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Mamie's 2018 Madness (Page 2)

This is a continuation of the topic Mamie's 2018 Madness.

This topic was continued by Mamie's 2018 Madness (Page 3).

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Jan 3, 12:59pm Top

Abby took this photo last January in the pecan grove that our back yard overlooks

Hi, I’m Mamie. Let’s see…I’m 50, happily married for the past 27 years, mother of four children - the baby will be twenty this year. *gasp* I joined LT in late 2011, just after my Dad had died, and I joined the 75ers and had my very first thread in 2012. SO this is my seventh year here amongst the Mighty 75, and I have to say that this group has been a gift to me. I like that we can share our reading journeys and our life's adventures with snark and with sincerity in equal measures. Okay, maybe a bit heavier on the snark for me. I am looking forward to discovering what 2018 has in store for us. At any rate, there will be wine and laughter and hopefully shenanigans along the way.

Edited: Jan 9, 10:21am Top



Books Read in January:
1. Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917 by Sally M. Walker (4 stars), library hardback, YA non-fiction/history - mentioned on Julia's thread last year in reference to the 100 year anniversary of the incident
2. March: Book Two by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell (5 stars), library paperback, GN non-fiction/memoir/Civil Rights Movement
3. Artemis by Andy Weir (4 stars), 2017 acquired audiobook, sci-fi

Edited: Jan 3, 1:01pm Top

I am planning on walking the cat again this year. That is, I am just going to go where my reading takes me. I am not committing to any challenges except for Katie’s PopReadHarderSugarEtc.Challenges 2018

Edited: Jan 3, 1:01pm Top

Katie’s Dirty Dozen - That’s right, folks, KAK’s reserved spot is back for a fourth year, let’s see what she gets me with this time

Edited: Jan 3, 1:02pm Top

Susan’s Summer Shivers - Susan’s suggestions for some cold reading during the hot summer, which lasts about 9 months in Georgia

1. The Terror by Dan Simmons
2. The Abominable by Dan Simmons

Edited: Jan 6, 9:13pm Top

Every year, LT is an embarrassment of riches for me. I like to keep track of who recommends what and any other pertinent info that lands a book on The List.

1. Curse of the Narrows by Laura m. MacDonald - about the Halifax explosion of 1917. Recommended by Bonnie, Meg, and Susan
2. Greenglass House by Kate Milford - recommended by Amber (she gave it an A!)
3. In America: Travels With John Steinbeck by Geert Mak - recommended by Anita
4. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton - recommended by Barbara
5. Darktown by Thomas Mullen - Jim, and he says the second book Lightning Men is just as good

Edited: Jan 9, 12:48pm Top

2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge

1. A book made into a movie you've already seen
2. True crime
3. The next book in a series you started
4. A book involving a heist
5. Nordic noir
6. A novel based on a real person
7. A book set in a country that fascinates you
8. A book with a time of day in the title
9. A book about a villain or antihero
10. A book about death or grief
11. A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym
12. A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist
13. A book that is also a stage play or musical
14. A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you
15. A book about feminism
16. A book about mental health
17. A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift
18. A book by two authors
19. A book about or involving a sport
20. A book by a local author - March: Book Two by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell
21. A book with your favorite color in the title
22. A book with alliteration in the title
23. A book about time travel
24. A book with a weather element in the title
25. A book set at sea
26. A book with an animal in the title
27. A book set on a different planet
28. A book with song lyrics in the title
29. A book about or set on Halloween
30. A book with characters who are twins
31. A book mentioned in another book
32. A book from a celebrity book club
33. A childhood classic you've never read
34. A book that's published in 2018
35. A past Goodreads Choice Awards winner Artemis by Andy Weir
36. A book set in the decade you were born
37. A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn't get to
38. A book with an ugly cover
39. A book that involves a bookstore or library
40. Your favorite prompt from the 2015, 2016, or 2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenges (you can easily Google these)

Advanced Reading Challenge

1. A bestseller from the year you graduated high school
2. A cyberpunk book
3. A book that was being read by a stranger in a public place
4. A book tied to your ancestry
5. A book with a fruit or vegetable in the title
6. An allegory
7. A book by an author with the same first or last name as you
8. A microhistory - Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917 by Sally M. Walker
9. A book about a problem facing society today
10. A book recommended by someone else taking the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

Edited: Jan 3, 12:40pm Top

Me next! Here's the champers:

Jan 3, 12:40pm Top

This should do it - next one's yours!

Jan 3, 12:40pm Top

>8 richardderus: You made me laugh out loud! Nicely done!!

Jan 3, 12:40pm Top

Happy new thread, Mamie!

Jan 3, 12:41pm Top

Unbelievable, Mamie, you are chatty!
Oh, happy new thread ;-)

Jan 3, 12:42pm Top

New thread already? Congrats!

Jan 3, 12:42pm Top

Happy new thread, on 3rd January... At this rate you'll be up to thread 121 by December 31st.

Jan 3, 12:52pm Top

And as I predicted, our first second thread!

Jan 3, 1:07pm Top

>11 harrygbutler: Thank you, Harry!

>12 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita. I AM chatty, but I don't think I did it all by myself.

>13 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita! Welcome to my thread!

>14 Helenliz: Thank you, Helen! Don't worry, things will slow down - it's always a madhouse in January.

>15 drneutron: You have mad skills, Jim. You were right.

Jan 3, 1:08pm Top

Let's open that champagne that Richard brought, shall we?

Jan 3, 1:10pm Top


Jan 3, 1:11pm Top

Cheers, BigDaddy!

Jan 3, 1:28pm Top

Well done Mamie. First to reach a second thread in 2018. xx

Jan 3, 1:28pm Top

>20 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul. xx

Jan 3, 1:35pm Top

Happy new one, Mamie!

Jan 3, 1:48pm Top

Hi Mamie!

Jan 3, 1:53pm Top

Happy New Thread, Mamie! Gadzooks!
Have you seen all the ads for the Coravin wine extractor? I was interested until I saw the price!!

Jan 3, 2:17pm Top

Happy new one, Mamie.

Jan 3, 2:21pm Top

>16 Crazymamie: No, you didn't do it all by yourself, Mamie, but you do keep your thread going!

Jan 3, 2:43pm Top

>22 scaifea: Thanks, Amber!

>23 katiekrug: Hey there, Katie!

>24 ronincats: Thanks, Roni! I have not heard of the Coravin wine extractor - will have to goggle.

>25 Ameise1: Thank you, Barbara!

>26 FAMeulstee: *grin* Fair enough, Anita. This group makes me happy - all of you are so fun.

Jan 3, 3:10pm Top

Summer Shivers would probably just make me want to take a trip to somewhere in the southern hemisphere to escape the heat.

Jan 3, 3:16pm Top

Happy New One Mamie!!

100+ posts and a second thread since I was here yesterday.
1. skim
2. read the bottom 10
3. unstar all other threads because clearly everyone is here.

Ha - none of the above of course.

Watch Shawshank Redemption.

Adding Blizzard of Glass to my library wishlist.

Jan 3, 3:19pm Top

>28 thornton37814: Hello, Lori! Um...what?

>29 SuziQoregon: Thank you, Juli! I am so happy that one of the options was not "ignore thread". I promise to watch Shawshank Redemption before the month is out. And hooray for adding Blizzard of Glass to the list!

Jan 3, 3:23pm Top

This user has been removed as spam.

Jan 3, 3:23pm Top

I'll drink you your new thread, Mamie! You're rocking the house, young lady!

Jan 3, 3:24pm Top

This user has been removed as spam.

Jan 3, 3:24pm Top

>32 Carmenere: *clink* Cheers, Lynda! And thank you, kindly!

Jan 3, 3:27pm Top

>30 Crazymamie: I was referring to post #5.

Jan 3, 3:32pm Top

>35 thornton37814: Right. I got that part. But reading the books would make you want to take a trip to the southern hemisphere or just the heat of a Georgia summer?

Jan 3, 5:28pm Top

Ooh drinkies...... just what I need to wash down the apple turnover that just happened to find its way to my hand.

Your pic in >5 Crazymamie: had me shuddering because we're expecting a blizzard tomorrow.... and we still haven't finished clearing the snow off the driveway from the last batch of snow.

Jan 3, 5:31pm Top

Good heavens!! A second thread already!! Happy new one :)

Jan 3, 5:56pm Top

>37 cameling: Apple turnover? Yum, Caro. It's actually chilly here, but alas, no snow. YIKES to the blizzard - hoping you come through it fine and that you don't get as much as predicted.

