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October 2018 ~ What are you reading?

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

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Oct 1, 8:48am Top

Finished Lethal White by Robert Galbraith in the early hours of this morning. Really enjoyed it.

Edited: Oct 1, 1:12pm Top

Starting the month with this OverDrive audiobook ~

"L" is for Lawless by Sue Grafton

(Kinsey Millhone Alphabet series/a favor for a friend becomes a wild romp involving a decades-old crime)

Oct 1, 8:45pm Top

Finished Mischief by Charlotte Armstrong, the first novel of four in Women Crime Writers Four Suspense Novels of the 1950s. Sounds contradictory, but it was both suspenseful and humorous. Reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Not too far along but a beautiful sense of place.

Oct 2, 9:00am Top

In the Shadow of the Glacier by Vicki Delany
#1 Constable Molly Smith Mystery
4 ⭐️

Molly (Moonlight) Smith is a Constable in Trafalgar, BC, Canada. It’s a little tourist town right at the edge of a glacier. Her parents Lucky and Andy run tour agency. Her mom is an aging hippie and her father is a draft dodger from the Vietnam war. Things are not settled in town as Lucky wants to make sure a Commemorative Peace garden, honoring draft dodgers, is built in the town. The town is split on whether it will hurt or help the tourist industry. While on patrol, a local business man, in opposition to the park, is found murdered in an alley, and Molly’s bike is stolen. She is teamed up with Detective Waters, a transfer from Vancouver, to find out what is going on. To make things worse, Molly’s best friend is being stalked by a violent admirer. And even worse is that an L A news anchor is in town totally stirring up protests and division in town. (This reminds me of what today’s irresponsible partisan media is doing to the US.) This is an excellent character driven story. Molly and her family are interesting people. It’s not fast paced, but there is enough happening that I easily became engrossed in the story. I can hardly wait to red more of this series.

Oct 2, 9:13am Top

>1 seitherin: I've recently been considering reading The Cuckoo's Calling, to see if I would like that series. What else would you compare it to?

I just finished reading The Quiet American by Graham Greene. I thought it was an incredible novel and it was hard to believe how much Greene seems to have anticipated about the United States continued involvement in Vietnam. For those who don't know, there is a murder mystery of sorts in the novel, but it is set in Vietnam during the early 1950s. If you are interested in that sort of thing, I highly recommend it.

Edited: Oct 2, 2:31pm Top

>5 Dr_Flanders: I've been wracking my brain trying to answer your question and I can't come up with a comparison. I can tell you it is not like Agatha Christie or Sue Grafton or any of the Nordic crime/mystery writers or Ann Cleeves. In tone, it's somewhat like Louise Penny. It is casual and not much prone to be overwrought. It develops the characters and their relationships. It is not "hard boiled". For me, the books fall into what I call "comfort reads", the kinds of book you curl up on the sofa with and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee over. I hope this helps a little.

Oct 2, 3:14pm Top

>6 seitherin: It does help, thank you for getting back to me about it. I think I will probably try out the first book in the series and then go from there. I'd been wondering if it is anything like the contemporary portion of Magpie Murders, but I think I will just give it a shot and find out.

Oct 3, 7:40am Top

Enjoying this library audiobook ~

This Side of Murder by Anna Lee Huber

(Book #1, Verity Kent/post WWI England/a letter suggests that Verity's dead husband committed treason/British narrator)

Oct 3, 11:24am Top

Listening to the latest Cormoran Strike novel - Lethal White and am a little peeved that things are taking the tried and true romantic longing route between Cormoran and his business partner, Robin. We've long known she shouldn't have married Matthew, but oy, she doesn't need to turn into Effie Perine.

Oct 6, 12:02pm Top

Just started Seventy-Seven Clocks, a Bryant and May mystery by Christopher Fowler.

Oct 6, 1:10pm Top

And yesterday I started Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent. It's going in a different direction than expected so am quite pleased. The writing is a little repetitive and the author is enamored of the word inveigled.

Oct 6, 8:03pm Top

Finished Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. A wonderful book. A murder, a trial but a lot more: a lonely marsh girl, love, abandonment, betrayal all bound together by descriptions of nature with a naturalist's eye. Excited to be starting The Man Who Came Uptown, George Pelecanos's first book in a while.

Oct 6, 8:37pm Top

Finished Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves. Liked it. I'll miss Shetland.

