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Take It or Leave It Challenge - October 2018 - Page 1

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Sep 26, 10:08am Top

For those new to this challenge: More info and monthly index can be found in post #1 of this thread or this TIOLI FAQS wiki.

Simple directions for posting to the wiki can be found at the bottom of each month's wiki page.

...logo by cyderry


Your challenge for October 2018 is to...

Read a book whose title changes meaning if exactly one letter is taken away

1. The new title MUST make sense, although it might be funny.
2. Use only the title and not the subtitle.
3. You may take away an "s" from a plural word only if the word that remains is spelled correctly.
4. Disregard capitalization. You may capitalize or decapitalize words in the title as it changes name.
5, You may not separate or combine words.
6. Punctuation is irrelevant.

Aleppo Tales becomes (Aleppo Ales)
The Other Side becomes {The Other Sid)
...and so forth.


Other Fun Stuff (not part of the TIOLI challenge):

1. The October 2018 TIOLI Meter - Optional page on which you may track your TIOLI reading. FYI: This is not meant to be competitive - only fun!
2. Morphidae's List of Previous TIOLI Challenges - You may use this reference (Do a control-F scan) to avoid repeating a previous challenge. If your idea is similar to a previous challenge, just make it unique by adding a new "twist" to it.
3. FAMeulstee's 2108 TIOLI Sweeplette Meter - Use this page if you want to complete a sweeplette (all of the challenges on only one wiki page).

Edited: Oct 5, 11:14am Top

Wiki Index of Challenges:

Challenges #1-6
1. Read a book whose title changes meaning if exactly one letter is taken away - msg #1
2. Read a book with a picture of bread on the front cover -msg #6
3. Read a book where the final page number or electronic location number are added together to equal the number 4 -msg #8
4. Read a book where the cover has harvest produce on it - msg #10
5. Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters SAMHAIN in rolling order - msg #13
6. Read a book with a setting of increasing age: Rolling challenge - msg #14

Challenges #7-12
7. Read a book with an odd number of letters in the title - msg #28
8. Read a book about infertility or adoption - msg #30
9. Read a book where the author is originally well-known for something other than writing - msg #40
10. Read a book related to Ghouls, Goblins or Ghosts - msg #52
11. Read a book with a word in the title relating to images - msg #55
12. Read a book for comfort - msg #57

Challenges #13-17
13. Read a book that has a craft occupation in the title or author's name - msg #63
14. Read a book that has a shepherd and/or sheep on the first page - msg #668
15. Read a book where you pick up where you left off - msg #69
16. Read a book with a ship on the cover - msg #89
17. Read a book with a title in the title - msg #97

Hold your challenge until the November TIOLI challenges are posted. Thank you!

Edited: Sep 25, 10:08pm Top

I don't think I've ever found the new TIOLI first!!

But I don't have a challenge in mind for this month, so I'll just think about changing titles for a while.

Current planned reads would all fit in #1:

Fear --> Ear (still a chance I might finish it in September, though)
Confusion --> OnFusion
Memory --> Emory

Edited: Sep 25, 10:15pm Top

>3 jeanned:

OnFusion? That would need to be two words, or it wouldn't make sense. That would not work.

I added a fifth rule above to clarify what I'm looking for.

Emory is a name so that would work. Ear would also work.

Sep 25, 10:21pm Top

>4 SqueakyChu: Thanks for clarifying.

Edited: Sep 25, 10:38pm Top

Challenge #2: Read a book with a picture of bread on the front cover

This should be self explanatory. Again, self serving as my good category is the slacker in my category challenge.

Here's a list of breads...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_breads

Note that bread items like pizza, bagels, pancakes, and the like are fine.

Sep 25, 11:12pm Top

>6 lindapanzo: I think I'm going to be searching for a book for your challenge, Linda! Nothing I've got on deck fits, although I'm sure there's something out there for me. Cozy mysteries spring to mind.....

Sep 25, 11:19pm Top

Challenge #3: Doing the Math: It’s my birthday on the 4th of the month so my challenge is to read a book where the final page number or location number (e-books) are added together and come out at 4.

To arrive at your final number, add all the digits of the page/location number together and continue in this manner until you have a single digit answer.


Yes: Dark Voyage by Alan Furst – 256 pages: 2+5+6 = 13, 1+3 = 4
No: Copper River by William Kent Krueger – 336 pages: 3+3+6 = 12, 1+2 = 3
Yes: Slough House by Mick Herron – location – 5566: 5+5+6+6=22, 2+2 = 4

Please note with the above examples, the page numbers of Dark Voyage end up with the number 4 so it fits the challenge and the location number of Slough House adds up to 4 so it also fits, while Copper River ends up with the number 3 so does qualify.

On your Wiki listing, please include the final page or location number of your book, you can decide whether your book ends with the story or you can include any reference material and/or author’s notes that are added at the end of the story.

