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The BBC's "Going Out of Business" Sale-mstrust #10

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Today, 11:57am Top

You've made it to The BBC's last shop. After three years of staying one step ahead of angry landlords, publishers and the electric company, I'm beat. We're going to have one last Christmas and close the doors forever! Possibly without arson being involved at all!
Don't worry about our employees, they're looking forward to new opportunities.
. .

Welcome to the last BBC. Go ahead and shoplift something.

2018 Reads

1. Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails- 5 stars
2. Backstrom: He Who Kills The Dragon- 3 stars- Nordic Mysteries Group
3. What Does This Button Do?- 4 stars
4. The Man in the Picture- 4.5 stars- Gothic Mysteries Group
5. The Fortune Cookie Chronicles- 4 stars
6. Once Upon A Dreadful Time- 4.5 stars
7. Addicted to Americana- 5 stars
8. The Hidden Art of Disney's Late Golden Age- 4 stars
9. Mrs. Harris Goes to New York- 3 stars
10. Thanks For The Money- 4.2 stars
11. Fairest Of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen- 3 stars
12. The Subway Chronicles- 3.5 stars
13. It's In The Book- 3 stars
14. Grifter's Game- 4 stars
15. iZombie: Six Feet Under and Rising- 4.2 stars
16. Hottest Heads Of State- 4 stars
17. Henry VIII- 4 stars
18. They Do It With Mirrors- 3.5 stars Female Sleuth Group
19. Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes-3.5 stars- ScaredyKit-Survival/Disasters
20. iZombie: Repossession- 4.5 stars
21. Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling- 4.2 stars
22. The Martian-3.5 stars- Survival/Disaster Group
23. Pink Ladies and Crimson Gents- 4.5 stars
24. More Stories from The Twilight Zone- 4 stars- Scaredy-Kit Weird Fiction Group
25. Fodor's Seattle- 5 stars
26. The Road to Little Dribbling- 4.5 stars
27. Let Us All Eat Cake-4 stars
28. Faceless Killers-2.5 stars- Global Mysteries Group
29. Howard's End is on the Landing-4.5 stars
30. So I'm A Heel- 3 stars
31. Stories from The Twilight Zone- 4.5 stars Scaredy-Kit Weird Fiction Group
32. Matilda- 5 stars
33. Bettyville- 4.5 stars
34. Rendezvous in Black- 4.2 stars Classic and Golden Age Mystery Group
35. Motorhead: Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers- 4 stars
36. Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes- 5 stars
37. We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone-4.2 stars ScaredyKit- Supernatural
38. A Penknife in My Heart- 3.5 stars Golden Age Mystery Group
39. I Love Everybody- 4 stars
40. Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House- 3.5 stars
41. Slightly Chipped- 4.2 stars
42. The Bad Beginning-4 stars
43. The Sociopath Next Door- 4.5 stars ScaredyKit- Close To Home
44. The Reptile Room- 4 stars
45. I'm A Stranger Here Myself- 4 stars
46. Mr. Monk Goes To Germany- 4.2 stars- Mysteries Involving Transit
47. Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club- 3.5 stars
48. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop: A Curious Alphabet- 4 stars
49. The Man From the Train- 4.5 stars
50. I Should Have Stayed Home- 4 stars
51. King Kong- 3.5 stars
52. Night of the Living Dummy- 4 stars
53. Son of Slappy- 3.5 stars
54. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil- 4.2 stars
55. Blondie's Parallel Lines- 4.5 stars
56. Father Ted: The Craggy Island Parish Magazines- 3 stars
57. The Beast Within- 3.5 stars
58. Tiki Art Two- 4 stars
59. Once Upon A Two by Four- 4 stars
60. Stay Out Of The Basement -4 stars
61. The Highest Tide- 3.5 stars
62. Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel- 1 star
63. Nevada Curiosities- 4 stars
64. The Spy Who Loved Me- 4 stars
65. The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, Part Two- 4 stars
66. In A Lonely Place- 4.5 stars
67. Cake Ladies- 4.5 stars
68. The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook- 5 stars
69. Black Hornet- 3 stars
70. The Blackbirder- 3 stars
71. Mixed Magics- 4 stars
72. Beautiful Ruins- 4.5 stars
73. The Vermont Country Store Cookbook- 5 stars
74. Give Yourself Goosebumps: #7 Under the Magician's Spell- 3 stars
75. The Expendable Man- 4.2 stars
76. One Bloody Thing After Another- 4 stars
77. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight- 3.5 stars
78. History's Worst: Jack the Ripper- 3.5 stars
79. More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark- 4 stars
80. Finders Keepers- 4.2 stars
81. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?- 5 stars
82. The Ghost Next Door- 3.5 stars
83. A Season with the Witch- 5 stars
84. Slade House- 5 stars
85. The Chessmen of Doom- 3 stars
86. Monster Island- 4.2 stars
87. The Grimm Conclusion- 4.2 stars
88. Attack of the Jack O' Lanterns- 3 stars
89. My Best Friend's Exorcism- 4.5 stars
90. This Is A Book About The Kids in the Hall- 4 stars
91. Perfection- 4 stars
92. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland- 3.5 stars
93. Rock 'n' Roll Love Stories- 4 stars

