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NOVEMBER ROOT - Progress Thread


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Nov 1, 1:01pm Top

I just want everyone to know how great you are doing! We are very close to reaching our group goal as well as so many who have reached or are almost to their goals! You all are terrific! Give yourselves a big pat on the back!!

Below is the current list of members that have identified a ROOT goal for 2018 and how many books they read by the end of October.
Any members who have yet to record a ROOT, have been removed to a separate list until they start. Others have been moved to a non-participating list since they seem to have become inactive. The ticker totals have been adjusted accordingly.

The percentage is calculated and a star awarded for those on target to reach their goals. More stars for farther toward their goal.

If anyone's number is incorrect, please let me know and I will make the necessary adjustments.
So go out there and dig those ROOTs.

Amberfly 44 / 65 67.7%
Ameise1★ 20 / 10 200.0%
avanders 21 / 24 ★ 87.5%
avidmom 8 / 10 80.0%
Benita★ 66 / 50 132.0%
benuathanasia 145 / 200 72.5%
bragan 81 / 100 81.0%
brakketh 22 / 40 55.0%
brewergirl★ 32 / 30 106.7%
Britt84 50 / 60 ★ 83.3%
Caramellunacy 4 / 12 33.3%
clue★ 31 / 30 103.3%
Coach_of_Alva 31 / 50 62.0%
connie53★ 45 / 36 125.0%
CurrerBell 67 / 75 ★ 89.3%
cyderry★ 92 / 72 127.8%
deep220 50 / 75 66.7%
deern 11 / 24 45.8%
detailmuse★ 40 / 40 100.0%
DisassemblyOfReason 47 / 75 62.7%
eicuthbertson 17 / 25 68.0%
elliepotten 26 / 30 ★ 86.7%
enemyanniemae★ 58 / 36 161.1%
Erratic_Charmer★ 32 / 30 106.7%
FAMeulstee★ 246 / 200 123.0%
Familyhistorian 60 / 55 109.1%
floremolla 41 / 60 68.3%
fuzzi 70 / 100 70.0%
HelenBaker★ 52 / 48 108.3%
Helenoel 21 / 25 ★ 84.0%
Henrik_Madsen 33 / 40 82.5%
h-mb 19 / 40 47.5%
Jackie_K★ 59 / 48 122.9%
janoorani24 8 / 25 32.0%
johanna414★ 27 / 25 108.0%
kac522 22 / 40 55.0%
karenmarie 31 / 42 73.8%
kkunker 0 / 40 0.0%
Kristelh★ 54 / 35 154.3%
LadyBookworth 21 / 24 ★ 87.5%
LadyoftheLodge★ 75 / 75 100.0%
LauraBrook★ 125 / 100 125.0%
leslie98★ 109 / 100 109.0%
LibraryLover23 29 / 40 72.5%
lilisin★ 50 / 50 100.0%
lindapanzo★ 74 / 72 102.8%
lkernagh★ 62 / 60 103.3%
Lisa805 11 / 12 ★★ 91.7%
LoraShouse★ 20 / 20 100.0%
luvamystery65 12 / 40 30.0%
mabith 6 / 20 30.0%
madhatter22 21 / 60 35.0%
majkia★ 82 / 50 164.0%
mandymarie20 7 / 25 28.0%
martencat 27 / 30 ★ 90.0%
Miss_Moneypenny 20 / 60 33.3%
MissSos 19 / 20 ★★ 95.0%
MissWatson 75 / 75 100.0%
Montarville 7 / 12 58.3%
nebula21 33 / 35 ★★ 94.3%
Nickelini 19 / 20 ★★ 95.0%
Quaisior★ 78 / 50 156.0%
quigui 10 / 12 ★ 83.3%
rabbitprincess★ 85 / 50 170.0%
rainpebble★ 53 / 24 220.8%
RavenHill 21 / 40 52.5%
readingtangent★ 50 / 46 108.7%
Rebeki★ 18 / 18 100.0%
Robertgreaves★ 87 / 78 111.5%
sallylou61 35 / 36 ★★ 97.2%
si 23 / 24 ★★ 95.8%
sibyx 14 / 24 58.3%
Tanya-dogearedcopy 45 / 50 ★ 90.0%
torontoc 27 / 30 ★ 90.0%
vestafan 38 / 50 76.0%

The non-particpating members have been moved to this separate section and our goal was reduced from 4,636 to 3,930.

anoplph0ra / 20
EEasyReaderII / 60
Heather19 / 50
JBarringer / 365
katayseb / 15
KWharton / 10
linda.newman / 25
okeres / 25
pageturner3 / 50
Quasifesto / 36
slategreyskies / 50
surtsey / 10

The following were moved to a separate listing due to inactivity in the last several months and reaching only 25% or less of their goal.

