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Avast! It's the LibraryThing Treasure Hunt!

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Edited: Sep 20, 1:48pm Top

Land ho, me hearties! The Dread Pirate Spalding has done it again, and hidden treasure across the land of LibraryThing.

» Join the LibraryThing Treasure Hunt!

Read the clues, and find the treasure chests we've hidden around the site. Everyone who finds at least 12 treasures will be automatically entered into a drawing for one of 10 fabulous prizes (a LibraryThing or TinyCat t-shirt stamp (as seen on the LibraryThing Store)!

A special pile o' loot awaits one lucky land lubber—anyone who finds all 18 of the Dread Pirate Spalding's treasures will be entered into a drawing for a set of LibraryThing and TinyCat coasters, which are not yet available in the Store (but are coming soon!).

And while you're at it, don't forget to switch over to LibraryThing in Pirate, too.

Ye have but one week to scour the seven seas for yer treasures—hop to it! The Treasure Hunt ends on Wednesday, Sep. 26th.

Helpful tips

Please, use the spoiler tag when posting hints or suggestions. Here's how:

To use the spoiler tag, type the following before whatever you'd like to hide:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


If the Treasure Hunt isn't working for you

You might be using the old version of the LibraryThing site. Is the nav bar at the top of the page salmon/peach colored? That's the old site. Go here and look under "Design" to switch. You can switch back afterwards.

Sep 19, 11:41am Top

Help Please

How do I get to the page to submit answers.

Thanks Jeff

Sep 19, 11:43am Top

Man, it was easy this year. :3 Good show, even if a little delayed.

Sep 19, 11:47am Top

>2 jefbra:

If this is working the way other hunts have in the past, there is no "page to submit answers". You have to go to the correct author/work/etc page and you will see the treasure chest indicating you've hit the right one. You should automatically be awarded the treasure chest.

Sep 19, 11:48am Top

Yay! Even if I am always completely rubbish at them.

Sep 19, 11:49am Top

>2 jefbra:

Just navigate to the thing that the clue indicates. You'll see a notification at the top that you've found it, and the status will be updated on the treasure page.

Edited: Sep 19, 12:15pm Top

>2 jefbra:
Decipher the clues And Visit the Corresponding LibraryThing Pages(=the answer) to find the treasure chests.

Sep 19, 11:55am Top

FYI: Logged in under Pirate, going to the correct pages results in no chests.

Logged in to LT in English, it's fine.

FF 62.0, Windows 10 Home (version 1803)

Sep 19, 11:56am Top

I logged into the pir subdomain and, as I navigate around the site, I'm being moved between the pir subdomain and the main librarything.com domain. I only get credited for the treasure if I'm on the main domain - maybe a bug?

Sep 19, 11:57am Top

>8 libraryperilous: I be havin' the same problem, matey.

Sep 19, 11:57am Top

>8 libraryperilous: Thank you! I couldn't believe I was mis-interpreting all the clues!

Edited: Sep 19, 11:58am Top

We're looking into the pir.librarything.com treasure issue! Thanks for the reports.

Sep 19, 11:59am Top

Sep 19, 12:00pm Top

Yes me too

Sep 19, 12:02pm Top

Arrr, mateys, I be glad I wasn't just recoverin' from too many tots o' the grog and seein' things.

Sep 19, 12:02pm Top

Fixed the treasure issue. Sorry about that.

Sep 19, 12:03pm Top

Thanks for the help


Sep 19, 12:03pm Top

Okay, pir.librarything.com be free to roam and full of its rightful treasures!

Sep 19, 12:03pm Top

>15 libraryperilous: that there sun be harrdly o'er the yarrd arm yet, matey.

Sep 19, 12:47pm Top

Arrr! A new treasure hunt! I found 12 on my own, but I'm too much of a landlubber to figure out the rest, I'm afraid. Any hints on 1, 2, 9, 11 or 12?

Sep 19, 12:51pm Top

>20 Ennas: I'm having problems with 9 & 12 too -- I'm pretty sure I know what the answers are, but what I think should be the right pages don't appear to have treasure on them.

Sep 19, 12:52pm Top

Yep, ditto 9 & 12 - thought I had them, but the pages (and variants) don't seem to work.

Sep 19, 12:55pm Top

>21 fyrefly98:
For #9, there's an area on the page, which contains "names a-plenty", that you need to click.

#12 I can't seem to figure out either.

Nor #1. I'm convinced I have the right Spielberg movie there, but clearly I'm in the wrong.

Edited: Sep 19, 2:38pm Top

For 9 (hat tip to LT member Hedgepeth for the better part of that one!):

You've probably got that you're looking for the name of the guy. Major clues to what page on LT are in the 2nd stanza. Look at what's capitalized there. Keep in mind that he was known by a few different names, so you'll want to find the page that has all of them.

For 14:

A letter, but also an on-theme word.

Sep 19, 12:56pm Top

>23 Petroglyph: For #1 Not a movie!

Edited: Sep 19, 12:58pm Top

>23 Petroglyph: On #1, you're on the right track, but it's not about the movie.

Edited to add: Wow, >25 lorannen: and I clearly think alike.

Edited: Sep 19, 12:59pm Top

>25 lorannen:
Thanks! I did not know that!

ETA, Thanks to >26 Foretopman: too!

Sep 19, 1:00pm Top

>23 Petroglyph:
>24 lorannen: - WOW, that's very tricksy for 9.

Edited: Sep 19, 1:05pm Top

>27 Petroglyph: Well, rather, it is a movie, but we were looking for the book version ;)

>28 JBD1: But you got it! I credit Hedgepeth with that one. Their clue was originally pointing to a specific book, but I was afraid it was too hard to find that particular title in site search. So I added to the clue (didn't change their wording a bit) to direct it to this solution.

Sep 19, 1:06pm Top

I'm a very poor pirate but the chesty badge is mine and that is all that matters!

Sep 19, 1:20pm Top

Found #1!

>24 lorannen: #9 blackbeard, common knowledge, character was what I thought, but... :-/

#12 I tried sea and c as a tag , but no cigar, er, chest.

Any hints for #2?

Sep 19, 1:22pm Top


Same here, on both counts.

Sep 19, 1:25pm Top

>31 Ennas:

for #2, never say die.

Sep 19, 1:26pm Top

>31 Ennas: For #9, I found the right page, but it didn't work when I clicked on it in the search results. Click on one of the books listed, then scroll down and click the link for that character. That got it for me.

Sep 19, 1:29pm Top

>34 Euryale: Thanks - I was on the right page multiple times but had to get to it your way to make it work.

Sep 19, 1:31pm Top

Euryale (#34):

Thanks so much! That did the trick. Like others I'd landed on the original page many times, but the different encoding of / for landing directly from search vs. via a work page makes the difference. I certainly hope that wasn't intentional, it seems unnecessarily convoluted to the point of malice if it was.

Sep 19, 1:33pm Top

I got them all but #16. Any hints on that one?

Sep 19, 1:35pm Top

>34 Euryale: thanks for that.
>35 SuziQoregon: same here. Phew, I thought I was going round the bend!

Sep 19, 1:36pm Top

>37 al.vick:

First words for the answer to #16: Down, down, down the dark, dark street they came.

Sep 19, 1:41pm Top

Thank you! I knew I had to be on the right page but it just wasn't working. Your tip worked perfectly!

Edited: Sep 19, 1:47pm Top

>36 lorax: Hmm, that's definitely not intentional. I'm poking around to see what's up with that. I can confirm the issue, though.

ETA: Aha! I see the issue. Site search gives a weird URL, where "/" is replaced by "%252F". The former works for the treasure, the latter does not. Working on a fix.

Sep 19, 1:43pm Top

>34 Euryale: Thanks! I have been on that page 10 times at least, but this way it works. Looks like a pirate bug to me!

