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Ronincats Reads On in the Company of Friends

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Dec 31, 2017, 1:05am Top

I’m Roni in San Diego and I’ve been a member of the 75 book challenge group since 2008. I have a husband, 6 cats, 1 dog, a garden, many books, and am retired. I spend my time reading, gardening, crocheting, and making pottery and wire jewelry.

My main focus in reading is in speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy) but I also try to read at least a dozen nonfiction books per year and am keeping up, more or less, with 4 mystery series. Welcome to my thread. If you are a speculative fiction reader, comment on my thread and I’ll come visit you.

I follow those members with similar tastes or that I forged friendships with back in the days when this group was smaller--there is no way I can keep up with everyone, although I would love to be able to. But I definitely return visits!

Edited: Jan 8, 1:32am Top

Goals for 2018:

1. Read 150 books and 50,000 pages. So 2017 was the second year in a row that I didn’t meet this goal, reaching 141 books and 47,024 pages, but it is still quite doable.
2. Read at least 40 books off my own bookshelves (BOMBs). I have 295 books tagged “tbr” and that does not count my new acquisitions this month. Books acquired last year that I did not get read number 45. I only read 32 BOMBs this year, not meeting my high goal of 50. In two days, all of my books will be BOMBs.
3. It looks like I have been averaging about 85 books acquired for the last 6 years, so I will keep the goal of acquiring no more than 85 books. I need to do better at de-accessioning books from my stash, however, than I did this year (29). I will set the goal of 50 books out the door once more.

Edited: Dec 31, 2017, 3:33pm Top

Best of 2017


It has been an outstanding year for nonfiction. Out of 23 books read, I easily have a top 5, oops, 6 spanning a wide range of areas.

John Adams by David McCullough
Dancing at the Edge of the World by Ursula Le Guin
The Dark Side by Jane Mayer
Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit
Hidden Figures by Margot Shetterly
Evicted by Matthew Desmond

Top Non-speculative Fiction Reads:

Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Most Fun Reads:

All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Frogkisser! by Garth Nix
Arabella of Mars by David Levine

New Books out by my FAVORITE Authors (all in series):

Within the Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan—final Lady Trent book
The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller—Liaden
Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner—Queen’s Thief
The Gates of Tagmeth by P. C. Hodgell—The Kencyrath Chronicles
The Brightest Fell by Seanan McGuire—Toby Daye
Vallista by Steven Brust—Dragaera
The Penric novellas by Lois McMaster Bujold—World of Five Gods

Best SF New to Me:

Provenance by Ann Leckie
A Matter of Oaths by Helen Wright
Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Best Fantasy New to Me:

Heartstone by Elle Katharine White
Borderline by Mishell Baker
A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne
Kingfisher by Patricia McKillip

2017 Summary

Books read: 142
Pages read: 47,365
Average pages per day: 333
Average pages per book: 403

New reads: 124
Rereads: 18
Library books: 55
Books off the shelf: 32
New acquisitions read: 2 (purchased new)

science fiction 22
fantasy 71
children's 13
nonfiction 23
fiction 3
romance 2
mystery 11

Author gender: 98 female, 46 male

Country of origin: USA 6, England 3

Books acquired: 82
Source: PaperBackSwap-6, Amazon-40 (31 Kindle), gifts-11, Early Reviewers-5, Mysterious Galaxy-15, Other-5
Read: 37
Genre: science fiction-18, fantasy-43, children's-3, nonfiction-16, fiction-2, romance-1, mystery-0
Cost: $425.53

Books out the door: 28

Edited: Dec 31, 2017, 1:02am Top

I am reposting my list of favorite books from each year of my life (published date).

Okay, several people have been posting lists of favorite book per year of every year of their life. Seemed like an impossible task for me, but then I realized it didn't mean BEST book, and further realized that I could morph the conditions somewhat. So what this list contains is favorite books as defined by books that I keep coming back to and rereading with enjoyment. Except for the last 5 years, this means I have reread the books listed at least three times, and often many times more. Also, I have tried not to use books in a series too many times. I mean, I could list ALL of the Bujold books, the Vlad Taltos Series, the Liaden books, the Attolia books, the Toby Daye series, and so on, as I often reread all the previous books every time a new one comes out. I have tagged books that are part of this type of series with an asterisk. Need I say I spent far too long on this?

1949 Needle by Hal Clement
1950 The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer
1951 Between Planets by Robert Heinlein
1952 Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White
1953 Cotillion by Georgette Heyer
1954 The Lord of the Rings: Books 1 & 2 by J. R. R. Tolkien
Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman
The Ark by Margot Benary-Isbert
1955 The Lord of the Rings: Book 3 by J. R. R. Tolkien
1956 Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer
1957 Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
The Door into Summer by Robert Heinlein
1958 The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope
1959 The Beast Master by Andre Norton
My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer
A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.
1960 The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner
The Dean’s Watch by Elizabeth Goudge
Storm Over Warlock by Andre Norton
1961 Catseye by Andre Norton
Time is the Simplest Thing by Clifford Simak
1962 A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
1963 Way Station by Clifford Simak
1964 Linnets and Valerians by Elizabeth Goudge
1965 Dune by Frank Herbert
1966 The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz
1967 Taran Wanderer* by Lloyd Alexander
Dragonflight/Dragonquest* by Anne McCaffrey
1968 A Wizard of Earthsea* by Ursula K. Le Guin
1969 The Warlock in Spite of Himself by Christopher Stasheff
Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman
The Face in the Frost by John Bellairs
1970 The Tombs of Atuan* by Ursula K. Le Guin
1971 A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L’Engle
1972 The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le Guin
1973 The Dark is Rising* by Susan Cooper
1974 The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip
1975 Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones
1976 Dragonsong* by Anne McCaffrey
1977 Charmed Life* by Diana Wynne Jones
1978 Beauty by Robin McKinley
1979 The Door into Fire* by Diane Duane
1980 Lord Valentine’s Castle* by Robert Silverberg
1981 The Pride of Chanur* by C. J. Cherryh
The Ring of Allaire* by Susan Dexter
The Demon Breed by James H. Schmitz
1982 The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
God Stalk* by P. C. Hodgell
1983 Jhereg* by Steven Brust
Tea with the Black Dragon by R. A. MacAvoy
1984 Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart
1985 Talking to Dragons* by Patricia C. Wrede
The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner
Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly
1986 Shards of Honor* by Lois McMaster Bujold
1987 The Uplift War* by David Brin
1988 The Dragonbone Chair* by Tad Williams
Sheepfarmer’s Daughter* by Elizabeth Moon
Agent of Change* by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
1989 Guards! Guards!* by Terry Pratchett
1990 Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
1991 Barrayar by Lois McMaster Bujold
1992 On Basilisk Station* by David Weber
1993 The Thread that Binds the Bones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
1994 Mirror Dance* by Lois McMaster Bujold
1995 Sabriel* by Garth Nix
1996 The Thief* by Megan Whalen Turner
1997 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone* by J. K. Rowling
1998 To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis
Dark Lord of Derkholm* by Diana Wynne Jones
Changer by Jane Lindskold
1999 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban* by J. K. Rowling
2000 The Curse of Chalion* by Lois McMaster Bujold
The Queen of Attolia* by Megan Whalen Turner
2001 Getting Things Done by David Allen
The Eyre Affair* by Jasper Fforde
2002 Lost in a Good Book* by Jasper Fforde
2003 The Wee Free Men* by Terry Pratchett
Sunshine by Robin McKinley
2004 Going Postal* by Terry Pratchett
2005 Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
Cast in Shadow* by Michelle Sagara
2006 The King of Attolia* by Megan Whalen Turner
2007 Wizards at War* by Diane Duane
2008 Nation by Terry Pratchett
2009 Rosemary and Rue* by Seanan McGuire
2010 I Shall Wear Midnight* by Terry Pratchett
2011 Rivers of London* by Ben Aaronovitch
2012 Three Parts Dead* by Max Gladstone
2013 A Natural History of Dragons* by Marie Brennan
2014 The Martian by Andy Weir
2015 The Astronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher
2016 Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer

Edited: Jan 20, 2:55pm Top

Books Read in 2018

1. Neogenesis by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
2. Behind the Throne by K. B. Wagers
3. God Stalk by P. C. Hodgell
4. Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis
5. Cloudbound by Fran Wilde
6. Dark of the Moon by P. C. Hodgell
7. Seeker's Mask by P. C. Hodgell
8. To Ride a Rathorn by P. C. Hodgell
9. Bound in Blood by P. C. Hodgell
10. Honor's Paradox by P. C. Hodgell
11. The Sea of Time by P. C. Hodgell
12. The Gates of Tagmeth by P. C. Hodgell
13. The Birds' Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggins
14. To Visit the Queen by Diane Duane
15. Blood & Ivory: A Tapestry by P. C. Hodgell

Edited: Jan 20, 2:52pm Top

Books Acquired in 2018

✔1. Neogenesis by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
2. Darwin's Armada by Iain McCalman
3. The Gene: an intimate history by Siddhartha Mukherjee

Edited: Dec 31, 2017, 12:28pm Top

2018 Challenges and Group Reads:

God Stalk Group Read -- http://www.librarything.com/topic/279620

Edited: Dec 31, 2017, 1:22am Top

Welcome to my new thread and to 2018, friends! Settle in, have something to drink and/or nibble on, and come back often.

Dec 31, 2017, 1:15am Top

Happy New Year, Roni. I'm going to have to have another look at your best of 2017 books, there seem to be rather a lot of them.

Dec 31, 2017, 1:19am Top

Happy New Year!! Starring...

Dark Money was stunning, wasn't it? I'm glad you're one less person I have to persuade of that...

Dec 31, 2017, 9:28am Top

Welcome back!

Dec 31, 2017, 11:18am Top

Happy New Year, Roni! Dropping a star and looking forward to another year of following you. I love the sentiment in your topper. I am also thrilled that you brought your list in >4 ronincats: over. I plan on using it as a reference.

Dec 31, 2017, 12:31pm Top

Happy New Year! I wish you to read many good books in 2018.

Dec 31, 2017, 1:55pm Top

Happy reading in 2018, Roni!

Dec 31, 2017, 2:20pm Top

Happy new year, Roni!

Good to see Hidden Figures on your best books list - I loved the movie and have the book on my Kindle.

Dec 31, 2017, 2:48pm Top

Starred you Roni! Have a great New Year!

