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TPBM 103: Another Prime Number! Aren't We Lucky?

This is a continuation of the topic TPBM 102: One past the Worst Thing in the World.


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Oct 5, 9:49am Top

From the previous thread:

Yes, one time when our daughter was youngish, with my husband and in-laws. Frankly it was hot and frustrating. I get my sense of accomplishment out of reading books, not wandering a path between rows of corn trying to find my way out.

TPBM has had a better experience with a corn maze.

Oct 5, 10:01am Top

Never done one.

The person below me has had experience doing life-size mazes that aren't maize.

Oct 5, 10:46am Top

I have walked around the maze at Hampton Court Palace - as in Three Men in a Boat - but once was enough.

TPBM has done something written about in fiction.

Oct 5, 11:58am Top

Probably; can't think of anything in particular, though.

//Corn fields... MrsHouseLibrary is afraid of them. Based in her viewing of a Stephen King movie and an episode of Twilight Zone, she has concluded that nothing ever good happens in a corn field. That being said, we've been feeding our local deer population for years; have named and recognized generations of one particular line that uses our back yard as a nursery. My brother-in-law is a farmer, and gives us some corn, but we purchase most of it from Tractor Supply. This year, after the recent rains, corn stalks started sprouting up all over our back yard. Currently consulting with the b-i-l about how to maximize our yield.//

TPBM really has done something written about in fiction, and remembers it.

Oct 5, 3:21pm Top

I have and I do, and as long as I'm alive you'll never hear about it.

TPBM prefers to forget.

Oct 5, 3:37pm Top

At my age, I have less and less choice in the matter.

As my siblings and I have all crossed the 60 barrier and my mother totters on to 96 in January, I'm fascinated by what some of us remember but others do not. I remember as a toddler my older sister fell down an escalator. But as I was so young when it happened, I began to question my memory of it. Did it happen to my sister or did it happen to me? I could have had an out of body experience and looked down at myself. Or did I dream the whole thing? No one ever talked about it. For a long time I was more intrigued by the ambiguity so I didn't question anyone. But this summer I asked my kid sister if she'd ever heard anything about it. She said it was unlikely to have happened because surely it would have been one of those Family Stories my mother loves to relate. Then I asked my mother, who could remember no such thing. Finally I asked my older sister, who remembered it vividly and unleashed a whole list of family grievances attached to the memory. When I told Baby Sister, she wondered why it was never talked about. I don't know; maybe my parents felt guilty about the circumstances.

TPBM also had an unconfirmed memory.

Edited: Oct 5, 5:22pm Top

An older brother choked me until I passed out. He still denies it.
My older-by-15-months brother used to beat me up or play some nasty trick on me damn near every day, even when he returned home from college during summer breaks. As an adult, he tearfully repented. The whole family spent a few days together for out mother's funeral in August; not a bad thought by anyone, except to complain about the high heat and higher humidity in the Sarasota area.

TPBM sleeps well at night.

Oct 6, 4:26am Top

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Weaning myself off diazepam currently so a very much mixed blessing. It's the bizarre dreams I hate the most!

TPBM has had a dream experience to remember.

Oct 8, 6:04am Top

Yes, sometimes they are quite vivid, always in color.

TPBM lost something recently and can't imagine where it went.

Oct 8, 12:04pm Top

I often have more trouble remembering the what more than the where.

TPBM lives a blissful, carefree lifestyle.

Oct 9, 8:19am Top

Are you kidding??? No.

TPBM has a quiet place they can retreat to when things get crazy.

Oct 11, 9:33am Top

I do. It's my daughter's playroom, repurposed as The Retreat. It's got books, a sofa, a TV and associated receiver/CD-DVD player, and it's just for me.

TPBM can't stand absolute silence and has a white-noise machine.

Oct 11, 10:29am Top

I like quiet when I'm reading these days, as I am more easily distracted than I used to be. I sleep with the fan on at night all year long.

TPBM is meeting someone for lunch.

Oct 11, 5:05pm Top

In my wildest dreams! MrsHouseLibrary is having her first good day in over a month, still recovering from radiation treatments which ended two weeks ago. She's still too dizzy and unstable to stand or walk very far, and both require someone (me) to assist her. It's progress, but very slow. If one of her sisters come to spell me, I've got to get the lawn mown; already complaints from the neighborhood association. You think they'd understand.

TPBM lives in a MUD.

Oct 12, 9:07am Top

nope, I live in the woods. We have a well for water and a septic tank; no municipal systems this far up in the hills.

TPBM has a headache.

Oct 12, 10:39am Top

//I live in the woods, too, Darth-Heather. We have a small HOA, but they pretty much leave us alone even when we don't mow the yard/pastures as frequently as they do.//

Oct 12, 11:06am Top

Not today, but yesterday I had a high, thin head pain. I think it's my fall allergies kicking in.

TPBM never gets headaches.

Oct 12, 12:15pm Top

I do get headaches. Mostly when I lay off the caffeine.

The person below me never gets blisters. (But believe me, they suck.)

Oct 15, 6:20am Top

Not had a blister for decades.

TPBM has an interesting birthmark.

Oct 16, 8:59am Top

No, but the older I get I find strange things happening to my skin.

TPBM reads a ghost story or scary book for Halloween.

