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Unreceived Books, Part 7

This is a continuation of the topic Unreceived Books, Part 6.

Early Reviewers

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Jan 4, 4:19pm Top

Still waiting on Coldwater by Samuel Parker from October 2017.

Jan 4, 4:19pm Top

Still waiting on Coldwater by Samuel Parker from October 2017.

Jan 5, 12:11pm Top

I'm still waiting on The Art of Misdiagnosis from the September 2017 batch and Writing for Bliss from the October 2017 batch.

Jan 7, 5:18pm Top

From the October batch, I still haven't received Gate Keeper by Charles Todd.

Jan 9, 5:32pm Top

I'm still waiting for I'll be your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos, from this summer (think it was August).

Jan 9, 5:42pm Top

I have also not yet received The Gate Keeper by Charles Todd. Really hoping this one comes through — I've read every book in this series.

Edited: Jan 11, 2:12am Top

I’m also waiting for I’ll be your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos. Thanks! (From August)

Jan 19, 9:59am Top

Waiting for: Jam Today: A Diary of Cooking with what You've Got by Tod Davies (October, 2017)

Also: The Gate Keeper, looks like I'm in good company on that one.

I've never had this problem before, so haven't paid close attention to the protocol. Am I supposed to email LT? I actually sent 2 emails, but neither one was answered, possibly due to holiday madness. I hate to be a pest, and I know that LT has no control over when/if books are sent.

Jan 19, 2:04pm Top

>8 MrsLee: I think the main thing is to mark the books as Not Received when that option becomes available on the Books You've Won page. I think (but am happy to be corrected if I'm wrong) that that is the main data source LT uses to know which publishers to poke and when.

I'm also waiting for The Gate Keeper. I was so excited about winning that one, too ...

Jan 20, 11:41am Top

Still waiting for The Fear Within by J.S. Law from the September batch.

Jan 22, 8:05pm Top

Still waiting for An Army of One by Tony Schumacher (July 2017 batch)

Jan 22, 9:41pm Top

When I didn't rec. A book I got from Library thing I found if I contacted Author they would see that I rec. . It.
Many of these books come from the authors or their publishers
Hope this helps

Jan 23, 3:52am Top

>12 Barbaralois: You aren't supposed to do that though, this is done through the ER program and you're not meant to go individually contacting them, Loranne is the contact.

Jan 28, 3:40pm Top

I contacted a publisher a couple of years ago who said that they had been e-mailing and e-mailing Loranne and had gotten no response. By my e-mailing them, and then e-mailing Loranne what they reported back to me, she discovered that all their messages had been going to her spam folder, and then was able to resolve the issue. So I say there's no reason not to contact the publisher yourself.

Feb 7, 1:55pm Top

I never recieved The Planets by Nirmala Nataraj and Photographs by NASA. This was from the November 2017 batch. It's now February; I've never had a book take this long to come :-(

Feb 8, 9:12am Top

>15 ArtVanDelay1774: Well, I haven't received any books since October, nor any response from my queries to staff, so I'm not sure what's up. Oh well, free books lost are probably not high on the radar.

Feb 8, 11:11am Top

Sorry for the delays, folks. I've been out sick a lot recently (on the mend now, finally), and have some catching up to do (both in terms of following up with publishers, and replying to emails). Thanks for your patience!

Edited: Feb 8, 2:03pm Top

>17 lorannen: Still waiting for The Gate Keeper from October!

Feb 8, 4:46pm Top

I haven't received The Gate Keeper from the Oct. 17 list either.

Feb 9, 9:36am Top

>17 lorannen: Sorry to hear you have been ill! Thank you for the update.

Feb 13, 1:42pm Top

I had won this and haven't received either.

Feb 15, 1:01pm Top

The Flicker of Old Dreams not received yet

Edited: Feb 22, 6:15pm Top

The Other Mother: A Novel Hardcover
by Carol Goodman

Not received

edit, this was a book from October.

Feb 22, 6:17pm Top

also, never received The Last Ballad by Wiley Cash (August 2017 batch)

Edited: Feb 26, 1:29pm Top

Still waiting for The Orchard (Yochi Brandes) from the December 2017 batch. Won on 1/2/18.

Feb 26, 1:33pm Top

>25 sweetbabyjane58: I don't think the December batch is officially late until March 3. You can mark it as late then.

Feb 27, 4:55am Top


Feb 27, 8:52pm Top

I'm waiting on Ars Historica (Marie Brennan) from the November 2017 batch.

Feb 28, 5:19pm Top

I was selected to receive Price of Duty by Dale Brown in April 2017 but still have not received it. After all this time the concept of an "early reviewer" ceases to make sense. However, I note that only one review of this book appears on LT and that was written by a writer who received the book through GoodReads. It appears that the publisher or whoever was responsible for distributing the book to LT members botched the job.

Mar 1, 10:50pm Top

I'm still waiting for The Mad Patagonian from October, I think, but I don't believe it's been published. At least, I can't find it on Amazon.

Mar 1, 11:21pm Top

Still no word on An Army of One by Tony Schumacher (July 2017 batch). I don't even care which address it gets sent to at this point, the address I originally won it at, or my current address. I'd just like to read it. My mother still lives at the other address, so it's not like I wouldn't be able to get the book.