Sep 25, 11:24pm Top

>7 Dejah_Thoris: If you can suggest some books, please do!

Edited: Sep 28, 10:58am Top

Challenge #4: Read a book where the cover has harvest produce on it

Okay, here's the 411:

Must have a Northern Hemisphere* vegetable or fruit on the front cover (includes ebooks or the front of a CD). This can include things like pumpkins, apples, carrots, onions, pears, turnips. I'll accept anything on this list:


There can be many or just one. It doesn't have to be an autumn "scene." An apple on a teacher's table will work just as well as a scary carved pumpkin face on a horror cover.

If you have a "freggie" that you think qualifies, give me a good argument and I might add it. Think Thanksgiving in the USA not, "Well they grow bananas in Hawaii in autumn!" Do they grow bananas in Hawaii in autumn? I know some oranges get harvested in Florida in October. They also would not qualify.

It must be a *Northern Hemisphere* fruit or vegetable harvested in the autumn. Not an herb or plant or flower, e.g. an apple tree flower does not qualify.

ETA: Acceptable Additions - persimmons

*Shall we say temperate climate?

ETA: GoodReads has a list: Food on the Cover

I saw pumpkins, pears, and apples. Lots of apples.

Sep 26, 12:13am Top

>7 Dejah_Thoris: I’ve got a bunch of cozies to add, too, but I’m just too tired tonight.

Sep 26, 12:32am Top

>6 lindapanzo: Ha! My Food on the Cover link would help you, too. Saw lots of bread-ish items.

Sep 26, 1:29am Top

Challenge #5: Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters SAMHAIN in rolling order

I was going to make this a HALLOWEEN rolling challenge, but we already did that a few years ago. So I decided to go back to Halloween's Celtic pagan roots and make it Samhain instead.

Edited: Sep 26, 4:05pm Top

Challenge #6: Read a book with a setting of increasing age: Rolling challenge - started by helenliz

I'd like to challenge you to read books that are set in different time periods. So this is a rolling challenge to read books that are set within the following time frames.
Contemporary = less than 10 years
20 years - anything set between 10 and 20 years ago
50 anything set between 20 & 50 years ago
100 anything set between 50 and 100 years ago
200 anything set between 100 and 200 years ago
500 anything set between 200 and 500 years ago
Older anything set more than 500 years ago.

This should be how the list appears in the wiki.

#20 years
#50 years
#100 years
#200 years
#500 years

Please include the date the book is set in brackets.

When the book is set in a particular time frame, it does not have to be historical fiction, it can be a book that was written as a contemporary novel at the time, but with the passage of time, it is now set in the past. Non-fiction will also count if it can be pinned down to a time frame. Something wide and sweeping might be stretching it a bit far.
If your book has action in more than time period, that's OK too. It needs to be more than just one chapter of introduction or epilogue, but as long as a significant portion of the book fits the time frame, that's good enough.
I'm not going to be too strict on the boundaries, if there is not a date evident in the book, a best guess as to setting date will be sufficient.

I'm hoping that makes some sense, if anyone needs any clarification, please ask.

Sep 26, 9:43am Top

DeltaQueen - In challenge #1, you listed the book The House on Cold Hill by Peter May. The link goes to the same title by Peter James. I didn't want to arbitrarily change it on the wiki in case Peter May has a new title out that I haven't discovered yet.

Sep 26, 9:44am Top

Uh oh! We've got some toughie challenges here! :)

Sep 26, 9:50am Top

>14 Helenliz: : In each set of years on the wiki, do you want each entry done in order till the first set is full, or do you want people to plug their book wherever it fits into one set before another set is started?

Edited: Sep 26, 10:06am Top

I'm puzzling over an entry in challenge #1. The book title becomes "Now Hall".

Vote: Does the new title make sense?

Current tally: Yes 0, No 3, Undecided 1
Defenders of this title, please explain what you think it means. All new titles must make sense.

Edited: Sep 26, 10:03am Top

>17 countrylife: I'd like it to roll in increasing age order. But if no-one starts it off I may yet change my mind and add my books from the 1970s and 1580s!
So rolling for now, get back to me in a day or two...

Edited: Sep 26, 10:05am Top

>19 Helenliz:

I have an entry for less than 20 years! My book was set in the year 2000.

Sep 26, 10:05am Top

>18 SqueakyChu: could be an instruction to a boy surnamed Hall. As in "In my Office." waits "Now, Hall." Probably would benefit from some punctuation.

Edited: Sep 26, 10:07am Top

>21 Helenliz: Punctuation is irrelevant. I'll accept it. Thanks for your input.

I'll add clarification about punctuation to my rules.

Sep 26, 11:21am Top

>14 Helenliz: Would you consider adding a future category, for science / speculative fiction? I have one I could add for that.

