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Adding a book to an "inactive" collection

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Jul 11, 11:26pm Top

This has only been happening... maybe the past week or so? Any time I add a new book, although I have selected to add it to my "To read" collection, instead it adds it to "Your library (inactive)". I don't use "Your library", so I "deleted" it.

For a long time, it has simply added new books to my "To read", which is where I want it to default. Now that "Your library (inactive)" seems to be automatically selected, because I deactivated it, I can't even delete it from that collection because it's greyed out.

Just not sure why that started happening.

Jul 12, 11:41am Top

I just test-added a book to your account (and deleted it), from the "Add books" page, and the book was correctly added to your "To read" collection. So, I think we'll need some more details here, preferably a specific example so we can inspect the process. A few questions:

- Can you give me the step-by-step instructions of how you're adding a book to your collection? Links to pages you navigate to for each step and whatever buttons/links you click are needed, along with any text you're using to search for and add a book.
- How are you finding that a recently-added book is in "Your library"? Where are you seeing this?
- Finally, please let us know what device/OS and internet browser you're using, this should help.


Jul 12, 1:28pm Top

Ok, I'm on a PC. Windows 10, using Firefox.

I go to the book page first, then click the "Add to your Books" button.

It automatically does the search. Currently I'm using Amazon.com to find them.

In the left menu, under Add to Collections, I have "To read" selected.

When I click the title in the list on the right, it adds it. I then click "show quick edit" (I usually double check it went into "to read" + I add a tag at this time).

It's here I can see under Collections a greyed out "Your library (inactive)", when I used to correctly see "To read" as the collection it was added to. Because I've been double checking, I then add the tag I want and add it manually to my "To read" collection. I still see a greyed out "Your library (inactive)" there, but I can't deselect it because it's not in my list anymore.

Hope that helps!

Just now I added a book called
Chills by Mary SanGiovanni

In previous days recently where this has happend:
Daughters of the Sea #2: May by Kathryn Lasky
The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna by C. W. Gortner
Shift (Silo Trilogy) by Hugh Howey

I can just go down my list on this page and still see the greyed out "Your library (inactive)" from when it started doing this. It looks like my most recent 8 books added are the ones. My guess is this the past week or so. This is always how I add a book, so I haven't changed what I do.

Thanks again!

Edited: Jul 12, 2:25pm Top

This is purely anecdotal (since I can't really remember any details) so maybe not terribly helpful, but I've recently (within the past few months) noticed an issue with the collections on the Add Books page: Currently selected collections get sorted to the top of the collections list, but it's happened where I've gone to select different collections in which to put the book I'm adding, and it's like the list "forgets" to reorder the list properly, while still keeping the selection positions the same, if that makes sense. (So for example, I've got "Ebooks" and "On Kindle" selected, so they should be #1 and 2 in the list, but it goofs up and keeps the collections in standard sort—with "Ebooks" and "On Kindle" further down—but still shows the first two collections in the list as being selected.) I've only seen it happen a couple times (Win7, Chrome) and haven't been able to reproduce the behavior, but I wonder if something similar's happening here?

Jul 12, 3:53pm Top

>3 LibraryCin: Okay, got it. I checked with developers and there's definitely a bug here.

What should happen is that the "Add to Your books" button should add to whatever Collections you have selected on your "Add books" page... if you didn't previously have "Your library" selected, it shouldn't be selected in the list when you go to add the book. This part is actually happening. The bug here is that the book is still getting added to "Your library", on top of whatever Collection/s you have selected on your "Add books" page. And, unfortunately for you, because "Your library" is inactive in your library, you're unable to remove books from that Collection.

I'm going to make a report for developers and we'll update this thread once we have a fix. Thanks for your patience!

Jul 12, 3:56pm Top

>4 saltmanz: If you're able to draft up a separate bug report, with more details of steps you're taking to see this behavior, we can look at that separately! Sorry for the trouble.