Dec 31, 2017, 3:02pm Top

Happy new year, Roni. Can't wait to see what new creative projects you'll be working on this year.

Dec 31, 2017, 3:43pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni!

(sunrise at Newgrange, Ireland)

Dec 31, 2017, 5:21pm Top

view from Zürich's landmark mountain Üetliberg

Jan 1, 12:17am Top

Happy 2018 reading! I hope those cats of yours make an appearance soon!

Jan 1, 4:14am Top

Happy New Year
Happy New Group here
This place is full of friends
I hope it never ends
It brew of erudition and good cheer.

Jan 1, 9:15am Top

Jan 1, 9:53am Top

Hi Roni!

I like your life list. Of course you spent too much time on it! It's a labor of love.

Jan 1, 11:56am Top

>8 ronincats: That macrame (?) sculpture is WILD. I brought my reading chair, where shall I leave it?

Jan 1, 12:03pm Top

Happy New Year Dear Friend!

I look forward to learning about the books you read, hearing stories of your lovely animals, and I love to see the pottery that you create.

All good wishes to you!

Edited: Jan 1, 1:13pm Top

Jan 1, 1:35pm Top

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you amazing books and plenty of kitty cuddles.

Jan 1, 1:53pm Top

Happy New Year Ro!

Lovely reading corner in >8 ronincats:

Jan 1, 2:10pm Top

Happy new thread! I hope I'll do better at keeping up with you this year.

Jan 1, 3:36pm Top

Hi Roni, and Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 4:22pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni! May you have some great reads in 2018.

Jan 1, 5:07pm Top

Happy New Year!! Hope your reads are fabulous!

Jan 1, 5:22pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni! Looking forward to your 2018 recommendations - I've found so many favorite books/authors/series through you!

Jan 1, 5:25pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni!

Jan 1, 5:26pm Top

>8 ronincats: I want one of those chairs! I do not even know what they are called and I want one!

Happy New Year, Roni! I hope 2018 is a great year for you!

Jan 1, 5:47pm Top

>8 ronincats: LOVE that room...although I would get rid of the macrame sculpture and replace it with a globe (I've always wanted a big floor globe even though I don't have room for it and probably can't afford it)

Edited: Jan 1, 6:58pm Top

Happy Reading in 2018, Roni. I am going to try and keep up with your thread this year.

>3 ronincats: Love the Best of Lists! Great to see Evicted & A Gentleman on there. Two of my favorites.

I have A Plague of Giants in print and on audio. I hope to get to it soon. I met Hearne at an author event, a few months ago. He is a treat.

Jan 1, 6:37pm Top

Starring and wishing you a happy new year Roni!

Jan 1, 6:56pm Top

Happy new year!
And if you're serving the kind of goodies (and offering the kind of reading spots) shown in >8 ronincats:, I'll definitely stop by often. ;)

Jan 1, 7:50pm Top

Happy New Year Roni, and happy reading.
I love your lists, so many choices to pick from...

Jan 1, 7:52pm Top

Happy 2018, Roni!

Jan 2, 12:17am Top

Happy 2018!!

Edited: Jan 2, 10:14am Top

Happy 2018 Roni!

I saw this wall hanging on a blog I read and it reminded me of your trees.

I am experimenting with hanging out in Club Read this year. Thanks for dropping by!

Jan 2, 2:03pm Top

This looks like a comfy spot with reading chairs and snacks. Think I will drop my star and follow along. Happy 2018, Roni!

Jan 2, 2:58pm Top

Welcome again, Kerry, Suz, Jim, Mamie, Rachel, Anita, Cushla, Rhian, Caro, majleavy, Barbara, Lori, Paul, Jenn, Karen, Richard, Linda, Marie, Katherine, Ro, Zoe, Laura, Kriti, Paula, Mary, Jess, Stasia, Reba, Mark, Steve, Paws, Ella, Joe, Kim, Ardene and Meg. Whew! Hope I didn't miss anyone! But I am delighted to have you all along for the ride.

So, what have I been doing? Well, I cleaned out my built-in china closet, putting away my Christmas mugs and trying to winnow out some of my mug collection. For those of you new to my thread, I've been a collector of cat-themed merchandise over the years. I could stock a very respectable store. And now I'm trying to wean it down. Here are my cat mugs. Now, granted, this does not include the Christmas ones (although I got rid of 2 of those) or the ones that go with teapot sets (about a dozen).

Although I only managed to get rid of 5 of these, I also got rid of 5 non-cat mugs that were hanging around too.

Jan 2, 3:02pm Top

>46 ronincats: Wow-y! That is a lot of cat mugs. Do you use them all, or do you have to sort of rotate them in every once in awhile?

Jan 2, 3:30pm Top

>46 ronincats: *gobsmacked* Wowee toledo! Seems like perfect booth fodder to me.

Jan 2, 4:37pm Top

>46 ronincats: Oh - wow - what a great collection! I'm envious, although I would not have a place for these!

Jan 2, 4:40pm Top

>49 thornton37814: We have 24 mugs here, plus a few in New York, and hubby keeps telling me we need to get rid of some. I may save that picture to show him next time he says that lol

Jan 2, 4:42pm Top

Jan 2, 5:23pm Top

>46 ronincats: Wow! I have a colleague who collects cat stuff but she has nothing on you! That is dedication.

Jan 2, 5:47pm Top

I got rid of a bunch of mugs when I moved last time, and now I find myself wishing I had them back when I run out and the dishwasher isn't full yet. Of course, I'm only talking about four large coffee mugs, three pretty teacups, and a couple of small mugs - nothing like the number you have!

Jan 2, 6:04pm Top

>4 ronincats: What a great list! So many books I have loved, but be sure I'll mine it for ones I haven't to strengthen my TBR pile, which for the last few years has been 90% extracted from the Locus Forthcoming Books page. I don't have a star I like yet, but maybe this will do!

Jan 3, 12:00am Top

>47 rosylibrarian: Definitely a rotation, Marie. Two shelves in my kitchen cabinets hold the ones we are currently using, rotated about every three months with the ones stored in the back of the china cabinet.

>48 richardderus: Except they aren't hand-crafted! I think about renting out a store temporarily sometimes--I could fill it.

>49 thornton37814: I have too many cabinets just for my cat collectibles, Lori.

>50 RebaRelishesReading: Be my guest, Reba!

>51 Crazymamie: Yeah.

>52 PawsforThought: That is many years of accumulation, Paws.

>53 Storeetllr: Since I only run the dishwasher twice a week, Mary, that is a consideration, and no, we do not run out of mugs. Forks, yes, but not mugs.

>54 quondame: That may actually be overkill, Susan. I've been trying to read most of the Hugo and Nebula shortlist for novels for the last few years.

So with all these books in various stages of completion, I decided to start a new one last night after it popped up on the Amazon email and I realized I had bought it about 2 years ago. Go figure. I will work on it tonight, but the new Liaden book is due on my doorstop tomorrow!

Jan 3, 12:14am Top

>46 ronincats: Getting rid is hard to do...... (I collect dolls, sewing patterns, and miniature tools, not to mention yarn & fabric stashes!)

>48 richardderus: I have Neogenesis on hold at the library. I make get it for my Kindle, but I stopped buying L&M hardbacks after Saltation

Jan 3, 1:12pm Top

Hi, Roni, Happy New Year! I see you're running a bit short on mugs; is that why you keep making more? ;0)

Look forward to continuing our reading journeys (well, I'll follow yours) together again this year.

And I'll pop over to the God Stalk thread as soon as I can.

Jan 3, 1:41pm Top

>56 quondame: I know, Susan. If it were only just mugs, as opposed to figurines, stuffed animal cats, plates, teapots, dishtowels, hotpads, clothing, and jewelry.

>57 humouress: Hi, Nina! Thank you, and look forward as well to keeping up with you this year.

So, Neogenesis is HERE, and that made me realize that I had not even thought of setting up my new book spreadsheet for 2018 when I went to enter it into Books Acquired. So now I've done that.

Also, haven't posted kitten pics because they haven't accumulated in one place over the last few days. Until now...

Needless to say, that is NOT a place they should be.

Off to drop into Neogenesis.

Jan 3, 2:18pm Top

Jan 3, 2:54pm Top

>58 ronincats: Adorable picture Roni, it looks like THEY think it IS the place to be ;-)

Jan 3, 3:23pm Top

>58 ronincats: They think they belong there with al the cats!

Jan 3, 3:30pm Top

Just stopping in to drop a star and wish you a happy new year!

Jan 3, 3:39pm Top

>58 ronincats: LOVE the photo! How adorable!

Jan 3, 3:52pm Top

Hi Roni! Now, I knew you collected cat stuff, but....wow. That's a lot of mugs! Are you secretly relieved if you break one? I understand the urge to collect though. It's a nice hobby to have. I collect Pez dispensers. I have about 100 and buy new ones whenever I see one I like. I haven't really found a good place to display them since we moved house, but maybe I'll go get them out and give it a fresh go...

Edited: Jan 3, 3:59pm Top

Happy New Year and happy new thread! I look forward to seeing what you will read this year!

Jan 3, 4:21pm Top

Handmade heck! Roni me lurve...get a booth in the local flea market and fund your round-the-world cruise!

Just got Touched by an Angel, the Doctor Who novel, from some anonymous benefactor. You, perchance?

Jan 3, 4:52pm Top

LOL.. cats among the cats... do they recognize themselves in your cat pitchers and jars, I wonder.

Jan 3, 5:40pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni - I'll be happy to sit in your chair.

Jan 3, 5:46pm Top

Oh! I just saw Neogenesis was out and made a note to find it. Probably will have to buy it from Audible as none of my libraries seem to carry the Liaden books. :( Can't wait to know your thoughts on it.

Yeah, I run out of spoons all the time, though I have more spoons than forks and knives and mugs. lol

Jan 3, 6:24pm Top

>58 ronincats: Heh heh, the minute they know you don't want them in a place, they find it irresistible!

And happy new year to you -- I was running around threads the other day and I read yours but never posted!

Jan 3, 11:46pm Top

Okay, just dropped out of Neogenesis.

Book #1 Neogenesis by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (435 pp.)

Oh MY! This is NOT the place to start for those new to the Liaden Universe, but so many threads are gathered up here, it is very satisfying.

Many series have gone to the broader stage as they progressed and became more complex, such as David Weber's Honor Harrington series or Elizabeth Moon's Heris Serrano series, and thus become more political and less personally satisfying. Lee and Miller keep the focus personal and thus engaging, but the cost is the frequent shifting of points of view and the risk of losing track of characters. Nonetheless, one picks up the threads as one reads along and it is very good.

