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Take It or Leave It Challenge - November 2018 - Page 1

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Oct 27, 4:47pm Top

those new to this challenge: More info and monthly index can be found in post #1 of this thread or this TIOLI FAQS wiki.

Simple directions for posting to the wiki can be found at the bottom of each month's wiki page.

...logo by cyderry


Your challenge for November, 2018, is to...


Read a book which is tagged on LibraryThing as "horror”.


Here's your horror tag link. You may leave the lights on while reading any of these books.

If you've never read Frankenstein or Dracula, either one of those books is a good place to start!

As an FYI, not all books tagged as "horror" are scary. Read the reviews. Some are simply sad but strange, such as Frankenstein or On the Road. My goal is not to scare you, but to teach you not to be afraid of this genre.

Have fun!


Other Fun Stuff (not part of the TIOLI challenge):

1. The November 2018 TIOLI Meter - Optional page on which you may track your TIOLI reading. FYI: This is not meant to be competitive - only fun!
2. Morphidae's List of Previous TIOLI Challenges - You may use this reference (Do a control-F scan) to avoid repeating a previous challenge. If your idea is similar to a previous challenge, just make it unique by adding a new "twist" to it.
3. FAMeulstee's 2108 TIOLI Sweeplette Meter - Use this page if you want to complete a sweeplette (all of the challenges on only one wiki page).

Edited: Nov 12, 10:51pm Top

Wiki Index of Challenges:

Challenges #1-6
1. Read a book tagged on LibraryThing as "horror" - msg #1
2. Read a book with a character called 'Kara', or in which the title or the author's first name starts with 'K' - msg #7
3. Read a book with a World War 1 connection - msg #15
4. Read a book that has something to do with an election - msg #17
5. Read a book where the title contains a measure of something - msg #18
6. Read a book that you need to complete for a 2018 Challenge - msg #19

Challenges #7-12
7. Rolling challenge: Read a book that completes the sentence "I went to Grandma's house and I brought............"- - msg #21
8. Read a book that completes the phrase, "I am thankful for..." - msg #28
9. Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters "In Flanders fields" in rolling order - msg #32
10. Read a book with a blurb by another author you have read - msg #48
11. Read a book where the title contains something illegal - msg #43
12. Read a book with stripes on the cover - msg #46

Challenges #13-17
13. Read a book to honor Mama Peggy: 11/15/21, 97 - msg #66
14. Read a book which starts with the same letter as your first name or LT handle - msg #67
15. Read a book which doesn't just contain text - msg #71
16. Read a book where the number of words in the title matches the numbers 867-5309 in rolling order - msg #72
17. Read a book with a word of the title or author matching a London Tube station, rolling challenge - msg #73
18. Read a book with a body part in the author's name - msg #79

Hold your challenge until the December TIOLI challenges are posted. Thank you!

Edited: Oct 25, 9:18pm Top

Finally! I got it right!! Phew!

Oct 25, 9:36pm Top


Edited: Oct 25, 9:41pm Top

I must be losing my touch. Every page I did tonight came out wrong! :(

Did you see that the previous page was called "LEAVE IT CHALLENGE"?! Was I trying to tell myself something...or is my challenge haunted?! :O

Edited: Oct 25, 9:40pm Top

I did see that! I thought it was perfect, under the circumstances. :)

Edited: Oct 25, 9:54pm Top

I wish I wasn't doing this, but---

As some of you know, I lost my cat Kara at the beginning of this month:

Please join me in this tribute to her memory:


Challenge #2: In memorium: Read a book with a character called 'Kara', or in which the title or the author's first name starts with 'K'


The character name must be spelled with a 'K', and only the author's first name qualifies. However, you may ignore articles in the title.

Edited: Oct 25, 9:43pm Top

>6 lyzard: It's sad to hear about the loss of your cat. Cats are such sweet companions. I'm so sorry, Liz.

Oct 25, 9:44pm Top

Thanks, Madeline. It's been a very tough month.

Edited: Oct 25, 9:49pm Top

>9 lyzard: Would you like to post a picture here of Kara ? We'd love to see that cute face (if it isn't too heart-breaking for you). I love cats!

Oct 25, 9:52pm Top

It is, but I'll do it anyway; thanks! (I'll edit my challenge-post.)

Edited: Oct 25, 10:03pm Top

>2 SqueakyChu: When is the deadline for posting a November challenge? Currently, it says: Post your challenge through midnight November, 2108. Thank you!

>7 lyzard: Sorry to hear that. My doggie niece is having surgery on Friday--she has a mast cell tumor that needs to be removed and biopsied. Poor little thing.

Oct 25, 10:06pm Top

>11 lyzard: Kara's so cute. I had a cat that looked like Kara, but she also had a black spot on her nose. Her name was Tammy. She lived to be 19 years old.

Edited: Oct 25, 10:08pm Top

>12 lindapanzo: I'll go fix that as well. It's November 4th.

>12 lindapanzo: I hope the surgery goes well, and everything will turn out okay.

Oct 25, 10:10pm Top

Challenge #3: Read a book with a World War 1 connection

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the end of the war, on November 11th.

Oct 25, 10:22pm Top

>14 SqueakyChu: Thanks, Madeline. I don't currently have a dog myself but this big girl, a Yellow Lab, is the one that I love. We have a special bond, at least from my perspective, because she was born on my 50th birthday.