Nov 2, 10:53am Top

We're open!

Nov 2, 10:56am Top

Happy new thread, Jennifer! And a belated happy anniversary to you and Mike, too!

Nov 2, 11:23am Top

Happy new thread!

Nov 2, 11:42am Top

Happy new thread!

Nov 2, 12:24pm Top

Happy new thread! Do you know what your post-BBC plans will be?

Nov 2, 2:53pm Top

>3 harrygbutler: Thanks very much, Harry! We had a very nice dinner at Morton's last night, and since Mike told them it was our anniversary, there were specially printed menus for us that had "Happy 15th Anniversary" at the top. We were also given a choice of free desserts, and I had to choose the chocolate souffle for two. I've always longed to have a chocolate souffle in a good restaurant, it's one of my weird goals in life. It was so fluffy Mike described it as "chocolate air".
Also, I'll be putting up a pic of the surprise Mike brought home for me.
And you are my first visitor! I've stuck my hand in the Lost & Found box and now these belong to you- fish shaped flip flops! They should look great with black socks!

>4 figsfromthistle: Thanks!

>5 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!

>6 RidgewayGirl: Thank you! I do have plans and I'm keeping an eye out for when the 2019 group materializes.

I drove to Paradise Valley this morning, where Half-Price Books was having a tent sale in the parking lot. Not great, but I still came home with:
World War Z
Death of a Unicorn
The Odds
The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
Gone Girl
Go, Mutants!
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Nov 2, 6:50pm Top

I'm in!

Nov 2, 7:10pm Top

Happy new thread, Jennifer!
Last BBC? :'( Then I have to come here os often as I can! ;-)

>7 mstrust: Your anniversary diner sounds nice, belated congratulations.

Nov 3, 1:20am Top

Happy new one!! And don't say it's the last BBC. That's not allowed.

I binge watched the new Sabrina on Netflix and I am still on The Haunting of Hill House. I don't care if it's November. : )

Nov 3, 8:01am Top

Whaaaat?!?! Oh man, it's like one of my favorite bars is closing!

Nov 3, 8:09am Top

Happy new thread and happy belated 15th anniversary to you and Mike!! Yum! Morton's is the best!
Oh no! The last of the BBC! I'll be keeping a look out for the next chapter.
Nice book haul! I loved A.J. Fikry and ATGiB is a very good read too.
I'm on episode 7 of Hill House and it's really good. Not just the spookiness but the family dynamics are interesting too.
I've got Sabrina lined up for after HH.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Nov 3, 10:56am Top

>8 SomeGuyInVirginia: I knew you'd find the new place!