Jan 3, 11:55pm Top

Catching up:

>59 quondame: Thanks, Susan, I did.
>60 FAMeulstee: Yeah, Anita.
>61 thornton37814: Somehow they just don't blend in, Lori.
>62 tapestry100: Your star is not registering, David. Check your quote marks to make sure they aren't curvy.
>63 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie.
>64 HanGerg: I would be, Hannah, but it seems it's usually a favorite that I break!
>65 foggidawn: Thanks, foggi. Looking forward to the usual book bullets from you!
>66 richardderus: Not me, sweetie. I believed your plea for no new books.
>67 cameling: Hi, Caro. I don't know--they don't move so I think they are ignored as background.
>68 BLBera: Be my guest, Beth. Isn't it a nice one?
>69 Storeetllr: Loved it, Mary! And the hubby tends to toss silverware unintentionally, so I'm always running short.
>70 sibyx: How true, Lucy! And thank you.

Jan 4, 12:58am Top

>71 ronincats: Another of the many series I need to continue ...

Jan 4, 12:25pm Top

Roni, I starred your thread a while ago but am just now getting around to an actual visit! Happy New Year, my friend!

>58 ronincats: Yes, that might be dangerous but it is also SO CUTE!!!

Jan 4, 1:41pm Top

>58 ronincats: Well that is extreme cuteness and I'm glad it's not in my house.
Happy New Year!

Jan 4, 7:17pm Top

I love the opening sentiment, Roni. I am awed by your mug collection! Your kitties are in dangerous territory mingling with your pottery in that picture. I wish you all a happy New Year!

Jan 4, 8:25pm Top

>73 swynn: Definitely, Steve!
>74 EBT1002: Hi, Ellen. Thank you. THEY are dangerous, not in danger, but definitely photogenic.
>75 qebo: Yes, they are at that age, Katherine. We'd gotten used to older cats...
>76 Donna828: Hi, Donna, and thank you.

Book #2 Behind the Throne by K. B. Wagers (423 pp.)

Amazon has been advertising the Kindle version of this for 99¢ recently, and made me realize I had purchased it in December of 2016 (so it's a BOMB! Book off my Bookshelves). It's a fun read, very good for a first novel. Set in the Indranan Empire, a planet colonized by settlers of Indian culture in the distant past and a matriarchy due to events inthe early colonization period, the world-building is well-done and the characters are well-drawn, with lots of action. It's the kind of adventure science fiction that I enjoy reading. Now, though, the sequels are $9.99 on Kindle and that's rather steep for me.

Jan 4, 8:40pm Top

Hope you are having a great start to 2018!
Glad to see those kittens are still adorable! Chloe asked us for a new kitty recently. Nate gave her a big NO on that :-(

Jan 4, 9:15pm Top

Hi, Chelle. Hope Elissa is doing well, and do you still have your dogs? Poor Chloe!

Jan 4, 9:51pm Top

The end-of-year book meme!

Describe yourself: The Madwoman Upstairs

Describe how you feel: Okay for Now

Describe where you currently live: City of Miracles

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Within the Sanctuary of Wings

Your favorite form of transportation: Dancing at the Edge of the World

Your best friend is: The Girl Who Drank the Moon

You and your friends are: Three Times Lucky

What’s the weather like: Cold Welcome

You fear: The Unquiet Bones

What is the best advice you have to give: Tricks of the Trade

Thought for the day: Everything is Miscellaneous

How you would like to die: Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Your soul’s present condition: All Systems Red

Jan 4, 11:12pm Top

>80 ronincats: Love your meme answers!

Jan 4, 11:58pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni! You're starred. I hope you have a wonderful reading year!

I had so much fun with Frogkisser! - it was great on audio. I have a few Garth Nix boos on deck for 2018.

>58 ronincats: Great pic of the kitties! My cat makes a career of being where she shouldn't, and doing what she shouldn't (top offense: chewing through charging and connecting cords of all kinds).

Jan 5, 2:51pm Top

Liaden is not a universe my library collects, so I'm bravely averting my face. Love your cat photo.

Jan 5, 3:16pm Top

>83 markon: My libraries make e-editions of most of the Liaden books available. Very handy for traveling.

Edited: Jan 5, 8:57pm Top

Hi, Roni. Dropping a star.

>58 ronincats: Ah, yes. Kittens where they shouldn't be - sounds very familiar. J'Zargo has taken to jumping up on our stool at the counter, running to the other end and then laying down. We no sooner get him off the counter and on the ground, and he does it again. I've noticed that he most frequently does this when he wants someone to throw his puff-ball, which he likes to fetch. We ended up putting only non-breakable ornaments on the Christmas tree this year, and have had two climbers so far!

Looking forward to the pottery and jewelry and all of the great reading this year!

Jan 5, 9:40pm Top

It's taken me awhile to get here but my star is placed and I am looking forward to a year of great book recommendations, and lots of kitties and crafts. I was so behind when I got home the other day, but I am slowly working my way over to my usual threads. I am enjoying God Stalk even though I want to know more about Jame!

Jan 5, 9:54pm Top

>81 thornton37814: Thanks, Lori.
>82 AMQS: Mine have shown an interest in the cords but haven't been chewing them--yet, at least. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And yes, I loved Frogkisser! and how it played with the tropes while still being very entertaining on the surface level.
>83 markon:, 85 Ah, yes, Miles comes and makes himself a nuisance when he wants you to play with him too. No ornaments on the tree this year.
>86 DeltaQueen50: Hi, Judy. Jame would second you on that! Glad you are reading with us.

A stay-at-home day with laundry and kitchen-cleaning, a wee bit of reading.

Jan 6, 6:59am Top

>58 ronincats: LOL They know where to go. Happy weekend Roni.

Jan 6, 10:52am Top

Love your meme! Esp your friends and mode of transport! Now I have to rush off and give it a go.

Jan 6, 12:35pm Top

Neogenesis: oh, I can't wait. That sounds great, Roni.

I'm having a good time with God Stalk. What a fun character Jame is.

Jan 6, 3:02pm Top

Hi, Roni! Love your meme answers especially "Describe how you feel: Okay for Now." Don't know why, but that tickled me. I have a lot of mugs, too, but they are definitely not all one theme! And I try to rotate them. The Christmas stuff is now put away on the top unreachable shelf. Beginning of February I have a few hearts I'll bring down.

Loving God Stalk. Thanks!

Jan 6, 5:04pm Top

>88 Ameise1: Thank you, Barbara. Hope you are having a good one too.
>89 sibyx: Liked your meme too, Lucy.
>90 jnwelch: The only problem is now I need to go back and read the two right before it for context, Joe. Glad you are enjoying God Stalk.
>91 Berly: I thought that was a good fit, Kim (and it was a very good book as well!). Glad you joined us for God Stalk.

Speaking of which...

Book #3 God Stalk by P. C. Hodgell (284 pp.)

I tried to go slow on this re-read, but lost the battle last night! This needs to be the last time I physically read this paperback--the 35 year-old pages are yellowed and brittle and I lost two corners off the front cover on this read. That's okay, I have the hardback omnibus with the story in it.

Some people may have noticed that we are doing a group read of this book this January, so it will be showing up a lot on the threads. There are 22 of us who have committed and checked in, as well as 4 who expressed an interest but haven't been around yet, and that is a huge group. I know that not everyone will end up sticking with it, but it is not a difficult read and so far everyone who has started seems to be enjoying it. I have loved this book for 35 years and think it is undeservedly below the radar for most fantasy readers, hence the promotion. For 15 years, there was no access to a sequel, and then only through Meisha Merlin Publishing in hardback. Finally, Baen took over as publisher and made all the books to date accessible. So, although this is the first of a series, it also works as a stand-alone, albeit with some unfinished business.

Jan 6, 5:22pm Top

>92 ronincats: I got God Stalk from the library and probably should go over to that thread to commit! It's just that I borrowed so many other books at the same time! Most of which are on two week loan.

Jan 6, 5:32pm Top

>58 ronincats: Love the kitty photo. That one on the top shelf has a real pixie face. :)

Jan 6, 6:24pm Top

Seen on an organizational website:

Optimize Your Bookshelves
Bookcases look most balanced when they are filled 75 percent with books and 20 percent with decorative items, leaving 5 percent of empty space.

Um, no. Just no.

Jan 6, 7:58pm Top

>95 ronincats: ...


...do what now?

Jan 6, 8:29pm Top

>79 ronincats: Sadly we are down to just one pet now, Jackson (lab, age 9).We lost both our dog Tempe and our cat Taz in 2017. Was a rough year on pets!
Jackson is quite spoiled and gets all the dropped toddler food now. I'd say he has a pretty good life :)

Jan 7, 1:43am Top

>95 ronincats: That's just sacrilege! What are those people thinking??

Jan 7, 1:56am Top

>95 ronincats: No just No .....

Edited: Jan 7, 1:28pm Top

I am back in Alabama and started listening to the recorded version of Laini Taylor’s newest YA fantasy Strange the Dreamer and am loving it. I am having far to many driveway moments with this one, and plan on spending some evenings knitting and listening to it the week because I just can’t get enough of it. This is going to be a duopoly rather than a trilogy, and I will be anxiously awaiting the sequel to this one.

I am one of those who is following the God Stalk thread, but not reading the book. I am over committed right now and it is the beginning of the semester and I have classes to plan so am spending some extra hours at night at work. Because of your group read I now have this title on my wishlist so I will get to it sometime this year.

Jan 7, 2:59pm Top

>95 ronincats: Hahahahaha. Empty bookcase space. Hahahahaha.

Jan 7, 8:09pm Top

>95 ronincats: sounds like the kind of people who select their books by color of their jacket coordinating with the room color scheme -- harrumph!

Jan 7, 8:36pm Top

>4 ronincats: That looks like such a fun list to compile - did you go to the books you had listed for first publication dates or were there other lists you consulted (I must avoid making my own list until after I get back from my mini-vacation in the mountains)

Jan 7, 10:07pm Top

Hi Roni! I'm looking forward to seeing what you read this year, as well as how the kittens do.

