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November ColourCAT: red

2018 Category Challenge

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Oct 15, 5:14am Top

Red is one of the spectral colours at the longwave end of visible light and gives us red dawns and red sunsets. Many ancient religions had a goddess of the dawn: Aurora, Eos, Ushas, Zorya.

Red is the colour of fire, hence of danger. For a long time, redhaired women were synonymous with witchcraft and sexual attraction. The red-haired woman

Red is also the colour of blood, hence of passion, love and marriage (e.g. in China or India).

Red is the colour of summer fruits: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, and of vegetables: beetroot, peppers, chillies, tomatoes. The beet queen, The Cherry Orchard

Red is the colour of precious jewels: ruby, garnet, carnelian, coral, which are sometimes used as first names. The heroine of Jubilee Trail is named Garnet. A price beyond rubies

Red is the colour of many flowers, some of which are powerful symbols: red roses for love, red carnations are worn on Labour Day in many countries, red poppies are worn on Remembrance Day in November. Sea of Poppies

Red is the colour of radical political movements: the French Jacobins wore red caps. The workers’ movements have red flags since the time of the first organised unions and strikes: “The people’s flag is deepest red” sings the British Labour party, and there are countless other songs.
The weavers in Gerhart Hauptmann’s drama Die Weber march under a red flag, the socialists and communists used it, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht named their journal for it, and so did the Chinese Communists.

Red comes in many shades: crimson, scarlet, burgundy, cardinal, auburn, cerise, fuchsia, oxblood, vermilion, cinnabar, madder The crimson petal and the white, Warrior Scarlet

Red does not appear in many surnames. Those few are thought to derive from a nickname for redhaired people: Roth, Rothenbaum, Rothman, (Le)Roux, Rosso/Rossini.

Enjoy your book of choice and don’t forget to update the wiki!

Oct 15, 5:36am Top

So many covers have red elements in them, I'm going to be spoiled for choice for this one.

Oct 15, 6:17am Top

Speaking of red names - I used to work in a credit union (way back when) and we had a customer whose name was Rose Rose. She married into it, but still...

Oct 15, 6:25am Top

>3 dudes22: Sometimes I wonder at the names people put up with. But "Rose" offers quite a few family names: Rosenbaum, Rosenfeld, Rosenzweig. Didn't think of that!

Oct 15, 10:12am Top

I have the perfect book for this CAT: The Spy Wore Red by Aline, Countess of Romanones. Red is both in the title and all over the cover!

Edited: Oct 15, 11:27am Top

I'm planning on reading A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon, as my copy has a fair bit of red on the cover. Unlike >2 Robertgreaves: I am discovering quite a dearth of red-covered books in my collection.

Last year I read a brilliant graphic biography, Red Rosa by Kate Evans. I won't read it again so soon after I first read it, but would absolutely recommend it for anyone who's interested in Rosa Luxemburg.

Oct 15, 11:48am Top

I'm planning on Red River by Lalita Tademy.

Oct 15, 12:47pm Top

>3 dudes22: I know a woman named Carolyn who has always gone by Rolyn. Then she married into the name Rollins.

Oct 15, 12:57pm Top

I purposely read Gods and Beasts so that I could get to The Red Road for next month. I think I also have Red River on my NOOK, I'll have to check.

Oct 15, 1:11pm Top

I am planning on reading All That Matters by Wayson Choy:

and Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce:

Edited: Oct 15, 1:44pm Top

Oct 15, 5:02pm Top

I've scheduled The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman for my "red" read.

Oct 15, 11:00pm Top

I will have to peruse through my pile'o'books here and see what I have that's red...

Oct 16, 7:15pm Top

I have been wanting to get to the Red Rising series and since I haven't read the first one this would be a good time to get it read.

Oct 17, 10:44am Top

I've got two that I'm considering / hoping to get to:


Oct 28, 2:57pm Top

I have a few books I'll be reading in November that fit here.

The shadowy bits of this wall looking like dried blood

A dramatically backlit feather

Gregor looking all spiffy at his wedding

Oct 28, 3:09pm Top

I am putting one off until November that originally thought I'd read this month:
- Red Heart Tattoo / Lurlene McDaniel

Also a possibility:
- To Sleep With the Angels / David Cowan

Edited: Oct 29, 9:41pm Top

This will probably be one that I read The Red Umbrella, I own it and haven’t read it so this is a good opportunity.