>9 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! Yep, last one so get it while it lasts.
It was a very nice dinner, and I almost wanted to say that I had more than enough lobster for one meal. It was four courses and lobster was in three of them. When we walked out we were both moaning.

>10 Berly: Thanks, Kim! I'm afraid it's true, the doors are closing. Hopefully we'll have fun next year too.
I haven't started "Sabrina" yet as I just finished "Hill House" yesterday. I've stuck with "The Purge" series too and that should end this next week, I think. Oh, and "Stan Against Evil" started the new season on Halloween, and I looove that one.

>11 SomeGuyInVirginia: Well that was a delayed reaction. And what do you mean "one of my favorite bars"? Who else let's you do that thing our staff calls "Larry's 1 a.m. Floor Show"?

>12 Carmenere: Thank you thank you, Lynda!
I finished "Hill House" yesterday, watching the last two in a row. That was one messed up family. Good show though, it hooks you fast, and what a creepy atmosphere they created.
Have a fun weekend!

Edited: Nov 3, 2:09pm Top

Here's the promised pic of the surprise Mike came home with on Thursday. He was very proud of himself for thinking of it.

A 14 inch maple doughnut from Le Mars, surrounded by glazed doughnut holes. I don't know what else to say.

Nov 3, 4:18pm Top


Nov 4, 12:47am Top

Happy new thread! And Happy Anniversary! Good for Mike for thinking of a fabulous surprise present.

So sad the BBC is closing down. Off now to look for bargains...

Nov 4, 6:23am Top

Happy anniversary and happy new thread, Jennifer.

Nov 4, 7:34am Top

>14 mstrust: what a guy! Thinking outside the box like that!! 10 husband points for Mike!

Edited: Nov 4, 9:26am Top

>15 rabbitprincess: It is! Yet I couldn't believe I was responsible for it. :-D I sliced it like a cake and put the majority of it, and the donut holes, into the freezer.

>16 VivienneR: Thank you, Vivienne! He prides himself on coming up with things I'd truly never thought of.
It is sad about the BBC, but it's time for our staff to go out in the world and spread their sunshine.

>17 Ameise1: Thank you, thank you.

>18 Carmenere: He did really surprise me, that's for sure. I never expected him to bring me a delicious maple hubcap and say, "Eat this." He's a keeper.

Nov 4, 11:50am Top

>14 mstrust: It was thoughtful, looks delicious and is one of your favorite things. Next year you may want to staple the Tiffany catalogue to his forehead.

>15 rabbitprincess: Someone puts Abba on the jukebox and I lose all restraint.

Nov 4, 12:54pm Top

Happy Anniversary!

I hope you enjoy A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Gone Girl as much as I did!

Edited: Nov 4, 3:41pm Top

>20 SomeGuyInVirginia: It was very thoughtful, and delicious. You wonder how they can cook something that size and have it turn out as well as a regular doughnut.
I think you were referring to >13 mstrust:, so I'll tell you that on this particular night, we had the news on. You were undeterred.

>21 PaperbackPirate: Thanks, Nicole! I hope to get to them very soon. What a surprise to find two of the "greatest books" at a sale so soon after the show.

Nov 4, 7:06pm Top

>14 mstrust: He gets points and you get doughnuts!! Perfect. : )

Nov 4, 9:02pm Top

>14 mstrust: Oh my! My blood sugar spiked just looking at that thing.

Going out of business? Did you lose your lease? Or did you violate restrictions on ventures in a school zone? Hmmm.

Nov 5, 9:34am Top

>23 Berly: It's like we were made for each other :-D

>24 weird_O: Yep, my thought was "Diabetes, here I come!" I sent him to work with a big Ziploc of doughnut holes to spread it around.
As to The BBC's situation, see >1 mstrust:. Add to that a few kitchen fires, a lot of drunk-and-disorderlies, an employee fistfight (which involved the entire staff on that day. Including me.) and you'll realize why we have so much trouble finding a building. Oh, and I tend to not pay the rent.

