336 pgs.
675. A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen, 279 pgs.
676. The Cat Who ate Danish Modern by Lilian Jackson Braun, 215 pgs.
677. Max by James Patterson, 309 pgs.
678. A Time to Kill by John Grisham, 515 pgs.
679. Country Doctor by Michael Sparrow, 310 pgs.
680. The Contract by Gerald Seymour, 347 pgs.
681. Split Second by David Baldacci, 481 pgs.
682. Hiss and Hers by M.C.Beaton, 199 pgs.
683. Size Doesn't Matter by Meg Cabot, 280 pgs.
684. Deadline by Simon Kernick, 489 pgs.
685. The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson, 276 pgs.
686. The Charming Quirks of Others by Alexander McCall Smith, 246 pgs.
687. Flora's Lot by Katie Fforde, 453 pgs.
688. The Black Pearl by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 402 pgs.
689. The Little Village School by Gervase Phinn, 392 pgs.
690. Death Du Jour by Kathy Reichs, 436 pgs.
691. Trouble at the Little Village School by Gervase Phinn, 353 pgs.
692. Fang by James Patterson, 309 pgs.
693. Body Double by Tess Gerritsen, 448 pgs.
694. Requiem for a Mezzo by Carola Dunn, 232 pgs.
695. A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore, 454 pgs.
696. Death of a Cad by M.C.Beaton, 259 pgs.
697. Kill me if You Can by James Patterson, 463 pgs.
698. Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine, 760 pgs.
699. Blowing it ! by Judy Astley, 317 pgs.
700. Merckx - Half Man, Half Bike by William Fotheringham, 308 pgs.

Edited: May 4, 4:50pm Top

Books read 701 to 750

701. A Cotswold Ordeal by Rebecca Tope, 408 pgs.
702. Murder on the Flying Scotsman by Carola Dunn, 241 pgs.
703. Angel by James Patterson, 291 pgs.
704. The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen, 416 pgs.
705. A Gathering Storm by Rachel Hore, 468 pgs.
706. 11th Hour by James Patterson, 477 pgs.
707. Fallen Women by Sue Welfare, 504 pgs.
708. The Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri, 257 pgs.
709. Repeat Prescription by Michael Sparrow, 296 pgs.
710. The Furies by John Jakes, 472 pgs.
711. Trouble in Prior's Ford by Eve Houston, 305 pgs.
712. Scandal in Prior's Ford by Eve Houston, 305 pgs.
713. Broken Skin by Stuart Macbride, 568 pgs.
714. Better Than a Rest by Pauline McLynn, 345 pgs.
715. Theodore Boone by John Grisham, 263 pgs.
716. Nevermore by James Patterson, 344 pgs.
717. Touch the Devil by Jack Higgins, 452 pgs.
718. American Dreams by John Jakes, 597 pgs.
719. Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell, 404 pgs.
720. A Clubbable Woman by Reginald Hill, 256 pgs.
721. The Man Who Forgot His Wife by John O'Farrell, 393 pgs.
722. Killing Hour by Andrew Gross, 448 pgs.
723. Shakespeare's Landlord by Charlaine Harris, 218 pgs.
724. Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich, 374 pgs.
725. Tongue in Cheek by Fiona Walker, 674 pgs.
726. The Black Ice by Michael Connelly, 377 pgs.
727. Chloe by Freya North, 407 pgs.
728. Guilty Wives by James Patterson, 530 pgs.
729. It's Now or Never by Carole Matthews, 441 pgs.
730. School's Out by Jack Sheffield, 333 pgs.
731. At Risk by Stella Rimington, 454 pgs.
732. Gardens of Delight by Erica James, 479 pgs.
733. Damsel in Distress by Carola Dunn, 259 pgs.
734. Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich, 288 pgs.
735. Shadow of the Titan by Alan Fenton, 703 pgs.
736. Death of an Outsider by M.C.Beaton, 206 pgs.
737. A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow, 191 pgs.
738. The Forgotten Affairs of Youth by Alexander McCall Smith, 245 pgs.
739. Jump by Jilly Cooper, 907 pgs.
740. I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson, 503 pgs.
741. Dead in the Water by Carola Dunn, 250 pgs.
742. The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer, 307 pgs.
743. The Promise by Danielle Steel, 222 pgs.
744. Citadel by Kate Mosse, 919 pgs.
745. The Brethren by John Grisham, 441 pgs.
746. The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene, 407 pgs.
747. Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich, 342 pgs.
748. Something for the Weekend by Pauline McLynn, 375 pgs.
749. Sold To The Man With The Tin Leg by Philip Serrell, 243 pgs.
750. The Long Shadow by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 367 pgs.

Edited: May 5, 4:03pm Top

Books read 751 to 800

751. An Advancement of Learning by Reginald Hill, 342 pgs.
752. London by Edward Rutherfurd, 1,299 pgs.
753. NYPD Red by James Patterson, 481 pgs.
754. The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection by Alexander McCall Smith, 261 pgs.
755. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J.Watson, 372 pgs.
756. Winter Games by Rachel Johnson, 324 pgs.
757. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, 1,076 pgs.
758. Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer, 450 pgs.
759. The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly, 411 pgs.
760. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, 454 pgs.
761. Temeraire by Naomi Novik, 439 pgs.
762. Wicked Pleasures by Penny Vincenzi, 929 pgs.
763. Birdman By Mo Hayder, 396 pgs.
764. Four Play by Fiona Walker, 468 pgs.
765. Theodore Boone: The Abduction by John Grisham, 217 pgs.
766. Styx and Stones by Carola Dunn, 262 pgs.
767. Season of Passion by Danielle Steel, 352 pgs.
768. Death of a Perfect Wife by M.C.Beaton, 192 pgs.
769. A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon, 1,391 pgs.
770. Death of a Hussy by M.C.Beaton, 204 pgs.
771. The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen, 411 pgs.
772. 12th of Never by James Patterson, 473 pgs.
773. The Winds of War by Herman Wouk, 960 pgs.
774. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, 357 pgs.
775. Right on Time by Pauline McLynn, 343 pgs.
776. Drop Shot by Harlen Coben, 341 pgs.
777. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, 472 pgs.
778. World Without End by Ken Follett, 1,111 pgs.
779. Death in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope, 382 pgs.
780. Private No 1 Suspect by James Patterson, 445 pgs.
781. Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey, 1,015 pgs.
782. The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer, 429 pgs.
783. Rattle His Bones by Carola Dunn, 259 pgs.
784. The School Inspector Calls by Gervase Phinn, 399 pgs.
785. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson, 394 pgs.
786. Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich, 328 pgs.
787. Severed by Simon Kernick, 475 pgs.
788. Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson, 943 pgs.
789. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, 455 pgs.
790. Shall We Tell the President by Jeffrey Archer, 286 pgs.
791. The Life by Martina Cole, 593 pgs.
792. Open Season by C.J.Box, 278 pgs.
793. Wish Upon a Star by Trisha Ashley, 462 pgs.
794. Death of a Snob by M.C.Beaton, 192 pgs.
795. The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths, 303 pgs.
796. The Executioner's Song by Norman Mailer, 1,056 pgs.
797. City of Women by David Gillham, 385 pgs.
798. Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer, 466 pgs.
799. The Broken Souls by Jack kerley, 533 pgs.
800. An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon, 1,065 pgs.

Edited: May 5, 4:41pm Top

Books read 801 to 850

801. Lambs to the Slaughter by Graham Yallop, 174 pgs.
802. To Davy Jones Below by Carola Dunn, 276 pgs.
803. Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik, 391 pgs.
804. The Chevalier by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 414 pgs.
805. The Titans by John Jakes, 586 pgs.
806. Revenge by Martina Cole, 612 pgs.
807. The Apocalypse Watch by Robert Ludlum, 751 pgs.
808. An Absolute Scandal by Penny Vincenzi, 890 pgs.
809. Duncton Quest by William Horwood, 916 pgs.
810. New York by Edward Rutherfurd, 1,017 pgs.
811. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead by M.C.Beaton, 198 pgs.
812. Theodore Boone: The Accused by John Grisham, 271 pgs.
813. Summer's End by Danielle Steel, 318 pgs.
814. Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer, 466 pgs.
815. Love Hunt by Fiona Walker, 536 pgs.
816. The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, 670 pgs.
817. Cathedral of the Sea by Ilfonso Falcones, 742 pgs.
818. I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, 888 pgs.
819. Duncton Found by William Horwood, 978 pgs.
820. Hawaii by James A.Michener, 1,130 pgs.
821. A Man Lay Dead by Ngaio Marsh, 176 pgs.
822. The Case of the Murdered Muckraker by Carola Dunn, 262 pgs.
823. Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson, 372 pgs.
824. Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson, 491 pgs.
825. The Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling, 568 pgs.
826. Patriot Games by Tom Clancy, 616 pgs.
827. A Glimpse of Stocking by Elizabeth Gage, 755 pgs.
828. Kiss and Tell by Fiona Walker, 883 pgs.
829. Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy, 928 pgs.
830. The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F.Hamilton, 1,225 pgs.
831. Enter a Murderer by Ngaio Marsh, 191 pgs.
832. The Cleaner of Chartres by Salley Vickers, 297 pgs.
833. Silent Night by Jack Sheffield, 334 pgs.
834. Gone by James Patterson, 471 pgs.
835. A Line in the Sand by Gerald Seymour, 510 pgs.
836. Private Desires by Elizabeth Adler, 640 pgs.
837. Flavour of the Month by Olivia Goldsmith, 764 pgs.
838. The Decision by Penny Vincenzi, 877 pgs.
839. Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer, 915 pgs.
840. The Company by Robert Littell, 1,281 pgs.
841. Trains and Lovers by Alexander McCall Smith, 191 pgs.
842. How it all Began by Penelope Lively, 248 pgs.
843. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, 390 pgs.
844. Toys by James Patterson, 449 pgs.
845. The Cry of the Halidon by Robert Ludlum, 526 pgs.
846. On Secret Service by John Jakes, 614 pgs.
847. Word of Honour by Nelson De Mille, 752 pgs.
848. The Aquitaine Progression by Robert Ludlum, 847 pgs.
849. When Christ and his Saints Slept by Sharon Penman, 904 pgs.
850. Spangle by Gary Jennings, 1,276 pgs.

