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mathgirl40's 2018 Category Challenge, Part 2

This is a continuation of the topic mathgirl40's 2018 Category Challenge, Part 1.

2018 Category Challenge

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Sep 22, 4:13pm Top

Welcome to part 2 of my challenge! The first part can be found here:

Here are my categories for 2018:

1. Tournament of Books
2. Evergreen Award
3. 1001 Books to Read Before You Die
4. Hugo and Aurora Awards
5. Long SFF Series
6. Other Science Fiction and Fantasy
7. Doorstoppers
8. Short Stories
9. Graphic Novels
10. Arthurian Legends
11. BookCrossing Roundabout
12. Cross-Canada Journey
13. Scottish Mysteries
14. Mysteries Around the World
15. Golden Age Mysteries
16. Other Mysteries
17. Scary books
18. Nonfiction

I will try to read a minimum of 5 books in each category.

Sep 22, 4:14pm Top

Category 1: The Tournament of Books

This category will include books from the 2018 Tournament of Books, held in March.

1. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (Jan. 21)
2. Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward (Jan. 24)
3. Dear Cyborgs by Eugune Lim (Feb. 4)
4. White Tears by Hari Kunzru (Feb. 4)
5. So Much Blue by Percival Everett (Feb. 19)
6. Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin (Mar. 5)
7. Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan (Mar. 6)
8. The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker (Mar. 24)

Category 2: The Evergreen Award

This category will include nominees for the 2017 Evergreen Award, given by the Ontario Library Association. The nominees are announced in February.

1. All We Leave Behind by Carol Off (April 19)
2. The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis (May 8)

Category 3: 1001 Books

These are books listed in Peter Boxall's 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.

1. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Jan. 12)
2. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams (April 22)
3. The 39 Steps by John Buchan (May 23)
4. Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset (June 22)
5. Smilla's Sense of Snow by Peter Høeg

Sep 22, 4:14pm Top

Category 4: The Hugo and Aurora Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards

This category will include nominees for and winners of the Hugo and Aurora SFF Awards. This year, I plan to rejoin as a voting member and read from the Voter Packet for each of these awards.

1. Provenance by Ann Leckie (April 21)
2. City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett (June 7)
3. The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi (June 18)
4. Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire (June 30)
5. A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan (July 5)
6. Exo by Fonda Lee (July 16)
7. And Then There Were (N-One) by Sarah Pinsker (July 28)
8. The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells (July 31)
9. Raven Stratagem by Yoon Ha Lee (August 15)

Category 5: Long Science Fiction and Fantasy Series

I seem to be attracted to never-ending series, or those that have ended but just seem to be never-ending. This category will encompass my reading from the Liaden, 1632, October Daye, Wheel of time and other long SFF series.

1. Black Powder War by Naomi Novik (Jan. 17)
2. Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone (Mar. 2)
3. The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett (Mar. 28)
4. Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett (Apr. 12)
5. Abaddon's Gate by James S. A. Corey (Apr. 26)
6. Mouse and Dragon by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Apr. 27)
7. Grave Peril by Jim Butcher (May 4)
8. Mort by Terry Pratchett (May 17)
9. Sourcery by Terry Pratchett (May 31)

Category 6: Other Science Fiction and Fantasy

1. New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson (Jan. 4)
2. Red Rising by Pierce Brown (Jan. 29)
3. Satellite by Nick Lake (Feb. 6)
4. All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault by James Alan Gardner (Feb. 7)
5. All Systems Red by Martha Wells (Feb. 16)
6. Shift by Hugh Howey (Feb. 28)
7. Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren (Apr. 7)
8. Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora (Apr. 30)
9. The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall by Chris Dolley (May 13)
10. The Magicians by Lev Grossman (May 28)
11. The Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chu (July 12)

Sep 22, 4:15pm Top

Category 7: Doorstoppers

1. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke (Jan. 20)
2. Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (Mar. 22)
3. Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (July 10)

Category 8: Short Stories

Artwork by Tom Gauld for The Guardian

1. The Ivory and the Horn by Charles de Lint (Feb. 18)
2. Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond edited by Bill Campbell (Mar. 8)

Category 9: Graphic Novels

Artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez, from Locke & Key series.

1. Saga, Volume 4 by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Jan. 19)
2. Chew, Volume 4 by John Layman and Rob Guillory (Jan. 21)
3. The Real Story of Agatha Christie by Anne Martinetti, Guillaume Lebeau and Alexandra Franc (Feb. 25)
4. Saga, Volume 5 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples (Feb. 26)
5. A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel by Hope Larson / Madeleine L'Engle (Mar. 26)
6. Saga, Volume 6 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples (Apr. 28)

Sep 22, 4:15pm Top

Category 10: Arthurian Legends

These are books about or inspired by the King Arthur story.

1. Greenwitch by Susan Cooper (Mar. 10)

Category 11: BookCrossing Roundabout

I signed up for a "Favourite Books of 2017" roundabout on BookCrossing, with 11 other BookCrossers. We'll be mailing the books along to one another throughout the year.

1. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (Jan. 25)
2. The River at Night by Erica Ferencik (Feb. 12)
3. A Basket Brigade Christmas by Judith Miller, Nancy Moser and Grace Whitson (Mar. 14)
4. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan (Apr. 10)
5. Hunger by Roxane Gay (May 20)
6. The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly (June 26)
7. Wild by Cheryl Strayed (July 26)

Category 12: Cross-Canada Journey

Inspired by lkernagh, I started a virtual walk across Canada in late 2016, starting in Vancouver and working my way East, using the World Walking app. On January 1, 2018, I reached Manitoba. I expect I'll be spending much of this year working through Manitoba and Ontario, and I'll be reading books related to the places I pass on my journey. I also "missed" Alberta on my way through and plan to go back to that province sometime this year!

1. Precious Cargo by Craig Davidson -- Alberta (Feb. 22)
2. A Bird in the House by Margaret Laurence -- Manitoba (May 11)

Sep 22, 4:16pm Top

Category 13: Scottish Mysteries

1. The Black Book by Ian Rankin (Jan. 6)
2. Where the Bodies are Buried by Christopher Brookmyre (Jan. 28)
3. Black and Blue by Ian Rankin (currently reading)

Category 14: Mysteries From Around the World

1. The Ice Child by Camilla Läckberg -- Sweden (Jan. 13)
2. Rendezvous in Black by Cornell Woolrich -- US (Jan. 23)
3. Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood -- Australia (Feb. 11)
4. The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Alexander McCall Smith -- Botswana (Mar. 25)
5. August Heat by Andrea Camilleri -- Sicily (Mar. 27)
6. The Man Who Died Laughing by Tarquin Hall -- India (Mar. 31)

Category 15: Golden Age Mysteries

1. They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie (Feb. 9)
2. Death at the Bar by Ngaio Marsh (Apr. 9)
3. Traitor's Purse by Margery Allingham (Apr. 16)
4. The Lady Vanishes by Ethel Lina White (May 14)
5. Miss Silver Comes to Stay by Patricia Wentworth (currently reading)

Sep 22, 4:16pm Top

Category 16: Other Mysteries

1. The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy by Robert Arthur (Jan. 27)
2. Murder on Mulberry Bend by Victoria Thompson (Feb. 3)
3. Bad Move by Linwood Barclay (Apr. 4)
4. As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley (currently reading)

Category 17: Scary Books

Books for the ScaredyKIT and other horror.

1. Carrie by Stephen King (Mar. 9)
2. Borne by Jeff VanderMeer (Mar. 24)

Category 18: Non-fiction

1. South: The Endurance Expedition by Ernest Shackieton (Feb. 13)
2. A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate (Mar. 3)
3. Lethal Marriage by Nick Pron (June 12)

Sep 22, 4:17pm Top

Books that don't fit into any of the previous categories:

1. American War by Omar El Akkad (January 7)
2. The Mystery of the Green Cat by Phyllis A. Whitney (Mar. 11)
3. Murther and Walking Spirits by Robertson Davies (June 23)
4. Tempest Tost by Robertson Davies (June 29)

Sep 22, 4:21pm Top

Welcome to the second half of my challenge! Here is where things stand right now.

1. I am way behind in my reviews. I still have July's and August's books to add!

2. I am also behind in visiting my favourite threads.

3. I am doing terribly in reading older books from my shelves.

4. I am still having lots of fun with this challenge and getting loads of reading done!! Those are the important things, right? :)

Sep 22, 4:47pm Top

Happy new thread! At this point in the year, isn't everyone a little behind? And why not just relax and enjoy reading the new books while they're still shiny? That's what I do.

Sep 22, 4:47pm Top

Happy new thread! You're making great progress!

Sep 22, 5:00pm Top

Yes, having fun is all that matters! I am glad to see you're reading Black and Blue :)

Sep 22, 5:11pm Top

Happy new thread! I love new threads and going over what's already been read.

Sep 22, 5:42pm Top

Happy new thread!

Sep 22, 7:59pm Top

>10 RidgewayGirl: I am indeed attracted to the new and shiny. :)

>11 Jackie_K: >13 VivienneR: >14 thornton37814: Thanks for dropping by and for the good wishes!

>12 rabbitprincess: I'd finished Black and Blue and liked it very much. Review will be coming soon, I hope.

Sep 23, 10:50am Top

Happy new thread! Having fun is indeed the most important thing. You're doing well with the mysteries!

Sep 23, 12:21pm Top

Happy new thread!

Sep 24, 2:07am Top

Happy new thread, reading lots of books and having fun are definitely the highest priority!

Sep 26, 12:08pm Top

Happy new thread! I'm way behind on reviews, too, so you're definitely not alone!

Oct 6, 9:27pm Top

>16 MissWatson: >17 lkernagh: >18 DeltaQueen50: >19 christina_reads: Thanks for stopping by, and for the encouragement!

