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Your favorite character


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Oct 11, 2006, 8:31pm Top

Okay, I am sure every one of us in this group has played at least one game, developed a character and had a chance to see what she or he could do... Found that the character was the most amazing that you never wanted it to die.

So tell us:
What is your favorite character?
(For some, you may also want to give a basic idea of the game system)

I have two so far, but will let others chime in before I tell mine. :>

Mar 26, 2007, 2:01pm Top

Hello if just joined but this topic interests me.
So some character, eh?

Ok. I once played a Tiefling Priest of Lugh in an AD&D Plane Scape Campaign.
Man, he was a piece of arrogance. But fun to play. You could say the rudest things, of course in character.
You may ask why.
A Priest has to follow his God and Lugh is the Keltic God of "I know all! I can do everything best". ;)

So we where stomping through the planes with more luck than brains. Had fun, killed some demons and through some strange luck (or better misfortune) we found an artifact. A universal Portalkey!
In all eyes you could see big, I mean real BIG, dollarsigns with one exception. My Priest! For him it was clear, this little thing had to go to Lugh. For every God whants something like this to get into Sigil (Sigil is the most important City in the whole Planes and is forbidden for every God to enter. For this would couse a war amongs all the Gods.).
So - He/I tried to get the artifact from the rest of the group, who of course objected.
To make it short, there was a fight, some inparty killings and a dead Priest.
May he rest in piece(es)!
But a funcharacter, until that fatefull day. schnüff

Apr 5, 2008, 6:00am Top

My favourite still is Sisyphus, a Tammuz Ferrum Promethean who had his head wrapped around the idea of work being what makes people human. It was fun to see his views questioned by the types of work people did, how some weren't interested in the virtue of working but just getting paid for nothing...

Sep 2, 2008, 11:26am Top

I have to say I still have 2 favourites. My first ist my very first character Xandra who was rolled to be a first character and then I would replace her later when I knew more what I was doing. She stayed... the second was Kat, a character to much like myself, but hey, I had to try. Paladium RPG mixed with AD&D rules... It was great!

May 17, 2009, 3:42am Top

I have played a lupus Black Fury named Knight Reign (several more names not included) off and on since August 1997. (My memory sucks, but I can remember when I made her and why.) The name was actually "Night Rain" but spelled different so her mother didn't understand what the namer was saying about her cub.

Knight Reign has gone through so many things. In many ways, she has transformed as I have in the years following 1997. She started out a very tolerant Black Fury and by now is not so tolerant anymore.

She started as a cliath and is athro now. (Lack of continual games and a character belief that going up in rank is not as important and doing what needs to be done.)

I generally play "point and click" ahrouns. The type of ahroun that you point at something that needs to die and say "kill that." And that's what she does. She kills it (or once in her youth was dragged unconscious into the umbra after being unable to kill Giovonni with silver bullets.)

Unlike most lupus, she fights in crinos. She has a claive/claymore (which is not always a land mine in American terms) but has gotten to the point where her unarmed damage is significantly more then her armed damage.

And for those who are squeamish, stop here. Her favorite kill move on a BSD is to insert razor claws around its rib cage and remove it while its still use.

Edited: Dec 8, 2009, 4:05pm Top

Let me see... in the Cam-Mage LARP I used to play in, I ran a Virtual Adept cyberpunk who wound up getting into urban exploration with a Dreamspeaker. Somehow, he also wound up the social engineer of one of the cabals and managed to get l33tspeak accepted as a battle-language by the Storytellers.

In the one Shadowrun (third edition) game I was in back in undergrad I played a seven year old Otaku (named 'Lucky', which pretty much jinxed my dice thenceforth) who managed to blow each and every roll past tying his shoelaces. Such as the SURGE manifestation chart rolls, which left him with a cockatiel's crest that would pop up at the worst possible times...

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