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scaifea's 2018 Thread #12

This is a continuation of the topic scaifea's 2018 Thread #11.

This topic was continued by scaifea's 2018 Thread #13.

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Jul 2, 9:04am Top

Hi, everyone! Welcome!

From the Introductions Thread:
I'm Amber, a one-time Classics professor turned stay-at-home parent/lady of leisure. I spend my time sewing, knitting, baking, volunteering at my son's school library and with the PTO, and, of course, reading.

My reading life is happily governed by lists, which means that I read a healthy variety of things across various genres.

I'm 42 going on 12 and live in Wisconsin with my husband, Tomm; our 9-year-old son, Charlie; and our two dogs, Tuppence the Border Collie and Mario the Golden Retriever.

Jul 1, 12:22pm Top

The five-ish or so books I have going and the On Deck books nearly all come from the following categories and lists:

1. A book from the 100 Banned Books book (at least currently. As soon as I finish this list, I'll replace it with another, and oh, I've got tons of lists).

2. A children's book, for Charlie's library. I'm trying to collect books from various award lists, and I like reading them before reading them to Charlie or deciding to add them to Charlie's shelves. For this category, I’m currently working through three lists:
a. 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Die
b. The Newbery Honor books
c. Cooperative Children's Book Center list

3. A book from the Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy List, in chronological order.

4. A book for the Presidential Challenge. Books for this category are read in chronological (presidentially) order.

5. A list I'm working through together with my best friend, Rob: The Hugo/Nebula/WFA/Bram Stoker (and other) lists (combined, in chronological order)

6. For this category, I cycle through 9 different stacks:
a. Agatha Christie's bibliography (in chronological order)
b. Stephen Fry's bibliography (in chronological order)
c. John Boyne bibliography (in chronological order, sort of)
d. Neil Gaiman's bibliography (in some order other than chronological (don't
e. Christopher Moore's bibliography (in chronological order)
f. Maggie Stiefvater's bibliography (in chronological order)
g. The NEH Timeless Classics list
h. The National Book Award list (in alpha order by title)
i. The Pulitzer list (in alpha order by author)

7. An unread book from my shelves.

8. A book from my Read Soon! shelves.

9. A book on Buddhism or from the Dalai Lama's bibliography.

10. Book-a-year challenge: Three years ago, along with a few others in this group (*cough* Paul *cough*), I made a year-by-year list to see how far I could go back with consecutive reads. I've since been trying to fill in the gap years.

11. A book from the couple of series that I'm reading together with my mom.

12. A full-on re-read through Shakespeare's stuff.

13. A read-aloud-to-Charlie-at-bedtime book (or two).

14. An audio book, which I listen to as I knit/sew/otherwise craft/drive.

15. A Discworld book (so many of these are coming up soon on various lists, so I'm just diving into it)

16. This slot is reserved for books that just grab me and shout that they need to be read Right Now.

And on top of these, there will be a multitude of picture books and easy readers, which Charlie and I read together. I've decided again this year also to list our re-reads, but I'll just list them each day and not number them.

Edited: Jul 30, 3:18pm Top

What I'm reading now:
-House of Leaves (an unread book from my shelves)
-(awaiting a new library card!) (Newbery Honor Book)
-The Alteration (Campbell Award)
-Maskerade (Discworld read)
-I, Robot (audiobook)
-Wishtree (Charlie's bedtime book)
-Sacre Bleu (Moore Bibliography)

Books On Deck:
-The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (from my Read Soon shelves)
-Siddhartha (Buddhist readings)
-Crime and Punishment (Books by Year, 1866)
-In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (series that my mom wants me to read so we can chat about it)
-The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Shakespeare re-read)
-Lolita (Banned Books)
-The Man Who Was Thursday (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books)
-Lincoln (U.S. Presidential Challenge)
-Next of Kin (Boyne bibliography)

In addition to these, I have some classics-related texts that I'm working through (VERY slowly (read: I haven't touched them in months)):
-Asinaria by Plautus (reading in Latin)
-Iliad by Homer (reading in Greek)
-Latin Literature by Gian Biagio Conte
-The Cambridge History of Classical Literature Volume 1 Part 1

Edited: Aug 1, 6:53am Top

Books Read

1. Enormously Foxtrot (Tomm's nightly read-aloud) - 9/10 = A-
2. Greenglass House (holiday read) - 9/10 = A
3. Ribsy (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B+
4. Lincoln in the Bardo (audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
5. Postcards from No Man's Land (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
6. The World According to Garp (audiobook, NBA) - 6/10 = D+
7. Brendon Chase (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
8. A Solitary Blue (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
9. Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
10. Real Friends (BB from foggidawn (I think?)) - 9/10 = A
11. The School for Cats (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
12. Einstein's Dreams (unread book from my shelves + January colorCAT) - 8/10 = B-
13. The Wind Singer (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
14. Witches Abroad (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
15. Key to the Treasure (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+
16. The Year of the Quiet Sun (Campbell Award) - 9/10 = A
17. War and Peace (because Charlie suggested that I should probably read it) - 8/10 = B+
18. The Art of Power (audiobook, Buddhism reading list) - 8/10 = B+
19. Upside Down Magic (Charlie's read-aloud) - 8/10 = B
20. Troy (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
21. Like Jake and Me (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
22. Finn Family Moomintroll (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B

23. Kneeknock Rise (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
24. The Smartest Kids in the World (Read Soon shelves) - 8/10 = B+
25. The Planet of Junior Brown (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
26. Wishtree (Charlie book) - 9/10 = A-
27. Andersonville (Banned Books) - 8/10 = B+
28. Dog Man and Cat Kid (Charlie's bedtime read aloud) - 9/10 = A
29. Light Boxes (Read Soon Shelves) - 8/10 = B+
30. The Gods of Pegana (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books) - 7/10 = C
31. Our Lady of Darkness (World Fantasy Award) - 9/10 = A
32. Somewhere in Time (World Fantasy Award) - 6/10 = D-
33. Beezus and Ramona (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B+
34. Small Gods (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
35. Across the Nightingale Floor (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A
36. The Hate U Give (Printz Honor Book) - 10/10 = A+
37. Hello, Universe (Newbery Medal winner) - 8/10 = B+
38. Ivanhoe (1001 Books/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
39. The Fall of the House of Usher (1001 Books/audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
40. The Headless Cupid (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
41. Long Way Down (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
42. We Are Okay (Printz Award) - 10/10 = A+
43. Ben and Me (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B-
44. Piecing Me Together (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+

45. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 8/10 = B-
46. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (Hugo & Locus Science Fiction Awards) - 8/10 = B+
47. Mister Monday (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
48. A Kid for Two Farthings (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
49. The City of Ember (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
50. Essential Teachings (Dalai Lama bibliography) - 8/10 = B+
51. A Boy Called Christmas (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
52. The Apprentice of Florence (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C+
53. The Starry River of the Sky (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
54. Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe. (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
55. Lords and Ladies (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
56. The Worst President (U.S. Presidential Challenge) - 8/10 = B
57. Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess (Schneider Award) - 8/10 = B-
58. On Tyranny (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A
59. Almost Interesting (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
60. Private Peaceful (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
61. Stephen Fry's Incomplete and Utter History of Classical Music (Fry bibliography) - 9/10 = A-
62. Gateway (Nebula, Hugo, Locus Science Fiction, & Campbell awards) - 8/10 = B-
63. Hobberdy Dick (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
64. Honk the Moose (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
65. The Hundred Penny Box (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
66. The Illustrated Man (NEH) - 8/10 = B-
67. Opal (Raven Boys series) - 10/10 = A+
68. You're Welcome, Universe (Schneider Award) - 8/10 = B+
69. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Stonewall Award) - 8/10 = B+
70. Men at Arms (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
71. The Wizards of Once (Odyssey Award) - 8/10 = B+
72. Just Add Magic (Charlie's bedtime book) - 8/10 = B-

73. Keeper (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
74. The Final Solution (Read Soon Shelves) - 9/10 = A
75. Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town (Read Soon shelves) - 8/10 = B+
76. Dragonwings (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
77. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+
78. The Sound of Waves (Read Soon Shelves) - 8/10 = B-
79. Revenge (Fry bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
80. The Stars Beneath Our Feet (Steptoe Award) - 8/10 = B
81. The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage (Odyssey Award) - 9/10 = A
82. Uprooted (Read Soon shelves) - 10/10 = A+
83. Minnow on the Say (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A
84. Soul Music (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
85. Talking as Fast as I Can (audiobook) - 8/10 = B
86. Strange the Dreamer (Printz Honor Book) - 9/10 = A

87. The Jonah Kit (BSFA) - 2/10 = F
88. The Amulet of Samarkand (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A
89. 26 Fairmount Avenue (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
90. The Trials of Morrigan Crow (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
91. The Horse without a Head (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
92. All Sail Set (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
93. The Terrible Two (Charlie's bedtime read-aloud) - 9/10 = A-
94. Camp Foxtrot (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A-
95. I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake (Charlie's Book Club Book) - 8/10 = B-
96. Whittington (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
97. Hard Times (1001 Books/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
98. The Snow Queen (Hugo, Locus SF awards) - 8/10 = B+
99. Everything on a Waffle (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
100. The Antelope Wife (World Fantasy Award) - 9/10 = A-
101. Interesting Times (Discworld series) - 8/10 = B+
102. Unraveled (series I'm reading with my mom) - 8/10 = B+
103. Orphan Train (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A-
104. Whistler's Van (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
105. Remembrance of Things Past (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 8/10 = B+
106. The Maltese Falcon (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 9/10 = A-
107. The New Policeman (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A

108. Thank You, Jeeves (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 9/10 = A
109. Greenglass House (Charlie's bedtime book) - 9/10 = A
110. Bob (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
111. Casanova (audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
112. Sherlock Holmes' Rediscovered Railway Mysteries (audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
113. Warrior Scarlet (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
114. The Golden Basket (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
115. The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely Lost It (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
116. Doc (Read Soon Shelves) - 10/10 = A+
117. Bunnicula (Read Soon Shelves) - 8/10 = B-
118. Catherine, Called Birdy (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
119. Me, the Missing, and the Dead (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
120. Their Eyes Were Watching God (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
121. Just One Damned Thing After Another (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A
122. The Watsons Go to Birmingham (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
123. Joey Pigza Loses Control (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C
124. Trigger Warning (Gaiman bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
125. Bite Me: A Love Story (Moore bibliography) - 9/10 = A

126. The Big Sleep (audiobook) - 7/10 = C
127. Foundling (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
128. The Housekeeper and the Professor (Read Soon! shelves) - 9/10 = A-
129. Winter's End (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
130. Pictures of Hollis Woods (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
131. Carver: A Life in Poems (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
132. An American Plague (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
133. Surviving the Applewhites (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
134. Al Capone Does My Shirts (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
135. Show Way (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
136. Hitler Youth (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
137. After Tupac & D Foster (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
138. One Crazy Summer (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
139. Software (PDK Award) - 7/10 = C+
140. The Wednesday Wars (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
141. Savvy (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
142. Splendors and Glooms (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
143. Charming Billy (National Book Award) - 9/10 = A-
144. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+


Jul 1, 12:25pm Top

The Charlie, Mario & Tuppence Toppers:

Jul 1, 12:26pm Top

Bonus Question:

Today I'm taking all of our framed stuff off the walls and bubble-wrapping it for packing, so tell me: what's your favorite framed art on your own walls?

Jul 1, 12:29pm Top

125. Bite Me: A Love Story by Christopher Moore (Moore bibliography, 309 pages) - 9/10 = A
The third in Moore's vampire series, this one is a big a hoot as the first two. A pair of newbie boyfriend/girlfriend vampires, their goth girl teenage drama queen minion and her Asian science nerd boyfriend, a wary detective and his big gay bear partner (partner as in cop partner, not big gay bear partner), a clan of stoner Safeway night shift workers/kitty vampire hunters, the Emperor of San Francisco, and a plot that throws them all together = zany hilarity. No other author can make me snork right out loud like Moore can, and I love him for it.