Sep 26, 12:21pm Top

>15 countrylife: Thanks for catching that, Cindy. I got my Peters mixed up. I have corrected the entry. :)

Sep 26, 12:37pm Top

>14 Helenliz: This sounds like this one is limited to fiction, correct? So my book about the events of 1968 America wouldn't count?

Edited: Sep 26, 12:46pm Top

>25 lindapanzo: No, it can be non-fiction, as long as the events can be dated. If it's a big, sweeping, history of England since 3000BC, I might think you're stretching it a bit far, but your example is perfectly acceptable.

>23 Dejah_Thoris: I did consider it and decided against.

Excellent, someone's kicked us off with a contemporary book. Thanks, DeltaQueen. >:-)

Sep 26, 12:51pm Top

>18 SqueakyChu: : Just saw your question, Madeline. And a resolution further down. It's not a problem if the votes go against my title; I can move it elsewhere. It was just the only one in my lineup that worked for your challenge.

Sep 26, 3:40pm Top

Challenge #7: Read a book with an odd number of letters in the title

Sep 26, 4:00pm Top

>27 countrylife: No problem. It’s been approved...by me!! :)

Edited: Sep 26, 5:22pm Top

Challenge #8: Read a book about infertility or adoption
I plan to read Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

Sep 26, 6:19pm Top

>10 Morphidae: Could I get a ruling on the fruit on this cover, please?

Sep 26, 10:41pm Top

>8 DeltaQueen50: Judy, will you accept a book with 301 pages? it adds up to four, but it skips one of your steps.....

>26 Helenliz: I thought it was worth asking!

Sep 26, 10:44pm Top

>31 jeanned: I don't know. They look like oranges to me. Anyone read the book and know what they are or are gardeners and can tell from the leaves or something?

Sep 26, 11:28pm Top

>32 Dejah_Thoris: Absolutely, Dejah - as long as the single digit ends up at 4 it qualifies.

Sep 27, 1:35am Top

>33 Morphidae: I was thinking pomegranates, harvested in the Northern Hemisphere beginning in September.

Edited: Yesterday, 1:09pm Top

Tough challenges this month. So far my planned reads are:
Challenge #1: Read a book Read a book whose title changes meaning if exactly one letter is taken away - started by SqueakyChu
*✔Beartown - Fredrik Backman (5)
Challenge #2: Read a book with a picture of bread on the front cover - started by lindapanzo
*✔Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good: A Memoir of Food and Love from an American Midwest Family - Kathleen Flinn (4)
Challenge #3: Read a book where the final page number or electronic location number are added together to equal the number 4 - started by DeltaQueen
God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World—and Why Their Differences Matter - Stephen Prothero (4)
Challenge #4: Read a book where the cover has harvest produce on it - started by Morphidae
*✔Sophie's Squash - Pat Zietlow Miller (3.5)
Challenge #5: Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters SAMHAIN in rolling order - started by susanna.fraser
*✔The Nest - Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney (4)b>Challenge #6: Read a book with a setting of increasing age: Rolling challenge - started by helenliz
Challenge #6: Read a book with a setting of increasing age: Rolling challenge - started by helenliz
*Janesville: An American Story - Amy Goldstein
Challenge #7: Read a book with an odd number of letters in the title - started by FAMeulstee
*✔Binti: Home - Nnedi Okorafor (3.5)
Black Klansman - Ron Stallworth
Challenge #8: Read a book about infertility or adoption - started by Citizenjoyce
Lucky Boy - Shanthi Sekaran
Challenge #9: Read a book where the author is originally well-known for something other than writing - started by owlie13
The Hellfire Club - Jake Tapper (3)
Challenge #10: Read a book related to Ghouls, Goblins or Ghosts - started my Carmenere
✔The Ghost Stories - Edith Nesbit (2.5)
Challenge #11: Read a book with a word in the title relating to images - started quondame
Under a Painted Sky - Stacey Lee (3.5)
Challenge #12: Read a book for comfort - started lyzard
Flights - Olga Tokarczuk (abandoned)
The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz (4)
Spoonbenders - Daryl Gregory Abandoned
The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote by Elaine Weiss (5)
Challenge #13: Read a book that has a craft occupation in the title or author's name - started by calm
A Country Road, A Tree - Jo Baker - Abandoned
My Sister Lives On the Mantlepiece - Annabel Pitcher
Challenge #14: Read a book that has a shepherd and/or sheep on the first page - started by paulstalder
Sheep Out to Eat - Nancy E. Shaw (2)
Challenge #15: Read a book where you pick up where you left off - started by neverstopreading
Eats, Shoots & Leaves - Lynne Truss -
The Scarred Woman by Jussi Adler-Olsen
Challenge #16: Read a book with a ship on the cover - started by countrylife
The Ship Beyond Time - Heidi Heilig (3.5)
Challenge #17: Read a Book with a Title in the Title - Lizzie D
✔The Queen of Hearts - Kimmery Martin (3)

Edited: Sep 27, 4:09am Top

>33 Morphidae: possibly persimmon.
Anyway I'll do a shared read with you, been meaning to read this for ages.

