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Lucy (Sibyx) Reading from Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice 2018

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Oct 19, 9:30am Top


Note the corgi socks

Currently Reading in October 2018

Rift Kay Kenyon
new About This Life Barry Lopez memoir/essays
✔ROOT Owen Glendower John Cowper Powys hist fic
Her Royal Spyness Rhys Bowen mys

Finished in October
105. ✔ A Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume Three Sharon Lee Steve Miller fantasy
106. ♬ Small Gods Terry Pratchett
107. new Firebrand Kristen Britain fantasy
108. new Exit Strategy Martha Wells sp/op

new Waking Dreams Mary Watkins psych

Put Down For Good
(Jan)new Engine City Ken MacLeod sf
(Feb)♬Roma Stephen Saylor hist fict
(March) The Baklava Club mys
(August) War With the Newts Karl Capek sf
(September ♬The Winter King Bernard Cornwell

✔=off shelf
E =e-book
new =acquired in 2018 (or end of 2017)

Edited: Oct 7, 3:42pm Top

97. ✔ Stone of Farewell(2) Tad Williams fantasy ****
98. ✔ Green Angel Tower, Part 1 Tad Williams fantasy ****
99. ✔ A Collection of Essays George Orwell essays, literary and memoir ****
100. ✔ To Green Angel Tower, Part 2 Tad Williams fantasy ****1/2
101. ✔ The Gathering Edge Sharon Lee Steve Miller ****
102. ♬Snuff Terry Pratchett fantasy ****
103. new The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs Steve Brusatte nat sci
104. ✔ Neogenesis Sharon Lee Steve Miller sp/op ****1/2

Total: 8
Men: 6
Women: 0
M/W writing together: 2
Non-fiction: 2
Contemp/Classic/Hist Fiction: 0
SF/F: 6
Mystery(inc hist mys): 0
YA or J:
New author:

Book origins/type:
From library or borrowed:
Audio: 1
New (to my library): 1
Off Shelf/ROOT:
Did not finish:

Housekeeping: (needs September update)
physical books (for year) IN=53
e-books=7 (unchanged)

Book Titles Acquired September 2018
50. Improvement Joan Silber gift jim
51. The Wild Braid Stanley Kunitz gift jim
52. The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs Steve Brusatte READ
53. Last Night in Montreal Emily St. John Mandel

17. Snuff Terry Pratchett READ
18. Small Gods Terry Pratchett Reading
19. The Winter King Bernard Cornwell

Reflections September 2018
This month is a first in that I finished no contemporary fiction and no fiction solely by a woman--I did read two Lee-Miller sp/ops. The best book, as in most interesting and fun, was the dino book by Steve Brusatte. Orwell was, probably due to my circumstances and state of mind, a slog, but worthwhile. I am, very very slowly making my way through John Cowper Powys's Owen Glendower -- somehow, it feels constrained or laboured compared to the others I've read (four so far, the superb Porius and A Glastonbury Romance and then Wolf Solent and Weymouth Sands both very worthwhile. As for the rest, the skew remains toward entertainment and fun with lots of sp/op and fantasy. I am approaching the end of my Pratchett saga and that is sad! One thing -- the Powys is set in 1400 and the contrast to the "faux medieval" settings of the lighter fantasies to Powys's attempt to capture visceral reality does nothing for either form. I shouldn't be overlapping them, but there you have it. I have managed to get halfway! It is a ROOT read so really, I have bogged down dreadfully.

Edited: Sep 30, 3:30pm Top


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Sep 30, 3:31pm Top


Sep 30, 3:42pm Top


Edited: Sep 30, 8:50pm Top

Yes!!! Not a whole lot to see here yet. Can't believe it will be October tomorrow.

(Bringing this thought over from the end of the last thread):
I've bogged down hopelessly in Owen Glendower my ROOT book, so before I can start in on the two "new" books I have listed here (the Lopez and the Liaden stories) I have to read 100 pages. Maybe that will be enough to get my deep into it. I have already read about 250. As with all of Powys's fiction it is utterly compelling and memorable, but it is writing that asks a lot more of the reader than most. I do sometimes worry that I'm getting to be a lazier reader than I used to be!

Sep 30, 5:40pm Top

Well, happy new thread, then!

Sep 30, 5:44pm Top

Happy new thread !

Sep 30, 6:48pm Top

Happy new thread, Lucy!
Looking forward to more pictures of the adorable Corgi duo :-)

Sep 30, 7:01pm Top

Happy New Thread, Lucy!

Sep 30, 10:44pm Top

Love the Corgi socks!

The president of the university where I now work has two corgis. They have a Twitter handle: WSU_1stCorgis. They are so darn cute!

Oct 1, 1:58am Top

Happy new thread!

Oct 1, 5:35am Top

Happy new thread!

Oct 1, 9:26am Top

Happy new thread!

Oct 1, 9:42am Top

Happy new thread!
Love the corgi socks :)

Edited: Oct 1, 9:12pm Top

Almost to my goal of reading 100p of the Powys before starting the next Liaden (short stories). I'm going to try to keep it going.

>9 ronincats: First!

>10 figsfromthistle: A new visitor! thanks for stopping by.

>11 FAMeulstee: I do try to keep new pix coming along.