>38 RebaRelishesReading: Hello, Reba. Yep. And thank you.

Jan 3, 6:01pm Top

Cheers to your second thread of the new year! Um, may I have a glass of bubbly so I can toast and clink glasses please? Thankyousomuch!

>6 Crazymamie: I like your idea and am going to steal it for my thread. So many times I discover a book because of someone here on LT, and then after I read it I can't remember who recommended it.

Jan 3, 6:02pm Top

Wow, 2 threads and 2 books read. Go, Mamie! I’m glad this isn’t a competition.

Jan 3, 6:03pm Top

Oh dear, I fear my contributions to your threads this year will once again be limited to Happy New Thread wishes now and then. Can't believe there were over 110 posts since my last visit maybe 15 hrs ago? That's amazing! :o

Oh yes, before I forget it, Happy New Thread! :)

Jan 3, 6:04pm Top

Happy New Thread, Mamie! Beautiful Abby photo up top.

Jan 3, 6:11pm Top

>40 Storeetllr:
Absolutely, Mary! Cheers! *clink*

Steal away! That's exactly why I started keeping a list on my thread each year.

>41 Donna828: Hello there, Donna! And thank you.

>42 Deern: Hello, Nathalie! Things will slow down, but also I always post a photo with my book news, so you can always just skim for those. And thank you!

Jan 3, 6:12pm Top

>43 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe! I will tell Abby you liked the photo - it's a beauty and captures so much of what winter mornings look like here.

Jan 3, 6:38pm Top

Book 2. March: Book Two by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell (5 stars), library paperback, GN non-fiction/memoir/Civil Rights Movement

I think most of you are familiar with this GN memoir of the Civil Rights Movement through John Lewis' eyes. It is stunning. Really, I just cannot say enough about how well these books have been done. This is book two of the three volume set. I was familiar with the events in this, and still I was staggered by the ugliness and hatred and violence dished out to peaceful protestors who were basically just asking for what should already be theirs. If you have not yet picked up the first book, you should do so, even if you are not normally one to read something in a GN format. It's one thing to read about the movement or to see documentaries or visit a museum, but seeing it unfold through the eyes of someone who was there every step of the way and has the power to do the story justice when he tells it, is a whole other level of education.

On a personal note, I'll just mention how incredibly disturbing it was to see that our current residency (Albany, GA) was mentioned by name in Lewis' speech that he gave during the March on Washington. This is not Birmingham, or Memphis, or Jackson, and yet there we are.

Highly recommended. Really, what are you waiting for?

Jan 3, 7:01pm Top

Happy New Thread, Mamie! You have been taking off like a rocket in the new year! Love the Abby topper. She does have an eye.

Good review of March: Book Two. It is such a monumental trilogy. It should be read by all. I am sure you have the 3rd one, lined up?

**From the last thread: "The Shawshank Redemption is one of my watch over and over again films!" Amen, to that. I am way overdue seeing that one.

Jan 3, 7:06pm Top

>46 Crazymamie: Nope. Nope. No no no. Will NOT do it. No, I tell you!

Jan 3, 7:09pm Top

>47 msf59: Thanks, Mark! I think my thread is taking off because you are busy working, Amber had to set up shop late because she was out of town, and Paul is off in England with spotty wifi. I am thrilled you like the Abby topper, and I agree she has an eye.

Thank you for the kudos on the review. I am waiting for book three to come in at the library - I have it on request.

Mark, I have yet to see The Shawshank Redemption - it's in my Netflix queue, and I have been instructed by the masses to watch it pronto. I believe Mary and Morphy both mentioned watching it over and over again. You haven't see it, either?! This shocks me!

Jan 3, 7:10pm Top

>48 richardderus: But yes. You must. *baby deer eyes*

Jan 3, 7:12pm Top

No, your thread is taking off, because you are an absolute delight! How about those apples?

Jan 3, 7:13pm Top

>51 msf59: Aw, shucks. Thanks, Mark.

Jan 3, 7:14pm Top

No, I have seen Shawshank a few times, but it has been probably a decade or more, since the last time. Probably the best King adaptation. I hope you get to it soon and maybe you'll inspire me to watch it too.

Jan 3, 7:22pm Top

>51 msf59: - Co-signed!

Jan 3, 7:27pm Top

Love the topper and I will take a glass of that bubbly and an apple while I am at it! Thanks. : )

Jan 3, 7:27pm Top

Whew! That was a close one...almost got stomped on!

Jan 3, 7:48pm Top

>53 msf59: Oh. Okay, then. I will definitely get to it this month.

>54 katiekrug: AW! That is so sweet. I might have to ugly cry with happiness. Thanks, Katie.

Jan 3, 7:51pm Top

>55 richardderus: Um..okay. I mean..if you really just could not do this one tiny little thing for me. Then I understand. Really. It's fine.

Jan 3, 7:51pm Top

Happy new thread, Mamie! That topper looks like the sky we had here all day. Re the Halifax Explosion books, I have another work of fiction on the shelf that is based on the Explosion called Burden of Desire by Robert MacNeil. I haven't read it yet but was given it by a fellow student in a Creative Writing class as I had based the story on which I was working on the Halifax Explosion.

>55 richardderus: You really should, Richard.

Jan 3, 7:54pm Top

>56 Berly: SO glad you love the topper, Kim! Here you go:

Good work on avoiding the stompage.

Jan 3, 7:57pm Top

>60 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg! The sky looks exactly like that very often in the mornings in winter here. It's kind of cool actually. If you don't have to go anywhere, that is. Heh.

I'm going to need a list just for Halifax books. Fiction and non-fiction. Cool.

And yes, he should.

Jan 3, 7:58pm Top

>59 Crazymamie:, >60 Familyhistorian: FINE FINE OKAY FINE
*requests ebook of same from library*
Happy?! Huh are y'all happy now?!
*stomps off*

Jan 3, 8:00pm Top

>63 richardderus: Actually, I am happy now, thanks for asking.

Jan 3, 9:05pm Top

>63 richardderus: You won't regret it. (I hope.)

>49 Crazymamie: You won't regret it either, Mamie. Shawshank and The Green Mile are among the best book to film adaptations ever. I watch both of them periodically.

Edited: Jan 3, 9:10pm Top

>46 Crazymamie: - I read all three John Lewis books this past year. Of course, I had known and read about the Civil Rights movement before but until trump insulted John Lewis during the campaign, I had never heard of him. I plead ignorance as a Canadian but that is remedied now. And, like you, reading about it from a first person perspective was very powerful. And I LOVED how he subtly juxtaposed Jan. 2008 into the story. As if I hadn't already despised trump, seeing the quality of this man (Lewis) and how trump could so ignorantly mock him, well, there is really nothing left to say..

Jan 3, 9:10pm Top

>66 jessibud2: Hear, hear!

Jan 3, 10:39pm Top

All caught up...

Jan 4, 1:58am Top

You're on your second thread already? And have finished two great books? Impressive, Mamie.

Jan 4, 2:09am Top

Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917 from your last thread sons like a read and a half- what a good'un to start off the year with!

I see there is already thread-talk up-thread about this thread taking off :) I was all, wha????, 2nd thread already, and the first on 300+ posts?? I better get back here and make my mark on the new one before it disappears already!! :):):)

Jan 4, 8:08am Top

>51 msf59: I completely concur with those apples. *munches absentmindedly*

Jan 4, 8:21am Top

Hi Mamie! You have me convinced to try out The March.

Jan 4, 8:28am Top

Happy second thread, Mamie. Happy 2 books read. I agree with Jenn in >68 nittnut:.

Jan 4, 8:54am Top

Apple turnovers!

While they're hot!

Jan 4, 9:09am Top

>65 Storeetllr: Mary, you post to Richard made me laugh.

I have yet to read The Green Mile, but I do have that one in the stacks. Another movie for my list, too, as I have not seen that one. Thanks, Mary! I think I might start a LT recommended movie list. *squee*

>66 jessibud2: Shelley, I had read the March: Book One back in 2015, but our library system only recently got the other two books. SO, I knew about John Lewis and his part in the Civil Rights Movement, which made trump's incredible idiocy and enormous disrespect just that much more shocking and disturbing. And yes, I loved how he wove the 2008 election into the narrative.

>67 Storeetllr: Agreed, Mary.

Jan 4, 9:15am Top

>68 nittnut: Jenn? *sets out a thermos of coffee and some warm chocolate chip cookies* Thanks for catching up with me, dear.

>69 BLBera: Thank you, Beth. I had a lot of help. Well, not with the books - I read those all by myself.