Oct 31, 3:48pm Top

I've changed my mind about what I'm going to read for this challenge. I've too many hefty books on the go already to be able to face another biggish book right now, but I dug out a copy of a little book of poetry by Wilfred Owen to read for the WWI centenary and it has a single red poppy on the front cover, so I will count that towards this challenge instead.

Edited: Nov 1, 11:19am Top

I was checking my books and did not see any "red" in the titles and also did not find any books at Goodwill yesterday so I checked gutenberg.org and found The Little Red Hen, an Old English Folk Tale by Florence White Williams and read it. It was cute and I had never read it. This morning I found The Red Headed League from Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan Doyle. Short but I will count them.

Nov 1, 2:30pm Top

I've read Vox by Christina Dalcher for this CAT. It wasn't very good, but the cover was white with the title in big red letters.

Nov 2, 5:49am Top

Planning to read Red Dog by Louis De Bernieres.

Nov 5, 12:04am Top

Red Heart Tattoo / Lurlene McDaniel
3.75 stars

Morgan is the class president, and her boyfriend, Trent, is a football star at school. Morgan’s best friend, Kelli, is a cheerleader and her boyfriend is also a football star. Roth was orphaned young, and lived in foster homes until his uncle returned from military service and took him in. His Uncle Max is now married, so it feels like he has a real home with people who love him, even though Max doesn’t really know how to be a parent. Max runs a tattoo shop and Roth is on the edge of being in trouble, but never anything overly serious. Outsider Liza is Roth’s best friend. They are all seniors when someone sets off a bomb at their school. Some die, and some are injured.

I’d give this 4 stars for the story, but 3.5 stars for going through the story so quickly and leaving out a lot more detail. However, it is a YA book, so maybe the 4 stars is still justified. I really liked the story. I sympathized with most of the characters, but it helped that we see the events from many different characters’ viewpoints. Definitely good YA.

Nov 5, 12:06pm Top

I have completed All That Matters by Wayson Choy. This was sequel to his previous book Jade Peony about the Chen family. I loved the first book and this book was as well done, but as plot covered the same time period, it was a little repetitive.

Nov 6, 2:13pm Top

I've just finished Wilfred Owen's war poems, The Pity of War. These poems have probably done more than anything to expose what Owen called "the old Lie" (about the honour of dying for one's country). 100 years on, still searingly powerful. 5/5.

Nov 7, 4:06am Top

I have finished Die Naschmarkt-Morde, a mystery set in 1903 Vienna with a beautiful detail from Klimt's painting Danae, showing a woman with vivid red hair. And Klimt even has a short scene in the book.

Nov 7, 9:19pm Top

Starting Chronicle of the Russian Tsars by David Warnes. Red lettering on the cover (although it looks more purple in the image), and also a red spine.

Nov 9, 12:07pm Top

I've just finished Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch, book 2 of the Gentleman Bastard series. I've been holding off reading this for a while so I could read it for this month's challenge and am glad to have finally gotten to it.

Nov 9, 8:14pm Top

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

The letters are red and the book is about communism and I think Red is a color that is often connected with communism so I am putting the book here for this CAT.

Nov 10, 2:50pm Top

I finished reading The Red Collar, a charming short novel translated from the French.

Nov 10, 2:56pm Top

I finished Blood Dreams which has a decent amount of red on the cover, plus the imagery of blood, which is red. This one has been on my tbr shelves for about 10 years and was the first book I've read by Kay Hooper. It was Ok, but nothing that would make me want to read more of her work.

Edited: Nov 12, 10:52pm Top

The cover of My Dear Hamilton shows Mrs. Hamilton wearing a red dress.

Nov 13, 8:09am Top

I've finished Bloodroot by Susan Wittig Albert.

Nov 14, 5:59am Top

Der Kaffeedieb has a lovely dustjacket showing a 17th century harbour scene, but the hardcover book itself has a dark red binding. Great story, well written, an author to keep in mind.

Edited: Nov 14, 7:15pm Top

Starting Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings by Jonathan Swift (although Gulliver's clothes look more orange in the image, they are definitely scarlet on the book)

Edited: Nov 14, 8:11pm Top

Yesterday, 4:28am Top

My latest book had the title printed in red on the cover and spine: Tod am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. Very good historical mystery set on the construction site of the Kiel Canal in 1894.

Today, 2:16am Top

Finished Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres, which is short and simple. Might be a good book for someone learning English. Not for me.

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