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Cheli's 2018 ROOTs 2nd try


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Edited: Apr 27, 1:25pm Top

Well, I met my goal again last year and far surpassed it but I think that I'm going to be very busy in 2018 so I'm going to stick with the same goal of 72 books or 6 per month.

E-Books/Net Galley 52 Books off my e-readers or NetGalleys downloaded to my Tablet, or Books on my PC Kindle App.
Audio books 10 - Books downloaded to my PC/MP3
ARDs 10 - Books that are already sitting on my shelves or ARCs/ERs awarded to me in 2018.

For every ROOT successfully cleared in 2018 I put $1 in my book bank so that at the end of the year I have money for new books! I already have my wishlist created so before the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, I will place my order with Barnes & Noble for my e-book acquisitions and will have additional books to count. The book bank total may be added to if I receive any gift cards for Christmas.

Starting Tallies:

Tsundoku (My Unread) = 189 (no progress from last year)
PC Downloads/MP3 = 123
NOOK = 192
Tablet/Kindle = 77
Borrowed = 10 (no progress from last year)

NetGalley/ER Awards in 2018 - 35

Total ROOTS = 625

ETA - books I had before 2018 but failed to catalog.

Considering that I added 100 new books in 2017 and I have a starting total 74 less than last year's adjusted total - I have reduced my ROOTS significantly!

I again am aiming to read at least 50% of the new books added in the new year.

But I did really well at cutting my costs - only spending $98 out of my book bank for the new 108 books.

Edited: Sep 9, 6:28pm Top

Once again I will be tracking how many new books enter my catalog and the target percentage to be read in the current year will remain at 50%.