>70 LovingLit: It was a great book to start the year with, Megan - very well done. Your mark on this thread is duly noted. In fact, we are going to frame it so that visitors can stare at it with reverence.

Jan 4, 9:18am Top

Morning Mamie! EEk! I'm going to have to walk 20,000 steps for all the deliciousness and eye calories I'm devouring in this thread.
What was last night's movie"?

Jan 4, 9:19am Top

>71 scaifea: Thank you kindly, Miss Amber. I am touched.

>72 The_Hibernator: Hooray, Rachel! You won't be sorry.

>73 karenmarie: Thank you, Karen! Coffee and cookies for you, too, since you are tuckered out from catching up here.

>74 richardderus: Oh! Most YUM! Thank you, BigDaddy!

Jan 4, 9:19am Top

>36 Crazymamie: I hate hot weather, especially humid hot weather. I'd prefer moderate climates, but I'd take cold over heat any day.

Jan 4, 9:25am Top

>77 Carmenere: Morning, Lynda! I am the one who need to walk 20,000 steps. I have been totally slacking off in that department. No movie last night, I am sad to report. Everyone was getting home at different times, so most of the evening was spent hearing about everyone's day. And the night before we watched several episode of Haven, which is a show that Rae picked - we are in the middle of season three, and things are getting interesting.

Jan 4, 9:26am Top

>79 thornton37814: Okay. That is exactly my thinking with reading the cold books during the hot Georgia summer. Thanks for getting back to me, Lori!

>80 richardderus: Heh. Me, three.

Jan 4, 10:27am Top

Morning, Mamie. Semi-Sweet Thursday. I also recommend, The Green Mile, book and film.

Jan 4, 10:30am Top

Morning, Mark! I was just over at your place. The Green Mile is firmly on the list for both book and film.

Jan 4, 10:56am Top


Jan 4, 10:59am Top

>85 richardderus: Wonderful! Thanks, BigDaddy!

Jan 4, 11:34am Top

I need to remember that I'm reading Godstalk this month!

Edited: Jan 4, 12:23pm Top

>87 EBT1002: Ellen, you are reading God Stalk this month. The GR is here: Roni's GR

Jan 4, 12:03pm Top

The GR is where?

Jan 4, 12:04pm Top

Ha. I'm not behind on your thread.
Mark this moment on the calendar.

Jan 4, 12:04pm Top

And actually, I've already starred the GR thread, but I still need to remember it!!!!

Jan 4, 12:25pm Top

>89 EBT1002:, >90 EBT1002:, >91 EBT1002: Oh, for Pete's sake, I left out the end quotation marks. Fixed now. And got it - January, 4, 2018 - Ellen is not behind in my thread. I knew you had already been to the GR - I thought for sure you would come back and call me a smartass. Heh.

Jan 4, 12:33pm Top

Hi Mamie! I should not be surprised that at only four days in I'm already behind 92 posts and hit by a book bullet to boot! I've added the Halifax Explosion book to my wishlist!
And a new challenge too. Damn, your thread is dangerous! See you over on the pop sugar thread :)

Jan 4, 12:55pm Top

Hello, Chelle! I am excited that you will be joining us for the PopSugar challenge - so fun. And hooray for hitting you with a book bullet - whoop!

Jan 4, 1:03pm Top

Happy New Year Mamie. I am too late for your first thread but have now dropped my star and grabbed a comfy chair. I am trying not to look at the 2018 PopSugar Challenge. I am cursed with the need to enter every challenge that I see!

Jan 4, 1:06pm Top

Hello, Judy! Happy New Year! Good thinking with the comfy chair - love those. The way I am approaching the PopSugar challenge is to simply read what I want and then see if I can place it somewhere in the challenge. I am not stressed about filling in every blank - if it happens, then BONUS.

Jan 4, 1:29pm Top

Hello Mamie!

>Beautifully creepy photo. well done, Abby! No...FFF...ideas...there. No...sireee...

Jan 4, 1:51pm Top

Happy New Year, Mamie! Thread 2 already?!

Jan 4, 9:41pm Top

Happy new thread! You have been busy the last couple of days. Film wise I sugesst 9 it is a tad heart wrenching but very beautiful.

Jan 4, 10:27pm Top

Warm chocolate chip Cookies! Oh thank you. Feeling much better. :)

Jan 4, 10:59pm Top

Catching up for the day, Mamie. You've been busy!

Jan 5, 1:07am Top

Hi, Mamie. Dropping a star.

Yikes, I'm soooooo far behind.

Love hearing about the movies you've been watching. I see that you liked both Blade Runners - the original is one of my favorite movies. We saw 2049 when it came out this summer and I was pleasantly surprised. I never know whether I'm going to like the sequel or not. I was never sure whether Deckard was a replicant - which is one of the reasons that I enjoyed the first movie so much. What are your thoughts? I see a lot of evidence either way.

Jan 5, 7:34am Top

>97 brodiew2: Hello, Brodie! FFF?

>98 humouress: Hello there, Nina! Happy New Year! I really love that Gaiman quote, especially the first and the last sentence. He has such a great way with words, doesn't he?

>99 BBGirl55: Thank you, Bryony! I have not heard of 9 - will have to look that up.

Jan 5, 7:50am Top

>100 nittnut: You are welcome, Jenn. It was the least I could do after you collapsed on the deck.

>101 ronincats: Hey there, Roni! Things in general have been busy - it's like the threads have an adrenaline rush at the beginning of each new year. So fun!

>102 rretzler: Love that star, Robin! I love both Blade Runners - I was so happy that they did an excellent job with the sequel. I believe firmly that Deckard is NOT a replicant. I think it's important that he is human in order for the original story line to work so wonderfully - his own humanity is what saves him from dismissing replicants as less than human. It's deliciously complicated - one of those things that your mind just can't stop working on, which is what makes the story SO great.

Jan 5, 8:06am Top


SO yesterday was cold and very windy here, and the wind is what kept me inside. I spent the day doing boring household chores - laundry, sorting mail, getting dishes dirty and then making them clean again...But I did manage to start reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, which amazingly I have not read before - I am surprised we did not read this one in school. I am liking it so far, and I LOVE reading it from my Penguin Deluxe Classics edition. So beautifully made and as you know, I adore deckled edge pages. They make me giddy. I spent the late afternoon and early evening watching Stranger Things, which is getting seriously good - just one more episode to go in season one. Then Abby and I are going to watch season two together - she has been waiting for me to catch up to her.

No big plans for today except for more of the same. Oh! Forgot to mention that yesterday The Dying Detective came in for me at the library - Charlotte recommended this one, but I don't remember her mentioning that it is kind of big - a stout hardback, so not easy on the wrists. (Also, please don't tell Susan that this is number eight in the series, which I did not realize until I was looking up the cover) And my digital loan of Exit West came in - I had this out back in December to read for the CultureCat, but had to return it before I had finished it, so now I can finally finish it up.

Jan 5, 8:53am Top

Morning, Mamie!

I love that spoiler comment in >104 Crazymamie:. Were you the one who said how great it would be if, in the second movie, Deckard instead of a dog, had a sheep? Readers of the book would've gone nuts!

Jan 5, 9:18am Top

>106 jnwelch: Morning, Joe! And yep - that was me. I so wish they had done that!

Jan 5, 11:00am Top

>106 jnwelch: Oh, that would have been so cool!

Jan 5, 11:01am Top

>108 drneutron: I know, right?!

Jan 5, 11:07am Top

Hi Mamie, happy you haven't blown away but fear that my 5-story 112-year-old building might lose its moorings and go walkabout on the North Atlantic in today's howlers. So very glad I have no need to go outside!

Jan 5, 11:08am Top

Hey there, Richard! No! Your building is not allowed to go on walkabout! And yes - stay in, dearest.

Jan 5, 11:16am Top

>111 Crazymamie: No fear. I think it's the right day for hot (thermally)/HOT (culinarily) Indian buffet, no?

Jan 5, 11:43am Top

Most delightful! Don’t mind if I do, thanks!

Jan 5, 12:12pm Top

C--All those boring chores you did yesterday? I have to do them today. Sigh. Have fun with your current set of books--they look good!

Jan 5, 12:36pm Top

Hi Mamie!

I'm going crazy with all this good food - we're still snowbound and although we have enough to eat we don't have too many fun things to eat. Sigh.

I adore deckled edge pages. They make me giddy. Spoken by a woman who truly loves physical books.

Re Stranger Things - is that the 2-season series 2008-2009? Bill and I are coming up to the end of Midsomer Murders and need something new to watch. Perhaps we'll check it out!

I hope you're having a good day.

