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HelenNZ back for 2018


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Edited: Jan 1, 2:22am Top

I am satisfied with my progress in this challenge for 2017. I finished the year with 5 less books on the shelf. So renewed determination to make further inroads in the coming year. This year I start with 343.
Last year I used an Author Alphabet Challenge along with following the Anzac and British and American challenges. I will continue with these but this time doing a Title Alphabet Challenge. Any letters not covered I will use as wild cards.
I considered increasing the number of books for this challenge but wish to support the local library by reading one book a month from them off my wish list. This will in effect stop me from buying more books.

Dec 28, 2017, 3:32am Top

Welcome back, Helen and Happy ROOTing.

Dec 28, 2017, 9:06am Top

Happy rooting in 2018!

Dec 28, 2017, 9:41am Top

Welcome back, I hope you have a great reading year!

Dec 28, 2017, 11:20am Top

Welcome back and have a great reading year!

Dec 28, 2017, 8:13pm Top

glad you're with us again!

Edited: Dec 29, 2017, 1:46am Top

>2 connie53:,>3 tess_schoolmarm:,>4 Jackie_K:,>5 rabbitprincess:,>6 cyderry:,Thanks for stopping by. I have just been visiting the 2018 category challenge and Bingodog. They look fun but I think I would struggle to set them up and spend too much time tracking them all. However, I can see how I could employ these ideas especially the colour category challenge to diversify my choices. One colour based choice a month, two alphabet titles and two for the ANZAC bingo challenge should be manageable with time for my book group read and a library book.

Edited: Sep 16, 12:25am Top

Okay after some thought I am basing colour choice on the seasons and events for the year. So here is my plan subject to change of course:

January - YELLOW - for summer sunshine - The Bees by Laline Paull
February - BLUE - for blue skies - The North Water by Ian McGuire
March - ORANGE - for autumn leaves - An Equal Music by Vikram Seth
April - WHITE - for my daughters wedding - Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels
May - BROWN - for Autumn trees - Rowan and Eris by Campbell Jefferys
June - BLACK - for winter nights - A Life in Seven Mistakes by Susan Johnson
July - GREY - for grey skies - The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster
August - METALLIC - for rainy days - Light Shining in the Forest by Paul Torday
September - GREEN - for spring growth - Larry's Party by Carol Shields
October - PINK - for flowers
November - PURPLE - for flowers
December - RED - for Christmas

Hopefully with 343 books on the shelves I will cover the spectrum...

Dec 29, 2017, 11:23am Top

Great idea to personalize the colours! And congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding :)

Dec 29, 2017, 2:04pm Top

>9 rabbitprincess: RP, how good of you to see the bit about the wedding! Congrats, Helen.

Dec 30, 2017, 12:11pm Top

Hi Helen, happy ROOTing and congrats on your daughter's forthcoming wedding!

Dec 31, 2017, 3:06am Top

Good luck with your 2018 challenges and with your ROOTing. It sounds like you did very well in 2017.

Edited: Feb 11, 2:02am Top

Off to an early start with a novella for the Anzac challenge.
1. The Girl with the Dogs by Anna Funder. Anzac Challenge
2. Amy & Isabelle by Elizabeth Strout Title Alphabet Challenge
3. The Bees by Laline Paull Colour Challenge
4. A Crooked Rib by Judy Corbalis Anzac Challenge
5. The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton Author Birthday Challenge

Jan 1, 2:50am Top

Happy 2018, Helen!

Jan 1, 3:11am Top

>14 connie53: Lovely, Connie. Thank you. my favourite colours too!

Jan 1, 2:56pm Top

Happy reading in 2018, Helen, 1 down, 47 to go!

Jan 3, 10:37am Top

>1 HelenBaker: I finished the year with 5 less books on the shelf
ROOTers know how hard-fought that must have been!! Have a great reading year.

Jan 4, 10:27am Top

Welcome back and good luck with your goal!

Jan 15, 10:48pm Top

I have decided I could incorporate the challenge of reading an author from the current star sign as a further way of attacking the shelves. A list is provided at this website: http://librarybooklists.org/literarybirths/index.htm.
So the Capricorn or January authors on my shelves are Nevil Shute, Julian Barnes, Edith Wharton, William Somerset Maughan and Shirley Hazzard.