Edited: May 7, 3:40pm Top

Books read 851 to 900

851. The Nursing Home Murder by Ngaio Marsh, 187 pgs.
852. The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon by Alexander McCall Smith, 248 pgs.
853. Jubilee by Shelley Harris, 325 pgs.
854. Unlucky 13 by James Patterson, 460 pgs.
855. The Handsome Man's Deluxe Café by Alexander McCall Smith, 244 pgs.
856. Mistletoe and Murder by Carola Dunn, 266 pgs.
857. The Corridor of Uncertainty, My Life Beyond Cricket by Geoffrey Boycott, 278 pgs.
858. I Should be so Lucky by Judy Astley, 384 pgs.
859. Death of a Prankster by M.C.Beaton, 204 pgs.
860. Death of a Glutton by M.C.Beaton, 205 pgs.
861. Playing it my Way - My Autobiography by Sachin Tendulkar, 486 pgs.
862. Burn by James Patterson, 474 pgs.
863. Hunger - The Autobiography by Sean Kelly, 305 pgs.
864. Theodore Boone: The Activist by John Grisham, 289 pgs.
865. Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble, 437 pgs.
866. Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris, 232 pgs.
867. Born To Ride by Stephen Roche, 272 pgs.
868. A French Affair by Katie Fforde, 406 pgs.
869. Die Laughing by Carola Dunn, 262 pgs.
870. Fred Trueman: The Authorised Biography by Chris Waters, 320 pgs.
871. NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson, 466 pgs.
872. Mightier Than The Sword by Jeffrey Archer, 493 pgs.
873. Death of a Travelling Man by M.C.Beaton, 210 pgs.
874. Eddy Merckx: The Cannibal by Daniel Friebe, 344 pgs.
875. Magnificent Seven: The Yorkshire Championship Years by Andrew Collomosse, 284 pgs.
876. The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth, 390 pgs.
877. Head of State by Andrew Marr, 369 pgs.
878. The Eagle of Toledo: The Life and Times of Federico Bahamontes by Alasdair Fotheringham, 281 pgs.
879. Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman by M.C.Beaton, 232 pgs.
880. Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell, 439 pgs.
881. Last in the Tin Bath by David "Bumble" Lloyd, 303 pgs.
882. A Cotswold Mystery by Rebecca Tope, 406 pgs.
883. Bring Me Home by Alan Titchmarsh, 308 pgs.
884. The Haunting by Alan Titchmarsh, 338 pgs.
885. Second Honeymoon by James Patterson, 482 pgs.
886. Death of a Charming Man by M.C.Beaton, 276 pgs.
887. Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer, 369 pgs.
888. Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham, 405 pgs.
889. Glorious Summers and Discontents by Michael Atherton, 408 pgs.
890. The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine by Alexander McCall Smith, 230 pgs.
891. The Maiden by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 413 pgs.
892. Witch and Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson, 340 pgs.
893. Slipless in Settle by Harry Pearson, 262 pgs.
894. The Good Life by Martina Cole, 500 pgs.
895. Takin' The Mick by Mick Grant, 368 pgs.
896. A Highland Christmas by M.C.Beaton, 135 pgs.
897. Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell, 387 pgs.
898. The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene, 397 pgs.
899. Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear, 326 pgs.
900. The Road to Gandolfo by Robert Ludlum, 315 pgs.

Edited: May 7, 4:05pm Top

Books read 901 to 961

901. A Mourning Wedding by Carola Dunn, 309 pgs.
902. Ruling Passion by Reginald Hill, 388 pgs.
903. Black Powder War by Naomi Novik, 358 pgs.
904. The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah, 373 pgs.
905. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, 327 pgs.
906. Cross my Heart by James Patterson, 518 pgs.
907. Starry Night by Debbie Macomber, 245 pgs.
908. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, 409 pgs.
909. The Cat Who Turned On and Off by Lilian Jackson Braun, 186 pgs.
910. Death in Ecstasy by Ngaio Marsh, 256 pgs.
911. Target by Simon Kernick, 493 pgs.
912. Fall of a Philanderer by Carola Dunn, 296 pgs.
913. An April Shroud by Reginald Hill, 326 pgs.
914. Death of a Nag by M.C.Beaton, 273 pgs.
915. Vintage Murder by Ngaio Marsh, 256 pgs.
916. The Magic of Christmas by Trisha Ashley, 384 pgs.
917. The Book of Summers by Emylia Hall, 324 pgs.
918. Her Giant Octopus Moment by Kay Langdale, 309 pgs.
919. Hope to Die by James Patterson, 477 pgs.
920. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, 324 pgs.
921. Blood in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope, 444 pgs.
922. Angels by Marian Keyes, 482 pgs.
923. The Flood-Tide by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, 428 pgs.
924. Gunpowder Plot by Carola Dunn, 280 pgs.
925. Invisible by James Patterson, 468 pgs.
926. Wedding Tiers by Trisha Ashley, 394 pgs.
927. Vanish by Tess Gerritsen, 446 pgs.
928. Dishing the Dirt by M.C.Beaton, 294 pgs.
929. The Bloody Tower by Carola Dunn, 296 pgs.
930. Loving by Danielle Steel, 307 pgs.
931. The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly, 442 pgs.
932. 14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson, 433 pgs.
933. A Vicky Hill Exclusive! by Hannah Dennison, 297 pgs.
934. Love Rules by Freya North, 422 pgs.
935. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew by C.S.Lewis, 171 pgs.
936. Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch, 373 pgs.
937. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis, 171 pgs.
938. Private Games by James Patterson, 479 pgs.
939. The Horse and His Boy by C.S.Lewis, 175 pgs.
940. Prince Caspian by C.S.Lewis, 190 pgs.
941. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S.Lewis, 189 pgs.
942. Killing Floor by Lee Child, 523 pgs.
943. The Silver Chair by C.S.Lewis, 191 pgs.
944. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, 463 pgs.
945. The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis, 172 pgs.
946. The Last 10 Seconds by Simon Kernick, 474 pgs.
947. Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell, 437 pgs.
948. When The Bough Breaks by Jonathan Kellerman, 412 pgs.
949. Die Trying by Lee Child, 523 pgs.
950. The Black Ship by Carola Dunn, 338 pgs.
951. Mistress by James Patterson, 491 pgs.
952. Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh, 300 pgs.
953. Scaredy Cat by Mark Billingham, 437 pgs.
954. The Forever Girl by Alexander McCall Smith, 360 pgs.
955. Messenger of Truth by Jacqueline Winspear, 319 pgs.
956. One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson, 527 pgs.
957. Star Teacher by Jack Sheffield, 347 pgs.
958. Tripwire by Lee Child, 543 pgs.
959. Cometh The Hour by Jeffrey Archer, 512 pgs.
960. Confessions - The Private School Murders by James Patterson, 422 pgs.
961. To Love Again by Danielle Steel, 278 pgs.

May 1, 3:12pm Top

>21 drneutron: Congrats Jim on being the first again mate.

May 1, 3:13pm Top

Thread is up and running folks.

May 1, 3:21pm Top

Over thirty posts to start off your thread shows a fair bit of stamina mate and displays a keenness for Stats.

Happy new thread, John.

May 1, 3:36pm Top

Happy new thread, John!

May 1, 3:36pm Top

We have had a lovely day today, the alarm went off and I went and made us a pot of tea and put a dark load of washing on and then took the tea upstairs so we could have it in bed and once this was finished we got up, washed and dressed and then made our way downstairs. Once downstairs we made breakfast and a pot of tea and once we were fed and watered Karen put the washing on the airers and then we got in the car and headed for Hebden Bridge.

We arrived in Hebden Bridge at 10.45am and parked up and had a wander around, we went up a street we missed last time we were there and found an Antiques shop so we had a peruse. Karen found a little Elephant brooch which cost £4 and then continued our mooch around, I saw a couple of Fountain pens that looked interesting but on closer inspection I put them back. After a short while we left the Antiques shop and headed back to the centre of town, on the way we came across a local Hospice charity shop so went in. Karen went in first while I finished my cigar and then I went in, I looked for Karen and couldn't see her and then I noticed a staircase so I thought she was upstairs and I went up. It turned out that Karen wasn't upstairs and had come out of the shop through another doorway just as I was entering, the next thing my phone rang with Karen wanting to know where I was, I told her and she made her way back to me. I picked up three books and then came downstairs to pay for them, after paying we were making our way out and I spotted a large marbled ledger on a table and had a look, it was only filled in on the first three or four pages and the rest blank and I thought this would be lovely to note my books in. Karen wasn't sure why I would want it and told me so and I left it, it was priced at £20 and I am sure if you could buy them now it would have been at least £50 +, I think I may go back and purchase it as I loved it and have been thinking about it since we got home.

From the Hospice shop we walked to the centre of town and had a look around, I picked up a pack of cigars and Karen wandered around the small food market and bought a couple of Custards for us. By this time it had started to rain lightly so we wandered down the main street and called into a book shop and a charity shop before moving on. As we wandered along the main Burnley road we came across a lovely Independent book shop and we bobbed in, the shop carried some nice stock along with some nice stationery and cards and gifts. We came out and the rain had gotten heavier so we made our way back to the car, once in the car Karen poured herself a coffee from the flask we had with us while I got out of the car park and headed towards Howarth. The road was quite narrow because of parked cars and it was also winding up hill, once we reached the top and were driving along the moors I pulled into a layby and Karen poured me a hot drink. Once we had had our drink and a sandwich we continued towards Howarth but by the time we got there parking was limited and the rain was quite heavy so we headed for home as Karen was feeling cold and had a headache.

As we made our way home the nearer we got the better the weather was, as we passed through Bradford the temperature had risen from 9c to 15c and the sun was out and by the time we entered Walton it was 17c and the sun was shining brightly. Once we got home I made a pot of tea and Karen took some Paracetemol for her headache and I logged my book purchases. A short time later Karen made mashed potato and fish for tea followed by some muffins and tea loaf along with a pot of tea. By this time I had started with a headache so I took some Paracetemol, when we got home my left leg was aching from hip to knee and I had to take a painkiller and then rested my leg. All in all we had a nice time out and considering it was a Bank Holiday the traffic wasn't too bad.

May 1, 4:13pm Top

Happy new thread, John, and Happy May!

May 1, 4:19pm Top

>39 jessibud2:, Thanks Shelley my dear, hope you have a lovely May as well dear friend sending love and hugs.

May 1, 4:20pm Top

I don't think I will reach my 1,000th book this month but I will complete my books read list so that you can all suggest a book for my 1,000th to read, thank you all.

May 1, 4:28pm Top

>36 PaulCranswick:, You know that like you I love my stats mate and this will be the last thread that starts with 30+ posts. Another good win in the Royal London cup mate and it is a bit sweeter since it was against our old rivals from across the border, Ballance certainly is in a rich vein of form and hopefully he will continue and that we win on Wednesday in the Royal London. Thought I would join you with a chunkster purchase, The Memoirs of Cleopatra is 1,132 pages long and the Tinniswood was a good find.

The Antique shop in Hebden Bridge had quite a selection of original 1970's Dr Who books mate all at £3 a book, when I saw them I thought of you immediately.

May 1, 4:28pm Top

>37 FAMeulstee:, Thanks Anita my dear.

May 1, 5:19pm Top

>42 johnsimpson: Yes it was a good win. I am not happy with reducing the championship games and increasing the one day games so much but at least we seem to be doing well.

I went to the football game on Saturday and my emotions were fraught as Leeds fought back from 0-3 to draw 3-3 and had a couple of chances to keep our play-off chances alive at the end.

You have a pretty impressive collection of chunksters.

May 2, 6:45am Top

Happy new thread, John!

May 2, 3:33pm Top

>44 PaulCranswick:, Hi Paul I can well imagine your emotions were fraught watching the game, I was listening on Final Score and the updates kept coming through and the permutations were being calculated until it became obvious that Leeds had missed out. I cannot imagine Fulham losing heavily and Leeds scoring heavily to turn things around on goal difference mate but it has been a good season after all the machinations of the owner at the beginning of the season.