Mar 2, 9:47am Top

>30 LizzieD: I see that my book from October is not on Amazon, either. Were publishers just exceedingly hopeful that month, or deceptive about how many books they had in the works? We may never know. :(

The Gate Keeper, I believe a November book? Wasn't on Amazon until early February, but still no book here. Perhaps the publishers decided early reviews were not necessary after all.

I think I will un-enroll in the ER program for awhile. These disappointments, one after the other, with no response or answers is discouraging. As I recall, there is no way to remove the book from our request record, and a non-review is not good, perhaps not fatal, but not good. Also, I am very busy, have many books on my shelves to read, and not as eager to review anymore, and others will benefit by my not requesting. Guess I will wait a couple more months though, in case some of the ones I have "won" and not received arrive.

Mar 3, 6:41pm Top

I just received my copy of The Flicker of Old Dreams today so hopefully you'll get yours soon.

Mar 3, 11:04pm Top

I just marked Noir from the December batch unreceived. I really hope it shows up because Christopher Moore is one of my favorite authors.

Also, what's the procedure if a book arrives damaged? The CD audiobook of The Outcasts of Time I won in January arrived scratched and won't play. I've messaged lorannen but haven't heard back from her.

Mar 4, 9:05am Top

Like so many others, I haven't received The Gate Keeper (Charles Todd) from October 2017 batch. I really think the folks at Library Thing should investigate and let those who were promised the book know what is going on. I have posted to "lorannen" several times, but no reply. Also never received my July 2017 selection of Soundscapes by Paul Robertson. Kind of discouraging!

Mar 4, 9:36am Top

>35 MM_Jones: That's odd... I won Soundscapes as part of the December batch and received it very quickly - in early January!

Mar 5, 2:36pm Top

Just recorded The Merry Spinster collection (December 2017) as not received. My fingers are crossed for the review copy to still be coming -- the book releases for general sale next week!

Mar 5, 10:11pm Top

Unreceived reminders going out Wednesday this week, folks. I got a few out today (including a few from December).

Mar 6, 6:21am Top

Seems like I have more "never received" problems than ever before. Never received The Orchard from December 2017 or The Last Ballad from August 2017 or Daring Democracy from July 2017!

Mar 6, 8:19am Top

>38 lorannen: Thanks, Loranne; that's great to hear!

Mar 6, 2:49pm Top

Sigh. I never received Hiddensee (June 2017) or Noir (December 2017)... :'(
Was really excited for both... still holding my breath for Noir ;)

Mar 6, 4:00pm Top

>39 nbmars: Just received The Orchard - I guess all it took, for December, anyway, was mentioning I hadn't gotten it! :--)

Mar 7, 3:02pm Top

Awaiting Christopher Moore’s Noir.

Mar 8, 3:54pm Top

I haven't received my copy of The Merry Spinster yet either (see >37 MyriadBooks:). I am going to an author talk/book signing in less than two weeks and I have my fingers crossed that I'll have the book by then!

Edited: Mar 8, 4:33pm Top

>28 g33kgrrl: I got the email to download Ars Historica months ago. You might want to make sure they have your email address correct so that you are receiving ebook links?

Mar 8, 8:05pm Top

I'm still waiting on Noir by Christopher Moore as well.

Mar 8, 9:19pm Top

Still waiting on The Parking Lot Attendant from the December batch.

Edited: Mar 11, 6:11pm Top

>30 LizzieD: Hey Lizzie - we delayed some of the early review copies (half went out) as we decided to print a new run of the finalized corrected edition (this is the edition that will be officially published - pub date is May 11) - we will receive the new print run next week, so you will receive your copy shortly thereafter. Sorry for the delay - Peter Damian Bellis, Publisher, River Boat Books

Mar 12, 7:15pm Top

Peter is a stand-up guy. Thanks for the update.

This is the first time I have seen a publisher or author provide a response when a member posts a note that an awarded book did not arrive. It would be easy for publishers to assign a staff member to monitor this and similar sites and provide information. Personally, I purchase books that I requested but was not marked to receive. I don't request a book unless I have a genuine interest. However, I refuse to do so when publishers fail to follow through on their commitment.

Edited: Mar 12, 8:06pm Top

>49 Tatoosh: Thanks Tatoosh. I think one of the problems with major commercial publishing houses is that they often lose sight of the fact that they are in the relationship building business, meaning they are helping to build relationships between books and authors and potential readers. This kind focus used to be much more a part of common practice, but in an age in which books have become more and more commodities, the personal touch has all but vanished. The focus of our press is to re-establish what I feel is a scared connection between readers and books. We believe that books are properly sacred objects, and while ever reader will certainly have a different group of books as sacred objects, all books must be sacred to someone or they have no value at all. All my best - PDB

Mar 20, 4:11pm Top

In January I was told I won this book : The Time of Our Lives: Memories and Fantasies of a Blissful Nonagenarian.

I have never received it. Please advise. Thank you.

Mar 21, 3:05pm Top

I still haven't received Left Bank by Agnes Poirier (which I won in December) and I'm starting to lose all hope. :(

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