Jul 1, 1:05pm Top

Happy new one, Amber. Sounds like things are proceeding apace!

Bonus question: I bought a piece a few weeks ago that I love and shared on my last thread. But my favorite is one I bought a few years ago in Santa Fe - I kept seeing it in a gallery window and stopping and looking at it, so on our last day, I went in and asked about it. And came home with it. It's 'Proud Lady' by R.C. Gorman, and for a variety of reasons I won't bore everyone with, it reminds me of my mom and is really special to me.

Jul 1, 1:37pm Top

>8 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie! I love that your piece has such a special connection for you.

Jul 1, 3:47pm Top

Happy new thread! For the bonus question, I’m fortunate to have several artists among my family and friends. I particularly cherish a landscape painted by my grandmother. The subject is an old cottage in Kentucky where my parents lived as newlyweds. I also have a camping scene painted on glass by an aunt, which also has family associations.

Jul 1, 3:55pm Top

Happy new thread Amber my dear.

In answer to your bonus question we visited Ilkley art fair a number of years ago and as we perused the art for sale we came across a gorgeous watercolour of Stonehenge in moonlight. It is a very haunting picture and we both love it, it cost us 70 pounds and It has been well worth the money, we found out that the artist Mike Dobson is from Thirsk in North Yorkshire, a place we love to visit and have looked for other paintings by him but have had no success but still keep a lookout for any more.

Jul 1, 5:10pm Top

BQ: My father-in-law was a talented photographer, and had his own darkroom. We have three of his black and white nature prints framed and hanging in our living room--those are my favorite artistic possessions.

Jul 1, 5:41pm Top

Happy new thread!

My aunt is an artist, and is somewhat well known in central and north Louisiana. We were browsing in a junk antique store on day and found a print of one of her earlier paintings in a nice frame, so bought it and hung it over our couch. Also have several other original paintings of hers that are unframed with it.

Edited: Jul 1, 6:13pm Top

Happy New Thread, Amber! Delightful photos, as always. Re: the bonus question, when one has as many bookshelves/cabinets as we do, there is very little wall space. However, there are a few, and I have two favorites. One is a gift from my sister and hangs in the dining room. I can't get a shot of it without reflections, but here it is:

The inscription reads "Every life should have 9 cats". The other is one of three pieces I have from a local artist in my home town, an Austrian woman named Inga Bow who died 6 years ago at 84. She used plants and clay to make ceramic plaques and bowls and had a studio just at the edge of town. I love all three pieces but will only post a photo of one of them:

One of the others is a companion piece, same dimensions, similar center but having used different flowers and leaves (of the same type and coloration) and a rectangular piece of a tulip.

Jul 1, 6:40pm Top

Happy new thread!
>7 scaifea: Glad to hear the series continues to be awesome! I plan to get back to it soonish

Jul 1, 9:21pm Top

>10 foggidawn: >12 laytonwoman3rd: >13 drneutron: It's so cool that you all have friends/family who are talented artists!

>11 johnsimpson: John: Oh, the stonehenge piece sounds lovely!

>14 ronincats: Roni: Neat!

>15 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! I love everything I've read of Moore's - so, so funny and clever.

Jul 1, 11:27pm Top

Happy New Thread, Amber!

Edited: Jul 2, 2:40am Top

I still have to hang a lot of art that I just haven't gotten to yet. My mother and father were both artists so I inherited a lot of paintings but my favourite is a watercolour that my mum made of a summer straw hat that I had.

Edited to add: Happy new thread, Amber!

Jul 2, 4:12am Top

Happy new thread!

>6 scaifea: Well, to the be honest, we don't have anything on our walls yet since we just moved, but hopefully we will soon. My husband and I like to buy maps from places we visit, so those might be my favorite wall hangings. The most unique one is probably from Kyrgyzstan where my husband was once deployed.

Jul 2, 5:43am Top

>6 scaifea: That would be a painting my talented neighbour did of my son about 12 years ago and donated to us for his birthday.

Happy new thread, Amber, dear. I am glad to be back amongst my friends after problems with my FB account being hacked. I was seriously considering dumping the internet for a goodly while but would miss you guys way too much.

Jul 2, 6:25am Top

>17 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe!

>18 Familyhistorian: Meg: More family artists - wonderful!

>19 rosylibrarian: Marie: Oh! I love maps, too - we have an old one that shows the railways of Ohio, which we found in the attic of our old Ohio house, and which we still need to have framed. Someday...

>20 PaulCranswick: Paul: I'm glad you've decided to stay - we'd miss you too much if you left us, friend.

Jul 2, 6:27am Top

On the agenda today:
Last day of swimming lessons for Charlie, and then straight from there to the library for his Lunch Bunch group. The In-Laws are stopping by this afternoon to pick up some things to take to Ohio for us (mostly Tomm's tools and some larger frames that won't easily fit in boxes), since they're going past from a wedding in Minnesota this past weekend.

On the reading front:
I finished two yesterday: Foundling and The Big Sleep. More on those later.

Jul 2, 6:32am Top

Morning, Amber! I hope you had a nice weekend. How is the packing coming along? Nearly finished?

Jul 2, 6:59am Top

>23 msf59: Morning, Mark! Yep, we had a great weekend - we spent Saturday up in the Dells one last time. And no, we're not nearly finished with the packing - ha! We're taking it slowly, which is nice (we don't move until the last weekend in July).

Jul 2, 8:41am Top

126. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (1001 Books, audiobook) - 7/10 = C
I really wanted to love this one, because I've always thought that I'd love Chandler's books. But, well, I couldn't get past the misogyny and the homophobic language. There's enough of that business as it is right now; I don't need it in the books I read, too.

Jul 2, 9:10am Top

127. Foundling by D. M. Cornish (1001 Children's Books, 434 pages) - 9/10 = A-
Rosamund is a foundling, a stray child, who has been raised in a foundlingery (an orphanage, of sorts) to become a sailor, but is instead hire out as a lamplighter. This first book in the Monster Blood Tattoo series tells the story of his adventure-filled journey from the orphanage to his new job, during which he meets monsters, a monster-fighter, wicked sailors, a brave postman, and a scary and mysterious guy who wears a box on his head.
The world-building in this first book is amazing and so intricate - so much so that there's an extensive glossary and set of appendices at the back to help the reader navigate so much new information. I like Rosamund a great deal, and I'll definitely come back to the series to learn more about the world Cornish has created.

Jul 2, 11:17am Top

Too bad about Raymond Chandler, Amber. Understandable.

Hope you have a good one today.

Jul 2, 2:17pm Top

>27 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! Yeah, I tried to let it go, but it annoyed me too much and the story wasn't gripping enough to counterbalance it. *shrugs*

Edited: Jul 2, 9:36pm Top

>25 scaifea: I read Chandler's The Long Goodbye some time back, thinking I might enjoy "hard-boiled detective fiction". But nope. The misogyny was too much for me, too.

Jul 3, 6:11am Top

>29 lauralkeet: Laura: It was pretty ridiculous, right? I went in expecting some dated ideas, but didn't expect it to be so overpowering.

Jul 3, 6:14am Top

On the agenda for today:
Tuppence has her final laser treatment in Wisconsin this morning, and then Charlie is going to a Lunch at the Library program. For me, packing and writing.

On the reading front:
I started The Housekeeper and the Professor and Winter's End yesterday, both of which are really good so far.

Jul 4, 8:54am Top

On today's agenda:
Packing some this morning, and then board/card/video game marathon with Tomm and Charlie this afternoon. I may try to squeeze in some reading time somewhere, too.

On the reading front:
I spent some time with both The Housekeeper and the Professor and Winter's End yesterday and am enjoying them both very much so far.

Jul 4, 1:23pm Top

Sounds like an excellent plan for the day, Amber. Any specific games in the line up?

Jul 4, 6:52pm Top

>33 MickyFine: Micky: We've played Super Smash Bros., Ticket to Ride, Skip-Bo, Quixx, and Harry Potter Clue so far. So much fun.

Jul 4, 6:54pm Top

128. The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa (Read Soon! shelves, 180 pages) - 9/10 = A-
A housekeeper is assigned to a mathematician, who, after a car accident years ago, has a short-term memory that only lasts eighty minutes. The housekeeper and her ten-year-old son become very fondly attached to the professor, and the professor to them - although his fondness is reborn every day - and they learn how to navigate the difficulties of being a part of his world, while also falling in love with the beauty of numbers through his enthusiasm and devotion to his subject.
Such a quietly lovely book. Ogawa makes you feel so tenderly toward these characters, and I was charmed from the first word. Definitely recommended.

Jul 4, 7:20pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber, and hoping everything is going well with the packing and all. Your bonus question is a toughie for me because I only have four pieces of art hanging in my apartment and they all have significance to me, but if I had to pick one I'd say the woodcarving by my grandfather. He did the image based on a birthday card I'd given him and put my name at the top.

Jul 4, 8:31pm Top

>35 scaifea: That one was a gem...

Jul 4, 11:21pm Top

>36 bell7: That sounds amazing, Mary! Such a neat idea for a gift!

>37 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: It was lovely, wasn't it? Such a peaceful little read.

Jul 5, 6:12am Top

On today's agenda:
Charlie has lunch at the library and then ballet class this evening; I need to do my menu planning and get my grocery list prepped for tomorrow, do some packing, some writing, make a trip to the bank and to the post office, and prep dinner in the slow cooker (Indian Butter Chicken).

On the reading front:
After finishing The Housekeeper and the Professor, I read a bit of Winter's End, but that's all for yesterday.

Jul 5, 7:18am Top

>35 scaifea:, >37 laytonwoman3rd: Linda beat me to it. I enjoyed that book, too.

Jul 5, 7:35am Top

>40 lauralkeet: Laura: I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!

Jul 5, 8:25am Top

Happy new thread, Amber! Looks like you're one busy lady!

Jul 5, 8:37am Top

>42 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda, and YES, even busier than usual these days.

Jul 5, 1:27pm Top

Sweet Thursday, Amber.

I LOVED The Housekeeper and the Professor. "Such a quiet lovely book." Well put. It probably deserves to be better known than it seems to be.

Jul 5, 1:45pm Top

>44 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! You know, I thought of you as I was reading that one, thinking that you'd love it. I do enjoy being right. *grins*

Jul 6, 6:16am Top

On the agenda today:
Grocery shopping this morning, then vacuuming, weekly bills and photos, back to the bank for more closing business, then clear out of the house for another showing (ugh). Charlie has a playdate with a friend for most of the afternoon, which will be fun for him. I'm trying not to be too annoyed at the showing; I know I should be happy that others are interested, but we're really close to all the contingencies being met with the current offer and I'm so tired of packing up the dogs and being forced out of my house for an hour at a time!

On the reading front:
I started Charming Billy yesterday and am already really loving it. I also made a bit of progress with Winter's End.

Jul 6, 11:52am Top

Sympathies on the showing front. Hopefully everything closes without a hitch and you won't have to do anymore very soon!

Happy Friday, Amber!

Jul 6, 12:47pm Top

>47 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky - here's hoping!

Jul 6, 1:16pm Top

It's so frustrating to be in the process of closing on selling your house but still having to go through the rigamarole of showings "just in case." I know you'll be glad when it's over for good!

Jul 6, 1:26pm Top

>46 scaifea: Blerg. For some reason I thought you were all through with the having to pack everyone out for a showing, and then I realized, nope, you're still in the maybe/probably/maybe stage with that offer. Here's hoping it gets definite soon so you can stop vacating for showings!

Jul 6, 1:48pm Top

Happy Friday, Amber!

Jul 6, 2:04pm Top

Fingers crossed that the showing stage will be over and the house deal sewed up very soon.

Jul 6, 2:58pm Top

Thanks, all, for the sympathy. It's just such a hassle to load up 2 dogs and a 9-year-old and leave the house for an hour with nowhere really to go. Mario doesn't play well with other dogs, so we just end up sitting in the car for an hour. YOICKS.

