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In Memoriam

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Dec 25, 2018, 1:17pm Top

Our place for remembering those whose lives have touched us, especially those whose writing has impacted us.

Dec 26, 2018, 6:19pm Top

The wonderful Sister Wendy Beckett, hermit and art lover passed on today.


Dec 28, 2018, 1:09pm Top

>3 Caroline_McElwee: I am so sorry to hear this news- a wonderful and insightful author.

Dec 28, 2018, 1:39pm Top

>3 Caroline_McElwee: - I just heard this on the news. Very sad.

Edited: Jan 15, 12:46pm Top

Francine du Plessix Gray died on Sunday in New York at the age of 88. She was a biographer, memoirist, critic and novelist.

I particularly enjoyed her biographies of figures from the French literary world, such as Louise Colet (Flaubert's friend/muse), and Mme de Staēl; she also wrote an OK novel about Marie Antoinette. The NYT obit draws attention to a memoir about her parents that got a lot of attention when it was published.

Jan 17, 12:37pm Top

Mary Oliver passed away today


Much-loved poet Mary Oliver died Thursday of lymphoma, at her home in Florida. She was 83. Oliver won many awards for her poems, which often explore the link between nature and the spiritual world; she also won a legion of loyal readers who found both solace and joy in her work.

Jan 17, 1:10pm Top

Jan 17, 1:40pm Top

>7 SuziQoregon: Oh, no. This makes me very sad indeed.

Feb 2, 4:09am Top

Australian writer Andrew McGahan has died of pancreatic cancer aged 52.
'In 1991 his first, Praise, won the Vogel Award, the launching pad for so many great Australian novelists, and his fourth, The White Earth, won the Miles Franklin. He also wrote four young-adult novels in his Ship Kings series – "the most fun I ever had writing".' His last novel will be published later this year, The Rich Man's House.

Feb 2, 8:11am Top

>10 avatiakh: way too young. I doubt I'll ever read any of his books but still I am especially saddened by a life lost too soon.

Feb 2, 2:44pm Top

Yes, so young. I have his The White Earth, so will try to read it this year.

Feb 5, 3:27pm Top

The author of The Flower Drum Song, C. Y. Lee has died at 102 and has a substantial obit in the Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/cy-lee-author-of-the-best-sellin...

Feb 10, 4:24pm Top

Rosamunde Pilcher, a bestselling romance novelist, has died at the age of 94. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/rosamunde-pilcher-de...

Feb 11, 8:04pm Top

Patricia Nell Warren died at 82. Her gay-male novels of the 1970s (eg The Front Runner, The Fancy Dancer) were eye-openers for young queer me. RIP, and thanks.

Feb 15, 4:59am Top

Andrea Levy, who explored the experience of Jamaican British people in a series of novels over 20 years has died, aged 62, from cancer.

Feb 15, 7:51am Top

Wow, it seems like we are losing so many good and great authors these days! Very sad.

Feb 17, 3:07pm Top

One of our family's favourite authors passed away on February 8: Tomi Ungerer.
We especially admired his great graphic designs. His chidren's books were a part of my kids growing up years. Crictor has to be just the greatest. And how seminal was that illustration from The Three Robbers?!
https://www.librarything.com/pic/6784029 (I couldn't get an image to upload here, so the link is in my gallery).

Feb 17, 4:18pm Top

>18 SandyAMcPherson: Yes, I read about his passing. Very sad. I'm posting the image for you.

Feb 18, 6:58pm Top

>19 avatiakh: Thank you so much!

Feb 22, 7:27am Top

Feb 28, 4:28pm Top

And now, we've lost Andre Previn, who died this morning.

Mar 4, 4:57pm Top

Janet Asimov, widow of Isaac Asimov and an author in her own right, passed away February 25 at age 92. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/NYTimes/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=1...

Mar 4, 9:00pm Top

>22 laytonwoman3rd: sadz. He was a great conductor and marvelous musician (and a composer in his own right).

Edited: Mar 5, 11:52am Top

>24 Chatterbox: Yes. And where was I that all this time I thought he was a French transplant to the U.S. Never realized he was born in Berlin, and was kicked out of the Berlin Conservatory when he was 8 or 9 years old, because he was Jewish. His family did flee to Paris, but only while waiting for their visa to the U.S. to be processed.

