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scaifea's 2018 Thread #16

This is a continuation of the topic scaifea's 2018 Thread #15.

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Nov 8, 2:30pm Top

Hi, everyone! Welcome!

(An illustration by Mercer Mayer from A Figure in the Shadows)

From the Introductions Thread:
I'm Amber, a one-time Classics professor turned stay-at-home parent/lady of leisure. I spend my time sewing, writing, knitting, baking, and, of course, reading.

My reading life is happily governed by lists, which means that I read a healthy variety of things across various genres.

I'm 43 going on 12 and live in Ohio with my husband, Tomm; our 10-year-old son, Charlie; and our two dogs, Tuppence the Border Collie and Mario the Golden Retriever.

Nov 8, 2:31pm Top

The five-ish or so books I have going and the On Deck books nearly all come from the following categories and lists:

1. A book from the 100 Banned Books book (at least currently. As soon as I finish this list, I'll replace it with another, and oh, I've got tons of lists).

2. A children's book, for Charlie's library. I'm trying to collect books from various award lists, and I like reading them before reading them to Charlie or deciding to add them to Charlie's shelves. For this category, I’m currently working through three lists:
a. 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Die
b. The Newbery Honor books
c. Cooperative Children's Book Center list

3. A book from the Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy List, in chronological order.

4. A book for the Presidential Challenge. Books for this category are read in chronological (presidentially) order.

5. A list I'm working through together with my best friend, Rob: The Hugo/Nebula/WFA/Bram Stoker (and other) lists (combined, in chronological order)

6. For this category, I cycle through 9 different stacks:
a. Agatha Christie's bibliography (in chronological order)
b. Stephen Fry's bibliography (in chronological order)
c. John Boyne bibliography (in chronological order, sort of)
d. Neil Gaiman's bibliography (in some order other than chronological (don't
e. Christopher Moore's bibliography (in chronological order)
f. Maggie Stiefvater's bibliography (in chronological order)
g. The NEH Timeless Classics list
h. The National Book Award list (in alpha order by title)
i. The Pulitzer list (in alpha order by author)

7. An unread book from my shelves.

8. A book from my Read Soon! shelves.

9. A book on Buddhism or from the Dalai Lama's bibliography.

10. Book-a-year challenge: Three years ago, along with a few others in this group (*cough* Paul *cough*), I made a year-by-year list to see how far I could go back with consecutive reads. I've since been trying to fill in the gap years.

11. A book from the couple of series that I'm reading together with my mom.

12. A full-on re-read through Shakespeare's stuff.

13. A read-aloud-to-Charlie-at-bedtime book (or two).

14. An audio book, which I listen to as I knit/sew/otherwise craft/drive.

15. A Discworld book (so many of these are coming up soon on various lists, so I'm just diving into it)

16. This slot is reserved for books that just grab me and shout that they need to be read Right Now.

Edited: Nov 10, 5:12pm Top

What I'm reading now:
-Crime and Punishment (Books by Year, 1866)
-The Codfish Musket (Newbery Honor Book)
-The Simarillion (Locus Award)
-Jingo (Discworld read)
-Rob Roy (audiobook)
-The Figure in the Shadows (Charlie's bedtime book)
-Sky Burial (Read Soon shelves)

Books On Deck:
-In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (series that my mom wants me to read so we can chat about it)
-The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Shakespeare re-read)
-Lolita (Banned Books)
-The Man Who Was Thursday (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books)
-Lincoln (U.S. Presidential Challenge)
-Next of Kin (Boyne bibliography)
-(an unread book from my shelves)
-The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six Others (from my Read Soon! Shelves)
-Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Buddhist reading list)

In addition to these, I have some classics-related texts that I'm working through (VERY slowly (read: I haven't touched them in months)):
-Asinaria by Plautus (reading in Latin)
-Iliad by Homer (reading in Greek)
-Latin Literature by Gian Biagio Conte
-The Cambridge History of Classical Literature Volume 1 Part 1

