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Anyone going to ALA in Chicago?

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May 19, 3:06pm Top

Is anyone going to ALA in Chicago this year? Abby (ablachly) and I will be going.

We aren't doing a booth this year--we'll be working out of ProQuest's booth, promoting our joint product, Syndetics Unbound.

Booth or not, we'd love to say hi to people in some way, and bring t-shirts for anyone who wants one.

What are you plans this year? What are you excited to see at ALA?

May 19, 3:27pm Top

So, in past years, you've had "exhibits only" passes available. Any chance for this year?

Even if you don't, maybe you all could meet up with some Chicago Thingamabrarians while you're here. It would be fun to hang out over a beer/wine/whatever!

May 19, 3:53pm Top

What lilithcat said ...

Edited: May 19, 3:58pm Top

I'll be there! I'll keep an eye on this thread in case a get-together develops. Otherwise, I'll look for you at the ProQuest booth.

May 19, 4:21pm Top

>2 lilithcat:

I just shot an email off to ProQuest, to find if we can snag some of theirs. I don't see why not, but they're a big company and may have some policy. (We have no policies!)

May 19, 5:45pm Top

>5 timspalding: But you do (or did) have a rhinoceros. Will they let you bring that?

May 19, 5:57pm Top

I have a whole menagerie of inflatable animals. Doesn't really go with the ProQuest brand, but we'll see what I can sneak in.

May 19, 6:10pm Top

Chicago is a 6 hour drive...
What dates are we talking?

May 19, 9:51pm Top

No, but I wish I was, Hillary Clinton is the featured speaker.

May 20, 1:48pm Top

I'm checking into it - seeing if a friend and I can make a day trip of it.

May 20, 7:45pm Top

There is a group of the 75'ers that are going to be there on Sunday, June 25. We were going to start planning our meet-up as soon as I made contact with Tim or Abby. We were hoping for the free passes to the exhibit hall, but if that doesn't work out we will make do. We have met for lunch in the exhibit hall in the past, and this time were thinking of some kind of supper meeting as well. Perhaps in one of the conference hotels? I get to do that planning so suggestions are welcome

If you might be driving in from somewhere please note that there will be free shuttle buses to the conference hotels to and from the McCormick place conference center. These are sponsored by Gayle (another BIG library company) and are free to all attendees. That means if you stay in a conference hotel you can ride to and from the conference and haul all of those free ARC's (advanced reader's copies) of books ass well.

I will try to post the list of conference hotels to this thread as well as others in order to get the word around as much as possible. Since Chicago is such a hotbed of LT warbling and thread making it would be a good chance to see the people behind the posts you read - and get free books.

May 20, 10:11pm Top

>11 benitastrnad:

What are "75'ers"?

If you might be driving in from somewhere please note that there will be free shuttle buses to the conference hotels to and from the McCormick place conference center.

Also note that there is a Metra stop right at McCormik Place.

May 21, 2:09am Top

>12 lilithcat:
People from the 75 books reading challenge group. (The most active group on Talk.)

May 21, 8:45am Top

>13 Petroglyph:

Ah, one of the many groups that I have on "Ignore".

May 22, 12:37pm Top

Here is the URL for the list of the hotels that are conference hotels in Chicago.


I am not sure that you can register for a room there directly from that URL, but you most certainly can call the hotel to make a reservation and tell them that you will be there for the ALA conference. It is likely that negotiations on price for a room can begin at that point.

I did not know there was a Metra stop at McCormick Center. That is good to know. Thank you.

May 22, 1:14pm Top

>14 lilithcat: Take it off "ignore", and join in! Lots of smart readers in it.

We were among those 75ers planning to attend on Sunday, if passes are available. We = me, walklover, and seasonsoflove.

May 22, 8:21pm Top

I will be at ALA and look forward to meeting Tim and Abby! You are my heroes!

May 22, 8:39pm Top

>16 jnwelch:

I'm not into challenges. The reason I put that group on "ignore" is because it's so active. I look at "Talk" via "all topics", so it really cluttered up the page. I generally put the challenge and game groups, as well as a couple of others, on "ignore" to avoid that problem.