Jul 6, 3:57pm Top

Apologies ahead of time for this rant. Feel free to skip if you're not in the mood for a good grumping:

People who are chronically late really test my devotion to being patient and kind. They make me realize that I have a long way to go to being a consistently good person, because I can't help being reaLLY IRRITATED by their lateness and - and this is really embarrassing for me to admit - feeling a bit superior to them because I am very rarely ever late. I can't stand being late - it gives me all sorts of anxiety when I think that there's even a slight chance that I'll be even just on time for something (I prefer to be at least 10 minutes early, for my own emotional well-being), so I can't imagine how these kinds of folks can live their lives this way. I get normal people (read: people who aren't super-neurotics such as me) being late occasionally - circumstances arise sometimes that make such a thing unavoidable. But when someone is late for Every. Single. Encounter, well, I can't help but think that shows a complete lack of respect towards others and it BOTHERS me. Yoicks.

Jul 6, 4:41pm Top

>54 scaifea: I feel your pain, and share both your chronic punctuality and the embarrassment of feeling superior to those who are always late.

I worked with a guy who behaved this way, and he was senior enough in the organization that when he was late for a meeting (and let's face it, he was always late for meetings), we would have to start all over again. Shoot me now.

Jul 6, 4:46pm Top

>55 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura - it's nice to know I'm not the only one! And ugh to the work guy. How rude!

Jul 6, 6:15pm Top

>54 scaifea: I also get really anxious if I think I’m going to be late. It becomes all I can think about.

Jul 6, 7:11pm Top

>57 foggidawn: Yep. It's such an awful feeling, isn't it?

Jul 7, 1:54am Top

Hi Amber! Catching up here - hope the packing is going well.

Bonus question: I guess my favorite things on the wall are a series of antique maps of Cyprus, printed in a calendar by the Bank of Cyprus, and framed by us when we had no money. Also favorites: artwork by my (step) grandfather, Ozzie Mayer, father of children's book author/illustrator Mercer Mayer. Grandpa Oz was so much fun and always so good to me.

>35 scaifea: I really enjoyed The Housekeeper and the Professor when I read it a year or so ago. Great review! I also enjoyed the entire Monster Blood Tattoo series, which I listened to an audio.

Jul 7, 8:15am Top

>59 AMQS: Hi, Anne! You're related to Mercer Mayer?! SO COOL!!!

And thanks! I did love the Ogawa book, and I hope to get round to the other Monster Blood Tattoo books soon.

Jul 7, 2:39pm Top

I was just composing a message when LT went down, so second try:

I am late to the new thread party, Amber, just catching up after two nights from home.

Bonus question:
My favorite is a rather large artwork of unbleached linen that is stamped in three prime colors (red, yellow blue) with the outline of Rotterdam at the top, the Rotterdam harbour in the middle and the harbour workers at the bottom. It belonged to my MiL who had it folded in a closet. When we showed interest, she gave it to us and we had it framed. When I was still working, I had it in my office. Now it is in our living room.

Jul 8, 8:40am Top

>61 FAMeulstee: Hi, Anita! Oh, that's lovely! Thanks for the photo!

Jul 8, 8:43am Top

On today's agenda:
Charlie has a friend coming over to spend the day, and Tomm's off to Ohio for the closing on the new house tomorrow (we've signed POA papers so I don't have to be there). I'm going to spend the day baking (Zebra Cookies and Cinnamon Chocolate Chunk Coffee Cake) and packing.

On the reading front:
I finished Winter's End last night and started Pictures of Hollis Woods.

Jul 8, 9:47am Top

>54 scaifea: I agree with you! I start to feel anxious if we are running even a few minutes behind. One of my best friends can consistently be counted on to be a minimum of 15 minutes late and I always account for that when we make plans. Drives me batty but that's how she has always been and I don't think it will ever change.

Jul 8, 11:02am Top

>64 ChelleBearss: Chelle: Oof, that's stressful. We always tell my in-laws that things start an hour before they really do because they're always so, so late for everything. Yoicks.

Jul 8, 12:17pm Top

129. Winter's End by Jean-Claude Mourlevat (1001 Children's Books, 415 pages) - 8/10 = B-
Dystopian YA in which the children of the leaders of the past revolution are kept in prison-like boarding schools. Some escape and aid in the overthrow of the evil regime.
Meh. It's not bad, but it also doesn't add much to the genre, and the story could have been fleshed out a bunch more.

Jul 8, 12:22pm Top

>65 scaifea: Does that work, or have they caught on by now? My boss was one of those people who just acted as if HIS time was the only time that mattered; he would consistently call ahead (strike that: have his SECRETARY call ahead) when he had any kind of appointment and ask if the doctor/whatever was "running on time". No way he would just show up on time for anything other than a court appearance and risk having to sit in a waiting room "wasting" his time. Of course, he was billing it on an hourly basis...

Jul 8, 2:13pm Top

Happy Sunday, Amber.

I know what you mean about being annoyed by lateness. Debbi and I are like you, always getting wherever a few minutes early. I had to learn it - as a college guy I found myself sprinting for planes and this and that too many times, and finally cured myself of the nonchalance that was causing me problems.

I do think it's possible to just give up the being annoyed part. I've had to do it in some instances, one of which was pretty important to my marriage. What I saw as disrespect she saw as turf she had to defend - and it wasn't at all worth the emotion I had invested in it. Of course, once I gave up and stopped letting it get to me, it started getting noticeably better. But even without that giving it up would've been right.

I have a sister who's late most of the time. Now Debbi and I just laugh about it, and plan on it happening, when my sister's involved. It's still annoying, though. :-)

Jul 8, 2:19pm Top

>67 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: It still works - they're not late anymore...

>68 jnwelch: Joe: I've made progress in some aspects of life with the letting go of annoyances, but not so much in others. I used to get so angry in traffic if someone cut me off or otherwise was driving like a jerk, but I've learned not to let that bother me. Now, if I could just get there with the lateness stuff...

Jul 8, 4:40pm Top

I have a thing about arriving late for stuff as well, Amber. I am always early (probably sometimes too early when I miscalculate.) But others arriving late doesn't usually bother me. They are the ones missing out on what is going on while others are waiting (like talking about them behind their backs and nominating them to do stuff while they aren't there because there are sometimes ways to get back at people.)

Jul 8, 5:13pm Top

>70 Familyhistorian: Meg: I don't get too annoyed when folks are late to group things, but when it's a one-on-one meeting and I'm the one left waiting, ooof. That's really frustrating to me. If it's just once, fine. But when someone repeatedly does this to me, I can't help but get irritated at them.

Jul 8, 6:05pm Top

130. Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff (Newbery Honor Book, 166 pages) - 8/10 = B+
A girl looking for a family has trouble not running from her foster homes, until she finds a family in which she feels she belongs. But even then she ends up running, but this time to keep them happy, or so she thinks. The story shifts between remembrances of the family she loves and life with her current foster parent, whom she grows to love as well, and these two parts of the plot are woven together very well, with both stories unfolding at the perfect pace.

Jul 9, 6:13am Top

On today's agenda:
Charlie has day camp this week a the local university (four hours a day, two classes: he chose Woodworking and Cupcake Decorating, because of course he did). While he's there today I'm having a good-bye lunch with a friend, buying more boxes, and packing more. Meanwhile, Tomm is in Columbus to close on our new house - fingers crossed, please, that everything goes smoothly there.

On the reading front:
After finishing Pictures of Hollis Woods yesterday, I read through Carver: A Life in Poems and started An American Plague.

Jul 9, 7:04am Top

Morning, Amber! I hope you had a nice weekend. You have been reading some interesting books. An American Plague sounds good. It might scratch the NF itch, I get now and then.

Jul 9, 7:10am Top

>74 msf59: Morning, Mark! So far so good with the plague book - it's very interesting. Keep in mind, though, that it's a Newbery Honor Book, so it was written for a younger audience in mind (although it's still well written).

Jul 9, 7:12am Top

131. Carver: A Life in Poems by Marilyn Nelson (Newbery Honor Books, 97 pages) - 8/10 = B-
Does just what it says on the tin - tells Carver's life story in verse. It takes a particular kind of poetry to grab my attention, and this isn't it, but I willingly admit that that's my own shortcoming and no fault of this book.

Edited: Jul 9, 7:25am Top

Woodwork and cupcakes sound like a great combination to me.

I'm enjoying the conversation about art - I have lots of prints and posters from various museums and galleries, nothing I paid more than £15 for though. I had this lady on the wall for a while, as she was in an exhibit about Sargent I really liked (the way he did her frock, and the japanese screen, in particular)

ETA: https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/5396/lady-agnew-lochnaw-1864-1932
Generally getting my pictures up on the wall, I find a real challenge. I wondered if you are you taking all your current pictures, or will you be using the move to make any changes?

Jul 9, 9:10am Top

>73 scaifea: I want a day camp where I can take woodworking and cupcake decorating. :-)

Jul 9, 10:29am Top

>77 charl08: Charlotte: It *is* a great combination, isn't it? And it suits his personality pretty well.

I love the Sargent print!

We're keeping all our artwork, which, to be honest, isn't much. Tomm has a couple of deep space telescope photos framed, which are pretty cool. We have a framed photo of the night sky over Columbus for the night we were married (in Columbus, of course), and a big print of this Waterhouse painting, which I love:

Charlie has a print of an original Paddington illustration that we all love, too, and there's a print of a vintage candy shop photo that was a gift from one of my Kenyon colleagues. Oh, and my best friend gave me a framed set of business cards, which were actual props on the Angel TV show. And that's pretty much it. We need more stuff on our walls!

Jul 9, 10:30am Top

>78 foggidawn: I know, right?! There were about 6 classes to choose from for his age group, and you could take two, so these were the two he was most excited about.

Jul 10, 6:15am Top

Today's agenda:
Day camp for Charlie and packing for me, with break in the afternoon for coffee with a friend.

On the reading front:
A read a bit of An American Plague and Charming Billy yesterday.

Jul 10, 12:29pm Top

Hiya, Amber. Just checking in.

Jul 10, 12:45pm Top

>82 jnwelch: Hi, Joe!

Jul 10, 12:47pm Top

132. An American Plague by Jim Murphy (Newbery Honor Book, 164 pages) - 8/19 = B
I nice middle-grade history of the 1793 yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia. Not too graphic, but not too dry, either.

Jul 11, 6:13am Top

More of the same today: Charlie has day camp, I have packing to do. I may take a break, though, and head down to Dubuque for some shopping, just to give myself a break.

On the reading front:
I started Surviving the Applewhites yesterday, which is okay so far, but not fabulous.

Jul 11, 7:05am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy Wednesday. Good luck with your shopping trip and finishing off those library books.

Jul 11, 7:13am Top

>86 msf59: Morning, Mark! Thanks!

Jul 11, 7:33am Top

>79 scaifea: Oh, that's lovely. I want her frock (or at least the fabric).

Jul 11, 9:07am Top

Morning, Amber.

Packing: what could be more fun? Well, almost anything. :-)

Jul 11, 10:29am Top

>85 scaifea: Oooh, say hello to the yarn shop and River Lights bookstore for me!

Jul 11, 10:46am Top

>88 charl08: Charlotte: I know, right?! I love Waterhouse.

>89 jnwelch: Morning, Joe! Yes, I can think of quite a few other things I'd rather be doing.

>90 rosalita: Julia: I'm not allowing myself into either of those stores, because I'd inevitably come out with more things to pack! There's a department store in the mall that's going out of business (Younkers) and I may go down to find some clothing deals.

Jul 11, 4:12pm Top

Well, I don't really give myself Relaxing Me Days very often, but I needed it today, and I'm glad I went to the closeout store - I came home with six new tops for a total of less that $40! Woot! And this is my favorite one:

Jul 11, 4:36pm Top

>92 scaifea: Ooh, I love it!

Jul 11, 4:39pm Top

Jul 11, 5:20pm Top

>93 foggidawn: I know, right?! Me, too!

