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Katie’s In For Another Year of Reading. And Snarking. And Shenanigans.

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Jan 6, 7:35pm Top

Hi All! I’m Katie and I’ve been with the 75ers since 2011. I live just outside New York City with my husband, The Wayne, and our cat, Leonard. In addition to reading, I enjoy eating my way through New York, drinking my way through the wine store, and attending bookish events, plays, the opera, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I also enjoy traveling (which I mostly do for work, on someone else’s dime), bad jokes, shenanigans, and the occasional indulgence in snark. I do not enjoy the misuse of apostrophe’s (ha!), the current President, or stressing about reading. As far as that last goes, I enjoy literary fiction, genre fiction (mysteries and romances primarily but some speculative stuff as well), classics, and not-dry (moist?) nonfiction.

My favorite reads of 2017 in no particular order:
Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
Everyday People by Stewart O’Nan
News of the World by Paulette Jiles
The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America by George Packer
The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (re-read)
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt (re-read)
Song Yet Sung by James McBride
Taft by Ann Patchett
Rules of Civility by Amor Towles
Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O’Nan (re-read)

Honorable Mention:
Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie
Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward
Another Day in the Death of America by Gary Younge

Edited: Jan 6, 7:36pm Top





1. Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin (4 stars)

Edited: Jan 6, 7:36pm Top

My ratings (based on how the book landed on me, not necessarily on literary merit or anything more worthy than personal opinion):

5 stars - O.M.G.
4 stars - Bravo!
3 stars - Comme ci comme ça
2 stars - Not for me
1 stars - A big ol’ NOPE!

Edited: Jan 6, 7:36pm Top

2018 “Plans”

I will be participating in, but likely not completing, several challenges – the American Author Challenge, the Nonfiction Reading Challenge, and various fun ones over in the Category Challenge group. I also plan to continue participating in the Take It or Leave It challenges but only to the extent of checking to see if a completed book fits into one of the challenges that month. Also also, I will follow along with a few non-LT reading challenges such as Book Riot’s Read Harder and the Pop Sugar challenges.

My other “plan” is to try to ensure that the books I read come from a variety of sources – my shelves, my Kindle, my Overdrive wish lists, and my library wish list. We’ll see how that goes, but with over 3000 books in my home/on my Kindle, I need to stop getting so easily distracted!

Books Acquired in 2018
1. The Last Ballad by Wiley Cash

Edited: Dec 28, 2017, 11:40am Top

Okay, I think that’s it. This thread is now open!

Edited: Dec 28, 2017, 11:41am Top

... Technical difficulties... Carry on!

Dec 28, 2017, 11:42am Top


Adding a star, not just a comment, because I feel like we have a lot in common, even though we've just met. (Is that weird? That's weird.)

I'm moving back to New York sometime in 2018. Can't wait to get back to attending plays and the opera.

I'm planning on making 2018 a return to not stressing about my reading, so we'll see how that goes. Agent Orange being in office is about all the stress I can handle in this Second Age of Shoddy.

Towles' Rules of Civility has my favorite line about NYC ever: "Doesn't New York just turn you inside out?"

Dec 28, 2017, 11:49am Top

>7 libraryperilous: - HAI back! Not weird at all - it happens, and I have a feeling you will fit right in with our merry band of shenaniganners. Your intro said you were planning a trip - to where, may I ask? I love to travel. And it would be great to have another new friend in NY! We moved here at the end of 2016 from Texas, but I grew up near Poughkeepsie so it wasn't the "culture shock" people expected. I was glad to return to my roots of East Coast liberal elitism (except I used to be a Republican, so go figure) ;-)

Anyway, welcome and don't be a stranger over here!

Dec 28, 2017, 12:03pm Top

LOVE your intro, haha. And your ratings system. And that reading poster.


Dec 28, 2017, 2:11pm Top

Good to see you here, Ellie!

Dec 28, 2017, 2:11pm Top

A thread for anyone doing non-LT challenges like Book Riot's or Pop Sugar's has magically appeared:


Dec 28, 2017, 2:14pm Top

I am up for "Another Year of Reading. And Snarking. And Shenanigans"!!

Dec 28, 2017, 2:16pm Top

It wouldn't be the same without you, Kim!

Dec 28, 2017, 2:19pm Top

Hi Katie.

>1 katiekrug: "Moist" non-fiction? Have you visited one of the Tower Hamlets libraries, by any chance? Because they specialise in that.

I love your purported low-key approach to the Popsugar challenge - I bet you're the first to finish it :-) I am going to post and ask for suggestions for the book set at sea, because all I can think of is Moby Dick, and...no.

Dec 28, 2017, 2:28pm Top

>14 susanj67: - Gross. Just the word makes me shudder...

Have you read The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje? That's set at sea. I am thinking of that, or The Plover by Brian Doyle, or The Charm School by Susan Wiggs which is a historical romance :) Surely you could find a pirate romance to read!!

Dec 28, 2017, 2:40pm Top

What exactly is "PopSugar" anyway? I know BookRiot (obv) but have done no more than seen PopSugar mentioned around. I'am not sure you're apostrophiz'ation rules are clear to usns.

Dec 28, 2017, 2:47pm Top

>14 susanj67: The Wave or Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey. Surfing and dolphins respectively.

Dec 28, 2017, 2:52pm Top

>15 katiekrug:, >17 Berly: Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Katie, I looked through the Kindle yesterday for bodices with sea mist in the background, but I had read them all. I know!

Dec 28, 2017, 2:54pm Top

Happy new thread! I just picked up Another Day in the Death of America when I saw it on sale today, thanks in part to your recommendation. I may even read it one of these years.

Dec 28, 2017, 3:18pm Top

Many happy reads in 2018!

Dec 28, 2017, 3:33pm Top

Dropping off my star and looking forward to another year of great reading and fun shenanigans!

Dec 28, 2017, 3:35pm Top

The succinct wording for your rating system made me laugh. And I was going to type you're instead of your just to make your eye twitch, but I didn't. So, see already how much more mature I will be acting in 2018? I mean, if we are only going to occasionally indulge in snark...

Dec 28, 2017, 3:52pm Top

>22 Crazymamie: Well, let's see now. Most New Year's Resolution usually last about 5 days..Yup that oughtta cover it! LOL

Dec 28, 2017, 3:53pm Top

>23 Berly: Wait! We have to make it five whole days?

Dec 28, 2017, 4:02pm Top

>16 richardderus: - I believe it's a pop culture/celebrity "news" site.

>17 Berly: - Hi Kim!

>18 susanj67: - *Makes a note to self to send Susan a pirate romance...*

>19 _Zoe_: - "... One of these years." I know that feeling! Good to see you, Zoe :)

Dec 28, 2017, 4:03pm Top

>20 thornton37814: - Thank you, Lori!

>21 EBT1002: - Good to have you here, Ellen, germ-ridden and all!

>22 Crazymamie: - I am very, very proud of you, Mamie.

>23 Berly: and >24 Crazymamie: - Snerk.

Dec 28, 2017, 5:33pm Top

Welcome back! The place wouldn't be the same without you.

Dec 28, 2017, 6:24pm Top

Aww, thanks Jim!

Dec 29, 2017, 12:34am Top

>24 Crazymamie: Yes, and you have to wait until January 1st to start counting!!

Dec 29, 2017, 2:00am Top

Cheers, Katie!