Sep 27, 4:19am Top

>31 jeanned: >33 Morphidae: The title suggets it is an almond tree (German: mandelbaum), but the leaves look like a peach to me.

Sep 27, 4:38am Top

>38 FAMeulstee: peaches, plums, almonds are all part of the same family, so they may well look pretty similar.

Edited: Sep 27, 11:14am Top

Challenge #9 - read a book by an author who was originally famous/well-known for something other than being an author/writing

Lots of good examples:
Politics: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton
Sports: Greg Louganis (diver)
Entertainment: Steve Allen, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Palin
Science: Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson

Autobiographies are acceptable, but I'd really love to see a nice variety of types/genres.

>1 SqueakyChu: So, I just found this was a challenge in 2012. Since that was so long ago, is it OK? I'm not sure how I could put a twist on it. Thoughts?

Edited: Sep 27, 12:15pm Top

>35 jeanned: I'm thinking they are unidentifiable at this point and wouldn't work for this challenge. Sorry!

P.S. Unless you read the book and it mentions what they are.

Sep 27, 2:54pm Top

>40 owlie13: It's fine. Leave it as it is.

Sep 27, 7:49pm Top

I live in the US southwest, and my pomegranates are just about ready'

Sep 27, 9:55pm Top

>37 avatiakh: It's been on my list forever. I was hoping to find a place for it in the first 6 challenges and maybe get a sweeplette (still iffy, given 832 pages of The Confusion).

Sep 28, 10:56am Top

>44 jeanned: Okay. I looked up persimmons. The fruit on the cover of your book do look like persimmons. I was thinking persimmons were more red, but they certainly can look like oranges and they grow in Israel. I've changed my mind and they are acceptable for this challenge.

I'll also add them to my rules.

Edited: Sep 28, 2:57pm Top

(deleted duplicate message)

Edited: Sep 28, 2:58pm Top

>45 Morphidae: You mean they're not Jaffa oranges?! ;'(


I never ate one persimmon while I lived in Israel, but I ate lots of oranges. I first tasted persimmons here in the US when my son brought some home from his work in Virginia.

P.S. I don't mean to complicate matters here. I was only reminiscing about Jaffa oranges and encourage everyone here to taste them. Your rules rule as you are the hostess of your own challenge. :)

Sep 28, 2:19pm Top

>45 Morphidae: Thank you!

Sep 28, 10:25pm Top

>47 SqueakyChu: My thought was... Jaffa oranges? I don't remember any oranges on the Jaffa planet on Stargate: SG-1.

Sep 29, 1:31am Top

>1 SqueakyChu: And I used up Night Flight in September!

Sep 29, 6:28am Top

I have one with a pomegranate on the cover, would that count?

Edited: Sep 29, 1:16pm Top

Challenge #10: Read a book related to Ghouls, Goblins or Ghosts
No tricks here, just choose a book related to any one of the three characters in this challenge. The treat is you can decide what falls into each category. (Indicate on the wiki the phenomenon you're using. LOL, be nice.

examples: A Christmas Carol (Ghosts)
The Hobbit (Goblin)
Dracula (Ghoul)

Sep 29, 2:52pm Top

>51 wandering_star: It's in season from September to February, so yes.

Sep 29, 3:23pm Top

>8 DeltaQueen50: I know it doesn't qualify, but I have one book in TBR with a final page of 444.

Edited: Sep 30, 12:36pm Top

Challenge #11: Read a book with a word in the title relating to images

Picture, photo, portrait, drawing, etching, tattoo, blazon, sigil, icon

A physical instance/noun not an adjective - current exception Citizenjoyce grandfathered
Language is your choice.

Edited: Sep 29, 5:20pm Top

>55 quondame: Does (the Dutch word for) Still Life, in a painting, qualify?

Edited: Sep 29, 5:13pm Top

Challenge #12: Read a book for comfort

Not many rules on this one: whatever kind of book you turn to as a comfort-read will qualify.

Please note that you do not need to be going through a rough patch to participate in this challenge! - I hope you're not - but if you are, I hope it helps a little. :)

Sep 29, 8:22pm Top

>54 quondame: Every October I try to come up with a Challenge that involves the number 4 so perhaps next year I will go with a
"a book of 400 - 499" pages. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Edited: Sep 29, 8:43pm Top

>58 DeltaQueen50: I’m curious why you have tried to have a challenge in October with 4 in it? What’s the significance?

Sep 30, 2:27am Top

>59 raidergirl3: Heh- Heh, my birthday is on the 4th of October!