>94 MickyFine: I'm so glad they had it in my size!

Jul 11, 6:25pm Top

>92 scaifea: Love that!

Hope the house close went smoothly!

Jul 11, 6:36pm Top

>96 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! The closing went just fine - now we just need our buyers to get the okay for their loan...

Jul 11, 6:50pm Top

133. Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan (Newbery Honor Book, 216 pages) - 8/10 = B-
Jake, a boy who keeps getting himself into trouble and seems to enjoy being called a problem kid, is sent to stay with the Applewhite family, who live on a woodsy couple of acres in rural North Carolina, homeschool their children, and are comprised of all sorts of 'free spirits' - artists, writers, craftsmen. Only one of them - E.D. (a girl about Jake's age) - has any sense of schedules and responsibilities, and she is not pleased to see Jake become part of their family. Her father, a self-centered (not that that sets him apart from any of the other characters, to be honest) Broadway director, takes on the job of directing a local community theater production, and soon the entire family, including troublemaker Jake, are involved.
Meh. The characters were too stock-like (the artsy ones were way too hippy-dippy, Jake was too one-sidedly a wannabe-rebel,...), and I'm not a fan of homeschooling, so that part didn't endear me to the story, either. Just not really my thing, I think.

Jul 11, 10:34pm Top

Delurking to say I love the Tea Shirt! I also love getting bargains. It was a good break for you. Packing is tedious. It's more exciting to unpack and look for new places for all those belongings, and in some cases, wonder why you packed it! So when is the big move?

Jul 12, 6:08am Top

>99 Donna828: Hi, Donna!

Really? You like unpacking more? I dread it; at least with packing, you're just putting things in boxes, but with unpacking, you have to decide where things go!

July 28th is the actual moving day.

Jul 12, 6:10am Top

Today is Charlie's last day of camp. I, of course, will be doing more of the same: packing. Yeesh.

On the reading front:
I started Al Capone Does My Shirts yesterday, which is a much better Newbery book than the last one already.

Edited: Jul 12, 7:10am Top

Amber, are you reading the Newbery list chronologically? I'm asking because I recognize your two recent reads (Pictures of Hollis Woods and Surviving the Applewhites) as books from my daughters' era. I remember buying Hollis as a gift for one daughter; Applewhites is one that came home from the school library. From your reviews it looks like I spent my money wisely LOL.

Jul 12, 8:12am Top

>102 lauralkeet: Laura: Um, yes? And also no? I've been working through the Newbery list in waves: first, I read through all of the medal winners, and tried to do that as chronologically as possible. Now I'm working through the honor books, also in chronological waves: 1) books our library actually has and those I can request from our system, 2) books I need to request from ILL. The two waves are simultaneous, but go at different speeds, and both are chronological. As a result, I read books from various points in the list, but also sort of in order... Totally makes completely sense, right?! OF COURSE IT DOES.

To add more simplicity to this, I'm currently trying to tear through the rest of the books that our library actually has before we leave, instead of waiting until I get there in the have/request wave. So, yeah. Aren't you just so glad that you asked?

Jul 12, 9:19am Top

Sweet Thursday, Amber!

I'm glad you squeezed in a Relaxing day. Good luck tearing through the library books.

Jul 12, 9:27am Top

Love the Tea Shirt!

Jul 12, 10:25am Top

>104 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe! I needed that break, for certain.

>105 rosalita: Julia: I know, right?!

Jul 12, 12:36pm Top

134. Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko (Newbery Honor Book, 225 pages) - 9/10 = A-
Moose's family moves to Alcatraz when his father gets a job as an electrician for the prison and so that his autistic sister can have the chance to go to a special school in San Francisco. At first Moose hates living on the island and things are tense between him and his family. He also comes into conflict with one of the other kids there - the warden's sneaky daughter. Things seem completely unfair to Moose, but he grows to like living there, and learns just how special and helpful a part of his family he is.
Such a neat and unique story, well told. Definitely recommended.

Jul 12, 1:01pm Top

>103 scaifea: Hmm, okay then. Well, I was pretty certain there was A SYSTEM. 😀

Jul 12, 2:12pm Top

>108 lauralkeet: Laura: *snork!* What would make you think that, I wonder?

Jul 12, 11:21pm Top

>100 scaifea: It has been 20 years since our last move so I may be glamorizing the unpacking a wee bit. I think I just like settling in. Your new house looks fabulous. Charlie will love being close to his school and it will be so convenient for you to pop in and do some volunteer work. Best wishes on the move.

Edited: Jul 13, 2:59am Top

Hello only been here a couple of days and wanted to give you a heads up on a lovely children's book by an author rather forgotten, who died fairly young.

I've been telling others, so if you have read of it elsewhere, apologies...

It's The Stone Cage by Nicholas Stuart Gray and it and all of his books are fairly hard to find. I haven't read all of them and The Seventh Swan I was really disappointed in, yet I read it is supposed to be one of his better known. The first mentioned is a retelling of Repunzel but written for older children and told by the cat and raven who live with the witch. It's funny and cynical in the cat's voice. The witch is a bit of a dud and mean and the pedantic wordy raven has the morality in the book, but hides a secret. It also has a Scottish wizard and I think your 9 year old boy might just be youmg enough to enjoy it without prejudging the Repunzel label. Many of NSG's books are retellings of fairytales but written for older children and usually telling a lot more story both before and after the fairytale starts and ends.

I think it was first published in 1965 and I think the only reading copies are of around that time and in a hardback similar to the original Famous Five hardbacks.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as your little boy.- but it will probably be one of the harder books to find - tho with this internet thing, it may be far easier than when I was hunting decades ago, for other books he wrote. The only copies I ever found were usually culled from school libraries in the 70s and 80s with very few stamps for being borrowed, which always saddened me.

I long for it to be made into a film.

Jul 13, 7:07am Top

>110 Donna828: Donna: Oh, I wish we were already over there and settled in! And yes, Charlie is *so* excited about the school being right outside out back gate!

>111 roomsofbooks: Thanks for the tip! I've had a quick look around the 'webs, though, and you're right that it's not exactly easy to find that one.

Jul 13, 7:09am Top

Today's agenda includes grocery shopping this morning, and then Charlie and I are heading down to Dubuque for lunch and to meet one of his friends at the arcade for a couple of hours. And then more packing, probably. Woot.

On the reading front:
I read through a quick Newbery Honor Book yesterday, Show Way, and started another, Hitler Youth, which is a terrifying read, really, given the current climate here...

Jul 13, 8:29am Top

135. Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson (Newbery Honor Book, picture book) - 9/10 = A
A gorgeous picture book about several generations of African American women in the same family, passing down quilting skills and knowledge and love, from slaves in the south through the author and her own daughter. I love Woodson's work - her books are always beautifully written and carry powerful and important messages of strength and hope. Highly recommended.

Jul 13, 8:58am Top

Morning, Amber.

Jeez, I hadn't heard of Show Way, and I'm a Jacqueline Woodson fan. I'll add it to the WL.

Jul 13, 10:40am Top

>115 jnwelch: Morning, Joe!

Oh, do try to track it down (most larger libraries will probably have it because it's a NHB), because I think you and MBH will love it.

Jul 13, 2:15pm Top

>60 scaifea: Mercer Mayer - kind of. He's my dad's stepbrother, and I don't know that I've ever met him. I inherited many of his first edition books that he had dedicated to my grandparents. He usually drew something silly in them, and I really treasure them. I've heard that my dad was really awful to him when they both were in high school, which is when my dad's mother married Mercer's father. I'm sure it was a relief when my dad went off to the Naval Academy, and I know that they've never had a relationship. My aunt has reached out to him within the last 15 years or so. I may yet meet him!

Jul 13, 3:42pm Top

>117 AMQS: Anne: Interesting! To be honest, I assumed he wasn't around anymore, but I have no idea what gave me that idea...

Jul 13, 4:51pm Top

Nope - alive and well, and living in CT, I think.

Jul 13, 6:42pm Top

>119 AMQS: Huh. Interesting!

Jul 14, 6:32am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy Saturday. Thanks to you, I am starting Trigger Warning today, on audio. Yah!

Jul 14, 8:13am Top

>118 scaifea: I also assumed that he wasn't around any longer as I had those books as a child.

Hope you and Charlie are enjoying your weekend!

Jul 14, 8:20am Top

>121 msf59: Morning, Mark! Woot for Gaiman! That's a great collection.

>122 ChelleBearss: Chelle: I know, right? Why do we assume our childhood authors are dead?! Ha!

Jul 14, 8:21am Top

On today's agenda:
Charlie is going to a friend's house to hang out for most of the day; Tomm is heading for Ohio to take possession of the new house, start work at his new office, and clean the carpets and such (he'll be there through Thursday this week); I'll be - wait for it - PACKING.

On the reading front:
Didn't get much reading time yesterday, but I did manage a few pages in Hitler Youth.

Jul 14, 8:31am Top

take possession of the new house

Sounds very lordly of him! 😂

Jul 14, 8:32am Top

>125 drneutron: Jim: *SNORK!!* Yes, how did you find a photo of the new Scaife Manor?!

Jul 14, 10:38am Top

LOL! The new Scaife Manor is pretty spectacular.

Morning, Amber!

Jul 14, 10:42am Top

>127 jnwelch: Morning, Joe!

I know, right? I don't exactly remember it being that big...

Jul 14, 11:03am Top

Well now I have to come visit the manor. ;)

Jul 14, 12:44pm Top

>129 MickyFine: Of course!!

Jul 14, 3:45pm Top

136. Hitler Youth by Susan Campbell Bartoletti (Newbery Honor Book, 173 pages) - 8/10 = B+
A brief history of the Hitler Youth building up to, through, and after WWII. A horrifying subject at any time, but made even more terrifying for its similarities to what's happening now in this country.

Jul 15, 8:43am Top

>125 drneutron: Wow, how fancy! I think you'll have enough rooms to host one huge LT meet-up!

Hope the possession went well and that you are all enjoying your weekend without too much packing!

Jul 15, 8:49am Top

>132 ChelleBearss: Ha! Thanks, Chelle! I'm afraid I'll still be packing today some - it's time to start tackling the kitchen, and I've really been dreading that.

Jul 15, 8:51am Top

137. After Tupac & D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson (Newbery Honor Book, 153 pages) - 8/10 = B+
Three friends grow into their teen years learning about each other and how to navigate life as a person of color in a country in which Tupac is shot and tried and shot again.
As always, Woodson has delivered an important story packaged in wonderful writing. Recommended.

Jul 15, 4:51pm Top

138. One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia (Newbery Honor Book, 218 pages) - 8/10 = B+
In the summer of 1968, three young sisters travel on their own, sent by their father from Brooklyn to Oakland, California, to visit their mother, who walked out on them when Delphine (the oldest, now 11) was only five. They spend a month trying to get to know this woman, who frequently reminds them that she didn't ask for them to visit and won't stand for them to disturb her peace and quiet while she writes poetry. So they spend their days at a community center run by the Black Panthers, coloring protest signs, handing out political flyers, and learning what it means to be empowered.
I love how the two parts of the story - the sisters struggling to come to terms with their mother against the backdrop of Oakland in the late '60s - are woven together so well. It makes a compelling story, made even better by the lively characters of the the three sisters.

Jul 15, 5:52pm Top

>125 drneutron: The booky me thinks Never have to cull a book again

The pragmatic old me, thinks The vacuuming would NEVER end

The cat owner in me thinks And who is going to go through the whole house christening every room and who is going to find the busiest narrow access area to sprawl across and block?

Edited: Jul 15, 7:52pm Top

Hey, Amber, have you thought about asking your vet for a reference in Ohio? Sometimes they have connections in an area, sometimes they don't - specially for a specialized (?) treatment.

The Housekeeper and the Professor sounded so delightful, I've already requested it from the library.

BQ: Back in the mid- to late-60s (1966 maybe?), my father gave my mother a painting of the California coast. I don't know if it was before or after I was born. My mom kept it even after their divorce in the 70s and she gave it to me in the 90s. It now holds a place of honor over our fireplace. It's not the most brilliant painting, but the sentimental value is priceless.