>12 jnwelch:, >14 quondame:, >15 EllaTim: - Hi back, thanks!

>13 EBT1002: Those two corgis look a lot like Miss Po and Finbar!

>13 EBT1002: >17 ChelleBearss: I have more socks now that either have corgis, moose, or cats than I do "regular" socks!

>16 drneutron: Was talking about you the other day -- I saved your explanation of your work on the solar probe, so I could reread when needed. So exciting!

Oct 1, 9:05pm Top

>18 sibyx: I'd love to have worked on the Solar probe, but I was bounced out of satellite control systems to general network maintenance so I think the comment must be for drneutron

Oct 1, 9:12pm Top

Oh whoops! Trying to keep track of too many numbers! I think I've fixed it.

Oct 2, 11:12am Top

Happy new one, Lucy! Your topper is so sweet.

Oct 5, 5:46pm Top

Happy new thread , Lucy. I love those little extended paws in your topper.

Edited: Oct 11, 9:09am Top


Stories that fill in some of the background for the novels in which Miller and Lee develop characters and ideas. Not for the uninitiated. ****

Edited: Oct 11, 9:08am Top


A one-off Pratchett about a hapless monk in a country on Diskworld that worships the "great god Om". He finds a talking turtle an eagle has dropped on the compost heap in the garden where he works in the monastery and it turns out it is the great god Om himself and he is the only believer and . . . Anyway, there are the usual evil plotters which must be thwarted more or less by accident and pure goodness of character and motives. Not my favourite but it had its moments. ****

Oct 7, 10:15pm Top

>24 sibyx: I'm very fond of Small Gods. Though my favorite Pratchetts are the Watch sub series.

Oct 7, 10:18pm Top

Happy new thread!!

Oct 10, 7:25pm Top

And WHO am I going to think of when this pops up on my Facebook feed?

Oct 10, 10:07pm Top


Oct 10, 10:51pm Top

My mongrel is no corgi, but she does tend to favor the "Weirdo" pose.

Oct 10, 11:04pm Top

>27 ronincats: *LOVE* I also love those splooting socks in your topper, Lucy. Our mostly-collie Cubbie was a champion Weirdo.
The Loaf looks like the rear end of a cat sitting puckaduck.

Oct 11, 6:47am Top

>27 ronincats: that is the cutest thing ever!

Our terrier is a classic donut, but she and our lab also spent a lot of time just lying down on their sides, legs straight. There's no name for that one, I guess.

Oct 11, 8:42pm Top

>30 LizzieD: My cat does the loaf very very well. I never heard it described as "puckaduck"!

Oct 11, 10:54pm Top

>32 laytonwoman3rd: Hi, Linda! Puckaduck is our own term for a cat, happily knuckled (also our term).

Oct 12, 1:05pm Top

>33 LizzieD: Ahhh....the joy of making up names for the people and things you love. We do that too.

Oct 13, 1:46pm Top

>27 ronincats: OMG this is so cute!! :)))))

>1 sibyx: as is the topper! The socks!! The paws!!! :))))))
Where are the heart emojis when you need them?
Happy weekend Lucy!

Oct 15, 2:42pm Top

>27 ronincats: LOL -- love it!

Oct 19, 9:28am Top

107. fantasy ***1/2
Firebrand Kristen Britain

Sir Karigan goes ever deeper into her role as the servant of Westrion, the god of death. The Second Empire (and I've forgotten, over time, just who is really behind the whole push to conquer Sacoridia, land of our hero and company) continues to plot and scheme and a wielder of magic, Grandmother, is knitting up a storm to capture Karigan and to use her to release demons of the underworld that the Sacoridians managed to imprison hundreds of years back. Zachary the king and Karigan continue to pine for one another. And so on. I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but it is what it is. ***1/2

I'm not sure how many books into this series I am, but I'm committed. The book does suffer somewhat from the bloat effect that seems to have stricken the fantasy genre. There is something comforting about a Very Long Book, but it ends up being a little like the low-calorie sweet, not quite as satisfying as a tightly wrought and written story. I had an aunt who would never read a book less than 7 or 800 pages long (back in the days of Michener, this was) and I am sympathetic.

Another comment because there is little need to review the story itself is also a general fantasy grip about the amount of suffering that Karigan undergoes. Over the top for me, as it was for Simon in the Williams book above and countless others in the last few years. Another faddish thing that will pass I hope? The amount of pain from stubbing my toe hard makes my eyes water, nuff said.

Edited: Oct 19, 9:36am Top

108. sp/op *****
Exit Strategy Martha Wells

I read this one so fast I never even had it in my "Currently Reading" list up top. Murderbot just can't help helping people and that gets (him?) into continuous trouble. Hard to know what gender m-bot really is, although I get the impression m-bot looks more male than female. That m-bot is falling in love is without doubt. Is that the ultimate thing that makes us human?

Oct 19, 4:00pm Top

>37 sibyx: >38 sibyx: Both Exit Strategy and Firebrand are available at my library, so I'll guess I'll be reading those soon. I was so tired of the over stressed under done Zachary and Karigan in the last volume though so am not looking forward to more of the same. Not sure how I could have delayed getting my hands on Exit Strategy before now - perhaps I got lost among the TIOLI challenges...

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