>33 aethercowboy: Doesn't ring any bells for this landlubber. :-(

Sep 19, 1:47pm Top

>42 Ennas: #2 is a movie directed by Richard Donner

Edited: Sep 19, 1:50pm Top

I'm coming up all empty on #12. Is it a tag page? I've searched the letter and the word, and the tagmash thereof

Sep 19, 1:48pm Top

Got all of them except 8 and 12. Any hints?

Sep 19, 1:51pm Top

>48 For #8
Look at the capitalized words in the first stanza. This is part of a series.

For #12, see spoiler in >24 lorannen:

Sep 19, 1:51pm Top

I got 10 on my own and now will avail myself of smarter folks' wisdom and wit.

Sep 19, 1:51pm Top

>44 Euryale: Aha! try the tag for the word again, there was a bug!

Edited: Sep 19, 1:54pm Top

>45 amanda4242:

#8 - You might be thinking of work, but you need to be more seri(es)ous
#12 - I got it, but I have NO IDEA how it pertains to the clue. It might be a bug. A little birdie told me of the future

ETA: It was. I guess. Got them all, again. :3

Sep 19, 1:53pm Top

>48 lorannen: Yay! It worked this time, thanks. :)

Sep 19, 1:55pm Top

>48 lorannen: that's better >:-)

Sep 19, 1:55pm Top

Did the number of riddles change from 17 to 18? I used to have 15/17, and now I have 16/18. There's a new #12 now, about a mascot taking wing each month and handing out prizes.

Edited: Sep 19, 1:57pm Top

Huh? They've been renumbered, and there are now 18. O_O An extra chest is fun, but renumbering is not very practical, with the hints here.

>43 amanda4242: Thanks! Found it!

Only #11 (new order) to find!

Sep 19, 1:56pm Top

I am noting that there are now 18 clues, and the one that was previously clue 12 is now clue 14....

I got all of them, so it's not a major issue, but some of the helps may be incorrect now.

Sep 19, 1:56pm Top

>48 lorannen:
A bug! No wonder I couldn't get the chest!

Got 'em all now. Fun treasure hunt!

Sep 19, 1:58pm Top

If there's to be 18 riddles, don't forget to update the text at the top of the treasure hunt page (it still reads 17).

Sep 19, 1:58pm Top

First time I got them all without help. Great hunt, also for international LT'ers. Thanks!

Sep 19, 1:59pm Top

>55 Petroglyph: - Ha, yes, this makes MUCH more sense now!

Edited: Sep 19, 2:00pm Top

>49 aethercowboy: Got it! thanks!

>53 Ennas: For #11 check the pirates tag page. The title will stand out.

Sep 19, 2:06pm Top

lorannen (#41):

Sorry I wasn't clearer in 36, then. It was clear to me that was the problem, which is what I meant by "encoding". Sometimes I forget that's a technical term. Sorry.

Edited: Sep 19, 2:52pm Top

I'm having trouble getting any of these to register - if I go to the appropriate www.* LT page for the answer, whether or not I'm logged in, there's no treasure announcement. If I go to the answer's pir.* page, it shows the header announcing the treasure, but only while I'm _not_ logged in. If I'm logged into pir.*, no treasure blip. (Cookies are enabled, no other apparent issues, manifests on Chrome, Chromium, and Firefox, on Ubuntu 14.04.3.)

Sep 19, 2:10pm Top

With the addition of the new (very easy) #12, not only are all previous references to clues numbered 12 and higher messed up, but the page says "You've found all the treasure" when you reach 17/18.

Sep 19, 2:10pm Top

And with some lucky googling, I have them all now. Thanks for the fun hunt, LT team!

Sep 19, 2:11pm Top

So I just went back to the treasure hunt page, and it says I have three treasures. But when I was poking around looking for them this morning, I did not see any evidence of finding them, and the instructions said I would know it as soon as I landed on a treasure page. Is it possible that happened when I was on the normal vs. pirate site, and it registered the treasures for me without me seeing them?

Sep 19, 2:21pm Top

>64 amysisson: Are you using the old LT design?

Sep 19, 2:35pm Top

>62 lorax: Welp, I didn't realize 12 wasn't already showing up there, and the initial 17 was a miscount. Some discrepancy between my and dev Chris H.'s editing. I can take 12 out of it, but only after Chris gets back from lunch, though I'm more inclined to leave it (and updating numbers momentarily.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that we fixed the regex bug that was failing to give treasures on #9.

Sep 19, 2:37pm Top

>64 amysisson: As >65 amanda4242: mentioned, using the old site design is the only thing I can think of that would be causing this problem (and I'm not seeing other members with this issue). You can test it out by trying another browser—the other possibility is you've got some browser extension that's blocking the banners from popping up.

Sep 19, 2:40pm Top

Finally got 'em all.

>67 lorannen: when it first opened this morning things weren't working for me and I wasn't getting notifications on the pages that were correct. It started working later.

Sep 19, 2:44pm Top

>68 SuziQoregon: Congrats!

Thanks for the info, and sorry for the trouble! Mind telling me what browser/OS combination you're using? I'll test.

Sep 19, 2:45pm Top

>67 lorannen:

Got it, thanks!

Sep 19, 2:46pm Top

I'm idiotically proud that I got 15 out of the 18 alone, and one more with help from above (the thread, not a Higher Power) - which is even better if you believe the "17 treasures" mentioned on the page and in message 1! The only ones I can't get are #4 and #16; I'm positive they should be TinyCat and Moby Dick, but I can't find the right approach ...

Edited: Sep 19, 2:47pm Top

>69 lorannen: Chrome. Windows 10. I think it was just opening a new browser window that did the trick.

Sep 19, 2:48pm Top

@ #39 - That one's now #17!

Edited: Sep 19, 2:53pm Top

>71 Stewartry:
#4 has something to do with TinyCat. It's also to do with stashing things away in it. It's something you can order to have shipped to you. .

Edited: Sep 19, 2:57pm Top

Oh! Got #4. Phew. And just got 16! Woo hoo. (I was close.) (Thanks, Petroglyph (ETA And Lorannen!))

Edited: Sep 19, 2:54pm Top

>71 Stewartry: So close!

For #4 Different cat! But still in the Store

For #16 Different book about whaling, "all tales are true".

ETA: Petroglyph beat me to it!

Sep 19, 2:56pm Top

For #16, check the tag page, not the work. If you've read the hints carefully, one title near the top will jump out at you.

Sep 19, 3:16pm Top

Mateys! I had a message pop up saying I'd found treasure, but I'm showing none on the challenge page.

Sep 19, 3:16pm Top

>78 MsNick: What page were you on when you saw that pop-up?

Edited: Sep 20, 8:48am Top

I forgot to mention that I hadn't signed in (an error message said to do so in order to collect.)

Sep 19, 3:22pm Top

>80 MsNick: Yeah, you have to be signed in order to have your treasures register! Try refreshing that page and checking your treasures again.

And, FYI, it's a good idea to hide mention of specific pages behind a spoiler tag. To do that, simply type in front of whatever you'd like to hide, and at the end, without the spaces for each one.

Sep 19, 3:24pm Top

Always fun. Thanks for another Talk Like a Pirate Day adventure. ☠

Sep 19, 3:25pm Top

Found them all!

Sep 19, 3:25pm Top

Thanks & sorry about my spoiler faux pas!

Sep 19, 3:28pm Top

I'm on Chrome/Chromium/Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04.3, and I'm still only seeing the treasure pop-up when I'm _not_ logged in on the pir.* domains. www.* and/or logged-in, I see nothing. I'll try on Windows later, but there shouldn't be anything OS+domain+log-in status specific that should be causing this, right?

Sep 19, 3:28pm Top

Still isn't working for me - after lots of refreshing. Maybe I'll just try later at home.

Sep 19, 3:32pm Top

>84 MsNick:

You can edit your spoilery post to add the tags.


<spoiler>Vader Kills Tyler Durden!</spoiler>

Sep 19, 3:33pm Top

I've got them all except 17 (thanks to some hints on #11). Any hints on this?

Edited: Sep 19, 3:40pm Top

>85 dnorum: Right, but, as mentioned in >67 lorannen: , the treasure hunt won't work on the old site design, which you're currently using. Looking up how to switch that for you—used to be on profile, but isn't anymore.