The bear to the right is also priceless. I have pictures of myself around 2 - 3 years old then around 16 years old wearing my grandmother's mink stole. She told me she would leave it to me when she died, and she did. However, nowadays, who is willing to wear any type of fur? My mother found an unusual shop that made teddy bears out of old furs. So that adorable bear is made from my grandmother's blonde mink fur. The right bottom paw has her monogram which had been embroidered on the lining. (Not visible in picture.)

>77 charl08: >79 scaifea: Love the Sargent and Waterhouse. I'm considering what to replace an old picture with and I might go with something similar. Or perhaps an Alma-Tadema.

>78 foggidawn: Me, too. Sometimes I wish I were young enough where my only activities and decisions involved day camp and whether I wanted to take woodcrafting or cupcake decorating. Sometimes.

Jul 15, 8:28pm Top

>136 roomsofbooks: Well, if one can afford such a place, one likely can also afford to pay someone else to do the cleaning, eh?

>137 Morphidae: Morphy: Yup, asked and they don't have any connections in Ohio. Lovely story behind the painting and the bear - I made a bead out of one of Tomm's old robes that he'd had since he was a kid and had sentimental value.

Jul 15, 8:33pm Top

>137 Morphidae: I love that you had a bear made from your grandmother's fur stole...what a brilliant idea!

Jul 15, 11:11pm Top

>138 scaifea: >139 laytonwoman3rd: Isn't the bear awesome? I mean, really, who has a MINK teddy bear? Unless they live in the house in >125 drneutron:, of course.

Jul 16, 12:25am Top

Good luck with bringing an end to all your packing, Amber. Just think, it could be worse, you could have a house as big as the one in #125.

Jul 16, 3:41am Top

>138 scaifea: true. Yet I would be in the land but no money category, if I ever had such a house

Besides, just think of the huge additional book buying bills and the bookcases to house them...

And then the designation of which subjects in which rooms and then the periodic realisation that categories are going to need to escape one room...

Then the realisation that death will come before you can even leave the ground floor books, the subsequent depression and lack of energy to even look for the vacuum...

If I were wealthy I'd have tiled floors throughout and underfloor heating and only one floor.

I know Brits really don't like single floor houses and refer to them as bungalows - and for old people - but they are far nicer to live in - tho I can see how they would keep you much fitter - until you started falling down the stairs...

Jul 16, 6:10am Top

>140 Morphidae: Ha!

>141 Familyhistorian: Nearly finished, thank goodness.

>142 roomsofbooks: Hm, that's a lot to think about there...

Jul 16, 6:13am Top

On today's agenda:
Charlie has Lunch at the Library, then a library program in which they'll make some stop-motion videos, and then *I* have my last meeting of the knitting club at the library this evening. So we'll be camping out there for most of the day. I may do a bit of packing this morning, but I may just take a day off, too.

On the reading front:
After finishing One Crazy Summer, I started Software, which I'd really like to polish off today. We'll see.

Jul 16, 7:01am Top

Morning, Amber! Good luck with that "possible" packing. Grins...

Looking forward to dipping back into Trigger Warning, after taking a hiatus yesterday.

Jul 16, 7:12am Top

>145 msf59: Morning, Mark! Trigger Warning is so excellent - I hope you love it as much as I did. Didn't that first poem sound like Joe?

And thanks - pretty much all that's left to pack is the kitchen (yoicks - not my favorite) and the bathroom and laundry room, and most of the stuff in the the latter two will be loosely packed and brought with us in our cars and not in the moving van. So honestly things are fairly on track.

Jul 16, 7:39am Top

Happy Monday! Things seem to be progressing here. I'll continue to keep fingers crossed your current abode receives a doable offer.
I've started readening Doc. Readening = book and audio, BTW. Off to a fine start.

Jul 16, 8:15am Top

>147 Carmenere: Hi, Lynda! Keep those fingers crossed - we're in contract, all the contingencies have been met (we think - we're pretty sure they've been accepted for their loan, but are awaiting actual paperwork proof) and we should have a scheduled closing date soon!

Also, I love "readening" - perfect way to describe it! And I hope you love Doc as much as I did. Doesn't Russell live in Cleveland?

Jul 16, 8:24am Top

Enjoy your day full of library fun!

Jul 16, 8:30am Top

Morning, Amber!

I'm chuffed that you thought of me with that Neil Gaiman poem. I need to get back on the poetry-writing train. My dad's situation has thrown me for a loop.

Jul 16, 9:12am Top

Way late, trying to catch up, but I have to agree with Donna that unpacking can be fun. It's a sense of building up rather than taking down. A nice nesting feeling of creating the new home and when you're done unpacking, you're done with the move not just with the first step. All of that said, I've moved many, many times and I know it is a huge amount of work. You have my sympathy and cyber hugs for getting through it.

Jul 16, 9:36am Top

>149 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! I love the chance to have guilt-free reading time!

>150 jnwelch: Morning, Joe! Honestly, my thoughts were more like, "Huh. Gaiman is as good a poet as Joe! Who knew?"

Maybe once you have a bit more space from it, you'll find inspiration in your dad's amazing life...?

>151 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba. I get that some folks like unpacking for those reasons, and it *will* be nice to get settled into our new place, which we all love and are excited about, but my need for things to be done a certain way and to be organized JUST SO make unpacking and finding the perfect place for everything really stressful. I'm really not looking forward to it.

Jul 16, 4:43pm Top

139. Software by Rudy Rucker (PDK Award, 167 pages) - 7/10 = C+
Robots living on the moon have rebelled against their enslavement to humanity and are now planning to 'incorporate' them by chopping up their brains and 'taping' their memories. They offer immortality to their creator, Cobb Anderson, in the form of a robot body with his own taped memories, but there's a a sub-group of robots who want to rebel against the rebellion...
The story was interesting enough, but none of the characters were even slightly likable. So, not really my thing.

Jul 17, 6:25am Top

Today Charlie has the Lunch at the Library program at his school library and then we're going down to Dubuque to the Creative Adventure Lab with a couple of his friends. I'll try to get a bit of packing done this morning.

On the reading front:
After finishing Software, I started The Wednesday Wars - I just have this one and two more Newbery Honor Books from the library to finish before we leave...

Jul 17, 8:23am Top

Morning, Amber! The Wednesday Wars is a favorite at our house - we all loved it.

Jul 17, 8:35am Top

>155 Crazymamie: Mamie: Good to know! I'm not very far into it yet, but so far so good!

Jul 17, 1:23pm Top

Happy Tuesday, Amber!

I was a bit more lukewarm about The Wednesday Wars than the Mamie clan, but it may have been timing.

Did you read Rudy Rucker's Software on someone's recommendation, or for some other reason? He's a sci-fi author I've never connected with.

Jul 17, 5:34pm Top

>157 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! I'll need more time with it to make a solid judgement on Wednesday Wars.

Software is a Philip K Dick Award winner, so that's why I picked it up.

Jul 17, 9:42pm Top

I was trying to think of where I had heard of Trigger Warning from...and then I realised, it's Gaiman! Your hero-of-sorts, no?

And, Phillip K Dick...now he reminds me that I still haven't started Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I really must get on to that.

Jul 18, 6:22am Top

>159 LovingLit: Yup, Gaiman is one of my favorites.

Jul 18, 6:23am Top

Today Charlie and I are driving a couple of hours to visit his friend, the one who moved away two years ago. And that means that I'll drop him off and get a good chunk of the day to sit in Starbucks (and at some point I'll likely move to the local library) and read. Woot!

On the reading front:
I'm still working The Wednesday Wars and hoping to finish it up today.

Jul 18, 6:58am Top

ooh la la, Starbucks+library reading time. What a luxury! And I'm glad Charlie is able to spend time with his friend before your move. Enjoy.

Jul 18, 8:38am Top

Enjoy your starbucks and library day! I could use one of those soon!

Jul 18, 8:39am Top

Morning, Amber.

Sounds like you have a most excellent day planned. Enjoy!

Jul 18, 9:43am Top

>162 lauralkeet: >163 ChelleBearss: >164 jnwelch: Laura, Chelle, & Joe: Thanks, guys - I'm pretty excited about it, maybe more than Charlie is about seeing his friend! Ha!

Jul 19, 6:29am Top

Yesterday was lovely and I got a lot of reading done, sitting out in the wonderfully sunny, 75F weather. Today it's back to packing for me, while Charlie has Lunch at the Library again and will possibly have a friend over to play this afternoon before ballet class.

On the reading front:
I finished The Wednesday Wars and started Savvy.

Jul 19, 1:15pm Top

>166 scaifea: Sounds like yesterday was a lovely break from the packing, Amber. Good luck doing all the things!

Jul 19, 1:39pm Top

Sweet Thursday, Amber!

I'm glad you had a lovely day yesterday.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of Savvy, as well as Wednesday Wars.

Jul 19, 2:51pm Top

>167 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky!

>168 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe! Yesterday was lovely. I'll try to get round to a mini-review for WW soonish... Things are hectic here at the moment...

Jul 19, 3:08pm Top

So, in addition to all the million little (and not-so-little) things to deal with when moving, I found out today that my cell phone service isn't available in Ohio, so now I need to quickly find a new provider and get a new phone and all of that joyous business. *Insert huge SIGH here*

Jul 19, 3:22pm Top

Not that you asked for recommendations, but you might look into Project Fi, which is Google's service. The Wayne and I are both on it, and we really like it. It's also reasonably priced and I like their pricing matrix. You're not forced to pay for a certain amount of data - it's effectively pay-as-you-go. The only catch is, you have to use a Google android phone, so if you are an Apple cultist fan, it's probably not an attractive option.

Jul 19, 4:25pm Top

>171 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie, but we're Apple all the way, baby.

Jul 19, 4:28pm Top

140. The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt (Newbery Honor Book, 264 pages) - 9/10 = A-
Holling Hoodhood thinks his new 7th grade teacher hates him, and he recounts all the little things she does that convinces him this is so. But he gradually realizes that Shakespeare isn't necessarily the horrible punishment he first thought, that bullies aren't always one-sided evil beings, that parents can be flawed but still good, and that first impressions of 7th grade teachers are not always completely accurate. All this within the background of the Vietnam War, the fate of MLK and Bobby Kennedy, and a sister who wants to be a flower child.
Matilda meets A Christmas Story. I enjoyed this one immensely.

Jul 19, 9:29pm Top

>170 scaifea: At least you found that out NOW, and not after you were already IN Ohio and suddenly without service.

Jul 20, 6:13am Top

>174 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Very true. And I had a fabulous chat with the customer service person at Verizon, who set us up with new phones and plans, and we're now best friends.

Jul 20, 6:16am Top

On today's agenda:
Grocery shopping in Wisconsin for the last time, and then more packing.

On the reading front:
I made a bit of progress with Savvy yesterday, but that's all.

Jul 20, 7:19am Top

>175 scaifea: aww, your first friend in the new neighborhood. LOL.

>176 scaifea: the last groceries! The time is nigh, eh? When do you drive off into the sunset (or I guess sunrise, since you're heading east)?

Jul 20, 8:02am Top

Morning, Amber. Happy Friday. I am enjoying a somewhat rare 3-day weekend. I always enjoy those. Good luck with the final preparations.

Jul 20, 8:08am Top

Glad you got a temporary reprieve from the packing Amber, and I've added >174 laytonwoman3rd: to the wishlist, not sure if I am too old to have missed it the first time round or if it just didn't make it over here. Sounds great.

Jul 20, 8:57am Top

>177 lauralkeet: Laura: Ha! I've already found out over the phone that the receptionist at the Dept. of Water & Sewer is one of our new neighbors, too - just down the street!

>178 msf59: Happy long weekend, Mark!

>179 charl08: Charlotte: I think you'll enjoy The Wednesday Wars!