Mar 6, 1:32pm Top

RIP Moris Farhi, president of International PEN, MBE, and novelist. A Designated Man and The Last of Days were good reads indeed.

Mar 6, 4:13pm Top

And two days ago Jean Starobinski, author of The Invention of Liberty, 1700-1799, died at 98. That was a very good PoliSci textbook I read at Southwest Texas State.

Mar 15, 5:22pm Top

A sad day for poetry: W.S. Merwin has died. He was 91.

I, famously averse to poetry, thought his poems were well worth reading.

Mar 15, 5:43pm Top

>28 richardderus: They certainly were Richard. It's a while since I read him, but I'll take a volume off the shelf and read a few tonight. 92 is a fine age.

Mar 15, 5:45pm Top

>29 Caroline_McElwee: A fitting tribute.

Mar 16, 9:34am Top

Merwin and my FIL attended the same prep school, although they wouldn't have overlapped, unfortunately.

Mar 16, 1:13pm Top

I like Merwin’s poetry, too. I think of him as a bit old-fashioned, but in a good way. I’ll also be revisiting his poems this weekend.

Mar 25, 2:40pm Top

"Piano and Drums"

When at break of day at a riverside
I hear the jungle drums telegraphing
the mystic rhythm, urgent, raw
like bleeding flesh, speaking of
primal youth and the beginning
I see the panther ready to pounce
the leopard snarling about to leap
and the hunters crouch with spears poised;

And my blood ripples, turns torrent,
topples the years and at once I’m
in my mother’s laps a suckling;
at once I’m walking simple
paths with no innovations,
rugged, fashioned with the naked
warmth of hurrying feet and groping hearts
in green leaves and wild flowers pulsing.

Then I hear a wailing piano
solo speaking of complex ways in
tear-furrowed concerto;
of far away lands
and new horizons with
coaxing diminuendo, counterpoint,
crescendo. But lost in the labyrinth
of its complexities, it ends in the middle
of a phrase at a daggerpoint.

And I lost in the morning mist
of an age at a riverside keep
wandering in the mystic rhythm
of jungle drums and the concerto.

Gabriel Okara, died today a few days shy of his 98th birthday.

Apr 2, 4:42pm Top

from tor.com

We are deeply saddened to report the passing of author Vonda N. McIntyre on April 1, 2019.

McIntyre was born in Louisville, Kentucky on August 28, 1948, but her family settled in Seattle, Washington by the 1960s. She was an author and founder of the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop in 1971, which she began after attending the Clarion Writers Workshop in 1970. McIntyre was the third woman to receive a Hugo Award, and was a long-standing champion of feminist SFF. She won her first Nebula Award for the novelette “Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand”, and her Starfarers series had an incredible genesis: She made up the conceit on the spot while sitting on a panel at a convention, out of frustration at the general negativity she found around SF television. She convinced the entire audience of the panel that they had missed out on a great science fiction series, and then decided to write it.

To many SFF fans, McIntyre was well known for her Star Trek novels, which included novelizations for films Wrath of Khan, Search For Spock, and The Voyage Home, as well as the much beloved Original Series novel, The Entropy Effect. She was responsible for giving Hikaru Sulu his first name, a detail that made its way into canon in The Undiscovered Country. She also wrote the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel, The Crystal Star. She won SFWA’s Service Award in 2010, and her novel The Moon and Sun was adapted to film under the title of The King’s Daughter.

McIntyre believed in learning to write through experimentation, and was a great proponent of writers giving themselves the freedom to try new things:

Something that worries me about some of the writers’ workshops I’ve seen recently is that people go in there with this relentlessly professional attitude, when they should be experimenting. When I think of all the different weird stuff we wrote at the Clarion Workshop in 1970, I think there’s still people who go to workshops to do that, but I also think there’s a contingent that goes there to be relentlessly professional, and I wish they wouldn’t do it.

Vonda McIntyre died at home in Seattle, Washington of pancreatic cancer. She was writing up to the end, completing a novel titled Curve of the World shortly before her passing. Her neighbor and friend Jane Hawkins noted her drive, saying, “All her docs know she has a book she wants to finish. Even the doc she hadn’t seen before!”