>86 MsNick: Same is true for your account.

Sep 19, 3:41pm Top

>88 vegetrendian: For #17 the key is in the word "nocturnal." You're looking for a book

Sep 19, 3:45pm Top

Found that setting! Re >89 lorannen:

You can switch between old and new site design at any time by going here: https://www.librarything.com/more/widgets. Look at the bottom of the page under "Design". You'll need to enable the new site design for the treasure hunt to work. You can switch back after the fact, if you like.

Sep 19, 3:56pm Top

Got 'em all! Didn't even need hints for any but the last two. Thanks for the fun!

Sep 19, 4:13pm Top

>37 al.vick: Thanks for that. Was unfamiliar with that one.

Edited: Sep 19, 4:17pm Top

I'm having a blast with these riddles! But I'm stumped on 8 and 9. :( Any clues?

Edited: Sep 19, 4:16pm Top

I'm having a blast with these riddles! But I'm stumped on 8 and 9. :( Any clues?

Sep 19, 4:17pm Top

Ahoy! I found them all! Thanks everyone, for the hunt and the hints!

Sep 19, 4:18pm Top

>95 book_in_hand: for #8
Time and Life are your main clues here. There's a series.

For #9
Look at what's capitalized in the 2nd stanza. Those are key words that have specific meanings on LibraryThing (or at least a variation on a phrase here on LT). A person, but specifically that person's page on LT

For #13
Where on LT might one find things in particular sizes (standardized as large, small, etc.)?

Sep 19, 4:18pm Top

Yay! I managed 15 all by myself. Need help with #8, #11 & #17. I realize #8 has something to do with Time-Life, but I can't come up with the right thing to search for.

Sep 19, 4:21pm Top

>98 mitchma: Please be sure to use the tag for things like what you're thinking about #8!

For #8
you're looking for something from that series that might be an alternate name for a sailor, or someone who spends a lot of time on a boat

For #11
A book. Keywords are, "government" and what might go along with words like "democratic" and "platonic".

For #17
See >90 lorannen:

Sep 19, 4:21pm Top

>98 mitchma:

Search "series" for Time-Life. A thematically-appropriate series is the page you want.

Sep 19, 4:22pm Top

I had to poke around a lot to get #8. Once you type in the name of the series check the listings on the left side and choose a likely one.

Sep 19, 4:31pm Top

Okay, I'm down to my last one - #10. I'm sure I'm way overthinking the clue but I just can't find it! A little nudge would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 19, 4:34pm Top

>102 mamzel:

Perhaps, a cracker would help you, Polly.

Sep 19, 4:35pm Top

>102 mamzel: You're looking for a tag page

Sep 19, 4:39pm Top

Took some digging but got 16 and then cheated by coming here for the last 2 ;)

Edited: Sep 19, 4:42pm Top

Yup! Overthunk it too much.
Thanks mateys!
Thanks to all who contributed to this fun event!

Sep 19, 4:45pm Top

OK, I'm there with the exception of #2. I think this is great fun, so thanks to all at LT who put time and effort into making it happen.

Ahoy there, me hearties, the sun be dippin' below the yard arm and it be time for me hammock.

Sep 19, 4:47pm Top

>107 Helenliz: For #2
You're looking for a cult classic, sort-of kids movie

Sep 19, 4:52pm Top

>108 lorannen:, with the hint in >33 aethercowboy: and wikipedia, I got there. >:-) But I'm not sure I understand why. A bit like completing a cryptic crossword with words that fit, I feel I've missed something in there somewhere.

Sep 19, 5:00pm Top

This is so much fun! I found them all (with a little help from this page). Thanks so much for putting this together again.

Sep 19, 5:04pm Top

#17 is still stumping me. A classic book? A series? Probably something I should be familiar with, but I'm just not making the connection.

Sep 19, 5:10pm Top

>111 mitchma: A children's book! The key is in the word "nocturnal."

Sep 19, 5:22pm Top

>112 lorannen: Thanks, Lorannen. Not one I'm familiar with but got there thanks to you.

Sep 19, 5:22pm Top

Need help with 7, 9, 11. thanks. Tried all the previous helps.

Sep 19, 5:33pm Top

I found 16 of them on my own, then got #2 from the clues here. I'm still stumped by #11.

Sep 19, 5:40pm Top

Have to take care of some other duties before the workday ends, so I'll be slower to answer requests for hints until tomorrow. Members are of course welcome and encouraged to help treasure hunters along!

Edited: Sep 19, 5:43pm Top


Finally got #11 after all the hints here and staring at the page hinted at in >59 amanda4242:

Sep 19, 5:40pm Top

>114 hredwards: Scylla and _________ were mythical creatures who beset Odysseus. If you search Scylla, you should get it.

Sep 19, 5:43pm Top

I have all of them now except for#14 which is frustrating since I feel like I know what the answer is but for the life of me can't find the last chest. Maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong - does this have to do with the letter C or the sea?

Sep 19, 5:46pm Top

>114 hredwards: #11 a form of government and our subject for today

Sep 19, 5:47pm Top

Went back through this thread for clues again and got #11!

Sep 19, 5:48pm Top

Thank you!! mitchma

Sep 19, 5:48pm Top

>119 LittleTaiko: You are on the right track. Check under "tags".

Edited: Sep 19, 5:56pm Top

>123 mitchma: - Thank you. I have tried that in all sort of variation under tags and haven't had any luck. I'll keep poking around and see if something works this time.

Sep 19, 5:56pm Top

>124 LittleTaiko: I know how frustrating it is. I was having a time with #17. But you really are so close. The second option you put under spoilers. Put that in search and then click on tags. And then click on the first thing that comes up.

Sep 19, 5:56pm Top

Just got them all! Thanks for clues to #17, brain just was not working for that one.

Sep 19, 5:57pm Top

>124 LittleTaiko: - Thank you!!!! It finally worked!

Sep 19, 5:58pm Top

I'm still stumped on 17 even with all the hints. Can someone tell me if I am at least on the right path with bats?

Sep 19, 6:24pm Top

>128 vegetrendian: Nope! These nocturnal ruffians are awake at __________. Try the word that fills in the blank followed by the kind of ruffians :)

Sep 19, 6:45pm Top

Thanks tardis! I had never heard of that. Was totally thrown off an going down a number of wrong directions. But I've got it now.

Sep 19, 6:52pm Top

Done! I had a particularly hard time with questions 1, 4 and 13, but finally did manage to figure them out.

Sep 19, 7:16pm Top

Done! Didn't even look at the thread this year.

#2, 8, 11, 16 and 17 were the ones it took me more than a minute to get.

Sep 19, 7:17pm Top

Yar! I have them all but #3! Feel like I've tried everything. Any hints?

Sep 19, 7:20pm Top

>133 Susannahtc: #3 is the tag page of a synonym for pirates. The word is also the title of an Edith Wharton novel.

Sep 19, 7:22pm Top

Got it! Thank you! I was thinking about that one way too hard!

Sep 19, 7:43pm Top

This year was much easier overall. I actually overthought many of them, before settling on the more obvious answer. I had trouble with #8 because of the way the search bar works. Even when I knew exactly what I was looking for I couldn't find it. Now I'm just stuck on #17. The hints for that one haven't provided any additional direction.

Sep 19, 8:19pm Top

>136 macsbrains: For #17 search a synonym for buccaneers and the time of day a nocturnal creature is awake.

Sep 19, 8:29pm Top

Mateys, I am stuck.

Sep 19, 8:33pm Top

>138 sundancer: Which shoal did you run aground on?

Sep 19, 8:37pm Top

Treasure hunt over! Clue #2 makes this pop culture geek happy happy happy...and I get a badge!

Sep 19, 8:46pm Top

1, 4, 2, 8, and 9 I need hints

Sep 19, 8:46pm Top

I am pretty sure I know the right answers to two of them but it's hard to get to the pages.