Now that I have a day or two with nothing on the schedule, maybe I'll finally get a book finished. Fingers crossed.

Nov 5, 9:51am Top

OK, you know those rainy autumn memes that look so cool and comforting? They look that way when it's August, sunny and 109. In real life, they make Monday morning commutes something out of Hieronymus Bosch. I swear to God, I think I got into a shouting match with an actual demon, who refused to turn on red even when there was no oncoming traffic. Stoopid demon.

Nov 5, 10:45am Top

There was a stand-up years ago who pointed out that the best way to win an argument was to refuse to join in the other person's topic and pick your own instead. When the person swears at you about driving, you yell back, "Why are you wearing my jacket? I told you not to borrow it!"

Nov 5, 1:06pm Top

I've just watched Rick Grimes last episode, so if you don't want spoilers or just don't care, skip this.

It was a hero's episode. Badly wounded, hallucinating moments with dead friends in order to apologize for their brutal deaths, riding that white horse. And then sacrificing himself to keep the herd of walkers from making it over the bridge to his friends. There were so many moments that appeared to be the end. The wound from the rebar looked like he'd bleed out, the walkers getting so close looked like he'd be swarmed, even Daryl shooting his arrows made me think for a second that he'd give Rick a mercy killing.
But he didn't die. Viewers had been led to believe Rick would die in this episode, and now we're looking back at the wording: "Rick's Last Episodes", not "Rick's Death".
It really is Lincoln's departure from TWD, they just didn't kill Rick, as the plan is for Lincoln to reprise the character for a series of movies that will continue to follow Rick's life. But Daryl, Michonne and all Rick's friends will go on believing they witnessed Rick's death.

Nov 5, 8:30pm Top

It was the scraggly beard. He had to die, it was his time.

Nov 6, 2:16am Top

I was here earlier but when I saw the picture of Rick, I went and watched the episode and then came back. It was a good ending, as you said, a hero's ending and the preview certainly looks interesting. Not sure how I feel about the series of movies to be made, apparently they will be shown on AMC, I guess it will be interesting to see what happens to Rick. I never thought he would be leaving in a helicopter with the garbage lady!

Nov 6, 10:24am Top

>29 SomeGuyInVirginia: His beard didn't get the memo, because he's still alive. Apparently gone from his group forever, but still alive.

>30 DeltaQueen50: I have to say how relieved I was that Rick didn't die. I was waiting for him to die, it looked like he died, but I was glad that he didn't.
That six year jump is crazy looking, isn't it? Michonne is scary, Daryl hasn't changed one bit, still looks like he hasn't washed his hair, and I'm not sure about Judith from that little segment. I don't like precocious children in general, and she looks like she'll drive me up a wall.
I know, what if the garbage lady is Rick's new girl? Ha!

Nov 6, 6:40pm Top

>28 mstrust: That is a terrifying beard!

Nov 6, 8:26pm Top

>28 mstrust: So a bit of "Horatius at the Bridge"?

>14 mstrust: That's an impressive doughnut!

>7 mstrust: I think those may call for rainbow socks with toes.

Edited: Nov 7, 12:35pm Top

>32 rabbitprincess: That's actually one of the beard's better pictures, as it looks free of sweat and gore for the moment. Like it got itself cleaned up for its portrait.

>33 harrygbutler: Rick's intention was absolutely to sacrifice himself for everyone else. He went through his fevered hallucinations saying, "I have to find my family,", and then we found out that he was talking about his family of people who were of no blood relation. Awww.
I think that doughnut could have been worn as a sun hat.
Your prize, your call. But it's obvious that fashion is your life.

Edited: Nov 7, 12:34pm Top

Oh look, I finally finished a book!