She will be dearly missed.

Apr 3, 11:43am Top

>34 ronincats: Thanks Roni, I hadn't seen that. I have 3 of her Trek novels waiting to be read and I'll make a point to read at least one soon. I had to look up the title, but the story of hers I remember really catching my interest was "Of Mist, And Grass, And Sand". It was later expanded into the novel Dreamsnake (which I never got around to reading for no good reason).

Apr 15, 12:52pm Top

Also via Tor.com: RIP Gene Wolfe.

If you subscribe to the New Yorker, this 2015 profile is an excellent read.

Apr 16, 10:33am Top

^I just saw Neil Gaiman's tribute to Gene Wolfe; they apparently were good friends for more than 30 years. Thanks for the link to the New Yorker article. GW's Book of the New Sun series knocked me on my keister when I was a youngster.

Apr 16, 9:50pm Top


Apr 17, 7:31am Top

>38 laytonwoman3rd: awww indeed. I loved her character on MTM.

Apr 17, 12:06pm Top

Sad news: RIP Warren Adler. Last Call was a poignant, funny book; The War of the Roses was a bitter, hilarious one. Ninety-one is hardly a premature death, but it's always sad when someone whose writing gave you pleasure goes on ahead.

Apr 17, 12:08pm Top

Apr 17, 12:16pm Top

Both film and book were good entertainments.

Edited: Apr 29, 9:29pm Top

May 6, 3:26pm Top

One of the 20th Century's most passionate social thinkers, and vigorous denouncers of populism, has died at 95: John Lukacs

May 12, 8:40pm Top

Edited: May 13, 9:30am Top

Doris Day died. She was 97, so it wasn't an early death, but Pillow Talk's star left us. Sad.

May 13, 9:51pm Top

>46 richardderus: oh, my, I didn't realize she was still living. Sad news.

May 14, 1:31pm Top

This is shaping up to be a bad week. Tim Conway has left us now.

May 14, 1:44pm Top

>48 laytonwoman3rd: Yuck. The elephant story on The Carol Burnett Show still makes me sob with laughter 40 years on.

May 14, 1:45pm Top

>49 richardderus: I know, right? The funniest part is Harvey Korman trying not to laugh.

May 14, 1:57pm Top

Waah! I loved Tim Conway.

Here, enjoy:


I also loved his Dorf on Golf.

May 14, 2:30pm Top

>48 laytonwoman3rd: - Oh no. He was hilarious. That whole cast was, in truth

May 17, 1:12pm Top

Good lord, who knew Herman Wouk was still alive, until today.

May 17, 2:11pm Top

>53 laytonwoman3rd: that is quite an age.

Edited: May 17, 4:03pm Top

Yes, and he's not the only one. I. M. Pei has also died, at 102. It's getting so centenarians aren't all that rare.

May 17, 5:54pm Top

>55 laytonwoman3rd: Sad...but more amazing to me was that he was still alive. Another centenarian died today: Herman Wouk was 103. I devoured Winds of War way back when. I didn't know that the film adaptation of Marjorie Morningstar starred Natalie Wood...whose house Wouk died in! He moved to Palm Springs when he was about 75. Hard to blame him, after all those years in the humid eastern seaboard megalopolises.

May 17, 6:52pm Top

>56 richardderus: Yes....see >53 laytonwoman3rd:. I sneak-read Marjorie Morningstar from my mother's copy when I was home by myself, and returned it to the shelf in between readings.

May 17, 7:17pm Top

>57 laytonwoman3rd: Oh my heck. Oops. It's quite amazing now to think that such an innocent book was Scandalous and Smutty back in neck-ruffs-and-scarlet-letters times.

May 22, 8:15pm Top

Sad news: Binyavanga Wainaina, gay Kenyan memoirist (One Day I Will Write About This Place), died on the 21st of complications from AIDS. He won the 2002 Caine Prize for African Writing for his short story "Discovering Home".

May 23, 10:44am Top

Judith Kerr who delighted so many children young and old with her stories and illustrations has died aged 95.

Probably her best known book is The Tiger Who Came to Tea

May 23, 11:14am Top

>61 PaulCranswick: Oh, that's sad to me. Her story is inspiring!