Next up is The Honest Spy by Andreas Kollender.

Edited: Oct 8, 12:22pm Top

Starting this OverDrive audiobook ~

Princess: A Private Novel by James Patterson
(Jack Morgan/England/Princess Caroline, third in line to the throne, requests JM's help ~ a friend of the royal is missing)

UPDATE: pulled the plug ~ the story made a major violent detour at the mid-point.

Edited: Oct 8, 2:51pm Top

Finished (and thoroughly enjoyed) Mycroft Holmes and Anna Waterhouse. Who'da thunk it? I saw that Mycroft and Sherlock is due out this month.

Also romping through 1930's London with A Royal Pain. Fun and fluffy cozy.

Oct 8, 9:08pm Top

I just finished a re-read of Rachel Howzell Hall's series featuring LA detective Elouise (Lou) Norton. Four very fun books, although the last one is a little depressing. Trying to find out what else she's up to.

Oct 8, 11:25pm Top

I finished Echoes of Lies by Jo Bannister. I wasn't totally blown away by this novel, but I'll try the next one in her series, if I can find it.

Oct 9, 7:10pm Top

The Apostle by Brad Thor
3 1/2 ⭐️

Scot Harvath was an American operative who lost his job with the down sizing done by the new president. However, the president has a job for him. One of the president’s big money supporters had her daughter kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Harvath accepts the job and heads for Kabul. Meanwhile, one of the president’s Secret Service agents overhears a secret which could put the president out of office. Harvath assembles a security team that must first take a Taliban mastermind from the Afghans to trade for the kidnapped young CARE doctor. A daunting task, at best, which could unravel at any time. I enjoyed the characters, the mild humor and the extreme action in this adventure. Lots of local Afgan color added to the realism. This is the first book I’ve read by Brad Thor, but I will be seeking more.

Oct 9, 7:16pm Top

I've started the latest Maggie Hope mystery The Prisoner in the Castle which is a play on a famous Agatha Christie book.

Edited: Oct 10, 5:53pm Top

Oct 10, 6:17pm Top

I'm currently listening to Echo Park by Michael Connelly. It is one of the Harry Bosch series, #12. Harry is working in the Open Unsolved unit and he is looking at an unsolved case of his own in which a young woman disappeared and was never found. Harry gets a call from another detective who wants the old file because a man found with the dismembered bodies of two women in his van is going to give details about other killings including this one. Harry gets to question the accused and his confession seems plausible but Harry always thought someone else, a rich man's son, was guilty. How could he have been so wrong?

I am a big fan of the Harry Bosch series and I like Connelly's other books too.

Oct 11, 12:15pm Top

I just started Off the Grid, #5 (I think) in the Monkeewrench series.

Oct 11, 12:55pm Top

Enjoying this OverDrive audiobook ~

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

(Kerra, television journalist in Texas/a hero and his estranged son/lies and conspiracy/romantic suspense)

Edited: Oct 11, 3:49pm Top

>21 gypsysmom: Echo Park was a good one!

I’m really enjoying Don’t Look Now, a NYRB collection of stories by Daphne du Maurier. Creepy and unsettling! I’ve never read The Birds but I’ve seen the Hitchcock movie a few times. The short story is so much better.

Oct 11, 5:10pm Top

Next up in my mystery reading will be a re-read of McNally's Chance.

Oct 12, 12:14am Top

Finished I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll. Enjoyed it muchly.

Oct 13, 7:12pm Top

Finished The Man Who Came Uptown by George Pelecanos. I am a big Pelecanos fan and this did not disappoint. Back to Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1950s. On to the 2nd novel in the volume: The Blunderer by Patricia Highsmith.

Edited: Oct 15, 4:44pm Top

Enjoying this library audiobook ~

Consumed (Firefighters series) by J. R. Ward

(book #1/Anne Ashburn becomes an arson investigator after a life-changing tragedy/romantic suspense ~ Anne and Danny/family issues/fire station crew/ensemble narration)

Oct 15, 9:01am Top

How is it I have existed this long without Rumpole and She Who Must Be Obeyed? Enjoying their company now, courtesy of Rumpole Rests His Case.

Oct 17, 4:20pm Top

>29 gmathis: I don't know how you could have missed them this long but aren't they wonderful?