New Books acquired in 2018

1. The Woman in the Water NetGalley 1/10/18 READ
2. Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue NetGalley 1/10/18
3. Lost Books and Old Bones NetGalley 1/18/18 READ
4. A Wrinkle in Time B&N 1/19/18 $6.38 READ
5. Who Moved My Goat Cheese? NetGalley 1/27/18 READ
6. A Riesling to Die NetGalley 1/27/18 READ
7. A Curious Beginning B &N 1/29/18 $2.99
8. Pressing the Issue NetGalley 1/29/18 READ
9. As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles NetGalley 1/29/18
10. Lethal Licorice NetGalley 1/30/18 READ
11. Raspberry Danish Murder NetGalley 1/30/18 READ
12. Color Me Murder NetGalley 2/5/18 READ
13. Read and Gone NetGalley 2/5/18READ
14. Twenty-One Days NetGalley 2/6/18 READ
15. The Advice Column Murders NetGalley 2/6/18 READ
16. Death and a Pot of Chowder NetGalley 2/7/18 READ
17. Flowers and Foul Play NetGalley 2/7/18 READ
18. Diamond Girl Amazon gift 2/9/18 READ
19. Plum Tea Crazy Author 2/9/18 READ
20. Murder at the Mushroom Festival NetGalley 2/14/18 READ
21. Death by the Sea Net Galley 2/21/18 READ
22. Shelved Under Murder Net Galley 3/1/18 READ
23. Cruel Justice B&N 3/6/18 BB
24. Soufflé of Suspicion Net Galley 3/8/18 READ
25. Read Herring Hunt Net Galley 3/14/18
26. Murder in the Locked Library Net Galley 3/14/18 READ
27. Island of the Mad Net Galley 3/14/18 READ
28. Dressed for Death in Burgundy Net Galley 3/21/18
29. Murder Most Fermented Net Galley 3/22/18 READ
30. Title Wave B&N $1.99 3/21/18
31. Tart of Darkness Net Galley 3/23/18
32. Bleeding Tarts Net Galley 3/29/18 READ
33. Expiration Date Net Galley 3/29/18
34. Mardi Gras Murder Net Galley 3/29/18
35. In Cold Chocolate Net Galley 3/29/18
36. Murder with Cinnamon Scones Net Galley 4/6/18 READ
37. In Want of a Knife Net Galley 4/6/18
38. Shadow Dancing Net Galley 4/10/18 READ
39. The Prisoner in the Castle Net Galley 4/12/18
40. Class Reunions are Murder Amazon 4/13/18 $10.36 READ
41. Rockets' Dead Glare NetGalley 4/16/18 READ
42. Bear Witness to Murder NetGalley 4/17/18
43. Murder on the Green NetGalley 4/26/18 READ
44. Dark Tide Rising NetGalley 5/8/18READ
45. Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen NetGalley 5/9/18
46. Hair of the Dog NetGalley 5/9/18
47. The Battered Body NetGalley 5/17/18
48. Killer Green Tomatoes NetGalley 5/21/18 READ
49. Hour of Death NetGalley 5/25/18
50. Be Our Ghost NetGalley 5/25/18
51. Pasta Mortem NetGalley 5/29/18
52. A Lady's guide to Etiquette and Murder NetGalley 5/29/18
53. Peril & Prayer NetGalley 5/29/18 READ
54 Murder Made to Order NetGalley 5/29/18
55. Black Beans and Vice NetGalley 5/29/18
56. Amazing Origami Boxes Amazon $18.95
57. Midnight Snacks are Murder NetGalley 6/5/18 READ
58. The Pint of No Return NetGalley 6/6/18
59. I see Rude People Amazon 6/7/18 $9.99 READ
60. Death and Daisies NetGalley 6/7/18
61. Poppy Harmon Investigates NetGalley 6/16/18
62. No Grater Danger NetGalley 6/26/18
63. Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse B&N 6/30/18
64. Just in Time NetGalley 7/2/18
65. Deadly Dram NetGalley 7/2/18 READ
66. Shattered at Sea NetGalley 7/2/18
67. Chardonnayed to Rest NetGalley 7/5/18
68. Murder at Ochre Court NetGalley 7/5/18
69. In Peppermint Peril NetGalley 7/16/18
70. A Deadly Brew NetGalley 7/19/18
71. We, the Jury NetGalley 7/19/18
72. The Lost Queen NetGalley 7/19/18
73. The Little Shop of Found Things NetGalley 7/20/18
74. Room Service NetGalley 7/24/18
75. Yeast of Eden NetGalley 8/4/18
76. Premeditated Peppermint NetGalley 8/4/18
77. Christmas Cake Murder NetGalley 8/4/18
78. Harvest of Secrets NetGalley 8/4/18
79. Fields' Guide to Abduction B&N 8/6/18
80. Walking Bread NetGalley 8/6/18
81. Past Due for Murder NetGalley 8/8/18
82. A Vintage Death NetGalley 8/8/18
83. Seven Deadly Zins NetGalley 8/8/18
84. A Christmas Revelation NetGalley 8/8/18
85. Assault and Beadery NetGalley 8/13/18
86. Bah! Humbug! NetGalley 8/13/18
87. Murder at Harbor Village NetGalley 8/29/18
88. A Cold Brew Killing NetGalley 8/31/18
89. Murder by the Book NetGalley 9/4/18
90. Glitter Bomb Author ARC 9/6/18
91. The Federal Reserve and its Founders NetGalley 9/9/18
92. A Spark of Light NetGalley 9/9/18
93. Santa Puppy NetGalley 9/9/18
94. The Body in the Attic NetGalley 9/9/18
95. Thread Herrings NetGalley 9/9/18

Total purchase costs = $55.65

NetGalley - 82 books LTER/ARC - 2 BookBub = 1 B&N - 4 Gifts = 2 Amazon= 4


Edited: Sep 5, 3:33pm Top

Books off my e-readers - goal - 52

1. Single Malt Murder
2. Death Distilled
3. Hive of Homicides
4. Of Murder and Men
5. Mayhem & Mass
6. A Vintage Murder
7. Macramé Murder
8. Murder in Bloomsbury
9. Murderous Mistral
10. Doom with a View
11. Pressing the Issue
12. The Plot is Murder
13. Case of Syrah, Syrah
14. Lost Books and Old Bones
15. Diamond Girl
16. Shadow of Death
17. Twenty-One Days
18. Plantation Shudders
19. The Woman in the Water
20. Raspberry Danish Murder
21. Lethal Licorice
22. Murder at the Mushroom Festival
23. Southern Discomfort
24. Flowers and Foul Play
25. Secret Place
26. Until Again
27. Shelved under Murder
28. Murder in the Locked Library
29. Murder at the 42nd Street Library
30. The Advice Column Murders
31. Who Moved My Goat Cheese?
32. Full Bodied Murder
33. Color Me Murder
34. Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes
35. Death by the Sea
36. The Quiche and the Dead
37. Death and a Pot of Chowder
38. Bleeding Tarts
39. Shadow Dancing
40. Island of the Mad
41. Scone Cold Killer
42. Murder on the Green
43. Murder with Cinnamon Scones
44. Killer Green Tomatoes
45. Murder in the Manuscript Room
46. A Souffle of Suspicion
47. Midnight Snacks are Murder
48. A Secret Affair
49. Prince and the Pauper
50. Dark Tide Rising
51. Read and Gone
52. Etched in Tears
53. Murder at the Breakers
54. Love & Death in Burgundy
55. Rockets' Dead Glare
56. Crust No One
57. Peril and Prayer
58. Decanting a Murder
59. Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
60. Riesling to Die
61. Deadly Dram