Oct 16, 11:36am Top

Every damn year!

TPBM has the ghost of a chance.

Oct 17, 2:34am Top

That's what my wallet keeps telling me...

TPBM has seen the specter of doom and laughed.

Oct 17, 10:24am Top

I have, there's really nothing else to do.

TPBM ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Oct 17, 2:11pm Top

We had a ghost in the basement when I lived out in the boondocks. Also people laughing in an unused bedroom and walking up and down the hall at night. Plus the ghost cat which would, among other things, jump onto the bed. When we'd introduce our cat to visitors, they'd ask, "Where's the other one?"

TPBM has another one.

Oct 17, 2:47pm Top

My friend's sister worked in the dining hall of a local college and she swore it was haunted because weird things would happen. One night, with permission, the 3 of us went there and asked "the ghost (s)" to answer questions for us about who they were by turning flashlights on and off. Our flashlights started going off and on and we were thrilled. Whatever energy was doing it actually ruined my flashlight. It was one made for walking with a handle like a dog leash and it had 3 settings and a circuit board which was fried after our ghostly Q & A session.

TPBM has another.

Oct 17, 5:38pm Top

When I visited the Getty Museum with all its ancient statuary, I was told the night workers swore they moved.

TPBM has another.

Edited: Oct 18, 6:03am Top

Not so much a ghost story as a spooky thing : one night when my best friend and I were camping around Italy, we both had the same dream! (And not one of those common ones, but a slightly bizarre / unusual one.)

TPBM will continue this or the previous ghosty theme.

Edited: Oct 18, 10:08am Top

A friend of mine in college once correctly identified the next three songs that would play on the radio station she and her friends were listening to in the car. She was greatly freaked out by it. Also, I narrowly averted a rift in the space/time continuum that would have precipitated the zombie apocalypse. You're welcome.

TPBM has another ghostly story to tell.

Oct 18, 10:16am Top

Bad spirit, most likely. In college my roommates started using the Ouija board and there were some startling and scary manifestations from Beyond.

TPBM has 'played' with a Ouija board.

Oct 18, 10:21am Top

yeah but I was totally pushing the planket thing around on purpose to freak people out.

TPBM has something strange in their neighborhood.

Oct 18, 2:11pm Top

Let's just say I know who to call if there is.

TPBM revels in being at least somewhat offbeat.

Oct 18, 6:27pm Top

I prefer to think of it as differently rhythmed.

TPBM's got the beat.

Oct 19, 9:34am Top

Yes, a life insurance policy offer for my deceased husband.

TPBM thinks I should have taken up the offer.

Oct 19, 9:37am Top

I don't see why not. I still get creditor calls for my grandmother's debts, but she passed away 10 years ago. Apparently statute of limitations isn't a thing anymore.

TPBM got good news recently.

Oct 19, 11:36am Top

MrsHouseLibrary got approved for an MRA (medical diagnostic procedure) to be done on Monday.
It's been held up since Friday, a week ago, by a concern regarding the stent she got back in August.
They don't want to unintentionally perform a radical stent-ectomy while imaging her brain.
We appreciate their caution.

TPBM also got good news.

Oct 21, 10:33pm Top

Yes. After years of our credit being in the toilet from husband's business failing in 2008 I was able to get a new credit card approved recently. It gives up to 5% cash back and I got a $70 gift card just for applying.

TPBM is considering living off the grid (except for LT, of course.)

Oct 21, 11:50pm Top

Never. I like my comfort and I like my wifi. I'm reminded of a friend of mine back in the early '70s who said he wanted to live in a teepee, but it would have to have electricity to run his stereo.

Years later I was friends with a woman whose father used to live in a teepee with Timothy Leary. Now that was probably an experience worth having.

TPBM has unusual ideas about comfort.

Oct 22, 12:45am Top

Call me crazy, but comfort would be more than fours of sleep in a night. There's so much I have to do.

TPBM has invented something.

Oct 22, 6:47am Top

Yes! When I became incapable through disability, of climbing into and under the covers of, my bed. I created a system where I attached bean bags via clips to one bottom edge of the top sheet and blanket, and left that all piled up on one side of the bed. Then after flopping full length onto the bottom sheet, I can throw the top bedding over myself so the bean bags land on the floor and save having to tuck that side of the bedding in.

TPBM has invented something else.

Oct 22, 3:58pm Top

Well, reinventing. Apparently these days I'm Brad Majors.

TPBM arrived on a very special night.

Oct 23, 2:44am Top

It was 8:05 a.m., actually, on the last day of the fiscal year for New York City.

Mom went into labor three days earlier; most other women would have given up, but not Mom. She stuck it out the whole time so I wouldn't be all alone when I was born.

Tonight (Monday), I did my first Open Mic Night in about six weeks. MrsHouseLibrary's health issues have kept me away. but she's stablized enough that I'm not needed 24x7 now. So, this Open Mic thing ... Over a 3-hour period, I did 3 sets completely unplanned and unrehearsed, and there's a very good reason I'm introduced as: Mike, the Song Butcher. Despite that, when I finished the last set, I found money (quite a bit, actually) in my guitar case. Even after splitting it with the other fellow, it paid for my meal and copious amounts of coffee I had tonight. I'm so wired right now, I could write an opera.