Edited: Oct 17, 9:07pm Top

Adding In Harm's Way by Viveca Sten to my reading rotation.

Oct 17, 9:53pm Top

>29 gmathis: >30 gypsysmom: My library only seems to have A Rumpole Christmas but I may have to give it a try. Thanks!

I’ve got a 100 or so pages left to go in Michael Connelly’s The Black Box. I’m having fun hanging out with Bosch again.

Oct 17, 9:57pm Top

>30 gypsysmom: >32 Copperskye: Yes, they're a treat and I shall have to hunt down more...both in print and on video!

Oct 20, 9:15am Top

I Know You Know by Gilly MacMillan. I was kind of disappointed with this one; usually really like her novels.

Oct 20, 10:55am Top

Hoping to start Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit, by Amy Stewart, this weekend.

Oct 20, 6:20pm Top

Enjoying this library audiobook ~

Her Last Goodbye by Melinda Leigh

(book #2, Morgan Dane series/romantic suspense/Morgan and Lance team up to find a missing mom)

Oct 21, 3:06pm Top

I just finished The Girl on The Train. I'm so out of the loop, I had ZERO spoilers. I've never seen the movie. In fact, I don't think I ever watched a trailer. In keeping with my out-of-the-loop theme, I have started on The Circle by Dave Eggers, which is possibly a thriller.: One that starts out very slowly, but I'm mostly enjoying it, and, as a Bay Area tech employee, it really speaks to me.

Oct 21, 3:14pm Top

I'm reading Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton. Read Now You see me first and enjoyed it so much that I went straight on to read the next book in the series.

Oct 22, 9:22am Top

>35 rabbitprincess: Glad to hear the Kopp sisters are at it again! I've only read Girl Waits With Gun, but I'm looking forward to following their further progress.

Oct 22, 4:32pm Top

>39 gmathis: It was really good! What I love about the books is not only the mysteries themselves, but also Amy Stewart's author's notes where she explains what is fact and what is fiction.

Oct 22, 8:51pm Top

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read one of Charles Todd’s Ian Rutledge books and so I’ve started the next one up for me, A Fearsome Doubt.

Edited: Oct 23, 4:21pm Top

Added Machine City by Scott J. Holliday to my reading rotation.

Edited: Oct 23, 8:06pm Top

Finished my review copy of In Harm's Way by Viveca Sten. Enjoyed it.

Next into the rotation is a review copy of Someone Like Me by M. R. Carey.

Oct 23, 8:34pm Top

Starting Red Bones, by Ann Cleeves.

Oct 24, 12:14am Top

Oct 24, 9:55pm Top

The Breakdown by B.A.Paris. Very much in need of a severe edit, unsympathetic characters, and I figured out the whole story just a couple of chapters in.

Oct 25, 1:06pm Top

Enjoying this library audiobook ~

The Perfect Witness: A Novel by Iris Johansen

(suspense/psychic abilities/crime family/witness protection program/a stand-alone book)

Oct 26, 11:18am Top

Enjoyed this clever little story, a novella, by Gillian Flynn, The Grownup.

Oct 27, 7:25pm Top

Glad I stumbled across this series, new to me-the D.I. Callanach series by Helen Fields. I finished the first one today Perfect Remains and really liked it.

Oct 28, 12:23am Top

I'm reading The Other Wife by Michael Robotham and it's really good. He has such a way with characters.

Edited: Oct 28, 5:41pm Top

Discovered Madeleine's War at, of all places, a Dollar Tree. Hard to put down. WWII history, romance, espionage, and a good deal of suspense.

Oct 28, 6:44pm Top

Finished Red Bones, by Ann Cleeves, and will probably have to request Blue Lightning right away.

Also started Hamlet, Revenge!, by Michael Innes.

Oct 31, 1:08pm Top

Yesterday I finished Dragonfish by Vu Tran. This is a well written noir-type mystery about an Oakland policeman who must travel to Las Vegas and navigate the seamier side of the Vietnamese refugee community there to find and help his ex-wife, Suzy.

Edited: Nov 1, 6:37pm Top

Finished Rules Of Vengeance by Christopher Reich. Totally enjoyable and thrillingly twisty ride. A good follow up to Rules of Deception. Looking forward to complete the trilogy with Rules of Betrayal. However, first a slight detour with Scandalous Behavior by Stuart Woods.

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