Dec 29, 2017, 6:10am Top

Your 2017 favourite / honorable mention has 3 books by Pakistani authors, if for nothing else, I am going to follow your thread for that reason alone :)

Dec 29, 2017, 6:42am Top

Starred! Looking forward to more shenanigans in '18!

Dec 29, 2017, 9:58am Top

>29 Berly: - Kim, you're mean.

>30 kidzdoc: - Mmm, thanks! Think I'll save those for the warmer months!

>31 aqeeliz: - Hi and welcome! I hadn't even realized I had 3 Pakistani authors on the list! But those were some great books. Do you have a special interest in South Asian literature? Any suggestions?

>32 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! Thanks for being such a loyal pal.

Dec 29, 2017, 10:00am Top

Dec 29, 2017, 10:11am Top

I, of course, find it hilarious :)

Dec 29, 2017, 10:14am Top

Rightly so!

Dec 29, 2017, 10:27am Top

>8 katiekrug: Yay for merry New York shenanigans!

I, too, cannot wait to return to my coastal elite bubble. Die mad about it, Mango Mussolini.

re: my trip, this will be my third long-term one. It's supposed to be the big one where I go Down Under and also make it below the Sahara, but I failed to discover a money tree on my last wanderings. It's a bit up in the air. I may just end up going on a surfing jaunt and back to London for a spell instead.

>18 susanj67: Maybe something by Elizabeth Essex, although I think hers are more naval captains than pirates?

Dec 29, 2017, 10:32am Top

>29 Berly: Well, I'm out then.

Morning, Katie!

Dec 29, 2017, 10:52am Top

>38 Crazymamie: Good. Not because I don't believe in you (I do!), but because maturity is highly overrated! : )

Dec 29, 2017, 11:17am Top

>36 Berly: - Of course, I am easily amused, so..... ;-)

>37 libraryperilous: - "Mango Mussolini" :) I call him Cheeto Benito. My only time in Australia was in Perth, and the airports in Melbourne and Sydney. Must go back. I'll be going to Ghana in March - the only other place I've been on the AFrican continent is Egypt, so I am looking forward to a new experience.

>38 Crazymamie: and >39 Berly: - You're cracking me up.

Dec 29, 2017, 11:29am Top

>40 katiekrug: I used to live in Egypt! I hope you have a fabulous time in Ghana. Are you going for work or fun? Either way, woohoo for travel abroad.

Cheeto Benito

Tang the Would-Be Conqueror

Dec 29, 2017, 11:45am Top

It's for work. Most of my travel is for work but I try to tack on some extra time for myself when I can.

I loved Egypt - I went in 2007 and would like to go back.

The Apricot Menace.

Edited: Dec 29, 2017, 12:45pm Top

Hey Katie, I'm being very slow getting started over here in 2018.
Love your best of list, although thee are plenty on it that I have yet to read, Yonge and Hamid and Wilkerson were stand out reads.

Dec 29, 2017, 2:37pm Top

I KNOW I can count on you to fulfill the promise of snark... :-)

See you soon, my friend.

And no, I haven't yet launched my thread. I've got the snuffles, and am busy feeling sorry for myself. And reading. And doing some work.

Dec 29, 2017, 3:24pm Top

Star dropped. Looking forward to a good reading year!

Dec 29, 2017, 3:49pm Top

>43 charl08: - It's a marathon, not a sprint, Charlotte, so no worries! The good books I read were very, very good, but most of my reads were just kind of meh. Not actually bad, but not really memorable either.

>44 Chatterbox: - Snark? Moi?

I started the Baldwin last night. It was immediately engaging - looking forward to Thursday!

Being sick is The Worst. No need to rush to set up a thread. We'll all still be here whenever you get around to it!

>45 mahsdad: - Hey Jeff! Good to see you!

Dec 30, 2017, 4:39am Top

Hi Katie-
Back again for another round huh? He he, me too :)
Looking forward to seeing the book numbers pile up in 2018!

Dec 30, 2017, 5:39am Top

>33 katiekrug: Well, I am from Pakistan so found it interesting. Unfortunately I haven't read any of these books (I mostly read local literature in Urdu language, our native tongue), but just added them in my wish list after finding them in your list.

As for suggestions, I see you haven't read The White Tiger yet, also try A Case of Exploding Mangos by Mohammed Hanif

Dec 30, 2017, 9:42am Top

>47 LovingLit: - Hi Megan! Off to hunt down your thread...

>48 aqeeliz: - Thanks for those recommendations! I've had The White Tiger on my shelf for several years...

Dec 30, 2017, 12:47pm Top

*hand on knees *catching breath* Here I am! Sheesh, you New York people go at SUCH a pace! But what fun trying to keep up.

Dec 30, 2017, 6:49pm Top

Yay! Linda made it!

Dec 30, 2017, 6:50pm Top

Re-posted from my 2017 thread because we're in that weird in-between time where everything seems to exist on two planes....

I went to see 'Hundred Days' at New York Theater Workshop this afternoon. I was supposed to meet my best friend there, but she was sick, so it was a solo outing.

'Hundred Days' is a sort of "musical memoir" or autobiographical concert telling the story of how the two leads - a married couple - met and fell in love and overcame angst and baggage and uncertainty to commit to one another. The music is folk-punk-rock played on guitars, an accordion, a cello, a keyboard, and a drum set. There's a lot of stomping and clapping and wailing, and the energy in the theater was amazing. The last song, "Bells," had me in tears and smiling at the same time. Here's a rendition of it - it's not exactly how it was performed, as they have been working on this production for some time, but it gives you an idea: https://vimeo.com/61506248.

And this little clip showcases some bits of the different songs: https://youtu.be/a21cY4XqphY.

I really enjoyed the show and hope it gets more exposure.

Dec 31, 2017, 11:18am Top

You've been added to my starred list, Katie. I like a bit of snark and I know how to use an apostrophe (despite one grandfather having been a greengrocer) so I'm expecting plenty to interest me here!

Dec 31, 2017, 12:31pm Top

Happy New Year! I wish you to read many good books in 2018.

Dec 31, 2017, 1:54pm Top

>53 CDVicarage: - Welcome, Kerry! Thanks for the star!

>54 The_Hibernator: - Thanks, Rachel. Happy new year.

Dec 31, 2017, 2:02pm Top

Happy reading in 2018, Katie!

Dec 31, 2017, 3:21pm Top

Happy new year, Katie. Starred you and I hope to do more than lurk this year.

Dec 31, 2017, 4:40pm Top

Hi Anita and Caro! Good to have you both stop by!

Dec 31, 2017, 4:43pm Top

Just saw this on Facebook:

President Obama's top reads of the year:

The Power by Naomi Alderman
Grant by Ron Chernow
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond
Janesville: An American Story by Amy Goldstein
Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
Five-Carat Soul by James McBride
Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout
Dying: A Memoir by Cory Taylor
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward
*Bonus for hoops fans: Coach Wooden and Me by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Basketball (and Other Things) by Shea Serrano

Dec 31, 2017, 5:31pm Top

>59 katiekrug: I had Sing Unburied Sing from J for Christmas. I might make it the first read of 2018.

Dec 31, 2017, 5:50pm Top

Rhian, I read it for my book group a couple of months ago. It's very good. I didn't like it quite as much as Salvage the Bones, but it was still an excellent read.