TPBM has been a busker.

Oct 23, 9:06am Top

I have no musical ability whatsoever. So, no.

TPBM is going to buy just one lottery ticket for tonight's big drawing.

Oct 23, 11:17am Top

I must confess that I've bought 5. A reasonable outlay for 1.5 BILLION dollars. I hope I win, I hope I win, I do I do I do I do I do.

TPBM has been to Zanzibar.

Oct 23, 11:30am Top

// >44 SomeGuyInVirginia: I've been sending out my supplications to the FSM to hit it. (Or the Powerball tomorrow.) Not the whole thing, just big enough a share that on May 9th when I turn 60 I can walk into work and quit becuase I don't need to worry about having an income anymore.//

Not me. Only country I've been to besides the USA is Canada.

TPBM is learning a new skill.

Oct 23, 2:46pm Top

//I bought a ticket today, too. *smile*//

Oct 23, 3:57pm Top

//>46 karenmarie: You have to, it's a thing, like wearing green on St. Patrick's Day.//

//>45 rastaphrog: Good luck, remember us poor sinners.//

Oct 24, 8:51am Top

New skill!! I have trouble with my old skills most days.

//>44 SomeGuyInVirginia:, >45 rastaphrog:>,>46 karenmarie: Did you win anything?//

TPBM will carry on even though their hopes and dreams went up in smoke last night.

Oct 24, 9:43am Top

I'm fine, Fortune wants me to wait for the really big win.

//>48 morningwalker: I didn't win the jackpot, and haven't checked my tickets for anything else. Have I heard correctly, a single ticket won the $1.6 billion jackpot? Wowzer!//

TPBM knows someone who has won a least $500,000.

Oct 24, 2:39pm Top

Yes. I also know someone who blew at least $500,000 on wine, women, and song. Coincidentally same person.

TPBM knows a bookie.

Edited: Oct 25, 4:46am Top

// Reminds me of the late, great footballer, George Best: "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds (women) and fast cars – the rest I just squandered"//

Oct 24, 9:45pm Top

//>48 morningwalker: Didn't even win a small prize. I knew when we went outside for our smoke break that I hadn't won the big one as the other guy read off the numbers and I saw I didn't have the mega ball. Holding out hope that maybe I'd won at least a few dollars I had the office gal scan my tickets as I was leaving work, but no such luck.//

Edited: Oct 25, 8:19am Top

No, the only gambling I do besides buying a lottery ticket once in a while is put money in my IRA.

>52 rastaphrog: I didn't win anything either.//

TPBM has lost a lot in the stock market lately.

Oct 25, 9:31am Top

My motto is: Nothing ventured, nothing lost.

In a system that has been manipulated to benefit benthic cannibals only, my only option is to hide in plain sight.

TPBM can clarify this for me: When I use terms like "only option" and "only choice," I can't help but think of them as oxymorons. If there is only a single course of action to be taken, is there actually a choice?

Oct 25, 6:43pm Top

It's a protective oxymoron, where the speaker has to convince themselves that the choice they made was because there were no other choices. Then when someone makes a different choice, they have no choice but to attack that person because by illustrating the non-oxymoronic idea of choice, that person casts their "only" choice into doubt. Maybe they made a mistake. Too scary, destroy the proof of "other choices."

TPBM has thoughts about it.

Oct 25, 6:50pm Top

Sounds like Brexit. 'Nuff said.

TPBM is bursting with hope.

Oct 26, 7:11am Top

If hope is another word for despair, then yes.

TPBM will give some word of comfort (if such exists) on Brexit.

Oct 26, 10:19am Top

I really wish I had one, but it sounds hopelessly mired. As an outsider it seems like Britain wants to bully the EU and the EU is having none of it. (Mind you, I haven't delved into it, so if that seems totally wrong I'm willing to be educated.)

TPBM will give some word of comfort (if such exists) on the dangerous political circus that is US politics.

Oct 26, 11:36am Top

Well, there are solutions, and there are other solutions. I've been mulling it over in my head that in situations like we're seeing, the perpetrators of the divisiveness ought to be treated in the manner in which, if not checked, would be the extrapolation of their methods. (I am being purposely obtuse in how I word this...). Everyone else would continue to enjoy the freedoms of our democracy. One example would be: if you don't want preexisting conditions covered in your health care, you don't have to have it, but it doesn't lower your premiums. (It's a really bad example, I know.) But that sort of stuff would be unconstitutional, and I don't support it.

There's no one word that will suffice for comfort. I think the solution, or at least a good starting point, would be to pass legislation that would severely limit the amount of money people and corporations can dole out to the politicians, plus have 100% accountability as to who/what donates to whom, including to PACs.

I also think that our elected officials ought to spend more time productively working on legislative issues and constituent services than they do on fundraising.

TPBM will please take the conversation away from politics.

Oct 26, 2:12pm Top

I am still bothered something I saw this week - a person with one off-center pupil. His other eye looks normal, but the one eye has a pupil that is wayyyy lower and off to one side, and is oblong in shape. If he had dark-colored irises it might not be noticeable, but his eyes are blue, so it's obvious that in the center where the pupil belongs, it's blue.

