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One Thing Leads to Another, Part VII

This is a continuation of the topic One Thing Leads to Another, Part VI.

List Five Books Parlour Game

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Jul 2, 8:43pm Top

The last title, LIFE on the Mississippi, by Mark Twain, was posted here by rolandperkins.

Edited: Jul 2, 9:09pm Top

A Modern Question MODESTLY Answered by Matthias Maurice
by Matthias Maurice

A MODERN Instance
by William Dean Howells

An INSTANCE of Treason: Ozaki Hotsumi and the Sorge
Spy Ring by Chalmers Johnson

RING of Bright Water
by Gavin Maxwell

John BRIGHT and the Quakers by Joseph Travis Mills

Edited: Jul 3, 4:16pm Top

875. A Thousand Days: JOHN F. Kennedy in the White House, by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (read 22 Oct 1966) (Pulitzer Biography prize for 1966) (National Book Award biography prize for 1966)

361. Moby Dick Or The WHITE Whale, by Herman Melville (read 9 Jul 1949)

5029. Ike and DICK Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage, by Jeffrey Frank (read 1 Jun 2013)

4888. The French PORTRAIT of a People, by Sanche de Gramont (read 18 Dec 2011)

3482. Sharpe's Rifles Richard Sharpe and the FRENCH Invasion of Galicia, January 1809, by Bernard Cornwell (read 2 Sep 2001)

Edited: Jul 5, 4:04pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jul 5, 4:03pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jul 10, 4:08pm Top

337. COLOR Blind A White Woman Looks at the Negro, by Margaret Halsey (read 11 Dec 1947)

666. An American Dialogue: A Protestant LOOKS at Catholicism and A Catholic Looks at Protestantism, by Robert McAfee Brown and Gustave Weigel (read 5 Aug 1961)

5226. The Collar A Year of Striving and Faith Inside a CATHOLIC Seminary, by Jonathan Englert (read 6 Dec 2014)

5360. Masters of the Game INSIDE the World's Most Powerful Law Firm, by Kim Eisler (read 21 Mar 2016)

4117. Without Reservation The Making of America's MOST Powerful Indian Tribe and Foxwoods, the World's Largest Casino, by Jeff Benedict (read 8 Jan 2006)

Edited: Jul 23, 10:03am Top

150. Under Cover My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of AMERICA, by John Roy Carlson (read 11 Apr 1944)

5431. Ball FOUR The Final Pitch, by Jim Bouton (read 13 Dec 2016)

1106. Pickett's Charge: A Microhistory of the FINAL Attack at Gettysburg July 3, 1863, by George R. Stewart (read 11 Mar 1971)

3910. Plan of ATTACK, by Bob Woodward (read 20 July 2004)

2421. The Origins of the Marshall PLAN by John Gimbel (read 16 Nov 1991)

Aug 2, 9:38am Top

Edited: Aug 7, 5:02pm Top

Apparently Roland is not going to do 5 books, so I will play on his truncated post:

944, FIVE Days to War: April 2 - 6, 1917, by Ernest R. Dupuy (read 22 Feb 1968)

4324. APRIL in Paris, by Michael Wallner Translated from the German by John Cullen (read 4 June 2007)

462. Left Bank Right Bank PARIS and Parisians, by Joseph A. Barry (read 1 July 1953)

522.The LEFT Hand Is the Dreamer, by Nancy Wilson Ross (read 5 Oct 1957)

4708. The Dead HAND The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy, by David E. Hoffman (read 16 May 2010) (Pulitzer Nonfiction prize in 2010)

( I think the play on the last title should be on a word therein other than "hand". and I also think the word played on should be the exact same as the word in the preceding title; in other words "woman" is not the same word as "women" and the plural of most words is not the same as the singular form of that word. Just my opinion.)

Edited: Aug 8, 5:03pm Top

"The Persian Garden" in the LEGACY of Persia by Vita Sackville-West

"Xenephon: the PERSIAN Expedition; Rex Warner tr."
by Xenephon

by Ed Decter

Death of a BLUE Movie Star

Destroyer World the MOVIE that Never was by Richard Sapir

Edited: Aug 13, 3:17pm Top

Baseball Life of Johnny BENCH by John Devaney

Fordson, Farmali, and Poppinʻ JOHNNY: a History of the Farm Tractor and its Impact on America
by Robert C. Williams

IMPACT: Work and Witness Miracles by J. Wesley Eby

A Course in MIRACLES
by Foundation for Inner Peace

The COURSE of Irish History by T. W. Moody

Aug 23, 7:03pm Top

On the Road by Jack Kerouac
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer
Penny From Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm
The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