Edited: Nov 10, 5:12pm Top

Books Read

1. Enormously Foxtrot (Tomm's nightly read-aloud) - 9/10 = A-
2. Greenglass House (holiday read) - 9/10 = A
3. Ribsy (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B+
4. Lincoln in the Bardo (audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
5. Postcards from No Man's Land (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
6. The World According to Garp (audiobook, NBA) - 6/10 = D+
7. Brendon Chase (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
8. A Solitary Blue (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
9. Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
10. Real Friends (BB from foggidawn (I think?)) - 9/10 = A
11. The School for Cats (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
12. Einstein's Dreams (unread book from my shelves + January colorCAT) - 8/10 = B-
13. The Wind Singer (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
14. Witches Abroad (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
15. Key to the Treasure (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+
16. The Year of the Quiet Sun (Campbell Award) - 9/10 = A
17. War and Peace (because Charlie suggested that I should probably read it) - 8/10 = B+
18. The Art of Power (audiobook, Buddhism reading list) - 8/10 = B+
19. Upside Down Magic (Charlie's read-aloud) - 8/10 = B
20. Troy (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
21. Like Jake and Me (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
22. Finn Family Moomintroll (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B

23. Kneeknock Rise (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
24. The Smartest Kids in the World (Read Soon shelves) - 8/10 = B+
25. The Planet of Junior Brown (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
26. Wishtree (Charlie book) - 9/10 = A-
27. Andersonville (Banned Books) - 8/10 = B+
28. Dog Man and Cat Kid (Charlie's bedtime read aloud) - 9/10 = A
29. Light Boxes (Read Soon Shelves) - 8/10 = B+
30. The Gods of Pegana (Green Dragon 1001 Fantasy Books) - 7/10 = C
31. Our Lady of Darkness (World Fantasy Award) - 9/10 = A
32. Somewhere in Time (World Fantasy Award) - 6/10 = D-
33. Beezus and Ramona (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B+
34. Small Gods (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
35. Across the Nightingale Floor (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A
36. The Hate U Give (Printz Honor Book) - 10/10 = A+
37. Hello, Universe (Newbery Medal winner) - 8/10 = B+
38. Ivanhoe (1001 Books/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
39. The Fall of the House of Usher (1001 Books/audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
40. The Headless Cupid (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
41. Long Way Down (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
42. We Are Okay (Printz Award) - 10/10 = A+
43. Ben and Me (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B-
44. Piecing Me Together (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+

45. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 8/10 = B-
46. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (Hugo & Locus Science Fiction Awards) - 8/10 = B+
47. Mister Monday (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
48. A Kid for Two Farthings (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
49. The City of Ember (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
50. Essential Teachings (Dalai Lama bibliography) - 8/10 = B+
51. A Boy Called Christmas (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
52. The Apprentice of Florence (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C+
53. The Starry River of the Sky (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
54. Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe. (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
55. Lords and Ladies (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
56. The Worst President (U.S. Presidential Challenge) - 8/10 = B
57. Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess (Schneider Award) - 8/10 = B-
58. On Tyranny (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A
59. Almost Interesting (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
60. Private Peaceful (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
61. Stephen Fry's Incomplete and Utter History of Classical Music (Fry bibliography) - 9/10 = A-
62. Gateway (Nebula, Hugo, Locus Science Fiction, & Campbell awards) - 8/10 = B-
63. Hobberdy Dick (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
64. Honk the Moose (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
65. The Hundred Penny Box (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
66. The Illustrated Man (NEH) - 8/10 = B-
67. Opal (Raven Boys series) - 10/10 = A+
68. You're Welcome, Universe (Schneider Award) - 8/10 = B+
69. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Stonewall Award) - 8/10 = B+
70. Men at Arms (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
71. The Wizards of Once (Odyssey Award) - 8/10 = B+
72. Just Add Magic (Charlie's bedtime book) - 8/10 = B-

73. Keeper (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
74. The Final Solution (Read Soon Shelves) - 9/10 = A
75. Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town (Read Soon shelves) - 8/10 = B+
76. Dragonwings (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
77. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+
78. The Sound of Waves (Read Soon Shelves) - 8/10 = B-
79. Revenge (Fry bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
80. The Stars Beneath Our Feet (Steptoe Award) - 8/10 = B
81. The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage (Odyssey Award) - 9/10 = A
82. Uprooted (Read Soon shelves) - 10/10 = A+
83. Minnow on the Say (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A
84. Soul Music (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
85. Talking as Fast as I Can (audiobook) - 8/10 = B
86. Strange the Dreamer (Printz Honor Book) - 9/10 = A