I do like my chunksters mate.

May 2, 3:33pm Top

>45 scaifea:, Thanks Amber my dear.

May 2, 3:40pm Top

I have tried to take things steady today after waking up in quite a bit of pain with my back, I have no idea why I was in pain as we had a lovely steady day yesterday and I did nothing to cause me any problems. We got up and had breakfast and a pot of tea and then I prepared our repeat prescriptions so I could drop them in at the doctors after taking Karen to work. We had another couple of pots of tea before it was time to take Karen to work, as she said when we set off, only one day to work and then i'm off for two days.

I dropped Karen off and then went to the doctors to drop the prescriptions off and then I made my way home. Once home I did my record card notes for books 985 to 989 and then updated my author file folders, once this was done I had a pot of tea and then got on with the upstairs housework. I took my time but these jobs have to be done and then when that was finished I had a pot of tea before doing a bit of pottering about in the garden.

I had another pot of tea and read before making myself something to eat, I had kippers and fries with a pot of tea to follow. I read a bit more before logging on here.

May 2, 4:32pm Top

Just skimming through, John; seeing what you're up to.

May 2, 4:33pm Top

>49 bohemima:, Hi Gail, nice to see you my dear.

May 2, 5:18pm Top

Hi John, and I'm sorry to hear that your back has been giving you fits today. I hope you are in better shape when you get up tomorrow!

The pots of tea statistic is staggering. I'm impressed. My cups of coffee per day doesn't even come remotely close. Of course if it did, I'd be bouncing off the walls and talking a mile a minute!

Sending love and hugs to you and Karen.

May 2, 6:03pm Top

I do enjoy reading your stats on cups of tea consumed, John! It is quite amazing! Sorry about your back pain.

May 3, 9:26am Top

Good morning, John. I do hope your back is feeling better. I am off to take lunch to my daughter, Kelly and to meet her new puppy, Savannah. Have a great day!

May 3, 3:55pm Top

>51 karenmarie:, Hi Karen sadly the back is still bad, I was in quite a bit of pain when we went up to bed and by the time I had finished my pot of tea and read I needed to go into the spare bed so that I could lie on my back and not disturb Karen. It has been niggling all day and I am really wondering what I have done to cause this much pain.

I seem to be averaging just under 300 pots of tea a month and I am not drinking more than I would to boost the numbers, I just love my tea and having a pot on hand while reading etc is just right for me.

Sending love and hugs my dear.

May 3, 3:56pm Top

>52 vancouverdeb:, Hi Deb, noting down my tea consumption is amusing and just adds to all my other stats my dear. The back will sort itself out hopefully in the next couple of days, sending love and hugs.

May 3, 3:58pm Top

>53 Dianekeenoy:, Hi Diane, sadly the back is being annoying and niggling me, hopefully it will ease in the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy your lunch with Kelly and meet new puppy Savannah, sending love and hugs.

May 3, 4:33pm Top

When I went to bed last night I was in quite a bit of pain and after reading while I finished my pot of tea I had to move into the spare bed so I could lay on my back and not cause Karen to have a bad nights sleep. Luckily Rob was over with Louise so I had a spare bed to go into. I was so tired that I dropped off to sleep and did not move until Karen came in this morning. I felt reasonably ok and went and made us a pot of tea which we had in bed before we got up, washed and dressed.

We had breakfast and a pot of tea and then went to Blacker Hall farm shop to get some bread and a couple of other bits and we spoke to the fresh fish lady about getting some Monkfish. Once everything was sorted at Blacker Hall we headed to the Aldi and Karen popped in to get a couple of bits before we made our way home. Once home we had a pot of tea before I put the washing on the line and then had another pot of tea.

Karen made some lunch and then I read and Karen did some knitting before I went to get Hannah from school. Once back with Hannah, Karen made her some tea and then she played with her dolls house and watched Peppa Pig. Amy arrived just after 5.30pm and had to sort out her food order which had gone to the wrong store. I had a quick pot of tea and went to pick up Amy's food order as she was having her hair done in a vintage style with Kirsty who used to work at Asda with Karen. I got back with Amy's food order and then Karen made me something to eat. Rob came to pick Hannah up at 7.30pm and by 9.30pm Amy's hair was finished and looked gorgeous.

Sadly my back is still painful and it looks like I will be in the spare bed again tonight, I can't think of anything that I have done for it to flare up but this has happened before but usually eased within 24 hours. I will change my patches tonight and add another small one to see if it is time for me to have my patch dosage upped, I will have to have two patch changes before I can determine if this is needed so I will not know for another six days.

May 3, 4:57pm Top

Over the last few days I have neglected visiting my friends threads but hopefully I will do a tour around tomorrow when I feel a bit more comfortable and have a bit more time to sit and type, please bear with me on this, I miss my friends.

May 3, 8:57pm Top

Sorry to see you are having back pain, John. I hope the change of bed does the trick but you don't want that as a permanent solution!
Three wins in three for Yorkshire and Bairstow finally gets some form.

May 3, 9:06pm Top

>58 johnsimpson: Sorry to hear you are having difficulties, John. I do hope it gets mended soon. I know how bad back pain can be.

May 4, 6:50am Top

I'm sorry that your back is giving you such trouble, John. I hope you're feeling better very soon!

May 4, 3:42pm Top

>59 PaulCranswick:, Hi Paul, the back has eased today and I managed to stay in my own bed last night. It is just one of those things and the change to cool weather could have been a factor but I am taking things steady over the next few days to make sure it is back to its normal constant dull ache but enables me to at least do a few things.

I thought Durham had got away with the score they set but Bairstow just took the bowling apart although he did have a bit of luck early doors.

May 4, 3:45pm Top

>60 alcottacre:, Hi Stasia it is a nuisance with my back but it is something I have to live with but to be in pain when I hadn't done anything excessive was a bit naughty. I think the recent cold spell contributed but it has eased so I will be careful not to overdo things to make sure I get it back to the normal pain level.

May 4, 3:47pm Top

>61 scaifea:, Hi Amber at least I am back to what I call normality with my poor old back and I will take care to look after it for the next few days. I just want some nice warm weather for the next few months to build me up for when the weather turns in late Autumn and then the dreaded winter months.

May 4, 3:57pm Top

We have had a nice steady day, after breakfast and a pot of tea we went down to Meadowhall Shopping centre as Karen wanted to look at something in the bigger stores. We had a good mooch around and then stopped for a quick coffee before we made our way home. Once home we had a pot of tea and watched Escape to the Country before Karen cooked some fishcakes for us. After we had eaten I made a drink and then Karen did some knitting while I read. We had another pot of tea and had some cake before Karen went to her first Clubacise class and I just pottered about for half an hour before I resumed reading. We are now just relaxing with a bit of television and I am on here obviously, ha ha.

May 4, 5:58pm Top

Hi John! I'm glad your back is better, although constant back pain is awful. I've had back pain off and on since a car wreck when I was 21, 43 years ago. Now it seems to be reasonable, but sometimes it flares up something fierce.

Love and hugs to you and Karen!

May 5, 3:24pm Top

>66 karenmarie:, Hi Karen, back pain is awful my dear, I think mine is due to me working in the mining industry and with being tall I got a lot of the cable hanging jobs underground and also moving electrical panels in tight spaces. Although we had learnt kinetic lifting when underground space was always tight and not a lot of height so we just had to get on with the job and that didn't help. As long as I get a decent summer I can cope with the wet and cold of Autumn, Winter and early spring other than that I need to move to warmer climes and that is part of the reason we fell in love with Madeira as the temperature is pretty constant through winter and summer plus it is a nice place to visit and there is no English bookshop on the island so that could be an opportunity.

Hope you are having a nice day and send love and hugs.

May 5, 3:50pm Top

Belated congratulations on your nrw thread, John and happy Friday.

May 5, 4:14pm Top

>68 Ameise1:, Thanks Barbara.

May 6, 7:32am Top

Happy Saturday, John!

>67 johnsimpson: We do what we have to do, don't we? I'm sorry that your back gives you pain for most of the year. Warmer climes and bookshop opportunities are wonderful goals.

Yesterday was pretty good - I sent some files via e-mail to the lawyer re Mom's estate, cleaned up the desk so I can see the surface again, baked a pound cake, and actually cooked dinner for husband and me. Daughter set up Netflix on our TV and we have started watching Blacklist with James Spader, a series I heard about 3 or 4 years ago and can now watch. Violent but intelligently written, with a lot of intriguing plots and subplots.

Sending love and hugs to you and Karen!

May 6, 11:10am Top

>67 johnsimpson: An LT enclave or retreat in Madeira could be just the thing John.

Have a great weekend.

May 6, 4:22pm Top

>70 karenmarie:, Hi Karen, always good to have goals my dear. Sounds like you had a busy but fruitful day which is always good, hope you have a lovely weekend dear friend.

May 6, 4:27pm Top

>71 PaulCranswick:, Hi Paul, could see myself in the sun whilst perusing LT mate and it would be a nice retreat and possible potential for a bookshop as the island is popular with Brits all year round and obviously the cruise ships that drop in on a regular basis. The hotel we stayed in had a nice old library and most of the stock was books left by visitors to free up space so at least I could borrow a book whilst there but nowhere to buy a book unless you could read Portuguese as there were two Portuguese bookshops in the shopping centres.

Hope you are having a good weekend mate and see you soon.

May 6, 4:31pm Top

It has been a dull cold day here in Walton, after a steady morning I took Karen to work and once back home made a pot of tea and read my paper before picking up my book. The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and drinking tea until it was time to pick Karen up from work.

After a pot of tea Karen went for a shower and I read then we made something to eat before watching a bit of TV, I watched Dr Who and then as there was nothing much on TV we have caught up with programmes we have recorded. As I am on here Karen is finishing some knitting off for a friends Grandson and we will go and see the friend and deliver the knitting personally whilst having a nice day out.

May 7, 11:15am Top

I hope you and Karen having a good Sunday, John!

May 7, 2:51pm Top

Finished book Twenty-Nine just before the stroke of midnight last night, Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear. This is the sixth in the Maisie Dobbs series, Maisie is on her way to see a client on Christmas Eve when she witnesses a man commit suicide on a busy London street, she was about to drop some change into his hat when she noticed him moving his hand to a pocket, she shouted to her assistant Billy to go back a bit and as she did so there was an explosion that threw Maisie in the air and backwards. Billy shouted out Maisie's name to try and find out if she was hurt, Maisie had ringing in her ears and a bump on the back of her head. Another victim of the Great War, thirteen years after it had ended, Maisie realised.

The following Day the Home Secretary received a letter threatening a massive loss of life if certain demands were not met. The explosion on Christmas Eve and now the letter gets Maisie invited into Scotland Yard's elite Special Branch as an advisor on the case and it becomes a race against time to find the letter writer who soon proves he has the knowledge and the will to murder thousands of innocent people.

Before this harrowing case is over, Maisie must negotiate her way through a darkness that she has not encountered since her days as a nurse during the Great War when she tried her best to nurse in wards filled with shell-shocked men.