Dec 31, 2017, 5:59pm Top

I rather like that I read four books in common with Obama this year. Thanks for posting Katie.

Dec 31, 2017, 6:41pm Top

That's impressive, Charlotte. I shared one (Exit West) with him, but I have several of his on my list for 2018...

Dec 31, 2017, 9:09pm Top

>52 katiekrug: That looks really worth seeing, Katie. I'll keep an eye out for a production in my neck of the woods.

>59 katiekrug: I have three in common with 44, my all-time favorite president: Exit West, A Gentleman In Moscow, and Sing, Unburied, Sing. Evicted would be there, too, but I read that last year. ;-)

Dec 31, 2017, 10:02pm Top

Hi Katie- happy New Year!

Great list of 2017 books. I really liked The Unwinding and bought The Rules of Civility when it was on Kindle special a few months ago.

I’ll try to keep up with you this year (at least when school isn’t going crazy!)

Dec 31, 2017, 11:16pm Top

I'm here! Just drawing a line here and ignoring everything that came before. Sorry I don't have a cutesy image to leave for you. I guess actual custom-written words will have to do. :-)

Jan 1, 12:17am Top

Dropping off a
And wishing you

Jan 1, 3:15am Top

Happy New Year, Katie. I'm dropping my star.

Jan 1, 4:02am Top

Happy New Year
Happy New Group here
This place is full of friends
I hope it never ends
It brew of erudition and good cheer.

Jan 1, 4:06am Top

>61 katiekrug: I loved Salvage The Bones - didn’t care for Men We Reaped quite as much.

Jan 1, 8:09am Top

Happy New Year to my LT friends!

Thanks for the messages and good wishes and stars.

My first reads of the year are


A mostly quiet day here, though we have tickets to see the new Star Wars movie this afternoon.

Edited: Jan 1, 1:57pm Top

^Looking forward to following KAK, for another year of books and other delights!

**I will get that book out this week. K?

Jan 1, 8:20am Top

Happy New Year, Katie and The Wayne! Your Christmas holiday sounds like fun, and much more active than mine :-)

Jan 1, 8:28am Top

Hurrah for Moran. She makes me laugh (as well as wonder where on earth she finds the time).

Jan 1, 8:49am Top


Jan 1, 9:17am Top

>72 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! No hurry on the book. It's on sale for Kindle all this month for $1.99, so if there is someone else who would like the ARC, feel free to let me know and I'll snag the Kindle edition.

>73 susanj67: - Hi Susan! Christmas was fun, but I was glad to get back home to the peace and quiet and laziness :)

>74 charl08: - Charlotte, I was not familiar with Moran and can't remember why I picked this one up on audio, but it's hilarious!

>75 nittnut: - Reasonable? What's that? Hi Jenn!

Jan 1, 10:20am Top

Hi Katie!

Happy new thread and year. I don't participate in it at all, but I do like your TIOLI approach - see if a book you read during the month fits into any of the challenges. *smile*

Jan 1, 11:48am Top

>76 katiekrug: If you prefer reading it on your Kindle, that is no problem. I am sure I can find a home for it. Let me know.

Jan 1, 12:06pm Top

>75 nittnut: That is hilarious.

Jan 1, 12:44pm Top

>77 karenmarie: - Happy new year, Karen! I've mostly done the TIOLI challenges that way. I know others use it to prompt them to read certain books, but that's too rigid for me :)

>78 msf59: - Mark, why don't you see if you can find another home for it? I am trying to cut down on the number of physical books coming into the house, and since the Kindle price is so cheap, I might as well go that route. But I so appreciate your thinking of me! You're a good friend.

>79 EBT1002: - Hi Ellen!

Edited: Jan 1, 1:13pm Top

Jan 1, 1:34pm Top

Happy 2018!!

Jan 1, 1:46pm Top

Happy 2018, Katie!

Thanks for the Obama best reads list. I'm glad to see Evicted and A Gentleman in Moscow on there in particular.

Jan 1, 1:54pm Top

Janesville is on my TBR now "thanks" to you (and our desperately missed real President). I hope the new Star Wars is to y'all's liking.

Jan 1, 2:06pm Top

Enjoy Star Wars, Katie. I watched it just before Christmas and loved it. It's one I definitely plan on watching again, because there's so much going on that I missed some of the subtleties in the movie when I was discussing it with some friends.

Jan 1, 3:01pm Top

Hi Katie. Hi. I'll think of something more, though it might take me a few days.

Jan 1, 6:41pm Top

>81 rosylibrarian: and >82 Berly: - Thanks, Marie and Kim!

>83 jnwelch: - I thought it was a good list, Joe - several are on my TBR.

>84 richardderus: - I want to read Janesville, too. The movie was okay...

>85 cameling: - I thought The Last Jedi was just okay, Caro, but TBH, I was never a Luke fan, and I found him especially annoying in this one. I miss Han.

>86 weird_O: - Saying hi is perfectly acceptable, Bill!

Jan 1, 7:40pm Top

Hi Katie, got you starred now. I like President Obama’s list. I’ve read a couple of them and have others on my list. I wonder if anyone asked Trump for his list of books he’s ever heard of lol

Jan 1, 7:44pm Top

>88 brenzi: "My list of books is the best list of books ever. Really yuge."

Jan 1, 7:44pm Top

Thanks for the star, Bonnie!

LOL re: Trump. I just can't... ugh.

Jan 1, 8:33pm Top

Ugh raised to the bajillionth power. Ugh unto infinity. Ugh superlatived.

Jan 1, 8:52pm Top

Thanks for the welcome. Based on your faves from last year, we'll have much to talk about! Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 9:00pm Top

>91 richardderus: - Indeed.

>92 pursuitofsanity: - Hi Maggie! Thanks for finding me :)

Jan 1, 9:38pm Top

Potential January Reads

Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin (currently reading) - book group
How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran (currently listening) - 3 non-LT challenges
The North Water by Ian McGuire - Reading Through Time January theme
Black Water Rising by Attica Locke - ColorCAT and multiple non-LT challenges
Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion - AAC, Nonfiction, and multiple non-LT challenges
He Who Fears the Wolf by Karin Fossum - MysteryCAT and multiple non-LT challenges

Jan 1, 10:15pm Top

The North Water is awesome! Just sayin'...

Jan 2, 7:55am Top

I think I remember you liking it, Mark!

Jan 2, 9:04am Top

Year End / New Year Book Meme (using titles read in 2017):

Describe yourself: Wishin’ and Hopin’

Describe how you feel: Song Yet Sung

Describe where you currently live: Exit West

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Whole Way Home

Your favorite form of transportation: The Underground Railroad

Your best friend is: Kindred

You and your friends are: Everyday People

What’s the weather like: Holidays on Ice

You fear: And Justice There is None

What is the best advice you have to give: Love Life

Thought for the day: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

How you would like to die: The Unwinding

Your soul’s present condition: The River of Doubt

Jan 2, 9:14am Top

>97 katiekrug: - That's funny, and great! It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up, we had a local DJ on the radio who used to do that with song titles, only he'd actually play the one line from each song, back to back to back, to create a mashup musical story. It was hilarious!

Jan 2, 9:39am Top

We saw Star Wars this weekend as well...I found it a little disappointing compared to the others and way too many battle scenes. Thanks for the review of Hundred Days - looks like something I'd really enjoy. Hope the week is starting well for you!