May 22, 11:18pm Top

I will be there!! :)

May 23, 7:23am Top

>18 lilithcat: All that still may apply for you, lilithcat, but I don't think of the 75ers as a challenge group. Plenty of group members read far less than 75, and many read far more (one has already read 300!). It's just a good group of folks (it was recommended to me on that basis when I joined LT), many of whom I've now met in person.

But it is very active (not that a member has to be - plenty aren't), and one LT friend finds it too "chatty" for her to join, which fits with your reaction. Personally, as a former bookstore manager, I'm in heaven, having so many intelligent readers to talk about books with.

May 23, 9:08am Top

>20 jnwelch:

I don't think of the 75ers as a challenge group

Then maybe they should change their name! I don't doubt for a moment that they're a "good group of folks". I took another look at it, on your recommendation, and, frankly, it's not my cup of tea. Seems a bit complicated, with a separate wiki page (also complicated!) to explain the group. I keep track of my reading via a document on my computer.

But different strokes, as they say. Life would be boring if the same things appealed to us all, wouldn't it?

Edited: May 23, 11:57am Top

>21 lilithcat: Yes. :-)

P.S. Thanks for checking it out.

Edited: May 23, 11:57am Top

message vaporized

May 23, 2:24pm Top

>20 jnwelch: I ignore individual's threads, but enjoy seeing many of the other topics.

May 23, 4:38pm Top

Hi, everybody. I am a librarian and will be at ALA in Chicago. Years ago, Tim, Abby, and I met for breakfast at a steamy Cafe DuMonde in New Orleans, and we have been trying to have meets at ALA every since. I am in the process of trying to get one organized for this year in Chicago.

Chicago is the home of several very active LT'ers who enjoy meeting other LT'ers. This same group of LT'ers would be amiable to having a meet-up during the ALA conference this year. In the several conferences that have happened in Chicago since that first meeting with Tim and Abby, the group has chosen to meet for lunch in the exhibit hall, and once we met at Haymarket Brewery. In the past, the LT Gods - Tim and Abby - have given away free passes to the exhibits at ALA. That wonderful very appreciated perk, may - or may not, happen this year. Also, Tim and Abby are not going to have a separate LT booth this year (see post #1).

I need to know if there is interest in having a meet-up. I am thinking that an evening meet-up would work best, since this conference is a working conference for me and many other librarians who use LT. Saturday evening works best for me, but I need to know what might work for the rest of you. How many of you could meet on Saturday evening?

When we decide what day and time works, then we can work on a place to have it.

Edited: May 23, 4:54pm Top

>25 benitastrnad:

I'd love to meet up with you all. Saturday would be 6/24, I think? I could do that. I'll pencil it in. Friday night would also work for me.

(P.S. I like Haymarket Brewery.)

May 23, 5:14pm Top

I'm reminded of that song.... "Do you know the way to A L A? I've been away so long."

May 23, 5:24pm Top

>26 lilithcat: I LOVE Haymarket Brewery too! Fine choice!

May 23, 5:45pm Top

Not a librarian, but would love to attend a LibraryThing meetup offsite!

May 24, 9:44am Top

OK. Thanks for the feed-back. I would like to give Tim and Abby a few more days to find out about the exhibit floor passes and then make final decisions. For now, lets pencil in a meet-up at Haymarket Brewery on June 24, 2017. Time - somewhere about 6:30 - 7:00 ish.

The exhibits close at 5 and those of us attending the conference will need time to get to Haymarket Brewery from hotels and the conference center.

Let's keep the plans loose for a couple more days and then I will firm them up.

May 24, 10:37am Top

I'll be at ALA and and would be interested in a LT get together.

Edited: May 24, 11:41am Top

I could probably attend a get-together on Saturday June 24th at 6:30 or a little after.

May 24, 5:54pm Top

I had hoped to go ... since it's just "down the road" from Milwaukee. But my niece is coming to visit and that's the weekend she's arriving.

Of course, next year I'd have to go to Denver or New Orleans ....

May 29, 7:49pm Top

I can do the get together, too.