Jan 5, 12:42pm Top

>114 Berly: I hear you sister! I came home last night to find the Christmas tree had fallen over. Emergency bauble rescue operation swung into action and there was but one casualty. Today, however, I had to tidy up and hoover all the fallen needles. Why couldn't it have happened on Tuesday, when I could have left all the hoovering to my cleaner, who comes on Wednesday. Ho hum.

Sausages, cheesy mash & baked beans here, regular Friday tea. I'd swop for a curry, but the husband would object quite loudly.

Edited: Jan 5, 12:46pm Top

>97 brodiew2: Friday Flash Fiction! The photo evokes some Upside Downy* feelings.

>112 richardderus: Looks delicious, Richard!

>115 karenmarie: Stranger Things premiered in 2016 and S2 was this past October. Or, You could be referring to something else. If not, you should definitely check it out!

*Stranger Things

Jan 5, 4:10pm Top

>114 Berly: A rotten plan for Friday, Kim. Hope they went quickly. I haven't started The Dying Detective yet, but so far so good with the other. I saw that Stephen Fry does a narration of The Picture of Dorian Gray, which I would snag in a moment, but alas, it's abridged. ABRIDGED. Why do they make those?

>115 karenmarie: Hello, Karen! Total bummer about no fun food to eat at home.

I do love physical books, but I also adore ebooks because I have carpal tunnel in both wrists, so when it is flaring up, I am very thankful for my Kindle. And also late at night when I can't sleep, which happens OFTEN, then I can grab the Kindle and read in bed without disturbing Craig.

And what Brodie said about Stranger Things. So this one:

Hoping the rest of your day goes well despite there being a deficit of delicious junky food.

Jan 5, 4:15pm Top

>116 Helenliz: Oh dear, Helen! At least there was only one casualty. But sorry you had to do the actual Hoovering - I try to leave that to the kids.

I approve the menu - sounds good, although I would also be up for the curry.

>117 brodiew2: Hello, Brodie! Oh! FFF=Flash Friday Fiction. I should have gotten that one!

Richard's buffet does look awesome, doesn't it?!

And thanks for answering Karen's question - that's the one I was talking about.

Edited: Jan 5, 6:27pm Top

I like that expression 'walking the cat'!

And that is a beautiful photograph at the top.

Somehow I have I missed an entire thread?? Sheesh!

Jan 5, 6:55pm Top

Hi, Mamie! Happy Friday. Looks like you had a nice day planned. I must be one of the rare birds, who just didn't get into Stranger Things. I think I only watched 3 eps, in season 1. I know my family all enjoyed it. I am more comfortable with The Crown and Alias Grace.

Jan 5, 8:39pm Top

>46 Crazymamie: I was blown away by the March series.

Happy reading and threading in 2018!

Jan 6, 7:06am Top

Happy weekend, Mamie.

Jan 6, 7:26am Top

>118 Crazymamie: You need a book cushion, Mamie.

Jan 6, 9:07am Top

Happy reading weekend, Mamie!

Edited: Jan 6, 12:02pm Top

>120 sibyx: Lucy, where have you been? Never mind, you're here now, and thanks for coming. Glad you like the walking the cat post - I updated the photo but brought that idea over from last year. And I will tell Abby that you liked the photo - she never fails to amaze me with what she captures.

>121 msf59: Hello, Mark! Happy Saturday! There is definitely plenty out there to watch, so don't think twice about Stranger Things if it didn't work for you. I love paranormal stuff, so it's right up my alley.

>122 libraryperilous: Hello, Diana! Welcome to my thread! I am wanting to read the final entry in the trilogy right now, but I am still waiting for it to come in on request. And thank you for those good wishes!

Jan 6, 12:04pm Top

>123 Ameise1: Thank you, Barbara!

>124 humouress: I have not seen those before, Nina. Must check that out. Thanks!

>125 PersephonesLibrary: Thank you, Kathy! Happy reading to you!

Jan 6, 12:07pm Top

Mamie. Mamie. Help me. It's -18° and I'm undercaffeinated, underfed, and overtired. *sad puppy eyes* Is there any heat and food and coffee?

Jan 6, 12:24pm Top

So last night Rae and I watched episodes 7-9 in season 3 of Haven. Things are getting good. Of course, watching Haven is interfering with my finishing up Stranger Things and Riverdale. At this point, I feel like I could just watch Netflix for days on end - it would be like hibernating. The flip side it that nothing else would get done. And that would be BAD. SO, no. But I am seriously tempted.

Nothing much on tap this weekend, which is good because for some reason the house has decided to slowly fall apart. The fan in our master bath shower sounds like a very sick elephant, and the water softener has completely given up the ghost. Craig has the old headlamp on and is tackling replacing the fan in the shower as I type. Good man. The water softener he has declared dead, so may it rest in peace.

In the meantime, the rest of us have decided that Chinese takeaway is in order. This is totally Katie's fault, so thank you, Katie!

Jan 6, 12:28pm Top

Morning, Mamie!

We loved "Stranger Things". Did you watch "Beyond Stranger Things"? The cast and crew talks about the show, and it's really good.

Jan 6, 12:29pm Top

>130 jnwelch: Morning, Joe! I have not watched "Beyond Stranger Things" yet - are there any spoilers in there for the first season?

Jan 6, 12:29pm Top

It must be something going around because our house has been acting up too (and I'm bloody tired of it). May this soon pass.

Jan 6, 12:30pm Top

>105 Crazymamie: It looks like you have some reading to do, Mamie. Soo, are you going to read The Dying Detective, even if it isn't the first in the series? I won't tell anyone. Have a lovely weekend.

Jan 6, 12:31pm Top

>132 RebaRelishesReading: Oh, dear, Reba! It seems like we just get one thing fixed and then the next thing breaks. *sigh* Like you, I am hoping it passes soon - for both of us!

Edited: Jan 6, 12:31pm Top

>131 Crazymamie: Definitely! Watch both seasons before you watch "Beyond". Last I knew, "Beyond" was available on Netflix. Among other things, you get to see how smart those kids are.

Jan 6, 12:32pm Top

>133 BLBera: I do have plenty of reading material on hand, Beth. And yes, I will give it a go even though *looks around and then lowers voice to a whisper* it isn't the first in the series. I appreciate your discretion.

Jan 6, 12:33pm Top

>135 jnwelch: Okay. That's what I figured - thanks for that, Joe! You are right that Netflix has it.

Jan 6, 1:08pm Top

>129 Crazymamie: - Enjoy the Chinese. We had to try a new place and it was pretty good.

Jan 6, 1:11pm Top

>138 katiekrug: Daniel is off to pick it up for us, so I am happily waiting. Glad the new place was pretty good - what did you get?

Jan 6, 1:20pm Top

Mmmmm...Chinese sounds divine right now. But then anything not involving turkey or ham sounds good about now. Yes, we had a lot of leftovers and they are finally gone! Everybody say yay!

Jan 6, 2:25pm Top

YAY! I am with you on those sentiments, Kim! The Chinese was most excellent - everything we ordered was delicious.

Jan 6, 2:39pm Top

>140 Berly: Yay! We finished ours in less than a week. well apart form the cheese, but I usually end up with cheese sandwiches all through January using that up.

>138 katiekrug:, >141 Crazymamie: Trying a new takeaway is always a gamble, you're concerned it might not live up to the old one and that the dishes aren't the same. Good news on it being a success.
Random question: What containers do your takeaways come in? I find that locally Indian takeaway come in foil trays, while Chinese takeaways come in plastic containers (which I wash and re-use as they are freezer and microwave safe - fabulous for freezer emergency meals). What's the norm elsewhere?

Jan 6, 3:28pm Top

>139 Crazymamie: - Barbecue pork fried rice, orange chicken, and egg rolls. Oh, and fried dumplings, but those were not great....

>142 Helenliz: - Most takeaways come in the plastic containers around here. I am a sucker for the old fashioned white paper Chinese takeaway boxes, but they were rather leaky sometimes!

Jan 6, 4:40pm Top

Chinese takeaway sounds so good. Oh look! It's almost 5! I wonder if we have a good Chinese place around here. *wanders off to text the neighbors*

Jan 6, 4:53pm Top

>129 Crazymamie: Sorry to see that your house needs some love. May the water softener rest in peace. Did Craig get the fan fixed?
If it makes you feel any better while we were away Nate managed to not only break a toilet but also break my new truck trunk door! I'm never leaving him home alone again!

Jan 6, 5:56pm Top

>142 Helenliz: A lot of places here use either plastic or styrofoam. Our Chinese place uses styrofoam for the meals and those cute old-fashioned Chinese takeaway containers Katie is talking about for single orders of something - like fried rice.