★top of the list

✔★Advice Column Murders
Alexander Cipher
Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee
Anne Boleyn, A King's Obsession
Armed and Fabulous (Lexi Graves Mysteries)
As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles
Barchester Towers
Battered Body
Be Our Ghost
Berried to the Hilt (The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries)
Bishop's Pawn
Black Beans and Vice
✔Bleeding Tarts
Blood Spangled Banner: A First Ladies Mystery
Blood Ties (Julie Collins Series #1)
Blueberry Blues
✔Body in the Woods
Boleyn Deceit: A Novel
Brothers Grimm Household Tales.
Brush with Death
Buried Leads
Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse
✔Case of Syrah, Syrah
Catching fire
Chardonnayed to Rest
Chorus Lines, Caviar, and Corpses
Christmas Cake Murder
Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher Mysteries)
✔Color Me Murder
Complete Father Brown Stories (Centaurus Classics)
Condemn to Death
A Crabby Killer (Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series) (Volume 2)
★The Cracked Pot (Clay and Crime Mysteries, No. 2)
Cruel Justice
✔Crust no one
Cutthroat Business (Savannah Martin Mysteries) (Volume 1)
Dare to Die (Death on Demand Mysteries)
✔Dark Tide Rising
David Copperfield
Deadly Blessings
Deadly Brew
✔Deadly Dram
Dead Wrong (Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 1)
Deadly Sanctuary (Kendall O'Dell Mystery series)
Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant
Death and Daisies
✔Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Death By Drowning 2 (Mystery & Women Sleuths)
✔★Death by the Sea
✔Death Distilled
Devil's Cradle (Kendall O'Dell Mystery series)
Do Not Disturb (A Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)
Doctor of Thessaly: A Seven Deadly Sins Mystery
✔Doom with a View
Dyeing Shame: Death at the Beauty Box
Dying to Get Published (The Jennifer Marsh Mysteries)
Earthly Delights: A Corinna Chapman Mystery
Easy Innocence (Georgia Davis Mysteries)
✔★Etched in Tears
Expiration Date
Fairy Tale Bride (Once upon a Wedding)
Fatal Fundraiser
Fatal Masquerade
Fatal Judgment
Fields' Guide to Abduction
✔Flowers and Foul Play
Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, Book 1)
Footsteps in the Dark
For Love of Livvy
Forecast of Evil
Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery
✔Full Bodied Murder
Garden Plot (Potting Shed Mystery series Book 1)
Georgiana Darcy's Diary: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice continued
Ghost a la Mode
Hair of the Dog
The Hanover Square Affair
Harry Potter's Bookshelf: The Great Books behind the Hogwarts Adventures
Harvest of Secrets
Hazardous Duty
Heiress (Daughters of Fortune)
His Lady Mistress (Harlequin Historical Series)
✔Hive of Homicides
Hostile Witness: A Josie Bates Thriller (Volume 1)
Hot Property (Savannah Martin Mysteries ) (Volume 2)
Hour of Death
Hour of the Hunter
★Immoral Certainty
In Cold Chocolate
In Peppermint Peril
Inside Ring: A Joe DeMarco Thriller
Intentions of the Earl: Scandalous Sisters, Book 1 (Volume 1)
Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1)
Irresistible Forces (Kimani Romance)
It Happens Every Spring (The Four Seasons of a Marriage Series #1)
Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen
Jungle Books
Jury of One
Just in Time
✔Killer Green Tomatoes
King's Curse
Kiss Me Deadly (Silhouette Nocturne)
★Knot What You Think
Lady Chatterley's Lover
Lady's guide to Etiquette and Murder
Lady of Hay: Two Women, Eight Hundred Years, and the Destiny They Share
★Lady Risks All
Laid to Rest (Theatre Mysteries)
Leaving Before It's Over: A Novel
Lethal Letters: Books by the Bay Mystery Series #6
✔★Lethal Licorice
Little Shop of Found Things
✔Lost Books and Old Bones
Lost Letter
Lost Queen
✔★Love & Death in Burgundy
Love and Murder on the Queen Anne