Edited: Oct 26, 1:11pm Top

>7 lyzard: I'm so sorry. Losing a loved pet is a kick in the heart. I'm glad you had her as long as you did.
>12 lindapanzo: Wishing for a successful surgery and quick recovery for your birthday lab.

Challenge #4: Read a book that has something to do with an election
Changed my mind. With the very important election coming up November 6, my challenge is to read a book about an election.

Edited: Oct 26, 1:44am Top

Challenge #5: Read a book where the title contains a measure of something - started by helenliz

Any unit of measurment will count, be they scientific, imperial, ancient, informal etc. Please bold the unit of measure and include what is being measured in the wiki. These do not just have to be limited to the obvious distance, volume, mass, time, there are units of measure for all sorts of things. Some derived measurements have their own unit, and those will also be allowed. Power is a rate of consumption of energy and is, in SI units kg.m^2/s^3. That gets complicated, so it has its own unit, the Watt.

What will not count are the scientific prefixes if they are in the title on their own. kilo just means 1000, it is not a unit of measurement in it's own right. While in some populations, you may discuss a 10k (meaning 10 kilometers) or losing a kilo (meaning kilogram) in either case the measure relies on the inclusion of the unit, meter and gram, respectively.

Some links to help you out:
Scientific units
imperial units
past measurements
Medieval measurements
History of length

I realise that, having got quite technical in the explanation, I'm using an informal measure of volume, by reading A Handful of Dust. Just to be difficult!

Oct 26, 3:39am Top

Challenge #6: Read a book that you need to complete for a 2018 Challenge

Many of us are working on Reading Challenges that we hope to complete before year end. These can be LT challenges such as the Bingo Challenge or completing your Category Challenge, or it could be a challenge from another source such as the 2018 PopSugar Challenge that many of us are working on. You can also include any challenges that you have set for yourself, like the reading of one particular author's catalogue. If there is a book that you need to read during the month of November, you can list it here.

Please add what challenge you are working on to the Wiki.

Oct 26, 3:57am Top

>7 lyzard: So sorry to read about Kara's passing, Liz.

Edited: Oct 26, 7:20am Top

I thought this appropriate because the holidays begin with Thanksgiving (US & Canada) and many of us will be taking something somewhere.

Challenge #7: Read a book that completes the sentence "I went to Grandma's house and I brought............"

Keep titles in alphabetical order .
ie: A Man Called Ove
Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears

Oct 26, 7:15am Top

>7 lyzard: RIP Kara - what a beautiful kitty

Edited: Oct 26, 8:25am Top

>17 Citizenjoyce: With the very important election coming up November 6
It's our municipal election in Charlottetown on the 5th and the first election my two oldest (21 and 18) get to vote in. A teacher-friend of mine is running for councillor in my ward.

>18 Helenliz: I love this idea! I teach science so I'm all about the measurement units. There are only 7 defined SI measurements, and the rest are derived or older versions. I start my physics classes with this discussion.

>21 Carmenere: Canada had Thanksgiving in October.

Oct 26, 8:33am Top

>23 raidergirl3: Glad you like it! I'm a science geek at heart too, degree & PhD in chemistry. Since then I seem to have drifted away from the science bench, but it never leaves you and I still use, every day at work, the ability to think critically about data.
I love how units have evolved to meet different needs, it's like looking at a social history. They started as being based on things that were local and avaliable, so lengths were based on the body and some areas of fields were based on what a team of oxen could plough in 8 hours, which meant that it varied, but was practical at each local level. As we've moved more and had to deal with more than just the family over the hill we've gradually adopted a more standard system. Although, I'm still that generation that can work in metric and live in imperial. Can't cook in grams, can't measure my height in meters!

Oct 26, 9:08am Top

> 24 Oh yes, Canadians are all about the mixed metric system. Although teaching science keeps me thinking in metric measurements, weights and heights are still imperial, and distances are measured in time. How far to Morell? About 30 minutes.
The evolution of measurement is exactly how I start my first day of classes. We need to do some 'science' discussion and it gives an interesting (to me at least!) way to have a discussion about science terms before we get into the course proper.
I lol-ed when I got to the end of your post and you used 'handful' as your word.

Oct 26, 9:26am Top

>18 Helenliz: This is fun!
My book translates "Still measured in morgens", where morgen (=morning) is the land area someone could do with an ox in a morning. See wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgen

Oct 26, 10:29am Top

> 23 Yes, Thanks, this I know but I did not want to exclude our friends up north when I mentioned thanksgiving.

Oct 26, 10:30am Top

Challenge #8: Read a challenge that completes the phrase, "I am thankful for..."

I haven't done this one every year, but often enough for it to be my "regular" November challenge.

Some responses are funny, some are heartfelt. All types are welcome. Enjoy!

Edited: Oct 26, 12:37pm Top

>19 DeltaQueen50: Judy, I'm smacking my forehead. Why didn't I think of that? Every year, my main challenge is the category challenge. I seem to be a bit behind this year and need to finish a bunch of food-related books as well as some general nonfiction.

Filling in the blank challenges are fun. I like to see if I can fit some of my mystery books in there.

UPDATE: It seems that Ellie the Birthday Dog got through surgery OK. They removed one tumor. Won't know biopsy results for a few days though. My sister will be pick her up this afternoon. Last time, when she had knee surgery (or whatever you call ACL surgery for dogs), she was happy to see them and wagged her tail but didn't have enough strength to raise her head.

