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The Green Dragon

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Jan 13, 8:13pm Top

Hey All,
Another member and I had some questions about some of the contents of one of my reviews being posted here in the Green Dragon.
I was just wondering, how does one go about figuring out who to contact to determine that? No animosity or anything between me and the other member, I just want to make sure I'm within the guidelines.
I'm guessing it is just using the flag option on that particular post? Just wanted to make sure there wasn't another way things were supposed to be handled.

Thanks for any and all answers!

Jan 14, 6:31am Top

I doubt the flag abuse would work the way you want it to for something like this. That's more for things like spam or terms of use abuses. Will need 4 people to flag it to make a post disappear. If you have a personal issue with a post then I would probably suggest emailing using one of the contacts from the link at the bottom of every page.

Jan 14, 6:39am Top

>2 AHS-Wolfy: Thanks Wolfy. I figured there must be some way to deal with a situation like this. I mean, what I consider political/theological might be very different from someone else and so trying to find out who adjudicates in such a situation is good to know. And it is just a GreenDragon thing and I'm not sure exactly sure how In-Group rules are enforced, etc.

Jan 14, 7:04am Top

Chat itself within groups is mostly un-moderated. Disagreements between individual posters should probably be handled between those involved. If you can't do that then contact the Group's administrator(s) - available from the Group's homepage. Unfortunately with Clam not being around much at the moment this may also prove difficult. You might just have to raise a general query and leave for the general populace to decide if it's that important and you need to progress an issue furhter.

Jan 14, 7:10am Top

>4 AHS-Wolfy: Like I stated in my first post, everything is very amicable right now. Just wanted to know what to do when one person thinks something is political/theological and the other person doesn't.

Sorry for taking up your time, but asking forthrightly seems to be the way to learn. So thank you for answering, I appreciate it :-)

Jan 14, 7:14am Top

you could use the spoiler option if you wanted to hide something. just spoiler inside angle brackets.

I think most of us who've been here awhile have had to tiptoe around the religious and political question. Sometimes books are hard to comment on without treading the line.

Mostly we just want to stay amicable here.

Jan 14, 9:40am Top

I try to err on the side of caution, and as >6 majkia: says, the spoiler brackets help. Sometimes being so cautious here means that we do not get to have the full and robust conversations over a work that we might desire, but it also means it is a relaxing place to be on the web.

Jan 14, 10:32am Top

>6 majkia: & >7 MrsLee: Thanks! I'll have to keep that in mind for future uses...

Jan 14, 11:08am Top

I have had to tread the line gently a few times, especially around books with a political message. It can be fun doing so tongue in cheek. Humor helps. If in doubt, you could have a one-to-one conversation rather than one here.

Jan 14, 12:12pm Top

>9 stellarexplorer: I'm using this thread more to find out exactly how things work, than to actually try and resolve anything.

Jan 14, 12:14pm Top

I know. That is why my suggestions are of a general nature. Have fun!

Jan 14, 1:06pm Top

"to find out exactly how things work"

OK, in the absence of the moderator of the group, but as a long-time member, let me try to give some guidelines. I stated some of these in a private comment to BookstoogeLT, but I see no reason not to state them here, and in fact, it may be helpful to refresh for many of our newer members.

Thus far, we have managed for over 10 years to rub shoulders with many people from different philosophical/political positions by keeping a pretty strict line on the religion/politics thing. Thus I'm afraid I would counsel that if it offends thy brother in the pub, probably best to take precautions of either spoilers, or a link to the review with a warning on it.

What offends thy brother/sister? Many things which would not offend oneself, but being sensitive to the fact that the people here are from all sorts of countries, races, denominations, political persuasions, ages, and on and on, it can be complicated. So I would ask each person, if offended, to calmly, and gently, explain why they are so to whoever has offended. I would also ask the one who is given the gentle reminder to receive it humbly.

For those of us who hold strong opinions, it means we may be quashed now and then. I've had this experience myself, and while it makes a good, strong discussion of some matters impossible, it does provide a safe space for people to come and interact with others they may never have had a chance to meet otherwise; and I don't mean in the physical way, I mean that usually in RL we tend to stick to those we are comfortable with.

Is this helpful?

Jan 14, 1:09pm Top

>12 MrsLee: Very helpful and well-put. Thank you, MrsLee.

Jan 14, 3:23pm Top

I would support MrsLee's comments on why the Green Dragon prefers not to have politics or religion discussed. When I first joined the Green Dragon and was informed of the desire to make it a peaceful space where people could discuss books without being attacked for their views as happens in many other threads in LT and on other social media platforms, I said this reminded me of my father's bar in Belfast. My father had customers from both sides of the political/religious divide in the community. To avoid rows he had a strict rule of no politics or religion to be discussed on the premises. The Green Dragon administrator liked that and adopted it for the sign on the group home page. It worked for my father. There were never any rows in his pub and his bar was never bombed in the whole time of the troubles, one of the few pubs that escaped that fate.

Jan 14, 3:54pm Top

Edited: Jan 14, 5:14pm Top

Thank you all. Some of those specifics are what I was looking for. Something as vague as what are the general rules and what >15 suitable1: put up are great guidelines, but don't address the smaller things. I think what has been said here overall addresses my question quite adequately and I feel better knowing it.

So thankyou all again. I appreciate it and your participation in answering such questions :-D

Edited: Jan 15, 9:17am Top

Yup, what everyone else said. I have no actually power to make anyone change anything, but we managed pretty well over the years to work things out to most people's satisfaction. Those that couldn't deal with the requests just left, eventually. (Some of them made us all miserable for a few days, and a few of these got banned from the site. Trolls, mainly. Not the dungeon kind.)

Jan 15, 6:11am Top

>17 clamairy: but the newt pictures were cute for a while.

Jan 15, 9:18am Top

I did love the newts. I'm pleased we haven't needed them for quite some time, though.

Jan 17, 7:47pm Top

OMG, the newts! Great memory!

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