✔Macramé Murder
✔Mayhem and Mass
The Maine Event (Josh & Dana)
Mardi Gras Murder
Marked By Fate (Jenkins & Burns Mystery)
Married By Mistake
Messenger of Athens: A Novel
✔Midnight Snacks are Murder
Murder a la Carte
✔Murder at the Breakers (A Gilded Newport Mystery)
Murder at Chateau sur Mer
Murder at the Lighthouse: An Exham on Sea Mystery
✔Murder at the Mushroom Festival
Murder at Ochre Court
Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue
✔Murder in Bloomsbury
✔★Murder in the Manuscript Room
Murder Made to Order
★Murder Most Maine (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, No. 3)
Murder on the Cote d'Azure
Murder, Money & Marzipan: A Lexy Baker Bakery Cozy Mystery
✔Murderous Mistral
✔★Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes
✔Murder with Cinnamon Scones
Napoleon's Pyramids
Natural Causes (The Inspector McLean Mysteries)
Never Buried: A Leigh Koslow Mystery (Volume 1)
No Grater Danger
✔Of Murder and Men
One Season of Sunshine
Order of the White Feather: The Sword of Dalamar
Pasta Mortem
Perfect Pitch: A Hot Baseball Romance
✔Peril and Prayer
★Peril in Paperback: A Bibliophile Mystery
Pieces of My Heart: A Life
Pint of No Return
✔★Plantation Shudders: A Cajun Country Mystery
✔Plot is Murder
The Poisonous Pageant
Poppy Harmon Investigates
Premeditated Peppermint
✔Pressing the Issue
Pretense for Murder
Pretty, Hip & Dead
Posiitive Secrets: A Storm Kayama Mystery #1
✔Prince and the Pauper
The Princess and the Horse (The Princess and the Hound)
The Prisoner in the Castle
Proposal to Die For
Prose and Cons
Provencal Mystery
✔★Quiche and the Dead
✔★Raspberry Danish Murder
★Read and Buried
✔★Read and Gone
✔Riesling to Die
Robinson Crusoe (Collector's Library)
✔Rocket's Dead Glare
Room Service
Rose Throne
Sarah's Diary
Scarlet Letter
✔★Scone Cold Killer
Secret Dreams of Sarah-Jane Quinn: A Harper & Lyttle novel
✔★Secret Place
Seven Wonders Journals: The Select
Sex and Salmonella (A Tory Bauer Mystery)
✔Shadow of Death
Shattered at Sea
Sheltering Hearts
✔Shelved Under Murder
Sherlock Holmes: The Montana Chronicles
Silent Kills
★Silhouette in Scarlet
✔Single Malt Murder
Sinister Seminar
Sleeping with Anemone (Flower Shop Mystery Series #9)
Snowed Inn
✔★A Soufflé of Suspicion
✔Southern Discomfort
A Spoonful of Murder (A Soup Lover's Mystery)
Stiffs and Swine
Still Life with Murder
The Stolen Crown: The Secret Marriage that Forever Changed the Fate of England
Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books
★Street of the Five Moons (Vicky Bliss Mysteries)
Stress Fracture: Book One in the Dub Walker Series
Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1)
Suede to Rest
Summerset Abbey
Sunny Side Up
Sweet Masterpiece: The First Samantha Sweet Mystery
Sweet Revenge: A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery
Taint of Midas
★Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh (Cynster Sisters Duo, Book 2)
★Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse
Tart of Darkness
Tastes Like Murder (Cookies & Chance Mysteries) (Volume 1)
Three Skirts
Through a Glass Darkly
Time Machine :Classic book
Too Close to Home (Women of Justice Series #1)
Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes
✔Twenty One Days
Unleashed (A Sydney Rye Novel, # 1)
✔Until Again: Prequel Novella to BLUE
Until Proven Guilty (J. P. Beaumont Mysteries)
Walking Bread
Wedded to War (Heroines Behind the Lines)
★The Wedding Dress
Welcome To Last Chance: Number 1 in series
We, the Jury
Whodunnit? Murder on Mystery Island: 2
✔Who Moved My Goat Cheese?
Widow of Larkspur Inn (The Gresham Chronicles, Book 1)
Wine Astray: Spirit of the Soul Wine Shop Mystery (A Rysen Morris Mystery Book 1)
✔Woman in the Water
✔Wrinkle in Time
Yeast of Eden NetGalley 8/4/18
Yorkshire (Richard and Rose)
Zen For Murder (Mooseamuck Island Cozy Mystery Series)