This is a traumatic case for Maisie and brings back the horrors of the War to end all Wars, which it didn't, the reader finds out how we treated our returning soldiers after they had done their duty for King and Country. Sadly nothing seems to change a hundred years later.

May 7, 3:08pm Top

We have had a pretty good day, we had a lie-in with a pot of tea before getting up, washed and dressed. Once downstairs we put a load of washing on after I had taken out a load from last night, I put the washing on the line while Karen made porridge for breakfast. We had our breakfast and a pot of tea before popping into town so Karen could pick up a top she had ordered from Debenhams. While Karen went for her top I picked up the Sunday Times as it was publishing the annual Rich List and I wanted to find out if I was on it, ha ha if only and I picked up a rail magazine and a picture book for Hannah that Rob had given me a token for.

Karen decided to try the top on rather than taking it home and then finding out it didn't fit and then me having to take it back, as it happened the top didn't fit and they didn't have it in the next size. We then made our way home and once home I put the second load of washing on the line and then made us a pot of tea. We had a relaxing afternoon, I read and Karen did some knitting and put the buttons on the cardigan she finished yesterday. We had something to eat and another pot of tea and I read while Karen pottered about before she went to get ready as she was going to a retirement do for a colleague on the George department at work.

I took Karen to the retirement venue and then made my way home, I made myself a pot of tea and read a couple of chapters before logging on the laptop to update my thread and peruse other threads. I will be picking Karen up at around 10.30pm or thereabouts so plenty of time on LT for me.

As I finished another book last night I thought I would use a bit of cricket analogy, when a batsmen gets to the nineties, hopefully going on to get a century it is termed as the nervous nineties, well as I have now reached 990 books read, I must be in the nervous 990's approaching the 1,000 book target I set myself all those years ago.

May 7, 4:10pm Top

I have now finished writing my list of books that I have read since 1at July 1995, you can now scroll down to see what I have read and hopefully this will help you to recommend a special book for my 1,000th. Do not be afraid to recommend a chunkster as I do love them but I do not do re-reads, I have enough books to read as it is without going back to one. Hopefully what is picked for me I already have on my TBR pile which is quite large but once I have decided on the one to read I will purchase if necessary.

Enjoy looking at what I have read previously and hope you come up with some good choices for me, I hope to read all that are recommended throughout 2017, thank you dear friends.

May 7, 6:23pm Top

Hi, John. I'm so sorry to learn of your continuing back pain. You do well to remain so cheerful in the face of it!

1,000 books. Oh my. I wish I'd kept a record, but...I admire your perseverance in keeping an accurate list!

I can't even imagine what book to recommend. I'll have to look carefully at your lists.

I hope the coming week is warmer, and pain-free.

May 7, 6:28pm Top

Dear John, Holding you in the light. I'm so sorry that your back pain is nagging. Those who do not live with chronic pain, are not only fortunate, but also don't really have a clue about the every day challenges to put one foot in front of the other.

Sending all good wishes to your!

May 7, 6:46pm Top

Sorry to hear about your back playing up, John. I hope it is back to normal now.

May 8, 3:24pm Top

>79 bohemima:, Hi Gail I have always loved statistics so keeping a record is second nature to me and 1,000 books seemed a long long way away but it will come to pass soon. I also track the number of pages read and my target is 1 million and I should reach the halfway mark sometime next year. The figure that I am wary of is the number of pages to be read based on the books on the TBR pile which is perilously close to the 1 million mark and I am determined to keep it below for as long as I can.

The back pain is a nuisance, I first put my back out when I was seventeen and after that it was a case of a pain rub and painkillers until 1991 when it flared up badly and since then has got progressively worse to the point about 15 years ago when I was prescribed the morphine patches which does tend to keep it manageable but when it is wet or cold or both then I suffer or if I do too much which compared to what I could do is nothing much. It has been cool today but I am ok touch wood.

May 8, 3:29pm Top

>80 Whisper1: Thanks Linda, your comment is so right. Some people wonder about me but they don't see me when it is bad and I am struggling to get to sleep as I can't get comfortable or when doing what seems a simple job just flares it up. Over the years I have tested myself thinking I am only 38 I should be able to do this or I am 45 and this should be easy but I now know my limits although some jobs have to be done and I know I will have to pay for it.

Each day when I get up I don't know how I am going to be and that is when it gets frustrating and so periodically I do get a bit down and depressed but Karen and I work as a team and we get there in the end.

May 8, 3:29pm Top

>81 Familyhistorian:, Hi Meg, it is not too bad at the moment touch wood but it is still cool here so I am being careful in what I am doing or have to do.

May 8, 11:16pm Top

I'm so glad that you and Karen act as a team together and I hope you get some relief from your back pain. I'm glad that you enjoyed Among the Mad. Maisie Dobbs is such a wonderful series! My best to you and Karen. Love and hugs.

May 9, 12:11am Top

Hi John. Sorry to hear your back is flaring up again. I am glad you know your limits and are not comparing yourself to anyone else. Good thing you and Karen have each other! Your 1,000 list is most impressive. : )

May 9, 3:29pm Top

>85 vancouverdeb:, I think being a team is the pre-requisite of a good, long marriage my dear. We have had our ups and downs with work and health over the years but it has made us stronger, starting married life while I was on strike for the first seven months was just the first of many trials that have plagued us. All I have wanted to do is to provide for Karen and the kids and although it may seem old fashioned once I could not work because of my back I felt as if I had let them all down and that is why I get down sometimes but as Karen says I keep the home and she does the work, roles have reversed but we are still a team together and the kids have turned out well apart from Rob's little blip but that seems to be sorting itself out.

I just love Maisie Dobbs and wish a series could be made from the books as I think it would be good viewing, sending love and hugs dear friend.

May 9, 3:32pm Top

>86 Berly: Hi Kim, the back is settling down again and I am making sure I do nothing to flare it up again and the weather is starting to get better so that will help. We are a team my dear and as long as I've got Karen everything is ok and we just get on with things. It was good to look back at what I've read while typing my lists up but it took longer than I thought, just want to make sure that the 1,000th is a good read dear friend, sending love and hugs.

May 9, 3:48pm Top

Finished book Thirty a short time ago, The Charm School by Nelson De Mille. A taught cold war thriller from a master storyteller finds a young American on a gap year who enters Russia but doesn't leave. While visiting the battlefield of Borodino he stays a bit longer than he should and as foreigners are not allowed to drive after dusk he should have known better. While trying to find his way back to the Minsk to Moscow highway he comes across a stranger who is surprised to discover a fellow American, the stranger is a POW on the run, has been missing for well over a decade and was plucked from the jungles of Vietnam and became a tutor at the Charm School. He tells the young American who he is and what he wants him to do, when Greg Fisher finally gets to the Russiya hotel he checks in and then makes a fatal phone call to the American Embassy. After the call he is never seen again.

Embassy staffer Lisa Rhodes takes the call and passes it on to Col. Sam Hollis and this sets off a search for the young man and ultimately to the Charm School, but what is the Charm School and what does it mean to the security of the USA or lack of security.

A really good read that I heartily recommend.

May 9, 4:23pm Top

I have had a steady day, once we were up we had a pot of tea before we had some breakfast. Karen rang her old work colleague from when she worked in the photo department as I was tasked to deliver a card with some money in for her yesterday as she has been through a tough time lately with Breast cancer and was then burgled. Mandy is a proud lady but Karen wanted to do something for her and so set up a private group on Facebook about it and asked if Mandy's old work colleagues and friends wanted to contribute which they did. When Karen decided to close the group she got a card but I had to give it to Mandy which I did, Mandy cried as I expected and realised why I was given the job to hand it over. Karen had a good chat with Mandy and they are meeting up with a few others in a couple of weeks.

After another pot of tea I t was time to take Karen to work which I did and then made my way home and had a pot of tea. Time seemed to race by and I had to go and pick Karen up at 2pm to take her to her outpatient appointment at the mouth clinic. Karen wasn't in too long and so had time to come home for a bite to eat as she would have missed her break. We both had something to eat and watched Escape to the Country before I took her back to work. Once back I got on with the upstairs housework, once this was done I made a pot of tea and read. I had another pot of tea and got close to finishing my book but broke off to put a pizza in the oven. Once the Pizza was cooking I continued reading and finished my book before the Pizza was ready.

After eating my Pizza I had a pot of tea and selected another book and then fired the laptop up to come on here.

May 10, 3:47pm Top

It has been a glorious day here in Walton with sun all day and decent temperatures for a change, hopefully this will be the start of a really good spell of weather for us.

We got up, washed and dressed and came downstairs and I put the kettle on to make us a pot of tea while Karen set a load of dark washing going before making porridge for both of us. Once we had finished and watched the news we turned over to the Victoria Derbyshire magazine programme and then the washer stopped and I put it all on the washing line. Rob arrived a short while later and we got in my car to take him to the railway station and then we headed to the Aldi store. Karen popped in while I nipped across to the Asda to get a pack of mini cigars and then went back to the Aldi store to wait for Karen to emerge, I read while I waited.

Once Karen was back in the car we headed home and I made us a pot of tea while she unpacked the bit of shopping and put the flowers in a vase. I read while listening to the Daily Politics show in the background and Karen started some baking. Karen ended up making two cakes, a Carrot cake and a Coffee cake, one for me and one for her birthday next week. After the cakes were made she then made some fish cakes for our tea and they came out well. After this Karen made us some lunch and we watched a programme we had recorded before I went to pick Hannah up from school.

Once back with Hannah I made us a pot of tea and Hannah some juice before she took me upstairs to get some toys down. Hannah played happily with the toys and then Karen made her some tea and then she cooked our fishcakes which were delicious by the way. By this time Hannah was watching some programmes and so I popped out and did a bit of brick cleaning before coming back inside and made us a pot of tea. Time soon crept round and it was time to go and pick Rob up from the station so on the way I dropped Karen off at her ex sister-in-laws for a chat and we went to the station and waited for the train. Once Rob got in the car we made our way home and he picked up some bits before he got Hannah into his car and headed to Louise's. Once they had gone I made a pot of tea and finished a chapter I was reading before firing up the laptop to come onto LT and look through the threads.

Edited: May 10, 5:08pm Top

Just popping by to say I'll happily send The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry onwards to you once I've read it, though I'm not sure how soon I'll get round to it :).

May 11, 6:48am Top

It sounds like you had a pretty fantastic day with Hannah. And oh! We had fish cakes for dinner yesterday, too!

May 11, 4:20pm Top

>92 lunacat:, Thanks Jenny, like you I have lots to read so I will get around to it at some point as I have books I have had for 10+ years and not got to them which is a bit sad but I do wander around all the shelves and the ones in the loft to make sure I balance my reading.

May 11, 4:21pm Top

>93 scaifea:, Hi Amber, it was a nice day with Hannah and I picked up some more fish today so Karen can make more fishcakes and freeze them.