Edited: Aug 28, 4:16pm Top

The STORY of Dr. Wassell

The DOCTORʻs Dilemma
by George Bernard Shaw

"The Omnivoreʻs DILEMMA; a natural history of four meals" by Michael Pollan

The NATURAL World: Time-frame
by Time Life Books

The WORLD of Henry Orient
by Nora Johnson

Edited: Aug 29, 12:40am Top

Asterix and the Magic CARPET
by Albert Uderza

The MAGIC of their Singing by Bernard Wolfe

SINGING Waters by Ann Bridge

Still WATERS, White Waters: Exploring Americaʻs Rivers and Lakes

To the WHITE Sea by James Dickey

Edited: Aug 31, 11:23pm Top

Speaking of Radio: Keep TUNED to WHO, Des Moines, Iowa

Edited: Sep 2, 11:33pm Top

Edited: Sep 8, 6:31pm Top

The TRAIN = Der Zug war Punktllch (pub. with) Adam = Adam wo warst du? by Heinrich Boll*

The Last ADAM; a study in Pauline anthropology by Robin Scroggs

The ANTHROPOLOGY of Taiwanese Society by Emily Martin Ahern

Spain a SOCIETY of Conflict,

*Met author.

Edited: Sep 3, 2:55pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Sep 5, 11:39am Top

North to Alaska by Kenneth Coates
Alaska: A Book of 21 Postcards
Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher
The Edge of the World by Kevin J. Anderson
World without End by Ken Follett

Sep 5, 10:33pm Top

The Sign of the FOUR by Arthur Conan Doyle

Edited: Sep 8, 6:33pm Top

Miss JULIE by August Strindberg

MISS Swing, Miss Soul by Beyonceʻ

SOUL on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver

ICE Palace by Edna Ferber

Castles, Colleges, and Chapels: a Guide to the Gothic Revival Architecture of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugun. Including the PALACE . . .

Edited: Sep 21, 12:28pm Top

As I understand this game, a title should have as its emphasized word a word different from the word emphasized in the immedately prior title. Is that right? Even if it is the first title in one's posting.

4044. Bird by Bird SOME Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott (read 9 July 2005)

2140. Thorn BIRD Country, text by Catherine Marshall (read 3 Apr 1988)

4221. 1912 Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft & Debs--the Election That Changed the COUNTRY, by James Chace (read 22 Oct 2006)

5051. All the Great Prizes The Life of John Hay from Lincoln to ROOSEVELT, by John Taliaferro (read 12 Aug 2013)

279. Beyond ALL Fronts A Bystander's Notes on This Thirty Years War, by Max Jordan (read 1 Sep 1946)

Sep 18, 11:55pm Top

The Storm of STEEL by Ernst Junger

Edited: Sep 22, 1:42pm Top

ANGRY as a Dragon (Of Dragons and Wolves #17)
by Marcy Jacks

WOLVES of Autumn
by Scott Clencin

An AUTUMN in Italy
by Sean OʻFaolain

Southern ITALY as Contact Area and Border Region during the early Middle Ages
(no author or editor listed)

BORDER Bride by Arnette Lamb

Edited: Sep 25, 9:38pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Sep 26, 12:19am Top

The MOST Thankful Thing
by Lisa McCourt

THANKFUL Together by Holly Davis

TOGETHER at the Bluebird Cafe by Steve Earle

Sacramental Magic in a Small-town CAFE; Recipes and Stories from Brother Juniperʻs Cafe by Br. Peter Rinehart

The MAGIC of their Singing
by Bernard Wolfe

Edited: Sep 30, 9:37pm Top

4993. The Master Butchers SINGING Club, by Louise Erdrich (read 21 Jan 2013)

4024. de Kooning An American MASTER, by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan (read 18 May 2005) (Pulitzer Biography prize for 2005) (National Book Critics Circle biography award for 2004)

3681. A Long Way From Home: Growing Up in the AMERICAN Heartland, by Tom Brokaw (read 18 Jan 2003)

5190. The LONG Shadow The Legacies of the Great War in the Twentieth Century, by David Reynolds (read 24 Aug 2014)

4913. The Great Silence Britain from the SHADOW of the First World War to the Dawn of the Jazz Age, by Juliet Nicolson (read 8 Apr 2012)

Oct 4, 7:23pm Top

The ANGEL of the West Window by Gustave Meyrink

Edited: Oct 16, 11:17am Top

3578. SILENT Night The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce, by Stanley Weintraub (read 11 May 2002)

391. A Tree of NIGHT and other stories, by Truman Capote (read 3 Oct 1951)

2372. The Tin Can TREE, by Anne Tyler (read 24 Mar 1991)

1942. The TIN Drum, by Gunter Grass translated from the German by Ralph Manheim (read 25 Jan 1970)

3504. Bang the DRUM Slowly By Henry W. Wiggen Certain of His Enthusiasms Restrained, by Mark Harris (read 27 Nov 2001)

(do not play on "drum" but on some other word in the title)

Edited: Oct 16, 2:54pm Top

// Wiggen //

Henry WIGGENʻs Books by Mark Harris

"The BOOKS at the Wake; a study of the literary allusions in James Joyceʻs Finneganʻs Wake "

The Oxford Dictionary of ALLUSIONS
by Andrew Delahunty

An Etymological DICTIONARY of the
English Language by Walter Skeat

LANGUAGE in Thought and Action
by Samuel Hayakawa

Edited: Oct 17, 8:12pm Top

The BEST of Chicago by Gault Millau

The State of Cearaʻ, brief notes for the Exposition of CHICAGO as authorized by the governor of Cearaʻ

The Suppression of Dissent; how the STATE and Mass Media Squelch USAmerican Social Movements by Jules Boykoff

Edited: Oct 17, 8:56am Top

Edited: Oct 24, 11:24am Top

Re #127 I don't think "violin" and "violins " are the same word.