87. The Jonah Kit (BSFA) - 2/10 = F
88. The Amulet of Samarkand (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A
89. 26 Fairmount Avenue (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
90. The Trials of Morrigan Crow (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
91. The Horse without a Head (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
92. All Sail Set (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
93. The Terrible Two (Charlie's bedtime read-aloud) - 9/10 = A-
94. Camp Foxtrot (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A-
95. I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake (Charlie's Book Club Book) - 8/10 = B-
96. Whittington (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
97. Hard Times (1001 Books/audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
98. The Snow Queen (Hugo, Locus SF awards) - 8/10 = B+
99. Everything on a Waffle (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
100. The Antelope Wife (World Fantasy Award) - 9/10 = A-
101. Interesting Times (Discworld series) - 8/10 = B+
102. Unraveled (series I'm reading with my mom) - 8/10 = B+
103. Orphan Train (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A-
104. Whistler's Van (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
105. Remembrance of Things Past (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 8/10 = B+
106. The Maltese Falcon (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 9/10 = A-
107. The New Policeman (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A

108. Thank You, Jeeves (audiobook, 1001 Books) - 9/10 = A
109. Greenglass House (Charlie's bedtime book) - 9/10 = A
110. Bob (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
111. Casanova (audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
112. Sherlock Holmes' Rediscovered Railway Mysteries (audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
113. Warrior Scarlet (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
114. The Golden Basket (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
115. The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely Lost It (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
116. Doc (Read Soon Shelves) - 10/10 = A+
117. Bunnicula (Read Soon Shelves) - 8/10 = B-
118. Catherine, Called Birdy (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
119. Me, the Missing, and the Dead (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
120. Their Eyes Were Watching God (audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
121. Just One Damned Thing After Another (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A
122. The Watsons Go to Birmingham (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
123. Joey Pigza Loses Control (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C
124. Trigger Warning (Gaiman bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
125. Bite Me: A Love Story (Moore bibliography) - 9/10 = A

126. The Big Sleep (audiobook) - 7/10 = C
127. Foundling (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
128. The Housekeeper and the Professor (Read Soon! shelves) - 9/10 = A-
129. Winter's End (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B-
130. Pictures of Hollis Woods (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
131. Carver: A Life in Poems (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
132. An American Plague (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
133. Surviving the Applewhites (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
134. Al Capone Does My Shirts (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
135. Show Way (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A
136. Hitler Youth (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
137. After Tupac & D Foster (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
138. One Crazy Summer (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
139. Software (PDK Award) - 7/10 = C+
140. The Wednesday Wars (Newbery Honor Book) - 9/10 = A-
141. Savvy (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
142. Splendors and Glooms (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B+
143. Charming Billy (National Book Award) - 9/10 = A-
144. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Charlie's bedtime read) - 10/10 = A+

145. Sacre Bleu (Moore bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
146. All the Light We Cannot See (Pulitzer) - 9/10 = A-
147. Wishtree (Charlie's bedtime read) - 9/10 = A-
148. The Alteration (Campbell Award) - 8/10 = B+
149. I, Robot (audiobook) - 8/10 = B-
150. The Pigtail of Ah Lee Ben Loo (Newbery Honor Book) - 7/10 = C
151. The Shipping News (Pulitzer & National Book Award) - 7/10 = C-
152. Amulet #1: The Stonekeeper (Charlie loved it and wanted me to read it, too) - 8/10 = B+
153. Maskerade (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
154. Cast On, Kill Off (series I'm reading with my mom) - 8/10 = B-
155. The Killer Inside Me (audiobook) - 7/10 = C
156. Boy (Read Soon! Shelves) - 9/10 = A

157. House of Leaves (unread book from my shelves) - 8/10 = B+
158. The Magic Misfits (library book) - 8/10 = B+
159. The Sleeper and the Spindle (Gaiman bibliography) - 10/10 = A+
160. Phebe Fairchild (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
161. Red Sails to Capri (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
162. The Runaway Papoose (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
163. Come Hither (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
164. The Story of the Treasure Seekers (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 7/10 = C+
165. New Land (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
166. Feet of Clay (Discworld) - 8/10 = B+
167. Bright Moon, White Clouds (Read Soon Shelves) - 7/10 = C
168. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Read Soon! Shelves) - 8/10 = B
169. Under Sea, Over Stone (Charlie's bedtime read) - 8/10 = B+
170. Mountains Are Free (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B
171. The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin (1001 Children's Books) - 9/10 = A-
172. Ethics for the New Millennium (Dalai Lama bibliography) - 9/10 = A
173. Stig of the Dump (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 8/10 = B
174. Just William (1001 Children's Books, audiobook) - 8/10 = B-