Jan 7, 11:36pm Top

>101 Storeetllr: :0D

...if only

Jan 8, 12:55am Top

Catching up here. I've been laid low with a nagging headache today due to the low pressure front moving in which is supposed to be powerful enough to give urban San Diego its first measurable rain in 6 months, and if it does, this is well worth it. It's been a tightness in my scalp rather than a thunder pounder so, after watching two football games while playing games on my tablet, I actually got some reading done. More on that later. Now I need to catch up with my visitors.

>93 quondame: I know the feeling, Susan. I just renewed three books, finally finished the one I'd already renewed the 5 times limit, and am going to return Artemis, which has holds on it, unread at this point.
>94 nittnut: That's my little girl, Jenn.
>96 richardderus: Rightfully speechless, Richard!
>97 ChelleBearss: Sorry to hear about your losses, Chelle. I remember when you acquired Tempe.
>98 rretzler: Obviously NOT thinking, Robin.
>99 roundballnz: Sorry to have caused you pain, Alex. You are so right.
>100 benitastrnad: Glad you are back home, Benita. My work is done in that I have made you aware of God Stalk.
>101 Storeetllr: Isn't that hilarious, Mary?
>102 RebaRelishesReading: I thought of that too, Reba. Ridiculous!
>103 quondame: I must confess to "cheating", Susan. You can get Wikipedia to show you the year in literature for each year (e.g., 1950 in literature") that shows you new books for that year and, while it obviously isn't all-inclusive, it certainly gives you a good selection to pick from. I should reverse-engineer the list by taking favorite books and looking at year of publication to make sure I actually got all my favorites. Of course, some favorites were written before I was born.
>104 Kassilem: Thank you, Melissa!
>105 humouress: Any space that opens up on my shelves certainly doesn't stay empty for long, Nina.

Jan 8, 1:25am Top

Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis (168 pp.)

I had enjoyed several earlier historical fantasies by this author and when this one came up on Amazon last fall, it sounded like fun--a fantasy set in a Regency-like alternative England. And it was fun, just the sort of light reading I needed today. Warning, though--this is basically a Regency romance with magic and elves (the glamorous scary type). But I enjoyed the heroine and the world-building and the atmosphere, so when the next one comes out, I will undoubtedly read it.

Book #5 Cloudbound by Fran Wilde (396 pp.)

Last year, Wilde's Updraft was nominated for numerous awards. A YA with highly original world-building, it deserved the acclaim. I've had its sequel out from the library for months now. I have renewed it for the five allowed 3 week periods and can't renew it any more so I finally finished it. Putting a society back together after tearing it apart is always more difficult, and that conflict slowed my reading. This is also the middle book of a trilogy (I think. At least three books, anyway) and so the politics is not resolved but a lot of new information about the unique environment certainly came out. Glad I went ahead and finished this.

Jan 8, 2:15am Top

>106 ronincats: I found that LT lets you include the original publication date in your display fields of 'Your Books' but it won't let you sort on it, though if you are willing to wade through false hits you can search on it.

>107 ronincats: I'm always up for a Regency w/Magic - my favorites are Anubis Gates and Sorcery and Cecelia.

Jan 8, 2:18am Top

>92 ronincats: I couldn't wait either. Finished God Stalk and loved it! I will be checking in on the comments on the thread. : )

Wishing you a great week.

Jan 8, 2:28am Top

>108 quondame: Those are both good. I might also suggest the Midnight Queen trilogy by Sylvia Izzo Hunter.

>109 Berly: So glad you enjoyed it, Berly! Definitely come around for the discussions.

Jan 8, 3:11am Top

Have to admit am struggling with God stalk first chapter just isn't clicking with me, plan to give it another go this weekend, maybe a better/different frame of mind

Edited: Jan 8, 10:12am Top

>107 ronincats: You got me with Snowspelled -- sounds like just the thing for some light winter reading. I had toyed with the idea of joining the God Stalk read, but I'm not good at committing to group reads. I may try to join in eventually.

Jan 8, 10:33am Top

Hi Roni - I'm late with making the New Year's rounds, but I want to say Happiest of New Year's! May it be filled with adventures and fun, bookish and otherwise.

I'm enjoying God Stalk. Just started chapter 5 - I can see myself wanting to read all of them - maybe one a month?

Jan 8, 12:43pm Top

>110 ronincats: Great! my library had kindle versions available, so they'll be going up the mountain with me this weekend!

Jan 8, 12:48pm Top

Sorry to hear you have a headache, but I hope it does bring us some rain.

Jan 8, 1:02pm Top

>111 roundballnz: *gasp of horror* ;0)

Jan 8, 1:30pm Top

>106 ronincats: Of course, some favorites were written before I was born.
The Rosetta Stone for example. I still think you're a meanie for holding out on the poor scholars trying to figure out Linear A.

*skedaddles fleeing thunderbolts*

Jan 8, 2:00pm Top

Hi Roni! Finally managing to swing by your thread...

>3 ronincats: A lot of good books on your best reads for 2017 - I'm hoping to get to A Gentleman in Moscow in 2018. And I like the way you've created your favourite books for each year in >4 ronincats: - there are a number on there that I've also read thanks to book bullets from your threads over the years!

>58 ronincats: Kittens - oh my!

>77 ronincats: I had mixed feelings about Behind the Throne - enjoyed some aspects but there were a lot of writing niggles that irritated me. I decided to try the second in the series in the hope the niggles would be gone and ended up abandoning it. I'm glad you enjoyed it as I really wanted to like this series - it had a lot of elements I usually enjoy but something about this author's writing style is like nails scraping down a blackboard to me!

>95 ronincats: Really, really no.

>106 ronincats: Sorry to hear about your headache - I hope it eases up.

Jan 8, 2:13pm Top

>95 ronincats: Monsters!

Jan 8, 2:17pm Top

>95 ronincats: This reminds me so much of a photo I saw on Twitter from a decorating magazine. The caption was something along the lines of "So-and-so maintains a neutral look by shelving her books with the spines facing inward." What the heck?! How are you supposed to be able to find the books you are looking for? It goes without saying that the shelves in the photo featured one small segment of books and a lot of vases and flowers and geegaws. Sheesh.

Jan 8, 2:25pm Top

>111 roundballnz: That was my reaction as well.

Jan 8, 2:25pm Top

>120 rosalita: I thought of that photo too Julia! Crazy people.

Jan 8, 7:06pm Top

>111 roundballnz: Alex, please read at least the first four chapters before giving up on it for now! I love the first chapter but stylistically it is quite unlike most of the book, so don't base your opinion solely on it.
>112 foggidawn: It's also novella length, so great for a quick read.
>113 streamsong: Good to see you here, Janet. Thank you. Glad you are enjoying GS.
>114 quondame: I'll look forward to seeing your opinion of them, Susan.
>115 RebaRelishesReading: Headache has gone today, fortunately, and the rain is already moving in here, Reba.
>116 humouress: Now, now, Nina. Confess--a certain type of mindset is not sympatico with lush atmospherics.
>117 richardderus: Could have sworn someone was here a minute ago, but no sign of them now. Probably for the best...
>118 souloftherose: Hi, Heather! Headache is gone today, thank goodness. Oh dear, I didn't notice any niggles. Now I'm worried.
>119 luvamystery65: You got that right, Ro.
>120 rosalita:, >121 RBeffa:, >122 luvamystery65: I remembered that as well when I saw this. Crazy!

So today I pruned my rosebushes and fed them in anticipation of the incoming rain, scattered some seed into my raised beds, and fed the citrus trees. Now we've had some light rain and radar shows a lot more offshore. Keeping fingers crossed that it comes ashore HERE!

Jan 8, 11:18pm Top

We've got lots - pouring rain off and on (mostly on) since 0darkhundred this morning. Hopefully it'll head down south...

Jan 8, 11:25pm Top

Hi Roni, well, I couldn't wait either so I have also finished God Stalk. You introduced me Lois McMaster Bujold and Sharon Lee and I am still reading their series and now I have to add P.C. Hodgell and her series! My book shelves are groaning, but I thank you for leading me to these authors!

Jan 8, 11:34pm Top

>123 ronincats: Don't fret, I did say i was going to try again on the weekend, I had just finished a brilliant book, so some space is probably needed to give it a fair shot esp it being fantasy vs Spec /SF.

Hope that headache of yours has departed

Jan 9, 12:29am Top

>113 streamsong: I can definitely see myself reading this series. Of course, with all the other series I'm trying to read, it could be some time, but I guess that stretches out the enjoyment for me. Plus it will be something like the experience of having to wait for the next book in the series if I don't read them all at once!

>126 roundballnz: The first chapter is definitely different than the next chapters. Although I enjoyed it, I was at first confused and had to go back and reread in several places. When I finally moved on to the next chapter, it was a different tone, and not so confusing or chaotic. I'm not sure I completely understand all the nuances of the first chapter, but I hope in time all will be explained.

Roni, glad to hear the headache is gone.

Jan 9, 6:41am Top

Happy new year. I have just starred this thread. :)

Jan 9, 9:41am Top

Hi there! Definitely giving your thread a follow because so many of your favourite books from 2017 are amazing (and there are others on that list that call out to me...). Especially nice to see a fellow fan of Lady Trent and October Daye.

Good to see you enjoyed Cloudbound - I read Updraft a while back but the sequels had dropped off my radar. If the worldbuilding and politics continue to develop, I'll have to pick this one back up again.

Jan 9, 12:02pm Top

>123 ronincats: Yes, it started raining lightly, off-and-on yesterday afternoon/evening. It's quite wet out there now and when I looked a few minutes ago it was pouring. Hooray for rain!!!! (but I have your headache today, and I slept on my shoulder wrong and can barely stand to move it today, boo, sob, boo)

Jan 9, 10:40pm Top

>124 jjmcgaffey: It did, Jenn! Yay!
>125 DeltaQueen50: It's fine to read at your own speed, Judy. The only reason for the structure is so that the slower readers could participate without spoilers. At least Hodgell only has 8 books out, unlike Bujold or Lee and Miller.
>126 roundballnz: Thanks, Alex, the headache is gone. Hope the second try hooks you, but if it doesn't, that's the way it goes.
>127 rretzler: I think the first chapter is intended to spill you into the setting and bombard you with atmosphere and emotion that buoys you onward through the series in its wake. Thanks, Robin.
>128 sirfurboy: Hi, Stephen. I'll have to go find your thread now that you've shown up.
>129 Arifel: Definitely a big fan of Lady Trent and Toby, Adri. Parts of Cloudbound dragged for me, but it redeemed itself in the end.
>130 RebaRelishesReading: What a lovely day it's been, Reba. Hope your headache cleared up and that your shoulder is better too. I think we've had 2 inches of rain here. The plants are out there dancing in the rain.