>143 katiekrug: Yum. Sorry about the dumplings. We added an order of the shrimp lo mein to our order this time (in honor of Richard) and everyone loved it.

>144 nittnut: Jenn, I hoped you got your Chinese takeaway - ours was SO good. Exactly what I wanted, which is like magic every time it happens.

>145 ChelleBearss: It does, Chelle. Craig is still working on the fan - I guess the previous one was installed kind of wonky and the wiring on the one he bought to replace it is weird. I know nothing about these things, so I am happy to leave it to him as long as he gets it fixed TODAY.

Nate broke a toilet and your new truck door. OH! Not fun, and good thinking to not leave him home alone again. If I left Craig home alone for an extended period of time, I would probably walk in to find that huge flat screen tvs had been mounted in every room, complete with sound boxes and other paraphernalia.

Jan 6, 5:59pm Top

Happy Saturday, Mamie! I hope you are having a great day. If you ever decide to read Nicholas Nickelby, (it has been great, BTW) find the audio, narrated by Simon Vance. it is a gem.

Hooray for ordering Chinese!!

Jan 6, 6:03pm Top

Happy Saturday, Mark! I was just at your place!! SO far so good with the day, and I will be delighted if Craig manages to get the new bathroom shower light/fan installed before midnight.

Oof, I am not a huge fan of Dickens - except for A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities.

And yes, the Chinese was full of fabulous. Plus, there were leftovers, so bonus.

Jan 6, 6:52pm Top

*noble profile*

I...I can cope...truly I can...with...with Being Ignored.


No...no...it will be fine, just fine...so Mamie doesn't...can't...>128 richardderus: just matters not at all...


Jan 6, 6:54pm Top

>149 richardderus: - My God, Mamie, you've left him a broken shell of a man! All he wanted was some hot coffee and nourishment. Have a heart, woman!

Jan 6, 7:11pm Top

>128 richardderus:, >149 richardderus: I am devastated that I missed you up there, BigDaddy. My sincere and heartfelt apologies. Poor, poor baby!

Let's start out with some Kahlua and cream French toast, shall we?

And thick slice bacon:

and excellent coffee:

Jan 6, 7:12pm Top

>150 katiekrug: I know, I know. *sobs* I'm working on it.

Jan 6, 7:21pm Top

>150 katiekrug: Th...thank you, dear Katie, for at least *noticing* mmmeeeeeeeee *snivelSNORP*

>151 Crazymamie: Oh hey! That's the ticket. Yum! Thanks, Mamie dear. *smooch*

Jan 6, 7:40pm Top

>153 richardderus: You poor thing! Sorry you had to wait. *smooch back*

Jan 6, 7:41pm Top

>154 Crazymamie: Oh heck, anything for a chance to be a drama queen. :)

Jan 6, 7:43pm Top

Jan 6, 7:51pm Top

Jan 6, 7:53pm Top

>155 richardderus: I completely understand.

>156 katiekrug: *belly laugh*

>157 richardderus: Agreed.

Jan 6, 10:24pm Top

(Is it safe around here, now?)

We used to get Chinese take away every weekend when I was growing up in England. Now I’m living in Singapore, which is 70% ethnically Chinese, the traditional Chinese food here tastes very different (different region of China, for one thing). Reading all these posts, I really, really want to eat the Chinese food of my childhood right now - but I can’t :0(

As for take away containers, about 90% of places (whatever the cuisine) supply it in plastic boxes. There is sometimes, however about a millimetre or two difference in the lid size between suppliers, and if you happen to mix them up, it’s impossible to get the box sealed close.

Jan 6, 10:25pm Top

Now this is why I love LT!

Jan 7, 2:54am Top

>159 humouress: oh yes, I know that frustration! I recently went through my plastic tub stash and threw out any lids without tubs and tubs without lids. There were a number that looked like they should fit but were a smidge too wide or had a different profile corner. Better that than dinner all over the freezer, I suppose!

>151 Crazymamie: Coffee I'll have. I'm afraid I do not understand the sweet with bacon thing. Just wrong as a very very wrong thing.

Jan 7, 9:22am Top

Good morning, Mamie!

Oh my. French toast, thick cut bacon, and, of course, coffee. I have all the ingredients and was just trying to figure out what to do for breakfast for Bill and myself. Thank you!

Jan 7, 9:32am Top

Happy Sunday, Mamie! Time for me to walk a power mile! I might be ready for some breakfast afterwards *hint hint*

Jan 7, 9:50am Top

Hi Mamie!! I'M OVER HERE!! See me?! I'm RIGHT. HERE.

Happy Sunday.

Jan 7, 9:58am Top

>159 humouress: Oh, dear, Nina! I completely understand that - when we lived in Indiana, there was a Thai restaurant that I absolutely adored. They had THE best food. I miss it so much. When we first moved here, there was a chain Thai restaurant, which had some good dishes, but it was nothing compared to the one back in Indiana, which was family owned. And the one here had lousy service, so they went out of business not long after we moved down here. Anyway, now no Thai food available anywhere close.

And I hear you with the containers being just different enough to require you to find the exact lid that it came with - so frustrating.

>160 DeltaQueen50: Ha! Me, too, Judy! Such a fun group.

Jan 7, 10:09am Top

>161 Helenliz: Yep. This is a constant frustration of mine with locating what lid goes with what bottom.

I am laughing about you not understanding the bacon with the sweet, Helen. I think bacon goes with everything. Heh. But seriously, I love pairing sweet things with savory things - for me, that combination is so good. But we can get you that coffee:

>162 karenmarie: Morning, Karen! Hooray for breakfast fixings! And you're welcome. One of our favorite things is to have a big breakfast.

>163 Carmenere: Happy Sunday, Lynda! A power mile - is that like a fast walk? Breakfast after - are you doing the healthy or the decadent? I'll have to guess:

Jan 7, 10:09am Top

>164 richardderus: Morning, Richard! I see you!! Happy Sunday to you, my friend!

Jan 7, 10:14am Top

she noticed me she noticed me oh happy day I really exist

Happy Sunday, may your team win. What're they called again, the Pterodactyls or something?

Jan 7, 10:18am Top

>156 katiekrug: stealing!

And Chineeeeeeeeessseee. We had some yesterday but all this talk had me wanting to make another trip...NOW-ish!

Morning Mamie!

Jan 7, 10:19am Top

>166 Crazymamie: Yes, Mamie, it is a fast walk with some weights. It's actually called a muscle mile not a power mile as I originally called it. and Yes, again! That is a perfect breakfast! Muchas Gracias!

Jan 7, 10:36am Top

>168 richardderus: Oh, you made me laugh - luckily, I had just set my coffee down. I am currently without team since Peyton Manning retired, but I have been rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, which is Birdy's favorite team. They played (and won!) last night, but it wasn't pretty.

>169 dragonaria: Ha! Katie finds some good ones, doesn't she Kimberly? I am with you on the Chinese - I could eat it every week.

Good Morning to you!

>170 Carmenere: With weights - bonus points for that. How heavy are the weights?

And you're welcome!

Jan 7, 11:17am Top

>171 Crazymamie: Only 3 lbs each and after the kettlebell incident, that is moooooorrrree than enough!

Jan 7, 11:20am Top

>172 Carmenere: I was remembering the kettlebell incident. 3 lbs each is probably a very good amount - more would be very hard on the wrists, I would think.

Jan 7, 11:20am Top

Morning, Mamie! Happy Sunday! Our warm up begins today! 30 today. 37 tomorrow. Yah!

Hope you have a nice kickback day going at the Pecan Paridiso!

Jan 7, 11:24am Top

Morning, Mark! Happy Sunday! 37F here currently and going to 50F today, so perfect. I did see that we should be back into the 70s in the coming week - ugh.

Should be pretty lazy, although, really, we need to start taking down all the Christmas decor. Not my favorite thing.

Jan 7, 11:34am Top

Good morning, Mamie!

I just fixed up a pound of bacon for snacking purposes this morning. Of course, some accompanied the eggs and fried potatoes I made for breakfast.

We've started on taking down and putting away the Christmas decorations, and ideally will get them all boxed up today, though probably not back up into the attic for a day or two.

Jan 7, 11:39am Top

Morning, Harry! Yum to the bacon. I am really procrastinating on the taking down of the decorations, but all the kids are here this morning, so I should get on that bus while I have help.

Edited: Jan 7, 6:45pm Top

Chinese takeaway is the perfect answer to a day of home repairs. It's our Christmas Eve tradition.