175. Dreamsnake (Nebula Award) - 9/10 = A
176. The Lost Books of the Odyssey (Read Soon Shelves) - 9/10 = A
177. Queer Person (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
178. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1001 Books, audiobook) - 9/10 = A-
179. Winterbound (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
180. Siddhartha (Buddhist reading list) - 9/10 = A
181. The Little Grey Rabbit Treasury (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
182. Wild (Read Soon shelves) - 8/10 = B-
183. The House with a Clock in Its Walls (Charlie's bedtime book) - 9/10 = A
184. Casanova: The Venetian Years (audiobook) - 7/10 = C-
185. The Woman in Black (audiobook) - 8/10 = B+
186. Tom Jones (audiobook) - 7/10 = C-
187. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (audiobook) - 9/10 = A
188. Perdido Street Station (Clarke Award) - 9/10 = A
189. Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B+
190. Pecos Bill (Newbery Honor Book) - 8/10 = B-
191. You're Never Weird on the Internet (audiobook) - 10/10 = A+
192. All about Doggie and Pussycat (1001 Children's Books) - 8/10 = B
193. Honeyvoiced (Read Soon shelves) - 9/10 = A

194. Hogfather (Discworld) - 9/10 = A
195. The Children of Green Knowe (Charlie's bedtime book) - 9/10 = A
196. Close Knit Killer (series read with my mom) - 8/10 = B

Nov 8, 2:34pm Top

Charlie as Ash Ketchum (although I think he more closely resembles a young David Spade):

And one that I like to call What It's Like Going to the Toilet at Scaife Manor:

Nov 8, 2:36pm Top

Bonus Question:
I've been having a difficult time lately focusing on getting work done, and instead frequently find that I've dithered away too much time watching Jimmy Fallon clips on Youtube. What's your favorite procrastination activity (LT time aside)?

Nov 8, 2:43pm Top

>6 scaifea: Happy new thread. I tend to get distracted when I walk by my piano. I think that I'm only going to play one piece, and end up sitting there for over an hour :)

Nov 8, 2:46pm Top

Sadly, the jigsaw puzzle app on my iPad. 😀 Happy new thread!

Nov 8, 3:01pm Top

>7 figsfromthistle: Interesting! Gosh, I haven't sat down to play in ages. I should.

>8 drneutron: Hi, Jim! *don't look up jigsaw app...don't look up jigsaw app...*

Nov 8, 3:15pm Top

Reading Update:

I have decided to give up on A Spell for Chameleon. I gave it a good try, but it just seems poorly written and there's too much misogyny going on. Blech. I can take a little bit of one or the other, but not a lot of both.

Nov 8, 3:29pm Top

>6 scaifea: Various games on my phone, unfortunately, are my main mode of procrastination.

>10 scaifea: I read some of the Xanth books as a teen, but I doubt I could stomach him now.

Nov 8, 3:33pm Top

Happy new one, Amber. As usual, great pics of the family.

Nov 8, 4:22pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber.

Instagram and games on my phone are my biggest procrastination time sucks. :)

Nov 8, 4:43pm Top

Happy new thread! I am afraid that the internet is a great time-waster for me. And Words With Friends.

Nov 8, 4:52pm Top

How do you like living back in Ohio. I hope to be Ohio bound over Christmas. The geography is so different from PA. The land in Dayton/Beavercreek Ohio is flat. Now that my daughter has lived there many years, she tells me the mountains of PA make her feel claustrophobic.

Nov 8, 5:48pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber!

>5 scaifea: I sometimes miss the dogs, but I like being alone again at the toilet ;-)

>6 scaifea: BQ: Injured my thumb last Tuesday, when I worked in the garden and got a big blister on my right hand thumb. Even using the computer mouse hurts a bit. So the last two days I have been reading, all day long! (Except for our daily one hour walk and a few meals) :-)
When the tumb is healed I probably will spend more time at FB & a jigsaw game called Jigsaw World.

Nov 9, 1:38am Top

Happy new thread, Amber.

I frequently fritter away time flitting from site to site on my computer. It's especially bad when I have a writing deadline.

Nov 9, 1:39am Top

Happy new thread, Amber!! I am procrastinating right this very minute. : )

Nov 9, 6:40am Top

>11 foggidawn: I've got a couple games on my computer that I spend too much time on, too.

This was the first PA I've tried, and unless he comes up again on another award list, I'll give him a hard pass in future, I think.

>12 BLBera: Thanks, Beth!!

>13 MickyFine: Thanks, Micky! I love Instagram too much, too.