Edited: Sep 20, 7:16pm Top

#1 - It's a movie rather than a book. Starred a recently deceased funny man.
#2 - Also a famous movie, rather than book. Takes me back to my 80s childhood. A pirate flag was especially prominent.
#4 - Merchandise
#8 - Put the first two words in capitals in your search (A series)
#9 - Where you need to look is capitalized.

Sep 19, 9:15pm Top

>143 captainsflat: Spoiler tags, please!

Sep 19, 9:43pm Top

Arrr, maties! If ye be needin' me, I be countin' me treasures in me cabin w' a bottle o' rum!

Sep 19, 9:49pm Top

I'm glad this will be going for a week, I've been majorly sick and I'm not sure how good my brain will be today... I did get the first one easily though.

Sep 19, 10:09pm Top

Have 17 so far but totally stuck on #1, I'm convinced I know the answer, even more convinced havimg seen the spoiler above but can't seem to land on the right page... So I perhaps have grabbed the wrong end of the plank afterall. Don't know how to flag spoilers so can't ask if I'm on the right lines wthout possibly putting my foot in it, so I guess I'll grab another slug'o'grog and keep on clicking.

Sep 19, 10:26pm Top

Ahha!!! Got the little blighter

Sep 19, 11:21pm Top

>147 Littlemissbashful: #1 is the novelization of the movie.

Sep 19, 11:52pm Top

Got them all, with a little help on two of them! #11 was strange, because I had been on that page earlier today, and did not get the treasure.

Edited: Sep 19, 11:58pm Top

Well, this is a lot easier than the Easter one; I got fourteen of 'em before I came here for help.

Edited to add: Never mind my request, I got them all!

Sep 19, 11:56pm Top

I went to one page and got the Got It! banner but when I went back to the riddle page, I found out I'd actually answered a riddle farther down the list. :-)

Sep 20, 12:00am Top

Only need two more. Stuck on....

6 All that comes to mind is a counting house

11 none of the clues given have helped in getting the brain cells working

Sep 20, 12:12am Top

I'd love some help on #5, I'm so stuck!

Sep 20, 12:15am Top

>153 rastaphrog:
6: A page on LT that has tons of numbers/statistics about the site (there's a link up top...)

Sep 20, 12:24am Top

I got them all, but I'm wondering: when does the badge show up?

Sep 20, 12:28am Top

>156 tcruickshank: The contest runs for a week, so not until it's done at the least.

Sep 20, 12:43am Top

Whew! 1, 2, and 17 were really tough for me, but the clues here helped. Thanks, all! Have a great ThurARRRRsday.

Sep 20, 12:43am Top

>154 Jessinikkip: #5 is the tag page for a mythical sea creature.

Sep 20, 12:57am Top


Sep 20, 2:48am Top

Well, I've found 12 so far, much better then I thought I'd do, and I only needed clues from this thread for three of them. Bedtime now!

Edited: Sep 20, 3:02am Top

I'm still stuck on #16. It's my last one. Update. Some last minute Googling and I found it.

Sep 20, 3:38am Top

Ha, found them all, with some help from the friendly folks here. Such fun!

Sep 20, 3:50am Top

>59 amanda4242: Thank you! Your hint for 11 also got me 17; different display options make different things prominent on the page. The others I found myself... I will have to remember to check again next year because this was fun. :-D

Edited: Sep 20, 4:16am Top

Still stuck on #10, despite clues. I've even tried not over-thinking it, as recommended. Help?

Edited: Finally got it! I thought I'd clicked on it already but apparently not!

Sep 20, 4:48am Top

Found them all, and majority without the hints. #1 was the trickiest despite the good hints. Altogether this round was easier to a non-English native speaker than some of the previous rounds. Thanks for the fun!

Sep 20, 5:07am Top

I tried tag for sea in pirate mode and it didn't work. But then I tried it in regular mode and...

Sep 20, 5:19am Top

Just 3 and 17 left. The previous hints on them fell on stony ground.

Sep 20, 5:26am Top

Got them all, with help from here for 4 of them. 17 was the toughest, for me; not anything I'd ever heard of. 16 was a pain, I did a lot of searching on the Essex before I stumbled across the right book (not from an Essex search!). 11 was another I'd not heard of and it took me a while to find. 9 was obvious, except for which page to land on...

Fun! It did seem a trifle easier than earlier ones - but that doesn't detract.

Sep 20, 6:02am Top

#11 still eludes me in spite of what clues have been given. The ole brain just can't seem to find the path it needs to go down.

Sep 20, 7:09am Top

Done at last! I think it was a little easier this time but still great fun.

#11 was the toughest for me

Sep 20, 7:51am Top

Oh this is great!
I thought I wouldn't enter this time because my pirate knowledge is small, but so far I've managed 9 treasures without seeing any hints in this thread!

Edited: Sep 20, 9:04am Top

17 / 18 and i'm stuck :(
any more hints for #8

Sep 20, 8:49am Top

Funny how using the newer layout for the page works! I couldn't open or tag spoilers before. Thanks for all the help!

Edited: Sep 20, 9:14am Top

I'm stuck on 3 11 and 13 thanks.

Sep 20, 8:59am Top

I've found 12 of 18 on my own. Will give it a bit longer before I come looking for hints.

Sep 20, 10:08am Top

>175 tina1969:

For #3 search on the author name given, then look at the tag for a different name for pirates.

For #13 There's someplace on LT that you can get something in various sizes. You just have to find the right one.

Sep 20, 10:19am Top

New at this fun game and using the Library Thing you have, so learning to get around your website and learning how to find the treasure chests. I will continue to try, hints is appreciate on how you find anything. Thanks.

Sep 20, 10:19am Top

177 rastaphrog thanks. Now sorted was in the correct place all along. Just need 11 now x

Sep 20, 10:25am Top

got them all , no idea what i actually clicked on to get at least 4 as a didn't get a notification on some pages but when i when back to the clue page it showed i had found some. some pages i had clicked on 3 or 4 times before i got one

Sep 20, 10:35am Top

Yay! Just finished getting all my booty!

Sep 20, 10:36am Top

>178 trisha367: These Treasure Hunts are great ways to find out some of the things you can do on LT.

I've found all the treasure chests though I did need to use some of the clues here.

I was having a bit of trouble yesterday with the site switching between regular LT and the pirate version and having to get to pages in a roundabout way.

Sep 20, 10:36am Top

YAY!!!! I got them all! :D

Sep 20, 10:36am Top

I didn't get #14 until this morning. I swear I went to the right page half a dozen time yesterday, but it didn't give me credit until today.

Sep 20, 10:40am Top

Foretopman (#184):

That clue was indeed buggy for much of yesterday, as was one of the others.

Sep 20, 10:44am Top

Finally got them all!! Thank you for the fun!!! This is addictive, I thought well I'll just do one or two...

Sep 20, 12:04pm Top

finally got them all, 1 and 11 needed some hints from here.

Sep 20, 12:07pm Top

Got them all now

Sep 20, 12:08pm Top

Stumped on my last one, #11. I've tried "Republic" and "Apology" by Plato, and "Mutiny on the Bounty." Philosophy and Classics are weak spots of mine. Am I getting at all warm?

Edited: Sep 20, 12:11pm Top

>189 amysisson: Not a million miles off, but not quite it needs to be one of the words you have listed in conjunction with the theme of the day.

Sep 20, 12:13pm Top

>190 Helenliz:

That did it -- thanks! :-)

Sep 20, 12:32pm Top

As always I have the most trouble with the one that no one else is asking about! #15 has me stumped. Help please?

Sep 20, 12:36pm Top

>192 masterdeski: On #15
You're looking for a classic novel that involves sea-faring and pirates. The main character's name is in the clue.

Sep 20, 12:42pm Top

I always try to play along with this but it never shows up and I know I have the right answer :(

Sep 20, 12:49pm Top

Gee, I still have #5 unsolved. Any hint please?