Jan 2, 10:11am Top

>97 katiekrug: Great answers, Katie! Good morning, to you!

Jan 2, 11:28am Top

Happy New Year, Katie. Great list of favorites. We have some overlap.

I look forward to hearing about your reading, eating, and drinking during the next year.

Jan 2, 11:40am Top

>98 jessibud2: - I love the year-end book meme, Shelley. It's nice to look over the list of what I've read, too...

>99 vivians: - Hi Vivian! I agree, it was disappointing. It wasn't terrible, just not up to par. And TOO LONG! Eh, week is ok. Work is work. Really hoping The Wayne gets a big promotion/raise soon so I can consider other options.... *sigh*

Hundred Days was excellent and really well reviewed, so I expect it will appear again soon.

>100 Crazymamie: - Morning, Mamie!

>101 BLBera: - Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping in :)

Jan 2, 12:52pm Top

Hi Katie! Happy New Year! I have sorely missed your snark. Glad to see that you're back in your old stomping grounds. Well, ish.

My Mom calls him that orange twat (nothing ever capitalized regarding him). Not clever like Mango Mussolini, but it does seem accurate.

Jan 2, 12:54pm Top

>97 katiekrug: Thought for the day: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit


Jan 2, 1:31pm Top

>103 LauraBrook: - Hi Laura! Good to "see" you!

>104 richardderus: - :)

Jan 2, 1:31pm Top

I hate work. That is all.

Jan 2, 1:48pm Top

>106 katiekrug: I used to hate it as well. Console yourself that 72 is less than half your life away.

Jan 2, 1:51pm Top

>103 LauraBrook: Your mom's accurate epithet for The Cheeto Who Came in from the Cold is accurate, though.

>106 katiekrug: But yay for traveling to Ghana for work!

Another lovely annual favorite books list from 44. I miss having a reader's reader in the Oval Office.

Jan 2, 1:54pm Top

>107 richardderus: - 72? NO way. I am banking on The Wayne's continued rise at Bloomberg to turn me into a lady of leisure... :)

>108 libraryperilous: - Even Dubya was a reader. *sigh* Yeah, Ghana. Yay. Except it involves being with the people I don't much like at the moment :-P

Jan 2, 1:56pm Top

>108 libraryperilous: I'm not convinced the orange shitgibbon knows what reading is.

>109 katiekrug: Ooo! A lady with a plan. *admiration*

Jan 2, 2:06pm Top

Huh! I totally posted between you and Richard in >106 katiekrug: and >107 richardderus:, and it just disappeared. The nerve!

Jan 2, 2:06pm Top

Oh, so *you're* the one who upset LT. Talk went away for like 15 minutes there...

Jan 2, 2:10pm Top

>112 drneutron: I caused chaos?! *preens*

Jan 2, 2:12pm Top

Well, what did you say, Mamie?!?!?!

Jan 2, 2:14pm Top

I said, "Oh, dear. My sympathies." Which I know doesn't sound earth shattering or anything, but you did have my complete sympathy.

Jan 2, 2:20pm Top

Thank you, my friend!

(Though why that broke LT, I don't know... )

Jan 2, 2:28pm Top

Probably because it was so heartfelt.

Jan 2, 2:28pm Top

>110 richardderus: Probably only if his name appears multiple times and in a large font so he can find it quickly.

Side note: I was ready to retire shitgibbon, but then 11.8.16: The Unmitigated Disaster occurred and now I can't let it go.

>109 katiekrug: I don't know how much time you'll have for sightseeing, but I recommend the Bradt and Footprint brands of guidebooks. It doesn't look like Footprint has one for Ghana, but the Bradt one is sure to be excellent.

Jan 2, 3:11pm Top

Jan 2, 3:18pm Top

>108 libraryperilous: Isn't it, though?

>110 richardderus: I do like your phrase too.

Jan 2, 7:21pm Top

>117 Crazymamie: - That must be it!

>118 libraryperilous: - Thanks for the tip, Diana. I may just tack on a day at the end to go down to see the Cape Coast Castle. It's 2-3 hours from Accra. Can't do much else, as The Wayne and I have plans for several trips this year and I only have a limited amount of personal time off from work.

>119 richardderus: and >120 LauraBrook: - Carry on!

Edited: Jan 2, 7:24pm Top

I'm the 121st post, unless another pops up here while I'm typing and it's Jan 2. Happy New Year Katie. I'd like to follow your thread, will try.

ETA 122nd...

Jan 2, 7:28pm Top

Hi Dan! You are, of course, most welcome to follow my thread, but really, just popping in occasionally to say hi is perfectly acceptable, too :) Which reminds me, I should go say hi on yours!

Jan 2, 7:57pm Top

So, I'm reading through and finding Richard's posts cathartic, like, with a some scatological emphasis. Shitgibbon - amen! That's now my word for #45 from here on out.

Warmth of Other Suns was one of those books that just, it's just a special book. Loved the Obama list and that he has Evicted on it.

>123 katiekrug: Striving for perfectly acceptable...

Jan 2, 8:04pm Top

>124 dchaikin: Heh, you know me Daniel, everything from scatology to eschatology. All part of the service.

Edited: Jan 2, 8:12pm Top

Hi Katie--Thanks for your comment on my comment about Sing, Unburied Sing over on Darryl's thread. I don't think I've ever commented on your thread, but I have (mostly) read it.

I don't mind the use ghosts as a narrative technique to make a point, but I guess I felt in this case, they took over the story from the "real" characters. Although I did love The Lovely Bones, so who knows.

I see you are located in N. N.J. now. 4 of my 5 kids live in NYC, so we get to the east coast a few times a year. Perhaps I'll be there some time when a meet up is planned and I can join in. :)

Jan 2, 8:53pm Top

Sorry you are hating work, Katie. My daughter is going through a similar crisis. We'll see where she ends up. Is it a temporary thing, or do you need a new job? Or, the kept woman thing sounds like it would work as well.

Jan 2, 9:27pm Top

Add me to the list of people who loved The North Water Katie. Enjoy!

Jan 2, 11:02pm Top

>97 katiekrug: Great meme answers. I never got around to reading The North Water, but it's still on my radar to read.

Jan 3, 10:11am Top

>124 dchaikin: and >125 richardderus: - Richard does have a way with words....

>126 arubabookwoman: - Hi Deborah - thanks for the visit! I understand your thoughts on the Ward novel. I had read it for a book group and a couple of other people had similar feelings to yours. I was probably over-generous in my 4 stars, though there were parts I really loved.

A meet-up would be great!

>127 BLBera: - Beth, I probably need a new job as mine is just kind of boring at this point. But I really love working from home, and I am overpaid, so there's that :) I am banking on the life of leisure coming to pass....

>128 brenzi: - Thanks, Bonnie!

>129 thornton37814: - I love doing that meme, Lori. All the love for The North Water has made me even more interested in reading it!

Edited: Jan 3, 10:20am Top

>124 dchaikin: Very happy to see Evicted on it, and also Janesville instead of Hillbilly Elegy.

For a brief spell during the Republican National Convention—you know, back in the halcyon days when we thought he'd lose the electoral vote—I amused myself by Trumping spy novels: On His Dictator's Secret E-mails and the like.

Edited: html error

Jan 3, 10:21am Top

>130 katiekrug: Adding my mite to the luuuuv for The North Water.

Time for elevenses!

