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2019 Reading Through Time Reading Plans

Reading Through Time

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Edited: Oct 17, 12:18pm Top

We are entering into the 4th quarter of 2018 and it is time to start making plans for 2019. Is everyone still interested in continuing on with the format that we are using where one person hosts each month with a topic of their choice? If so let me know and then we can start the volunteering for next year. We aren't a very large group so if you know anyone who may be interested in what we are doing here, please invite them to check us out.

January: LibraryCin - "Survival"
February: tess_schoolmarm - "Be My Valentine"
March: cbfiske
April: DeltaQueen - "The Wonderful Emptiness" - The Great Central Plains of America
May: cindydavid4 - "Myths"
June: Majkia
July: Familyhistorian

Oct 1, 8:35pm Top

I am ok with continuing this way, but if others have other ideas, that's fine, too.

In fact, I was deciding between two themes when I chose the science one, but I can now no longer remember hat my 2nd theme idea was! Sigh... Hopefully, if we do it this way again, it will come back to me.

Oct 1, 11:35pm Top

im still interested in this format, its been very interesting both as a host and as a reader.

Not sure what theme I'd pick Thinking of children's books pre 1929?

Oct 2, 10:19pm Top

So, we have 2 Cindys on board! :-) Can't recall how many Cindys are in the group, but that must be half of us! LOL!

Oct 3, 7:29pm Top

Third Cindy chiming in! I love the format this has developed into!

Oct 3, 7:31pm Top

I think the last time we talked about this we had 4

Oct 3, 7:44pm Top

>6 cindydavid4: I was also thinking 4, but I wasn't sure! And yay! 3 Cindys agree! :-)

Oct 4, 2:46am Top

Not a Cindy, but I like the format and would host again if needed/asked.

Oct 4, 3:41am Top

Hi, I'm Dee, and I have just joined. I think that a person hosting each month, is a brilliant idea. I would love to have a go myself:)

Edited: Oct 4, 12:30pm Top

I'm glad that most of us want to continue the Reading Through Time Challenge as it is. Please start thinking of which month you would lke to host as I will probably start a list later on in the month. At this point you don't have to have a theme worked out, just grab a month, you can always come up with the theme later.

And welcome Dee!

Oct 4, 6:19pm Top

I'm very happy with the format and would enjoy using it again for next year. Hoping to be able to participate more in 2019 and would be glad to host a month.

Oct 7, 2:50am Top

I'll take whatever month isn't spoken for!

Oct 7, 6:21am Top

Thank you for the welcome:)

Oct 7, 7:52pm Top

stopping by and checking things out, looks interesting

Oct 8, 4:49am Top

I like the current format and I hope to do better in actually participating.

Oct 9, 11:24am Top

I've added the month to the first posting here so if anyone wants to claim a month, please go ahead and do so. I will take a month but will wait as the theme I am thinking of doesn't depend on a particular time.

Oct 9, 8:45pm Top

>16 DeltaQueen50: I wish I could remember the alternate theme I was thinking instead of science! I'm still hoping it will come to me. I don't think the month will matter, but I still feel like I want to remember what it was before I officially choose a month!

Oct 9, 9:16pm Top

>1 DeltaQueen50: Judy, I'm going to jump in for 2019. I'm sure I'll go through several on my TBR!

Edited: Oct 10, 6:28pm Top

>17 LibraryCin: Cindy, I went back and checked the 2018 Planning Thread and you mentioned a theme of "I Will Survive" along with the one you went with "Blinded By Science".

>18 clue: Welcome, Clue. This is a great way to whittle away at the TBR!

Oct 11, 3:59pm Top

A question......what will the quarterly reads be (time periods?)

Oct 11, 9:00pm Top

>19 DeltaQueen50: good idea to check back. I think i was thinking natural disasters! I will look back, as well, to see if i expanded on what i mean. Thank you!

Oct 11, 9:11pm Top

I was not necessarily thinking natural disasters (at least not that i mentioned). Looks like I was simply thinking survival more broadly.

So, yes, can we put me down for survival in... no one else has picked a montn yet? I would be ok with january. How early would people like the thread posted for the first one in 2019?

Oct 11, 11:47pm Top

I'll take February then!

Oct 12, 4:32am Top

>20 tess_schoolmarm: According to the Wiki, it will be the 20th century, starting with WWI in the first quarter.