It was probably inevitable. I did try to resist, but looking at my library books and the several of my own that I have started, I realized I didn't want to read any of them right now, and that I did want to read...

Book #6 Dark of the Moon by P. C. Hodgell (354 pp.)

I have to confess that when I first read this book, 17 years after God Stalk, I was underwhelmed. But when I read it now and see all the fore- and past-shadowing, I appreciate the complexity and enjoy the story more than ever! Can't say much about it for fear of spoilering all those reading the first book right now, but hell, I'm going to have to move through the entire series.

Jan 9, 11:36pm Top

>46 ronincats: I am on a mission to get the basement in order, as energy allows. I thought I would throw out glass Christmas mugs used many years ago when I had a large house and I entertained a lot. I had a few in my hands, and I just couldn't get rid of them. There were too many memories attached. Maybe next year, I'll use them for my smaller group when I entertain. If not, I most likely will ask my girls if they want them and if not, I will donate them to family services.

You have quite a collection of mugs. Where do you store them all?

And, you read six books already this year. Way to go!!!!

Jan 10, 9:21am Top

Well hello I finaly found you. Have a *.

There is a second vote going on on my thread as the last ended in a tie.

Jan 10, 1:39pm Top

I love rainy days. We had a couple of times yesterday when it bucketed but mostly it was just slow. Still raining this morning. I'm going for a pedicure in a minute. It's just a couple of blocks so I'll walk but it IS wet out there :)

Jan 10, 7:24pm Top

Happy new year - I'm enjoying reading over your reviews so far :)

Jan 10, 7:32pm Top

>131 ronincats: I can already see that I'm going to want to read the series. I love the way that Hodgell give just enough information away each chapter to draw you in, but not too much, so you want to keep on reading.

Jan 10, 11:32pm Top

>132 Whisper1: Hi. Linda. That's my goal for the attic, as well. Lots of memories up there.

>133 BBGirl55: Ha, my book won! Enjoy!

>134 RebaRelishesReading: Wasn't it loverly, Reba?

>135 evilmoose: Thanks, Megan.

>136 rretzler: I'm so glad you are enjoying the book, Robin. As you can see, I have fallen victim to the reread bug.

Another day at home. I have Christmas all gathered up and ready for the attic but fell short of actually getting it up there today. It stopped sprinkling around noon--we had over 2 inches of rain and the plants are loving it.

Jan 11, 11:32am Top

>131 ronincats: How odd! A complete void in place of a post. I. Cannot. See. That.

Jan 11, 11:35am Top

>137 ronincats: indeed and what a morning this morning!!!

Jan 11, 4:59pm Top

Dropping by to say that I am reading GodStalk but it is my bedtime book at the moment, and as I am quite tired at the moment, progress is a bit slow (although I am very taken with what I have read so far).

Jan 11, 5:46pm Top

>138 richardderus: Richard! How you've been missed! XOX
>139 RebaRelishesReading: Yes, we took Molly for a walk in the park after pottery studio time today.
>140 SandDune: Any speed is fine, Rhian. Glad you are enjoying it.

So, this is the china cabinet which holds so much, as it is quite deep. The mugs get lined along the back when not in use, while more decorative stuff is up front.

And here is what I brought home today:

Jan 11, 5:59pm Top

Ooooo that cobalt blue bowl with the sculpture is lovely! I like the greener glaze on the front right as well, and that size is always very practical.

Jan 11, 6:11pm Top

>141 ronincats: >142 richardderus: The cobalt blue one also caught my eye, and the white/green one next to it.

Jan 11, 9:10pm Top

>120 rosalita: Books spine in. ho ho ha ha hee hee falling on the floor.

I can't ever seem to have more than an inch of extra space in any shelf at all! The other day I was eyeing one shelf that has a few non-book items on it thinking, how can I get rid of that stuff so I can out books there?

Your china cabinet is beautiful.

Jan 11, 10:02pm Top

Love the china cabinet! Also, I’m quite taken with the little bowl on the right side at the back. The tall vase (?) is also nice. Well, all of them are nice, really!

Jan 12, 8:03am Top

>141 ronincats: Absolutely gorgeous!

Jan 12, 11:59am Top

>142 richardderus: Thankee, Richard. There's a metallic green dappling the bowl interior and on the carving in front, and it ran into that sculpture perfectly.
>143 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita.
>144 sibyx: Exactly, Lucy. And thank you.
>145 foggidawn: The tall one can be a vase for a dried arrangement, a holder for utensils, or a planter, as it has a hole in the bottom.
>146 thornton37814: And thank you, Lori!

Yes, I was pretty happy with the results this week. The white bowl is 7" by 3" to give some scale.

Book #7 Seeker's Mask by P. C. Hodgell (526 pp.)

Third book in the series sees Jame continuing her disruptive influence and learning more about Rathillien.

Love these Meisha Merlin covers. Here's my other one:

Edited: Jan 12, 5:27pm Top

Love your child cupboard. I think built-ins are not only practical but give so much character and "homey-ness" to a house.

Edited to say I just noticed the above auto-corrected my typing (I assume) to "child cupboard". I don't actually think you keep children in a cupboard lol.

Jan 12, 2:24pm Top

>147 ronincats: Those covers are gorgeous! The one on my elderly edition isn't gorgeous. In fact it's fugly.

Jan 12, 3:12pm Top

I love the china cabinet, Roni - it's gorgeous. And the pottery is beautiful, as always.

>147 ronincats: Love those covers!

Edited: Jan 12, 9:29pm Top

>148 RebaRelishesReading: I knew what had happened, Reba. Lovely lunch--did you like the yarn you ended up with?
>149 richardderus: Much more expensive, however!
>150 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie. Loved the cat pictures today.

SOMETIMES it is okay to use books as a decorative item, but only on special occasions and temporarily, as this library did.

Jan 12, 10:04pm Top

>151 ronincats: I love the idea of the tree, very creative, but I have to wonder what the library did with the rest of the books that went in that space? 😜 Or is it just like the Dublin library that seems to be getting rid of books and which has now been torn down so they can build a new library with a larger parking area, larger gathering space, and larger homework help center. It makes me wonder if there is going to be any room for the books!

>141 ronincats: Lovely pottery, as always. I share Richard's taste for the cobalt one with the sculpture and the darker green of the one in the front right.

Jan 12, 10:58pm Top

Hi Roni, I love the look of the Christmas tree but what happens when people pull those books down from the shelf and mess up the artwork! And people who arrange their books with the spine turned inwards totally baffle me!

Jan 13, 10:40am Top

>151 ronincats: I wanted to find the "like" button on your post! Then I realized I was on LT instead of Facebook.

Jan 13, 10:43am Top

>151 ronincats: That's quite a nifty display. Not practical for my library, however.

>153 DeltaQueen50: That mystifies me as well; I can at least understand (somewhat) why you would like the look of old books on a shelf even if you haven't read them or have no intention of reading them (why would you have them if you're not going to read them?!), but if you turn the spine inwards, that's impractical if you intend on reading them. Unless, of course, you just randomly choose one and read whatever literally comes to hand.

Jan 13, 10:57am Top

>151 ronincats: Ooh my goodness! I could totally do that next year with my Viragos!
I ihaven't been here this year? That can't be right, but I must have lurked instead of checking in.
So - hope you're having a happy new year so far. As usual, I love the cats, the pottery, and browsing through all your reading. Thanks, (((((((Roni)))))))!

Edited: Jan 13, 12:54pm Top

>151 ronincats: I love that!! But, for sure, only for special/temporary occasions.

Yes, I'm pleased with the yarn. I got three "cakes". I was trying to get something appropriate for boys/men and I think it work well.

Jan 13, 2:13pm Top

>123 ronincats: Oh no, I didn't mean to worry you. If you enjoyed the first book I'm sure it will be fine.

>141 ronincats: Love that deep blue bowl at the back - is that a tree on it? Lovely!

Jan 13, 2:22pm Top

>151 ronincats: Blasphemy!

The God Stalk read is awfully quiet.

Jan 13, 3:53pm Top

>160 avatiakh: The Frankenstein read is quiet as well. Maybe everyone is busy reading?

Jan 13, 4:37pm Top

You loved All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries, #1) - Right ? just checking you have seen there are 2 more books coming out .....

Jan 13, 8:56pm Top

>141 ronincats: I wish I had a cabinet like yours!

Edited: Jan 13, 11:50pm Top

>147 ronincats: Ahh, those cover illustrations are so pretty. I've been reading the series in ebook, meaning they come with the Baen covers, in which Jame is consistently rather... busty, despite being described explicitly as the opposite in the text itself. I can only imagine the enormous boost to sales which this addition brings... *eyeroll*

Jan 14, 12:00am Top

>152 rretzler: I think they could make it work for a temporary exhibit, Robin. And thank you.
>153 DeltaQueen50: I suspect that most people wouldn't disturb the tree effect, Judy, and that the librarians would have chosen books that weren't often checked out.
>154 thornton37814: LOL, Lori.
>155 CassieBash: Agreed, Cassie.
>156 LizzieD: Glad you found me, Peggy! Better late than never, you know.
>157 RebaRelishesReading: Happy to hear it, Reba.
>158 souloftherose: If a story can pull me in, I don't even notice the writing unless it's bad enough to kick me back out. It's like I go straight to meaning with no intermediary. It's a fan-shaped carving.
>159 richardderus: Sorry, Richard. I've been reading. I went over and made some noise.
>160 avatiakh: Like me? Hi, Kerry.
>161 roundballnz: I did, and have been waiting for the sequel to arrive at my library.
>163 Arifel: Came with the house, my dear. But it is handy. Makes up a little for no closet space.

Been reading. Yesterday I finished

Book #8 To Ride a Rathorn by P. C. Hodgell (452 pp.)

Since the Women's Quarters didn't work out, Jame is enrolled at the Randon's school at Tentir, which has its own secrets.

And today...

Book #9 Bound in Blood by P. C. Hodgell (308 pp.)

The year continues. And so does the story, unabated.

To Ride a Rathorn is still a Meisha Merlin publication, but unfortunately with a new cover artist. Still, it is far better than that for Bound in Blood, the first of Baen's publications. After hearing Jame bemoan her lack of breast endowment for 4 books, it is rather disconcerting seeing a decidedly buxom figure astride the rathorn on this cover. The blouse/vest looks like one that actresses wear to the Academy Awards, you know, the ones where the breasts are only about a third covered and it opens to the navel. Definitely not Jame's style.