Edited: May 30, 11:26am Top

Since this is the last of May it is time to make serious plans regarding the ALA meet-up.

Who - Anybody can come. Librarians, Chicagoans, and anybody else who wants to be there.
What - ALA Librarything Meet-up
When - Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 7:00 p.m.
Where - Haymarket Brewery. 737 West Randolph, Chicago, IL 60661. (corner of Halsted and Randolph) phone # 312-638-0700
Why - to talk about LT and Books, Books, and Books. (and maybe beer)
How - For most of us this will be a short cab ride from the downtown hotels.

Does this sound like a plan?

I have not made any reservations with the Haymarket Brewery because I think this will be a small group. If the group gets larger than eight, I will contact the brewery and ask them to make seating arrangements for us. I think most of us will just order from the menu and sit together. At this point I have 5 people, plus Tim and Abby who will be joining us.

The Haymarket Brewery is located in the West Loop part of downtown Chicago in a hundred year old building. It is a lively atmosphere and since I was there last with Mark and Ellen (the first Chicago LT/ALA meet-up) the place has added a radio show titled "Drinking and Writing Theater." Let me know if this works for all of you, and I will get started on the final arrangements with them.

May 30, 11:19am Top

>35 benitastrnad:

It sounds like an excellent plan! See you then!

(Psst: it's "Halsted", not "Halstead". I point that out just in case someone wants to type it into their GPS.)

Oh! Suggestion: even if we don't need a reservation, we should tell the host/hostess that we're with LT, so we can find each other.

Edited: May 30, 11:26am Top

Thanks for the correction. Made it in the post. According to the web site we don't need a reservation, but I e-mailed them anyway. Just for the reason you stated. If they don't know we are there, they can't guide people to our table.

The Drinking and Writing radio program sounds interesting. I can't help but wonder what it is all about.

May 31, 4:38pm Top

Sounds great ... The Wife will be off on a birthday trip visiting her sister, so I don't have to feel guilty about the timing (that would have been when we'd be going out to celebrate)!

Jun 7, 8:34am Top

Okay, ProQuest is very kindly allowing us to give out free exhibit-hall only passes. The info you need:

Customers will enter this code when they register for the event in order to receive a complimentary Exhibit Hall Only registration badge.


ProQuest Exhibitor VIP Code: V312

See you in Chicago!

Jun 7, 9:43am Top

This is great. I will pass the word, and thank the folks at ProQuest. We do lots of business with them, and I will make sure that our UA rep gets thanked.

Now I am curious. What is the joint venture you are working on with them? But that can wait for Chicago. :-)

Jun 7, 10:04am Top

>39 ablachly: Thank you so much. That is great news. See you down there.

Jun 7, 10:08am Top

>39 ablachly:

Thanks so much, Abby! I've just registered, which means I'm probably doomed. The last time I went to ALA (thanks to you guys!), I spent way too much time and acquired way too much swag in the Exhibit Hall. ;-))

Jun 7, 10:18am Top

What you need to do is find a friend to come with you who has absolutely no interest in books who will be willing to carry your stuff to the car.

Edited: Jun 7, 10:45am Top

Do any Thingamabrarians actually have friends with "absolutely no interest in books"?

Jun 7, 5:31pm Top

My wife and I are registered for Sunday. Thank you again LT Gods & Goddesses!

Jun 7, 6:52pm Top

For those of you attending on Sunday, I got this from HarperCollins publishers. Most of the time they have these books for free - but not always. Sometimes they charge $5.00.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Adult Books with YA Appeal*
Sarah Beth Durst / The Reluctant Queen
Jeffrey Cranor / It Devours!
Pop Top Stage (Next to booth 1853)
*Attendees can enter for a chance to win a tote bag full of science fiction and fantasy favorites!

Sarah Beth Durst / The Reluctant Queen
Booth signing

Jun 9, 6:28pm Top

>45 lilithcat: The answer to that question is that we might, but they tend not to hang around us for all that long. We spend too much time immersed in our books and saying "shhhh" to them. Plus, they think we're slightly nuts. Whatever...