90. This Is A Book About The Kids in the Hall by John Semley. A book about the formation, success and failures of the Canadian cult comedy troupe. The author is very much a fan and sometimes that shows a whole lot, but he also is brutally honest about the times the humor didn't work, about the career struggles members of the troupe have had since the show ended, and about their combative relationships. The vast majority of this book was new information to me. I just wish there had been photos. 4 stars

Thanks to rabbitprincess for pointing this one out!

Nov 7, 12:49pm Top

Oh, and if you like apples, Sprout's is doing their annual Applefest right now, at least in my area. I was there this morning and bought five different varieties, although my store didn't have the Lucyglo variety I really wanted to try. Mike's friend is a produce manager at a Sprout's and sent a pic of the inside of this apple, which is a deep pinky-red, like a ripe watermelon.
I've started making a list of Christmas cookie ideas. I've been making a cookie a day for two weeks over the last couple of years, but I'm going to scale back to maybe just six or seven this year.

Nov 7, 12:54pm Top

If you need a cookie taste tester I am in!!

Edited: Nov 7, 5:54pm Top

Come on over! You can taste them and make sure they're worth passing out to people.
Mike's favorite are the homemade Christmas butter cookies decorated with royal icing. A couple of years ago he sat at the end of the dining room table and ate them as Mom, Julie and I set them down on the racks to dry.

Nov 7, 9:45pm Top

>35 mstrust: Yay, glad you liked it! I too wish this book had photos.

Nov 8, 12:43pm Top

Ermahgerd! I like cookies!

Edited: Nov 8, 2:47pm Top

>39 rabbitprincess: I did like it, thanks for letting me know it existed! It was a strange decision to publish a book about a performance troupe without a single picture though. Even just some taken by the author since he was interviewing the members.
>40 SomeGuyInVirginia: I like cookies too!

Last night I experimented again with using pie crust in a cookie. I cut the crust into rounds with a cookie cutter, and filled them with a spiced raisin, brown sugar and applesauce mixture that I'd heated up til the raisins were plump, then folded the crust and brushed them with egg wash and topped with a sprinkle of spice. Turned out really well.
And I stayed longer at the library today because going by the sign in sheet, no one had worked on donations in a week and it was just a mountain of things that needed to be sorted. I emptied out four big cardboard boxes of donations and took out three carts of books to shelve. And no sooner do I fill the sale shelves than another book thief comes along and cleans them out.
I came home with You Will Know Me, Glass Houses and My Friend Dahmer.

Nov 8, 3:10pm Top

Ugh, I hate a thief more than wildfire. What can they be doing with the books? Most probably have no resale value?

Nov 8, 3:24pm Top

Many of our donations are in really good condition, some looking like they were read just once. Even a lot of the books we sell that are pulled from the library shelves are in very good condition, as one of my jobs as a library volunteer is to toss the books that are too worn out to go up for sale. So they at least appear to have a re-sale value to a book thief, even if they're just mass market paperbacks. I watched the guy for a bit and saw he was taking an arms length of books, which is a dead give away. The thieves don't steal inconspicuously, they steal as much as they can carry. I even pointed out the money box for him and he stuttered that he'd already paid, which he didn't.

Nov 9, 12:07pm Top

Hey Jennifer, taking a break from installing window #2 :0) Ugh, thieves don't get any compassion from me however if someone wants to read so badly they are willing to commit an illegal act, well, I'm a little, a teeny little more forgiving.

The conclusion of The Haunting of HH was more surprising than I expected but satisfying non the less. I'm assuming every year will contain different characters and story line similar to American Horror Story. Do you know anything about that?

Ok, back to windows. have an outstanding weekend.