Edited: Jan 14, 12:02am Top

>163 Arifel: How funny. I was typing the paragraph above while you were posting on the same subject! Isn't it ridiculous?

ETA I have to go see the Baen covers for the earlier books.

Jan 14, 7:18am Top

Hi Roni!

I've been having trouble keeping up with threads, and somehow lost track of yours.

Excellent photo of the kitties in the window box, and so many cat cups! And even though mine aren't all cats, we probably have as many coffee cups/mugs. I even put 30 or 40 into the attic at one point and fortunately haven't gotten any new ones since then, but we still have way too many out.

Jan 14, 7:59am Top

Happy Sunday, Roni. Just checking in. Glad to see you busy with the books. I have not read much Sci-Fi or fantasy these past few months. I may have to slot something in. I do have The Bear and the Nightingale saved on audio. I have heard good things.

Edited: Jan 15, 12:08am Top

Thanks for stopping by, Karen and Mark. Yes, too many mugs, Karen. And I also need to read The Bear and the Nightingale, Mark.

Book #10 Honor's Paradox by P. C. Hodgell (267 pp.)

Book 6 of the series, which means I can't say much without spoilers for earlier books. Several of the subplots advance, and the stage is set for much more in the next book.

Jan 15, 11:44am Top

Jan 15, 3:40pm Top

>168 ronincats: I've read it - it's fantastic, deep and rich and complex (and complicated, particularly if you're not familiar with Russian folklore)...and quite depressing, to me. I haven't been able to convince myself to read the second book, which is just out (The Girl in the Tower, I believe - yes, touchstones says that's right).

Jan 15, 7:23pm Top

Stopping by. So envious that you have all them Hodgells!

Edited: Jan 16, 2:33pm Top

>169 The_Hibernator: Hi, Rachel!
>170 jjmcgaffey: It seems to me that every tale I read based on Russian folklore is depressing, Jen!
>172 ronincats: It was quite an achievement, Lucy!

Book #11 Sea of Time by P. C. Hodgell (368 pp.)

Next book in the series, new venue, explication.

Went by a Goodwill book store yesterday, got pristine hardback copies of The Gene: An intimate history and Darwin's Armada: Four voyages and the battle for the theory of evolution for $5.99 each. Now I just have to find room on my shelves...
ETA actually $5 each with the senior discount!

Jan 16, 2:38pm Top

I've been unable to read the past few days - too busy with other things going on (!) - but hope to get back to God Stalk soon. I'm chuckling at the discussion about book covers. There are times I swear neither the cover artist or anyone in the publishing house bothered to read the first chapter of the book, much less the entire thing - buxom Jame who, even though I'm not that far into the book is obviously not well-endowed in that department; books where the protagonist is black haired with the cover art featuring a blond; historical fiction where the cover shows clothing from a completely different era. Sometimes it's beyond ridiculous.

Jan 16, 2:50pm Top

>172 ronincats: I'm envious of your Goodwill book haul, Roni. I thought The Gene: An Intimate History was terrific, and Darwin's Armada looks like a really good one, too.

Jan 16, 4:23pm Top

>172 ronincats: Re Russian folk tales - I made the mistake of re-reading the original versions of C.J. Cherryh's Russian trilogy when I was depressed - not quite as bad for me as Floating Worlds, but I recommend against it.

Jan 16, 7:57pm Top

>173 Storeetllr: ...heavily tattooed, when the character is described in almost every book as having _one_ tattoo, with an important meaning to her... (Mercy Thompson, in Patricia Briggs' series that starts with Cry Wolf).

Jan 16, 9:38pm Top

So the entire series is now in the house. Brava!

Edited: Jan 19, 6:25pm Top

>173 Storeetllr: Like early covers for Octavia Butler's Dawn, whose protagonist is a black woman while the cover show a blond white woman. Redickulous!
>174 jnwelch: Both books I am looking forward to, Joe.
>175 quondame: Ha! That trilogy was one of the stories to which I was referring, Susan!
>176 jjmcgaffey: Yup!
>177 richardderus: Been in the house, but first time all read together in sequence, Richard. Here's the last to date.

Book #12 The Gates of Tagmeth by P. C. Hodgell (368 pp.)

Last completed book of the series, #8, but the author is working on #9. Hopefully we will get it before 2020. This one actually has something major happening in the final pages and we don't get to see the consequences!

Jan 16, 11:26pm Top

>178 ronincats: Noooo, I hate cliff-hangers that you have to wait and wait for. I'm still waiting to see if Jon Snow is going to live. I guess I'll have to read the series more slowly so I can stretch this new one out more closely to the next.

Jan 17, 12:32am Top

>110 ronincats: I'm currently in the third of the Midnight Queen series - enjoyable, but they don't really feel Regency to me. I require dress details, drawing room banter, and less out-and-out adventure.

Jan 17, 4:44pm Top

>178 ronincats: Exactly! I'd forgotten about that. Redickulous indeed!

Jan 17, 11:49pm Top

>141 ronincats: Love the small cobalt blue bowl, Roni. Looks like you have a good head start on your reading for the year.

Jan 18, 5:31pm Top

Pottery day!

>179 rretzler: Hopefully I don't have to wait two more years for the next one, Robin, but if I do, it's worth it.
>180 quondame: I'm glad you are at least enjoying them. I like the characters a lot.
>181 Storeetllr: Yes.
>182 Familyhistorian: Thank you, Meg. Yes, I can fly through those rereads.

Jan 18, 5:53pm Top

The mug handle is perfect...I end up having to hold the body of a mug in my hand regardless of temperature because the handle is always smaller than my fingers.

The greens in that interestingly shaped bowl are gorgeous!

Jan 18, 7:19pm Top

Love the pottery and the kitten!!

Jan 19, 2:41pm Top

>183 ronincats: I believe the cat is approving of your new pottery pieces!

Jan 19, 3:08pm Top

>95 ronincats: "...leaving 5 percent of empty space."

Jan 19, 3:12pm Top

>141 ronincats: That is one of my favorite collections of pottery you've posted. I think I like blues and greens.

BTW, I am planning to (finally!) start God Stalk in the next couple of days. I was trying to finish Nicholas Nickleby before digging into another work (oddly, I have three nonfiction works going right now) but I want to be sure to read GS before the group read gets completely down the road. As you know, this will be a genre stretch for me but I have skimmed some of the discussion on the thread and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Jan 19, 6:41pm Top

>184 richardderus: My mugs ARE particularly liked by men for that very reason, Richard. I always make large handles. Thank you!

>185 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle

>186 thornton37814: They always have to check out anything new, Lori.

>187 EBT1002: Indeed!

>188 EBT1002: Looking forward to your comments, Ellen.

Book #13 The Birds' Christmas Carol by Kate Wiggins Douglas

Someone in the 100 book challenge group had this on their yearly Christmas read list and, since the library had it and I have liked other Kate Douglas Wiggin books, I ordered it and read it. It is very sweet and sentimental and moralistic without being too heavy-handed, but definitely in the style of the times in which it was written. Can't say it will be a favorite of mine, but interesting nonetheless.

Book #14 To Visit The Queen by Diane Duane (367 pp.)

This is the second of a series about the feline wizards who "man" the worldgates that allow wizards to travel between places on earth and around the galaxy (see Young Wizards series). Much as I love the concept, these books always seem drier than the Young Wizards books, perhaps due to all the technical details about the mechanics of the gates. This is a reread before reading for the first time the third and final book in this series. Here, our team is called to London to trouble-shoot a gate problem, which turns out to involve an alternate Earth and the assassination of Queen Victoria in the past timeline. The Lone Power, as usual, is causing problems.

Jan 20, 12:26am Top

Hi Roni, I see the God Stalk read kicked off a re-read of the whole series for you! I've been struggling a little with my reading, I think because the move is occupying so much of our time right now. Also I had a load of library books come in and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Jan 20, 3:02pm Top

>190 DeltaQueen50: Hi, Judy. I've been wondering if you were occupied with moving as the escrow date comes up next month, right?

Book #15 Blood & Ivory: A Tapestry by P. C. Hodgell (229 pp.)

This review by bmig captures my thoughts exactly, so I'm posting it here:

I'm enjoying it, because I like Hodgell's books, and I'm happy to read more of Jamethiel Priest's-Bane regardless. The stories so far are fairly slight, giving more depth to backstory already established in the series. It's for fans, and I'm a fan, so that works out nicely. It probably wouldn't appeal to someone who hadn't read the series, or to someone who wasn't also interested in how a writer develops a character. Jame has been with Hodgell since her teens or childhood, by the looks of it, and has gone through many settings and incarnations. I had a little thrill of confirmation to see that Tai-tastigon was intentionally a Fritz Leiber setting, because that's what I thought it was back when I first began reading.

The other point is that this was published back in 2002, at which point it provided some major reveals, but most of the material here is incorporated into full-length books published since then. Only for completists.

Jan 20, 6:28pm Top

>189 ronincats: I agree with you about the Wiggins book. I'm glad I read it, but it did not age as well as some books.

Jan 21, 12:52pm Top

Wow! You've reread the entire series!! I enjoyed Godstalk a lot and will be looking to continue the series later this year. Thanks for starting the GR. : )

Jan 21, 10:50pm Top

We went to Balboa Park today with the dog, and I caught the last two numbers by the new organist!

Jan 21, 11:46pm Top

>194 ronincats: Looks like you had great weather too!

Jan 22, 12:26am Top

>194 ronincats: Lucky you!

Jan 22, 12:51am Top

Hi Roni, just catching up quickly.

I like the two aqua coloured bowls best, in the last two pottery pictures - but that’s probably because I’m partial to the colour.

Interesting discussion on covers; both for the Kencyrath books and for others.

Jan 22, 5:16pm Top

>194 ronincats: He's doing a concert at the Methodist Church in Mission Valley next Sunday which will include numbers from his first concert in the park.

Jan 22, 6:25pm Top

>194 ronincats: How I envy your sunny weather. We had a few weeks of bitter cold, some snow accumulation, and now we are back to grey, dreary days...ugh.

Jan 22, 6:54pm Top

I had no idea there was even such a thing as an outdoor organ!

Edited: Jan 22, 7:02pm Top

Hi, Roni!