May 11, 4:47pm Top

It has been another lovely warm and sunny day here, I got up and made us a pot of tea in bed before getting up and sorting myself out with breakfast so I could dash off and do the weekly shop to get back for when the hairdresser arrived. I set off to the supermarket and then got a call from Rob, I had passed him and he was wondering where I was going so I turned around when I could and headed home. We had a miss communication problem and I had forgotten he was coming here and I would be taking him to the station, apparently when he arrived and told his mum she was laughing at the thought of Rob thinking, where's me dad going.

I took Rob to the station and then went and did the weekly shop, it didn't take long but the hairdresser had started doing Karen's hair by the time I got back. I unpacked and put the shopping away and had a pot of tea before it was my turn for cutting, it doesn't take her long to do me sadly.

After our hair was done and Bridget had left we tidied up and had a pot of tea before we popped out so Karen could pick up a couple of bits that Asda didn't have. Once we got back we had a pot of tea and caught up on a few programmes that I had recorded before Karen made a late lunch. Once we had eaten we continued watching some more recorded programmes before the news came on, while I watched our local news Amy rang and had a chat with Karen and then I had to go and pick Rob up from the station.

I will be out of the house for most of the afternoon tomorrow as I have to take my car in for a new windscreen as a stone caught and damaged my windscreen a couple of weeks ago when I was bringing Hannah from school, I didn't notice it for a couple of days and then rang the windscreen people and they had to order one for me as it is linked with electronics. I had booked it for the 9th of May but then had to change it as Karen had a hospital appointment so it is booked for 1pm tomorrow, I will have my book with me so I should get some reading done as they have said it could take up to three hours.

May 11, 4:48pm Top

>76 johnsimpson: I liked that one. I read it three years ago.

Wishing you a lovely evening, John. Sending love and hugs to both of you xx

May 11, 4:53pm Top

>97 Ameise1:, Hi Barbara, I am loving the Maisie Dobbs series and that one was quite an eye opener about soldiers returning from the Great War, I will probably leave the series for a couple of months as I have so many good books I want to read besides these.

Hope you have had a really lovely day my dear and the food looks delicious dear friend. Sending love and hugs from Karen and I. xx

May 12, 4:08pm Top

After three decent days weather wise today dawned dull and dank with the threat of rain, we had breakfast and a pot of tea and then put the washing done overnight on the airers. Rob had some breakfast and a coffee and then I took him to the station, once back I had another pot of tea and read for a bit until it was time to take Karen to work. I dropped Karen off and popped into store to kill a bit of time and then put some diesel in the car to fill it up and then made my way to the Auto Glass repair centre.

I arrived twenty minutes before my appointment time but I had my book with me, the technician came to see me and took some details and then said he just had a bit to finish on another car and then would do mine. I told him I was early and would wait as I had my book, he made me a pot of tea and then I got settled with Harry Bosch. I read for quite a while and checked my watch and I had read for an hour, I went outside for a cigar and then got settled on the comfy chair and continued reading, before long he came and told me it was all done and calibrated and I just had to pay the excess stated on my insurance policy. I left the repair centre at 2.15pm when I had expected to be there until at least 3pm.

I made my way home and once home made a pot of tea and looked through the post before picking my book up, I read until 4pm and then did the downstairs housework before having another pot of tea and reading until it was time to pick Karen up.

May 12, 9:33pm Top

>99 johnsimpson: Settled with Harry Bosch, John? I have just seen him described brilliantly on James' thread (eyejaybee) as "jaundiced".
Hope your complexion remains free of yellow.

Have a great weekend and give my love to Karen.

May 13, 4:56pm Top

Finished book Thirty-One at lunchtime, A Lesson in Love by Gervase Phinn. This is the fourth in the Little Village School series and sees love in the air in the little village of Barton-in-the Dale. Everyone in the village can see that Ashley Underwood and Emmet O'Malley are made for each other, they've just got to admit it themselves and as the saying goes, the course of true love never did run smooth.

As romance blossoms on one side of the village an angry young boy struggles to believe in love, but when tragedy strikes he learns that comfort and care can come from the most unexpected of places.

While all this is going on, Headteacher Elisabeth Stirling faces a new challenge at the start of the school year with the amalgamation of Urebank with Barton-in-the-Dale. Staff are swapped from one school to the other and new staff join including an eccentric young man and there is a worrying case of potential negligence to contend with. In the village a puritanical new vicar stirs up trouble but as always there is plenty of gossip, laughter, friendship and love to add to the drama in Barton-in-the-Dale.

Another lovely book from Mr Phinn and looking forward to book five which is on the shelf.

May 13, 5:04pm Top

>100 PaulCranswick:, Hi Paul, I do enjoy the Harry Bosch books, Michael Connelly knows how to write. I don't find him jaundiced so my complexion is yellow free mate.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow despite all the driving you are going to be doing, give our love to Hani.

May 14, 1:05pm Top

I like the Lincoln Lawyer series better than the Harry Bosch series, but the two are tied together in many ways since the heroes of both are brothers. I like to listen to the recorded versions of them when I make those long trips to Kansas from Alabama.

May 14, 1:51pm Top

Happy Sunday, John!!

May 15, 3:44pm Top

Finished book Thirty-Two a short time ago, Angels Flight by Michael Connelly. This is the sixth in the Harry Bosch series. When the body of a high-profile black lawyer is found inside one of the cars on Angels Flight, a funicular railway in downtown LA, there is not a detective in the city who will touch it.

The lawyer was murdered on the eve of a lawsuit on behalf of Michael Harris, Elias' specialty was prosecuting cases of police brutality, corruption and racism. Like all other cops, Harry Bosch believed Harris guilty as accused of the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl. Elias was supposedly going to reveal the real killer and expose the LAPD. The Deputy Chief changes the roster of detectives on duty to give this case to Harry and his team, it is a job that cannot be refused and means that the team will be digging deep into a minefield of suspicion and hate in his own backyard trying to find the dirty cop that did this. All eyes are on Harry and his team, it could lead to rioting if a patsy is thrown forward to appease those who believe that LAPD is rotten.

Another rollicking read from a master at the top of his game.

May 15, 3:46pm Top

>103 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita, I will get to the Lincoln Lawyer books soon my dear.

May 15, 3:46pm Top

>104 Berly:, Thanks Kim.

Edited: May 15, 9:52pm Top

My dad loved Harry Bosch and Michael Connelly among other authors, but he has failed to appeal to me or my husband. We've been having some pretty rainy weather here too, John. Below average temperatures too. But life is going well. Love to you and Karen!

May 16, 4:02pm Top

>108 vancouverdeb:, Hi Deb, you can't like all authors my dear and some just grab you straight away. Like you we have been having some rainy weather, yesterday was one such day and today started in the same vein but by 2pm it brightened up and we had a sunny late afternoon with temperatures touching 20c. Tomorrow is supposed to be awful for us with heavy rain all day and temperatures down to 12 of 13c and then it is to be really nice on Thursday which would be good as it is Karen' birthday and we want to go off to the coast and get to Filey as we failed when we took Hannah a few weeks ago. Love to you and Dave dear friend.

May 16, 4:16pm Top

Well it appears I have been stupid and now paying for it. We had a steady morning and then I took Karen to work. After dropping Karen off I headed into town to take Karen' watch to the jewellers for a battery, as it is her best watch which we got from the money left to her from her dad it needs to go to a licensed jeweller that deals with LONGINES watches. I had to leave it with them for a while so I went for a wander, I went to Dave' books and picked up a couple of books then went to the bank to deposit a cheque and £20 before going to Boots to get their magazine.

On my way back to the jewellers I popped into Waterstones bookshop and saw that the last in the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer is out in paperback, I decided to wait and then went to the Card Factory shop to get Karen a birthday card for Thursday. I went to the jewellers and her watch was ready and I paid the bill, £15 for a battery, jeez.

After getting the watch I made my way back to the car and on my way home popped into Sainsbury's supermarket to get the Cricket paper and picked up Alan Titchmarsh's new book out now in paperback. From the supermarket I made my way home and once home made a pot of tea and flicked through the Radio Times listings magazine and then read until just after 3pm. I then did the upstairs housework and then had a pot of tea and then decided to sort some of the old wood out and put it in the chiminea and set it alight, I kept feeding the chiminea but must have overdone it and it got to too high a temperature and cracked the chiminea. While it was finishing off the last of the wood I did a bit more brick cleaning before making myself something to eat. I decided to have sausages and fries which was nice, as I got up to put my plate and pot in the dishwasher I realised that my back was aching so I went and had a shower and then slowly turned the heat up and directed the water to the base of my back. Unfortunately it has not made much difference and I am in pain, I have obviously overdone it and therefore I am a bit stupid and it looks like I will be in the spare bed tonight so that I don't disturb Karen too much while I am trying to get settled. I didn't think I had done too much but that combined with the recent wet and cold weather has done for me.

Edited: May 16, 4:22pm Top

Hi John, I hope that you and Karen are doing well and that your back is leaving you alone. Oops posted before I saw your latest. I hope both the weather and your back are ok for Karen's birthday.

May 16, 4:22pm Top

>111 Familyhistorian:, We are fine Meg but I have been a bit stupid today and I am in quite a bit of pain, will I ever learn. Rest and my painkillers as my patches were changed last night and I hope to be good for Thursday as it is Karen' s birthday and if I am not good I will be in serious bother as we hope to got to the coast as the weather is supposed to be good.

Hope you are having a good week so far Meg and send love and hugs dear friend.

May 16, 4:24pm Top

I must have been editing my post when you were answering me, John. I hope things improve for you soon.

May 16, 4:26pm Top

It will Meg, I just need to rest and make sure I don't spoil Karen's birthday and then we are going out for a meal on Friday night to the new eating area at our local Pub. It has had a complete refurbishment and been extended and early reports are that it is really good and the food excellent.

May 16, 5:23pm Top

Oh, John I feel your pain, literally. I'm sure you're as sick of it as I am. I refuse to sit on my arse, but this is becoming tiresome in the extreme. I hope yours clears up enough to enjoy your trip,on Thursday. My love to you both; happy birthday to Karen a a little hug for yourself.

May 17, 3:38am Top

Sorry, John, that your back is acting up. I know sometimes it is hard not to overdo...
I hope it will be bearable before Karen's birthday.

May 17, 6:55am Top

Oh dang, John, I'm sorry that you're back is hurting you again. It's so easy to overdo, isn't it? Take it easy, friend.

May 17, 4:53pm Top

>115 bohemima:, Thanks Gail, it has improved quite well and our trip tomorrow is good to go. The thing is that these jobs need to be done and I do take my time but I think a combination of poor weather recently and the job was just too much.

Karen says thank you for the birthday wish and I have given myself a little hug from you my dear.

May 17, 4:54pm Top

>116 FAMeulstee:, Hi Anita, the back is a lot better and I have done nothing today so tomorrow's trip is good to go.

May 17, 4:55pm Top

>117 scaifea:, Hi Amber, it is so easy to overdo things but I didn't really think I had but there you go, I have rested today and we are good to go for tomorrow my dear.

May 17, 5:13pm Top

John give our love today to Karen on her birthday - I am sure that you will spoil her; back back or not.

May 18, 4:57am Top

I hope you have a lovely day today with Karen, and that she has a nice birthday. Hopefully the rain will hold off as well - it's been so dry, we're glad to see it, but of course we are picky about when we'd like it to arrive!