I decided that I must have it wrong, because that can't happen, right? Soooo I Googled "off-center pupil". DON'T DO THAT. HUNDREDS of weird-eye photos pop up that I now can't unsee.

TPBM can't unsee something else.

Oct 27, 2:34pm Top

I'll be glad when October's over. It's always been a turning point month for me, for good and bad, but I'm getting older and I now face it with more trepidation than wild abandon. Plus it's rainy, the synagogue shooting has upset me, and I've got the blues. I'll unsee today, but it will probably be tomorrow by the time I do it.

TPBM has Tinnitus.

Oct 27, 2:47pm Top

Only occasionally, thank the gods. I attribute it to my misspent rock 'n' roll years. I remember being completely deaf for at least an hour after a sock-hop at Brother Rice High School. We liked to get up by the stage right in front of the speakers. (Brother Rice had some great bands at their sock-hops, including Paul Revere and the Raiders right at the leading edge of their television fame. Then a new Jesuit took over as principal and there went the bands. We were sad. I imaging the all-boy enrollment at Brother Rice were even sadder.)

TPBM can only parse part of the information above.

Edited: Oct 29, 5:47am Top

Pretty straight forward but then I was in high school in the 60's too.

I've missed playing TPBM! I don't have a good excuse either. I was proud to be there at the beginning too.

The person below me has been to a class reunion and had trouble recognizing the old people there.

Oct 29, 5:55am Top

My 40th. I was married to a classmate when we attended the 10th; had just moved to Texas (from NJ) when the 20th rolled around; and was in several post-divorce battles during our 30th. It was reconciling the fact I was going to have to divorce my wife that I had a stress "fracture." Not a stroke, just a psychological short circuit that prevented me from connecting a name with a face. Long story short, I studied my high school yearbook for ten years, and went to my 40th reunion. (She did too, sort of.) Despite us having our yearbook pictures and names on ID tags, it didn't help much, except for one guy. Except for a few gray hairs, he looked exactly as he did forty years earlier; won the "most preserved" award. I knew names and facts, and everyone looked familiar, but there were only a few that I could name without looking at the tag.

On the day the "disconnect" occurred, I couldn't pick out my own 3 kids in the pack of 10 when they came home from school that day. Things are much better now, but I still struggle with it.

TPBM has coping strategies.

Oct 29, 9:09am Top

Read, walk, wine, pet a dog or cat.

TPBM has other coping strategies.

Oct 29, 10:29am Top

Hands in the dirt. Works every time.

TPBM thinks that's icky.

Oct 29, 11:22am Top

Nope, a tonic old as humankind.

//>64 WholeHouseLibrary: Sweet jolly jeebus. Did you see a doctor?//

//>63 xorscape: XOR! I've missed you!!!//

TPBM will only eat heritage tomatoes. (Whatever the hell those are, I've had it explained to me a few times and I still can't tell you how they differ from something I'd find in the supermarket.)

Oct 29, 11:28am Top

nope - every tomato is wonderful in it's way. No tomato bigotry here.

TPBM avoids GMOs.

Oct 29, 6:54pm Top

// >67 SomeGuyInVirginia: No. Well, sort of, but not for that. It's too long a story for right now. MHL is in the hospital again and I have to get back there before they lock me out. Think kind thoughts for her; another painful medical procedure, and the outcome is dicey, at best. //

Oct 30, 7:41am Top

Certainly not! I'm no better than they are, and they're just trying to make a life for themselves. Oh! Wait... Never mind.

TPBM is currently at sea.

Edited: Oct 30, 7:45am Top

Oops! Leaped! I'm not literally at sea. I'm at desert. But I'm feeling a little at sea in getting my house organized.

Same TPBM. The person below me has had a dispute with a landlord.

WHL: Kind, supportive thoughts headed your way. I'm so sorry to hear of MHL's troubles.

SGiV: Thanks! I've missed you too!

I don't think it's possible to avoid GMO's unless you grow your own food. And on the subject of tomatoes, everyone from some moister place says that the tomatoes you get in Arizona are pretty tasteless. I still like them but I didn't grow up eating the "good" kind. :)

The person below me has had a dispute with a landlord.

Oct 30, 9:16am Top

I haven't had a landlord for 30 years. I'm kind of wishing I had one now though because things are getting old and will need replacing soon.

//>69 WholeHouseLibrary: Kind thoughts to you and MHL.//

TPBM needs to rake leaves.

Oct 30, 2:47pm Top

Or blow them - either way they are relentlessly coming down. However, they are one of the signs that the nasty North Carolina summer is ending and my favorite season has arrived.

//WHL Keeping MHL in my thoughts and prayers.//

TPBM remembers an elderly relative mentioning a specific apple tree with the best apples in the world.

Oct 31, 4:14am Top

No, but my dad used to rave about the strawberries in springtime in California when they used to go visit relatives. I used to have a desert apple tree that had wonderful yellow, sweet apples. And a dwarf peach that had great peaches that I had to share mostly with the birds.

The person below me has grown a dwarf something-or-other.

Oct 31, 9:25am Top

Well, an actual dwarf, really. Came in a kit, I thought I was getting a Chia Pet. Used to steal spoons.

TPBM is going nuts for Halloween.

