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fuzzi’ 2019 ROOT Rehoming Thread


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Edited: Dec 27, 2018, 11:38am Top

To keep track of my rehomed books...

In 2018 I scaled back to a what I felt was a reasonable goal of 100 books removed and rehomed.

It looks as if I’m going to fall short, but have decided to try again for 100 re-homes in 2019.

My main ROOT thread is here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/300999

Feel free to stop by and ROOT me on!

Jan 1, 11:24am Top

I only rehomed 89 books last year, but I’m determined to do better this year.

Jan 3, 10:25am Top

'Only' 89 is pretty respectable. Good luck dude :)

Jan 8, 12:27pm Top

>3 Erratic_Charmer: that's "dudette" to you, ha!

First rehome of 2019 is a book I read this month, enjoyed, but wanted someone else to enjoy:

#1 The Sanctuary Sparrow by Ellis Peters

Jan 10, 1:32pm Top

#2 Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein

I've been valiantly attempting to finish this book, but at the halfway point I've given up, and admitting that I'm not interested in what happens. The story is not engaging at all, and the writing isn't up to par with this author's other works, including his other early "juvenile" books I've read.

Edited: Feb 3, 8:07am Top

#3 Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead - (ROOT) - Did not read

#4 Little Otter is Missing by Kenneth Grahame (abridged)

#5 The Wild Wood by Kenneth Graham (abridged)

#6 Can I Keep Him? by Steven Kellogg

I kept laughing over this short story about a young boy who keeps begging his mother for a pet. The illustrations are classic Kellogg, with lots going on in the background and margins. This one is heading straight to my granddaughter!

Feb 4, 10:51pm Top

Hmm. Where did I get the number 7 books rehomed? Time to go back and check...

Feb 8, 12:45pm Top

Not sure where I got 7...onward:

#7 A Horse Called Mystery (duplicate)

#8 Hungry: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Fat to Thin - (ROOT) - Ebook unread

Edited: Feb 15, 12:42pm Top

#9 How To Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps by Nicola Winstanley and John Martz

HAHAHA! I loved this book as an adult for the humor, and can't wait to read it to a child who will love the little details on each page. Well done!

#10 Christmas in Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren

Delightful picture book story from the Noisy Village series. The illustrations are so whimsical, I could spend hours pouring over each page, and the Swedish holiday traditions within are similar to those of my own family.

Both of these are being "gifted" to either my granddaughter or my grandnieces.

Feb 16, 4:07pm Top

#11 Partners - 'NetWalkers: Part One by Jane Fancher

When I downloaded this book several years ago, I thought it would always be there...but not according to Kindle and Amazon. Since I can't read it without paying for it again, I'm just going to count it as an "unread discard" and move on...

Feb 16, 4:40pm Top

#12 Preacher's Blood Hunt (The First Mountain Man) by William W. Johnstone

Not on the shelves, probably rehomed back in October 2017. Though not listed with all the other books in the series that I rehomed at that time, I'm fairly certain it no longer resides in my house.

Feb 16, 4:49pm Top

#13 Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

Have attempted to read this at least two times. Life's short, so many books...why waste time?

Feb 16, 4:59pm Top

#14 The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

Not interested at this time. Easy enough to borrow from the library if I change my mind in the future.

Feb 16, 5:05pm Top

#15 The Canterbury Tales, and Other Poems by Geoffrey Chaucer

Made an attempt, just not interested at this time. Easy enough to borrow from the library if I change my mind in the future.

Feb 20, 4:02am Top

You are doing so good with rehoming, Fuz.

I really love the way you described the children's books. And I searched for translation into Dutch for my grandchildren. (Non found though)

Edited: Feb 24, 7:57pm Top

#16 There's an Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer

When my children were small we owned a similar book, There's a Nightmare in My Closet, but this one is good, too. The small boy in this tale has an alligator living under his bed, but when his parents check they never see it. How is he supposed to handle the situation? Told with funny illustrations.

#17 The Tale of Tom Kitten by Beatrix Potter

I have only read one other book by this author before reading The Tale of Tom Kitten. The pictures are adorable, the story is cute, and I think younger children and their parents would enjoy reading about the naughty deeds of the three kittens in the story.