Nov 9, 1:12pm Top

I liked Hill House a lot, but I have to admit that I thought it was really harsh that Timothy Hutton had to agree to die and be in that house forever in order to save his children. He was such a sympathetic character and I hated to see him lying on that filthy floor. And wasn't it a surprise to find that the mother was so disturbed that she'd like her children to die to keep her company? It was an excellent writing, wasn't it? And the twins were so, so cute.
I haven't heard anything at all about a second season but I'd love to see more. Also, I'm really hoping that Amazon's "Forever" gets a second season. I really liked that, and I'm waiting for the third season of "Santa Clarita Diet" that is coming sometime next year.

As for the book thieves, they're walking into the very place were you can read as much as you'd like, for free. The fact that they go to the sale shelves instead and take 15 or more at a time, along with any DVDs and CDs, is the sign of someone doing re-sale. I would love it if we had people who read so much that they were buying that much at a time, as the money goes to the library children's programs, adult job training and programs like our home gardening and nutritional seminars for Seniors. When they were first pointed out to me by our lead volunteer, she said they were stealing bagfuls to sell, most likely at a very large used bookstore about 10 minutes away. She keeps threatening to call the store and describe them to the manager :-D. Being new, I thought she was just talking about the ones who were right there at the moment, but I've seen people taking large hauls away without paying nearly every week. It's an enormous amount of money walking out the door and the security guards have been told they can't do anything about it because it's the honor system. They do it right in front of me as I'm shelving, and the check-out desk with a whole staff of librarians are right behind the sale shelves, so they know everyone is seeing them do it.

Good luck with those windows. I remember you had something like 12 to put up? I hope you have a great weekend anyway!

Nov 9, 2:08pm Top

Hi Jennifer, I'm hijacking the top threads around here to spread the word. Its time to join the Christmas Swap festivities. Come on over...


Nov 9, 5:44pm Top

Thanks for including me, Jeff!

Nov 9, 7:47pm Top

>45 mstrust: I found the biggest mystery in Hill House was how little Luke with pop bottle glasses and a slight lisp turned into such a hottie!
Did you know the actor who played young Mr. Crane was Elliot from the movie ET?

Oh my, the thievery is of a much grander scale than I had thought. Sad.

Yes, 10 windows to go. Yay!!!

Nov 10, 8:21am Top

It's funny, but for me it's worse that they're stealing books.

Nov 10, 10:36am Top

>48 Carmenere: Ha! Yes, little Luke grew up into a dirty hottie. And Shirley was a tall young girl who grew up to be about 5'2" and 90 pounds. I thought all the young actors were good. And I loved all those beautiful sweeping robes Carla Gugino wore. She looked like she came out of a Gothic with her robes and long hair.
Yes, I recognized Henry Thomas right away as I've seen him in other recent things, but I'd had never noticed how he and Timothy Hutton do look pretty similar. That was a good match.
I admire your determination. You will get those windows done!

>49 SomeGuyInVirginia: Yeah, especially since they're taking so much stuff at once because none of it is worth much individually, so if they go to that used bookstore, they may be given $1 a hardback. I know the place and they are tight with their payments. We scan everything before it's shelved and the donations that are worth anything over $5 are sent to the main warehouse to the people who do the library online sales.

My reading has really slowed down these last few weeks. I was so distracted by all the Halloween events and shows and our trip. Normally I would have hit 100 before now.

Edited: Nov 12, 12:01pm Top

The BBC's Veteran's Day Special- All military gets 80% any book that starts with "The"!

Nov 12, 1:26pm Top

>45 mstrust: Yeah, they're stealing for resale. Of course, used books don't get you much money, and used bookstores usually offer much less cash than they do store credit, so they're not making much. I don't think talking to the manager of the nearby used book store is a bad idea at all.

Nov 13, 10:56am Top

Right, they're taking a lot more from the library's income than they're getting from the bookstore, but I guess it's worth it when you get to just grab all you want for nothing.

Just a few things about this week's TWD: I didn't like it. I don't like the new people, I don't like Judith Grimes, I don't like Carol's hair and I didn't like that Daryl had about 30 seconds onscreen. Without Rick there it seemed unfocused, with too many groups.