Jul 12, 11:13pm Top

>5 kristilabrie: Thanks so much for checking into it for me!

Jul 13, 9:04am Top

Shot in the dark: At some point shortly before this started happening, did you add books to your account using a different device or browser, or the app? I know there are cross-device issues for people trying to add books at the same time to different Collections on the same account, and I'm wondering if something like that might have happened here.

Jul 13, 10:03am Top

>8 lorax: Hmm, I don't think that should change the bug's behavior here, as long as LibraryCin didn't have two browsers open with the "Add books" page. The App shouldn't change your Collections selection on the website, and the browser will only give you Collections-selection issues if the "Add books" page isn't getting refreshed after each new addition (on either browser). The "Add books" page, as long as it's refreshed, should show the most-recently-added-to Collections on the site.

Another note: oddly enough, I was originally able to reproduce the bug yesterday. Yet, I tried changing my "Add books" Collections (adding a test book to a new set of Collections) and then tested the bug again—unable to reproduce. I'm digging further into it to see what the issue is here, maybe some weird caching issue or something. I'll try testing again today to see if I can reproduce.

Jul 13, 11:12am Top

As I said, it was a shot in the dark - obviously things wouldn't be *intended* to work that way, which is why it's a bug.

Jul 13, 11:23am Top

Win 10 + Firefox, I am also consistently getting this behavior where I must add tags and set collections before hitting search (or hit search anew even if I already did it), or modifications to tags and collections just won't be applied.

Jul 13, 11:40am Top

>11 Jarandel:

This is designed to work this way - when you add the book, it gets the tags and collections from what you searched with, not from what is on the page when you press the “add”

Edited: Jul 13, 1:02pm Top

>8 lorax: I usually use my PC, but I was away until just over a week ago. I can't recall if I added anything using my Android tablet while I was away or not.

ETA: I don't use the app. Even on my tablet, I go to the website (if that makes a difference).

I do sometimes have Chrome open at the same time as FF, but I generally only use Chrome for facebook, and FF for everything else.

Jul 15, 5:59pm Top

Hi, just popped in to say that it appears to be fixed! Well, it worked this time, anyway!
Thank you!!!!

Jul 16, 2:56pm Top

Yeah, we didn't fix anything on our end, but I wasn't able to reproduce the bug the 2nd time around, so there could be some other factors at play here. I'm still testing it out. Let me know if you see it crop up again!

Jul 17, 1:10am Top

>15 kristilabrie: Will do! Thanks so much!

And, I wasn't sure if you'd done anything on your end or if it magically fixed itself! But, if I notice it again, I'll wander back and mention it, again. Thanks for your help!

Sep 29, 5:17pm Top

Hmmm, it just did this again with a book I added just now. Checked back on a book I added yesterday or the day before and it didn't do it, but today's added book did.

Sep 30, 12:38am Top

Just added a 2nd one today and it did it again, so whatever caused it to flip back to adding any new books I add to the "your library" that I disabled appears to be happening again.

Am using my PC (still haven't used the app, and it's been a while since I've done much with the website on my tablet), and Firefox.

Sep 30, 11:05pm Top

So, it did it for 3 books I added the past few days, but I just added a 4th and it seems to be ok again.

Oct 1, 1:42am Top

>19 LibraryCin: Did you by any chance quit your browser or switch browsers in between when the trouble started up and when it stopped? I'm thinking it's at least partially to do with something cached in your browser.

Edited: Oct 1, 4:05pm Top

>20 lorannen: I shut down my PC and came back. But what would have started it to begin with? I was using FF every time.

I shut down my PC every day, though, so again, not sure what would have started it way back in July, then to have it stop suddenly (after a number of days). This weekend, it was at least 2 days (maybe 3, don't recall if it was Fri or Sat when I added the first one that did it this weekend) where it was doing it again. Then yesterday, I shut it down mid-day before turning it on again later, when it worked again.

But, again, it gets shut down every day, so...

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