>156 katiekrug: Ha!!

Jan 7, 12:21pm Top

>178 SuziQoregon: I love learning about traditions, Juli - my oldest sister and her family always eat out at a local Chinese restaurant that is open on Christmas Day.

Jan 7, 12:22pm Top

Hi and Happy New Year! Running late, but with two thread and almost two hundred on this second one - I am now officially caught up.

Mmmm bacon. Budget Bytes posted a bacon broccoli quiche on FB this morning which I am definitely going to try.

Chinese take out sounds lovely. Here in small town MT, our one and only Chinese restaurant still has takeout in the little paper boxes.

We do have a Thai food truck that comes down from Missoula twice a week in the summer. The proprietors are Thai (who return to Thailand each year to avoid the Montana winters), but the food is only so so. However, I love the name of their truck so much - The Buddha Belly Yum Yum - that I hope they continue forever. :)

Jan 7, 12:30pm Top

Hello there, Janet! Happy New Year! And thanks for taking the time to catch up with me. You'll have to let me know how the bacon broccoli quiche turns out - sounds delicious.

We are spoilt for Chinese choices here, and have had fun figuring out who has the best of each dish, so depending on what we want, we order from different places. The kids always ask, which one are we getting it from?

That is a great name for the Thai truck! Our favorite back in Indiana was called Thai Smile 2. The parking lot was always packed, so often you had to park at a distance and walk back to it. Oh, how I miss that place. They had these beautiful dishes that they served the food in - made such a pretty presentation.

Jan 7, 12:48pm Top

Hiya, Mamie.

Maybe someone said it and I missed it, but Jews joke that their traditional Christmas meal is Chinese food. Madame MBH had a hankering for some this holiday season, but we went with a local Thai place.

Jan 7, 12:58pm Top

>182 jnwelch: Hiya, Joe! I have not heard that one. And hooray for Thai - next time, eat some for me, please.

Jan 7, 1:35pm Top

Thai food is a favorite with us, too. In fact, I proposed to Erika in a little Thai restaurant in Rochester, N.Y., the Bangkok (now sadly gone). The same family owned another restaurant, The King & I, which still exists, but that wasn't quite as good. We haven't managed to find one that we like so well here in eastern Pennsylvania.

Jan 7, 1:38pm Top

So sad that the restaurant is gone now, Harry. Love those names! I would love to find a Thai place within an hour of us that serves something close to what we were spoiled with back in Indiana. SO funny, but I miss the food more than the state. Heh.

Jan 7, 2:56pm Top

Heh. Whenever my daughter and I are together for Christmas, we always do Chinese and a movie on Christmas Day. It is a Jewish thing, according to her Jewish friend - maybe b/c most who celebrate Christmas are busy doing Christmassy things and so the restaurants and movie houses are not so full?

Jan 7, 3:32pm Top

>181 Crazymamie: - My favorite Thai place back in Dallas was called Thai Smile!

Jan 7, 4:05pm Top

We had a favorite Thai takeout in NZ called Thai Kai (Kai meaning food in Maori). Clever name, good food.

I did get my Chinese takeout. I took Mr. E out and we visited a friend who is leaving for Panama in a few days and then we took ourselves out for Chinese. I had string bean chicken - no rice, and he had orange chicken - yes rice, and we were both very happy.

Jan 7, 4:25pm Top


Jan 7, 4:52pm Top

>186 Storeetllr: So interesting, Mary! That’s exactly what my sister’s family does. I had not heard before that it was a Jewish thing. Cool! And makes sense about the crowds being elsewhere.

>187 katiekrug: Wicked! That is too funny, Katie.

>188 nittnut: That is a clever name, Jenn! And I’m glad that you got your Chinese fix. Both those dishes sound good.

>189 richardderus: How vert thoughtful of you, BigDaddy! And perfect timing, too. Thank you!

Jan 7, 8:25pm Top

Well, Mamie, you'd love it here! Where I live we have about 70 % Asian people , mainly Chinese, Korean, Thai etc and you can find a great, authentic Thai/ Korean/ Hot Pot/ Sushi etc etc place anywhere around the city. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the food! :-)

Here's a link to a sample. My son and his wife ( Chinese) love asian food.


Jan 7, 8:30pm Top

It sounds like I would indeed love it there, Deborah. I love Oriental, although I am not a fan of sushi. Thanks for that link - now my mouth is watering.

Jan 7, 10:04pm Top

My favorite Chinese locally is at "Emma's Asian 1." Emma (her American name) and her staff served great Chinese and Japanese. They added a few Thai dishes to the menu also.

Jan 7, 11:41pm Top

Still talking about Chinese food?! Are you trying to torture me, people? Thankfully, Thai food is very easily accessible here. Looks like I’ll have to settle for that. (Not that I have any objection to Thai food, mind you.)

Jan 8, 2:22am Top

Hi, Crazy! Wanted to be the first to wish you happy mphleday!!! Otherwise known as pre-Tuesday. : )

Jan 8, 7:51am Top

Oh, Thai food. How I miss it. And Indian food. *sigh*

Jan 8, 8:34am Top

>193 thornton37814: Oh, Man. I am totally jealous, Lori.

>194 humouress: Sorry, Nina We are obviously a very food-oriented people. (See what I did there?) And yes, settle for Thai. *sob* You can think of me while you're eating it.

>195 Berly: Hello, Kim! Okay, I'm going to let you slide with that happy carp on Pre-Tuesday, but only because I like you so much. Remember not to make eye contact with it.

>196 scaifea: Me, too, Amber. We did have an okay Indian place, but it went out of business. I need to learn to make the Thai myself, I guess.

Jan 8, 8:35am Top

Happy Whatever Day of the Week it is, Mamie. We're getting a warmup, finally. You'll probably be sitting by the pool. :-)

Jan 8, 8:43am Top

You, too, with the happy? Now, Joe, I thought we had this discussion. And no, I won't be sitting by the pool until Wednesday, when it will be 71F here. I don't know if I should sigh in resignation or sob - I'm torn. I don't want it to warm up; I like the cold.

Jan 8, 8:49am Top

Hi Mamie. Thanks to your review, I was hit by the bb for Blizzard of Glass and picked it up from the library over the weekend. I should be able to start it tonight or possibly, tomorrow, as I want to finish my current read first, and that will happen today.

Our temps up here in Toronto are on the rise but it is snowing at the moment. I will take the precip over the frigid cold, any day!

Jan 8, 8:55am Top

Hello, Shelley! Hoping you like Blizzard of Glass, and thrilled to have hit you with a bb. Soak up some of that snow for me - except for the news, I haven't seen any on five years.

Jan 8, 9:02am Top

Morning, Mamie!

My 40th birthday dinner will be at my favorite Indian place in the city. The Wayne said maybe I should choose somewhere else since not everyone likes Indian, but it's my birthday and they are getting a free meal, so I figure they can just be polite and eat some rice if they don't like it ;-)

Jan 8, 9:04am Top

Morning, Katie! And right - it's YOUR birthday, so you get to choose.

Jan 8, 9:08am Top

Oops, have a lousy whatever day of the week it is, Mamie. I can be a slow learner sometimes.

Jan 8, 9:11am Top

Now you want me to have a lousy one? Joe, do I need to get Amber over here?

Jan 8, 9:26am Top

Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Indonesian... any decent Asian takeaway food would be very welcome here now. I'm "over-pasta"ed, and while typing I'm realizing what a luxury problem that is. :)

Edited: Jan 8, 9:31am Top

>205 Crazymamie: Now, now, children...

Morning, Mamie. I am treating myself to an extra day off, so there WILL BE BOOKS, in my plans and a very quiet house.

Enjoy your day.

Jan 8, 9:31am Top

Hello, Nathalie! I love pasta, too, but I get wanting something different. My daughter Rae could eat pasta every day - it's one of her very favorite things.

Jan 8, 9:32am Top

>207 msf59: Morning, Mark! I love that you took today off - good thinking.

Jan 8, 10:24am Top



Jan 8, 10:44am Top

*backs quietly out of thread, eyes lowered*

Jan 8, 10:49am Top

>211 richardderus: Finally, some proper respect for this disaster of a day. Thank you, BigDaddy!