Nov 13, 12:02pm Top

Next time you see the guy with an armload of books, pretend likes he's the 1 millionth customer, honk one of those stadium horns up side his head, take his picture with a flash camera and throw a handful of confetti in his face.

Nov 13, 3:10pm Top

Ha! Book thievery has gotten us all worked up! If I had my way, I just slap the whole stack out of their hands and yell, "No!"

It's winter in Phoenix! The last few days have been 66-68F and we got down to around 48 overnight. Sweet!

And in my mail today was my LT win of Little Me by Matt Lucas. I'm a Little Britain fan.
And my issue of Lonely Planet travel magazine came with a message that they are folding.

Nov 14, 3:56pm Top

91. Perfection by Walter Satterthwait. A Florida island has a new murderer, one who targets heavy-set women, kills, then slices the flesh from their bones. Police detectives Fallon and Tregaskis are tasked with finding a killer who cleans up after himself, even vacuuming, but who taunts the police by staging scenes for them to find.
Interesting murder mystery on the graphic side, with the killer, an entertaining snotty gourmand, narrating chapters that showed how the victims were chosen. 4 stars

Nov 14, 4:25pm Top

Gah! Sounds horrific. The author's name sounded familiar, and looks like I read his Escapade a while ago and really liked it.

It's fall in DC! We're going to have slush tomorrow morning. Which means I need to leave a note to self to put Xanax in my Pez dispenser before I leave the house. Mom sure knew how to warm up those cold and frosty mornings when I was a kid. Cream of Wheat, hot chocama, a slug of Bordeaux. I was the happiest kid in fourth grade.

Nov 14, 4:42pm Top

I have GOT to learn German (or re-learn, it was my first language but I forgot it all.)

Backpfeifengesicht- 'a face in need of a slap'.

Not surprisingly, there is no direct translation for 'fluffy'.

Nov 14, 7:01pm Top

>57 SomeGuyInVirginia: I first heard of his book Miss Lizzie, about Lizzie Borden, but came across this one first. I'd definitely read another from him.
Bordeaux? My mom was cheap when I was a kid so it was just Thunderbird for me.

>58 SomeGuyInVirginia: No way! Where were you born? I don't mean that in a ICE kind of way, but I've been to a few places in Germany, and Mike is half German. ;-)
Ah, so the German version of "a punchable face". Nice to know some things are universal. Btw, why are we talking about German? And were you thinking of me when you recalled "a face in need of a slap"? Not that I'd argue it...

Nov 15, 9:45am Top

Oh, Thunderbird! I wish we had Thunderbird. That was just for rich kids, kids with shoes. We only had Nyquil, and we were glad!

My morning commute, 2 inches of snow that turned to sleet 30 minutes after I took this picture. I saw one salt truck, full, and it turned into a municipal lot.

Nov 15, 1:17pm Top

Nyquil! Nyquil! You snotty millionaire! When Mom drank all the Thunderbird herself I had to go to school with a thermos of spoiled milk and butane from Dad's Zippo lighter. I tried to hide it but the other kids could smell it on my breath and knew.
I hope you're drive isn't too bad, but it seems that winter is early this year. I sincerely wish you luck with driving these next few months.
We're going to buy firewood, something we haven't done in a few years. I remember last winter as being pretty warm.

Nov 15, 3:45pm Top

Did you say you had a thermos?! Oh, la de dah! I bet your chauffeur carried it for you. All I had was bag made out of a goat's bladder, and it leaked. Wouldn't I have loved to have had a thermos!

Ack-shully, I love snow. I just really didn't want to come into work today.

Nov 15, 5:55pm Top

All I had was bag made out of a goat's bladder, and it leaked.