4chin8 13 / 75 17.3%
crazy4reading 6 / 30 20.0%
DeborahJade 6 / 50 12.0%
funky_george 2 / 30 6.7%
kootibkiteer 2 / 10 20.0%
lahochstetler 1 / 50 2.0%
nancynova 18 / 75 24.0%
novawalsh 4 / 30 13.3%

The group goal has been adjusted from 3904 to 3554.

Ameise1, rainpebble, majkia, readiingtangent, enemyanniemae, Quaisior, rabbitprincess, Kristelh, Benita, connie53, Erratic_Charmer, FAMeulstee, Jackie_K, LauraBrook, cyderry, leslie98, clue, Reebeki, and Robertgreaves were joined by MissWatson, detailmuse, HelenBaker, lkernagh,brewergirl, lindapanzo, LoraShouse, johanna414, lilisin, and LadyoftheLodge having reached their goals!

Next in line to join them are:

sallylou61 97.2%
si 95.8%
Nickelini 95.0%
MissSos 95.0%

The goal for November is 3,257 We've already made it! Let's meet our total goal this month with another 300 ROOTS!

Nov 1, 7:33pm Top

Well done, everyone, and thank you to our leader and motivator for all her hard work.

Nov 1, 8:10pm Top

Was great to accomplish my goal especially considering this year it contained so many novels and not just manga to pad the numbers. Until the end of the year I think I'm going to focus on some of my more difficult reads I've been putting off since I really wanted to reduce the TBR pile this year. This makes my pile more manageable but also gives me leeway to buy more books, especially the English ones when I go back to the states for the holidays.

Nov 2, 1:06am Top

All those trick or treaters had me going back and forth so much last night that I forgot to update my ticker yesterday. Oh well, more ROOTs to count for November so we're already 4 ROOTs to the good this month.

Nov 2, 4:36am Top

Thanks for the stats, Chèli!

Nov 2, 8:53am Top

awesome stats! Thank you so much for all the work you do, C.

Nov 2, 9:51pm Top

Thank you for all your work to keep us on track! Good to see so much progress.

Nov 2, 10:27pm Top

I am trying to do the same thing. I am currently reading a very long book that I have had on my shelves since 2012 and I have another ready to go that has been on my reading list since 2009.

Nov 3, 8:11am Top

I've just added my 1st ROOT for November (#60 for the year) to all tickers.

Thanks Cheli for all your hard work crunching the numbers!

Nov 3, 9:32am Top

Just added my first ROOT of November to all tickers: Hamlet, Revenge!, by Michael Innes.

Nov 3, 11:28am Top

Just read a great thriller called 聖母 (Holy Mother) and was really sucked into it. I don't think I've actually ever read a thriller before so it was a lot of fun. But now I want to check my list of read books to see if I'm not lying. Okay, so I've read Ryu Murakami's Audition which is a psycho horror thriller but this might be the first book I read with detectives. In any case I was going to give the book 5 stars but since I've no way to compare this to other thrillers I put it at 4 stars to give me leeway when rating others when I decide to read more from the genre. But yeah, 51/50 books in my goal. Going to enjoy contributing to the group goal.

Nov 4, 1:54am Top

First book for November, This is Not a Novel by Jennifer Johnston. A wee gem to start the month off.

Edited: Nov 5, 9:03am Top

With my first book for November, Presidential Lottery: the Reckless Gamble in our Electoral System by James A. Michener, I have reached by goal of 36 books read. I had hoped to reach this landmark by the end of October, but my allergies to falling leaves (their dust and mold) made my eyes very itchy and watery the last weekend in October. I will discuss this book in greater detail on my thread: https://www.librarything.com/topic/279785#6621481

Nov 5, 12:16pm Top

>13 sallylou61: Yeah! a few days late is nothing!

Nov 5, 1:29pm Top

I've added #2 for November (#61 for the year) to all tickers. Review to follow on my thread later, hopefully.

Nov 5, 6:36pm Top

Well done, SallyLou. Congratulations.

Nov 5, 8:35pm Top

Got my first ROOT finished for November, Mrs. Mike. I recommend it, and thank 2WonderY for recommending and giving it to me...3 years ago!!

My personal ticker is updated.

Nov 6, 2:09pm Top

And that's #3 for November (#62 for the year) added to all tickers.

Nov 8, 1:34am Top

Yay to everybody! Lookin' good.

I am finally up to where I can contribute to the group goals.

Nov 8, 11:37am Top

Finished my first ROOT for November (one that I had counted on finishing for September...), Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea by Diana Marcellas, and the #11 out of 12. The finish line is in sight!

All trackers updated.

Nov 8, 2:13pm Top

Finished first ROOT for November God Emperor of Dune will try and finish the trilogy this November.