Both of these are going to my granddaughter.

Feb 24, 7:58pm Top

>15 connie53: thank you!

Now that I have a granddaughter I have an excuse to read children's books again!

Mar 1, 1:46am Top

>17 fuzzi: I know. Same here. I'v even bought a few.

Mar 1, 7:30am Top

#18 An Old Woman's Reflections by Peig Sayers

An interesting collection of stories from an Irish "story-teller" who lived most of her life on an isolated island. It's translated from Gaelic into English, but much of the original lyrical prose is still evident. Worth reading.

Mar 2, 12:34am Top

#19 In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham

Satisfactory read about a missionary couple kidnapped and held for ransom in the Philippines for over a year. The flashbacks were distracting from the survival story, which was actually interesting.

Edited: May 15, 7:06am Top

Two books I am fairly certain have been rehomed in one of my purges, but were not recorded as rehomed:

#20 The Untamed West by Jon Tuska

#21 Fall of a Cosmonaut by Stuart Kaminsky (duplicate)

EDIT: I'd lent #20 to my father, who just returned it, and it's in the box to go to the bookstore...so now it's officially been rehomed!

Edited: Mar 20, 6:45pm Top

#22 Princess Puffybottom and Darryl by Susin Nielsen and Olivia Chin Mueller

The three stars is for the cute premise and some of the illustrations, only. Maybe I am old fashioned, but having vomit and cat feces and a dog urinating prominently featured in a book for young children is unnecessary and unfortunate, in my opinion.

This ER book is headed for the used book store.

Mar 27, 8:22am Top

#23 Middlemarch by George Eliot

A thoughtful yet entertaining read about the people and customs of an English town from the earlier part of the 19th century. The characters are very well drawn, their personalities are not superficial, and I was willingly dragged into the story, something I expect a very well-written book should do. This tale is never boring, but as the sentences often have deeper meanings one needs to take time to read this work slowly, unhurried, and without distraction. Quite good and worth the time and effort. Solid.

Apr 4, 8:16am Top

#24 Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen

Of all the books that I have read by this author there was only one I did not care for...and this one isn't it!

Woods Runner is a good tale of a 13 year old boy growing up on the western Pennsylvania frontier of the late 1700s. While most of the people in the settlement like their neighbors and bucolic lifestyle, young Samuel takes to the woods where he is most comfortable, disappearing for days while exploring, as well as hunting for the community.

But while he is on one of his trips a force of British troops and Hessian mercenaries attack and destroy the settlement, massacring most of the people yet taking a few as prisoners...including Samuel's parents.

This one is a page-turner, a book I could not put down until I found out how things turned out. While categorized as a youth book, it also is a fine adult read.

Apr 5, 3:22pm Top

>23 fuzzi: I, too, read Middlemarch for the first time recently. Every once in a while I just try to fill in one of the many, many gaps in my classics reading. And I also found that I enjoyed the story and the writing quite a lot. I guess most of these classics are classics for a reason!

Apr 6, 6:07am Top

>25 rocketjk: I'm another who is dropping the classics into the mix every now and then. I've not read Middlemarch, but am just starting Vanity Fair. I find them harder to read as I get older though!

Apr 6, 9:52pm Top

>26 Jackie_K: i think the older books take more dedication, more concentration, and are harder to read if there are distractions.

May 8, 7:01am Top

NOTE: I have 27 books rehomed on my ticker, so I'm missing a couple I forgot to record...

#25 ?

#26 ?

#27 The Winter Room by Gary Paulsen

The seasons of the year, as told first-person through the perspective of an eleven year old boy, living on a farm in northern Minnesota.The descriptions of what he associates with each season are not typical; several times I paused and thought over his view of what might be considered mundane tasks. Caution: he does describe the slaughter of farm animals for food in a slightly graphic manner, but did not revel in it. As tender-hearted as I am, I was able to handle it. Good read.

May 15, 7:08am Top

Now I have 29 books listed on the ticker...but I can't recall #28. Argh.

I'm going to have to do some serious recalculating, soon...