Jul 20, 9:10am Top

Sorry that you have to deal with finding a new phone provider. I managed to drop my iphone in the tub this week and now I can't make calls. I'm sad but not so sad as I was eligible for a free upgrade and my new iphone 8 should arrive sometime next week :)

Jul 20, 9:14am Top

Morning, Amber!

I'm glad you had such a good time with Wednesday Wars. You have a lot of fellow fans. I must've been in Grinch mode when I read it.

Jul 20, 9:16am Top

>181 ChelleBearss: Chelle: Woot! Tomm and I are getting iphone 8s, too! Verizon is having a BOGO sale...

>182 jnwelch: Morning, Joe!
I admit that I'm a bit surprised that you didn't like that one more. *shrug* Not really a big deal - there are plenty of good ones out there, yeah?

Jul 20, 10:31am Top

I love Verizon to the max! Good choice! Hope your experience with them will remain a happy one.

Jul 20, 10:47am Top

>184 Carmenere: Good to hear, Lynda! We nearly went with Sprint, which was going to give us a better deal, but then I asked around my Columbus friends about it and they all said that coverage in the city is great, but outside city limits it's crap. So, Verizon it is!

Jul 20, 12:48pm Top

>185 scaifea: It's good that you were able to get local feedback about the actual coverage for the two carriers. We have a similar situation here, where U.S. Cellular is by far the cheapest and coverage is great within Iowa City, but is terrible in the town I live in. It's hard to tell that just from coverage maps. I am also on Verizon and as long as I don't actually have to talk to anyone there to resolve an issue, they're great.

Jul 20, 2:20pm Top

>186 rosalita: Julia: I had U.S. Cellular previously (well, and still for the next couple of days), and they are so much more inexpensive, but yeah, the coverage isn't fabulous. I don't like giving up that low monthly payment, though. And yes, I'm so glad that I found out about Sprint! Yoicks.

Jul 20, 2:59pm Top

We had Verizon for years and they were great. Coverage was the best of all the companies back when we were full-timing in RV and that was really important. We've recently switched to T-Mobile because we have a family plan with my son who is full-time military and they offer a great deal for military. We also like it because they have by far the best international plan. That said, I notice coverage isn't great here in western NY. Between Verizon and T-Mobile we had AT&T and had nothing but trouble with their billing and customer service so I wouldn't recommend them at all. In fact, without Military I think you made the best choice.

Jul 20, 3:07pm Top

>173 scaifea: I also loved The Wednesday Wars but my very favorite book by Schmidt takes a minor character from that book and creates a masterpiece in Okay for Now. I strongly recommend it to all.

We also have Verizon for cell phone because of coverage--not so much here in San Diego but in western Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas when we travel back to visit family. They do have the best coverage.

Jul 20, 8:25pm Top

Good to hear that you are mostly finished with the packing, Amber, and that you found out about the cell service before moving. I imagine that happened because you are so organized.

Edited: Jul 20, 9:03pm Top

>188 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks for that info, Reba! It's great that they have a military discount!

>189 ronincats: Roni: I should look for more of Schmidt's stuff - this is the first one for me.

>190 Familyhistorian: Meg: You give me too much credit! When I called U.S. Cellular to change billing addresses, the rep. said, "Oh, yeah, you're going to have to get a different provider..." So, yeah. And then I have the benefit of having friends already in Ohio to help me with the coverage part.

Jul 21, 7:29am Top

Wishing you all the best for your move ahead. Glad to hear that your cell problem is solved.
Happy weekend.

Jul 21, 9:55am Top

>192 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara!

Jul 21, 10:05am Top

Morning, Amber! I am so happy that you liked The Wednesday Wars!! Didn't you just love the cursing?

Jul 21, 10:18am Top

>186 rosalita: Have you tried going in to a Verizon store to resolve a problem? My mom has Verizon for her landline, and I have found it extremely difficult to deal with them over the phone. I wonder if the face-to-face option works better, but that's only for cell phones, I think. We've always had AT&T cell phone service, and haven't had any trouble with it.

Jul 21, 12:37pm Top

>194 Crazymamie: Morning, Mamie! I LOVED the cursing! So funny.

>195 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Well, I've been in face-to-face interactions at cell phone stores a couple of times, and I've only experienced very young, cocky salespeople who pretend that they know way more about stuff than they actually do. Nightmares both times. Gah.

Jul 21, 12:38pm Top

Now, pack to packing the kitchen - I'm down to the stuff that doesn't fit in boxes (what do I do with that stuff?!) and the pantry...

Jul 21, 5:19pm Top

141. Savvy by Ingrid Law (Newbery Honor Book, 342 pages) - 8/10 = B+
Mibs is ready to celebrate her 13th birthday when her father is in a serious car accident, which puts him in the hospital in a coma. As her mother and oldest brother travel the ninety miles to the hospital, Mibs must suffer through a horrible party put on by the self-righteous preacher's wife and attended by kids who think she and her family are a bunch of weirdos. See, something happens to the Beaumont children when they hit 13: their savvy comes into its own and they find out what sort of special and particular-to-each-person powers they inherit. As Mibs struggles to define her new powers, she, her two other brothers, and the two preacher's children (one of whom has a crush on Mibs) stow away on a bible seller's bus to try to get to the hospital and end up on a wild adventure of their own.
A neat story. The characters are great and the ending is a nice little twist.

Jul 21, 5:20pm Top

Kitchen is finished! I think I'm finished for the day. So tired...

Jul 21, 5:25pm Top

When is the big moving day?

Jul 21, 8:13pm Top

>195 laytonwoman3rd: Linda, I have not had any experience with in-person customer service from Verizon, so it might be better. I’ve tried both calling and online chat and they were both problematic. At least with the chat you have a written record of the conversation that you can refer to when you have to make the inevitable follow-up

Jul 21, 8:51pm Top

>200 Ameise1: Barbara: A week from today.

>201 rosalita: Julia: I much prefer using the chat help thing more than calling or going in to a store.

Jul 22, 8:17am Top

>202 scaifea: The moving is come close, Amber...
I might have missed it, as lately I haven't been reading the threads closely, but is your house sold now?

Jul 22, 9:08am Top

>203 FAMeulstee: Anita: It's so close! This house doesn't feel like ours anymore, living amongst all the boxes, and we're excited to get to our new house and get settled in.

This house is under contract; we're signing the closing papers on Friday and the buyers are signing on August 1st.

Edited: Jul 22, 9:14am Top

More packing today, although we're nearing the end (we should wrap it up today, with only the very last minute things to do Friday). Yesterday was exhausting - I thought I'd never get the kitchen finished! But today is the bathroom and the laundry room and then going room-to-room to make sure everything is in a box or where it should be until Friday. Oh, and getting the last things out of the deep freezer and unplugging it. Tomm is working on packing the garage today.

On the reading front:
I made a bit of progress last night on Splendors and Glooms, which is pretty interesting so far.

And last night's reading of Harry Potter included Dumbledore saying "After all this time?" and Snape replying, "Always." and I lost it completely. Experiencing Charlie learning that Harry learns that he's a horcrux and must die was a hoot, though.

Edited: Jul 22, 9:21am Top

Morning, Amber! Happy Sunday. Congrats on reaching the finish line, as far as the packing goes. Yah!

Jul 22, 9:29am Top

>206 msf59: Morning, Mark! Thanks!

Jul 22, 10:23am Top

Sounds like you're right on track for your move -- maybe even with time to spare! Congratulations!! Before you know it you'll be all settled in Ohio!!

Jul 22, 10:44am Top

Sounds like you just might finish the last HP before the move?

Jul 22, 11:33am Top

>208 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba! The goal is to get the lion's share of stuff done today so that we can maybe sort of relax a bit this week.

>209 MickyFine: Micky: We'll be close, but won't quite make it; we read about 10 pages a night and there's about 10 night's left, plus I bet we'll skip a couple of nights this week for various moving reasons. I've loaded movies 1-6 onto my ipad for the 9-hour drive, just so we're ready for the last two movies after we move (and to try to keep Charlie happy in the car).

Jul 22, 2:07pm Top

Happy Sunday, Amber.

Moving in a week? You're almost there!

How great that you're experiencing the Harry Potter books with Charlie. We did that with our kids and I'll never forget it.

Jul 22, 3:13pm Top

>210 scaifea: "The goal is to get the lion's share of stuff done today so that we can maybe sort of relax a bit this week." I hope you manage that, so you can not be manic at the last minute, and start the trip in a relatively calm state. You seem to have thought of everything.

Jul 22, 3:19pm Top

>211 jnwelch: Joe: It's been wonderful, and I'm so glad that he loves them, too!

>212 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Aaaaand she's jinxed it. Thanks for that.

Jul 22, 3:58pm Top

Hi Amber my dear, I see you are nearly done with all the packing my dear, Amy and Andy are well on the way with their packing and just waiting for a moving date now. They were to have taken the keys to their first home of their own on the 17th but because the people they are buying off sat on a letter regarding possible subsidence they are now having to wait for the survey to be done. Because the owners were cash buyers they did not need a coal survey but because Amy and Andy are taking out a mortgage the mortgage company want the survey done, Amy is hurrying her conveyancer on to get it done and although could have done without some more costs she is happy to pay so they can get on with the sale. Yesterday I took her to Harrogate to pick up a rocking chair as she has always loved rocking chairs, it is in lovely condition but wouldn't fit in her car so it was Dad to the rescue.

Apart from the packing I hope you are having a really lovely weekend and send love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Jul 22, 4:54pm Top

>213 scaifea: Aaaaand she's jinxed it. Thanks for that.
HA HA HA! That cracked me up.

I hope the next couple of weeks go as smoothly as expected, Amber. Sorry if I've probably jinxed you now, too.

Jul 22, 10:00pm Top

>214 johnsimpson: Hi, John! Oh, yes, so many delays and irritations in buying (and selling) a house! I feel for Amy and Andy and hope that they get a date soon!
And thanks - we're all exhausted but feeling pretty good about the amount of stuff we accomplished in the last two days.

>215 lauralkeet: Laura: Ha! Well, I'm going to take that as a two-jinxes-make-a-non-jinx...

Edited: Jul 23, 6:20am Top

On today's agenda:
Charlie has Lunch Bunch at the library, and then I've put together a Last Chance Charlie Party at a local park - a super-informal (we're just showing up with a cooler full of Capri-Sun) playdate for his close friends, to give them all one last chance to hang out before we leave. After that we'll drive down to Dubuque for a last dinner at Tomm's favorite restaurant here, L. May. It feels strange not to have any packing to do today, but strange in a really good way!

On the reading front:
I'm still working on Splendors and Glooms, and I hope to finish it in the next couple of days.

Jul 23, 8:34am Top

Morning, Amber.

Congrats on the no-packing day!

Jul 23, 9:05am Top

I'm glad your packing is finished so you can fully enjoy the "lasts" today/this week.

Jul 23, 10:17am Top

>213 scaifea: Fiddlesticks! You are NOT the superstitious type. And even if something goes awry now, you, with your mad skills, will just deal with it. But here's my magic wand, yours free of charge for the duration, just in case.

Jul 23, 10:40am Top

I love the idea of a sort of goodbye tour to all your favorite hangouts. Seems like a nice way to get closure without too much sadness.

Jul 23, 11:14am Top

>218 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe!

>219 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura - We're really looking forward to dinner tonight.

>220 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Ha! True, I guess. Thanks for the wand!

>221 rosalita: Julia: We made a One More Time list back when we first told Charlie about the move, as one of the things we tried to do to help him process the big news, and we've been working through it since. I agree that it's a nice way to say goodbye and I think it's helped him quite a bit.

Edited: Jul 23, 11:52am Top

We did the "one more time" thing on a couple of moves when our daughters were around Charlie's age. To be honest, it was good for us grownups, too.

Jul 23, 12:26pm Top

>224 scaifea: Laura: I agree - I've definitely enjoyed it!

Jul 23, 5:22pm Top

Best of luck as you get down to the wire with all the moving things!

Wow, I can't believe you're almost through reading Harry Potter to Charlie. And how fun to experience them along with him that way. I hope I can share some stories with my niece and nephew similarly as they get a little older.