Okay, I'm early, but not by that much and besides when is *not* a good moment for an infusion of champers?

Jan 3, 10:22am Top

I'm almost done with Go Tell It on the Mountain which is very good. I don't LOVE love it, but I appreciate it and Baldwin's prose is hypnotic in parts. This bit, describing one of the characters, really struck me:

"{She} was beautiful but did not look with favor on any of the black men who lusted after her, not wishing to exchange her mother's cabin for one of theirs and to raise their children and so go down, toil-blasted, into as it were a common grave..."

I love "toil-blasted" and her rebellion against the experience of black women in the south at the turn of the century. Of course, what she found moving to New York was just a different kind of shared oppression.

Jan 3, 10:24am Top

>131 libraryperilous: - I've been meaning to read Evicted since I got it last year. Must prioritize it. After reading $2.00 a Day which deals tangentially with housing insecurity, I've become much more aware of and interested in the topic.

>132 richardderus: - What, no Krug champagne?!?! Traitor.

Jan 3, 10:32am Top

So sorry, Your Krugliness, silly silly error, heh please no thunderbolts this time? Please?

Jan 3, 10:37am Top

You are forgiven.

Jan 3, 10:42am Top

I am so relieved.

Jan 3, 11:24am Top

Happy New Year! I dropped a star and hope to stop by more often this next year.

I loved Evicted when I read it last year. It was the only one of Obama's choices that I read last year, but have several more on Mt TBR.

Jan 3, 12:29pm Top

I'm late but I've finally made it to the party, Katie. You know how much I enjoy your particular breed of snark. :)

Jan 3, 2:17pm Top

>137 richardderus: - I love that show.

>138 streamsong: and >139 MickyFine: - Thanks for visiting, Janet and Micky!

Jan 3, 6:14pm Top

For Christmas, one of my cousins sent us a shipment of wine - eight bottles, half red, half white, various varieties. It was nice because he had asked for gift ideas and I said we had enough STUFF so something consumable like a gift certificate to a good restaurant or a nice bottle of wine would be lovely. So a few days after we get back from my in-laws, a giant box shows up that needs to be signed for. Luckily, we were home. I had a feeling it was from him but there was no gift message anywhere. I texted and he confirmed, so fine. And bonus, the wines we've tried so far have been pretty good.

This evening, ANOTHER box shows up, I sign for it, haul it in (8 bottles plus packing material is heavy!) and open it up. It's the exact same selection of wine. I look and look, and see on the mailing label: "Merry Christmas Katie and Wayne From" and then the shipping info. Hilarious. Another mystery box, but I am assuming it's from my cousin and I've texted him and told him to check that he hasn't been charged twice!

To make a long story short ("Too late!"*), I got an unexpected shipment of wine just in time for the "bomb cyclone" of snow and frigid temperatures :)

* Name that movie.

Jan 3, 6:48pm Top

Katie, I enjoy your warm, fuzzy thread. I’m glad you are being overpaid and overgifted with wine. It sounds like the new year is starting off well for you and The Wayne!

Jan 3, 7:41pm Top

>141 katiekrug: Movie quote - I know that is in While You Were Sleeping, but I don't know if that is the movie you are thinking of.

The wine story made me laugh. DO you get to keep both boxes? And what an excellent gift.

Jan 3, 7:42pm Top

>141 katiekrug: I'm getting in the car right this minute, to hole up against the bomb cyclone chez Krug!

Jan 3, 10:58pm Top

>142 Donna828: - Hi Donna! Good to "see" you!

>143 Crazymamie: - Huh. I so don't remember that in While You Were Sleeping, which I re-watched recently. I was thinking of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCP2QQH4uuQ.

I do get to keep both boxes! Score!

>144 lauralkeet: - You are more than welcome, Laura :)

Jan 3, 11:00pm Top

Don't freeze tomorrow. And keep The Wayne home from school.

Jan 3, 11:37pm Top

Hey, Katie, Happy New Year! and to the Wayne, too. I hope we all make it to the book circle tomorrow. I love snow in the city.

Jan 4, 2:24am Top

>71 katiekrug: I may have missed it, but did you report on your trip to see Star Wars 8? I have seen it twice now, the first one (conveniently on opening night) was to vet its suitability for the kids (yes, I *am* that good a parent, ahem). And the second viewing was with oldest child, as youngest child a) had chicken pox, and b) is too little to sit through the whole loooong thing.
What did you think??

>141 katiekrug: wine as a gift? Perfect. My brother said he would leave me a bottle for my birthday (he visited on my birthday and had forgotten..so promised he would take a quick trip to the shops). Anyway, I didn't see any bottles when I returned home from uni, so assumed he had forgotten. He told me a couple of days later he had hidden it in a pot plant! So one search later, and I find my bottle, nice and warm in the heat of the afternoon :)

Jan 4, 2:28am Top

Ps. I am stealing >97 katiekrug: :)

Jan 4, 9:01am Top

>146 richardderus: - The Wayne trundled off to work this morning, more fool he! Especially since he can work from home...

>147 ffortsa: - Hi Judy! I hope so, too. My biggest concern is getting to the train, as they've closed schools here, so won't be super concerned with taking care of the roads. We'll see...

>148 LovingLit: - Hi Megan! I think I mentioned what I thought of the movie - I was underwhelmed. I've always found Luke really annoying (even as a kid I thought he was lame!) so...... I also thought it was too long. I didn't hate it, just felt pretty 'meh' about it.

Eeewww, warm wine. Was it ruined?

>149 LovingLit: - Steal away!

Jan 4, 9:03am Top

I finished Go Tell It on the Mountain last night. It always feels good to get that list of completed books started :) I'll say more later, but it was very good, and I'm glad to have finally picked it up.

I've now started He Who Fears the Wolf by Karin Fossum.

Jan 4, 9:13am Top

Morning, Katie! Love your list of books for the meme. Haven't seen Star Wars yet although my son loved it. I hope you get the chance to be a lady of leisure, but in the meantime being overpaid is not bad. And you have a champagne named after you!! Congrats on finishing another book and I like Fossum so here's hoping your latest will be a good one.

Jan 4, 9:33am Top

Morning, Katie!

>145 katiekrug: Too funny! Bill Pullman says it in While You Were Sleeping, and I can't remember exactly where, but I can hear him saying it in my head. i might be losing my marbles. I'll ask the girls and see if they know.

Hooray for getting to keep both boxes!!!

Jan 4, 9:49am Top

>150 katiekrug: That was silly, and not because Manhattan will get slammed but because the commute home is likely to get *really* hairy. He said smugly from his warm, snowless room.

Still and all, it's not me, it's not you, so vaya con dios The Wayne.

Jan 4, 10:12am Top

>152 Berly: - Morning, Kim! Thanks for all the positive thoughts :) And I am already liking the FOssum and I'm only about 20 pages in!

>153 Crazymamie: - Morning, Mamie! Oh, that is funny. I often mumble "too late" under my breath when some idiot has been blathering on and then tries to "make a long story short." What I really want to do is shout it, but I'm too polite. Heh.

>154 richardderus: - Yeah, I am not super happy with him, tbh. I am going to try to make my way to the train and into the city later this afternoon, but I don't want to get stuck, so we shall see. I expect, at the very least, he'll be paying some surge pricing to get a Lyft home from the train, because I am sure the buses will be all effed up (he can walk home from the bus). And I either won't be around to pick him up or stubbornly refusing to leave the house...