Sep 20, 12:50pm Top

This was the first LibraryThing treasure hunt that I have participated in and I loved it! Anybody know when the next one comes? Can we expect one for Halloween?....

Sep 20, 12:57pm Top

Despite people here helping me I'm STILL completely stuck on 1, 8, and 9. COMPLETELY stuck. Nothing I can think of works.

Sep 20, 12:58pm Top

MinDea (#194):

I always try to play along with this but it never shows up and I know I have the right answer :(

Are you using the old design? As mentioned earlier in the thread, this will only work with the new design. You can always switch back afterwards.

Sep 20, 12:59pm Top

Yamanekotei, please check the tags instead of titles. What creatures lure sailors to their deaths? (THINK ODYSSEY) Now please help me with 1, 8, and 9!

Edited: Sep 20, 1:00pm Top

>194 MinDea: As mentioned upthread, that's because you're still using the old site design. Treasure hunts don't work on the old design. You can switch to the new design to participate by going here: https://www.librarything.com/more/widgets. You can switch back after, if you like.

ETA: lorax beat me to it!

Edited: Sep 20, 1:03pm Top

>199 sundancer: Don't forget to use the spoiler tag for hints!

For #1
It's related to #18, and is a book.

For #8
Time and Life are part of the series name. You'll want a part of the series that's another term for "sailors"

For #9
Major clues as to what type of page you're looking for are in the 2nd stanza. You're looking for a person—think about the kind of person pages that exist on LT

Sep 20, 1:06pm Top

I already searched pretty much every single Time Life book and none of the pages were it.

Sep 20, 1:12pm Top

OH MY GOSH I solved the thing. I did not know that there was such a thing as a certain page here on Library Thing and now I learned where it is by searching the whole dang site for ONE CLUE. (I don't know how to do a spoiler tag.)

Edited: Sep 20, 1:16pm Top

>202 sundancer: Edited, because you found it! Yay!

To use the spoiler tag, type the following before whatever you'd like to hide:


And this, at the end of what's hidden:


Sep 20, 1:30pm Top

I still don’t get it. Capitalized or lower case, singular or plural form...

Sep 20, 1:37pm Top

I really can’t figure out #11. Please help?

Edited: Sep 20, 6:32pm Top

>199 sundancer:

Children’s books on the pirates are good place to launch,
Edward Teach is the name you want to search,
Time-Life Bunch is what makes you drench,
But certainly you don’t leave in the trench.

Obviously I can’t rhyme, lol.

Edited: Sep 20, 1:42pm Top

>205 Yamanekotei: Which one are you stuck one?

>207 Yamanekotei: Please, please use the spoiler tag for hints! See my instructions in >204 lorannen: We really don't want to give away the hunt for folks who aren't necessarily looking for extra hints and clues.

Sep 20, 1:42pm Top

>206 PadfootTheLibrarian: For #11

You're looking for a book that's on-theme and has a word that would go well with "democratic" or "platonic".

Sep 20, 1:43pm Top

I'm in the same boat. How do I know if I'm in the old design? How do I switch?

Edited: Sep 20, 1:50pm Top

I got the last one ☝️ I thought it starts with S , but it wasn’t the right one! 😊 Thank you!

Sep 20, 1:47pm Top

Got it. Thank you. All I can say is God Bless Tag Smash.

Sep 20, 1:49pm Top

>210 djbrauer: I updated the OP to include details on this. See "If the Treasure Hunt isn't working for you" in >1 lorannen:

Edited: Sep 20, 2:03pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Sep 20, 3:28pm Top

Thanks a bunch—it's working now. I'm stumped on 5 & 7, both of which *seem* really obvious to me; but, aren't ponying up booty. Ha!

Sep 20, 2:57pm Top

Many thanks. I'd never have gotten #9 without this hint!

Sep 20, 3:32pm Top

Damn.. I had the right movie in my mind, just couldn't come up with the name.

Edited: Sep 20, 5:27pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Sep 20, 3:46pm Top

I accidentally closed out the bar at the top of each page that shows me when I get a treasure chest and has the link that allow me to go back to the main TLAPD Treasure Hunt page. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?

Sep 20, 3:59pm Top

>219 musikegirl: Go to the top of the thread >1 lorannen: and click on » Join the LibraryThing Treasure Hunt!

Sep 20, 4:10pm Top

>193 lorannen:, thanks I could have sworn I already looked at that book for another clue, but anyway I got it now! All done and an interesting diversion, thanks LT!

Sep 20, 4:17pm Top

#12 --- There's nothing MORE frustrating than not being able to give MORE hints. There are MORE tabs at the top of the page.

Sep 20, 4:22pm Top

Thank you, LT Maties! I always enjoy these!

Edited: Sep 20, 4:32pm Top

Edit: As soon as I posted I figured it out!

Edited: Sep 20, 4:33pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Sep 20, 4:49pm Top

Still stuck on #17. It's obviously a kids' book which I have no knowledge of whatsoever.

Sep 20, 4:52pm Top

stringcat3 (#226):

You don't need any knowledge of it. Just do a search for some words suggested by the clue and the theme of the day (the key word from the clue is nocturnal).

Sep 20, 4:58pm Top

>226 stringcat3:

I didn't know the book, but I was able to guess the exact title from the clue!

Sep 20, 5:23pm Top

Finally got my last trasure chest #16. I was on the right track all along. Just needed to unlock the page.
Got most of the chests myself this time too. Just needed a couple of hints this year. Thanks fir the hints.

Sep 20, 5:25pm Top

Once you find out, it's easy :)

Edited: Sep 20, 5:33pm Top

>226 stringcat3: stringcat3: Search on synonyms of words in the clue.

Edited: Sep 20, 5:36pm Top

Tomorrow going to try and find the remaining clues. it's almost midnight.

Still need to find: 5, 7, 10, 11 and 16.

Sep 20, 5:40pm Top

This is so much fun until it gets frustrating! With the help of one or two great clues above, I’ve now got them all except #7. I’ve searched Scylla and the unnamed “blank”, even the Aron Ralston book (which I figured was a stretch) and I still can’t get it. Any other hints?

I hope we get a Halloween hunt and maybe a holiday one, too??

Sep 20, 5:53pm Top

>232 EdwinKort: Let us know if/when you want hints for any of those!

>233 Copperskye: When you say you've searched the blank do you mean you know the word/name that should go there? You're looking for a page specifically pertaining to that one word/name.

There might be a spooky Halloween hunt in the cards this year, but holiday season gets dicey, given I'm usually stretched pretty thin with SantaThing. Thanks for the feedback!

Edited: Sep 20, 5:59pm Top

>234 lorannen: Yes, that’s what I meant - I searched the missing word. I’ll try it again tonight now that you’ve narrowed it down a bit. Thanks!

A spooky Halloween hunt would be fun! I know Nov/Dec. gets crazy so I get that (but let’s not forget the card exchange!). :)

Sep 20, 6:09pm Top

That was fun... I found most of them on my own but thanks to all who offered help here!!!

Sep 20, 6:11pm Top

Im new here and this was a fun rewarding way to get to know the site better. Thanks was challenge for me. Took a few hours. If your having trouble even with the hints just think pirate and explore the site and tabs. I couldn't stand the "pirate" launguage setting though, made it harder for me to find things.

Sep 20, 6:24pm Top

Love this game! Have all but #7. Have tried Scylla, Charybdis, Strait of Messina, Straits of Messina, Odysseus, Odyssey, whirlpool, and eddy, Nothing seems to be working.

Edited: Sep 20, 6:31pm Top

>238 perennialreader:

You got the right one. Go to tag page with it.

Sep 20, 6:34pm Top

>239 Yamanekotei: FINALLY! Thanks. Got all of them.

Sep 20, 6:39pm Top

>239 Yamanekotei: And there it is! Thanks!

Sep 20, 6:56pm Top

#8 has me stumped - I think I found the correct series but when I click on it I don't get a treasure chest. I have tried every book and tag also

Sep 20, 7:37pm Top

This was a fun diversion, thanks LT

Sep 20, 7:58pm Top

Seems to be inoperable today. Got 11 of them yesterday, but today, no banners whatsoever.