Nov 8, 7:18pm Top

Yesterday I finished The Division Bell Mystery, by Ellen Wilkinson, a ROOT that was barely two months old. This is remarkably prompt for me!

Nov 8, 7:19pm Top

And today I FINALLY finished reading Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, in the public-domain translation by Constance Garnett.

All tickers have been updated with both this ROOT and >22 rabbitprincess:.

Edited: Nov 8, 10:09pm Top

I just finished my first ROOT for the month. I am trying to read the Regeneration trilogy as a memorial offering in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. I just finished book two in the trilogy Eye in the Door by Pat Barker.

Nov 9, 7:06am Top

Finished my second ROOT for November, Sojourn by R. A. Salvatore, and with that met my goal! I might read one or two more ROOTs till the end of the year, but for now, I have a few Early Reviewer books waiting for me :)

All tickers updated

Nov 9, 7:21am Top

ROOT #2 is done, Tawny by Thomas C. Hinkle, and on my shelves unread since 2012!

Personal ticker updated.

Nov 9, 9:45am Top

I read tons of Thomas C. Hinkle books when I was much younger. My grandmother's house was full of them. The horse books, the dog books, and I loved them all. How did that book read now? Was it dated?

Edited: Nov 9, 10:40pm Top

>24 benitastrnad: I have completed that series. I should have picked up a World War 1 novel for the weekend too. I tend to do this around ANZAC day in New Zealand, but this anniversary is definitely one to commemorate.

Nov 10, 9:40am Top

Reporting ROOT # 46 for the year, # 1 for November

Het vuur by Katherine Neville

Tickers updated.

Nov 10, 2:03pm Top

>27 benitastrnad: not dated in the sense of men and women's roles, don't recall one woman in the entire book. It takes place in the wilderness and plains of Kansas, date not clear.

Edited: Nov 10, 2:26pm Top

Reporting ROOT # 47 for the year, # 2 for November

Gezien de feiten by Griet op de Beeck

Tickers updated

Nov 10, 9:01pm Top

ROOT #28 and first of Nov- no tickers updated. The review is on my thread

Nov 10, 10:09pm Top

ROOT #3 this month The Leper of St. Giles has been completed and added to the rehoming box. Personal ticker has been updated, too.

Nov 12, 11:56am Top

ROOT #2 this month and 29th of the year- no tickers updated and review is on my thread

Edited: Nov 12, 2:18pm Top

I finished another ROOT. I finished listening to Darke by Angie Sage over the weekend. This is book 6 in the Septimus Heap series. This series would make such great read aloud books for the elementary grades. There are so many life lessons in these books. In this book Septimus and Simon finally begin to patch up their sibling relationship and are starting to learn to trust each other. Nico and Snorri split, and Jenna and Septimus come to an amicable friendship. Beetle is starting to get resentful of Septimus always being in the lead. In short, everybody in the books is growing up. Even Spit Fire. Good stuff for kids. One more book to go in this series and it is done.

Nov 12, 3:27pm Top

I completed ROOT #4 for November last night, a good read by Conrad Richter: Tacey Cromwell. It's not one of his best works, but still worth reading. Off to the used book store it goes!

Nov 14, 1:58am Top

#2 root for November, When We Were Romans by Matthew Kneale, 6 years on the TBR shelves, now moved.

Edited: Nov 14, 10:39pm Top

I finished the last book in the Regeneration trilogy. Ghost Road by Pat Barker won the Booker Prize back in 1995. I thought it was the weakest of the trilogy because there was to much in it about what I thought was a distracting storyline. But what do I know? It was a good memorial to WWI.

Nov 17, 11:43am Top

Finished another ROOT yesterday: MacGregor's Gathering, by Nigel Tranter. All tickers have been updated.

Nov 17, 11:56pm Top

My first for the month: Velma Bourgeois Richmond, The Faerie Queene As Children's Literature: Victorian and Edwardian Retellings in Words and Pictures.

I finally found this one a week or so ago while doing some much needed housecleaning and sorting of books. It was a tedious read – 3½*** for its comprehensiveness, but weak on analysis. I won it on Early Review, though, and I've owed TPTB a review for a couple years now, so it was worth the ROOTing.

1st for November, 68/75

Edited: Yesterday, 12:10pm Top

Third ROOT for November finished; The Crystal Shard (graphic novel), by R. A. Salvatore. Tickers updated.

Yesterday, 12:43pm Top

I completed ROOTs #75 and #76 this week, total of 6 for November, so far.

I'm making a stretch run to get as close to my goal of 100 as possible...maybe even achieving it!

Edited: Yesterday, 4:39pm Top

I finished another off the TBR list. Quietly In Their Sleep also published under its UK title Death of Faith by Donna Leon. This was book 6 in the Brunetti series and I enjoyed it. I think the UK title was a better choice for the novel as it was more about what Brunetti was thinking and feeling during the course of the book.


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