Edited: Oct 26, 1:26pm Top

>1 SqueakyChu: Madeline, does the horror book have to be included on the list that you've linked or can it count for your challenge as long as it is tagged "horror" here on LT?

Oct 26, 1:40pm Top

>29 lindapanzo: You're welcome, Linda! I am running behind in many of my challenges this year and hope this challenge will help me with all the others that I am lagging in. :)

Edited: Oct 26, 2:25pm Top

Challenge #9: Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters "In Flanders fields" in rolling order

In Flandres fields by John McCrae is one of the best known World War I poems, using the title for a rolling challenge.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Edited: Oct 26, 2:51pm Top

>31 DeltaQueen50:. Hi Judy. Challenges #7 requires titles to be in alpha order so the next one up should begin with a D. Yours are great just too soon 😀

Oct 26, 3:04pm Top

>33 Carmenere: Whoops, sorry, Lynda, I have to learn to read these challenges a little more closely! I have removed my entries and will hope to add them later.

Edited: Oct 26, 3:34pm Top

If it is already tagged horror, it is somewhere on that list although you do not have to find it as the list is very long. You may use that book as long as you did not add the “horror” tag yourself. :D

Oct 26, 4:10pm Top

>35 SqueakyChu: Thanks, Madeline. I did add the tag "horror' when I added Into the Mist to LT but I am pretty sure that I am not the only one to classify it that way.

Edited: Oct 26, 4:50pm Top

>36 DeltaQueen50: It's classified as "horror' elsewhere so I'm sure it was also tagged as "horror" prior to your tag entry here on LT. It's good.

ETA: Others, please see message 39 before adding any other questionable books to my challenge #1. Thanks!

Oct 26, 4:41pm Top

>37 SqueakyChu: Thanks, Madeline!

Edited: Oct 26, 8:01pm Top

>38 DeltaQueen50: I actually went back to see if anyone else here tagged it as horror, and you seem to be the only one. I'll let it slide as I've seen it tagged as horror elsewhere, and I already agreed to let you use it. Nobody else, though!!!!!!

Note to others: Please check the tag before you add your own tag of "horror". Your adding the tag by itself (the lone one!), unless it already had that tag added by someone else, will disqualify your book. In other words, be sure the tag is ALREADY there, before you choose your book.

Oct 26, 4:51pm Top

>39 SqueakyChu: I haven't tagged my book yet, shall I wait until the end of November before tagging it with "horror"?

Oct 26, 5:22pm Top

>12 lindapanzo:, >13 SqueakyChu:, >17 Citizenjoyce:, >20 DeltaQueen50:, >22 Carmenere:

Thank you very much for your kind wishes.

>29 lindapanzo:

Glad to hear that Ellie is doing well so far, Linda. :)

Oct 26, 7:57pm Top

>40 FAMeulstee: Your book is fine. It already has the tag "horror'. You can tag your own book now.

Edited: Oct 27, 9:38am Top

Challenge #11 (Challenge 10 is on the wiki but not posted here yet) Read a book with something illegal in the title.
This can be the illegal act, or the one committing it. Murder will probably be the most common, but there are plenty of other crimes!

Murder on the Orient Express
Cocaine Blues
The Book Thief
The Great Train Robbery
B is for Burglar
Dark Assassin

Oct 27, 12:16pm Top

>39 SqueakyChu: I think I will remove that book from Challenge #1, Madeline. I don't want to mess up the rules - I will try to fit it in somewhere else. Luckily I have another book already listed for your challenge.

Oct 27, 1:58pm Top

>44 DeltaQueen50: Okay. Thanks!

Edited: Oct 27, 8:43pm Top

Challenge #12: Read a book with stripes on the cover

Any kind of stripes will do--a flag with stripes like the American flag or any of the tricolors, a zebra or tiger, a person wearing a striped shirt, etc. The stripes can be on any part of the cover, front, back, or spine. Price scanner codes don't count, though--that'd make it way too easy!

Edited: Today, 3:39am Top

I'm liking the challenges this month. My planned reads:

Challenge #1: Read a book tagged on LibraryThing as "horror" - started by SqueakyChu
Alice - Christina Henry (2.5)
Challenge #2: In memorium: Read a book with a character called 'Kara', or in which the title or the author's first name starts with 'K' - started by lyzard
*✔The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut's Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt by Kara Cooney (4)
Challenge #3: Read a book with a World War 1 connection - started by lindapanzo
A Place Called Winter - Patrick Gale (4)
Challenge #4: Read a book that has something to do with an election - started by Citizenjoyce
One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported - Jr. Dionne, E. J. (3)
Playing with Fire: The 1968 Election and the Transformation of American Politics - Lawrence O'Donnell
Challenge #5: Read a book where the title contains a measure of something - started by helenliz
Moonlight Mile - Dennis Lehane (4)
Challenge #6: Read a book that you need to complete for a 2018 Challenge - started by DeltaQueen
*Fragile - Lisa Unger
Challenge #7: Rolling Challenge (Alphabetical order): Read a book that completes the sentence "I went to Grandma's house and I brought............"- started by Carmenere
Free Air - Sinclair Lewis (2.5)
Challenge #8: Read a challenge that completes the phrase, "I am thankful for..." - started by Morphidae
Improvement - Joan Silber (3.5)
Challenge#9: Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters "In Flanders fields" in rolling order - started by FAMeulstee
Red Clocks - Leni Zumas (5)
Challenge #10: Read a book with a blurb by another author you have read - started by quondame
The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin - Audiobook, RL Book Club (3.5)
Challenge #11: Read a book where the title contains something illegal - started by owlie13
How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People by D. L. Hughley
Challenge #12: Read a book with stripes on the cover - started by susanna.fraser
The Interestings - Meg Wolitzer (4.5)
Challenge #13: Read a book to honor Mama Peggy: 11/15/21, 97 - started by LizzieD
Mama's Child: A Novel - Joan Steinau Lester
Challenge 14: read a book which starts with the same letter as your first name or LT handle - started by wandering_star
Cave of Bones - Anne Hillerman
Challenge 15: Read a book which doesn't just contain text (state the non-text element) - started by souloftherose
*#10004;Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times - Rocky Wood (4)
Challenge 16: Read a book where the number of words in the title matches the numbers 867-5309 in rolling order
Invisible man, got the whole world watching : a young black man's education = Mychal Denzel Smith (3)
Challenge 17: read a book with a word of the title or author matching a London Tube station, rolling challenge - started by paulstalder
Don't Cross the Line! - Isabel Minhós Martins
Challenge 18: read a book with a body part in the author's name - started by calm
The Black Death: The World's Most Devastating Plague by Dorsey Armstrong

Oct 28, 1:37am Top

Challenge #10: Read a book with a blurb by another author you have read

Sorry for the late post, I must not have hit post message earlier.

The blurb doesn't have to be on the copy of the book you are reading or listening to, just on a copy of the book. The blurb doesn't have to refer to the book - it can be for the author or the author's previous works, so a quote from an author who died before this book was written still qualifies.

Oct 28, 6:23am Top

>34 DeltaQueen50: No problem, Judy!
Thanks Madeline for cleaning up my Challenge on the wiki. Makes my challenge all the more clear.

Whoop, whoop, whoop!
I have a potential sweeplette for the very first time! I'm clearing all non-essential matters off my calendar to get this done!
Challenge #7: Rolling Challenge (Alphabetical order): Read a book that completes the sentence "I went to Grandma's house and I brought............"- started by Carmenere
A Man Called Ove
Challenge #8: Read a challenge that completes the phrase, "I am thankful for..." - started by Morphidae
A Spool of Blue Thread
Challenge #9: Read a book where a word in the title starts with the letters "In Flanders fields" in rolling order - started by FAMeulstee
November Road
Challenge #10: Read a book with a blurb by another author you have read - started by quondame
Challenge #11: Read a book where the title contains something illegal - started by owlie13
A Thief of Time
Challenge #12: Read a book with stripes on the cover - started by susanna.fraser
Cape Cod in Color

Oct 28, 9:37am Top

>49 Carmenere: Rah! Rah! Rah! Sweeplettes can be fun. :D

Oct 28, 12:14pm Top

>17 Citizenjoyce: Joyce, will you accept a set of short stories where one of them concerns an election?
I'm reading The time traveller's almanac part ii where the first story is The Buuterfly Effect, where the result of an election is changed by a time traveller stepping on a butterfly in the far distant past.

Edited: Oct 28, 1:45pm Top

>49 Carmenere: Go, go!! I'm about a half a book away from an October sweeplette and a November one is possible if I can find a horror book, which I never read, to my liking. In the alternative, I could just hang out at Judy's challenge #6 and read all the books I was planning anyway, in order to finish my 2018 category challenge.

Oct 28, 1:57pm Top

>51 Helenliz: That sounds fine.

Oct 28, 2:19pm Top

>52 lindapanzo: I'm the same Linda, I'm trying to spread my books around but I could list most of them at my challenge!

Oct 28, 2:25pm Top

>54 DeltaQueen50: I usually finish the challenge around Thanksgiving or a week after, say December 1st or so. This year, at this point, I have way more books I need to read to finish it. The last couple of reading months have been slow. For 2019, I may leave my categories open ended. At this rate, my December TIOLI challenge might be to read a Kindle single!!

Madeline, as mentioned, I rarely read horror books but I do appreciate your comment about your trying to teach us to not be afraid of this category. I was looking through the tagged books and found that I've read more in this genre than I'd realized, though many were non-scary Stephen King books like 11/22/63 or The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I'll keep looking for an optimal non-scary book for me.

Oct 28, 2:28pm Top

>55 lindapanzo: Like oyu, I don't "do" horror either. By which I mean I don't enjoy blood & gore. I was planning on reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde next month, and it is tagged Horror, so I'm using it. I'm not sure it's reputaiton is what I would describe as horror, but that's not what Madeline asked for. I agree that it is good to sometimes dip your toe in unfamiliar waters (just beware of having them bitten off!).

Oct 28, 8:44pm Top

>50 SqueakyChu: >52 lindapanzo: Thanks, Madeline and Linda for the rah, rahs and go, go's. I'm psyched!

Oct 28, 11:16pm Top

>49 Carmenere: I've also got my eye on a 7-12 sweeplette!

Oct 29, 12:21am Top

Lots of November excitement going on.

Oct 29, 9:03am Top

>58 susanna.fraser: Yes! We can do this!