Edited: Jun 16, 12:18pm Top

Audiobook ROOTs read in 2018:

1. Packing for Mars 10½ hrs.
2. Mummy Case 10 hrs.
3. The man he became : how FDR defied polio to win the presidency 11½ hrs.
4. Broken Harbor 19¾ hrs
5. Into the Gauntlet 7¼ hrs
6. Firefly Lane 15 discs 18½ hrs
7. Vespers Rising 6¼ hrs

"A" is for alibi
All Over Creation
Betrayal of Trust
The Bonesetter's Daughter
The Book Thief
Bridesmaids Revisited (An Ellie Haskell Mystery)
✔★Broken Harbor
Bulls Island,
By a Spider's Thread
✔★Casual Vacancy ABANDONED
★Cloud Atlas
Columbus Affair: A Novel
Cuckoo's Calling
★Fellowship of the Ring: Book One of The Lord of the Rings
✔Firefly Lane: A Novel
★Golden Compass,
★Goldfinch: A Novel
Guests on Earth
Handle With Care
Hardly Knew Her
Heavenly Pleasures
Honor Thyself
House I Loved
I Shall Not Want
In Big Trouble
★Inferno: A Novel
✔★Into the Gauntlet (The 39 Clues, Book 10)
Jefferson Key: A Novel
Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
King's Deception: A Novel
Lady of the Rivers
Last Lessons of Summer
The last place
★Laughter of Dead Kings by Elizabeth Peters
Life Sentences
Lily and the Octopus
Lincoln Myth: A Novel
★Lion in the Valley
The Magicians: A Novel
✔★The Man He Became: How FDR Defied Polio to Win the Presidency
Medicus: A Novel (Roman Empire)
Mr. Mercedes: A Novel
✔Mummy Case
No Good Deeds
On the Run
One Good Turn: A Novel
One Was a Soldier (A Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne Mystery)
Over Sea, Under Stone
✔Packing for Mars
★The Passion of the Purple Plumeria
Pawleys Island: A Lowcountry Tale
Persona Non Grata: A Novel of the Roman Empire
★Peter and the Secret of Rundoon
★Peter and the Shadow Thieves
★Peter and the Sword of Mercy
★Pillars of the Earth
Porch Lights
Queen of the Flowers
Return to Sullivans Island
Rituals of the Season
Sarah's Key
Save the Date
A Secret Kept
★Silkworm (A Cormoran Strike Novel)
Size 12 Is Not Fat
Size 14 Is Not Fat Either
Started Early, Took My Dog: A Novel
Summer Rental
To the Power of Three
✔★Vespers Rising (The 39 Clues, Book 11) - Audio
The Warden
What Came Before He Shot Her
What the Dead Know