Jul 23, 9:44pm Top

>225 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

We've had such a wonderful time reading the HP books together as a family.

Jul 24, 2:53am Top

Love the one more time idea. Hopefully I'll remember it for the next move!

Jul 24, 6:18am Top

>227 charl08: Hi, Charlotte! I just remember when we moved here from Ohio, we spent a lot of time saying, "I wish we had went...one more time." So we decided not to make that mistake again, plus we thought it would be helpful for Charlie.

Jul 24, 6:22am Top

On today's agenda:
Lunch at the Library for Charlie while I go have a goodbye lunch with a couple of mom friends, and then Charlie also has his last book club meeting this evening. I'm going to try to finish Splendors and Glooms today, so that we can take back all of our remaining library books probably tomorrow. Otherwise, I may try actually to get a bit of writing done today, since I haven't touched it in so long.

Jul 24, 9:31am Top

>183 scaifea: Yay for iphones! I hope you got a good case for it. The new iphone 8 has a glass back. I was shocked as that doesn't seem like a good idea but it's for the wireless charging. I'm getting an Otterbox case for mine as I tend to drop my phone about 10 times a day! I'm very very hard on phones!

Sounds like you are getting down to the wire for your move. Good luck with everything! Hope it all goes smoothly and your long drive goes well!

Jul 24, 1:41pm Top

>230 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! Yes, fingers crossed for that long drive - that's my biggest source of stress right now.

And yay for iphones! I love 'em. But a glass back? Weird. I'll definitely be getting a sturdy case.

Jul 24, 3:52pm Top

142. Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz (Newbery Honor Book, 384 pages) - 8/10 = B+
An evil puppet master who dabbles in black magic, his two young orphaned apprentices, a wicked witch with a powerful fire opal, and a girl suffering through life with wealthy parents stuck in continual mourning for their other lost children, all come together is a slightly dark, slightly creepy (in a good way) story set in Victorian London. This one was fun - the children are easy to root for and the villains are throughly (if a little campily) evil.

Jul 24, 3:54pm Top

I was thinking about getting an iPhone 8 and then I found out there is no port for a headphone jack in them. I have a wonderful set of noise-canceling ear buds that I use for listening to books when walking and they are wired so I guess I'm going to keep my 6S for as long as I can just to keep my ear buds. :(

Glad you've good everything so well under control and are able to enjoy your last days in Wisconsin. All the best with the move.

Jul 24, 3:57pm Top

>233 RebaRelishesReading: Reba: I've been concerned about the no jack business, too, but then I've heard so many good things about it that I'm hoping I won't miss having a jack too much (I had been trying to hold onto my iphone 5s forever, too).

And thanks! Fingers crossed...

Jul 24, 5:05pm Top

>234 scaifea: I have an iPhone SE that has a headphone jack but I never use it since I got the AirPods wireless ear buds. They work really great, though I know there are other wireless options as well. It's nice to be able to walk around the house doing chores while listening to music or a podcast and not have to carry my phone with me. I also love not getting tangled up in the cords anymore, because I am a klutz. :-)

Jul 24, 5:23pm Top

Hi, Amber.

Becca uses the wireless ear buds that Julia mentions, and loves them.

Jul 24, 5:30pm Top

>235 rosalita: Julia: I was thinking of you and your wireless ones! I'm constantly getting tangled in my regular ones, too, so this will be good for me.

>236 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! Good to know!

Jul 24, 7:37pm Top

>233 RebaRelishesReading:, >234 scaifea: wireless earbuds are great, but also the newer iPhones come with an adapter thingamabob that attaches to a traditional headphone jack on one end, and plugs into the iPhone's charging port, so you can still use traditional headphones if you prefer. The newer iPhones also come with earbuds that plug directly into the charging port.

Jul 24, 9:49pm Top

>238 lauralkeet: Laura: Yes! Our new phones came this afternoon, and they included headphones that plug into the charging port!

Jul 25, 8:36am Top

>239 scaifea: I use mine that plug into the charging port all the time for teleconferences and meetings - works great. My only complaint is that I have to carry two set of headphones so I also have a set that plug into the headphone jack on my computer. But they package small, so not too much room in the briefcase.

Jul 25, 9:07am Top

>240 drneutron: Oh, good point about the computer jack - I need to remember that so that I'll keep my old headphones...

Edited: Jul 25, 9:11am Top

On today's agenda:
The semi truck gets delivered today; Charlie and I are having our last trip to the Platteville Public Library (sigh); I want to get the car washed; I need to call Verizon (they gave us phone numbers with WI area codes, not the Columbus ones we specifically and repeated asked to - Verizon are off to a fabulous start...). Also, it's supposed to be pretty nice today (sunny, but not super-hot), so Charlie and I are planning on a last stroll around the neighborhood at some point.

On the reading front:
After finishing my last library book, I'm finally back to Charming Billy - I'm so behind on my July Category Challenge books!

Jul 25, 9:17am Top

Good luck with Verizon customer service, Amber! You may have better luck with the online chatbot if the phone thing proves frustrating. Either way, I'm sending good vibes your way.

Jul 25, 9:23am Top

Although all the talk of last this and last that, are sad because they are places we've come to know through your posts it's nice knowing you'll soon be taking us to new places as you post your first this and first that. Hope you get to relax a bit before the big day.

Jul 25, 9:31am Top

>239 scaifea: be sure to look on the back of the thing the headphones are packaged in, that's where you'll find the adapter thingamabob for use with traditional headphones.

Jul 25, 9:47am Top

>243 rosalita: Julia: I'm on the phone with them now (yay multi-tasking!) and so far so good...

>244 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda! I'm excited to share our new firsts here, too.

>245 lauralkeet: Laura: Oh! Good thinking - thanks!

Jul 25, 10:48am Top

>238 lauralkeet: You just made my day!! I know there are great blue tooth ear buds/phones out there but a coupe of years ago I splurged on Bose ones that are amazingly comfortable AND cancel outside noise just about completely. I really don't want to give them up. with an adapter like you mention it sound like I can have a new phone and keep my great ear buds too (now if you have some way to help with eating/keeping cake that would be great too :))

Good luck with the phone number changes, Amber.

Jul 25, 11:10am Top

>247 RebaRelishesReading: Reba: I know, right? Very cool!

And thanks - the number change was surprisingly quick and easy!

Jul 25, 1:52pm Top

Hiya, Amber.

Like Lynda, I'm looking forward to tales from your new digs. What I know about Ohio you could write on a spoon. (What? Nobody writes on a spoon).

Jul 25, 2:56pm Top

>249 jnwelch: Hi, Joe!

Well, it sounds like you and MBH need to plan a visit...

Jul 25, 5:20pm Top

143. Charming Billy by Alice McDermott (National Book Award, 243 pages) - 9/10 = A-
Framed by the narrative of the family funereal gathering for the late Billy Lynch, the novel recounts Billy's life, his early lost love, his struggle with alcohol, his never-lost charm. We're also given the lives of other members of the family and their close, everyday relationships, especially how Billy's live - and death - have influenced them. The real charmer here is the story itself, and the lovely way it is told, through the sweetness of its quotidian details, the mundane made holy, in some way. So excellently written, this one. Definitely recommended.

Jul 25, 8:58pm Top

>191 scaifea: Ha, that's what I meant, Amber. You called early enough to change your address that there was time to do something about finding a new cell provider. That's organized. Also organized is finding time to say goodbye to people and places.

Jul 25, 9:27pm Top

>252 Familyhistorian: Meg: Ha! Well, yeah, that's me, I guess. MUST have a plan. MUST HAVE A LIST.

Jul 26, 6:15am Top

On the agenda for today:
The movers are coming today to load the truck. Charlie has Lunch at the Library and is going to a friend's house from there for the afternoon; we thought it might be stressful for him to be here while the actual loading up is happening, mostly because he's not at all comfortable with strangers, much less strangers clomping around in the house and moving our stuff.

On the reading front:
I've started Sacre Bleu, which is very good so far - no surprise there, since I love Moore.

Jul 26, 8:12am Top

How considerate to keep Charlie away from the movers. You probably can't keep yourself away ;-)

Jul 26, 10:51am Top

Wow! Hard to believe moving day has arrived. It seems like just a few days ago that I first heard you were considering the move and here it is! (sending mojo that all goes smoothly0!

Jul 26, 11:30am Top

Morning, Amber.

Good luck with the move!

Jul 26, 12:05pm Top

>255 FAMeulstee: Anita: I wish I could be somewhere else! This is stressful!

>256 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba! The movers are here now, and the first thing they said was, "wow, you guys have a lot of stuff." Yoicks. Fingers crossed it all fits in the truck!

>257 jnwelch: Morning, Joe! Thanks!

Jul 26, 1:00pm Top

Happy moving day! It's never an easy task, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Jul 26, 3:58pm Top

Hope the loading of the truck goes smoothly!

Jul 26, 4:43pm Top

>260 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky! It's finished! Whooof.

Jul 26, 4:46pm Top

Time for a treat

Jul 26, 5:04pm Top

"wow, you guys have a lot of stuff." Are they NEW at this? Everybody has a lot of stuff, fer cryin' out loud. Now if they said "WOW you guys have a lot of BOOKS" I'd understand.

Jul 26, 9:38pm Top

>262 MickyFine: YES! Thanks, Micky! Just what I needed!

>263 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Indeed. I suspect that's what they would have said, had they known what's in all those boxes of 'stuff.'

Jul 27, 6:36am Top

Morning, Amber. Happy Friday. So, the truck is all loaded? When do you leave?

Jul 27, 7:02am Top

>265 msf59: Morning, Mark! Yes, the big truck is all loaded, and we're leaving tomorrow morning!

Jul 27, 7:07am Top

Good luck, with wrapping things up there, my friend. Excited, about turning the page?

Edited: Jul 27, 7:10am Top

>>258 scaifea:, >263 laytonwoman3rd: our movers said the same thing, with the same unspoken apprehension about getting it all in the truck. This despite having provided the moving company a fairly detailed list in advance. Maybe it's just standard mover-speak?

>266 scaifea: so now that the house is completely empty (bet that feels weird), how are you guys spending today & tonight? Are you staying in a hotel?

Jul 27, 7:10am Top

On today's agenda:
1) Clean out the fridge
2) Sign the closing papers
3) Pick up the UHaul truck
4) Load the UHaul with our things-we-need-for-the-week-while-we-wait-for-the-big-truck-to-arrive
5) Vacuum the house

On the reading front:
Sacre Bleu is the perfect book to be reading amidst all this moving stress - not too complex, but still a very cool story and well-written, and also hilarious. The weather was perfect yesterday (mid 70s, sunny and breezy) for sitting out on the back deck reading with the dogs while the movers were doing their thing, so I made good progress on it.

Jul 27, 7:14am Top

>267 msf59: Thanks, Mark! Now that the big stress of getting everything into the truck is over, yes, I think we've all moved on to mostly excited. Tomorrow will be a stress of another kind: Tomm in the UHaul and Charlie and I in my smallish car with the two dogs in the back seat, one of which gets carsick, for a 9-hour drive. Fingers crossed that Mario's anti-nausea meds work properly!

>268 lauralkeet: Laura: Funny - you're probably right that it's just a common phrase of the trade, and they're thinking more about how much work is ahead of them more than whether it will all fit.

Charlie thinks the mostly-empty house is very cool, and nope, we still have our mattresses on the floor, so we're staying here for the last night!

Jul 27, 8:19am Top

Glad to hear they managed to get all your boxes in the truck. Good luck on all the last-minute moving stuff and hope the drive goes well tomorrow!

Jul 27, 8:27am Top

That's great that the movers fit everything in the truck with no issues. Good luck with your big drive! Hope the meds work for poor Mario!

Jul 27, 8:54am Top

Morning, Amber!

"Everything fit into the truck" - one of those great moments in life. I'm glad you got to enjoy your back deck one more time before the move.

Jul 27, 9:14am Top

Bon voyage!