Oct 29, 9:33am Top

>60 Carmenere: yes we can. I’ll be aiming for a 1-6 sweeplette now that I’ve found a suitable, and thankfully short, horror work.

Oct 29, 12:52pm Top

>61 lindapanzo: Let's do it! November is a looooong and bleak month. What else is there to do but read?!

Oct 29, 2:32pm Top

>62 Carmenere: I’d you live in the US There’s cooking, eating and shopping too.

Oct 29, 2:54pm Top

>62 Carmenere: HS swim season is over at the start of the month. Baseball season is over, though hockey season continues. I'll have a lot more free time to read, for sure, this month.

>63 Citizenjoyce: Though I love to eat, I am not a cook and don't like to shop so, for me, November is a dark and bleak month, perfect for reading. Those first few weeks of early sunsets always knock me out.

Oct 29, 4:12pm Top

>63 Citizenjoyce: Hahaha, Ok, I will cut out a teeny bit of time to toss a turkey in the oven and mash a few potatoes on the 22nd but that's it ;0) Oh yeah, and pick up my son from college and take him back and take a few minutes to vote on the first Tuesday but honestly not too much more of importance

Oct 29, 5:18pm Top

Challenge #13: Read a book to honor Mama Peggy: 11/15/21, 97 - started by LizzieD

I'm easy. The title may contain "mama" or "Peggy" or any of the four numbers (written out or as numerals) OR you may find the words or numbers on page 11 or 15 or 21 or 97.

Oct 29, 6:59pm Top

Challenge 14: read a book which starts with the same letter as your first name or LT handle - started by wandering_star

Totally self-serving this one, as I have three library books which start with M (same letter as my first name) which don't fit anywhere else in this month's challenges...

Oct 30, 6:58am Top

I'm also thinking of adding a self-serving challenge but wanted to get some feedback first on possible ways to make it apply to audiobooks (as I'm not a regular audiobook listener). The challenge was going to be 'Read a book which doesn't just contain text' to include things like books with illustrations, maps, photos etc. But presumably audiobooks wouldn't include those?

Oct 30, 7:58am Top

>68 souloftherose: - Heather, some audio books provide a PDF download of photos and other illustrations included in the print/e-book versions, but not always. So I'm not sure that helps :-P

Edited: Oct 30, 11:24am Top

>68 souloftherose: I think some of those books can be found on Google books or on an Amazon preview just to glance at. All the challenger needs to find is at least one example of a picture or a map, etc. That should be fairly easy. I think it should be okay if the pictures are in the hard copy book but not necessarily in the audiobook. What do you think? Ask the challenger to list what the qualifying graphic is, though.

Oct 30, 1:13pm Top

>69 katiekrug:, >70 SqueakyChu: Thank you both!

Katie - thank you for the tip. I had no idea some audio books provided that.

Madeleine - I don't know why I didn't think of that but of course I can just say that if the print version of the audio book has those features then the audio book would count.

Challenge #15: Read a book which doesn't just contain text started by souloftherose

Please list the non-text element of the book on the wiki (e.g. maps, illustrations, photos)

The non-text element of the book can be things like maps, photos/images contained at the front or the back of the book or illustrations and images that are contained within the text itself.

If listening to an audio book then if you can verify that the print book has some non-text elements this will count.

If one person has listed a work but you have an edition that doesn't contain the non-text element (e.g. one person is reading an illustrated version but you have just the text version) then you can still join in for a shared read.

Edited: Oct 30, 3:29pm Top

Challenge #16: Read a book where the number of words in the title matches the numbers 867-5309 in rolling order

Around the November of 1981, if you had the phone number 867-5309 in any area code, you probably quickly came to hate the band known as Tommy Tutone after people started calling you asking for someone named Jenny. Thirty-seven years later, the song is still stuck in our heads thanks to many businesses that have this phone number and use the song's chorus as a jingle.

So here is my challenge:

Read a book that has the number of words in the title that corresponds to the number, in rolling order.

  1. You can include subtitles, or you can exclude them. Whatever helps the book fit.
  2. Be sure to count words and not syllables.
  3. The 0 is a wildcard. Any book can go there.
  4. Symbols (such as the ampersand &) and numbers that you would read out-loud as a word counts as a word.
  5. Initials count separately if they're generally thought of as independent (C. S. Lewis is 3 words), but together if it's a whole, such as an acronym (FBI is one word).

Here are examples based on the Amazon best seller list

8-The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
6-The Coddling of the American Mind
7-The Next Person You Meet In Heaven
5-I need a new butt
3-Ship of Fools
0-Any book.
9-Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You

Edited: Nov 6, 11:39am Top

Challenge 17: read a book with a word of the title or author matching a London Tube station, rolling challenge

I like travelling and the London Tube is an interesting place to go around. Take any word from the title or the author's name of your book and check against the London Tube station's list, if such a word appears in a station's name. This new station must be on the same line as the previous station. I start at King's Cross and travel to Warren Street, both on Victoria line. So from Warren Street to may travel on the Victoria line or on Northern line. You may not change lines in order to reach your destinations. When reaching the destinations, you have to wait for another traveller to take you to another station, from there you may make another trip (so not two stations in a row). DLR can be used, too, but not the railway stations.

Editied to specify: apostrophed words must be equal, so if 'King's Cross' is aimed at, 'King's' must be in the title as well. The same with the full stop: St. must also appear as St. in the title or the author. Ampersands do not qualify.