Oct 6, 9:27pm Top

81. A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan (4 stars)
Category: Hugo Awards

This is the first book in Brennan's Lady Trent series, which was nominated for the 2018 Hugo Best Series award. Set in a fictional country with Victorian-type mores, the store tells how Lady Trent first started her career in dragon research. I really liked the main character, the setting, the premise and the pace of the story. It was all very enjoyable and I'll be eager to read more in the series. My only criticism, given that it was nominated for the Hugo award, is that the fantasy element is very light, at least in this installment of the series. There are some brief encounters with dragons, but otherwise, it feels more like a historical fiction novel without a solid connection to a historical time and place.

Edited: Oct 6, 9:29pm Top

82. Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (4 stars)
Category: Doorstoppers

This is the third book of Sanderson's Stormlight Archives series, nominated for the 2018 Hugo Best Series Award. I loved the first two books and still liked this third one, but it just seemed so incredibly long. At over 1000 pages, it really was long, but this one seemed to drag more than the first two installments in the series. Perhaps it's because a large portion of the book covered backstory, which is no doubt important to the series as a whole, but it felt as if the action did not move along as quickly. Still, there are so many good things in this installment that I couldn't give it any less than 4 stars.

Oct 6, 10:05pm Top

83. Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chu (3.5 stars)
Category: Other SFF

This is the third book in Chu's Lives of Tao series and continues describing the struggles between the Prophus and Genjix, with Roen's son Cameron playing a big part in the story. This novel doesn't have the charm and humour that I liked so much in the first book but does wrap up the various storylines satisfactorily.

Oct 7, 9:52am Top

>21 mathgirl40: My cousin read that series and it sounds really good! I'm glad you liked it as well :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 11, 10:44pm Top

>24 rabbitprincess: Thank you! I had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend with lots of family members visiting. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too.

Oct 11, 11:03pm Top

84. Exo by Fonda Lee (4 stars)
Category: Hugo/Aurora Awards

I was happy to learn a couple of days ago that this novel had won the Aurora (Canadian SFF) Award for Best YA Novel. It's set in a near-future dystopian world in which Earth's citizens are coping with submission to an alien race. Some are embracing the opportunity to work with them and even acquire an exo-skeleton as they have, while a rebel faction tries to undermine the new administration. I thought this story was better than most of its genre, and I'm looking forward to eventually reading Lee's Jade City, which won the Aurora Award for Best Novel. These two novels were nominees for the Nebula and Andre Norton (Nebula for YA) awards this year, as well, so Lee's future looks bright.

Oct 11, 11:12pm Top

85. Smilla's Sense of Snow by Peter Høeg (4.5 stars)
Category: 1001 Books

This book had been chosen by our book club at work. Someone had suggested we pick a selection from a 2017 article in Conde Nast Traveler, 22 Ambassadors Recommend the One Book To Read Before Visiting Their Country. It was fun going through the article, though we did wonder about some of the choices.

This was my first book by Peter Høeg. I really liked the dark and suspenseful atmosphere he created and the exploration of the Inuits' situation in Denmark. The issues are quite similar to those that concern our own First Nations population here in Canada.

Oct 12, 6:48am Top

>27 mathgirl40: I've had that one sitting around for years. Sounds like it might be worth pulling out--perhaps early next year.

Oct 12, 4:42pm Top

>25 mathgirl40: Lots of good food as usual, but I've had a cold since Monday, which extended the weekend in a way I did NOT want!

>27 mathgirl40: That's a great idea for picking books for book club!

Oct 16, 10:40pm Top

>28 thornton37814: It's definitely a good cold-season read!

>29 rabbitprincess: I hope you've recovered completely from your cold by now.

Oct 16, 10:41pm Top

86. Wild by Cheryl Strayed (4 stars)
Category: BookCrossing Roundabout

I enjoyed this book much more than I'd expected to. I'm not generally fond of memoirs of this sort and the author is someone whom I find difficult to admire because of all the terrible decisions she has made. At the same time, I found the narrative interesting and compelling, with a good number of humourous and touching moments. I enjoy hikes myself, of the short, easy, safe, day-trip variety and liked reading about the sort of experience that I will never be brave or fit enough to attempt. Indeed, it was not so much the author's emotional journey that appealed to me but the descriptions of her trail experiences that I found so interesting.

Oct 16, 10:42pm Top

87. And Then There Were (N-One) by Sarah Pinsker (4.5 stars)
Category: Hugo Awards

This was my pick for the 2018 Best Novella Novella but it did not win. The actual winner, All Systems Red by Martha Wells, certainly deserved the award as well. In this very clever story, the main character, an insurance investigator named Sarah Pinsker like the author herself, attends a "Sarah Pinsker Convention" with several hundred of her counterparts from parallel universes. Things get really strange when she is asked to help investigate the murder of one of them.

Oct 16, 11:11pm Top

>30 mathgirl40: Getting there! I'm at about 90%. I wrecked my throat, though, so I'm still coughing a lot and sounding raspy if I talk too much :-/

Oct 17, 8:48am Top

>32 mathgirl40: Well that sounds delightful!

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