Jan 4, 10:19am Top

>155 katiekrug: Silly man. Silly as all get-out.

Stay home!!

Jan 4, 10:50am Top

>148 LovingLit: "...he had hidden it in a pot plant!" Is that legal where you are, Megan?

Hi Katie! I'm sorry The Wayne was silly enough to go to work today. This is certainly the best time to take advantage of that work-from-home option!!!

Here's a fire to help you stay warm in any case!

Jan 4, 10:52am Top

>156 richardderus: - Silly indeed.

>157 EBT1002: - Hi Ellen! I think Megan might have meant a potted plant? But who knows with those crazy Kiwis... ;-)

Thanks for the warming fire! I am about to head upstairs (from the basement) to see what the weather is doing... And to get another hot drink!

Jan 4, 10:55am Top


Jan 4, 11:03am Top

How the eff did it get to be 11:00 already?!?!

Jan 4, 11:08am Top

How the eff did it get to be 2018 already?!

Jan 4, 11:41am Top


Jan 4, 12:01pm Top

I was pretty sure she meant potted plant but I live in Washington. A pot plant is, well, a pot plant. :-)

Jan 4, 12:03pm Top

A story about living in a state where marijuana is legal. There is a shop at 23rd and Union in Seattle, Ike's Pot Shop. My route home goes right by it and the parking lot is always full. But the weird thing is to see someone get on the bus at that bus stop with a little brown shopping bag, with nice little handles, with "Ike's Pot Shop" on the side. This is not your mother's nickel bag from 1978.

Jan 4, 12:19pm Top

>164 EBT1002: - And Canada is scrambling to get all our ducks in a row (there must be a better analogy that is more appropriate but I can't think of one at the moment), as it becomes legal here on July 1. We already have pot shops and vape shops and most of them are illegal but that doesn't seem to have stopped anyone. I don't smoke or use it in any way but my biggest concern is how it will be monitored when it comes to driving and impairment. There are already far too many impaired and distracted drivers on our roads and this is not encouraging. Plus, our city has long been legally smoke free in all public buildings. How on earth will that work out, for those claiming *medical* use? And do I stop breathing as I walk down a street where people are smoking outside a building? I already do sometimes, in some areas, for cigarette smoke. Interesting ties ahead, for sure....

Jan 4, 12:39pm Top

>164 EBT1002: - I'm surprised they don't give out reusable hemp bags!

Jan 4, 12:59pm Top

Yeesh. A bazillion messages later, Hi Katie!

'Way back at message >94 katiekrug: Year of Magical Thinking is a stunner, IMO.

Two cases of wine is wonderful.

We only got light snow (depending on which side of the house I look, 2.5 -4.5") and Bill stayed home and will stay home tomorrow. Sending safe and warm thoughts to The Wayne.

Jan 4, 1:13pm Top

Hi Karen! I have the Didion on audio and in print, so I am going to see which goes better. It won't be until later in the month, though.

Thanks for the warm thoughts. I've suggested to The Wayne that he might want to look into booking a hotel for tonight. We'll see what happens...

Jan 4, 1:14pm Top

Thanks to Julia and her evil Clickbait! yesterday, I am now enjoying a free month of the New York Times crossword, and determined to work it each day. I caught up on this week's puzzles and already feel smarter ;-)

Jan 4, 1:28pm Top

Happy New Year, Katie. I am going to be reading The North Water for the Reading Through Time Challenge as well. I will probably get to it next week sometime. I am looking forward to a shenanagan filled, snark ridden, fun time here during 2018! And my apoligies in advance for my misuse of apostrophe’s - I never could get the hang of language construction!

Jan 4, 1:36pm Top

>150 katiekrug: Aaah, I did miss your wrap up of Star Wars. Oops.
I liked it. For the extravaganza that it was. Interestingly, I went with a film critic, and he didn't like it. so we were the opposite of what we were supposed to be, according to the trends...as critics have rated it highly, and fans, not so much. Always bucking the trends....

Jan 4, 3:21pm Top

>169 katiekrug: you know they get more difficult as the week goes on, right? Have fun solving!

Jan 4, 3:28pm Top

Hope you have had a wonderful start to 2018!

Jan 4, 3:36pm Top

>170 DeltaQueen50: - Hi Judy! I think I'll be starting The North Water next week, too.

>171 LovingLit: - I liked all the non-Luke parts :)

>172 lauralkeet: - Yep.

>173 ChelleBearss: - Thanks, Chelle. It's been fine :)

Jan 4, 3:40pm Top

Are you doing the God Stalk group read? If not, I'd encourage you to:
Men said afterward that no blacker night had ever fallen...The wind roared through the city, ripping up slates, clawing at the houses until those within feared that not a wall would stand until morning. They thought they heard voices wailing high above the earth, and those who peered out swore that they saw terrible things as the north wind, the demon wind, bore southward the nightmares of a dying land.

Forgive her the "men" because the book's from 1982.

Jan 4, 3:52pm Top

>170 DeltaQueen50: Oooo, The North Water was a good one for me. I hope you like it.

Jan 4, 3:57pm Top

>176 drneutron: What the doc said.

Jan 4, 4:45pm Top

>175 richardderus: - I'm not doing the group read, Richard. I'm terrible at group reads. I'll make note of the book, though, so if it crosses my path I know it's got your seal of approval!

>176 drneutron: - Hi Jim!

>177 charl08: - Noted, Charlotte :)

Jan 4, 4:49pm Top

So we are getting quite the storm. Very windy and it's been snowing since early this morning. There was already a decent coating when I got up around 7:00. It has put a crimp in my plans to join Suzanne and Judy and Jim at their book group in the city this evening. Our driveway hasn't been plowed yet, and I tried to move the car and nearly got stuck. Some of the drifts from the blowing snow are about a foot deep.

I am also battling my husband - telling him to just go buy some clean undies and book a hotel room for the night, but he is insisting on coming home. And worst yet, he wants me to pick him up at the train station. Even if I could get out, I'd rather not brave our hilly streets in the dark. So. We'll see. At the least he could get an Uber or Lyft from the train station. Even with surge pricing, it would cost less than MY LIFE! ;-)

Jan 4, 4:50pm Top

>169 katiekrug: Yay! I predict you will be thoroughly hooked by the end of your free trial, and then you will have a decision to make. Too bad they don't give referrer codes so you could get a discount and I could get a bonus. :-)

Jan 4, 4:52pm Top

Hi, Katie. Go Tell It on the Mountain really bowled me over when I read it back in the day. A slim powerhouse.

Jan 4, 5:49pm Top

Katie!!! I am hoping you stayed put. Please stand your ground.

>180 rosalita: And yes, there should be a bonus because I will probably sign up, too.

Jan 4, 5:50pm Top

>182 Crazymamie: Woo-hoo! Another sale!

Jan 4, 5:51pm Top


Jan 4, 5:59pm Top

>179 katiekrug: I hope you won that argument! Stay safe and indoors!!

Jan 4, 6:45pm Top

>179 katiekrug: Stay safe, Katie. You told The Wayne not to go in to work today so you shouldn't have to brave the elements to pick him up because of his bad decision.

>165 jessibud2: I think there is a bit of a delay on legalization in Canada, Shelley. They don't want to make it official on July 1 so the day will remain Canada Day rather than Cannabis Day!