Do not add a book to a station already mentioned (do this only if it is a shared read). Always travel to the station from the point our journey just happens to be. Always travel forward.

Got your tickets and your books ready?


list of stations

the map of the Tube

Nov 1, 7:20am Top

>73 paulstalder: ohhhhh, that's brilliant!

Edited: Nov 1, 1:22pm Top

>74 Helenliz: AGREED!

Meanwhile, I'm not a happy poster. When I tried to add a book to my #13 challenge, I checked the capcha and got an ad for cars which would not go away or let me delete it or do anything else but cancel the entry. Off to report it to the de-buggers.
ETA: Reported
EAgainTA: Tried again and posted with no problem. Weird!

Nov 1, 1:34pm Top

>73 paulstalder: So sad Un Lun Dun can't fit in this challenge. It is after all, kind of London Underground. I guess embedded words are out too?

Nov 1, 2:04pm Top

>75 LizzieD: That Captcha weirdness has also happened to me in the past.

Nov 1, 2:16pm Top

>74 Helenliz: >75 LizzieD: thanks. It's a bit tricky but fun.

>75 LizzieD: your guess is correct: no embedded words. But thanks for mentioning it. I put it on my wishlist, I like such weird titles.

Nov 1, 2:50pm Top

Challenge 18: read a book with a body part in the author's name - started by calm


Helen Oyeyemi

China Miéville

Patricia McKillip

Nov 1, 2:55pm Top

>79 calm: - Do slang terms count? I have a book to read by Hannah Lillith Assadi.... :)

Nov 1, 3:04pm Top

>80 katiekrug: That's fine. Anything goes as long as it is a common term for a body part :)

Nov 1, 3:05pm Top

Cool! It's my book club book for the month and I wasn't finding a place for it anywhere else...

Nov 1, 3:43pm Top

For some odd reason, I keep humming that old song, 8-6-7-5-3-0-9. I wonder why that is.

Nov 1, 5:10pm Top

>79 calm: Are pseudonyms allowed for the authors?

Nov 1, 7:26pm Top

I'm having too much fun with >79 calm: #18 - so far I've come up with Ear, arm, heel, and chin - although I'm not the only one and haven't entered the ear yet.

Nov 1, 11:38pm Top

>83 lindapanzo: it gets into your head and refuses to leave

Nov 2, 4:40am Top

>84 quondame: I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

If the book was originally published with a pseudonym and later editions have another author name on the cover (like Richard Bachman/Stephen King - sorry can't think of an example with a body part at the moment) that is fine. But if an author writes under a number of different names and the one you want to use has not been associated with the title then no it is not allowed.

>85 quondame: It was just something that I noticed earlier this year and thought it would be a fun challenge, so I'm pleased to see that other people think so to:)

Nov 2, 7:44am Top

>83 lindapanzo: aaaaahhh, thanks for sharing? 8675..........

Nov 2, 12:03pm Top

>86 neverstopreading: Yes it does!!

>88 Carmenere: I started listening to Christmas music on satellite radio. Now I've got those running through my head. The last one I heard was Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses.

Nov 4, 3:37pm Top

>79 calm:

I don't suppose you'd accept 'wig' as a body part? :D

Edited: Nov 5, 10:33am Top

>66 LizzieD: does it need to be "mama" or will "mother" do as well?

Nov 5, 10:59am Top

Ugh! wouldn't you know I forgot about the 12 replacement windows we ordered. They were delivered on Oct 31st. We're doing the installing ourselves but I'm sure I can find some down time to achieve the sweeplette. I WILL find the down time!

Nov 5, 11:34am Top

>90 lyzard: Sorry no 'wig' as it is not actually a part of the body :)

Nov 5, 2:09pm Top

>93 calm:

Rats! :D

Edited: Nov 5, 2:49pm Top

Ok, I'm trying this for the first time ever...Got my to-read list (which probably won't be entirely completed) on my thread.

Nov 5, 2:53pm Top

>95 The_Hibernator: Welcome, Rachel. Let us know if you have any questions.

Nov 5, 2:57pm Top

>95 The_Hibernator: welcome on board! >:-)
Having a list of books that is longer than the month is entirely traditional. We all do that! The good thing about TIOLI is that you can change your mind about what to read, move the books around a bit (rolling challenges excepted) and not get round to some of them - all without guilt.

Nov 5, 4:15pm Top

>95 The_Hibernator: woo Hoo ! Rachel's in the house!! Welcome!

Nov 5, 5:25pm Top

>95 The_Hibernator: Hi Rachel, welcome!

Nov 5, 7:31pm Top

>95 The_Hibernator: So nice to have you here!

Nov 6, 12:40am Top

>95 The_Hibernator: Welcome, welcome!

Nov 6, 11:09am Top

>92 Carmenere: Are your windows just general replacements, or are you putting in a special kind, like for better a/c efficiency, storm windows, etc?

Edited: Nov 6, 11:44am Top

>73 paulstalder: Please travel to the next station from the point our journey just happens to be. Do not add books to stations already touched (do this only if it is a shared read). So I moved the 2nd King's Cross entry forward, it fits the lines of the previous stop.