Edited: Feb 21, 4:36pm Top

ARD - Antique Reading Devices read in 2018

1. Plum Tea Crazy

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know
44 Charles Street: A Novel
All Sales Fatal (Mall Cop)
The Athenian Murders
Beauty to Die For: A Spa Mystery
Believe (Heartspell)
A Bride in the Bargain
Bridge Cardplay Pb
Calypso Magic (Onyx)
Candle in the Window
Chasing Down a Dream
Chesapeake Crimes
Chocolate Snowman Murders: A Chocoholic Mystery
Christmas Wishes
Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain
Dancing at Midnight
Darcy's Temptation
Death at Bishop's Keep
Death on Demand/Design for Murder
Deerslayer or the First War-Path
Delphi Deception: Book II of the Delphi Trilogy
Devil's Daughter
Devil's Embrace
★Distant Hours
★Diva Frosts a Cupcake
The Duke
A Duke's Temptation: The Bridal Pleasures Series
Earth Song (Signet)
Face at the Window: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery
A Fatal Chapter
Fed Up
Fire Song
Four Friends
French Pressed
Gilt By Association
★Going Through the Notions
★Going, Going, Ganache
The Golden Door
A Good Yarn (Blossom Street, No. 2)
Great Detectives
The Greatest Lover in All England
The Guardian
Happy Are the Meek
Harry, A History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon
Hearse and Buggy
His Every Kiss
His Favorite Mistress: A Novel
A Husband's Wicked Ways
An Indecent Proposition
It Happened One Season
Keeper of the Heart
A Killer Stitch
Kissed by Shadows
Knight of Pleasure
★Knit Fast, Die Young
Larceny and Old Lace
Lethal Outlook
London Blitz Murders
Lord of Falcon Ridge
Lord of Hawkfell Island
Lord of Raven's Peak
Lusitania Murders
Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia
Mallets Aforethought (Home Repair Is Homicide Mysteries)
Marriage Bed
Midnight Angel
Midnight Star
Midsummer Magic
★Mind Over Murder
Moonspun magic
Murder on Washington Square
Nail Biter (Home Repair Is Homicide Mysteries)
A Necessary Husband
Never Less Than a Lady
Never Seduce a Scoundrel
A Night Like This
Night Shadow
Night Storm
Off Season
The Offer
Once a Knight
Once Upon A Scandal
Only a Promise: A Survivors' Club Novel
The Outcast
The Perfect Mistress
Pillow Talk
Plain Truth
A Plateful of Murder
✔Plum Tea Crazy
A Precious Jewel
★Queen's Bastard
★Red Dragon & The West Wind
A Reliable Wife
Repair to Her Grave
A Roux of Revenge
Second Mrs. Darcy: A Novel
★Secret Affair
★Setting Trick: Practical Problems in Bridge Defense
Shameless (Banning Sisters Trilogy)
Ship of Destiny (The Liveship Traders, Book 3)
Star of the Morning (The Nine Kingdoms, Book 1)
Stitching Hour: An Embroidery Mystery
Summer Affair: A Novel
★Sup with the Devil
Sweet Savage Love
Talk of the Ton (Berkley Sensation)
Tempest in a Teapot (A Teapot Collector Mystery)
★Ten Things I Love About You
Third Secret
To Taste the Wine
Tool & Die: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery
Triple Witch: A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery
True Darcy Spirit: A Novel
Unhinged: A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery
An Unlikely Countess: A Novel of the Malloren World
Until Forever
Virgin's Secret
War of the Worlds Murder (Disaster Series)
Warrior's Woman (Ly-san-ter Book 1)
Wedding of the Season: Abandoned at the Altar
Wedding Soup Murder: An Italian Kitchen Mystery
Wedding Story
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!: A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle)
Wicked Fix: A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery
A Wicked Lord At the Wedding
★Winning American Mah Jongg Strategies
Wreck the Halls
Yesterday & Forever

Dec 26, 2017, 2:38pm Top

Now I've got it right and this will be my official ROOT thread.

Dec 26, 2017, 3:44pm Top

Welcome again, Chèli. And thank you for hosting us again!

Dec 26, 2017, 5:24pm Top

TY again!

Dec 27, 2017, 1:36pm Top

Good luck for 2018, and thank you for setting up the group and keeping us in order :)

Dec 27, 2017, 1:47pm Top

Thanks for all you do for us, Cheli, and happy ROOTing in 2018!

Dec 29, 2017, 9:19am Top

Oh wow, Chèli, what big lists you've got! Good luck with tackling those, and thank you for still having time to be our very excellent coordinator!

Dec 29, 2017, 11:33am Top

Have a great reading year! Thanks as always for getting the group organized!

Dec 29, 2017, 3:58pm Top

Hi! Good luck w/ your 2018 Goals!
I'll be stopping by to say Hi when I can :)

Dec 29, 2017, 4:41pm Top

Chèli, so thankful that you bring this group into being, Happy ROOTing!