Jul 27, 10:37am Top

>270 scaifea: I forgot you were packing a UHaul, Amber, so keeping your mattresses makes perfect sense. You can treat tonight like a camp out of sorts.

Jul 27, 12:05pm Top

Don't make a fire in the middle of the living room to grill your wienies!

Jul 27, 2:05pm Top

>271 bell7: Thanks, Mary!

>272 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! Yes, FINGERS CROSSED that the meds work!

>273 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! It was definitely a relief about the truck, and the deck time was lovely.

>274 rosalita: Thanks, Julia!

>275 lauralkeet: Laura: Charlie has a loft bed of sorts (three steps up to the mattress and a reading cubby underneath, so Tomm took that apart a few days ago. Charlie has been loving the 'camping out' ever since!

>276 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: *licks pencil lead* Noted.

Jul 27, 3:47pm Top

Great it all fit and that big step is done!! I'll be thinking about you on your drive tomorrow. Hope you're met by weather as beautiful in Columbus as it is here today (we aren't that far from Columbus you know...just sayin' for future reference :) )

Jul 27, 5:29pm Top

>278 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba! I appreciate the good thoughts for tomorrow. It's gonna be a LONG day, I suspect.

Where exactly are you again?

Jul 27, 6:49pm Top

Will be thinking of House Scaife tomorrow!

Jul 27, 9:27pm Top

Get to sleep! And safe uneventful travels on the morrow.

Jul 28, 5:02am Top

Safe travels, Amber. Thinking of you and yours.

Jul 28, 6:21am Top

>280 lycomayflower: >281 laytonwoman3rd: >282 Ameise1: Thanks, ladies!!

Welp, moving day is here! Mario has had her meds (they take 1-2 hours to kick in), we have a few last-minute things to put in the UHaul, and then we're off! We won't have internet connected for a few days, so I'll be scarce around here for a while, but I'll next check-in from Ohio!!

Jul 28, 7:05am Top

Safe travels! O-H

Jul 28, 7:22am Top

Yay, the big day is here! Good luck with it all, Amber.

Jul 28, 7:52am Top

Happy travels, Amber. Good luck to Mario. May she sleep the entire trip.

Jul 28, 9:31am Top

In summer (like now) we're at Chautauqua, New York which is just a short distance past Erie, PA. It takes about three hours or so to Columbus. Meanwhile, you're well on your way by now. Hope all is going well.

Jul 28, 10:24am Top

Wishing you safe travels, Amber!

Jul 28, 11:42am Top

Also wishing safe and uneventful travels, Amber!

Jul 28, 1:04pm Top

I hope everything goes smoothly, Amber, including for Mario. Exciting!

Jul 28, 7:39pm Top

I hope Mario's meds worked and the trip went smoothly, Amber.

Jul 29, 3:16am Top

Good luck with the move Amber!

Jul 30, 10:25am Top

Amber & Co--Somehow you got unstarred on my end so I have missed all the moving hoopla!!! Glad I saw the pic on FB. Best of luck unpacking and I wish you and yours many happy memories in your new home.

Jul 30, 1:38pm Top

Thanks, everyone! We're here - we made it and the drive, while long, went smoothly. Mario and Tuppence both were saints and there was not vomiting! WOOT!! Charlie loves it here, as do Tomm and I, and we're exhausted (with more to come - the moving truck should arrive by Friday) but happy. Charlie and I went this morning to our two main libraries for our cards; we live in Licking County, so we want a card for that system (plus there's a branch just a block away from our house!), and then the next town over is part of the Columbus Metropolitan Library system, so of course we need one of those, too.

Jul 30, 1:48pm Top

Also, this is the view from my back door right now - Charlie at the playground reading one of his newly-checked-out library books:

So you can see why he loves this place...

Jul 30, 2:48pm Top

>294 scaifea: Happy to read you arrived, Amber, and so good Mario did well!

Jul 30, 3:03pm Top

>296 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! I'm SO relieved that Mario was okay on the trip, and that they're both settling in easily!

Jul 30, 3:06pm Top

Hi Amber, glad you have arrived safe and sound my dear and getting the library tickets is a priority job my dear. It seems as if you will be spoilt for choice on the library front. Once the big truck arrives and you get everything in the house it will feel a lot better than it already is from what you have said and the photos.

Sending love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Jul 30, 3:17pm Top

>298 johnsimpson: Thanks, John! This moving business is exhausting, but we're so excited to be here and I know we'll be happy to get settled.

Jul 30, 3:20pm Top

144. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling (Charlie's bedtime read, 759 pages) - 10/10 = A+
And so our 2-year HP read-aloud is now at an end. And we're all a bit sad about that, but Charlie loved the ending, especially the epilogue, and we're starting the 7th movies tonight!

Edited: Jul 30, 3:34pm Top

Hooray for library cards, and for finishing Harry Potter! While it's sad to be finished with it, there are always rereads to enjoy. Oh, and welcome to Ohio!

Jul 30, 3:43pm Top

Great to hear you arrived in Ohio safely.

Jul 30, 3:55pm Top

>301 foggidawn: Yay for library cards! Ohio librarians are fabulous (but you knew that) - we already love the two we met today!

We need to talk soon about a meet-up...

>302 rosalita: Thanks, Julia! I'm still so sad that I couldn't get my act together to get down to see you again before we left. Dingdang.

Jul 30, 4:12pm Top

So happy to hear the drive went so well and that Ohio is treating you well so far.

Congrats on reaching the end of the HP read-aloud. Such great memories for Charlie.

Jul 30, 4:14pm Top

>303 scaifea: Definitely! I figured you would want a little time to get settled in, but let me know when you're ready to make plans!

Jul 30, 4:22pm Top

Glad all went well on the drive down! Especially with the dogs.

Jul 30, 4:43pm Top

>294 scaifea: >295 scaifea: Love these! Go Charlie!

Glad you made the trip safely, Amber! Good luck with the new start.

Jul 30, 5:11pm Top

Glad you made it safely to your new home and yeeeh for the library cards. Best thing to start at a new place.

Jul 30, 5:31pm Top

New home, new library cards, and finishing the HP read aloud. Wow, it's all good at the new Scaife Manor!

How much time do you have to settle in before school starts?

Jul 30, 6:14pm Top

Woo hoo! Sounds like you're off to a fine start! Glad Mario and Tuppence were good travelers and you and Charlie have library cards in hand. BTW you have an outstanding back yard! But, why for goodness sake, does it take so long for the moving truck to arrive?

Jul 30, 6:17pm Top

Hooray for angels and no vomiting!! I love your priorities -- library cards first! And how cool that Charlie can go right out his backyard to a playground with benches for reading. It all sounds perfect for you all!

Jul 30, 8:54pm Top

Great to hear that the trip went so well and you have a very important part of the settling in done - those all important library cards.

Jul 31, 6:05am Top

>304 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky!

I'm so glad that we read the HP books together - fantastic memories for all of us.

>305 foggidawn: Great! I'll let you know, but it'll likely be after Charlie starts school.

>306 ronincats: Thanks, Roni! I'm so grateful that the dogs took the drive so well - that could have been a disaster.

>307 msf59: Thanks, Mark! It's such a relief that Charlie is already so happy here.

Jul 31, 6:09am Top

>308 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara! We're super excited about our new libraries, too - they're gorgeous!

>309 lauralkeet: Laura: Yes, things are great at the new Scaife Manor already!

School starts on August 27th, so we've got a nice little chunk of time to get unpacked and get his school supplies and get him ready to go.

>310 Carmenere: Lynda: Yep, our back yard connects with the side lawn of the brand-new (last year was its first year) elementary school. Charlie is over the moon about that!

The truck traveled to a Chicago depot on Saturday, but then may sit there for a few days until they schedule a driver to bring it over here. It should be here by Thursday, though. Fingers crossed, since we have family scheduled to come and help us unload on Friday...

>311 RebaRelishesReading: Reba: Hooray indeed! Such a relief that I didn't have to clean up vomit along the interstate! Ha! And yes, this place is pretty much perfect for Charlie.

>312 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg!

Jul 31, 6:12am Top

On today's agenda:
I filled out all of the online paperwork to get Charlie registered in the school district yesterday, and this morning we'll go to the district office to finish up the registration and hopefully get more details about the start of school and such. Then Charlie and I are heading to Newark (about a 15 minute drive) to check out the main branch of our county library system. This afternoon I may start unpacking the book boxes that we brought along in the U-Haul (woot!), and then this evening we're going to the movies to see Ant Man and the Wasp.

On the reading front:
Not much reading going on lately, but I did manage a few pages of Sacre Bleu yesterday.

Jul 31, 6:55am Top

Amber, I'm glad the move went smoothly. I had my fingers crossed for Mario :-) Great news that you've found two libraries already!

Jul 31, 7:03am Top

>316 susanj67: Thanks for the crossed fingers, Susan - it worked!

Also, sorry, everyone, for the long thread - I'll try to get round to a new one soonish...

Jul 31, 9:36am Top

Glad to see that the drive went well!
Yay for HP and library cards!

Jul 31, 10:00am Top

I'm so impressed with the way you're handling this move, Amber...getting to the libraries first thing, making time for movies in the midst of unpacking madness, timing the ending of HP so perfectly that it serves as a sort of punctuation between one place and the other --- Oh, and bestest parents ever, buying a house with a playground right out the back door. Who wrote this script?

Jul 31, 10:27am Top

>315 scaifea: Oh, you'll love the LCL Main library! I kind of miss working at that library, though of course I love my current job. You should also stop at the Emerson Miller Branch, as they have a really cool children's area and it's just a mile or so down Main Street.

Jul 31, 11:12am Top

Amber--I do love your priorities (the library, of course)!! So glad everything is going well and that Charlie (and the dogs) are happy. Have fun at the movies!

Jul 31, 11:19am Top

>318 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle!!

>319 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Oh, I wish I could take cognitive credit for all of this, but some of it has been happy accident. The library visits and the movies were definitely on purpose, though.

>320 foggidawn: We DID/DO love it! The children's section is lovely! We'll have to go back to check out the Emerson branch, though.

>321 Berly: Kim: It's definitely important to sort out one's priorities, no? And yes, the movies will be a well-deserved treat, I think. There's a huge Barnes & Noble just next to the cinema, and I want to pop in there, too, because I suspect they'll be having some HP-themed stuff going on this evening, as it's Harry's birthday today...

Jul 31, 1:03pm Top

Happy arrival, Amber, and library-joining, and movie-seeing, and congratulations to you and Charlie on finishing the HP series. An experience together that you'll never forget, I'm sure. Actually, that's probably true of all four!

Jul 31, 1:54pm Top

>323 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe! We're having a pretty unforgettable week here!

Jul 31, 3:51pm Top

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a lot of fun. I'm sure you and the Scaife men will have a blast!

Jul 31, 3:57pm Top

>325 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky! We're all pretty excited about it, because we loved the first Ant-Man movie.

Jul 31, 4:04pm Top

>326 scaifea: Head's up that the first Easter egg credits scene ties in with Infinity War so if Charlie hasn't seen that one, you might have to explain the scene a bit.

Aug 1, 6:11am Top

>327 MickyFine: Micky: Oh, we went to see Infinity Wars earlier this summer, and Charlie and I both predicted that credit scene on the way to the car after IW - ha! Tomm didn't think it would happen, and so we've been gloating about it since last night.

Aug 1, 6:24am Top

On today's agenda:
Well, we're now in that awkward stage of having everything that we brought with us unpacked and are waiting for the truck to arrive (it's apparently still sitting in a Chicago depot). So I don't have a ton that I can do today, to be honest. Charlie would like to find a comic book store, so we may go exploring a bit.

On the reading front:
Still working on Sacre Bleu, but should be finished soon.

Aug 1, 8:40am Top

Exploring is fun! Enjoy your downtime before the truck arrives, even if waiting is frustrating!

Aug 1, 8:51am Top

>330 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle! We're determined to make it a fun time and not get too frustrated!

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