Oct 31, 10:30am Top

No. I live in a strange place that has Halloween (trick or treat) on the last Thursday of October, so we've already had ours. I will light my carved pumpkin tonight and let it burn all night in celebration of the real Halloween though.

TPBM will give out candy tonight.

Oct 31, 1:27pm Top

Unlikely. I'll be spending another night in the hospital with MrsHouseLibrary. Besides, we're expecting heavy rain tonight.

The prognosis for her is the best of all the bad scenarios. Yes, she still has active and aggressive cancer, but it hasn't grown into the stent, and the chemo she started a week ago should beat it back. Her biggest problem is that she doesn't drink enough. (How many time have you heard your doctor complain about that?) I mean non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, mostly water-type liquids. Between merely sipping water and all those "go-juice" preps, she's otherwise mummifying herself. Hence, the blockage that put her in the hospital on Sunday.

I happen to be home at the moment, getting a change of clothes, taking a shower, etc; but I'll be back there in a couple of hours to see her through this crisis.

TPBM is dreading the anticipation of hearing December-holiday-related music beginning probably tomorrow.

Oct 31, 3:26pm Top

Ye Gods, WHL, where have you been for the past month or two? If it began tomorrow I would be very very irritated, rather than the apoplectic rage I get seeing Xmas in September (I kid you not!).

If TPBM had their way, there would be no sight nor sound of Xmas until _____________

Oct 31, 4:02pm Top

Other than craft/hobby shops, and even there it should just be sight, until the day after Thanksgiving. As regards music, baring a change this year, the first Christmas song will play in my store shortly after midnight Thanksgiving night into Friday morning.

TPBM isn't much into holiday decorating.

Oct 31, 5:23pm Top

Not really. Most of my holiday stuff got lost in a move, plus I don't get a lot of visitors to my home so whatever I do is just for me. Winter holidays make me melancholy.

Now, Halloween, I have lots of Halloween stuff out right now. That stuff cheers me up.

TPBM gets scary.

Nov 1, 9:42am Top

I live in a high rise, so I don't decorate for Halloween. And I never liked those horrific decorations that were all the rage a few years ago. Icky.

TPBM is prepping for Black Friday.

Nov 1, 11:50am Top

yes - it is the biggest cooking & cleaning day of the year for me, getting ready for our annual dinner party on Saturday. This will be our 15th annual Quirky Turky party; the first one had just three guests but over the years it has developed into dinner for 25.

I have started rummaging in the recipes and making lists.

TPBM doesn't like turkey.

Nov 1, 3:17pm Top

Nope, love it. Every few years my birthday falls on American Thanksgiving, so I like to think the feast is for me. Plus, I'd rather have pumpkin pie than birthday cake.

Might go on a road trip for T-day this year with the friend whose house I usually go to for Thanksgiving (my family lives far away). My friend is a dear soul, but she's not so good a cook and she doesn't like turkey (which I suppose is just as well).

TPBM favors a particular entree.

Nov 1, 3:43pm Top

//Phaedra - my daughter's favorite 'birthday cake' is pumpkin pie and I make her one every August!//

Nov 2, 6:14am Top

I like spaghetti and roast beast, neither is a Turkle Dee staple. And since I haven't used a stove since the Clinton administration, I routinely job myself out for all feast days. I do always show up with a nice, deli-prepared side dish and a couple bottles of good wine.

TPBM has a fire in the hearth.

Nov 2, 4:33pm Top

No, didnʻt, even when I lived in Massachusetts
a half century or so ago. (We were in the coal-heat era-- also some coke and even wood.)

TPBM thinks West Virginia can solve its politico-economic dilemma that is closely rooted in the coal industry.

Nov 3, 12:26pm Top

Nope. We’ve just substituted oil and gas for coal. The workers now come in from other locations and then move on. The pipelines being installed are on slopes exceeding 50 degrees. They have to chain the earthmovers so they don’t roll over. How is that safe for the resulting infrastructure? Legislature keeps giving drillers more rights to the surface as well. Very little political will for any benefits to stay.

(The trees are lovely this season though.)

TPBM will move on to a more cheerful topic.

Nov 3, 2:53pm Top

Hey, how about that border situation? Or those political ads that are blatant lies of positions on issues, huh?

Damn. I guess I can't. Sorry.

I've been spending every night at the hospital with MrsHouseLibrary. Emergency surgery, now in ICU, almost lost her three times Thursday night.
Fortunately, we had an ICU nurse with 30 years on the job; nothing flusters him, and he went to heroic measures to keep her alive. Happy to say that she was off the ventilator for a whole hour today. Yea science!

I came home to get a shower and a change of clothes, and check emails, pay bills (and pop on here.) On my way back in a few minutes.

TPBM will follow the wishes in >87 2wonderY:.

Nov 3, 5:15pm Top

//I'm so sorry, WHL, about your wife's situation. I hope that she spends more time off the ventilator each day and can come out of ICU soon.//

Nov 4, 7:57am Top

// Ditto. I'm not too good with healing thoughts, but I send them anyway. //

Nov 4, 1:46pm Top

// Same here. My mom spent some time in the hospital this summer (she's been home a few months now), so I know just how terrifying it can be to have loved one there. //

Nov 4, 2:02pm Top

// Breathing tube is out, feeding tube is in (through the nose). So maybe she has a fighting chance nutritionally now. But, her temperature went from 97 to 101 (F) in about 15 minutes, so one step forward, two steps back. Could go either way, but her odds, expressed as a percentage, uses a single, low digit. Sepsis sucks. //

Nov 5, 8:52am Top

A more cheerful topic? Hmmmm... Well not cheerful, but good news for me. I discovered the moldy smell in my kitchen was coming from a potato gone bad and was not in the walls. Yea!!