Sep 20, 8:21pm Top

>242 Heather_Arrington: follow A. > B. > C. 'Whipple' might help you find this series of 22 individual works.

Edited: Sep 20, 9:26pm Top

still stuck on #16. Help please. Stuck on Moby Dick
UPDATE got it. for others think Hemsworth movie

Sep 20, 9:28pm Top

YAY! The clues for #11 finally clicked when I came online tonight. Now I can go to work without thinking about what I might be missing. :)

Sep 20, 9:29pm Top

I had to search subject then go to series to get credit . Hope that helps

Sep 20, 9:46pm Top

This is my first time and what fun! I have 3 to go and I'm stumped. I've read the spoilers, but nothing is working. #5 I've tried every sea creature I can think of, #8 Time Life Seafarer not working for me and #14. I thought it would be easy, but the obvious word isn't doing anything. Getting late and way past dinner time...

Edited: Sep 21, 8:51am Top

>250 Yells: For 5 Don't think of the usual sea creatures (the scary ones). There is something in the clue about 'beauty' and that was what finally did it for me

ETA - don't mind me... I am apparently mis-remembering clue # 8. Sorry the confusion!

Sep 20, 10:13pm Top

Found 11 yesterday and today it's not working (yes, on the same machine, same browser). Double-checked to make certain I'm on the new design and, yes, I am. Further, in spite of this: "Any member who finds a chest will be awarded a Plunderer's Prize badge" - I've received no such badge (although I realize those may be forthcoming), which makes me wonder if any of the treasures I've found have even registered.

This is very frustrating and, quite frankly, no fun whatsoever.

Sep 20, 11:23pm Top

Thanks for the clues, mates! Was in the doldrums for a bit but then.... land ho! An enjoyable treasure hunt and now it's the pirate's life for me ...

Sep 20, 11:28pm Top

>521 When LT gave badges in the past, it was en masse after the hunt was over.

Sep 21, 2:10am Top

>251 ferness: Yep, badges come after the hunt is over! That's not til next week.

As for banners—I know we switched the main banner that everyone saw announcing the Treasure Hunt generally off earlier today, however, I've just tested and the "You found a treasure!" badges are still working for me. Can you try quitting your browser and restarting it, or possibly try using another browser? If not, please let me know what browser/OS combo you're using, and I'll do some testing.

Edited: Sep 21, 3:51pm Top

For #7: it's a tag page for the obvious answer (a proper name that complete the pair)

Sep 21, 2:18am Top

thanks for the clues on #17 - that's the last one!

Edited: Sep 21, 3:14am Top

This is so much fun, but I must say I'm really glad I know that the answers are always posted after it's over. There are two that I got last night that I've completely forgotten today, lol. They are greyed out, I know I successfully got them, but gosh darnit for the life of me I can't remember what the right answers were!

edit: I got all 18!! Whew that was awesome! #2 was my last find, I Googled way too many things before figuring it out.

Sep 21, 6:02am Top

>250 Yells: #8 Why do you say that >249 sundance: needs a different third word. The answer they gave looks correct to me. Am I missing something?

Sep 21, 8:01am Top

>258 Sylak: Don't forget that singulars and plurals are not the same.
>249 sundance: The 12 volume book isn't the answer - need to look elsewhere. Try a different heading in the Bibliographic menu on the search page.

Sep 21, 8:18am Top

Yay! That was SO much fun!!! Easier than the easter egg hunt I think, got most of them on my own. Three with the help of the hints here. Thanks everyone!

Sep 21, 9:18am Top

Thanks all. Once again, my favourite day of the year 😁 Love these treasure hunts.

Sep 21, 9:27am Top

I'm lost with #15 and #17 even if I try all the hints above. Could someone help me please?

Sep 21, 9:27am Top

Quitting and restarting did nothing in Chrome with Windows; seems to be working with MS Edge (which is odd - I use Chrome because it typically works better than other browsers and don't use MS browsers because they're usually worse).

Sep 21, 10:11am Top

Yeah! Got them all! Thanks, lorannen!! I learned more about LibraryThing tools, too!

Sep 21, 10:36am Top

>264 ferness: I learned more about LibraryThing tools, too!

That's actually one of the things I admire most about these scavenger hunts: highlighting aspects of the site, as well as more obscure works. Clues could easily stay on illustrations of the theme or jokes, and those are fun, but bringing to light different ways of navigating the site, or ways of looking at the data, is a great opportunity that isn't overlooked.

Sep 21, 10:44am Top

Boy, you east coasters are busy today!

>184 Foretopman: Best screen name for this contest, ever!!!

Sep 21, 11:12am Top

Ack, #8 and #11 gave me a hard time. But, thanks to the great help of this thread I finally got them.


And, surprisingly, either I'm getting better at this, or most of the clues were more up my alley, 'cause I got most of them, and (especially) with the Easter on and past Pirate ones that has not been the case. I looked at the first one and got it in one, same with the second one, I was very surprised... :)

Sep 21, 11:13am Top

>262 Ameise1:
#15 Robert Louis Stevensen wrote this
#17 Another name for nocturnal and what we talk like one day of the year

Sep 21, 11:36am Top

>263 ferness: Windows 10, I'm guessing (since you mention Edge)? My only other thought is that maybe you've got a browser extension on Chrome that didn't like the banners. Tested on my PC on Win 10/Chrome (in private mode, to shut out extensions), and it worked just fine. Sorry for the trouble, but glad you were able to find a workaround!

>265 elenchus: Almost like we planned it that way ;) Seriously, though, it's nice to hear that folks find that both enjoyable and useful!

Sep 21, 11:43am Top

>268 perennialreader: Thanks so much I've found them.

Sep 21, 12:20pm Top

I'm only missing #10 i can't figure it out :(

Edited: Sep 21, 12:33pm Top

>271 Negro.Sibrian: Scroll up for a visual clue, then tag it and bag it.

Sep 21, 12:33pm Top

I'm not good at riddles (at least that's what I believe about myself) so the only scavenger hunt I've ever tried was the Easter one. It was difficult and I needed a lot of clues, but I got them all and it was fun. I found this one much easier. Whether that's because it was easier or because having done one before I was more comfortable with it or because I'm not as bad at riddles as I assumed, I have no idea. But I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

Sep 21, 12:38pm Top

>259 abbottthomas: Sure, I know that; but in this case it doesn't matter since the singular still brings up two books, either of which will still bring you to the same series in question. :)

Edited: Sep 21, 1:53pm Top

>274 Sylak: Interesting. If I search for "time life seafarer" I get an irrelevant work, not in the series. Searching for "time life seafarers" brings up a correct selection. The absence of a hyphen is important because searching for "Time-Life seafarer" gets the two correct books you describe. ;-)

>276 Sorry, pardon! I was too pleased to have finished the hunt myself.

Sep 21, 1:24pm Top

>275 abbottthomas: Please use the spoiler tag! (See instructions in >1 lorannen: ) We don't want to give away the hunt for folks who aren't looking for that hint.

Sep 21, 1:59pm Top

Thank you everyone! This was fun! I found them all- although my badge is not showing on my account yet. Thank you for all the help! Some of these stumped me.

Sep 21, 2:13pm Top

I was poking around, trying everything to get # 8 and suddenly I had #5 and #8. Not quite sure how I got them all, but I did! Great fun for my first hunt, Many thanks to all who helped me.

Sep 21, 2:34pm Top

>275 abbottthomas: Aaargh! Thanks. That reminds me. I have a related bug report long overdue for a bumping. :)

Edited: Sep 21, 3:10pm Top

I got all 18!

The most challenging hunts for me were for Treasures #9, #11, and #17.
As for #9, I went down an LT rabbit hole that I'm not sure I could repeat if I tried though it did bring me to an interesting corner of LT that I'm not sure I knew existed before! #11 took me a minute of staring at a page of search results before it jumped out at me ;-) And as for #17, that was pure dumb luck on my part, entering 2 words into the tag search and coming up with the right answer!