Oct 12, 5:18am Top

Oct 12, 9:11am Top

You could put me down for March.

Oct 12, 3:37pm Top

I have filled in January, February and March - thank you to the volunteers. I have added myself for the month of April.

As for timing, as long as we "planners" know what the theme is a couple of months in advance, the actual thread just needs to go up during the month before. Of course, if you wish to post early, by all means feel free to do so. I will try to send people a gentle reminder if their thread doesn't show up 2 weeks before the month starts.

Oct 12, 3:38pm Top

The theme I am planning on going with is going to be books set in the Great Central Plains of America - Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North and South Dakota & Nebraska. This central heartland of America shares many themes in common but there are also plenty of books set in each individual state. More about this when I post the thread.

Oct 12, 4:08pm Top

I'm in...this sounds like a fun group. >28 DeltaQueen50: Thank you for posting about it in the 2018 Cat challenge. I don't always read every challenge, but I'll pop in here throughout the year to add my reads. This is very much in my wheelhouse. Thanks to everyone for organizing it.

Oct 12, 7:29pm Top

>28 DeltaQueen50: Since I'm new I need to ask..so with your topic of the Central Plains, any book taking place on the plains at any time satisfies the challenge?

Oct 12, 8:27pm Top

February's Theme: Be My Valentine?

Oct 12, 9:23pm Top

I seem to be going through a mythology phase lately, with Circe Song of Achilles and Gaiman's Norse tales. So I'll do May. I'd like to get away from the tales we all know, and explore mythologies from other cultures and other parts of the world. Not sure how I'd title it, any ideas?

Oct 12, 9:23pm Top

>31 tess_schoolmarm: Oh yes, great love stories! Far Pavillions will be my immediate choice!

Edited: Oct 12, 9:33pm Top

a LT question that has alway confused me - why do we have monthly and quarterly themes, esp as several of them over lap or repeat . Whats the background for this structure (I notice that Reading Globally does quarterly, no monthly)

Edited: Oct 13, 2:28am Top

Somebody else can probably explain it better......our quarterly reads are not themes but division of time; hence reading through time. Our monthly is a different topic each month; so as to vary our reading. Now, I don't think you have to do this; but I try to keep my monthly reads within the time period we are in for the quarter. Example: The Old West is quarterly and if the monthly is women taking the lead, I would try to find books on women leaders in the Old West. I can't always do it, but I try!

Edited: Oct 13, 1:07pm Top

I love coming here and finding lots of activity! :)

>30 clue: As we are reading through history, the books we read are usually either historical fiction or non-fiction, but yes, any book set in the past that takes place in the Central Plains will fit. Books like My Antonia, Dances With Wolves, The Children's Blizzard or Empire of the Summer Moon would all fit. We are pretty loose here so "history" is not clearly defined, I tend consider anything from the 1960s back to be history, but others include anything from the last century - again it's your choice.

>31 tess_schoolmarm: I like that theme, should I add it to the top?

>32 cindydavid4: I love the idea of myths - you could go with something like "Legends and Myths - Adventures From the Past". I've reserved May for you.

>34 cindydavid4: Another reason for the quarterly reads was that some people wanted a longer time to explore certain periods in history, so we decided to set up quarterly categories to allow this extra time so that people could read as many books as they wished. People can participate to the degree that they wish - 10 books or no books - you decide. :)

Oct 13, 7:03pm Top

>27 DeltaQueen50: Thank you! That will give me time to come up with something, probably by November, possibly mid-month. I'm used to the challenge thread where they are usually posted about 2 weeks ahead, but I've noticed in this group, the threads are usually posted much earlier than that!

Oct 14, 10:48am Top

Now that I'm back in the States and can actually use the internet, YAY! I'll take a month. No idea on a theme yet though.

Oct 14, 4:17pm Top

>37 tess_schoolmarm: Done! :)

>39 majkia: Jean, I've added you in for June but you would rather a different month, just let me know.

Oct 15, 7:49pm Top

I just found the planning thread although I should have known you would have it up already, Judy. You are much more organized than I am. You can add me for a month.

Oct 16, 3:57pm Top

>41 Familyhistorian: Meg, I've put you in for July but if another month is more appealing, let me know.

Oct 16, 4:16pm Top

July is fine, Judy. I will try not to go on a trip during my month next year.

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