1467. It Is Never Too Late to Mend: A Matter-of-Fact ROMANCE, by Charles Reade (read 9 Nov 1977)

745. LATE Have I Loved Thee, by Ethel Mannin (read 30 Jul 1963)

358. The LOVED One An Anglo-American Tragedy, by Evelyn Waugh (read 9 Jun 1949)

2491. ONE Pace Beyond The Life of Nano Nagle, by M. Raphael Consedine PVBM (read 19 Feb 1993)

1866. BEYOND the Chestnut Trees, by Maria Bauer (read 8 Sep 1984)

Edited: Oct 24, 11:26pm Top

CHESTNUT Street by Maeve Binchy

{The House on Garibaldi STREET by Isser Harel

GARIBALDI and the Thouswand; May 1860

A THOUSAND shall Fallo by Hans Habe

SHALL the Dust Praiese thee? by Damon Knight

Edited: Nov 2, 9:08pm Top

I'm in a MOOD Today: Poems about Feelings
by John Foster

FEELINGS: our Vital Signs by Willard Gaylin

Nature and Grace: a VITAL Unity by Leon Joseph Suenens

A Testimonial to GRACE and Reflections on a Theological Journey
by Avery Dulles

JOURNEY to Love by June Masters Bacher

Edited: Nov 11, 8:01pm Top

A LATER Day, Another Year: Poems, 1977-1988
by Ernest Sandeen

The YEAR of the French by Thomas Flanagan

"The Screenplay of the FRENCH Lieutenantʻs Woman" by Harold Pinter

Time after Time a Love Story Written as a SCREENPLAY by Pratibhaadabhholkar

"As it is WRITTEN"; a short story by Filippa Rolfe*

* Knew author

Edited: Nov 12, 12:40am Top

A KEEPER of Words: Accompanying Book to Legend: the Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

TAROT (Predictions Library) by David Barrett

Time-Life LIBRARY of Nations: Australia by Time Life

Is Military Action Justified against NATIONS
that Support Terrorism? by James Torr

JUSTIFIED Sinners: an Archaeology of Scottish Counter-Culture by Ross Birrell

Edited: Nov 12, 12:41am Top

"how does ʻA Later Day . . .ʻ follow from "Memoir of Casanova: the Eternal Questʻ? " (139, 142)

As Howard Cosell once said (and perhaps ONLY once): "I donʻt know".

I donʻt want to browse through the "Sandeen" entries again, but I think perhaps I found something with "eternal" in it, lost track of it, and entered something that didnʻt.

Edited: Nov 12, 5:12pm Top

Shouldn't we confine ourselves to titles of Books?

Playing from #141:

4325.American Catholic The Saints and SINNERS Who Built America's Most Powerful Church, by Charles R. Morris (read 8 June 2007)

4206. The MOST Exclusive Club A History of the Modern United States Senate, by Lewis L. Gould (read 3 Sep 2006)

4645. the Gashouse Gang How Dizzy Dean, Leo Durocher, Branch Rickey, Pepper Martin, and Their Colorful, Come-from-Behind Ball CLUB Won the World Series -- and America's Heart -- During the Great Depression, by John Heidenry (read 28 Nov 2009)

3534. True History of the Kelly GANG, by Peter Carey (read 30 Jan 2002) (Booker prize in 2001)

5151. Ponzi's Scheme The TRUE Story of a Financial Legend, by Mitchell Zuckoff (read 15 Apr 2014)

Edited: Nov 14, 9:06pm Top

3742. Michael Collins The Man Who Made IRELAND, by Tim Pat Coogan (read 8 May 2003)

1763. Right-Hand Glove Uplifted: A Biography of Archbishop MICHAEL Heiss, by Sister M. Mileta Ludwig, F.S.P.A. (read 30 Jan 1983)

679. The Life of James Cardinal Gibbons ARCHBISHOP of Baltimore 1834-1921 (Vol. II), by John Tracy Ellis (read 18 Oct 1961)

734.Henry JAMES 1870-1881: The Conquest of London, byLeon Edel (read 25 May 1963) (Pulitzer Biography prize for 1963) (National Book Award nonfiction prize for 1963)

278. High CONQUEST The Story of Mountaineering, by James Ramsey Ullman (read 26 Aug 1946)

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