Sep 30, 7:27am Top

>60 DeltaQueen50: lol, makes sense now. (Happy early Birthday!)

Sep 30, 8:08am Top

Challenge #13: Read a book that has a craft occupation in the title or author's name

For this challenge a craft occupation is someone who takes a natural material and turns it into something else. The material can be wood, stone, metal, fibre, etc.

For the title the craft can be embedded but, as many crafts became surnames (Mason, Potter, Smith, etc.) the author's name must be just the craft occupation.

Sep 30, 10:16am Top

>14 Helenliz: I do like Challenge 6, but it does make me feel old. I just got a bit of a shock looking at the books people have listed, to realise that The Buddha of Suburbia is set around 40 years ago. The novel was published 28 years ago and ends with the 1979 British general election.

Sep 30, 12:34pm Top

>56 FAMeulstee: Dutch or any other languages nouns qualify.

Sep 30, 2:12pm Top

>63 elkiedee: sorry about that one! I'm with you though. I'm in denial that the early 70s are nearly 50 years ago. My husband turned 50 this year - how did that happen?

Oct 1, 12:25pm Top

>66 paulstalder: I'll accept "confusion".

Edited: Oct 2, 3:41am Top

Challenge #14: Read a book that has a shepherd and/or sheep on the first page

I challenge you to read a book which mentions a shepherd/herdsman and/or sheep/goats on the first page. No embedded words, only the 'real thing'. Combined words like 'schafskäse' or 'shepherding' are fine (the meaning is important), plural or singular. Please quote the sentence with these words in the wiki.

This in memory of my wife who died last October and loved the picture given by Psalm 23.

# Die vierzig Tage des Musa Dagh (...verengt er sich zu einem Hirtenpfad = a shepherd's path) - Franz Werfel

for e-books and audios see >70 "the first screen on your device up to the smallest font setting."
For audio books I recommend with the first 2 or 3 minutes.

Edited: Oct 1, 4:55pm Top

Challenge #15: Read a book where you pick up where you left off


This is for those books that you started but never finished. This is for those series that you enjoyed, but didn't get past book N of >N. You want to finish them, but you don't necessarily want to start over (but you can, if you must). And maybe you don't want to re-read all N books before you read N+1.

Or maybe you almost had a book done for a prior challenge, and you were 25 pages away at 11:59 on September 30! FEAR NOT! Simply finish those 25 pages and mark this challenge off your list! You finish the book and complete the challenge: a true win-win.

Simple rules:
* The book for this challenge shouldn't be a brand new book (for you) unless it's the continuation of a series.
* If you're reading the next book in a series, it has to be at least the second book. That should be obvious.
* If you are not reading a book in a series, it should be a book that you started but never finished.
* You may start the book over, or not. It's up to you.
* If you've already read the book and you didn't finish your re-read, it doesn't count. This challenge is for books you've never completed.
* More rules will be added if there are any questions or clarifications requested.

Oct 1, 3:47pm Top

>68 paulstalder: Do you have guidelines for ebook/audiobooks?

I recommend that for ebooks it be "the first screen on your device up to the smallest font setting."

For audio books I recommend with the first 2 or 3 minutes.

Oct 1, 3:54pm Top

>70 neverstopreading:: Reading on my Kindle, the font size I find most comfortable is usually size 4 but I have read occasional ebooks where the font size which was right on 95% of my books was far too big or too small. One full screen of text is normally 25 lines and a page of printed book is normally about two screens, eg page 1 will be screen 1 and 2, p 2, screen 3 and 4, and so on.

We can't check these things but I think commonsense would be the first screen or the first two screens at the font size you would use to read the book, not usually the very smallest! And trust people and don't make it too complicated.

Oct 1, 3:57pm Top

>70 neverstopreading: Fair enough, Thanks for the hints.

Oct 1, 4:06pm Top

>71 elkiedee: Let's be honest: we're all on the honor system here, right? There's nothing stopping me from saying I've read all kinds of books I haven't, but to what end?

>72 paulstalder: Sure thing :)

Oct 1, 9:07pm Top

>55 quondame: Gallery?

Oct 1, 9:27pm Top

>74 Morphidae: Not so much. Portrait yes,

Oct 1, 9:31pm Top

>75 quondame: Hey, I tried! :D

Oct 1, 9:36pm Top

>76 Morphidae: Thanks for asking!

Edited: Oct 3, 8:55pm Top

Edited: Oct 2, 12:29am Top

>70 neverstopreading: For the first page of a book how about making it equate with the first two pages of ebooks using any size font and two minutes of a CD, like neverstopreading said?

We don’t have to police this. We just need to set an equivalent so challengers will know the parameters. We also want to recognize that not everyone is a dinosaur like me and only reads books in hard copy. :)

Vote: Will 2 pages of an ebook with any size font and 2 minutes of a CD work for the first page of a hard copy book?