TPBM can top that.

Nov 5, 9:18am Top

I was trying to be thrifty and so saved Indian Corn from our Thanksgiving decorations one year by putting the ears in a little, infrequently-used closet under the stairs.

We started having an invasion of small moths. I'd vacuum them up, vacuum them off the ceiling, catch them midflight. We did not know where they were coming from until I had an epiphany one day and looked in the closet at the corn. Each kernel had a tiny hole in it where a moth had bored its way out. I stopped keeping Indian corn from one year to the next.

TPBM isn't THAT cheap.

Nov 5, 9:43am Top

Hello, we haven't met. I'm the guy who washes and reuses plastic sandwich bags. And moths? Ugh! They eat everything.

TPBM has danced down a street.

Nov 5, 9:57am Top

//I've done that too - wash and reuse plastic bags. I also save bread bags and use them. And you should have seen the cousins' faces when they offered to wash up after a family Christmas party one year and I brought over all the plastic cups and cutlery. //

Edited: Nov 5, 2:22pm Top

Nope. Have danced down a set, though.

>95 SomeGuyInVirginia: Moths absolutely suck. <shivers in handknits>

The person below me has danced for a paying audience.

Nov 6, 9:57am Top

Yeah, I spent some time on the pole. Not the highpoint of my life, but instructive.

TPBM is still eating Halloween candy.

Nov 6, 9:59am Top

Ooh! Gotta check to see whether it's still on discount at the dollar store.

TPBM eschews such activities.

Nov 6, 11:11am Top

Yeah, not a big candy person.

//>98 SomeGuyInVirginia: Really???.//

TPBM is going to see Bohemian Rhapsody.

Nov 6, 1:08pm Top

Hmm. Not sure. It's a real Marmite of a movie by all accounts - some people absolutely loved it, some thought it was dire.

TPBM's favourite movie of 2018 is ____________________

Edited: Nov 6, 1:54pm Top

I haven't seen 2018 movies, but of the films I watched this year I liked most: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Nono, the Zigzag Kid.
The first because the original, creative idea, the atmosphere, colors and humorous, quirky scenes. And the perspective how scenes are shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fg5iWmQjwk
The second because of playing with masquerade (who, what to believe? The changes of perspective), a quest for a boy as initiation, the playing with reality and imaginary. https://vimeo.com/52218534 inspired by the book with the same name of by David Grossman

TPBM hàs seen 2018's movies and likes ______________ the most.

Edited: Nov 7, 9:24am Top

I think the only 2018 movie I've seen was Mamma Mia 2, so I guess that's my favorite. (I like when a decision can be made so easily)

TPBM is soooo glad the election is over.

Edited: Nov 7, 12:52pm Top

No; from the results Iʻve seen so far, (Democrats lost ground in the Senate) I woudnʻt mind a re-run.

TPBM has mixed feelings about the election results.

Nov 7, 12:50pm Top

//>100 morningwalker: God no, I picked that up from the movie Madea's Halloween.//

Nov 7, 3:26pm Top

Yes, but I'm not going into it now.

Any bets on when we will see the first ad for the 2020 Federal election. I'm so tired of them that I have worn out the mute button on one remote. I only watch about an hour a day except on Monday when Antique Road Show is on. I'm betting on 72 hours starting from 0001 EST today.

TPBM has a better guess

Nov 8, 10:10am Top

I don't watch TV (just Netflix on my tablet) so I am somewhat isolated from all the garbage, and therefore can't give you a better guess. Sorry

//>105 SomeGuyInVirginia: Sure you did...//

TPBM still hasn't adapted to daylight savings time.

Edited: Nov 9, 12:19pm Top

(No DST here in Hawaiʻi, and, I undestand, that is the case in only two or three other areas.) Well, I adapt to it during the baseball season to
keep in touch with the probable starting time of a Boston Red Sox night game on the U.S.mainland.
(Iʻm a Red Sox fan since 1953, when the Boston Braves deserted us Greater Bostonians of that era
for Milwaukee).

TPBM has wondered (as my younger son did when he was about college age!) why DST goes on in summer, and not in winter "when you really NEED the extra daylight".

Nov 8, 12:42pm Top

No, but that makes sense.


TPBM followed a good lead.

Nov 9, 12:09pm Top

// >108 rolandperkins: Yeah right - as if daylight savings actually gives you more daylight!! //

Edited: Nov 9, 3:36pm Top

"as if (dst) actually gives you more daylight" 108>110

It was 109, not me, who said that it "makes sense". I did explain to my son (108) that youʻre NOT given more daylight -- also that, back when he was toddler, a winter dst WAS tried in Massachusetts. (I donʻt remember the rationale of it, but it wasnʻt repeated.) It made the early mornings so dark that people commuting to work
were greeting the bus driver with "Good EVENING!"