Dec 31, 2017, 5:44pm Top

Okay, that 'book bank' fund idea is amazing - I might have to steal that! I don't have a super-high goal or anything, but I could still buy a couple of nice things if I stuck £1 in a jar each time I toppled a ROOT...

I can't wait to get started, joining you all for the first time this year! :)

Jan 1, 3:40am Top

Happy New Year, Chèli.

Jan 1, 1:14pm Top

Thank you for all you do for us, and good luck this year!

Jan 1, 3:00pm Top

Happy reading in 2018, Chèli!

You have some impressive lists up there!

Jan 3, 8:23pm Top

I love the book bank idea! Hm ...

Jan 4, 10:36am Top

Happy reading, Chèli, and thank you so much for setting us up!

Jan 4, 12:53pm Top

I am so stealing the ROOT 'book bank' from you! lol
Your reading plan for 2018 looks to be challenging & very interesting, Cheli. Good luck with it and thank you so much for all you do.

Jan 5, 9:27pm Top

Good luck with your goals, Chèli! And thanks for all of your hard work managing the group. xo

Jan 6, 2:09am Top

I agree - what big lists you have! I couldn't even list all my e-books - the list would go on forever. But best of luck with your reading, and thanks for keeping this group straight. I know it must be a lot of work.

Jan 29, 1:14am Top

Wishing you a good year of reading. Have fun and best of luck with your reading goals, Cheli!

Feb 6, 3:11pm Top

I thought I was doing so well with 14 ROOTS done so far this year, but then I looked at my acquisitions and realized that I'm at a -1 because I'm already gotten 15 new books!

Feb 6, 3:45pm Top

>25 cyderry: That's where I'm at too (although with smaller numbers!). 8 read, 9 acquired. There's nothing so tempting as temptation! :)

Feb 7, 5:57am Top

>25 cyderry: >26 Jackie_K: I am always relieved to know I am not the only one with this problem.

Apr 18, 4:22pm Top

1st Quarter ROOTs = 31 21-NetGalley 1-ARCs 6-Audio ROOTs 3-EROOTs

Single Malt Murder
Death Distilled
A Hive of Homicides
Of Murder and Men
Mayhem & Mass
A Vintage Murder
Macramé Murder
Packing for Mars
Murder in Bloomsbury
Murderous Mistral
Doom with a View
The Mummy Case
Pressing the Issue
Casual Vacancy
The Plot is Murder
Case of Syrah, Syrah
The man he became : how FDR defied polio to win the presidency / James Tobin
Lost Books and Old Bones
Plum Tea Crazy
Shadow of Death
21 Days
Plantation Shudders
The Woman in the Water
Raspberry Danish Murder
Lethal Licorice
Broken Harbor
Murder at the Mushroom Festival
Into the Gauntlet
Southern Discomfort
Flowers and Foul Play
Secret Place

Apr 18, 6:36pm Top

>28 cyderry: good work, Chèli!

Apr 19, 4:10am Top

Wow, you're ROOTing up a storm!

Apr 22, 1:59am Top


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2nd Quarter ROOTs = 21 18-NetGalley 0-ARCs 2-Audio ROOTs 1-EROOTs

Until Again
Shelved Under Murder
Murder in the Locked Library
Murder at the 42nd Street Library
The Advice Column Murders
Who Moved My Goat Cheese?
Full Bodied Murder
Color Me Murder
Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes
Death by the Sea
The Quiche and the Dead
Death and a Pot of Chowder
Firefly Lane 15 discs 18½ hrs
Bleeding Tarts
Shadow Dancing
Island of the Mad
Vespers Rising 6 discs 6¼ hrs
Scone Cold Killer
Murder on the Green
Murder with Cinnamon Scones
Killer Green Tomatoes
Murder in the Manuscript Room

Aug 31, 4:14pm Top

July/August ROOTs = 18 13-NetGalley 0-ARCs 1-Audio ROOTs 3-EROOTs 1 - ARD

A Souffle of Suspicion
Midnight Snacks are Murder
A Secret Affair
Prince and the Pauper
Winnie the Pooh 2¾hrs
Dark Tide Rising
Read and Gone
Etched in Tears
Murder at the Breakers
Love & Death in Burgundy
Rockets' Dead Glare
Crust No One
Peril and Prayers
Decanting a Murder
Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Riesling to Die
Deadly Dram
Death and Daisies


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