Nov 6, 12:21pm Top

Nov 6, 1:30pm Top

>102 neverstopreading: We're replacing 40 yo windows. 12 of them. Should be easy once we figure out what we're doing. LOL

Nov 6, 4:00pm Top

>95 The_Hibernator: Whoo Hoo! Rachel is here!

Now, shhhh, everyone. We have to stop talking about her.

Oh, Rachel, you still here? Er...

Nov 6, 6:27pm Top

>105 Carmenere: Getting to that "should be easy" part is the hardest part...

Nov 8, 9:59pm Top

>79 calm: Does "lap" qualify as a body part? I'm adding it until you disqualify it.

Nov 9, 12:15am Top

I finished a challenge 1-6 sweeplette. Now I'm off to re-read one of my all-time favorites, A Civil Campaign, which will be my 100th book of 2018. This is the 5th time I've gotten over 100 books in the past 20 years.

Nov 9, 12:45am Top

I have completed a sweep.

Nov 9, 2:29am Top

>109 jeanned: Congratulations, Jeanne!

>110 quondame: Congratulations, Susan!

Nov 9, 2:56am Top

>108 thornton37814: - Yes I'll allow "lap"

>109 jeanned: Well done

>110 quondame: Congratulations, that was fast :)

Nov 9, 3:58am Top

>109 jeanned:, >110 quondame: Congratulations!

Nov 9, 3:59am Top

>109 jeanned: >110 quondame: way to go, Jeanne and Susan!

Nov 9, 6:40am Top

>112 calm: Thanks!

Nov 9, 10:30am Top

Congrats to jeanned for a sweeplette and to quondame for a sweep! Way to go! High five all around!!

Nov 9, 11:20pm Top

>91 Helenliz: Oh, Helen.... I think "mother" is just fine; I hadn't considered the question, so "mom" and "momma" should work too.

Nov 9, 11:26pm Top

Sweeps and sweeplettes already, wow! I've been distracted with politics and only just now finished my third book of the month. Hopefully I'll be able to make up some lost time over this Veterans Day long weekend and then when we fly down to Oklahoma to spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws.

Nov 10, 3:27am Top

>118 LizzieD: thankyou.

Nov 12, 11:56am Top

>121 Citizenjoyce: Thanks, Joyce

Nov 13, 8:18pm Top

>73 paulstalder: I have absolutely no idea how this challenge works. I've never been on a subway and while I like maps, I can't figure out what happens next. From what I see, High Barnet, the last book, is at the end of a line. What happens next?

Nov 14, 1:10am Top

>123 raidergirl3: High Barnet is on the Northern Line. The next book has to include a word from any station that is on the Northern line. The next station can't be High Barnet. In the Wiki you list thebook, the station and underground line or lines that your station is on.
We change lines by the books chosen being an interchange, in which case the next book can be on ay of the lines that go through that station.

Any help?

Nov 14, 1:56am Top

>124 Helenliz: All I have to say is Lord o' mercy. That's nuts.

Nov 14, 3:25am Top

>125 Citizenjoyce: thanks :) it's a challenge

>123 raidergirl3: >124 Helenliz: Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_London_Underground_stations and search the last station mentioned (High Barnet) in the list, there you can see the line(s) the station belongs to (Northern), click on 'Northern' and there you have a list of stations on this line (from High Barnet till Morden). Now chose a station which matches a word from your book (you may find words like 'cross', 'green', 'street', 'castle', 'chalk', 'farm', 'crescent', 'square', 'waterloo', 'elephant', 'oval', 'wimbledon', 'tooting', 'north', 'south' -- lots of choices)

Nov 14, 3:38am Top

Nov 14, 8:48am Top

>124 Helenliz: >126 paulstalder: Ok, thanks, I (mostly) get it now.

I was on the subway in Toronto this summer, but I just followed the people I was with (14 girls on a field hockey team, plus parents and coaches).

Nov 14, 9:29am Top

>126 paulstalder: Thanks for the extensive explanation. I understood it correctly, but by the time I figured it out, you guys were on the wrong line! I’m still stranded in one of the stations waiting for a train. ;)

Nov 14, 12:17pm Top

>129 SqueakyChu: I found it easier navigating the actual Underground.

Nov 14, 10:16pm Top

Nov 15, 1:17am Top

>130 neverstopreading: yeah, sometimes real life is easier than lt life

Nov 15, 1:26am Top

>129 SqueakyChu: I decided it would be easier to reorganise pretty much every book I'd already entered in this month's challenge than wait for the right book to come up so I could enter mine!
I love this challenge so much that I wasn't going to miss entering a book.

Nov 15, 10:23am Top

>126 paulstalder: I'm determined to understand this challenge!

I just hopped aboard a train at Chalk Farm. Too bad that I missed Anita who had been at that same stop earlier. :) Now I just have to see if I ever get off. I guess that depends on if anyone else joins this challenge. Right, Paul?! :D

Nov 15, 10:25am Top

>128 raidergirl3: Heh! When I was in Toronto last year, I just followed my dear hostess jessibud2. I didn't even have to know where I was going!

Nov 15, 1:43pm Top

>135 SqueakyChu: We were staying pretty much downtown - we could walk to the Eaton Center, much to our teenagers' delight! The night we went to the CN Tower and the Aquarium, we took the subway. It was a little stressful going back to the hotel because the subway was packed and the girls were tired, but we got everyone home in one piece. Did you get to the CN Tower?