Jan 8, 11:07am Top

>212 Crazymamie: *whispers* you're welcome

Jan 8, 11:09am Top

>213 richardderus: It's okay. I'm done being grumpy for the moment. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow - just for a cleaning, but still. AND Craig says he's betting I have a sinus infection, which means I would have to go to the doctor in order to get a prescription. *sigh*

Jan 8, 12:46pm Top

>206 Deern: I love Chinese and Japanese and I'm OK with Indian. I'm fine with Thai too but hubby doesn't like it so we never do that. Indonesian is one of my favorites but I've never found an Indonesian restaurant in San Diego. There used to be one in Orange County but that's really too far. When we were in San Francisco last month there was one across the street from our hotel but we were only there for one night and had reservations at The Slanted Door (Asian fusion) which may be my favorite restaurant in the world. When cruising we're always on Holland America Line, where half the crew is Indonesian and they have frequent Indonesian choices so that has to satisfy me.

Jan 8, 12:53pm Top

I didn't mention earlier there's a new Vietnamese restaurant in town. I haven't tried it. I love Indian, but closest restaurant is in Knoxville. I, however, was taught to make curry by someone from Madras so I'm quite happy with doing so. It's a bit harder to get the pastes and other ingredients unless I get them in Knoxville, but I might consider doing it before too long since curries are good in winter.

Edited: Jan 8, 12:55pm Top

Good morning, Mamie!

>201 Crazymamie: Compelling cover on The Jaguar's Children. I look forward to your thoughts on that one.

Artemis did not work for me the first time around. I didn't get too far. I may try again later.

Jan 8, 1:42pm Top

I had a cat named Dorian once. Guess what color he was.

Jan 8, 1:50pm Top

Oh, I love Oscar Wilde! Have a lovely day, Mamie!

Jan 8, 2:10pm Top

>215 RebaRelishesReading: Indian in my least favorite, but only because I want more veggies. Thai is my favorite. I love the name The Slanted Door for a restaurant!

>216 thornton37814: We have a Vietnamese place, too, and I have sampled some of the dishes that Craig has gotten from there, and it was not a winner with me. BUT that could just be because I don't like what Craig chose.

>217 brodiew2: Afternoon, Brodie! The Jaguar's Children is so well written, but I have to take frequent breaks from it because it is heartbreaking and also because of the situation - I suffer from claustrophobia, so reading about being trapped in a small enclosed space is not good.

I am actually liking Artemis - I am listening to it on audio. It is not nearly as good or as compelling as The Martian, but it is fast-paced and fun. Did you try it in print or audio?

Jan 8, 2:12pm Top

>218 EBT1002: Ellen, I'm going to go with gray. Just a wild guess. *grin* Great name for a cat!

>219 PersephonesLibrary: I am liking it so far, Kathy. Wilde writes great banter. Hoping your day is also full of beauty!

Jan 8, 2:22pm Top

Oh well, since we're talking food here, I thought I'd share photos from some Asian meals I've had :

Japanese : shrimp tempura udon

Chinese : roast goose

Vietnamese : beef pho

Korean : tofu with spicy sauce

Jan 8, 2:24pm Top

Wow, Caro! Those all look good, although I am not overly fond of tofu. Thanks for sharing!!

Jan 8, 2:31pm Top

>222 cameling: Yes please. Each please. Yum yum yum thank you please.

Jan 8, 3:00pm Top

>224 richardderus: I know, right?!

Jan 8, 3:03pm Top

When I worked for a seminary library, I was not much older than most of the students. One of the Korean students used to make kimchi and some sort of beef dish often for me. Maybe I'll get to have it again one day.

Jan 8, 3:07pm Top

What a treat, Lori! I have never had kimchi, I must confess.

Jan 8, 3:27pm Top

Joe, do I need to get Amber over here? I'll just sit quietly, and try not to dig myself in deeper, Mamie. Is it Tuesday yet? I handle Tuesdays a lot better.

Jan 8, 3:29pm Top

Not yet, Joe, but it’s getting closer. Good plan to regroup.

Jan 8, 3:31pm Top

Jan 8, 3:31pm Top

>226 thornton37814: >227 Crazymamie: I really like kimchi — and have since my youth — but used to be able to get it only rarely, in particular from a little restaurant at a flea market in Delaware that I only managed to visit every few years. Luckily it is now possible to get it from a couple Asian supermarkets near us, so I generally try to have some on hand. Erika doesn't care for it, though, so I usually have it for lunch or an afternoon snack.

Jan 8, 3:37pm Top

>230 jnwelch: *regal nod*

>231 harrygbutler: Hello, Harry! What do you eat with it? Or do you like it just by itself?

Jan 8, 3:45pm Top

>232 Crazymamie: I have it most often by itself, Mamie, but sometimes I add it to soup or stir fry with it and have it that way, with noodles or rice.

Jan 8, 3:57pm Top

Interesting. I will have to try it some time.

Jan 8, 4:20pm Top

Kimchi stirred room temp into hot, just-drained rice noodles, then hit with a dollop of sour cream. 1/2 the weight of kimchi, casually drained, to noodles. Oh so yum.

Edited: Jan 9, 1:15am Top

I've just had tea (nothing inspiring, long day so it was a freezer job) but reading this I'm now hungry again.

>218 EBT1002: that's excellent!

edit for post number typo. All the right numbers, just not in the right order.

Jan 8, 5:44pm Top

There is a veritable feast on your thread, Mamie. Interesting that so much of it is Asian, pretty much a staple of most of our restaurants around here.

Jan 8, 5:51pm Top

>235 richardderus: Making a note of that, Richard. Thanks!

>236 Helenliz: Hello, Helen. I'm not surprised you're hungry after perusing the thread. Apologies. And what is excellent?

>237 Familyhistorian: I know, Meg - most exciting, isn't it?! Are you feeling any better?

Edited: Jan 8, 5:56pm Top

Mamie, your thread is making me hungry, which is usually Joe's job. I've been following the Chinese/Asian food discussion and have little to add since I'm not a big fan of that cuisine, but I will say that Iowa City used to have a great restaurant called Saigon to Bangkok, which had a mix of Thai and Vietnamese food. Even I liked (some of) it, but they closed after their building was badly damaged in the big 2008 flood. Funnily enough, I do like sushi, although I peruse the ingredient lists for the specific rolls very carefully! Living in a college town we are blessed with a lot of great ethnic restaurants. And you can always get some sort of fried rice no matter what restaurant you go to, so I'm happy to tag along with friends when they have a craving.

Jan 8, 6:08pm Top

Julia, you are always a delight of interesting information! So true about college towns having a great supply of ethnic restaurants. I love college towns because they always have a little of everything. I just cannot do sushi even though it always looks so beautiful. But hey, our differences are what keep life interesting.

Jan 8, 6:54pm Top

Hi Mamie!

Just my two cents - we have a great restaurant near us (well 25 minutes away, but still.....) called Moon Asian Bistro. They have it all - Chinese, Japanese including sushi and sashimi, Thai, and I think some Vietnamese. It's all good, and our daughter went nuts over the sushi the day we went Christmas tree shopping.

Other than that, I hope it's not a sinus infection and that your dental cleaning is uneventful. The cleaning is bad enough, but when they find something I always get angry, like it's their fault.

Jan 8, 6:57pm Top

^^I am glad I ate before coming over here, otherwise I would have been in trouble. Just sayin'...

Jan 8, 7:28pm Top

>241 karenmarie: Hello, Karen! I am putting that info into the vault because you are not that far away from us.

And thank you for that. I am wishing the exact same thing. I have terrible enamel, so I always hold my breath because, truly, I have enough royalty in my mouth already to start my own kingdom.

>242 msf59: Hello, Mark! I know, I know...It's an embarrassment of riches..

Jan 8, 7:46pm Top

Just swinging by to let you know there is a vote on my thread. If you feel inclined to pop over. 😁

Jan 8, 7:48pm Top

Bryony! Thanks for popping in to let me know - I'll be right over!

Jan 8, 8:18pm Top

You people are making me hungry.

Jan 8, 8:28pm Top

Churros with coconut dulce de leche. We need fortification to face the end of This Heinous Day.

Jan 8, 10:08pm Top

Not sure how I manage to get over here when the thread is approaching 300 posts. Must remind myself to visit when it’s closer to fifty posts. I haven’t had any Chinese in awhile but I have some excellent restaurants nearby so I may have to remedy that.

You’ve convinced me to try March, Mamie so thanks for that.

Jan 9, 2:24am Top

>105 Crazymamie: what beautiful covers! They look great together, specially the middle one and the right hand side one. The colours! The design! The artistic merit! And, that they are books!

>211 richardderus: LOL! I love that one.

When I arrived at work this morning, the boss reckoned first thing was first and asked who wanted coffee (I love that about my workplace), but I was able to hold up my quadruple-shot monstrosity of a cup and say that I came pre-caffeinated and ready to go this morning :)

>243 Crazymamie: I dislike dental visits too....for what they might hold for the future of my wallet, and for what horrors the person-with-drill might inflict. *shudder*

Jan 9, 6:40am Top

Page 2 already? Happy new year!