I played this way back in 2014 and I'm not sure why I hadn't played since, but it's fun! Thanks!

Edited: Sep 21, 4:56pm Top

234 Don't mind them now.

10 i had Polly, cracker, parrot

Just this one left. Will figure it out, some day. Hope before the end of the hunt

Sep 21, 3:33pm Top

Thanks. I've been there before, but somehow forgot to click the title.

Sep 21, 3:49pm Top

>281 EdwinKort: for 5, it's the tag page for the proper name that completes the pairing with "Scylla". Don't go generic!

Sep 21, 3:50pm Top

>277 Starla_Aurora: You won't get the badge until sometime next week after the hunt is complete. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the updates to our accounts to occur. Have patience. And a great weekend.

Sep 21, 4:06pm Top

Been there a few times, but didn't register the click I guess. Now it did.. Crosses #5 from the list

Sep 21, 4:12pm Top

>266 mamzel: Thank you for noticing. ;-)

Sep 21, 5:02pm Top

Found them all now :)

Sep 21, 5:03pm Top

Tim, Lorannen, et. al, how about including in the instructions next time, "Badges and prizes will be awarded after the end of the hunt." Quite a few people on this thread thought they would get them right away.

Sep 21, 5:25pm Top

>288 PhaedraB: Yeah, I noticed. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to include that in future hunts.

Sep 21, 11:14pm Top

I discovered all 18! What fun... thanks for the diversion!

Sep 22, 12:48am Top

>280 Tanya-dogearedcopy:
I went down multiple interesting rabbit holes myself with this hunt! A couple I was waaaayyy off on and ended up spending a lot of time following completely wrong books/authors/tags before that 'ah ha!' moment kicked in. That is definitely part of the fun though, even if I'm way off it often leads to books or information I'd never find on my own.

Sep 22, 1:45pm Top

I am having a little trouble with #7! I know what fills the blank, and what the place is, but I just can't seem to find the right page?

Sep 22, 1:50pm Top

>292 Bronwyn1334: Try the tag page

Sep 22, 1:54pm Top

Thank you! I got it!!! I am almost done, now; number 3 left and I am completely finished!

Edited: Sep 22, 2:02pm Top

Finally found them all! Yay!!!

Sep 22, 2:41pm Top

I look forward to the Treasure Hunt each year. It's just fun. Thanks for the time and effort all of you put into it. It is appreciated!

Edited: Sep 22, 4:44pm Top

Can anyone help me? First time doing this.
I am having trouble understanding: #3 - I thought it was Buccaneers, but not.
#7 - I know the blank is SCYLLA and the place Messina strait. I clicked on tags, but I still can't find it.
#8 - Saw the hints; looked for Time-Life Series, Pirates, Vikings.
#9 - Edward Teach, Blackbeard, Capitalized it, clicked on tags, looking for a series, but can't find it. Saw hints, not sure what 2nd stanza means?
#14 - Sea, C, lost at Sea, lost at C to see what comes up. Can't get it

Edited: Sep 22, 4:51pm Top

>297 Kimber78:
#3: check the tag page
#7: the blank is NOT "scylla". It's the counterpart.
#8: you're on the right track, but it's a more general word seafarers
#9: it's not a tag. check common knowledge., then characters, then top right
#14: check the tag page for the missing word

Edited: Sep 22, 5:29pm Top

Ah, I'm terrible at these (but they're fun, anyway!). I only got 3 before coming to look at the hints, and now I have 3 left to figure out. Will likely come back tomorrow to try again...

(Before anyone asks, the ones I still don't have are 1, 4, 16.)

Sep 22, 6:28pm Top

>299 LibraryCin:

#1: See the question in >23 Petroglyph: and the tip in >25 lorannen:
#4: has something to do with TinyCat. It's also to do with stashing things away in it. It's something you can order to have shipped to you.
#16: mentions a famous book written by Melville whose title is a name. Check the tag page for that name. If you've read riddle #16 carefully, one title near the top will jump out at you

Sep 22, 6:38pm Top

>299 LibraryCin:

#4: the key word is the last word in the clue. Look in the LT menu bar under 'More' for a pointer.

#16: an alternative route is to Google the whaling ship Essex and find a reference to a true account of the wreck.

Edited: Sep 22, 6:41pm Top

Got them all! Thanks for the hints mateys:) And thanks for the fun LT!!!

Sep 22, 7:04pm Top

I can't find the chest for that wretched parrot, #10. Help!

Sep 22, 7:35pm Top

>303 lesaneace: Think plural - tag

Sep 22, 7:59pm Top

Yeah, finally hunted them all down, #1 was the longest.

Sep 22, 10:37pm Top

Thanks, I found #3, #7 & #14 (3 & 14, I did the same key words as before, this time it worked)
But I still can't understand:
#8 : I searched 'Time-Life series', 'Time-Life Seafarers', 'Seafarers', can't find treasure.
#9 : not understanding your hints. Searched ' Common Knowledge' ' characters'

Sep 22, 10:43pm Top

I need help with:
#8 : I searched 'Time-Life series', 'Time-Life Seafarers', 'Seafarers', can't find treasure.
#9 : I searched 'Edward Teach', ' Black Beard' Time-Life series
I'm so close....

Sep 23, 12:07am Top

>307 Kimber78: #8 Search on Time-Life then look at series. and scroll down

Edited: Sep 23, 1:43am Top

>307 Kimber78: for #8 I reached it by your 3rd guess, then click series, then your 2nd guess
#9 search first name you have then common knowledge and then all 3 names

Sep 23, 1:46am Top

>271 Negro.Sibrian: you find the answer to #10 at the top of the hunt and then go plural

Sep 23, 6:14am Top

>307 Kimber78: For #9 I think I had to go to Common Knowledge

Sep 23, 10:27am Top

This is so much fun! Thank you, librarything!

I have them all except #5 now, I've read the clues about beauty, and I'm pretty sure it must be sirens, but I can't work it out and have tried siren and sirens and... Ah, I just went to the tagpage for a very similar creature, and got it half way through typing this comment!

Thanks all, for the puzzle and the help! :-)

Sep 23, 1:07pm Top

All good fun. Found that I really don't know a lot about pirates! But, I've squeaked by with 12.

Sep 23, 2:28pm Top

Thank you! That really helped, I was looking at the right thing just not the right page :)

Sep 23, 4:20pm Top

I've found all but #11 even with some of the hints I've seen in the thread.

Sep 23, 4:38pm Top

Thank you!

Sep 23, 5:02pm Top

>315 MollyABorum: Think of probably the best known work of Plato's, add the theme of the hunt and search. The answer is a book.

Edited: Sep 23, 5:19pm Top

Thanks for all the extra help! I think I was on the right track with my last three, but wasn't quite in the right spots!

Got 'em all now!

Sep 23, 5:46pm Top

I FINALLY found #9. It was the hardest for me. I was on the same page like 20 times, and kept clicking on the right tag, but I just never scrolled down to the bottom of the page for the other link I needed. This was so challenging, but fun. Never did another like this before. Thanks to those that gave tips. So happy that I completed all of it.

Sep 23, 7:04pm Top

*Happy Dance* First time ever that I found all the answers without coming to a help thread! I did use some Google skills, but I call that resource management.

Thank you LT Staff, great fun, as always!

Sep 23, 9:04pm Top

Struggling with #11. I went to pirate, tags, and clicked on almost every link that had to do with government. I cannot seem to figure this one out

Sep 23, 10:13pm Top

>321 deedee1501: The hint in >317 abbottthomas: finally unlocked it for me. It's a book title you're looking for, if that helps, rather than a tag or other page type.

Edited: Sep 24, 9:20am Top

I think I have #11 figured out, The Republic by Plato but I still can't find the treasure chest. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Sep 24, 9:27am Top

>323 MollyABorum: Somewhat the wrong place yes, it's pirate day/week after all ^^

Sep 24, 10:40am Top

>323 MollyABorum:
If pirates were to create a state, what form would that take? If a book were written about that theoretical state, what would its title be?