Hope your back is feeling better as well, so you can enjoy the day.

May 18, 7:34am Top

Happy Birtday to Karen!

May 18, 9:01am Top

John--So glad your back recovered in time for the outing today! Happy birthday to Karen!!

May 18, 4:23pm Top

>121 PaulCranswick:, Hi Paul, I have passed on your love to Karen, she has had a lovely day and I have spoilt her and as the L'Oréal Ad says, it's because she's worth it.

May 18, 4:25pm Top

>122 lunacat:, We have had a nice day Jenny and Karen has had a lovely birthday, the sun was shining all the way to Filey and while we were there. After a few hours there we headed to Malton and had a nice time there and then headed for home.

May 18, 4:25pm Top

>123 FAMeulstee:, Hi Anita, Karen says thank you.

May 18, 4:27pm Top

>124 Berly:, Hi Kim, the back has been ok but I have had a twinge of pain from the left side of my groin and it went around the back of my left thigh as if I have pulled something. We have had a lovely day my dear and the sun was shining.

May 18, 4:39pm Top

We have had a lovely day, once we had had our breakfast we set off to Filey, the sun was shining so everything looked good. We had little trouble with traffic and managed to get parked up in Filey. We began to have a look around and then realised we needed some cash, the first cash machine was temporarily not working, the second one had no cash so I left Karen to look in a couple of shops while I popped to the supermarket to use their machine.

We had a good wander around and went down to the beachfront, the clouds came over briefly and it quickly cooled down. After a while we headed back to the car and had a quick coffee and a bit of cake and we set off out of Filey. Karen decided she would like to go to Malton so that is what we did. We had a good mooch around Malton and had a coffee stop and then did a bit more wandering around before heading home.

Now as I have mentioned before, ever since Amy got married I have been a bit emotional mainly to do with the Ed Sheeran track she had for her first dance and when looking at the wedding photo DVD. Today I got emotional again, we were driving back towards home along the A64 and listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon on Radio 2. Steve was playing a listeners selection of tracks as he does on his show, first track we sang along to was "Under the Moon of Love" by Showaddywaddy and then the next track was "Take good care of my Baby" by Bobby Vee, within about 30 seconds I had tears streaming down my cheeks and could barely say that I wanted a tissue from Karen and there was nowhere to pull off and sort myself out. Karen messaged Amy to let her know what I had done again and that since the wedding a new John has emerged and can she have the old one back. Amy replied that she was sorry she had broken dad.

I managed to sort myself out and the journey back went off without any more hitches, Karen loved her presents and got lots of cards and enjoyed her day out.

May 18, 6:11pm Top

>129 johnsimpson: *snork!* Amy apologizing for breaking her dad made me laugh right out loud!

And please tell Karen Happiest of Birthdays for me!

May 18, 7:23pm Top

Glad you had a good time for Karen's birthday. And there's nothing wrong with a little sentiment now and then, even if it is a bit off the cultural norm. That stiff upper lip has tripped me up more than once.

May 19, 4:31pm Top

We have had a nice relaxing day culminating in a lovely meal at the new refurbished restaurant in our village Pub. The restaurant is names Lock Eleven as it is near the site of the locks on the old Barnsley canal that ran through Walton many years ago. Karen had the Lamb rump and it was divine and I had pan fried Sea Bass fillets in a Spinach, Leek and Clam sauce with Cavolo Nero. It is the best Sea Bass I have had for a vey long time and this new eaterie has raised the bar for the ones already up and running nearby. We wished Ria and her team all the best and will be going back soon as the food and atmosphere is great. We have known Ria since she was born, living across from us when we moved to Walton and it is nice to see a local girl doing well with her business. This is one for Paul and Hani to pay a visit to when they come back to the UK. Karen has had a wonderful birthday with nice presents and cards from family and friends and lots of good wishes on here and Facebook.

May 19, 4:42pm Top

I forgot to mention in my last post that I did the weekly shopping this morning and picked up a couple of books, as you do. The books are This Was a Man by Jeffrey Archer, the last in the Clifton Chronicles series and The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly, the latest Harry Bosch, as if I have nothing on my shelves to read, ha ha.

May 19, 4:46pm Top

>130 scaifea:, Karen says thank you my dear.

May 19, 4:48pm Top

>131 bohemima:, Hi Gail, we had a lovely time yesterday and I must be at that funny age now and all my emotions are coming out. Karen says that as her Dad was quite an emotional chap she wonders if he has passed it on to me with me doing a lot of the care for him in his last few months, as she said this to me once I had managed to dry my eyes I looked up and said "You bad bugger Cec".

May 19, 5:06pm Top

It sounds like you had a wonderful dinner. I'm glad to hear that you have a local eaterie serving such good food, and that Karen had a lovely birthday. And what an added bonus, knowing who runs it and being able to support her in her new venture.

May 19, 5:15pm Top

>136 lunacat:, Hi Jenny, it is nice to support a local business and with the re-furb it has made it a better place to eat, as I said the others will have to up their game as I think they have got a bit complacent and a bit pricey trying to be gastropubs in the wrong area to the bulk of their clientele. Ria is a nice lady and what she has done to the pub over the last few years has galvanized the village and she has supported many events and now we have a few things happening. All this is linked to the library which was to be closed but volunteers took over and they have enhanced the library with lots of groups springing up from within the library and village events are taking place and are very well supported by the village and outsiders.

May 20, 4:22pm Top

A very mixed day weatherwise today. After a lie-in with a pot of tea courtesy of yours truly we got up and had breakfast and a pot of tea. By the time we had finished breakfast the washer had stopped and I put the washing on the airer outside. After doing this Karen set another load off and then we set off to visit Amy in Selby, the sun was shining and we thought it would be a nice day. We arrived about 40 minutes after setting off and pottered about with Amy as she was sorting some things out before we set off to walk into the town centre.

First stop was the post office, I waited outside as there was a queue, while waiting I was stood in a world of my own when a lady in her early thirties approached me and asked if I was ok, I replied that I was and that I was in a world of my own while waiting for my wife and daughter. It was nice of the lady to show concern as I could have been in a bit of trouble and needed help and I thanked her for this. Not many people would do this and I have not seen something like this or maybe she thought I was older than I am with my walking stick.

Once Karen and Amy came out of the post office we had a mooch around Selby before heading back to Amy's. Once back we had a pot of tea and chatted and then Karen and Amy made us all some lunch and we continued chatting, while doing this the sky darkened and the rain came down. For the next two hours it rained on and off quite heavily and was raining when we decided to make our way home.

Once home I noticed that my neighbour behind me had completed putting the new fence up between us, his brother was helping him. The fence looks great with all new panels, gravel boards and concrete fence posts, just need to get the old tree roots out now and paint my side of the fence and then get some nice shrubs to make it all nice and tidy.

After a couple of pots of tea we had something substantial to eat and then it was time for me to go upstairs to watch this weeks episode of Doctor Who as Karen is not keen on it. We are now relaxing, me on the laptop and Karen with her knitting.

May 21, 6:25am Top

I hope all is well with you and Karen, John. Happy Sunday!

May 21, 6:51am Top

Oh, those meals sound fantastic, John. What a great anniversary.

I hope you're feeling okay and enjoying your books and garden. Love and hugs.

May 21, 9:16am Top

Sounds like a lovely day. And the new pub sounds great!

May 21, 9:41am Top

Sorry zhat I haven't visited your thread in a while. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

May 21, 2:25pm Top

It finally rained here! I am excited because that means I don't have to water the yard. My grass is in horid shape and I am weeding and watering in hopes that I an save it. I am guessing I will have to reseed this fall and only hope I can make it through the summer only having to water.

I had all kinds of problems trying to get my old sprinkler to work. Every night last week I went to the Home Depot store to get repairs and finally gave up and purchased a new sprinkler. I hate that Big Green Monster! I think I am much more suited for living in an apartment than a house. I like my flowering plants but hate taking care of the lawn.

May 21, 4:47pm Top

>139 DianaNL:, Thanks Diana we are both fine and have had a good weekend.

May 21, 4:48pm Top

>140 bohemima:, Hi Gail Karen has enjoyed her birthday and we have had a really good weekend.

May 21, 4:49pm Top

>141 drneutron:, Hi Jim, it was a lovely day and the pub is great now we have a new restaurant, everything is buzzing there and people are coming from surrounding villages to sample the food.

May 21, 4:50pm Top

>142 Ameise1:, Thanks for stopping by Barbara my dear, always nice to see you on here. We have had a good weekend and Karen enjoyed her birthday.

May 21, 4:52pm Top

>143 benitastrnad:, HI Benita, that is the worst part of gardening when it is dry, all the watering that has to be done. We try to make sure we don't have too many pots to water especially if going away for a few days. We have had a decent amount of rain recently and the weather is to turn good all this week so I will be doing the lawn tomorrow.

May 21, 4:57pm Top

We have had a relaxing Sunday, after breakfast Karen decided to do some baking and made chocolate flapjack and a lemon drizzle cake. I had to pop out to get some more eggs and baking butter but that has not been used as the cake she was going to make needed a bit of time and with quite a bit of ironing to do she decided to leave that cake until Wednesday.

I read for a while and then did a bit of pottering in the garden and then read some more. Karen got the ironing done and we had some cake and a pot of tea and then she did a bit of knitting. Later Karen made me a late Sunday lunch and she had a small snack as she was meeting a couple of work colleagues for a meal at the local carvery and a chat. While she was out I read some more before firing the laptop up.

May 21, 6:54pm Top

>149 johnsimpson: Yum John, I love flapjacks!

May 22, 6:34am Top

Happy Monday, John!

May 23, 3:13pm Top

>150 PaulCranswick:, I will make sure Karen makes some for you when you are over here next.

May 23, 3:14pm Top

>151 scaifea: Thanks Amber.

May 23, 3:24pm Top

I didn't manage to get on here yesterday as I was so busy, I finished what I needed to do at 9.10pm and just had time to make a pot of tea for me before making one in the travelling mug for when I picked Karen up from work.

After having breakfast and putting a load of washing on the line I took Rob to the station and then got back and had a pot of tea with Karen before it was time to take her to work. Once back home I had a pot of tea and read while listening to the Daily Politics programme, when that finished I set up the DVD recorder to record five programmes for us both. Once this was done I decided to mow the lawn, after doing the lawn I had a quick break and read a couple of chapters to make sure I had a bit of a rest. Once I had finished reading I weeded the bed around the magnolia ready to put some gravel in to provide weed suppressant. I filled my bucket half full of gravel from the top of the garden and washed it to get any muck and weeds from it before putting it around the magnolia. I did this a couple more times before having a break and reading a chapter so that I didn't overdo things. I got some more gravel and washed and cleaned it and left it to dry a bit and while this was happening I did some brick cleaning before breaking off again and reading a chapter. I put the drying gravel around the magnolia and still needed more but was hungry at this point so made myself a sandwich and had a break with a pot of tea.