May 23, 11:33am Top

Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina died this week. I am not familiar with his work, but it sounds like I should become so. The selection presented on the NPR link is certainly brilliant.

May 23, 12:57pm Top

>61 PaulCranswick: wow, a new-to-me author! I'm sorry it took her passing to introduce me to her works.

May 23, 6:44pm Top

>61 PaulCranswick: I just read that too. Such sad news. Judith Kerr was one of my favourite children's authors/illustrators. She was amazing!

May 26, 2:25am Top

>66 Caroline_McElwee:: Ooh, I missed that interview, thanks Caroline.

May 28, 11:12am Top

Oh...this is very sad news. Tony Horwitz died suddenly yesterday.

May 28, 5:53pm Top

>68 laytonwoman3rd: Only 60 years old and he died suddenly while touring for his new book, Spying on the South. I just checked it out of the library over the weekend.

May 28, 11:21pm Top

>69 lindapanzo: I'm on the hold list for it at ours.

May 28, 11:28pm Top

Oh NO! I'm so, so sorry to read about this! I wish I could convey sympathy to his wife, Geraldine Brooks.

May 29, 2:32pm Top

Here's Tony Horwitz's full obituary from the Washington Post.

Jun 7, 4:30pm Top

I learned a lot about baking from Maida Heatter, especially her "The Great Book of Cookies" (no touchstone).

Edited: Jun 7, 4:54pm Top

We lost both Leon Redbone and Mac Rebennack a/k/a Dr. John in the last week. If this kind of thing keeps going on, how will we?

Jun 7, 11:29pm Top

Oh no! I had heard about Dr. John, but not Leon Redbone. I loved him in the mid-70s but had sort of forgotten him. It's hard to believe that he was only 69....
My Favorite was "The Sheik of Araby."

Edited: Jun 17, 10:50am Top

The fashion designer, socialite and author Gloria Vanderbilt died today, at the age of 95.

The Italian author Andrea Camilleri suffered a heart attack earlier today, and is in serious condition in a hospital in Rome.

Jun 17, 11:06am Top

Sad about Mme V but I'm heartsick over Camilleri!

Jun 17, 2:19pm Top

Alan Brinkley, author of The Publisher, died at 70. His look at Henry Luce was deeply disturbing and very readable.

Jun 17, 3:05pm Top

The publisher of the Paris Review, Susanna Hunnewell has died.

Jun 17, 5:23pm Top

>76 kidzdoc: Long life for GV, may she rest in peace. I'm another one heartsick over Camilleri. I hope he comes through this okay. I know he's up there in years himself.

Jun 23, 4:58pm Top

We have lost the Sudsy Sweetheart Judith Krantz this weekend. RIP creator of Scruples and Princess Daisy...91 ain't half bad as a lifetime!

Jul 9, 4:24pm Top

Missed this but back in early January we lost John Burningham.
He was married to Helen Oxenbury and created beloved picture books including Mr Gumpy’s Outing and Avocado Baby.

Jul 9, 7:21pm Top

Poet Marie Ponsot died on the Fifth of July. She was 98, so not so much an early death. Easy: Poems got 4 stars out of me, not at all...wait for it...EASY to do.

I slay me.

Jul 10, 4:25am Top

He wasn't famous or a writer or anything but I'm thinking of my boss Brian, who died 7 years ago today of cancer, and I'm feeling sad today.

Jul 10, 9:24am Top

>84 elkiedee: Condolences. The sadness changes character with time, but it never goes away.

Jul 10, 4:31pm Top

>84 elkiedee: what a wonderful boss he must have been, to have kept him so warmly in your heart.

Jul 10, 9:14pm Top

Thanks. He was just a brilliant guy/colleague. My maternity leave cover took time off her new job or whatever to come to his funeral too. A previous secretary turned out to volunteering in the first hospital where he stayed and came to visit him.

Jul 11, 2:10am Top

Jim Bouton died of complications from vascular dementia at age 80. His book Ball Four was scandalous for being honest about what prats athletes often are.