Jan 4, 7:29pm Top

>180 rosalita: - Already hooked. It was reasonably easy to get back in the groove :)

>181 jnwelch: - It's very powerful, isn't it, Joe?

>182 Crazymamie: - I made a valiant effort that ultimately failed. But I get credit for trying!

>183 rosalita: - You are *so* persuasive, Julia!

>184 Crazymamie: - :)

>185 ChelleBearss: - Thanks, Chelle! Follow up report coming... :)

>186 Familyhistorian: - Meg, he did arrive home rather sheepish and told me he learned his lesson. He's a good egg. I could have flat out told him he was on his own and he would have dealt with it, but it ended up not mattering anyway.

Jan 4, 7:34pm Top

Our plow company STILL hasn't arrived (we didn't choose it; plowing and shoveling is included in our rent). I thought I could get down the driveway, but I got stuck and had to dig out and then back up which involved a lot of moving forward a bit, putting the car in reverse, and gunning it. It's rather narrow between our house and the one next door, so it was a bit dicey. But I made it back and texted The Wayne to get a Lyft. Which he did, and it only cost $10 :)

Now we are settled in for the night with the wind blowing, jambalaya cooking, and all is right with the world. Oh, and there is wine!

Jan 4, 7:38pm Top

Oh, you poor thing! I am glad the Wayne ended up taking a Lyft. Is the storm as bad as they predicted? Is it still going on?

Glad you are chillin', with the wine.

Jan 4, 7:42pm Top

>188 katiekrug: $10!! Wow. Saintly Lyfter. Sad you couldn't go to the book circle, though, it's fun. Go next time if at all possible.

Edited: Jan 4, 7:49pm Top

>189 msf59: - Are you being sarcastic, Mark? Making fun of me when you are out in the elements all day? I wouldn't blame you a bit! The storm is worse down here than they said it would be. First it was a couple of inches predicted, than 4-6, but I think there's more now. It's hard to tell with the blowing and the drifts.

Hope you have thawed out after your work day, my friend!

>190 richardderus: - I assumed there would be "surge pricing" or whatever the Lyft equivalent is to that Uber b.s. But no. I am disappointed about the book group because I was interested in what people had to say about Go Tell It on the Mountain." They ended up canceling the whole thing, so I am hoping to be free if/when that discussion gets re-scheduled.

ETA: The Lyft base was $10. The Wayne assured me he tipped really well, given the circumstances!

Jan 4, 7:52pm Top

I was absolutely not being sarcastic. I don't like to tease or joke, when it comes to the elements. It hits too close to home.

4-6 isn't terrible, but if there is drifting, that can be ugly.

Jan 4, 7:54pm Top

>191 katiekrug: Stout fellow! A tip's the best part of being one of those poor souls.

Jan 4, 8:27pm Top

>192 msf59: - You are a good man, Mark! though I really wouldn't have minded if you gave me a bit of a hard time, since I'm a bit of a wuss ;-) I think we have at least 8" now - not terrible, but the wind is awful.

>193 richardderus: - So true. One of the reasons I prefer Lyft to Uber is that they always allowed tipping in the app. When Uber started, if you wanted to tip, you had to have cash, and I rarely carry much... And I like to tip!

Jan 4, 8:27pm Top

The plow dudes came! Hallelujah!

Jan 4, 8:32pm Top

Has it stopped snowing yet? It sounds like your landlord may be related to mine —he doesn't like to pay for someone to come out more than once for the same storm, so once it starts snowing no clearing happens until it's completely stopped, no matter how long that takes! It's fairly infuriating, to be honest.

Jan 4, 8:51pm Top

Glad to see you are both safe at home with wine! I might partake a little as well once child #1 finally drops off the sleep!

Jan 4, 9:59pm Top

>196 rosalita: - Yep, it's stopped. To be honest, the plowers are usually here more. I think they got overwhelmed because the snow was more than predicted. Our landlord is actually a really great guy.

>197 ChelleBearss: - Cheers, Chelle!

Jan 4, 10:07pm Top

Hi Katie! I guess it's good you're not snowed in? I had one kid on 2 hour delay and one kid with no school today. Now ask me if we had Any. Weather. At. All? No. We did not. we are 8 miles west of the weather, apparently, and apparently if one school can't get buses out, nobody gets to have buses. *eyeroll*

Jan 4, 10:19pm Top

Glad the Wayne made it home safely and you didn't have to get further than the driveway, hassle though that was! Sounds like a good night for some of that wine to me!

Jan 5, 6:24am Top

Sorry the Book Circle fell through last night Katie - was looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book and everyone elses too.

Happy New Year (belatedly) and all good wishes to the Wonderful Wayne.

(Does that mean you live in Stately Wayne Manor?)

Jan 5, 9:53am Top

>199 nittnut: - I don't mind the snow at all, unless I have to try to go out in it, Jenn! All's well that ends well, though :) The school cancellation thing is so hit or miss, especially in places where that kind of weather is rare. It happened in Dallas, too. They'd cancel school and nothing would happen and everyone would be annoyed, or they wouldn't cancel, it would snow, everyone would freak out, and the school districts would be accused of endangering children's lives. It's an impossible situation, I think!

>200 ronincats: - It turned into a lovely night, Roni. We watched old episodes of the Great British Baking Show, which The Wayne had never seen, and which I'd only seen sporadically when I was in the UK.

>201 magicians_nephew: - Hi Jim! Happy new year! I was disappointed about the book circle, but am hoping the discussion gets rescheduled and I can make it. I got a bit bogged down in the religiosity of it all, while fully recognizing it was the point of the whole thing. But the writing blew me away in several parts, and I'm so glad I finally read it.

Jan 5, 10:13am Top

Glad you’re managing through the “bomb”. Bummer about your book group meeting.

Jan 5, 10:15am Top

Glad to see that The Wayne made it home safe and sound and that you gave it a valiant effort but were forced to remain home.

Jan 5, 10:45am Top

It is *brutal* out there! So glad I don't need to do anything anywhere except my room. I love my DeLonghi!

Jan 5, 1:27pm Top

>203 dchaikin: - Hi Dan. What I don't understand is why we are only hearing about this weather phenomenon now. Surely it's existed for a while? Or was it just made up to add drama? Either way, I'm snug and warm (mostly), so it's all good.

>204 Crazymamie: - He even made dinner what he got home!

>205 richardderus: - I have to check the mail, but other than that, I am not planning to open the door today. Unless we order dinner in....

Jan 5, 1:30pm Top

Ordering in sounds good. Maybe I'll order from Number 1 tonight. I love their fried dumplings, somehow they make them fatter and more flavorful than other places.

Jan 5, 1:48pm Top


I loved fried dumplings!

Jan 5, 3:49pm Top

>174 katiekrug: I liked all the non-Luke parts :)
There was one part that I thought he did well, and it *wasn't* the part where he dusted his shoulder after the barrage of lasers attacked him....sheesh. What is this, pantomime??

Re: book circles, I think I killed mine. It was overdue though, as numbers were dwindling, and no one was really that into reading bar me! The previously imagined "breakaway bookclub" will be resurrected!

Jan 5, 3:58pm Top

>208 katiekrug: Me. Too! Decision made, double dumpling dinner tonight.