Once finished eating I got back on with the gravel and some brick cleaning before it was time to go and pick Rob up from the station. Once back with Rob, he quickly got changed and went to see the junior cricket match and I had a microwave curry. Once I had eaten I carried on with the last bucketful of gravel to be washed and then place around the magnolia. I must say it looks so much better but I was in a bit of pain when I had finished and had little energy left.

May 23, 3:34pm Top

Today I have been busy but have taken things a bit more steadily. Once we were up, Karen went off for a walk and I put the six half bags of mortar and broken bricks in the boot of the car ready to drop off at the recycle centre. Karen got back just as I had made a pot of tea and got all our tablets out, we sat down to enjoy our tea and I turned on Breakfast news and found out about the tragedy at Manchester Arena last night. I made another pot of tea and had a bowl of cereal while listening to the news of the tragedy, I had time to make us another pot of tea before it was time to take Karen to work.

I dropped Karen off at work and then went to the recycle centre to get rid of the building rubble and then went into town to do some banking. Once I had done in town I made my way home and had a pot of tea whilst watching the news and getting more information about last nights events. I set the DVD up again for the Chelsea Flower show programmes and then got on with some more brick cleaning. Again I had a break with a pot of tea and read a chapter before resuming outside. After another tea and read break I went and did the upstairs cleaning, the bedrooms and bathroom got done before a tea break and a biscuit, a piece of cake and some flapjack and then decided to fill the boot with all my old art magazines that I got out of the loft a few weeks ago. Once this was done I resumed brick cleaning with a tea and read break and then did one last brick cleaning before going to the Asda recycle area to get rid of the magazines and juice cartons and some old clothes I found in the garage. Unfortunately I could only dispose of the cartons and clothes as the paper was rammed full. I got back and had a Thai meal before going into the shower to get cleaned and to get some heat to the base of my back.

May 23, 3:45pm Top

I finished book Thirty-Three late last night, Glory Boys by Harry Bingham. I enjoyed this book by a new author to me, it is a tale about three pilots from different backgrounds that get caught up in the booze business in prohibition America. The two male pilots, Captain Abe Rockwell a well decorated WW1 flyer and his junior Willard T Thornton who was also decorated for his bravery in the war. They are now worlds apart but are inextricably brought together by the booze business. The third pilot is Penelope Hamilton who admires Rockwell and falls for him but on certain terms. The story is told in stages flicking from Rockwell to Thornton and as it does so the intertwining of these two is brought together for a final shootout.

I must say that I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it to fellow readers.

Edited: May 24, 4:18pm Top

We have both been quite busy today, I took advantage of the warm sunny weather and did more work taking down the old coal shed. After we got up I had some breakfast and we both had a pot of tea and then Rob arrived and I took him to the station. When I got back Karen got in the car and we went to the local Aldi store to pick up a few bits, I left Karen to it and went to the recycle centre to put all my old art magazines in the paper bank. I got back to the Aldi and picked Karen up and we made our way home. Once home I made a pot of tea for both of us and then put a load of washing on the line. After we had finished our drinks Karen did some baking and I got on with the old coal shed. After another couple of pots of tea It was time for me to go and pick Hannah up from school.

I got back with Hannah and she was a bit tired and tearful bless her, she had some juice and she was ok. After Karen had finished watching this afternoon's edition of the Chelsea flower show I put Peppa Pig on for Hannah. Karen has been a bit tearful today after the terrorist attack in Manchester, it brought back memories from nearly 21 years ago when we got caught up at Reus airport near Salou in Spain when Eta planted a device in a litter bin. The warning did not get through and the cleaner seeing a full bin went to empty it and as she lifted the lid it went off, we were about 10 metres away and I threw Karen and the kids to the ground. We weren't injured and were moved well away from the departure lounge and eventually got on our flight home and into the throng of news crews. By morning I was named in the paper and had two years added to my age (we flew out on my 33rd birthday) and I had another wife. On the Sunday I was interviewed by our local news programme and that was that. I think because most of the victims were children it just brought it all back to her and she thought it had been put in a box and buried away.

May 24, 4:20pm Top

>156 johnsimpson: Nice review, John, I have only read two of Harry Bingham's Fiona books (very good too!) and hope this one will come one day in Dutch translation.

May 24, 4:22pm Top

>158 FAMeulstee:, Thanks Anita, glad you liked it and hopefully it will appear in a Dutch translation.

May 24, 4:42pm Top

Tomorrow we are going to see an old school friend of Karen's, Janet and her husband Andrew live just outside Settle in North Yorkshire. We will pop into Skipton first before going into Settle and then onto Janet's for about 2.30pm. We will be going for a bite to eat in their local pub which is very nice we have been informed so that will be nice We are both looking forward to tomorrow and I will let you all know how the day went.

May 24, 8:41pm Top

It has continued to rain here in Alabama. This is the third day of rain and now it has cooled off. It seems to me that we are getting our spring weather when we should be starting on our summer weather. I think our climate is mixed up, no matter what a certain man in Washington says.

The University is in its interim period right now and so there are few students on campus. Even without them I have been very busy at work trying to get paperwork done and out of the way so that when the students do come back, and I take my summer vacation, I will be able to do so without playing catch-up when I come back. Because it is interim, I have been making the rounds of the dentist, optometrist, and hair dresser because it is easy to get on and off campus. Even though I have been busy I like the fact that there is little traffic around campus. It makes it easy to get in and out for my appointments.

May 25, 6:44am Top

Happy Thursday, John! Please send along hugs for Karen; this Manchester business is so sad.

May 26, 12:06pm Top

Love and hugs to you and yours, John. My heart goes out to all of you at this awful time.

May 26, 4:34pm Top

>161 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita, you are having mixed weather and we are having a mini heatwave at the moment although thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow and the temp will still be 25c.

May 26, 4:40pm Top

>162 scaifea:, Hi Amber, it was so shocking to wake up and put the news on Tuesday morning to find out about the carnage. The messages of support for Manchester and the victims and injured has been amazing, a friend of ours put a message on Facebook early doors to say Daisy Blue and her friend were home and safe from that concert, they were at the other side away from all the carnage but it is worrying.

Amy and me are going to the Genting Arena in Birmingham to see Kiss on Sunday and I will make sure she is safe and we will have to text Karen periodically but the terrorists cannot win so with extra security we will go and enjoy. The Kiss concert that should have been held in Manchester on the 30th May has been cancelled as the Arena is still a crime scene. Sending love and hugs.

May 26, 4:42pm Top

>163 bohemima:, Hi Gail, thank you. It has been a traumatic week for Manchester and the country but we will not be cowed, we will have to put up with more armed personnel around but events are still going forward apart from the ones that were supposed to on at the Arena as it is still a crime scene. Sending love and hugs.

May 26, 5:05pm Top

We had a really lovely day yesterday, after we had breakfast we put our things in the car and headed off, we had to stop off before we got to the motorway to check a couple of things out and then made our way to Skipton. We got parked up and then had a good mooch around calling in one or two shops before having a coffee stop. Once we had had our drink we continued on our way and Karen picked up a nice summer top. We made our way up the high street and called into the Oxfam bookshop and we picked up a couple of books. We continued our mooch and once done made our way back to the car and had a small snack and a cold drink as it was very warm and sunny.

Once we had eaten we headed towards Settle and once there I popped to the Railway station to visit the station shop and picked up a couple of bits to support the Settle - Carlisle Railway. After this we made our way to the little village of Stainforth where Janet and Andrew live. We settled in the front garden around the patio table and Janet produced a jug of Pimms for her and Karen and me and Andrew had a large beer. Around two and a half hours alter they took us for a tour of the village before ending at the pub, The Crown Heifer, for a drink and something to eat. We had to cross the stream over the stepping stones which Karen nearly fell off to get to the other side of the village. When we got to the pub we found out we could have a drink but the power was off so no food. After nearly an hour Andrew went to find out the situation and the landlord had been told the power would not be back on until 3am. We headed back to the house and I put everything that was on the backseat in the boot including Hannah's seat and as I was driving I took us to the nearby village of Austwick to see if we could get food at The Game Cock pub. It was a good job Andrew was giving me directions as I would have easily got lost down narrow lanes with the odd passing point.

We were able to eat as they had not lost power but we had to go into the beer garden to eat, the food was lovely. We had a good natter and then made our way back to Janet's where we said our goodbyes after a great day and Janet told us to come on a weekend next time so we can stay overnight so I can have a few drinks. We left just before 9.30pm and arrived home just before 11pm, very warm and tired.

May 27, 2:32am Top

Hi John, it was a shock to hear about what happened in Manchester. I am sorry to hear that it brought back bad memories for Karen. It is a worrying time. Hmm, sounds like you were doing a lot of work outside when you said you were taking it easy. No wonder your back was acting up in the end. Take it easy and enjoy the Kiss concert.

May 27, 7:51pm Top

I was thinking about you two this week as the news came out. Glad you're not going to let the bastards win! :)

May 28, 9:38am Top

Popping to say hello and wish you a lovely Sunday!

May 28, 10:14am Top

>168 Familyhistorian:, Hi Meg, Karen is ok now it surprised her when she came all over emotional but it is safely tucked away now. I have been pretty good with the work outside and then yesterday we had a massive thunderstorm that lasted 25 minutes and then it stopped and within 5 minutes the sun was out cracking the flags as we say in Yorkshire. Amy has arrived and we have just had something to eat and will be setting off to the Kiss concert in about 30 minutes.

May 28, 10:14am Top

>169 drneutron:, Hi Jim, we are not letting the bastards win and will be setting off to see Kiss an about 30 minutes time.

May 28, 10:16am Top

>170 witchyrichy:, Hi Karen thanks for popping by my dear. Amy arrived an hour ago and we have had something to eat and are just having a drink before we set off to Birmingham for the Kiss concert. It has been a good Sunday so far and will get better later on.

May 28, 5:11pm Top

Hi John, I hope you and Amy enjoyed the Kiss concert!

May 28, 10:10pm Top

For most of the US this is a three day National Holiday weekend. However, it is not for state employees in Alabama. I have to go to work tomorrow.

I did make my first trip of the season to the very nice outdoor swimming pool at the University. It was cloudy and cool, but I went anyway. It was actually nice for reading but not once I got wet. I had to go under the towel instead of on top of it because I was cold. I got lots read in my current Tony Hillerman mystery, so it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

May 29, 3:41pm Top

>174 FAMeulstee:, Hi Anita we had a great time.

May 29, 3:44pm Top

>175 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita today was a Bank Holiday although most businesses are open and staff take a days holiday later. Karen has to work two of the Bank Holidays and then she gets the rest off with pay, she did her two Bank Holidays on Easter Friday and Easter Monday so you were not alone working today my dear.

May 29, 4:05pm Top

Amy and I had a great time at the Kiss concert in Birmingham last night. We set off just before 4pm and made our way down to Birmingham, it was a good job I had satnav as the Arena was in the centre of the city and I have never been before. We did make one slight error within sight of the Arena but let the satnav correct us and we got parked up just after 6pm.

I had decided to wear my Lick it up tour t-shirt from the 83/84 European tour when I saw them at the Queens Hall in Leeds (this venue no longer exists). Amy had my old denim jacket with all the band patches, badges and the embroidery that I did and she was quite the centre of attention although my t-shirt got some admiring glances.