I'm one of those 75ers, read faaar more than I post, but I do host a "challenge", which is more a forum for discussion, about non-fiction. Because I read a lot of that and it's a way to identify others who do, too... :-)

Anyway, I'm FLYING to Chicago (funded by a yard sale...) and staying with a friend of a friend, so I will be there. Didn't make it to BEA this year for the first time in eons (no press pass, sniff sniff...), so I am looking forward to stocking up on ARCs and chatting to book people in their natural habitat. Hoping that my cousin, who is a librarian at Stanford, will make it to Chicago as well.

Jun 9, 8:12pm Top

>48 Chatterbox:

The answer to that question is that we might, but they tend not to hang around us for all that long.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever had a friend with absolutely no interest in books. Less interest than I, yes. Different tastes, certainly. But no interest at all. Can't think of any.

Jun 9, 11:42pm Top

Well, I briefly dated someone who claimed to be interested in books, selectively, to a limited extent. But then most people are interested in a much more limited way than I am. Of course, it turned out that what in his eyes was an interest in some books, was to me not much of an interest in books at all. He was more interested in the idea of books. He didn't mind reading them, and certainly didn't mind my being obsessed with them, but just thought my obsession was amusing, rather than normal. And you can't discuss a book you're reading with someone who hasn't read it and won't be reading it. So...

Jun 10, 3:01pm Top

I went back up this thread and counted heads. Along with the two people I know who are coming along there are 10 who will be at Haymarket Brewery.

Since we will be ordering off the menu and this event will be Dutch Treat, all I need to e-mail the folks at the Brewery is a count. I have already told them we will need seating for 10 so if anybody else is planning on being there on Saturday, June 24 at 7:00 p.m.ish just add your name on to this thread. I told the Haymarket people I would get a final count to them on Wednesday, June 21st and they were agreeable with that plan.

Jun 10, 3:31pm Top

Those of you who are planning on a trip to the exhibits here are some tips.

If the books are piled on the floor they are most likely ARC's (advanced readers copies) and will be free. If you are in doubt ask the publishers reps and they will be glad to point you to the free books.

Don't be afraid to talk to the publishers reps in the booths. They want to hear your opinions. Most of all they want you to read these books and let them know what you think about them.

The publishers booths are going to be scattered around the exhibit hall. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.

The reason the publishers are scattered is because they will be having authors in the booths doing book signings. The lines for popular authors can get to be long. People will stand in line for hours to get that signature of popular and well known authors. This makes the aisles very crowded so be prepared to dodge and duck lines.

You can bring backpacks and tote bags onto the exhibit floor. You can not bring wheeled carts.

Wheeled carts can be checked at the bag check and you can carry tote bags full of stuff to the bag check and then re-enter the exhibit hall to get more. Bag check costs $2.00 per bag or box.

There is a Post Office on the exhibit hall floor. Postal rates from there are library rate and they will only accept packages. This last winter the post office would only accept flat rate boxes that were purchased in that postal facility. Librarians were not happy about this. I was not happy about this. I hope this policy is changed, but I have not looked on the conference web site to make sure about it. As soon as I do I will let you know.

If you are staying at the Palmer House Hilton, there is a full service U.S. Post Office at the Daly Plaza. It is one block from the Palmer House. It will be open Saturday hours and closed on Sunday. If you can do so I would recommend mailing boxes from this Post Office home. It will be the cheapest way to get things back to your house.

I will find and post a listing of the closest Post Offices to the conference hotels a little later.

To mail boxes - stop at the publishers booths and ask them for some of the boxes that their ARC's were shipped in. These boxes are just the right size to pack your books in and slap a mailing label on and send to Los Angeles, if needed.

If you think you will be mailing boxes of books back, bring your own packing tape and preprinted mailing labels.

When you get home WRITE your congresspeople and tell them how beneficial that librarymedia rate is and that under no circumstances should this rate disappear.

If you don't want to bother with boxes, packing tape, or mailing, find the UPS or FedEx store in the convention center and whip out the credit card. This is going to be expensive and will most likely negate the effect of free books, but it is an option.

