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So What’s On Your EP Black Friday (Hopefully👍) Discount Wishlist

Easton Press Collectors

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Nov 7, 11:50pm Top

We know that the list is different every year. Sometimes DLE’s and sometimes no DLE’s are discounted. Sometimes it’s 10% and sometimes is 20% and sometimes 0% 😏

But either way here is my wishlist!

- The American Anti-Slavery Almanacs
- The Great Stain
- Works Of Virgil (been on my wish list for several years now 😂)
- ROBERT PEARY'S THE NORTH POLE (doubtful it will be discounted but I can still hope)


Nov 8, 12:24am Top

Maybe that Moon sci-fi set. It would need to drop down to $75/volume, at most, though.

Nov 8, 12:59am Top

Very unlikely that the items on the limited quantities list will be discounted e.g. Anti-Slavery or Moon set.

Wasn't Virgil discounted last year?

Edited: Nov 8, 2:12am Top

Don’t be bursting my bubble Wootle 🤫🤫🤫😄😄

And yes - yes it was!

Nov 8, 6:17am Top

Just curious, since EP has such a generous return policy, if they discount something you recently purchased, will they do a price adjustment, or do you have to return what you bought and order it again at the discounted price? Anyone had experience with this?

I once bought something from a regional "big box" store and they did not do price adjustments, but had a 30 day return policy. I asked about a price adjustment, and they said no. So, I returned the item, walked over to the shelf and picked another one up at the sale price and bought it. Just a really stupid policy, but I can play that game when necessary.

Nov 8, 12:24pm Top

I don’t have personal experience with the question you asked about but I would assume if you did the later option I would think you would have more success.

Let’s see what others have to say.

Nov 8, 1:44pm Top

>5 eastonlionel: It depends who you get on the phone. Many times I have purchased something a month or so prior to a "free $100 book" offer came to me in the mail. And I would call to see if I can still get the free book. 90% of the time they said sure no problem. But sometimes they say no ... then I called back a few hours later ... talk with someone else ... and they said sure!

The first time I did this ... after I got the first no ... I re-ordered my last two purchases so I could get the free book. Then I called back ... got someone else on the phone ... asked for return labels for my initial purchases (and told them why i was doing this whole process) ... and I could hear them shaking their head at me on the other end of the phone. lol

They said ... yeah ... you didn't have to do all this. We should've just given you the free books.

But then again I order quite a lot from EP (mostly DLE's) ... so maybe they take that into account too when they so freely let you return/exchange/get free offers.

Good luck ... keep poking ... I'm sure they'll be cool with it.

Nov 8, 3:35pm Top

I have e-mailed customer service a couple times in the past when they've put out the "$100" sale, and since I had recent purchases they let me choose a free book.

Nov 8, 4:57pm Top

Those are good to know. I have no idea what will be on sale this year, but I did just order/receive the Jane Austen set, so if that happens to go on sale, I'll be asking for a price adjustment.

I believe their stated return policy is 30 days, but several years back I contacted them past that asking about a return of a set I was not happy with. They said I could return it anyway, which was really nice. Just don't know if you can count on getting a return past the 30 day period.

Nov 8, 8:06pm Top

>3 Wootle:

I just caught what you said. I agree but at the same time I'm amazed that the Moon set is nearly sold out. I just can't see it being both popular and affordable with the masses. Perhaps it was a small print run.

Nov 8, 9:50pm Top

>10 treereader: A very small print run.

Nov 9, 12:35pm Top

>9 eastonlionel: last year I bought the Strogoff DLE and about 3 weeks later EP offered the free book promotion. I called EP and they sent me The Rubaiyat Post-purchase which I promptly placed unopened on eBay in effect reducing my DLE cost by nearly 50%. So if per chance Austin is discounted, it would not hurt to try to get a post-purchase discount.

Nov 9, 3:11pm Top

>12 HugoDumas: Yes, it seems most people have been successful at getting a free book when that offer shows up. I wonder if anyone has tried to get a price adjustment if a book or set goes on sale after he/she bought it?

Nov 13, 5:35pm Top

Back to the wish lists..

I do not expect to see anything worthwhile on offer on Black Friday - it is Cyber Monday that I am banking on.

Last year, the O. Henry Stories DLE was offered at -10 %, and if they knock another ten percent off this time, we have a deal. Two other illustrator-signed editions could also be candidates for the sale list: the Metamorphosis (which has been selling very, very poorly, indeed), and the Prince. Of the other oldies in the series, Gilgamesh appears to be doing rather well, the Hound is nearly gone, Dracula and Inferno have just been reprinted, and Jekyll & Hyde is getting close to the end of the batch, so those are not likely to happen.

I might be interested in the Moon set, as well - were the price right (i.e., quite a bit more sensible), obviously.

Nov 13, 6:20pm Top

In keeping with EP's trend of weaker and weaker Cyber Monday sales, I'm expecting 5% off on a very limited number of titles.

Nov 13, 10:24pm Top

I find their buy one get a free $100 book to be a better deal.