Edited: Jul 11, 8:44am Top

João Gilberto, the Brasilian composer, guitarist and singer, who was one of the 20th century's most influential musicians, died on Saturday at the age of 88. He was one of the principal creators of bossa nova, the blend of jazz and samba that became a worldwide sensation in the 1950s and 1960s. His best known song was The Girl from Ipanema, which he famously sung and performed alongside his first wife, Astrud Gilberto, the American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, and the great Brasilian pianist Antônio Carlos Jobim in the 1964 album Getz/Gilberto, one of the best selling jazz albums of all time and an essential part of jazz history.

New York Times: João Gilberto, an Architect of Bossa Nova, Is Dead at 88

Jul 11, 8:01am Top

>88 richardderus: I remember Jim Bouton from his sports reporting duties on WABC television in NYC in the 1970s, after his baseball career had ended.

Jul 11, 8:23am Top

>89 kidzdoc: ahh. Loved he and Astrud's work.

Jul 13, 2:52pm Top

>88 richardderus: I remember that book. I seem to recall a short-lived sitcom based upon his tales, too.

Edited: Jul 13, 3:00pm Top

>89 kidzdoc: my parents had a couple Bossa Nova albums. Catchy music.

Here's one of them: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nuPthGgqoWE

Jul 13, 6:35pm Top

>92 fuzzi: I think you and me and maybe a tree remember that show. It was not very good. He appeared in it, IIRC.

Jul 17, 5:03am Top

Andrea Camilleri has passed aged 93 years. I'm a huge fan of his Inspector Montalbano books.

Jul 17, 8:30am Top

Not an author but a musician, activist and legend, Johnny Clegg, has died:


Jul 18, 7:33pm Top

>95 avatiakh: Gutted. Really gutted. He was one I could almost believe would live forever.

Jul 19, 12:22pm Top

Orania Papazoglou, who wrote mysteries under the name, Jane Haddam, has passed away at age 68. She was known for her long-running Gregor Demarkian series.

This was announced in a Facebook by her friend, mystery author Dean James.

Jul 19, 9:36pm Top

Howard Engel, Canadian mystery writer (The Suicide Murders, etc), is dead at 88.

Jul 19, 11:04pm Top

>98 lindapanzo: I'm really sorry to hear that, Linda. While I enjoyed Gregor Demarkian and friends, I was swept away by Sanctity about modern novice nuns, which she wrote in her own name. She also wrote an earlier series featuring a romance novelist.

Jul 21, 12:33pm Top

>98 lindapanzo: The internet is strangely silent on this, Linda. No obit, nothing noted on her Wikipedia entry. I looked at Dean James's FB page and find nothing there either. Was it a private post?

Jul 21, 2:56pm Top

>101 laytonwoman3rd: Unless her son Matt has a very morbid sense of humor, she's really dead.

Jul 21, 3:50pm Top

>102 richardderus: Yowza...that boy needs help...BAD.

Edited: Jul 21, 10:40pm Top

Cesar Pelli the wonderful architect who designed the world's tallest twin towers and something I see most every day and whose steel and glass houses my favourite bookshop in Malaysia (Kinokuniya), has died aged 92.

In all honesty there are few sights that have awed me so completely as the one you get from standing close to the towers in the evening and looking up.

Jul 21, 11:01pm Top

Paul Krassner, whose name probably could stop before the "ner" and be just as accurate, died at 87. I can hear old first-wave feminists cackling with glee. They'll "welcome" the publisher of The Realist appropriately, I'm sure. Pot Stories for the Soul made me laugh, I admit.

Edited: Jul 24, 3:31pm Top

RIP Rutger Hauer, he created some iconic roles, and iconic words.

In Legend of the Holy Drinker

Edited: Jul 24, 4:35pm Top

>101 laytonwoman3rd: Sorry, I've been away for a few days. Dean posted it in the Save Our Cozies group.

If you're on FB, you should be able to access his comments at: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Save%20Our%20Cozies%20dean%20james&ep...

I note that, on the Jane Haddam page on FB, there is talk about collecting for funeral expenses. There are a lot of posts under her name but it seems to be her son, Matt, who has spent quite a bit of time talking about his mother.