Edited: Jun 10, 3:46pm Top

Exhibit Hall Etiquette

Books piled on the floor are generally ARC's and are free.

Books on shelves are NOT free. If there is more than one copy you might be able to buy them. Hardbacks are generally $10.00 and paperbacks are $5.00. Ask the publishers reps before you walk off with one. Besides, this gives you an opportunity to talk to them about what books they liked.

Often there are bookmarks, posters, etc. that go with the books. If you have school teacher friends these are great things to get for free and give to them.

If you need to get through a line that is taking up space in the aisles you can cut through the line, but please be courteous. Don't butt into line.

If the publisher has an author who is going to be signing books, most of the time just join the queue at the end. Most times the publisher will be giving away the book for free, but on occasion you have to buy the book and then get it signed.

Many of the authors who will be signing, speaking, and doing other forms of publicity are what is called mid-list authors. These are good authors who are not well known and the publishers are using the conference as a way to get these authors out in-front of the public. I met Craig Johnson in this way, when he was an unknown. There was literally nobody standing in line to have him sign a book. That wouldn't happen to him today.

The well known authors are rock stars. There will be screaming fans and long lines for these authors. Be prepared to navigate through and around these crowds.

Take water with you. You will need refreshment. Sometimes, there will be free drinks or snacks at other booths in the exhibit hall, but don't count on it.

Jun 10, 3:50pm Top

Exhibit Hall
Chicago is a big ALA venue and a huge conference. Attendance is expected to be around 20,000. There will be 5,000 exhibitors. The exhibit hall will be huge. There will be every kind of business associated with libraries you can imagine and some you can't who will have booths. Walk around and gawk. Ask questions, even the big information conglomerates, like ProQuest. Ask them what they do. It is good for them to have to get elemental at times, and it will be educational for you as well.

Jun 10, 4:04pm Top

There are three downtown CHicago Post Offices.

The main Posst Office is located on Harrison Street. This is a cab ride away from any conference hotel. It is fast and efficient but is in a part of town that is hard to get a cab back to the conference hotels. You may have to pay to have the cabbie wait for you. That is what I recommend. I used this post office after the Great ALA BLizzard conference in 2016 and the cabbie wouldn't wait for me. Fortunately, I had plenty of time to kill before my plane left O'Hara. Use this Post Office only if you can't get to one of the other ones. This one is open on Saturday until 11:00pm and till midnight on weekdays. (According to the web site.)

Clark Street - this is one block from the Palmer House and in Daly Plaza. It is easy to get to from the CHicago Hilton, but will be a cab ride from the Hyatt Regency and the hotels on Wacker Drive. (CLosed on Saturday, Open till 6 pm on weekdays.)

Dearborn Street - this will be a few blocks from the Fairmont and the hotels on the north side of the river. We site says it is open till 3 on Saturday and 4 pm on weekdays.

Edited: Jun 10, 4:17pm Top

The post office is not at the Daley Plaza. It's by the Federal Building at Dearborn and Adams.* (You can check out the Calder while you are there! The Daley Plaza has a Picasso.)

* It has a Clark Street address but the Adams/Dearborn entrance on the plaza is closer to the Palmer House.

Jun 10, 6:37pm Top

Many thanks, Benita and lilithcat.

Benita, you may have already included me in the count, but I plan to be there for the Haymarket meetup Saturday night. Madame MBH and our daughter won't be joining me.

Jun 11, 1:53pm Top

I had not had you in the count. I will add you. Thanks for letting me know.

Jun 11, 2:02pm Top

Post offices are a funny thing. They must move over night. Yesterday, a google search for post office downtown chicago listed three. One on Harrison, one on Dearborn, and one on Clark. Today, a google search list three. One on Harrison, one on Dearborn, and one on Wabash in the Mallers Building.

Bottom line - I don't know where the post offices are in downtown Chicago, except for the ones I have used before. That would be the main post office on Harrison, which I don't recommend because it is hard to get a cab to and from there. The one on Clark which is one block from the Palmer House Hilton.