I particularly like the green-blue dish in >141 ronincats: (which I thought I'd said before, but evidently not!).

Cover artists who clearly haven't read the book are an ongoing grievance of mine; as are covers so boring they seem designed to put readers off rather than entice them in. I guess we can argue whether those are better or worse than "inappropriately bosomy female" covers! My reading usually doesn't lend itself to that particular subset of poor choices, but I'm constantly amused by the efforts of the pulp-fiction artists of the 50s and 60s to make prim and proper books from the 20s and 30s seem "spicy". :D

And, oh yeah---KITTENS!!!!

Jan 22, 8:58pm Top

>195 quondame: Note the long sleeves and hoodies--means it is chilly for us!
>196 RBeffa: I agree, Ron.
>197 humouress: They did turn out prettily, didn't they! Especially the bowl.
>198 RebaRelishesReading: Probably won't make that, but did enjoy what I heard. Looked around for you...
>199 Whisper1: But you do get a fantastic spring to make up for it...eventually. Love you, Linda.
>200 _Zoe_: Oh, what a straight line, Zoe! But actually, they exist. This was the world's largest, then an organ in Austria took the record, then they added more pipes here to regain the title. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spreckels_Organ_Pavilion
>201 lyzard: Hi, Liz. As well I know, following your cover discussions on your thread for the last few years. And kittens are almost as photogenic as sloths and a lot more available.

Another quiet day today. I love being retired and able just to kick back at home doing nothing in particular.

Jan 22, 10:49pm Top

Roni, love you back my friend!

Jan 23, 7:31am Top

Hi Roni!

>194 ronincats: Excellent photographs, what an organ! It must have sounded marvelous.

Another quiet day today. I love being retired and able just to kick back at home doing nothing in particular. I get to do that today - nothing scheduled, nothing required.

Jan 23, 8:00am Top

>194 ronincats: That looks beautiful. What a good idea, and the weather helped!

Have a good day doing nothing in particular, Roni.

Jan 23, 9:26am Top

Wow! What an organ! That's quite the organ to have in a park. Don't they worry about the weather getting to it?

Jan 23, 12:17pm Top

>178 ronincats: Love that cover!

Painful to see such brilliant weather today. It raineth and raineth and makes mush of the many layers of snow and ice here. Really awful.

Edited: Jan 23, 4:41pm Top

>203 Whisper1: XOXOX
>204 karenmarie: Another lovely day in Paradise. 71 and sunny!
>205 EllaTim: Thanks, Ella.
>206 The_Hibernator: There's a cover that comes down in front of it when it isn't being used, Rachel.
>207 sibyx: Wish you were here? Although we wouldn't say no to rain.

Book #16 The Big Meow by Diane Duane (397 pp.)

You know what I hate. It's when you have the work page up of a book you want to add, right there on LibraryThing, and you click on "Add to My Books" and the page comes up and the work is nowhere to be found. Now, I understand that this is an ebook published by EbooksDirect.com and sold from the author's website and that it won't show up on Amazon. But I had the book in my sights. Why couldn't it just show me what I want to add in this case? And how can I force it?

Anyhow, this is the third and last Feline Wizards book, set in mid-20th century Hollywood with Damon Runyon as a major character. Rather noirish. The cats save the world again, Rhiow may finally get some R&R.

Book #17 Legacy by James H. Schmitz (346 pp.)

Also known as A Tale of Two Clocks when it was originally published in 1962, this is another reread. Schmitz was outstanding for his time for using female protagoists. He has a series of stories around Trigger Argee, featured here, and Telzey Amberdon, smart capable women taking center stage at a time when that was not the norm, and one of my favorite science fiction books, The Demon Breed. I've mentioned that book before, I know. Still fun 1960s adventure story involving aliens and starships and mysterious plasmoids.

Jan 23, 5:43pm Top

>208 ronincats: I recognize the frustration of not being able to "Add" a book that is *right*there*darnit*

I've enjoyed the Telzey Amberdon books that have come up in the DAW project. I should seek out some of Schmitz's other works.

Jan 23, 8:25pm Top

>208 ronincats: I can empathise. I entered 5,000 books for our bilingual club library and I had to add many of the Dutch children's books manually (not so easy, if you don't speak Dutch) so the library would be the only user. But when I delved further into the background for the books, I'd find other LT entries, so I had to re-enter (or combine) the books. Huge pain. And shortly after I finished, they closed the library. (Still a sore point, sorry.)

I see over on the TIOLI thread that we've lost Ursula K. Le Guin. I think I may read a few more of hers soon.

Jan 23, 9:41pm Top

>209 swynn: The Demon Breed was published by Ace rather than DAW, but I'd strongly recommend it! Schmitz is best known for The Witches of Karres. Baen published a 5-book compilation of his complete works in the early 2000s.

>210 humouress: (((Nina))) I still hate that they closed your library.

Yes, Nina and Ron, I saw that on our In Memoriam thread first, and then on Facebook. A giant of the field, she'll definitely be much missed.

Jan 23, 10:21pm Top

Hi Roni! Um, you're reading up a storm! I saw that Ms. Le Guin had dies today. I bought the first couple of books of her Earthsea series a couple of years ago for Marina, and a few of the Catwings books years before that, but I confess I have never read anything by her. Do you recommend a place to start?

Jan 23, 10:23pm Top

Yes, go ahead and start with A Wizard of Earthsea. The Catwings books are short children's books, wouldn't take you any time at all. But not nearly as deep.

Jan 24, 12:41pm Top

>208 ronincats: It's when you have the work page up of a book you want to add, right there on LibraryThing, and you click on "Add to My Books" and the page comes up and the work is nowhere to be found. Oooo, this makes me *nuts*.

Jan 24, 1:58pm Top

Roni!! Another familiar face as I search through the threads again. So glad to see you still reading like crazy! :)

Jan 24, 4:01pm Top

>215 lycomayflower: I just love when, after manually entering a book that couldn't be found via the Add Books page, there are 45 other LT people with the same edition.

Jan 24, 6:26pm Top

I know that you live in San Diego and are unlikely to attend a library conference in Denver, Colorado, but I wanted to let the readers of your thread know that Tim Spaulding, president of Librarything, is going to let people get free passes, via the link below, to the American Library Association Mid-Winter conference in Denver, February 10 -12, 2018. This is really good news as it is a free pass to the Exhibit Hall with the opportunity to get free ARC's and talk with authors and publishers. Tim Spaulding will be at the ProQuest booth on the Exhibit Hall floor, so if you sign up for the free passes, please take time to find him and say thanks. Here is the link for the passes.

Free exhibit hall passes, yes, we were able to get them from ProQuest again this year:
complimentary Exhibit Hall Only registration badge:
https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=335&oi=f7TMsNUASN3HoIiGjo9vog%3D%3D&company_code=V132 ProQuest Exhibitor VIP Code: V132

I hope that those of you who live within driving distance of the Denver Convention Center will give in to the temptation and attend. This is a great chance to get free ARC (Advance Reader's Copy) of books that will be published in the next three to four months. It is also a way to get nice books very cheaply, as not all of the books on the Exhibit floor are free. You can use the visit to talk with publishers about what is coming out, and there are always authors in the booths of the various publishers to sign copies of the books.

If any of you are interested in a meet-up let me know. I was thinking that we could meet for supper on Saturday, February 10, 2018 someplace close to the Convention Center. If there is interest in gathering to talk about books I will set up a separate thread for the group where we can post about our plans and I can give you tips about how to find things on the exhibit floor and, of course, start finding a place to meet.

Jan 24, 6:36pm Top

>198 RebaRelishesReading: I can't remember why now but we didn't make it. I have a group coming for lunch next Sunday so won't make it then either but maybe on the 3rd :)

Jan 24, 6:37pm Top

>208 ronincats: Ugh, I hate that too. I know sometimes instead of searching for just the title, I will put both the title and the author in the search box, and I get different results. This is helpful when there are a lot of hits but not the book I want. However, if it doesn't find anything at all, then that particular method doesn't work.

I've not read anything by James Schmitz but his work sounds interesting.

Jan 24, 10:08pm Top

>220 rretzler: Another vote for James Schmitz After 30 years or more I can still remember a level of detail from his stories that escapes me for most authors. One of the counter-trend details was that Telzy didn't want to have her telepathy dictate her life and career options.

Jan 24, 11:03pm Top

Not a word I can say here tonight but (((((Roni)))))!

Jan 25, 2:35am Top

>218 benitastrnad: I went the year it was in San Francisco - it's a lot of fun (and you get a lot of books!). Very interesting booths, by publishers and authors (and the LT booth, of course!).

I very much like both Telzey and the Witches - there are now two sequels, by other people (Mercedes Lackey, for one), which I have but haven't read. Wizard of Karres and Sorceress of Karres. I actually don't think I've ever read a Trigger book, though (again) I have some (possibly all - the Baen compilations of Schmitz's work).

Jan 25, 11:14am Top

I replied to everyone last night and then somehow managed to close the browser window before posting it and didn't have the energy to do it all again then.

>215 lycomayflower: Kindred spirits, Laura.
>216 jolerie: Hi, Valerie, so nice to see you on the threads again!
>217 quondame: SO frustrating, Susan.
>218 benitastrnad: Won't be in Denver but there is the slightest of chances I might be in Chicago later in the year, so hope they do the same deal then.
>219 RebaRelishesReading: Eventually...
>220 rretzler: Schmitz is a stand-out for his time, strongly recommended. The Witches of Karres is his best known work, most likely.
>221 quondame: Thanks for the back-up, Susan.
>222 LizzieD: Hugs back, Peggy.
>223 jjmcgaffey: I did purchase all the Baen compilations when they were published, all six of them, as a lot of his shorter works were fairly unavailable otherwise. I also have older copies of many of his books, all three Telzey ones, Legacy, and The Demon Breed as well as the Witches. I read the first sequel and it actually wasn't bad. Don't think I ever picked up the other one, though.

Jan 25, 11:56am Top

>208 ronincats: This is especially irksome when I want to add a short story, as I've been wanting to do since I began my journey through PKD's ouevre. There is no source to ask to add it. It's already here on LT thanks to someone's efforts, but *I*cannot*add*it* and I've had such negative experiences asking for help in the past over in the AV club group or whatever they really call it that I just don't consider it a viable option anymore.

Jan 25, 12:02pm Top

Maybe we can do a Schmitz group read at some point? Keep in mind! Sounds like a great candidate.