Luxury! Our leaky goat bladder was brought out just at Christmas. I was boasting when I spoke of having the thermos, as I had to share it with 17 aunts, uncles and cousins. I actually had my turn with it just once a month. The rest of the month I had to drink out of a hollowed out old potato.

Edited: Nov 16, 8:16am Top

You had a thermos and a hollowed out potato!? My goodness, your tax bracket must have been astronomical. Uncle Joe had the palsey so we'd fill the bladder with heavy cream and come Sunday dinner we'd very often have a pat of butter to share.

Nov 16, 11:04am Top

Oooh, cream and butter? The only seasoning we ever got was when Grandpa leaned over the boiled grass clippings and shook his dandruff out. We were grateful.

I don't believe the 2019 group has been posted yet but I may have missed it. Seems like it went up around October last year.

Nov 16, 11:15am Top

Happy Friday, Jennifer!

Nov 16, 2:30pm Top

Oh, boiled grass! Did you have the Queen over? Ever hear of Stone Soup. I have. It's delicious!

Oh! German. The Army shipped us to Bavaria right after I was born. I had a nanny, Fraulein Beaver (totally serious, and she looked like Marlo Thomas), and Mom taught me Southern and Fraulein Beaver taught me German. Which explains everything, really.

Nov 16, 4:50pm Top

>66 figsfromthistle: Thank you, and have a good weekend yourself!

>67 SomeGuyInVirginia: My parents had to beg for those grass clippings! D'you really think we had a patch of grass of our own? We were humble folk who shared just a bald bit of gravel with the neighbors. We'd suck on dry pebbles for a treat and we loved it.

Now that's a combination I have heard of before, as my great grandfather was of German heritage but lived in a small Texas town. When you think about, the food has many similarities: roasted pork, nut pies, lots of bread and beer. I've enjoyed both the South and Germany.

Nov 17, 2:08am Top

Did you just admit to being a land owner in this day and age?! I guess it gave you a place of refuge from grinding the faces of the poor. We had the public park on my birthday, and we were glad!

Nov 17, 9:36am Top

A land owner now, yes. But back then we were all filthy serfs. I had to work 26 hours a day to make my way up to whipping post, then servant-number-four-who-gets-kicked-down-the-stairs, all the way up to my present position of land owner. We sleep in the mud now, but someday I hope to have a home and be wealthy enough to kick someone down my own stairs, fingers crossed. God Bless America.

Edited: Nov 17, 9:46am Top

92. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt. A book of mostly personal essays from former comedian Oswalt about his days before and at the beginning of his career. These include his high school job at a movie theater, an explanation of how Dungeons and Dragons is played, and the first gifting suite he was ever invited to attend as a minor celebrity. The longest essay is "The Victory Tour", the story of his first headlining gig at a comedy club outside of Vancouver, a week in which the audiences liked every comedian except for him. A fast and amusing read. 3.5 stars

Nov 17, 7:40pm Top

We sleep in the mud now, but someday I hope to have a home and be wealthy enough to kick someone down my own stairs, fingers crossed. God Bless America.>


Edited: Yesterday, 6:35pm Top

We dropped by The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale today and I was able to pick up the latest Longmire, Depth of Winter, hardcover and signed, as a Christmas present for Mom. Also got Tomato Red and Understudy for Death for me.

Edited: Today, 12:14pm Top

93. Rock 'n' Roll Love Stories by Gill Paul. The title may lead a reader to believe this is a book of love conquering the hardships that go along with being a world famous performer, but it's more often a look at the aspects of fame that tend to destroy relationships: egos, groupies, drugs and dysfunction. Just a few of the relationships featured, such as Johnny and June Carter Cash and Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, endured until death, while others such as Ike and Tina Turner or Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungeon, ended violently. There's a lot of personal information about the marriage of Elvis and Priscilla, and I was surprised to learn that John Lennon was Yoko's third husband, and that she had a daughter who she couldn't find for over 20 years. Informative and makes the reader glad to not be famous. 4 stars

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