Jan 16, 1:21am Top

>19 HelenBaker: some great ones from which to choose! My favs: Nevil Shute's A Town Like Alice and Wharton's Ethan Fromme.

Jan 16, 4:32am Top

>19 HelenBaker: That's a great idea. I've got quite a few of their books on the TBR myself. And I really liked A town like Alice when I read it as a teenager.

Jan 16, 5:10am Top

>19 HelenBaker: nice idea and good recommendations from >60 if you have them - I liked both but Ethan Frome was a little gem for me.

Jan 24, 4:31pm Top

Glad you're with us again!

Jan 26, 1:34am Top

>23 cyderry:. Thanks Cheli. More determined than ever to make progress on these shelves.

Feb 3, 1:21am Top

Looking at my last comment I have some what undermined my progress by purchasing 9 books last week, 8 of which had been on my wishlist for some time. I blame being set free to browse a bookshop when grandchildren went back to school. They were all bargains being second hand and too hard to resist.

Feb 3, 1:26am Top

Time to plan this months reading.
Author Birthday choice is out of Charles Dickens, Richard Ford, Toni Morrison or Amy Tan. All bar Toni Morrison are fairly lengthy tomes but I must not let this influence my decision.

Feb 3, 4:22am Top

>25 HelenBaker: I can't help thinking that if they're bargains then maybe they should count for less - so maybe count them as 4.5 acquisitions rather than 9. When I'm Supreme Ruler of the Universe that will be one of my first decrees, I think.

Feb 3, 10:11am Top

>27 Jackie_K: Amen to that.

Edited: Feb 28, 10:42pm Top

6. The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout 10/10 Alphabet Challenge
7. Coromandel Sea Change by Rumer Godden 8/10 Alphabet Challenge
8. Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell 8.5/10 Alphabet Challenge
9. The Night Book by Charlotte Grimshaw8/10 Anzac Challenge
10.Starlight Peninsula by Charlotte Grimshaw 7/10
11.The North Water by Ian McGuire Colour Challenge

Mar 3, 7:56pm Top

Not such a big choice of authors for my birthday challenge this month - John Irving (although I have 5 of his books to choose from and Gabriel Garcia Marquez of whom I have two unread titles. Always a tough decision...

Edited: Mar 6, 2:54am Top

I love selecting the new month's reading. So I have chosen John Irving (birthday month) - The World According to Garp. My orange book for my Colour Challenge is An Equal music by Vikram Seth and my alphabet Challenge titles will be East of Eden by John Steinbeck and Fasting and Feasting by Anita Desai. I have yet to decide on my ANZAC titles. Oh I notice I have two American authors and two Indian...

Mar 4, 4:34am Top

>31 HelenBaker: I really liked An Equal Music, even though I didn't particularly like many of the characters, which is normally a real turn-off for me (and was the opposite of my experience of A Suitable Boy, where I loved nearly everyone and felt bereaved when it finished!). Seth is one of my favourite authors, and I think for a non-musician he has captured the essence of music and musicians and what music means to people remarkably.

Edited: Mar 29, 8:08pm Top

12. Love by Toni Morrison (February Birthday Challenge)
13. Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai (Alphabet Title Challenge
14. The Blue by Mary McCallum (ANZAC Challenge)
15. An Equal Music by Vikram Seth (Colour Challenge)
16. The World According to Garp by John Irving (March Birthday Challenge)

Mar 26, 7:01pm Top

Great challenge ideas, Helen. It looks as though you really enjoy choosing new books to match the themes each month!

Edited: Mar 29, 10:30pm Top

Yes Indeed, Lisa, as when you have over 300 books awaiting attention it helps to narrow the field. Although, occasionally it is frustrating sticking to it when their is something new and shiny calling to me. So on that note April's birthday authors on my shelf are Maya Angelou, Barbara Kingsolver, Henry James, Charlotte Bronte and Anthony Trollope. I might be choosing by shorter tomes as March's books are going to run into April as some of them were long.

Mar 29, 10:30pm Top

April's Alphabet Titles - G. The German Girl by Armando Lucas Corra and H. Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls

Edited: Apr 30, 4:39am Top

17. East of Eden by John Steinbeck - Alphabet Challenge
18. The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa- Alphabet Challenge
19. Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls- Alphabet Challenge
20. Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels - Colour challenge
21. Barbara Kingsolver Omnibus by Barbara Kingsolver - Birthday Challenge

Edited: May 31, 3:29am Top

22. Honour by Elif Shafak- Reading Group
23. Rowan and Eris by Campbell Jefferys - Colour Challenge/ Anzac Challenge
24. The Illusionists by Rosie Thomas - Alphabet Challenge
25. The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende - Alphabet Challenge
26. Happy Valley by Patrick White - Birthday Challenge/ Anzac Challenge
27. Days Without End by Sebastian Barry just cause I felt like it. A treat indeed.