#29 Mermaid Dreams by Kate Pugsley

Maya goes to the beach with her parents, but is too shy to introduce herself to one of the many children playing in the sand. But then she discovers a place of mystery, and perhaps a friend as well?

Cute story, simple colorful pictures. This one heads for my granddaughter's bookshelves.

Edited: Jun 9, 6:57am Top

June Purge!

I just removed 64 65 books from my shelves...

Stay tuned...

Edited: Jun 9, 6:43am Top

And here they are, listed by author:

High Courage Anderson, C. W

Digital Photographer's Handbook Ang, Tom

National Velvet Bagnold, Enid

How to Live with a Neurotic Dog Baker, Stephen

Blitz Beatty, Hetty Burlingame

Dear Mr. Henshaw Cleary, Beverly
Henry and Beezus Cleary, Beverly
Henry and the Clubhouse Cleary, Beverly
Strider Cleary, Beverly

Homer's Odyssey Cooper, Gwen

The Black Stallion and Flame Farley, Walter (already rehomed)
Black Stallion and Satan Farley, Walter
The Black Stallion Returns Farley, Walter
The Horse-Tamer Farley, Walter
The Island Stallion Races Farley, Walter (already rehomed)
Son of the Black Stallion Farley, Walter

Mrs. Mike Freedman, Benedict

Warleggan (Poldark 4) Graham, Winston (duplicate copy)

A Civil Contract Heyer, Georgette (large print hardcover)

Barry: the Story of a Wolf Dog Hinkle, Thomas C

Smoky the Cow Horse James, Will

Howl's Moving Castle Jones, Diana Wynne

The Jungle Book (Books of Wonder) Kipling, Rudyard
The Jungle Book and The Wizard of Oz Kipling, Rudyard

The Boy Who Would Not Go To School Leaf, Munro

The Call of the Wild and The Cruise of the Dazzler London, Jack
The Call of the Wild (Scribner Classics) London, Jack

Little House on Rocky Ridge MacBride, Roger Lea

The Sarah, Plain and Tall Treasury MacLachlan, Patricia
Kindred Souls MacLachlan, Patricia

The Harper Hall of Pern Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums McCaffrey, Anne

Anne of Avonlea Montgomery, L. M.
Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L. M.
Anne of Windy Poplars Montgomery, L. M.
Anne's House of Dreams Montgomery, L. M.
Rainbow Valley Montgomery, L. M. (I keep seeing a duplicate, not sure why)
Anne of Ingleside Montgomery, L.M.
Rilla of Ingleside Montgomery, L.M.
Anne Of The Island Montgomery, Lucy Maud
Pat of Silver Bush Montgomery, L.M.

El Blanco: The Legend of the White Stallion Montgomery, Rutherford

Midnight Montgomery, Rutherford

My Friend Flicka O'Hara, Mary
Thunderhead O'Hara, Mary
Green Grass of Wyoming O'Hara, Mary
Wyoming Summer O'Hara, Mary

The Blood of Ten Chiefs (Elfquest, Vol. 1) Pini, Richard
WolfSong: The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol.2 Pini, Richard
Elfquest - Journey To Sorrow's End Pini, Wendy & Richard

Midnight Champion Bucking Horse Savitt, Sam

The Adams Chronicles: Four Generations of Greatness Shepherd, Jack

The Starlight Barking Smith, Dodie

The Sign of the Beaver Speare, Elizabeth George

Mistress Masham's Repose White, T. H.

By the Shores of Silver Lake Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Farmer Boy Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little House in the Big Woods Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little House on the Prairie Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little Town on the Prairie Wilder, Laura Ingalls
The Long Winter Wilder, Laura Ingalls
On the Way Home: The Diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield Missouri, in 1894 Wilder, Laura Ingalls
These Happy Golden Years Wilder, Laura Ingalls

Child of An Ancient City Williams, Tad

Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber Zelazny, Roger


Bear's Book Freedman, Claire (Ruthie book)

62 of these qualify as first-time ROOTs.

EDIT: missed Kindred Souls, now added to equal 65.

Edited: Jun 9, 6:44am Top

One more:

#95 Thumbelina illustrated by Adrienne Adams

I love this book, but have never been able to remove a strong perfume smell from its pages.