Edited: Nov 10, 7:40am Top

back to >109 SomeGuyInVirginia:, I did. Fangirling all over the place, I went to the Queen website and ordered the Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack. I'm sure I paid more than I could have, but didn't think about it at the time and used some 'gift' money.

TPBM always checks to find the lowest price for something they want

Edited: Nov 10, 8:14am Top

Ish. My next laptop is going to be an iMac pro and I've been shopping around for that.

//>112 karenmarie: Freddie Mercury has always been one of my household gods. Along with Janis Joplin and George Orwell. There are others.//

TPBM boozes it up on the holidays.

Nov 10, 8:32am Top

// >111 rolandperkins: Interestingly they tried exactly the same experiment in the UK from 68 to 71 or 72 - they're now talking of bringing it back and making it permanent. I suppose I could just about cope with that, but same of the loonier tourist operators (hoteliers, theme parks, etc) are suggesting DOUBLE DST in the summer!!! Aaaaargh. //

Nov 10, 8:35am Top

// >113 SomeGuyInVirginia: Good luck with your attempts to find an iMac laptop. They've never made one yet!! I think you meant a MacBook Pro? //

Nov 10, 1:09pm Top

"bringing (winter dst)...back..." (114)

Thanks for the info, Tid. I had never before heard of such an experiment in the UK -- or anywhere outside of Massachusetts.

Nov 10, 6:50pm Top

>113 SomeGuyInVirginia:

Not any more than usual, I'm afraid.

TPBM can take it or leave it alone.

Nov 12, 2:07am Top

At this point, I can't even wrap my head around making a decision like that. I'm lucky I have only one cereal in the house at the moment.

TPBM is a chess player.

Nov 12, 2:50am Top

Sort of. I can move the pieces, but not much more than that. I do however enjoy seeing the current match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana.

TPBM would like to see Caruana win the match.

Nov 12, 9:07am Top

Sure. I don't know who he is, but someone has to win.

TPBM is already craving homemade stuffing.

Edited: Nov 12, 9:11am Top

Aak! Leaped!

Ham. I've been jonesing for a ham for a week now.

Eh, watching Chess would be more interesting if there were player injuries. Screw up a gambit and blow our your knee, I'd watch that. Also, your opponent in golf should be able to shoot at your ball like it was a clay pigeon.

TPBM makes up their own games.

Edited: Nov 12, 2:29pm Top

The only one (and itʻs not current, the past few months)* is "Cribbage Solitaire". I didnʻt really making up anything, as itʻs pretty much the same as regular cribbage --except that I was taking both sides, and didnʻt really care much who won.

*I didnʻt really "swear off" as I did with Sudoku; just stopped playing.

TPBM has read what Jack Kerouac says about
making up his own baseball (entire league!and seasons!) game. (I canʻt remember whether he played it with cards or with dice.)

Nov 12, 3:25pm Top

///>122 rolandperkins: I have a cribbage app on my phone. Haven't played for years, so I learned I wasn't very good at it.///

Nov 13, 11:55am Top

Nope, never read Kerouac and I've never found the Beats to be interesting.

TPBM lets the beat go on.

Edited: Nov 13, 12:54pm Top

Come to think of it, I didnʻt, overall, find the
Beats very interesting -- Kerouac, however, being a major exception. Iʻve run across some titles in LT that I usually give the "Picaresque" tag, and some of these may have their roots in the "Beat" Era and thus be "let(ting) the beat go on".

TPBM is a fan of at least one of th following:
Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso
Jan Kerouac, or Alan Ginsberg

Nov 14, 9:22am Top

Do you mean Alan Ginsberg my third grade science teacher?

TPBM is going on a pilgrimage.

Edited: Nov 14, 9:40am Top

I can't right now. Went home from work early yesterday not feeling well. Slept, and slept and feel a little better today but not quite up to going on a pilgrimage yet, especially if it's on foot (as any worthy pilgrimage should be).

TPBM has drawn a turkey from tracing around their hand.

Nov 14, 10:28am Top

Not in the last 20 years, meaning that I drew quite a few of them when our daughter was young. Fun stuff.

//>127 morningwalker: get well soon//

TPBM still makes everything from scratch for Thanksgiving.

Nov 14, 10:41am Top

Jellied cranberry sauce is so superior without the seeds, dontcha think? I'd rather let Ocean Spray do that work.

TPBM has known a turkey personally.

Nov 14, 12:22pm Top

When I lived on my friend's farm, she had half a dozen heritage-breed turkeys. They've got personality and baby turkeys are fuzzy little dinosaurs. We didn't eat any while I was there; she used them to train herding dogs. Did you know that there are dog trials for herding turkeys? Also, ducks.

TPBM has been up close and personal with another dinner item.

Nov 14, 2:26pm Top

I don't need that Karma. I won't even pick a lobster out of the tank.

//>127 morningwalker: I hear that. Since yesterday, I've felt like I've been eating Tide pods. Blech!//

TPBM bags their own.

Nov 14, 2:33pm Top

yeah - the kids at my local grocery store have no clue how to bag the items without smashing the bread and eggs, so I step in and "help".

TPBM is a picky eater.