Nov 14, 5:52am Top

16: Those do not work nearly as well for us Europeans: first, there is postage to pay if you need to organise the shipping for a bulky book across the pond yourself (as tends to be the case), and trying to sell a foreign-language book by an obscure publisher generally is not worth the effort. I did make an exception with the Rubáiyát, though, but even that will be used as a Christmas present rather than as a get-some-money-back scheme.

Edited: Nov 15, 11:07am Top

Just got a Black Friday preview sale email - steep 40% discount for Freakonomics. 10% discount on Virgil First Edition Recreation.


Nov 15, 11:34am Top

The Virgil is an example of facsimile printing gone wrong. The pages are reproduced, splotchy yellow and brown oxidation areas and all.

Nov 15, 12:03pm Top

Works of Virgil 10% off = 😏

Nov 15, 12:37pm Top

Thanks for the heads-up Lionel. I was interested in this, but I did see some of that yellowing on the page pictures and was wondering.

Nov 16, 2:51pm Top

Another round of preview sales:

Tom Petty 1950-2017 -40 %
William J. Bennett: America -20 %
DLE Warner's Ring Cycle -20 %
DLE The Island of Doctor Moreau -10%

I was not expecting to see Dr. Moreau on the sale list yet since it is a fairly new item (Sep 2017), albeit admittedly overpriced. The discount is very modest, though.

Nov 16, 3:51pm Top

Went ahead and placed an order for Wagner's DLE. Hope I don't have buyer's remorse tomorrow morning considering what I've read about it being identical to the Famous Editions.

Edited: Nov 16, 4:42pm Top

>22 supercell:
Thanks for keeping us informed. Many of us seem unable to get their sale notices no matter how many times we sign up for emails.

Dr. Moreau is a beautiful production with very nice illustrations. Certainly not much of a discount, but this is the time to buy if you’re on the fence. Wagner sales must be slow, as I don’t remember seeing a 20% discount on a DLE before.

Nov 16, 5:36pm Top

How do you order and get the discount?

>23 Siddhant90: you won't be disappointed with the Wagner's DLE. From what I can tell ... it is very similar but the White leather really does put it in a class of it's own. And if I recall correctly it is a larger book, nicer paper, slightly larger print.

Nov 16, 7:09pm Top

20% off on Wagner’s is a really nice discount. Granted it’s sold like molasses bc of the price

Nov 17, 1:11am Top

>18 Ar40: Only four titles? Pass. (Unless more are added in the next week.)

Nov 17, 1:53am Top

>27 iluvbeckett:

This is EP's current strategy and has been for a few years now. They want you thinking about your next EP purchase every day so they'll add or change the deals every day, throughout the next week or so, just a few books at a time. By the time Cyber Monday hits, they might list all of these small groups at once.

That being said, EP is getting worse at sending out their email ads for each day's new set of books. By worse, I mean people aren't receiving them. If you get an email for new set of sale books, please post the link in the email, not just the titles.

Nov 17, 1:55am Top

>25 thisGuy33: Thanks. That's just the kind of positive reinforcement I was hoping for. By the way, I got a promo e-mail with links to the discounted pages. I didn't have to enter any kind of code to avail it.

Nov 17, 11:40am Top

Four more (sorry, cannot be bothered to add a link - in all likelihood, these will all be included in the actual Black Friday sale, anyway):

Alcoholics Anonymous -40 %
The Gettysburg Address -20 %
Scott Gustafson's Storybook Fables -10 %
DLE The Odyssey of Homer -10 %

Nov 17, 4:51pm Top

>26 GOBOGIE: yes but now you have to pay sales tax which wipes out half of the Wagner deal in some States.

Nov 17, 9:54pm Top

>28 treereader: I actually haven't gotten their e-mails of any type for awhile, though even when I did they were hit-and-miss. But I still get the paper catalogs, God bless them!

Nov 17, 10:28pm Top

>32 iluvbeckett: If you stop getting their e-mails, you just have to re-sign up. Then you'll get at least 3 per day. :)

Nov 17, 11:19pm Top

>33 eastonlionel:
I wish that worked for me. I’ve signed up several times and still don’t get the emails. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t want frequent buyers to get the special prices.

Nov 18, 1:37pm Top

Another quartet announced:

Jumanji -40 %
DLE Salome -20 %
Mother Teresa: A Simple Path -10 %
Brooks: The Road to Character -10 %

Nov 18, 3:16pm Top

That Signed Jumanji is a great deal. I would purchase it if I didn’t already have it.

Nov 18, 4:09pm Top

>34 jroger1: If you really want to get e-mails from EP, you next step would be to contact customer service. If that doesn't work or you've done that already, then I think you're right.

Nov 18, 5:13pm Top

does anyone have the web link to the jumanji 40% off ... thank you!

Nov 18, 9:16pm Top

>39 robbieac: ... thank you!

Yesterday, 11:30am Top

Nothing particularly exciting today:

Gladiator -40 %
Happiness is a Warm Puppy -20 %
The Complete Kurz & Allison Civil War Art Print Portfolio -10 %
Hieronymus Bosch: The Complete Works -10 %

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