Current tally: Yes 19, No 1
When I start handing out monetary prizes (just kidding!!), we can get more specific. :)

Oct 2, 4:01am Top

>79 SqueakyChu: For my challenge >68 paulstalder: I took neverstopreading's specifications. So, please go along with these for my challenge.

With the 2 pages for an ebook we discriminate against the mini books, like my collection of mini-detebe (e.g. Der Kuhhandel) which have a page size of 7.2x4.5 cm.

Just my thoughts about that.

Edited: Oct 2, 11:14am Top

>79 SqueakyChu:
When I start handing out monetary prizes (just kidding!!), we can get more specific. :

Oh my, do you know what sort of red tape you'd have to go through to make an international prize like that legal? Yikes!

Oct 2, 12:42pm Top

>LOL! I'd rather not find out!!

Oct 2, 1:10pm Top

So... I almost never visit my TIOLI FAQ page, but I did today and found this suggestion from humouress which she wrote a long time ago.

Suggestion from humouress (apologies if it's already answered): Can you put, somewhere in the introduction, when/ how to mark things in bold or italics or star them in the Challenges and on the TIOLI meter please? 03/03/2018

I added the formulas for bolding and italicizing to the FAQ page as I'd prefer not to add more "stuff" to the top of the main page.

I don't understand what "starring" on the main page means. Can someone explain this to me?

Starring on the TIOLI meter is simply typing in an asterisk. I'm not sure this needs further explanation.

Another suggestion came years ago with a request for a TIOLI tutorial. I'm not up for doing this myself, but if anyone else here wants to tackle it, be my guest. I'd be happy to add a link to a tutorial that someone else designs, but don't feel pressured by me to do so! :D

Edited: Oct 2, 1:13pm Top

The following is now part of the TIOLI FAQs wiki. Refer to it whenever you need to:

What is considered the equivalent of the "first page" in ebooks and audiobooks

The first 2 pages of an ebook with any size font and the first 2 minutes of a CD will be considered the equivalent of the first page of a hard copy book. This equivalency was set up to include more readers of ebooks and audiobooks in our challenges.

Oct 2, 1:43pm Top

>84 SqueakyChu: you keep making the challenges harder, but you just made TIOLI easier. Thanks.

Edited: Oct 2, 2:22pm Top

Everything needs to be in balance. I'm a Libra, after all. :D

I was getting the feeling that some TIOLI challengers were getting frustrated by not being able to use their ebooks and audiobooks as frequently as they wanted for our challenges. They ARE books, after all.

Oct 2, 4:42pm Top

>14 Helenliz:. A question, Helen - will you accept alternate history books? I was thinking along the lines of Naomi Novik’s Temeraire novels (Napoleonic Wars with dragons) or Eric Flint’s 1632 series.

What do you think?

Oct 2, 5:13pm Top

>87 Dejah_Thoris: >14 Helenliz: I was wondering about that, too. I was thinking about Deryni Rising but chose A Morbid Taste for Bones instead.

Edited: Oct 2, 6:37pm Top

Challenge #16: Read a book with a ship on the cover

Any kind of ship/boat. Any edition of the book.

The Riddle of the Sands - Erskine Childers
The Warrior's Path - Louis L'Amour

Oct 2, 7:26pm Top

>89 countrylife: Does a space ship qualify?

Oct 2, 10:04pm Top

>90 quondame: : It's not what I had in mind, but I did say "any", so - yes.

Oct 2, 11:10pm Top

>91 countrylife: Thank you! I thought I was just increasing my chances - and being a smart ass - the Robin Hobb covers do include ships and I read more fantasy than SF, but going through the books I've got checked out I just this minute came across:

Oct 4, 12:58am Top

>87 Dejah_Thoris:, >88 Morphidae: I've been thinking about this one and my initial reaction was no. Thinking about it a bit more logically, I think I am prepared to accept the alternate history, as long as it doesn't include things that could not possibly have ever happened. So no to the dragons, I'm afraid.

Edited: Oct 4, 4:25pm Top

Boy did I make a mistake reading Beartown for challenge #1 this early in the month. It’s pretty much spoiled me for anything else for a while. I tried to read Flights for the comfort read challenge and had to abandon it. Not only was it not comforting, I couldn’t care a bit about any of the characters or situations. Right now, even though Beartown was written in Sweden and came out last year, it’s the most important book to be read in the USA. I just wish we could get the Judiciary Committee to read it.

Oct 4, 6:42pm Top

>94 Citizenjoyce: So you'd recommend it then?

Oct 4, 7:36pm Top

>95 elkiedee: lol (or, in Spanish, jajajajaja!) I agree wholeheartedly with >94 Citizenjoyce:!

Karen O.

Oct 5, 12:01am Top

Challenge #17: Read a Book with a Title in the Title

The title should be either royal (King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Emperor, Shah, etc.) or noble (Duke, Duchess, Earl, Marquis, etc.)