Edited: Jul 24, 5:45pm Top

Daniel Callahan, one of the most prominent and influential bioethicists in modern history, died on July 16th at the age of 89. He taught at Harvard for many years, and founded The Hastings Center, the first organization in the world dedicated to "social and ethical issues in health care, science, and technology". I've read excerpts from at least two of Callahan's books, What Kind of Life: The Limits of Medical Progress and Setting Limits: Medical Goals in an Aging Society, as an undergraduate student and a medical student, and I would imagine that every health professions student who has trained in the past 30 years has also been influenced by him.

New York Times: Daniel Callahan, 88, Dies; Bioethics Pioneer Weighed ‘Human Finitude’

Jul 24, 8:32pm Top

>109 lindapanzo: Thanks, Linda. I didn't know about that FB group, but I have seen Matt's posts on her page now. It seems very sad.

Jul 24, 8:33pm Top

>109 lindapanzo: Thanks, Linda. I didn't know about that FB group, but I have seen Matt's posts on her page now. It all seems very sad.

Jul 24, 9:06pm Top

>111 laytonwoman3rd: You're right, though. Not a lot of talk online about her death. A gumshoe mystery website said her death came after a long battle with cancer.

Jul 24, 9:53pm Top

>110 kidzdoc: Thank you Darryl - what an interesting person.

Jul 24, 10:10pm Top

>114 RBeffa: You're welcome, Ron.

Aug 6, 9:50am Top

RIP Toni Morrison. What an extraordinary writer and woman you were.

Aug 6, 9:52am Top

>116 Caroline_McElwee: I just came here to post about her death. From the New York Times:

Toni Morrison, ‘Beloved’ Author and Nobel Laureate, Dies at 88

Aug 6, 9:54am Top

Wow, didn't realize she was 88.

Aug 6, 9:55am Top

Aug 6, 9:58am Top

Lots of us posting nearly simultaneously about this one...Toni Morrison leaves a mighty big hole in the American literary landscape.

Aug 6, 11:28am Top

So sorry to hear about Toni Morrison. I read Beloved three times, I think, in undergrad and in some ways was still too young to fully appreciate it.

Aug 6, 12:50pm Top

Harvey Frommer, a top baseball author, has also passed away, at age 83, of lung cancer.

Though I've read over 300 baseball books, I am surprised that I've read only one Harvey Frommer. I intend to remedy that.


Aug 6, 2:02pm Top

Of course I join in the world's mourning for Toni Morrison...but losing Harvey Frommer is as hard on me personally. New York City Baseball: The Last Golden Age was formative in my fandom.


Aug 6, 2:15pm Top

Canadian mystery author Howard Engel has also died. I am not a mystery reader at all so have never read his works but I learned a great deal about him after a neurological disorder robbed him of his ability to read and write. Yet, he managed to continue producing his novels. His perseverance also brought him to the attention of the late Oliver Sacks:


Edited: Aug 10, 12:52am Top

Lea Wait, one is my favorite cozy mystery authors, has passed away.


Aug 12, 11:14am Top

Sarah Andrews, geologist and mystery writer, and a personal friend , was killed in a plane crash with her husband and adult son. http://www.sonomawest.com/sonoma_west_times_and_news/news/graton-family-killed-i...

Aug 13, 7:09pm Top

Lursa, of Star Trek fame, has died aged 65. Her novel The Copper People was a creepy take on rural Italy.

Aug 13, 8:10pm Top

>126 Helenoel: I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. They seemed to be a special family.

Aug 14, 11:04am Top

This is a bit late, but biographer Edmund Morris passed on May 24, 2019. He is known principally for several books on Theodore Roosevelt and somewhat controversially for a bio on Ronald Reagan. NYTimes obit: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/27/obituaries/edmund-morris-reagan-biographer-wh...

Aug 14, 11:25am Top

Wow. I read several of his during my President's Challenge run.

Aug 17, 9:04am Top

Peter Fonda has died of lung cancer at 79.

Aug 17, 9:31am Top

>131 laytonwoman3rd: Yes, I saw that Linda. I always think of the Fonda family, as a US version of the Redgrave family here. The Fonda's celluloid royalty, and the Redgraves theatre royalty.

Aug 19, 11:21am Top

Saddened to learn that Paule Marshall, author of Brown Girl, Brownstones, has died at age 90.

Aug 20, 5:22pm Top

RIP Richard Coeur de Livre (né Booth), King of Hay-on-Wye and literary lion. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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