If people who live in Chicago want to jump in here and give the correct locations and rough distances from the ALA conference hotels - please do so, because Google isn't much help.

Jun 11, 3:56pm Top

>59 benitastrnad:

I live in Chicago. The post office on Clark has the address of 211 S. Clark, but the Dearborn entrance is closer to the Palmer House.

The Mallers Building, at 5 S. Wabash, is actually as close or closer to the Palmer House.

There's also one in the Merchandise Mart, if anyone is staying near there, and one in the Aon Building at 200 E. Randolph.

The main problem with all the downtown post offices (except the main one on Harrison) is that they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. So plan your mailing accordingly!

Edited: Jun 13, 4:08pm Top

The Library Journal's Galley Guide (for those interested...) will be available early next week, for those going to ALA itself and interested in picking up ARCs of forthcoming books. If you're interested and haven't/can't sign up to get it sent to you, shoot me a PM with your e-mail address, and I'll forward you a copy when it shows up in my inbox.

Jun 19, 2:37pm Top

A warning/cautionary tale for those planning to ship boxes home via USPS.

A friend of mine who was at Book Expo at the beginning of June shipped two boxes home to herself. One arrived within three days; the other has gone missing, apparently irrevocably, and the post office is washing their collective hands (sorry for the muddled metaphor) about it. So she has lost an entire box of books...

You may want to bear this in mind when deciding on shipping options. USPS is certainly still an option, but it may be worth paying a few dollars extra to ensure that you have a tracking number and that the onus is on the shipper to keep an eye on your parcels. That's certainly what I'll be doing, to the extent that I have to set aside some books to ship vs being able to transport stuff back in suitcases on the plane. And perhaps do some triage. I had a scare in Atlanta in January, when the FedEx office there at the ALA site ran out of paper from their printer, and the sole woman in attendance only scrawled down one of the two tracking numbers for the last two packages I sent out on a Sunday. FedEx insisted I was only getting one. Thankfully, both showed up, but I was -- irate would cover it, I suppose.

Jun 19, 4:32pm Top

One ALA Midwinter, coming back from (I think) Boston, I was determined not to have to ship books, so I packed as many as possible in my suitcase (it came in just ounces under the weight allowance), my carry-on was a large bag of books, and my "purse" was a slightly smaller bag of books. I even had a couple of books shoved into the pockets of my winter coat! Where there's a will, there's a way...

Jun 19, 5:12pm Top

>63 foggidawn: Whatever it takes....

Library Journal's galley guide has just been published. Again, if anyone would like a copy, please PM me with your e-mail address and I will send it along.

Edited: Jun 19, 5:18pm Top

>62 Chatterbox: A fair warning, but I'd also like to clarify that shipping at BookExpo was UPS, not USPS, if I remember correctly. It was so expensive ($41 per box for handling, not including actual shipping costs), I hauled my finds to a local post office instead.

Jun 19, 5:25pm Top

I will add that in 10 years of shipping books back from ALA, I have only lost one box. It was a bigger size box, and it was packed poorly, so the side ripped out. This allowed it to "leak" books. By the time I got the box, there were only 4 books left in it.

That dollar amount sounds like what Fed Ex was charging to ship books from Orlando, last summer. I opted for a cab ride, and cheap shipping on 5 boxes. However, the cab ride, cost $45.00 to a post office. The reason it was so expensive, was that I had the wrong address for a post office, and when we got there, - no post office. The cab driver was kind enough to take me to the nearest post office he knew about. That one turned out to be about three blocks from the back side of the convention center, and just across the freeway. That taught me that Google doesn't know everything. I should have asked the cab driver to take me to the nearest post office, and I would have done better. Of course, I tried that once, in Chicago, right after a huge snow storm, and had to do lots of walking to get to a place where I could get a cab back to my hotel. I guess, all of these add up to a heck of a mailing story about each ALA conference.

Jun 20, 1:42am Top

>65 lorannen: Yes, my friend lugged her stuff to the post office and shipped from there. (Obviously, she doesn't know what the cause is, since she didn't get the box...) This is the first year I haven't been at BEA in many moons, and the Javits Center does indeed have a UPS facility tucked away somewhere. I think the Chicago convention center had a FedEx place, when I was at BEA there last year, but I ended up shipping from my hotel.