Once inside after the security checks we got the current T-shirts, I made sure Rob got one as he would have been with us and I paid for them all, What a good dad I am lol. We made our way into the Arena as we had standing tickets and soaked up the atmosphere before the support band came on. The Dives were good and were on for about 40 minutes and then we had a 30 minute gap before Kiss came on. The band were at their best, the pyrotechnics were brilliant and we felt the heat and we were quite a distance away. The lighting show and visuals made sure we could see everything clearly. We sang along to the old favourites and they played a few that haven't been heard for a number of years, all band members did a solo spot with Gene Simmons being particularly devilish and malevolent and then Paul Stanley flew out to the Tech desk where there was a small revolving stage awaiting him.

After the first two songs to open the show we observed a minutes silence for the Manchester Arena victims and Paul made a short speech. The setlist finished and then they came back on for a three song encore before the show ended just before 11pm. We had had a fabulous time and then made our way back to the Arena carpark and then slowly made our way out to get back onto the right road for home. We stopped off at the first services to have a bite to eat and then continued our way home. The weather deteriorated as we neared Yorkshire with rain beginning as drizzle and then it began to rain hard. We pulled into my drive at 2am and made ourselves a drink and went up to bed, I tried not to disturb Karen.

Hopefully this will not be the last time we get to see Kiss but as Gene is 68, Paul 65, Eric Singer 59 and Tommy Thayer 56 you never know but it would be nice if they got to 2023 and their 50th anniversary. I looked online and read the Birmingham Mail review of the show and he loved it as did the fans.

May 29, 4:37pm Top

Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the concert, John. Do you think there were less people than there would have been after Manchester?

May 29, 4:52pm Top

>179 Familyhistorian:, I think some people may have stayed away but those who had tickets for Manchester got a refund and some got tickets for Glasgow on Saturday night and some got the remaining tickets for Birmingham. As I came out of the toilets and was waiting for Amy I bumped into Hannah's teacher, Mrs Thompson and her husband and young son. They had Manchester Tickets and managed to get tickets for Birmingham.

I think some people will be a bit afraid and I did ask Amy what she wanted to do and if Rob had been able to come I would have asked him the same thing, it is up to the individual to decide and whichever way they decide is up to them. I didn't think an attack would take place so close but with the increased security and we made sure we felt safe we said the terrorists were not going to win.

May 30, 6:42am Top

What a great time you had! And how fun that you were able to take your daughter, too. Great memories.

May 30, 12:13pm Top

How is Amy doing at the new job?

May 30, 3:34pm Top

>181 scaifea:, Hi Amber both Amy and Rob love Kiss as they have been brought up with me playing the albums along with other Heavy Metal / Rock albums. As soon as I couldn't fit into my Denim jacket with all the patches, badges and embroidery on it Amy claimed it and she has been stopped many times in the street and at concerts.

We thought it might be the last time we would see them in 2010 and as the years passed by we were glad we had managed to get tickets so when I spotted that they were touring Europe and coming over here I contacted both of them, Unfortunately Rob knew he would be away with Louise and Hannah so he declined but Amy said yes straight away and she booked the tickets. I checked Rob's size and I told Amy I would pay for the t-shirts for us all and we have all got a different one. Hopefully they will continue to their 50th anniversary and we will go by hook or by crook.

I got the Alive album bought for me by a girlfriend for my 16th birthday and have been a fan ever since and I have a big collection of Heavy Metal/Rock albums and now on CD.

May 30, 3:37pm Top

>182 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita, Amy is really enjoying her job and seems to have settled in quite well and has quickly made friends in the department. Her role is quite varied which she enjoys and she is picking up new skills as she goes along, she is used to dealing with the lads in their teams and knows which ones to send to jobs and if some are busy she knows which jobs can be suspended and the team moved to an emergency job and she has dealt with some of them before from her previous role with a sister company a few years ago.

May 30, 3:54pm Top

Finished book Thirty-Four a couple of hours ago, Paradise House by Erica James. This tells the tale of the Baxter Family who are from Shropshire and holiday at Angel Sands in Wales every year. Mr Baxter is a farmer so only spends one week with the family then goes back to the farm and his wife and the girls stay on for two more weeks. Eventually Serena Baxter persuades her husband to sell the family farm when Paradise House comes up for sale and he will do anything for his lovely wife but this is a big decision as the farm has been in the family for generations.

When on holiday Genevieve meets Christian who is two years older than her and they get on famously after an initial contretemps due to Gen not knowing Christian was deaf but could lip read really well. Things progress over the years and then they part.

Now that the family own Paradise House and it is a guesthouse and Gen has come home to help out but then her mother decides things are not as rosy as she likes and takes time out to "find herself" and Genevieve ends up running the B&B. This is not an easy task given that her father has become a magnet for the opposite sex and then there's little help from her sisters; Nattie is too busy offending a long-time admirer, and Polly spends most of her time with her head in the clouds or a book.

Then a dilapidated barn is sold - and Genevieve finds that a bittersweet trip down memory lane is unavoidable.

I really enjoyed this book and towards the very end it becomes emotional and this is not good for me in my state as I was in tears for no apparent reason. Amy's wedding has a lot to answer for, lol.

I definitely recommend this book as a good read.

May 30, 4:17pm Top

After a wet and miserable Bank Holiday Monday, today started out damp but with a promise of brighter weather to come. After we had breakfast I went and did the upstairs housework so that I could get on with oiling the remaining Oak furniture in the living room that I didn't get done last time I did the oiling.

One the upstairs was done I had time for a pot of tea before taking Karen to work, once I had dropped her off I had to pop into store to pick up a parcel from the click and collect department and to take a top back that was too big. Once I had got the parcel and taken the top back and got a refund I drew some cash out of the cash machine to pay a bill. I paid the bill at our post office after I had dropped off our repeat prescriptions at the doctors.

Once I had done the bill etc I got home and had a pot of tea and read for a bit before getting on with the oiling of the Oak furniture and then did a bit of pottering about outside. I had to oil the top of the TV unit later as I needed to put a stool in front of it so I could move the TV. I had a sandwich after I had oiled the furniture so Karen wouldn't nag me for not eating.

I read after I done all my jobs and pottering about and finished a book, see review above and then decided it was time to have my tea. I microwaved a curry and had a naan bread with it before reading some more of my other book. After awhile I decided it was time to fire the laptop up and come onto LT to update my thread and have a nosy about the others.

May 30, 4:40pm Top

I think I have an idea of the book I will read to mark my 1,000th read although if there are any other suggestions I will take them on board, it will be another two weeks before I will be in a position to choose it.

May 31, 4:18pm Top

Book Thirty-Five finished a short while ago, Truth or Die by James Patterson. This is a standalone novel from Mr P and finds New York attorney Trevor Mann's world shattering when he receives a phone call telling him his girlfriend has been shot dead in a suspected mugging. He is not sure this is the truth as she left him a short while earlier to meet a contact to talk about an article she was writing for the New York Times and she had told him the story would be a real good one and blow the lid on things in high places.

It would appear that this lead she was chasing has led to her murder in Trevor's eyes and so he decides to find out for himself what she was up to and why she was killed for it. It is time to find out the truth, or die. A fast paced thriller that makes you think, does this thing happen or is it just a good story, you decide.

May 31, 5:00pm Top

We have had a really lovely day today. Once we were up we stripped our bed and I put a load of washing on and then we had breakfast. We sorted a few things out and luckily the washer finished and I was able to put it all on the line as it was a lovely warm sunny day. Once this was done we got all our things together and quickly went to the supermarket so Karen could return the parcel I picked up yesterday and also pick up Rob and Karen's shoes that had been soled and heeled. Unfortunately Karen's shoes had only been heeled even though she paid for sole and heeling, the chap said that lad must have miss heard her and he would do them and I will pick them up on Friday.

From the supermarket we went up to the crematorium as Karen was going to the funeral of an old colleague who passed away two weeks ago after a short battle with cancer. I didn't really know Sheila so I stayed in the car and read while Karen went to the service. Once Karen got back to the car we made our way to Otley, once we got to Otley we got parked up and headed into the town centre. By this time we were ready for a drink and found a lovely little coffee shop called A Little Corner of the World, we both had a latte and shared a piece of Lemon Drizzle cake and cream. Once we had finished our drink and cake we had a wander around Otley, we popped into the Oxfam shop and picked up a couple of fiction books and a Nigella Lawson cook book that Karen had been looking for.

We continued wandering around the centre of Otley and popped into a couple of shops, Karen went off to a clothes shop and I popped into The St Gemma's Hospice shop and came out with two books. After a bit more wandering we made our way back to the car and then headed to the Garden centre to pick up some plants. We got some bedding plants and some for the hanging baskets and a lovely Patio Rose, we also looked at some Acer's as this is what I want to put at the top of the back garden when I have cleared the old stumps from the trees that used to be there. Karen wants Acer Bloodgood and I saw a lovely Acer Osakazuki, both are a decent size and so cost a reasonable amount, we are looking at £65 for both of them so we might make them our Christmas presents to each other. Once we had got what we wanted we made our way to the till and paid for our plants and then made our way home.

Once home I made us a pot of tea as we were ready for a drink and then while I brought the washing in Karen put fresh bedding on our bed. Once we had done these jobs we made ourselves something to eat and then I finished my book while Karen watched a couple of programmes we had recorded.

May 31, 11:20pm Top

Here's to KISS, Amy's new job, Mr. Patterson and you!! ; )

Jun 1, 3:34pm Top

>190 Berly:, Thank you Kimberly my dear.

Jun 1, 3:43pm Top

We have been very busy bees today. Once we were up and dressed we had breakfast and then started moving the pictures in the dining room into the living room and then moved some of the furniture towards the centre of the room so we could start decorating. I got the paint out of the garage and the cloths to cover the furniture and then I did the small ceiling near the patio doors. I edged the walls so Karen could start painting those and I did the bigger part of the ceiling towards the living room. We had tea stops along the way and then I did parts that Karen couldn't reach before getting the feature wall paint out and then I did the two parts of the feature wall.

I just had the last bit of feature wall to do so sent Karen off for a shower while I did this and then cleaned up the brushes and put the lids on the paint tins. While I was tidying up Karen put some fishcakes in the oven for us and after we had eaten I swept and vacummed the floor before Karen mopped it. The furniture was left as it is as I have the gloss painting to do tomorrow once Karen is at work. We put all the pictures back up and another job has been ticked off the list. After we had finished tidying up we had time for a pot of tea and then I took Karen to her bariatric meeting. Once back I went and had a shower and a change of clothes from my painting gear to something nice and fresh. Once showered I made myself a pot of tea and filled up the tea caddy with teabags and then Rob rang to see how we are. Once the call was over I finished my pot of tea and went to pick Karen up from her meeting.

We are tired and are relaxing with a pot of tea.

Jun 1, 4:14pm Top

Think it's time for a new thread if I want to keep up to a new one each month. Please give me about twenty minutes and it will be up and running, just got to pop out of the house for a few minutes then I will get the new thread sorted out.

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