Oct 5, 2:45am Top

>95 elkiedee: I agree with >96 klobrien2: jajajajaja

Oct 5, 9:29am Top

>94 Citizenjoyce: I just started Beartown, (p 25) and now I am very excited to get a good block of time to get into it. Glad to hear it is a wonderful book.

I am also listening to Crazy Rich Asians which is a lot of fun. I'll put it into the comfort read.

Oct 5, 11:54am Top

>1 SqueakyChu: I'm hoping this counts - "A Room Full of Ones" for A Room Full of Bones. That's the Treasury Vault where they keep all the one-dollar bills!

Oct 5, 12:50pm Top

>100 owlie13: It could be a singles bar as well! ;)

Oct 5, 1:56pm Top

<99> I read his Crazy Rich Girlfriend and couldn’t really appreciate it because I was so flabbergasted by the characters.. Conspicuous consumption always nauseates me. My daughter says the movie is very funny. I wonder if I could take another dip in that culture.

Edited: Oct 5, 2:27pm Top

>100 owlie13: You made it work! It’s good!!
>101 DeltaQueen50: LOL!

Oct 5, 2:30pm Top

>97 LizzieD: Would His Majesty's Hope be acceptable?

Edited: Oct 5, 4:26pm Top

For my challenge #1, two people are trying to use "Sinning Silver". What does that mean?!

Oct 5, 8:12pm Top

>105 SqueakyChu: Silver that... does evil things? haha - I think I added it first and thought it was funny, but if you judge that it's a "title that doesn't make sense" I'll see if I can fit it somewhere else :)

Edited: Oct 5, 9:33pm Top

Okay. I’ll accept it even though silver should always be doing good things...as in sterling silver!! You can keep your “Sinning Silver”. Haha!

Edited: Oct 6, 3:17am Top

>105 SqueakyChu: Think of a new nickname for Long John Silver from the Treasure Island ...

Oct 6, 9:56am Top

>108 paulstalder: ha! I like your explanation even better 😂

Oct 6, 11:45am Top

>110 SqueakyChu: Haha! That will work as well!

Oct 6, 1:58pm Top

>110 SqueakyChu: Every time I see my entry for your challenge (The Lighting Thief for The Lightning Thief), I have a little giggle. I think of the cliche bandit covered in black with a black mask across his nose and mouth and beady little eyes, creeping into a lighting store or Home Depot and stealing all the lamps.

I so amuse myself.

Oct 6, 6:34pm Top

>111 Morphidae: That is funny. Some of the entries are really great!

Oct 6, 10:56pm Top

>104 Helenoel: Sure, Helen. I'm easy.

Oct 7, 11:06am Top

>112 SqueakyChu: My favorites are Harry Potter and the Goblet of Ire (helenliz) and When God Was a Rabbi (Crazymamie and raidergirl3.)

Edited: Oct 7, 11:15pm Top

>97 LizzieD:. Will you take Lord John? It’s a courtesy title (his father was a duke).

ETA: I found advantageous places for both Lord John books, and added His Majesty's Dragon to your challenge, instead. But I'd still like a ruling on Lord in case I come across another.

Oct 8, 3:34pm Top

>112 SqueakyChu: I just reread The Da Vinci Code (this time, the illustrated version), and I think I'll add it as "The Da Vinci COD," which just cracks me up! I love challenges like this, not difficult, but requiring a little imagination.

Karen O.

Edited: Oct 8, 4:14pm Top

>116 klobrien2: I had actually thought of that before, but I knew I did not want to read either The Da Vinci Code or The Da Vinci Cod. Haha!

Edited: Oct 8, 6:44pm Top

I just picture a fish with a mysterious smile and it makes me smile! By the way, I probably wouldn't have reread this one, but the ample illustrations and photographs made it such fun to read.

Karen O.

p.s. Now I'm off to read those Challenge #1 entries again!

Oct 8, 6:56pm Top

>62 calm: Is "alchemist" a trade that you would consider for this challenge? It's the craft of making something different from something else. I've got The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter and I was wondering if I could put it here.

Karen O.

Oct 9, 12:51am Top

>114 Morphidae: Thank you. >:-)

Oct 9, 5:03am Top

>119 klobrien2: - You've made your case :) I guess I was thinking of more traditional trades but go for it

Edited: Oct 9, 8:39am Top

>97 LizzieD:

Peggy, would you accept "Rex" where it is the Latin for "king"?

Oct 10, 4:00pm Top

>121 calm: Thanks!

Karen O.

Oct 10, 4:02pm Top

That moment when you work out that there's no where to put your latest book. >:-(
Then you remember it is 15 CDs long and you'll be lucky to finish it in November...
So if someone can raise a challenge in November for The Time Traveller's Almanac: Part II, I'd appreciate it >;-)

Oct 10, 6:32pm Top

>124 Helenliz: Yup, sometimes you have to look a few months ahead.