Jan 5, 4:09pm Top

Katie--Glad The Wayne made in home unscathed and (bonus!) maybe next time he will listen to you! : ) Glad you had a nice night of it.

Jan 5, 4:15pm Top

>209 LovingLit: - That dusting of the shoulder was so lame. *eye roll*

Sorry about your book group. I never had much luck with them before I moved here.

>210 richardderus: - Yep, I informed The Wayne that we would be ordering from Tao Yuen Chen, our favorite place. Fried dumplings and something else TBD....

>211 Berly: - Thanks, Kim! He did listen to me this morning when I told him not to go in and work from home :)

Jan 5, 4:16pm Top

Smart man!

Jan 5, 4:26pm Top

Yep. What Kim said, but then we knew that because he married you. Dinner sounds fabulous - I have no idea what we're having...

Jan 5, 4:39pm Top

>212 katiekrug: If you're looking for ideas, what about shrimp lo mein and orange-flavored beef? Ya know, just off-the-cuff-like.

Jan 5, 4:45pm Top

>213 Berly: - Indeed!

>214 Crazymamie: - :) For dinner, you could just send them to graze on whatever they find in the fridge and pantry. We do that some nights...

>215 richardderus: - Hmm, the orange beef is a good option. Unfortunately, this place doesn't have good lo mein. Their soup is also sub-par. But the fried rice and egg rolls make up for it. Depending on what I'm craving, we have several options of Chinese delivery. I wish I could find one place that did all my favorite things exactly how I like them!

Jan 5, 5:00pm Top

Whoaaaaah, just flying by to catch up before my internettage vanishes again. WHYYYY is it that half of America is frozen solid and still has internet, while we have like two nights of high winds and a smattering of sleet and ours is dead (Jim). Huh?

On the funnier side, it's called Storm Eleanor this time around, so... *preens*... At least it's the mark of a successful storm when a utility of some description goes out for a while, right? And apparently I've rearranged some beaches in Cornwall a bit, so that's one to tick off my life goals list. :D

Jan 5, 5:05pm Top

>216 katiekrug: We call that "Get Your Own", and good thinking. I have made it so.

Jan 5, 8:21pm Top

>217 elliepotten: - I want a storm named after me! No fair! Apparently the one here was "Grayson" which sounds like a douche-y frat boy who plays lacrosse at a second-rate university in the south...

>218 Crazymamie: - Nice!

Jan 5, 8:29pm Top

>164 EBT1002: LOL

>219 katiekrug: Or a douchey former member of Congress.

OMG, I Googled 'Alan Grayson lacrosse' and found this gem, from a CounterPunch article: "f you were on his mailing list, you'd be receiving exciting messages like this: 'When I was in college, I cleaned toilets. When the rich kids were playing varsity lacrosse,' ..."

Jan 5, 8:30pm Top

I happen to have made my way through more than a few snow storms.. I didn’t even know what a white out was until I was teaching in a suburban district that was farther out when I first graduated from college. Since I’ve moved closer to my daughter the snow is much easier to handle. My plow guy is worth his weight in gold. We had two really mild winters but this year seems to be trying to make up for it. My advice is to hole up and stay safe Katie

Jan 5, 8:32pm Top

I had to Google Alan Grayson but as soon as I saw his picture I remembered him. Blech.

I probably shouldn't pick on lacrosse, seeing as how I played it for 7 years and loved it. But it does go hand-in-hand with douchey Southern frat boys at crappy college in the south :)

Jan 5, 8:33pm Top

>221 brenzi: - Well, I do love to hole up, Bonnie, so I like that advice!

Jan 5, 10:04pm Top

Stay warm. Tomorrow's more of the same. Ugh.

Jan 6, 8:55am Top

>202 katiekrug: another fabulous alternative to braving the elements for an anticipated event.

>206 katiekrug: ~sigh~ And he cooks.

Edited: Jan 6, 9:22am Top

Hi Katie! Glad that The Sheepish Wayne made it home safe and sound. We live an hour or so southwest of >199 nittnut: Jenn and our roads are terrible. We stayed in Thursday and Friday but even though it hasn't gotten above freezing and is 17F now we're going to brave the roads later this morning. If we have to turn back we will.

>216 katiekrug: I wish I could find one place that did all my favorite things exactly how I like them! Your complaint is the way I feel about cook books - I wish there was one that all my favorite recipes. Instead I have 2 in this one, 3 in that one, etc.

Jan 6, 9:45am Top

Huh. I'd always thought of lacrosse as a quintessential New England thing.

Actually the whole idea of naming winter storms seems a bit lame to me and I had a good laugh over the National Weather Service putting out a press release a couple of years ago to say it was coming from the Weather Channel and not from them.

Jan 6, 10:54am Top

>224 richardderus: - Beginning to go a bit stir crazy, Richard... The Wayne had better hide the axes and not lock the bathroom door....

>225 ELiz_M: - Liz, you should come to the book circle! They read a lot off the 1001 list, so it's right up your alley :)

>226 karenmarie: - I should run some errands, Karen, but I don't want to go outside. High of 13F today... I also wanted to go to the Montclair Art Museum to see the Charles Burchfield exhibit that closes tomorrow, but not sure that's going to happen either. AND I need to get a pedicure... Stay safe if you venture out!

>227 bell7: - I think it was very much a New England thing until the douchey Southern frat bros got a hold of it, Mary ;-)

Jan 6, 12:09pm Top

It's -18° here. Too. Friggin. COLD!!

Jan 6, 12:20pm Top

As it turns out, I am going out, but only because I was promised lunch at the Italian tapas and wine bar....

Edited: Jan 6, 7:39pm Top

Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin

A beautifully written semi-autobiographical novel about a boy coming of age in Harlem in the 1930s and his religious awakening. The book deals with the role of religion as both a positive and negative force in the lives of African Americans - a source of encouragement and community but also of hypocrisy and cruelty. In places, Baldwin's writing has the rhythm of a sermon, and I found myself reading passages out loud. Though slow to get started, the last half is powerful and stirring, if - to my atheist self - a bit overbearing in its religious imagery and Biblical references. I had previously read Giovanni's Room by Baldwin and found that a similarly worthwhile read. I look forward to reading more of his work.

4 stars

Jan 6, 6:19pm Top

I hope you're surviving the BIG SNOW, Katie.

Two cases of wine? Not bad. Is there any left? :)

Nice comments on Go Tell It on the Mountain. I'm due for a reread.

I hope the weather gets better, and tell the Wayne to work from home until it's all cleaned up.

Jan 6, 6:36pm Top

Happy Saturday, Katie! Has the weather let up there? Just the aftermath?

Glad you enjoyed Go Tell It on the Mountain. Like, Beth, I would like to do a revisit.

We are going to watch "Stronger" tonight? Have you seen it yet? It is is supposed to be excellent.

Jan 6, 6:52pm Top

>232 BLBera: - Hi Beth! Snow has been survived - now it's just cold. High of 13F today. But we will be slowly warming up, so no worries. There is some wine left, especially the whites since I can't drink white wine when it's cold. But there are also a few bottles of red hanging around.

>233 msf59: - Hiya, Mark! Yep, just cold here now. I haven't seen 'Stronger.' I can't get over that whole incident giving us the insert city Strong" phenomenon which I think is just dumb and pointless. Aren't you glad you asked? ;-)

Jan 6, 7:39pm Top

New thread is up! Follow the continuation linky-lou...

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