May 20, 1:03pm Top

Yeah! Half way point reached before half the year is gone! Good job, Helen!

May 24, 7:36pm Top

>Thanks, Connie.

May 27, 10:32pm Top

Checking out the birthday selection for June. Pearl Buck, Barbara Pym, Margaret Drabble, Joyce Carol Oates and Vikram Seth.
I think I will pass on Seth's A Suitable Boy as it would slow me down too much. So it looks like it will be one of the ladies... I am most tempted by The Good Earth which I read about 40 years ago and would love to reread.
My colour challenge is Life in Seven Mistakes by Susan Johnson, with my Alphabet Challenges being K- I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou and L- Lullaby for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill.
I am looking forward to this month's selection.

Edited: Jun 29, 3:11am Top

Jun 21, 1:23am Top

I am organizing next months reading schedule early as my books will have to be packed up next week as we are re-carpeting. So Alphabet choices by title are The Moment by Douglas Kennedy and Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller. The birthday selection is The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee

Edited: Aug 5, 12:39am Top

34. Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller - Alphabet Challenge
35. The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster - Colour Challenge
36. The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee - Birthday Challenge

Edited: Sep 1, 10:49pm Top

37. The Moment by Douglas Kennedy - Alphabet Challenge
38. Nora Webster by Colm Toibin - Birthday Challenge
39. The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan - American Author
40. Light Shining in the Forest by Paul Torday -Colour Challenge
41. On a Moonless Night by Dai Sijie

Aug 5, 12:17am Top

The first month I have failed to make my challenges. a combination of home renovations and reading a couple of 500 page books in a row has slowed me up but the last two books have been very good. I will try and regain my momentum this month. I might have to choose by pagination...

Aug 5, 12:52am Top

So now I need to plan this month's reading challenges as well as completing last month's.

Aug 5, 1:31am Top

And the winners are Nora Webster by Colm Toibin, birthday challenge, Once on a Moonless Night by Dai Sijie and Pied Piper by Nevil Shute for alphabet challenge. The latter will also fulfill one of my Anzac Challenges. I need to inspect the shelves for my colour challenge - metallic.

Aug 5, 1:53am Top

I never can say what I'm going to read in the coming month. So lots of respect for people who can do that. I just pick a book that feels good at that moment.

Aug 26, 4:55am Top

Oh dear, I am just back from a trip to Wellington and couldn't resist picking up several titles off my wishlist from a favourite second hand bookstore. That combined with my birthday means that my unread books tally is higher than what I started the year with and there is another bookfair this weekend. I will have to pick up the pace...

Aug 26, 8:09am Top

Yay, book hauls! :)

Aug 26, 2:28pm Top

>50 HelenBaker: The situation feels all too familiar. Enjoy your haul!

Edited: Sep 16, 12:26am Top

Despite continuing to be behind in my reading schedule, I will plan ahead for next month's reading.
Larry's Party by Carol Shields will be my colour choice being green for spring growth. A Quilt of Dreams byPatricia Schonstein and The Reader by Bernard Schlink are the next in the Alphabet challenge. The Birthday Challenge is proving to be the toughest choice as the main contenders are D.H. Lawrence - I have six titles or Jane Smiley - I have four titles and one would be the start of her 100 Years trilogy, which I am sorely tempted by. I think I will make the call when I get to reading them...

Edited: Sep 18, 4:44am Top

42. Some Luck by Jane Smiley - Birthday Challenge
43. Pied Piper by Nevil Shute - Alphabet Challenge
44. Larry's Party by Carol Shields - Colour Challenge.
45. A Quilt of Dreams by Patricia Schonstein - Alphabet Challenge

Sep 16, 12:11am Top

What a great choice Larry's Party by Carol Shields turned out to be for the colour challenge. I didn't look closely at the cover, just the colour and it was a great fit to my theme of green for spring growth as it is Larry's hedges for the maze's he builds. I think this character will stay with me for some time.


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