Nov 14, 3:03pm Top

/// >132 Darth-Heather: Oh so true! It's a lost art. They pack my paperbag-sized canvas bags as if they are flimsy plastic ones. Plus, I have to convince them that the bags can carry more than a few items each.///

Nov 14, 8:06pm Top

I don't think so...until I start naming all the things I won't eat. They include lima beans, liver, squash, sweet potatoes, veal, oysters, and jello.

TPBM is surprised anyone would "not have room for Jello" (Extra points if you remember that commercial.

Nov 14, 9:05pm Top

Not surprised as much as agree. I mean, Jello's okay, but they haven't made a coffee-flavored Jello yet, so why bother?
I get extra points, eh? Sure I remember that catch phrase from the commercials.

TPBM remembers what Charlie says.

Nov 14, 9:15pm Top

Starky wants toonies with good pace ...
Not moonies that space wood ...

TPBM knows what I'm sayin ...

Nov 14, 10:44pm Top

Not a clue, and you're not even close about Charlie.

TPBM may be able to shed some light on the two previous posts.

Edited: Yesterday, 1:51am Top

..."two previous posts?

THREE posts-before last seems to refer
to 1930--40s comic dummy Charlie McCarthy
(ventriloquist: Edgar Bergen). I get that idea from the mention of Jello-- another 1930s-40s major sponsor of a radio comedy- -Jack Benny. (Bergen--McCarthy sponsor was Chase and Sanborn Coffee.) It was a comedy WITH music --
notably Nelson Eddy, whereas Jack Benny
was strictly comedy.

Post before last (136): No idea!

137 :"Youʻre not even close about Charlie" Well, this might OR MIGHT NOT refer to Charlie McCarthy.

TPBM will continue this controversy, or change the topic.

Yesterday, 2:22am Top

>136 Brazen: ...

... Sorry Charlie, Starkist wants Tuna that tastes good ... not Tuna with good taste ....
... Television commercial 60-70's

TPBM ... carry on

Yesterday, 2:33am Top

Since the Jello thing was a commercial, I continued in that vein.
I was referring to Choo Choo Charlie, of course.

Charlie says: Love my Good-n-Plenty.
Charlie says: Really rings the bell.
Charlie says: Love my Good-n-Plenty. Don't know any other candy that I love so well.

TPBM may get rain today.

Yesterday, 8:15am Top

//>140 WholeHouseLibrary: I thought of Choo Choo Charlie also - my brother and I saved up UPCs and sent away for Choo Choo Charlie train conductor hats. We also got Oscar Meyer Weinermobile whistles.//

Our forecast is for 4-8 inches of snow.

TPBM already has snow.

Yesterday, 8:51am Top

No but it's on its way this afternoon with sleet. Yikes! It will be the first this year to stick.
//>128 karenmarie: Thank you. I feel much better today.//

//>131 SomeGuyInVirginia: Hope you feel better. Those Tide Pods aren't for everyone.//

//>135 WholeHouseLibrary: I thought the same as >139 Brazen:. Glad you clarified it for us.//

TPBM wonders how anyone can like licorice.

Yesterday, 9:00am Top

I wonder how anybody can dislike licorice, but neither husband nor daughter like black licorice and I still love them.

TPBM wonders how anyone can like white chocolate.

Edited: Yesterday, 10:26am Top

Actually, I can answer that - I'm allergic to cocoa, so no brown chocolate, only white. I have a great recipe for white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake that makes up for it, though.

//I LOVE black licorice. My husband can't tolerate even the smell of it on me so I have to eat it in isolation.//

TPBM eats baking chocolate.

Yesterday, 10:43am Top

Ew! I am not an animal!

//>143 karenmarie:, >144 Darth-Heather: I'm with D-H's husband, even the smell of licorice whips turns my stomach, it smells like illness.//

TPBM likes an unusual food.

Yesterday, 12:14pm Top

//Okay Darth-Heather, allergies are acceptable.

Still love you too, Larry, even if you can't stand licorice. *smile*//

Edited: Yesterday, 5:58pm Top

>146 karenmarie: Taylor Pork Roll. Made in New Jersey, the state of New York declared it to be not a food. Better known as Taylor Ham, the only way I can get it here in Texas it to buy 1-lb. canvas sacks of it. Once opened, you've got a week, tops, to finish it off.

//Licorice: I don't like the taste either, but in a modified form, it was once prescribed by my doctor. Licorice kicks the digestive tract into high gear for producing mucus, which prevents bile and such from eating through the stomach. That's one of my digestive issues. It also contains a large enough amount of glycerin, which boosts (too high for me) your blood pressure. Turns out they make a pill form of de-glycerized licorice (DGL). It's a black pill; no taste if you swallow it quickly, and allows me to "cheat" on a small subset of foods I otherwise couldn't eat.//

TPBM can explain the ramifications of finding the Higgs-Boson particle.

Today, 12:04am Top

Afraid not.

The person below me has a favorite food that he or she takes to potlucks.

Today, 8:50am Top

Deviled eggs. There's usually a dearth of protein, and since I like 'em, I take 'em.

TPBM is going to a potluck event this holiday season.

Today, 9:32am Top

I'm hoping my sister is having Thanksgiving. If so I am taking a caramel apple cheesecake, salad with homemade family dressing and sweet potato casserole.

TPBM volunteers somewhere over the holidays.

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