Edited: Nov 15, 3:02pm Top

>134 SqueakyChu: I hope you visited Walden Books https://www.librarything.com/venue/50652/Walden-Books while waiting in Chalk Farm. But now it's too late, Amanda took us to Charing Cross now ...

Edited: Nov 15, 5:33pm Top

>136 raidergirl3: I was there for Canada Day in 2017, and we did a mini LT meetup. Then we went to the Beaches and downtown for the Canada Day celebration. There we were in a downpour of rain, but that did not dampen our spirits. It was so much fun to be in Toronto with jessibud2, torontoc, _Zoe_, radicarian, my husband and another good friend. We’d love to go back!

Nov 15, 5:36pm Top

>137 paulstalder: That’s okay. I really didn’t need to buy more books. Now I’m back in the Washington, DC, Metro area near my own Twinbrook Metro train station. Haha!

Nov 15, 7:20pm Top

Wow, I've spent so much time within less than a mile (and sometimes a lot less) of Walden Books over the last 30+ years, as my aunt lives just up the road - Chalk Farm is her nearest tube station. I must make a trip some time.

Nov 15, 10:19pm Top

TIOLI Question of the Month:

Which character in a book you've read so far this month earns your admiration? Why? In which book did this character appear?

Nov 15, 10:20pm Top

>140 elkiedee: You should probably go there with kidzdoc when he gets to England this winter! :)

Yesterday, 7:51am Top

>141 SqueakyChu: Stephanie's teacher in The Lily Pond. (Sorry, I don't know how the name is spelled since I listened to the audiobook. It was Swedish.) I think it's because she saw through the other German teacher's prejudice and encouraged Stephanie to come back, even making a trip out to the island to see Stephanie. She truly cared.

Yesterday, 4:10pm Top

Finished a double sweep today! :-)

#1: Het gruwelkabinet - Ivo de Wijs
#1: Het duistere pact - Rianne Lampers
#2: Mensenjagers aan de Nijl - Karl May
#2: Mijn beesten staan er gekleurd op - Kees & Katja Stip
#3: De velden van eer (Fields of Glory) - Jean Rouad
#3: De hondeneters - Marita de Sterck
#4: Conclaaf (Conclave) - Robert Harris
#4: Onderworpen (Submission) - Michel Houellebecq
#5: Nog in morgens gemeten - Koos van Zomeren
#5: Een handvol stof (A handfull of Dust) - Evelyn Waugh
#6: Schuim en as - J. Slauerhoff
#6: Stella : ster van de zee - Gerda Dendooven
#7: Corso, het ezeltje - C.E. Pothast-Gimberg
#7: Karel Appel - G.J. de Rook
#8: Dit uitzicht - Rutger Kopland
#8: De hond die naar de sterren rende (A bridge to the stars) - Henning Mankell
#9: Ik heb geen naam - Dagmar Hilarová & Miep Diekmann
#9: Het onbegonnen feest - Els Pelgrom
#9: Labyrint Europa : alle latere reizen by Cees Nooteboom
#10: Tsjaikovskistraat 40 - Pieter Waterdrinker
#10: De man die in rook opging (The Man Who Went up in Smoke) - Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö
#11: Ali Baba en de veertig rovers - Willem Wilmink
#11: Absolutie voor moord (Absolution by murder) - Peter Tremayne
#12: Stem op de okapi - Edward van de Vendel
#12: Superguppie - Edward van de Vendel
#13: De Pantheon getuige (The Sacred Cut) - David Hewson
#13: Vijftien honden (Fifteen dogs) - André Alexis
#14: Floddertje - Annie M.G. Schmidt
#14: Fausto Koppie - Anke de Vries
#15: Kun je fluiten Johanna? (Can you whistle, Johanna?) - Ulf Stark
#15: Corneille, zijn wereld - Maarten Bertheux
#16: Diep in het bos van Nergana - Margriet Heymans
#16: We zijn allang begonnen, maar nu begint het echt - Joke van Leeuwen
#17: De boerderij der dieren (Animal Farm) - George Orwell
#17: Een brug naar Terabithia (Bridge to Terabithia) - Katherine Paterson
#18: Er ging geen dag voorbij - Toon Tellegen
#18: Tuin van eetlust - Manuel Kneepkens

Yesterday, 5:28pm Top

>144 FAMeulstee: *faints*

Congrats, Anita! :D

Yesterday, 5:39pm Top

>145 SqueakyChu: Pfew, glad you revived ;-)
Thank you, Madeline.

Yesterday, 6:10pm Top

>144 FAMeulstee: Double Congratulations!!

Yesterday, 9:57pm Top

Congrats to the Sweepers!

I just finished The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Elison and although the main character wasn't extremely likeable, she was competant, strong and a survivor in a world where an unknown virus wiped out most of the women, children and babies. I am just glad that all I have to do is read about it, I wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of days if it were real!

Today, 3:37am Top

>144 FAMeulstee: Wow, how can a person read so fast? Congratulations.
>148 DeltaQueen50: looks good.

Edited: Today, 5:54am Top

>147 quondame: Thank you, Susan!

>148 DeltaQueen50: Thank you, Judy!

>149 Citizenjoyce: Thank you, Joyce.
I always have much time to read, usually I read about 6 hours a day, when I have no obligations that keep me from home. Last week I could not do anything but read, as I injured my right thumb, so reading time nearly doubled.

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