If you do opt for USPS, I think it's possible to opt for a tracking # or some other service. Obviously, relatively few boxes do go missing, but unlike FedEx or UPS, where you automatically have tracking, USPS won't do that unless you request that service.

One possibility (depending on the # of books you're sending) are those special boxes that they have that you fill and send -- one price per box, regardless of weight. I think you can add tracking to those.
See the large flat rate box here, which includes free tracking, for less than $20 -- up to 70 pounds of books! https://www.usps.com/ship/priority-mail.htm

Jun 20, 12:58pm Top

>67 Chatterbox: The flat-rate boxes automatically include a tracking number plus $50 insurance.

I'd suggest USPS Media Mail rate plus tracking. Cheapest way to ship books.

Jun 20, 1:21pm Top

I'm going to try to make it, but I'll only be there during the day on Saturday. I'll be on the lookout for other LTers tho!

Jun 20, 1:29pm Top

Okay, I'm going to tempt you all!

July 23-25, Open Books, a non-profit literacy program in Chicago, is having a sale at their bookstore, which just happens to be only a couple of blocks from the Haymarket Pub. So you can stop off there before we meet up!

Used books are 50% off, new books 25% off.


Jun 20, 3:28pm Top

While USPS Media Mail is the least expensive way to ship to a U.S. address, there are some things you have to keep in mind:

* You have to provide your own boxes, tape, and packing materials. (For the more expensive Priority Mail they will provide free boxes and tape to you. You can even get them sent to you in large quantities).

* Media Mail is the old 4th Class Book Rate. This means it is often slower and can take weeks to arrive.

* If you don't pay for tracking, you don't get it with Media Mail. Priority Mail includes tracking. If you buy labels online (such as with PayPal) you can have tracking included on Media Mail at no additional charge or a slight discount.

* Perhaps most importantly, Media Mail is a one way postal rate. If the box is undeliverable because of an error in the address, etc. then you will have to pay postage due IF it goes back to the sender. We have been burned on this.

* Tracking helps but it is not insurance. If you want that, it is extra.

Perhaps Media Mail was not used for the packages sent by Chatterbox but I could easily see it being tempting for largish boxes of books which qualify for the Media Mail rate.


Jun 20, 5:15pm Top

>71 Keeline: Just to clarify -- this was NOT a box that I sent, but rather a box that a friend of mine sent to her home from BEA. I was reporting her experience earlier this month in case it's relevant. I have used FedEx and/or UPS (whatever is available on site) for precisely this reason -- I'm completely paranoid about stuff going AWOL.

Jun 20, 6:44pm Top

I counted heads and have 12 attending so far. I will notify the people at Haymarket Brewery to add two places to the table for us. If anybody else plans to attend please post it here by noon tomorrow. I am leaving for Chicago early in the morning Thursday and won't be able to check this list until Thursday night.

I am sure that the folks at Haymarket will be flexible with the seating arrangements, so if you still aren't sure if you can come, let me know when you do know.

Jun 20, 11:09pm Top

I'm not entirely sure what I can bring—I HOPE I can go by the office, but am not sure—but if anyone wants an LT t-shirt, shoot me a private message with your size and/or put it in the thread here. See the store for sizes and colors. Ditto if anyone wants a Quecat. I think we'd better not give away bags—they're pricey and we don't have many.

Jun 21, 10:26am Top

I would bring a few LT t-shirts. It is better to go larger than smaller when it comes to sizes. I would like one and want an x-large. Maybe you could bring those to the thing at Haymarket. I am sure that Joe will want an x-large. As far as color - blue or black - works for everybody.

Jun 22, 12:33am Top

Does this work just like an Exhibits only badge for the $75? Because I would love to go (I am an educator) but the cost is high...or is it just for the LibraryThing exhibit?

Jun 22, 12:35am Top

How to pm? I would love a Galley guide!

Jun 22, 12:36am Top

This message is for Chatterbox, who offered.