Oct 10, 6:49pm Top

>124 Helenliz: That would be fun, Helen, if everyone tries to create a challenge that would fit your book ;-)

Edited: Oct 10, 11:42pm Top

I will probably be offline for a while through this weekend. Before I go, I need to throw this out to you. A challenger is trying to use the title "All I Ever Anted" for my challenge #1. What does that mean?!

Oct 11, 1:37am Top

>127 SqueakyChu: All she ever put up as a stake in a poker game?

Oct 11, 8:53am Top

>127 SqueakyChu: - It's me, and yes, I mean it just as >128 Citizenjoyce: says.

Edited: Oct 11, 9:06am Top

>129 katiekrug: Hahaha! OKay! I'll accept it.

Oct 11, 9:10am Top

Thanks, Madeleine!

Oct 11, 11:29am Top

>131 katiekrug: Sure. I'll see your amount and raise you one challenge. Heh!

Oct 11, 11:55am Top

Ha! All I ever anted was a nickel, so.... :)

Edited: Oct 11, 2:06pm Top

Amazon is running a one-day $1.99 special for the Kindle edition of The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.

Oct 11, 4:17pm Top

thanks for the heads-up >134 Citizenjoyce:. It was even $1.99 in Canada. I haven't read many ebooks but I recently got my daughter's mini iPad and have been using it for reading a bit. After reading the first few pages, it appears I had no idea what The Sparrow was about!

Oct 11, 9:57pm Top

>135 raidergirl3: Read The Sparrow! The beginning is kind of slow, but the ending leaves so much food for thought. I do recommend it.

Oct 12, 5:13am Top

I have been challenge hopping with "The Witch's Brat", moved it back from challenge #14 to #1.

Oct 12, 11:23pm Top

>115 Dejah_Thoris: Yes to Lord.
>122 lyzard: ABSOLUTELY YES to Rex!!!

Oct 12, 11:48pm Top

>137 FAMeulstee: Oh, #1 please! I have it waiting for me in the library and I'm just finishing a my original entry for #14.

Oct 13, 12:04am Top

>138 LizzieD:

Thank you! :)

Oct 14, 6:25am Top

Finished my October sweep today:

#1: Marc de verschoppeling (The Witch's Brat) by Rosemary Sutcliff
#2: De bakker by Anke van Hasselt
#3: De metro van Magnus by Joke van Leeuwen
#4: De appel (The apple) by Dick Bruna
#5: Het verhaal van Aeneas (The Aeneid) by Vergilius
#6: De PG (The Public Prosecutor) by Jef Geeraerts
#7: Bezoekjaren by Joke van Leeuwen
#8: De gestolen kinderen by Gerardo Soto y Koelemeijer
#9: Bij ons in Caddum by Jan Terlouw
#10: Hartenbloed (Heart's blood) by Juliet Marillier
#11: Stil leven een tentoonstelling by Ted van Lieshout
#12: Black, de zwarte hengst (The Black Stallion) by Walter Farley
#13: Martine Koperslager by Selma Noort
#14: Om het rood van de krijger (Warrior scarlet) by Rosemary Sutcliff
#15: De eeuwige jacht (This Night's Foul Work) by Fred Vargas
#16: De nacht in Lissabon (The Night in Lisbon) by Erich Maria Remarque
#17: De bavianenkoning (The Baboon King) by Anton Quintana

Oct 14, 6:28am Top

>141 FAMeulstee: Congratulations Anita.

Oct 14, 9:19am Top


Oct 14, 5:35pm Top

>141 FAMeulstee: Congratulations!

Oct 15, 2:11am Top

Anita strikes again. Congratulations.

Oct 15, 4:43am Top

>141 FAMeulstee: Congratulations, Anita!

Edited: Oct 15, 3:21pm Top

Thanks Kerry, Luci, Susan, Joyce and Heather.

Oct 15, 11:27pm Top

>141 FAMeulstee: Congrats, Anita!!

Oct 16, 2:27pm Top

>148 SqueakyChu: Thank you, Madeline!

Yesterday, 6:07am Top

>94 Citizenjoyce: and >96 klobrien2: Thanks for your posts about Beartown. I need to get hold of the sequel, Us Against You now. I don't even read books about sport normally.

Yesterday, 12:57pm Top

>150 elkiedee: I put myself on the waiting list at the library as soon as I finished Beartown. I have to know the next part of the story.

Today, 6:03pm Top

>89 countrylife: I guess I'm pushing the limits again, but I have a book with a sailing ship on the -back-cover... though The Seascape Tattoo which I used for my own image challenge has lots of sailing ships all over the covers. Even to get a shared read, I wouldn't recommend it though.

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