Edited: Jun 9, 6:56am Top

#96 The Big Wave by Pearl S Buck

Short, poignant story of two Japanese youths and how a natural disaster affects their lives. Apparently intended for a younger audience but a nice read for adults as well.

Edited: Jun 10, 11:10pm Top

This is weird...books that I have rehomed and removed from "My Library" are suddenly listed again in "My Library", which I only use for books that I still physically have on my shelves or on my iPad.

Anyone hear of anything like this happening before?

List of books rehomed in 2018 that I just removed again from my library on LT:

John Muir's Wild America
Anne's Colors
Double Star
A Soldier's Sketchbook by John Wilson
Unleashed by Amanda Jones
Red Dog
Sunshine and Dust
Dust on the Sea
Gunman's Rhapsody

They also were not in the "Read but unowned" category, to which they should have been listed...

Edit: just found one from 2017: Striding Folly. It only is listed as "My Library", but should have also been listed as either "Read but unowned" or "TBR unowned". I never list any book that way.

What a mess...

Edited: Jun 15, 6:12pm Top

June Purge continues...all by Leon Uris

QBVII (excellent book!)
A God in Ruins
Mila 18
O'Hara's Choice
The Haj
Mitla Pass
Exodus (excellent book!)

That should be 106

#107 Funny Cide (previously counted as a ROOT, just rehoming it)

Jun 17, 7:40pm Top

I found one of my rehomes that I couldn't remember, a spare copy of The Winter Room.

Jul 11, 2:42am Top

>34 fuzzi: No, I did not hear about that before. Maybe you forgot to save?

Jul 13, 2:32pm Top

>38 connie53: not that many books. I could see it happening to one or two.

I'm methodical when I catalog my books, that's why I figured the mislabeled books were a glitch of some sort.

Edited: Jul 15, 6:57am Top

#110 Brian the Brave by Paul Stewart and Jane Porter

Fairly standard retelling of the main-character-ostracized-for-outer-appearances-but-who-becomes-a-hero-in-the-end tale. I liked the illustrations, which reminded me of Leo Lionni's work.

Edited: Jul 22, 6:59pm Top

#111 The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

A story of payback for those who make you see red...love the illustrations!

Holds up well as an adult read.


#112 The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl

Very creative story, wonderful illustrations...kids and adults with a sense of humor should enjoy!

Jul 24, 6:47am Top

#113 The Serpent Never Sleeps by Scott O'Dell

A well-researched story about early 1600s England and the colony of Jamestown, but somewhat disjointed, with no "heart", and lacking something to make me care about the people or the situations.

Jul 27, 12:22pm Top

Hi Fuzz! Just stopping in and saying hi!

Jul 28, 10:41pm Top

>43 connie53: hi back atcha!

Edited: Jul 29, 7:01am Top

#114 The Cookcamp by Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen has written many coming-of-age stories about boys, but this tale of a five year old boy away from his mother for the first time is special. His father is away from home, fighting overseas, while his mother works at a factory. Impulsively she sends her son by train to her mother, who is working in a cookcamp deep within the Minnesota woods.

I love how the boy sees the world around him, the growing relationship with his grandmother, and the bond that is formed between him and the older truckers, men building a road through the wilderness. A gem.

#115 Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice by Various Authors

Mixed bag of stories about political correctness run amuck. While I agree with most of the views contained within, a couple of the authors seemed to try too hard to present their position. However, one of the tales, "Angel of Death", was quite good, the reason the book was gifted to me. Skip the ones that seem contrived and enjoy the remainder of the entries.

#116 I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven

Touching story of a priest sent to live with a native American tribe, and how he came to be one with them. Not maudlin or melodramatic, just a gentle tale of friendship.

Edited: Aug 11, 9:28pm Top

#117 Monument Rock by Louis L'Amour - duplicate I discovered on my shelves.

Aug 14, 3:24pm Top

#118 The Devil's Novice by Ellis Peters

The latest addition to the abbey is a young man with night terrors...what sins has he committed in order to act this way? Brother Cadfael works out the clues as usual. I thought I knew the murderer this time, but the motive was not apparent until the end. Good read, as always.


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