Nov 9, 6:43am Top

>14 banjo123: Hi, Rhonda! Oooh, Word with Friends! I love that one, too, but have managed to limit myself to one round through my open games per day.

>15 Whisper1: Linda: We LOVE being back in Ohio! But, yes, the geography is *very* different from where we were in Wisconsin, too. We lived in what they call the driftless area, where the glaciers didn't go, and so it's lovely and hilly and interesting there. Pretty flat here, though.

>16 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita! Well, at least now Charlie's old enough that he doesn't barge in on my while I'm on the toilet anymore, so it's actually a little less crowded in the bathroom these days! Ha!

I'm so sorry to hear about your thumb! I hope it heals up quickly!

Nov 9, 6:44am Top

>17 Familyhistorian: Meg: I have so many tabs open in my browsers, it's not even funny. When for some reason I need to restart my computer, I panic about losing all my places and start bookmarking like a crazy person.

>18 Berly: Hi, Kim! Ha! I don't consider LT procrastination - it's a vital part of my regular routine!

Nov 9, 6:58am Top

Today's agenda:
Grocery shopping this morning, then I'm heading up to Gambier for lunch with a couple of former students (one is now working at Kenyon and the other is in town for the Kenyon Literary Festival (and also happens to be the author of Honeyvoiced (see previous thread)). Then home for some sewing time, and the Charlie has Nutcracker rehearsal this evening, at which I'll be busy sewing - repairing costumes that need a little help and making alterations. Fun stuff - those costumes are beautiful.

We went to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms last night and it was gorgeous! Highly recommended.

Nov 9, 7:03am Top

Ah ... Gambier. This is our first year without a fall visit, and I kinda missed it. Having lunch at The Six, as you like to call it? Say hello to the hill and Middle Path and the crows and those lovely angels in front of Rosse.

Nov 9, 7:59am Top

>23 lauralkeet: Laura: Yep, The Six! Today isn't the best day for a visit - cold and rainy, so middle path will be a mess (just pave that danged thing already!) - but I suspect I'll still enjoy myself. I'm so looking forward to catching up with these (not) kids (anymore). It's a bit of a Slughorn Club Meeting, to be honest.

Nov 9, 12:00pm Top

Happy new thread, Amber! We've got about a 1/4 inch of snow this morning. Will tells me Columbus had rain.
I swear! My new years resolution is to organize my day! I've been drifting through the days doing a little of this-little of that. I really need to stash my Ipad away from 9am to 9pm. It is the culprit! Arrrrr!

Nov 9, 12:45pm Top

Happy Weekend, and Happy New Thread, Amber!

Jeez, I’m boring. Besides LT, I think my main procrastination/fritter time is spent reading. Magazines and books. I’ll zip around the internet some, but sports and news gets digested pretty quickly.

The rest of my family plays video games, puzzle games and word games on their phones, but those don’t grab me.

Nov 9, 1:54pm Top

>25 Carmenere: Hi, Lynda! SNOW!! I know the got some of it up in Wisconsin last night, too. I'm completely jealous - Will's right that it's just gloom and rain here today.

I'm the same - I need to stick to the organized schedule I set for myself!

>26 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! I wish I could be less grabbed by those things, too. Jeez.

Nov 9, 2:09pm Top

Hi Amber, I'm hijacking the top threads around here to spread the word. Its time to join the Christmas Swap festivities. Come on over...


Nov 9, 4:21pm Top

Happy new thread Amber my dear.

Nov 9, 4:26pm Top

>29 johnsimpson: Thanks, John!

Nov 9, 5:43pm Top

>24 scaifea: I hope you had a fun day despite the weather.

Nov 9, 10:05pm Top

BQ: Words With Friend and Yahtzee with Buddies. And you really COULD play more than once a day on our board....just sayin'.

Nov 10, 7:07am Top

Happy New Thread, Amber! Happy Saturday! I like that topper.

Nov 10, 9:10am Top

>31 lauralkeet: Laura: I had a wonderful time! Kenyon is gorgeous even on a gloomy day (and even with the library gone!).

>32 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Ha! Apologies. If I let myself, I'd get nothing else done but playing that game, I'm afraid.

>33 msf59: Thanks, Mark!

Nov 10, 9:12am Top

Today's agenda:
We're going outlet mall shopping and then we'll get some lunch before coming home to what I hope will be an afternoon of reading.

On the reading front:
Not much to report - I need to get cracking!