Jan 9, 8:31am Top

I'm loving all the food talk here! We don't have a decent Chinese food in town (and the mediocre one made Nate ill so we can't go back) but there is an awesome Thai restaurant one town north of us (where Nate's parents live). I've even been able to get Chloe to eat at the Thai restaurant which I was surprised at!

Jan 9, 8:46am Top

Morning, Mamie! We have found and fallen in love with a new Thai restaurant in our neighborhood. Their Massaman Chicken Curry with Jasmine rice is the bomb! Along side a Thai Ice Tea and i'm in Heaven.

Edited: Jan 9, 9:07am Top

Morning, Mamie! Happy Tuesday. Your topper looks like what I see out my back window. Foggy. Slightly warmer air and the snow cover, still on the ground.

Enjoying another day off. A hike and the books. Great combo, eh?

Have you been doing any outside walking?

Jan 9, 10:07am Top

>246 drneutron: *grin* It's dangerous in here right now, isn't it, Jim?

>247 richardderus: Good thinking, Richard! And now we have made it safely to Tuesday. Whoop!

>248 brenzi: Bonnie, I'm hoping you do get some Chinese soon. And then report back - I love to know what people order.

Jan 9, 10:12am Top

>249 LovingLit: You are right, Megan - I noticed how good they looked together when I posted them. I love me some book cover porn.

And look at you being all prepared - Abby brought me home a triple shot latte yesterday, and it was just what I needed. Oh, the perks of one's daughter working in a coffee shop.

And there was no dentist at the dentist office today, which was weird. I still got my teeth cleaned, and they took x-rays. They said the dentist would look at them when she came in and give me a call if there was anything that needed attention. I guess this is a new thing they will be doing.

>250 sirfurboy: Hello, Stephen! Happy New Year! Did you set up a thread?

Jan 9, 10:19am Top

>251 ChelleBearss: Total bummer about no good Chinese restaurant in town, Chelle. But awesome Thai! That is most excellent, and hooray for Chloe eating there, too. Daniel and Abby were always willing to try anything, Rae is very particular because texture plays a part and she does not like things touching each other on her plate, and Birdy always wanted to eat at home. Heh.

>252 Carmenere: Morning, Lynda! That looks really good, and I love Jasmine rice. I cannot drink Thai iced tea, but Craig LOVES it - it's too sweet for me.

>253 msf59: Morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday. That photo is what our part of Georgia often looks like in the winter mornings.

A great combo, indeed, but for me please substitute coffee for hike. I have not been walking outside lately as it has been very windy, and I really hate getting wind burn on my face. I do prefer to walk outside when I can.

Jan 9, 10:21am Top

And NOW I can wish you happy Tuesday for real! : ) We used to have a wonderful Indian restaurant 5 minutes from our house, but they closed two years ago. Made me so sad.

> 255 Hi did! Right here: http://www.librarything.com/topic/275321#6308075

Jan 9, 10:31am Top

>257 Berly: Hello, Kim! Happy Tuesday! Total bummer about losing the fabulous Indian place so close to you.

And thank you for the link to Stephen's thread!

Jan 9, 10:32am Top

You're welcome. And now I am sad because I have to leave the wonderful land of LT and go to work. Later!

Jan 9, 10:36am Top

>259 Berly: Okay, so your link actually goes to his last thread of last year. Here is the link to his 2018 thread: Stephen's 2018 thread

Sorry you have to go to work.

Jan 9, 10:51am Top

>255 Crazymamie: No dentist at the dentist's office?! Madness!

Jan 9, 10:58am Top

>261 rosalita: I know, right?! And I guess it's going to be the new thing. It seems less efficient to me - I mean, they have to call me to come back in to see the dentist if either the hygienist thinks there is something that the dentist needs to look at or if the dentist sees something on the x-ray. And you don't always get x-rays, so what then?

Jan 9, 11:07am Top

Exactly! And for me, getting time off from work for another appointment would be a major hassle because I normally ride in a carpool and I would have to arrange to drive in that day and then pay $12 for parking. I guess more efficient for the dentist is more important than more efficient for the patient. Hmph.

Jan 9, 11:19am Top

>263 rosalita: Yep. It doesn't make sense to me. There is going to have to be a dentist there for Rae because I am not putting her through ANY extra appointments - she gets so nervous, and she has to take off work to be able to go, just like you.

Jan 9, 11:24am Top

>264 Crazymamie: I hope they are willing to accommodate that perfectly reasonable request! The last thing any patient who doesn't love the dentist needs is to have multiple appointments. Perhaps if they get enough pushback they will reconsider their silly policy.

Jan 9, 11:28am Top

I am betting they will work with me for Rae. If not, then I would definitely consider taking her somewhere else.

Jan 9, 11:44am Top


Book #3: Artemis by Andy Weir (4 stars), 2017 acquired audiobook, sci-fi

I know that Artemis has gotten very mixed reviews, but I liked it. Let me, however, be very specific about what I liked about it. It’s fun. And it’s fast-paced and action-packed. And it’s full of snark and nerdy science stuff that can boggle the mind and illuminate it at the same time. I like all of this, and I love when all of it can be delivered to me by an audiobook narration that elevates the experience. Rosario Dawson narrated this, and she does a very good job with the pacing and the delivery. So good, in fact, that I was willing to overlook her inability to get the accents right - you have to just let go of that and be thankful that you can tell exactly who is talking. SO she’s bad, but she’s consistent. Heh. And this isn’t The Martian, so lower your expectations by a lot. If you are looking for character development or clever plotting, then maybe take a pass on this one. But, if you love audiobooks and are up for a fun high-speed romp set on the moon with loads of humor and science thrown in, then I can highly recommend it.

Edited: Jan 9, 11:51am Top

>267 Crazymamie: Nice review, Mamie! I'll have to give it another try. I tried print and audio and, oddly, was impatient with both. I'll take another look based on your recommendation.

By the way, your thread is making me hungry, too.

Jan 9, 11:55am Top

>268 brodiew2: I'm not sure I would have finished it in print - the audio is really fun, so it worked for me.

My thread is also making me hungry.

Jan 9, 12:09pm Top

First tray of dim sum's here! There's a dozen or so more if anyone wants to help fetch and carry:

>267 Crazymamie: So glad it worked for you! Pleasure reading needs to please and this one's a success in the Mamieverse.

Jan 9, 12:23pm Top

Lots of Asian food over here, strangely enough; come on over.

>270 richardderus: Oh, thanks Richard. Yum! Sorry ... can’t help fetchggg... or ... mmm - pass the gyozas please - too ... *munch*... *chomp* ...

Jan 9, 12:31pm Top

>270 richardderus: My word, BigDaddy! You've outdone yourself. Looks mighty tasty, thanks.

I do think it helped that I was in just the right mood for it - nice to have something light to go with some of the darker reads.

>271 humouress: Hello, Nina! Richard sets out a nice spread, doesn't he?

Edited: Jan 9, 12:35pm Top

>255 Crazymamie: I hope the new thing your dentist will be doing also includes a reduction in the fee. Work at home status for dentist and doctors sounds like a sweet deal.
Glad all went well otherwise :0)

Artemis sounds like a blast. Definitely on my to read list.

Jan 9, 12:44pm Top

>273 Carmenere: That's actually a very good point, Lynda. I bet I got charged the same amount without a dentist evaluation as I did with one.

Artemis was a fun ride - I don't know why they keep billing it as a heist, though. There is no heist - she is hired for purposes of sabotage.

Jan 9, 1:07pm Top

Good review of Artemis. Glad you enjoyed it! I just could not get into it, though I tried (the audio version too and agree with your assessment of the reader). I will get back to it sometime, though, since I bought the darn thing (as opposed to borrowing it from the library).

Jan 9, 1:11pm Top

Thank you, Mary! I really don't think I would have finished it in print, but on audio it was just what I was in the mood for. I was glad that I knew going into it that it was not nearly as good as The Martian.

Jan 9, 1:55pm Top

Happy Tuesday, Mamie!

(Phew, I'm glad it's not that previous day any longer).

I love that review of Artemis; right on the money. I read it in print, but I do enjoy Rosario Dawson, so I'm glad she did a good job with the audio, even if needing forgiveness for the accents.

Jan 9, 1:58pm Top

Happy Tuesday, Joe! Thank you for those kind words - Rosario Dawson nailed the humor and the snark, so I forgave her for the horrible accents.

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