Jan 25, 2:15pm Top

There used to be a Greasemonkey script that added an extra Add button on a book page (not work page), which sent you to Manual Add with everything from that page already in the fields. Update a few things (tags, etc) and press Save. Very useful. Unfortunately with the current Firefox change, Greasemonkey changed too and as far as I know that script hasn't yet been updated to work. Don't know if it would work with Tampermonkey in Chrome. Also don't know if there's an equivalent Monkey for IE; pretty sure there isn't one for Edge, because that keeps changing (and didn't have extensions at all, for a while).

If anyone wants to try it (or even edit the script to make it work) - it's at https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/20899-lt-copy-book-librarything . There's a lot of LT scripts on greasyfork, most of which don't currently work.

Jan 25, 2:54pm Top

>212 ronincats: Thanks Roni.

>225 richardderus: Can you add it manually and then combine it, Richard?

Jan 25, 6:41pm Top

If you are interested in attending the ALA conference, we have a thread going for that purpose. It is here. https://www.librarything.com/topic/285564

Come on over and let me know if you are going and maybe we can plan a meet-up.

I remember you as we met-up there and had a nice break at a Starbucks close to the convention center there. I like meeting all the people who I "meet" on LT.

Edited: Jan 27, 11:40pm Top

>225 richardderus: I think it has to do with what we are searching on the Add books page. Usually it is one of the Amazon sites or the Library of Congress. If there were an option to search LT as well at that point, we could find those things. I know there is a way to force it using the work # but I don't have the formatting right, evidently, and no one who knows seems to have stopped by.
>226 sibyx: He'd be a great one to feature. And it wouldn't be hard because he wrote, for the most part (Legacy is an exception), those shorter books that we were talking about being typical of older science fiction. The Demon Breed, my favorite and a stand-alone, is only 157 pages. Maybe later in the year.
>227 jjmcgaffey: Sounds like another useful feature, Jenn.
>228 humouress: Perchance, but still a hassle, Nina.
>229 benitastrnad: No, I'll not be in Denver.

Today has been a topsy-turvy day. I woke up at 3:30 and never got back to sleep. I did read for a couple of hours. Finally got up at 7 but didn't try to go to pottery. Had coffee and oatmeal and was on the computer a few hours, then went back to bed, read until I got sleepy, and slept until 2. Then I soaked in the tub and read a middle-school book from my BOTS pile. And now I'm ready to start my day and it is practically over!

Book #18 The Hounds of Spring by Lucy Andrews Cummin (161 pp.)

This is a day in the life of Poppy as she moves through her dog-walking appointments, meets her brother at the airport and accompanies her boyfriend to the doctor, then takes her brother out to her mother's health. So simple, yet in just a few pages vibrant and distinct characters and their backstories are sketched in unforgettable detail, including both humans and dogs. The settings and atmospheres of different settings don't overwhelm but are intensely present in the story as well. I loved the writing and the story, and would have even if the author were not our own Lucy (sibyx).

When this book showed up yesterday morning, I set aside the new book in one of my favorite series, Cast in Deception, which was published yesterday, to read it. So feel very, very complimented, Lucy! But I finished this during the night and this morning.

Book #19 Cast in Deception by Michelle Sagara (512 pp.)

This is the 13th book in the Chronicles of Elantra series. I very much enjoy the complex world-building and the characters of the series, but this one drug a little for me in the middle. A lot of action for relatively small progress. I wonder if some of this was because I read the first 12 books one immediately after the other, but it's been over a year since the last one came out. Still, I enjoyed being back with Kaylin and company.

Book #20 Strange Tomorrow by Jean E. Karl (135 pp.)

This is one of those post-apocalyptic or dystopic stories written for children in the 70s and 80s by authors like H. M. Hoover, Wilanne Schneider Belden, Peter Dickinson, and others. Aliens cleanse the earth of all life--but there are some humans deep enough to survive. This follows the story of two Janies, one at the time of the disaster, another several generations later, and their survival. I actually enjoy these books.

Jan 27, 11:50pm Top

Hmmm, quiet around here. Well, nothing else to do but read then.

Book #21 The Earl's Return by Emma Lange (224 pp.)

A friend gave me this several years ago and it's been sitting on the TBR shelf and I decided to clear it out. I almost quite after the first few pages, but persevered and it was a quick read. A prototypical Regency romance, with thwarted young love and copious misunderstandings along with irresistible physical urges, it's no worse than many if not containing the humor and characterization that might be desired.

Book #22 A Weekend with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly (346 pp.)

Chicklit, along the lines of Austenland, with a weekend at a manor immersed in all things Austen, and entertaining due to that more than the obligatory romance(s).

And that's three ROOTS in a row, 6 for the year, at least two of them rather elderly.

Jan 27, 11:54pm Top

A weekend filled with reading sounds wonderful to me Roni! I hope it continues for you!

Jan 28, 9:06am Top

Six ROOTS and it's still January! Wow, Roni, you're making one heck of a dent in the piles at this pace.

Nice review of Lucy's book.

Sending hugs.

Jan 29, 9:43am Top

Hi Roni!

I've never tried to add a book with the "Add to my books" option on the works page. Too OCD, and too many chances to get the wrong book. I also don't mind adding books manually. I know, over the top. *smile*

Wishing you a lovely Monday.

Jan 29, 9:48am Top

>231 ronincats: Six ROOTS, and numerous rereads -- I'm a little envious of the reading year you are having so far!

Jan 29, 3:52pm Top

>232 jolerie: It did continue and quite nicely too, Valerie--and much more quietly than yours, I am sure! ;-)

>233 richardderus: Somehow January always seems to be my strongest month of the year reading-wise, Richard. Hugs to you!

>234 karenmarie: If I can't find my edition in the options given on the right, I will do it manually too, Karen. I will use the ISBN to search if there is any confusion, and that will almost always give me my exact edition. Thank you, hope your Monday is lovely too.

>235 foggidawn: And just finished another ROOT!

Book #23 Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith (214 pp.)

This has been on my shelves for years, along with its sequel, which I will read next. I like Smith's books--adventure fantasies with a hint or more of romance. Only a hint in this book. LT suggests that readers who like this will like The Thief and The Blue Sword and you can't be in any better company than that. I would not put this tale quite at that level, but spending this time with Mel(iara) as she is chased around the kingdom by the evil king and does some growing up is a lot of fun.

Jan 29, 4:02pm Top

Glad you're getting so much reading done. Hope some of it is outside in this glorious weather!

Jan 29, 4:06pm Top

>236 ronincats: I read those 10+ years ago, and though I enjoyed them at the time, I have not yet felt the inclination to reread them.

Jan 29, 7:50pm Top

>237 RebaRelishesReading: We've been out and running around in the heat (in the 80s today) on various errands, had Thai for lunch and stopped at Pop Pie to try them out. Not thrilled by the mixed berry hand pie, will have to see about the savory pies. Sat on the porch this morning, on the deck yesterday afternoon.
>238 foggidawn: I doubt I will reread these either, which means I can remove these two hardbacks from my hardback shelves (which then means I already had them when I retired and did my bookshelf project in January 2011) and that makes room for more books I will keep. I also didn't keep the Wren to the Rescue books (also YA) when I read them (although they were mmpb), but I will keep her Dobrenica trilogy, not YA, romantic adventure set in Eastern Europe reminiscent of the Prisoner of Zenda book, which have been her most recent books excluding the Inda series which I have not yet read. I also have a 25 year old five-volume space opera series she co-wrote with Dave Trowbridge, the Exordium series, which I still plan to get to one of these days.

Jan 29, 11:56pm Top

>239 ronincats: I really enjoyed the first 3 Indas, so I think you will too.
Hi, Roni! I'm having Thai for lunch on Friday, and the only problem is whether my curry will be green or red!

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Edited: Jan 30, 9:14am Top

>236 ronincats: I liked that one.

I read a review in the paper today about The Travelling Cat Chronicles. Apparently, it’s a light-hearted book and all cat-lovers will be able to relate to the portrayal of the cat, so I thought of you. (Just don’t tell Richard.)

ETA touchstone & correct the autocorrect.

>240 LizzieD: I like those, too.

Jan 30, 1:21am Top

Hi, Roni.

>227 jjmcgaffey: Thanks for the script, Jennifer. I used to have a bunch of those installed when I used Firefox, but I haven't thought about them since I switched to Chrome several years ago. I'll have to go back and see what scripts I've been missing!

Jan 30, 7:43am Top

Hi Roni! I'm jealous of your 80 degree porch reading time! it's cool and snowy here. I could use a few nice porch days!

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>244 ChelleBearss: Same here! Every now and then, as I sweep the snow off my porch, I look up at the hooks where I hang the hammock during the summer, and wish...

Jan 30, 12:52pm Top

Jan 30, 1:03pm Top

>241 ronincats: The Divine speaks.

>242 humouress: *CHOO*

Jan 30, 1:22pm Top

>241 ronincats: ❤️❤️❤️

Edited: Jan 30, 2:45pm Top

>240 LizzieD: I'm a Pad Thai type of person, Peggy! The Indas are much more complex and so I've been putting them off.
>242 humouress: Sigh. Now I'm getting book bullets on my own thread. The images look lovely, Nina; I've put it on my wishlist.

>243 rretzler: Hi, Robin. I'm hopeless re: scripts.
>244 ChelleBearss: We could use some rain and some more seasonal temps, in the 60s, Chelle, but I have to admit it is nice to sit out and soak up the sun.
>245 foggidawn: Summer drops in here unannounced all through the year, foggi.
>246 jolerie:, >247 richardderus:, >248 Storeetllr: Isn't that lovely? I just had to share.

Book #24 Court Duel by Sherwood Smith (245 pp.)

This continues Mel's story, dealing with issues unresolved in Crown Duel. Still a light YA read but perhaps not as much fun as the first.

Jan 30, 3:09pm Top

Book #24 might be a case of the "seen it already" problem that creeps into all series books. I'm working on a schedule for reading the series books I love...annually isn't going to work, I'm too impatient, and it's looking like monthly is the pace that prevents burnout on the tropes that are the reason I like series reading in the first place.

Jan 30, 3:15pm Top

Hi Roni!

>241 ronincats: Lovely, inspiring. I've never read anything by LeGuin - what would you recommend for a first-time reader?

Enjoy the warm, sunny days! It's 39F here at 3:15 in the afternoon and feels colder because the air is dry and it's windy. Brrr! I wish I could sit out in my hammock.

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