Jun 22, 5:18am Top

>76 TeacherofYA:

It works like an Exhibits-only badge.

Jun 22, 11:54am Top

>77 TeacherofYA: You can directly message someone on LT by clicking on their user name to get to their profile. From there, scroll down toward the bottom of the page, and you'll see where you can leave them a message.

Jun 22, 7:33pm Top

Just go to the link provided in post number #39. That link will take you to the registration page. Fill in the registration. Take that with you to McCormick Place on the day you would like to go to the Exhibit Hall.

When you get to McCormick Place Convention Center go to the registration area. Go to the booth marked Exhibits Only and present your printed out registration. (You can also use your phone or tablet but you have to have that code from the completed registration.) They will print out the pass which you have to wear so that you can get into the Exhibit Hall.

The pass will get you into the exhibit hall and is good for more than one day, if you want to come more than once. The Exhibits are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Monday.

See posts #52 & 53 for Exhibit Hall Etiquette. Most important thing is that you can't bring wheeled carts into the exhibit hall floor.

Jun 23, 10:16am Top

>78 TeacherofYA: Sorry, I didn't see this yesterday, as I was traveling and then at an event all day. I have sent you a link via a personal message but I'm not 100% sure that works. Go to your profile page, and you should see it there. You will also see my e-mail address there. If the link doesn't work, e-mail me at that address and I will forward you a copy of what they sent to me (which definitely does work) to you. You'll find the personal messages on your profile wall, under your personal info and the data about what you're reading now, etc. Only you can see the personal message.

Jun 23, 11:38pm Top

I met with Tim and Abby tonight. They are definitely in the ProQuest booth. That booth is very close to the registration area. When you get done registering go to the nearest exhibit hall entry and look up. You will see a huge ceiling banner that says ProQuest. Go to that booth and ask for Tim or Abby or Sean. If you talk to Sean tell him Benita sent you and make him tell you what ProQuest is all about and why LT is involved with a company this huge.

Tim told me tonight that ProQuest wants to see numbers of people in the booth, so make it a point to stop in there and talk to Tim and Abby.

Jun 23, 11:47pm Top

The registration area is set up a little different this time than it has been. There is no separate area for Exhibits Only passes. You will need to take your printed out bar code or the confirmation statement with you and go to the Registered in Advance area. This is on the second level (up two flights of escalators) in the West building of McCormick. This area is right next to the exhibit hall.

I didn't find the graphic novel area of the exhibit floor tonight so can't give you directions to that. The publishers are scattered all over the exhibit hall floor, so just start walking the aisles.

The publishers I talked to tonight (Macmillian and W.W.Norton) said that the mid-winter conference in Atlanta was a big bust for them, so they hope for a big turn-out here to make up for Atlanta. That means - walk those aisles and get those gallery copies. Talk to those publishers. They have stuff that they want to give you.

Yesterday, 3:37am Top

Hmmm, wonder what they describe as a bust??

Anyway, having been there briefly tonight, the exhibit floor is AWASH in galleys/ARCs. For those with galley guides -- those are just a starting point. Assume that the numbers being quoted are a starting point, and that there are going to be twice as many titles, roughly. Every few hours, new titles will be dumped out on tables, especially at Penguin Random House and Harper Collins. Other publishers have stuff tucked away, so if there is something you want, ask them about it. Or if you see a display copy but nothing to take -- ask. Often someone will sneak you something.

Yesterday, 8:12am Top

I talked to W.W. Norton & CO. sales rep last night and she said that she had put out all of their ARC's last night, but they have plenty of copies of their ARC's.

I am leaving for my first meeting, so if you need to talk to me call 205-535-7455.

Suz - I have your phone # and will call you about noon. I will be at the Chicago Hilton at noon but will be heading back for McCormick at that time.

Yesterday, 6:50pm Top

>85 Chatterbox: If I understand correctly, attendance numbers at Midwinter were just pretty low, compared to past years.

Everybody in Chicago have fun!

Today, 12:18am Top

I checked and attendance in Atlanta was 6,079. That is really low. I think attendance here in Chicago is very good.

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