Nov 10, 9:58am Top

>34 scaifea: 'S okaay, I guess...after all, my own daughter has quit on me completely, with some lame excuse or other....

Nov 10, 10:05am Top

>10 scaifea: +1 on giving up on A Spell for Chameleon, dear. I was always appalled at the *rampant* misogyny in fantasy fiction back in the day. That dreadful Thomas Covenant series that starts with the MC raping a woman was another one I flat refused to read.

Nov 10, 12:34pm Top

>36 laytonwoman3rd: Linda: Has she quit? Dang.

>37 richardderus: Richard: Thanks for the reassurance. I feel like I've been quitting so many books lately because of misogyny, but I'm also just all out of hecks to give on the subject.

Nov 10, 5:14pm Top

196. Close Knit Killer by Meggie Sefton (series read with my mom, 276 pages) - 8/10 = B
Another murder happens close to the Lambspun yarn shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Kelly and her friends help to find the culprit.
I like this series, even though it's not high literature; the writing isn't fabulous, but I enjoy the characters and the books are just comfy, easy reads.

Nov 10, 6:41pm Top

>27 scaifea: The snow must have just missed you — we got enough to cover the ground up here, just an hour or so to the north! Of course, it was gone by afternoon, and that is okay by me this early in the season.

Nov 10, 7:59pm Top

Amber, My daughter and family live in Beavercreek, Ohio, which is a suburb of Dayton. In the winter, they get lots of ice, some snow, but winds that create heavy duty ice. I hope to visit there again Christmas time. I'm glad you are adjusting to a return to Ohio. I know you were heavily involved in the library and in Charlie's school. Will you do the same again in Ohio?

Yesterday, 8:36am Top

>40 foggidawn: Wow, yeah, that was close! We were up in Sunbury yesterday morning, and there wasn't snow there, either. Weird!

>41 Whisper1: Linda: Yes, that area of Ohio tends to get more ice than snow. I'm very glad that's not the case here!

I've made the decision not to get involved in Charlie's school here. I loved my volunteer time in Wisconsin, but I need to focus on my own work now, and as Charlie gets older, I suspect he'll not want Mom hanging around the school so much.

Yesterday, 8:38am Top

Today's agenda:
Laundry, lots of baking (Double Decker Brownies for Charlie's lunch this week, Banana Bread for breakfasts, Seven-Flavor Pound Cake, just because), and hopefully some reading, too.

On the reading front:
I didn't start anything new after finishing Close Knit Killer yesterday, but I may start Sky Burial today, or I may try to get make more progress with The Codfish Musket.

Yesterday, 8:47am Top

Happy new thread, Amber!
Hope you had fun outlet shopping! I need to go stock up for some clothes for myself soon.

Yesterday, 8:47am Top


Start Sky Burial! It looks amazing. Pass around the hugs, save me some pound cake, and stay warm.

Yesterday, 10:30am Top

>44 ChelleBearss: Hi, Chelle! We did have fun, even though it was pretty cold!

>45 richardderus: Richard: Doesn't it, though? I'll likely start it today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the hugs - sending some right back! And come on over for some cake!

Edited: Today, 12:31am Top

Good call on giving up on A Spell for Chameleon. Most of Piers Anthony's works make my skin crawl. I do make an exception for his book about a dentist kidnapped to work on an alien's toothache, leading to many adventures, Prostho Plus.

ETA Facebook games! Diggy's Adventure, Criminal Case, Words with Friends, Cookie Jam, Tropic Escape.

Today, 5:23am Top

>47 ronincats: Thanks for the reassurance, Roni! I do feel guilty when I give up on a book, but it seems I'm not alone on feeling that this one's not worth my time.

And I'm beginning to think that I've made a mistake asking this particular question - it's taking a lot of willpower not to look up these games!

Today, 5:26am Top

Today's agenda:
Mostly sewing and writing, hopefully, but I also need to do a little cleaning, and it would be good to start thinking about a Christmas gift list, too. Ballet class tonight for Charlie, with means more time in the costume room for me, mending. I don't mind doing it, but I'm reading to get back my free hour or reading.

On the reading front:
I did end up starting Sky Burial and so far it's excellent. I also finished The Codfish Musket (report to follow).

Today, 7:46am Top

Morning, Amber! I hope you had a good weekend. I am enjoying the day off, for the holiday. And yes, books will be involved.

Today, 12:04pm Top

>50 msf59: Hi, Mark! Enjoy your day off!

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