Plato's work supplies one word of that title. The rest, well, there's a theme to all these riddles...

Sep 24, 11:33am Top

>323 MollyABorum: The ________ of ________.

Sep 24, 6:05pm Top

Yay! I finished without clues -- but with a little help from my husband -- and it only took 3 days!! This may be the first time I finished! I'm so excited! I love the Treasure Hunt -- I almost forgot about it this year!

Thanks for the fun! :-)

Sep 24, 7:19pm Top

I have 6 answers so far BUT have never seen an Icon on the pages I have visited. Some were obvious (to me) so
I left the page and next day I noticed that I had won a clue.
What does this thingy look like?

Sep 24, 7:41pm Top

#1 and #8 still have me stumped, but at least there's a day to go. I forgot about the treasure hunt until today!

Sep 24, 8:33pm Top

>328 guido47: Afraid I don't follow what you're asking—what "thingy" are you looking for? The alert that you've found a treasure?

If yes, try using a different browser, or switching to incognito/private browsing mode. I've had one or two folks report this issue but it seemed to clear up with either switching or restarting their browser—I suspect an extension is the likely culprit.

Sep 24, 9:01pm Top

Yes >330 lorannen: "The alert that you'v found a treasure"

Well I'm using the 2nd most popular browser, Chrome.
What should I switch to? IE?

Not sure if I understood your reply.

Sep 24, 9:20pm Top

>331 guido47: It's not an icon, it's a thin brown banner across the top of the page. If you're using the site's old design, it won't show at all.

Sep 25, 1:16am Top

I found them all

Sep 25, 1:24am Top

Thanks >332 PhaedraB:.

I was looking for the wrong thing :-(

Sep 25, 2:59am Top

I'm happy with 10 chests, and to win a membership with LibraryThing. That would make me so happy!

Sep 25, 3:36am Top

This time I told meself "Pirate speaking is too difficult to understand, I won't search for any clue". I just stumbled into a chest :-) (Maybe this is the reason why September Early Reviewers list ended earlier than usual :-) )

Sep 25, 3:43am Top

A massive thank you to everyone who posted hints/spoilers here, I would not have found all of the chests without your help.

Sep 25, 10:32am Top

>335 seascape: You've a striking good username for this hunt :)

Sep 25, 10:49am Top

>337 AWA1: A massive thank you to everyone who posted hints/spoilers here, I would not have found all of the chests without your help.
Definitely this :)

(that #11 was crazy!!)

Sep 25, 11:14am Top

That one got it for me, thank you atreic. All done now.

Sep 25, 11:39am Top

>334 guido47: Glad that it got sorted! Sorry for the confusion!

>336 .mau.: Ahoy, matey! Welcome aboard!

And a quick FYI: September Early Reviewers didn't end early—the numbers just weren't in our favor this year. Each batch has to end on the last Monday of the month, which was yesterday.

Sep 25, 11:40am Top

And a reminder to all you scalawags still scouring the seas for treasure: ye've one day remaining!

Edited: Sep 25, 12:45pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Sep 25, 12:39pm Top

Feels like I'm dancing all around #1 and just can't seem to get it.

Sep 25, 12:45pm Top

>343 redsauce: Sometimes the books aren't about Peter Pan, especially when they're movie novelizations - try searching for another significant character.

Sep 25, 1:33pm Top

>341 lorannen: I thought of this, but I liked my hyphotesis!

Sep 25, 2:24pm Top

Thanks to everyone for the hints!

Edited: Sep 25, 7:40pm Top

(EDIT: Just as I was wondering what else to try, I finally found #1. Success!)

Sep 25, 8:56pm Top

First treasure hunt for this landlubber, what a blast! LibraryThing is truly one of the best places on the internet and it is such fun to be in community with all of you. Thank you lorannen for all you do!

Sep 26, 9:51am Top

I have one pirate chest and I'm tickled pink for my first treasure hunt! Maybe next time I'll have more time to search! Thank you for this fun activity!

Edited: Sep 26, 11:07am Top

Weird bug? A search glitch? Last night (Sept 25), I was on
the JM Barrie ~Peter Pan~ website (for a reason completely unrelated to the Treasure Hunt). I got a 'You discovered a Treasure Chest' message.

But my count, which was already at 6, hasn't changed. Had I already somehow collected that chest previously? I don't know which poem-hint might have referred to this page.

Edited: Sep 26, 11:33am Top

>351 SandyAMcPherson: That's very strange and should not be possible? If that was a treasure you'd already found, maybe something weird with caching in your browser? I'll certainly let our developer know about it, but that's truly bizarre.

ETA: Treasure #18 was the Peter Pan work page, for the record.

Sep 26, 11:34am Top

We're closing down the treasure hunt shortly! Thanks to everyone who's joined in this week!

I'll be back later today with stats, and notifying winners tomorrow—have to take my computer in for repairs this morning.

Sep 26, 11:38am Top

>352 lorannen: All this week I've been getting the banner when I go to the LTER page and the Zeitgeist, despite the fact that I got all the treasures last week.

Sep 26, 12:03pm Top

>354 norabelle414: yeah, I caught that issue myself. We should have it fixed before our next hunt!

Sep 26, 12:04pm Top

Arrrr, the Treasure Hunt be closed til next year, mateys!

Sep 26, 12:38pm Top

This was fun! I finally got them all, only needed the hints to get me closer on 1 or 2. on #11, though, i had the correct answer, but when I typed it in the search bar with no capitalization, it didn't give me the treasure chest. So I came for hints, and realized I had the correct answer all along, bu it only gave me the chest when I entered it with capitals. This seems a very weird glitch?

Sep 26, 5:45pm Top

This is my first time participating in a treasure hunt. It has been really fun. Thank you to those who put it together. I got nine of the answers right away. I am not well read on the subject of pirates and the rest of the clues have me stumped. Any clues for 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17 would be welcome.

I guessed number 11 to be The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard and went to all of the pages for that book, that I could find, but failed to locate the treasure.

The second stanza of number 9 has me stumped. It is a website clue? I got the first stanza right away.

Happy hunting!

Sep 26, 8:58pm Top

Thanks for the fun! Always enjoy the treasure hunt!

Sep 27, 1:43am Top

>358 Calactress: You got #11 right but if you've been looking after >356 lorannen: closed the hunt, the chests don't trigger any more. There should be a recap of the answers posted at some point.

Sep 27, 3:01am Top

I usually abhor riddles but this was fun. #9 drove me crazy I had the right names but not the right page. and #17? Nocturnal? No clue on that one. Totally escaping me. What was it?

Sep 27, 6:13am Top

I managed 11 chests; I'm not sure how.

Sep 27, 12:49pm Top

I've continued the conversation (and posted links to the Treasure Hunt answers!) on a new thread here.

Sep 27, 7:09pm Top

For #17 (the nocturnal one), I kept trying to combine vampires and pirates!

Sep 28, 12:22pm Top

>365 LibraryCin: Well that's a scary combination I hadn't thought of before!

Sep 28, 5:12pm Top

>365 LibraryCin: Pirpires or Vamrates?

Sep 28, 9:26pm Top

YES! I discovered that "Vampirates" series in my searching! I thought, for sure, it had to be one of those or the author....

Edited: Oct 3, 11:59pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Oct 27, 9:58pm Top

Hate I missed out on this one.

Oct 28, 4:34am Top

Dear Group,

I found this a bit easier than some of the others. I got to 12 without any help but...

Well I guess I've got a free "Lifetime". Since I already have a paid "Lifetime" (from when a $ was worth something...) I was wondering if I can transfer this to another account (just made
one a few mins. ago to store stuff like "Games, Music & BOB CATS Joking! and other stuff I don't want counted in my statistics.


Oct 29, 6:27pm Top

>372 guido47: Did you mean to post this in the Halloween Haunt thread instead? The Pirate Treasure Hunt ended back in September, and we're not awarding any further account upgrades for this one.

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