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A Year of Normality and Tea.

This topic was continued by A Year of Normality and Tea No 2.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Dec 27, 2018, 4:25pm Top

Welcome to my new 2019 thread, I hope friends new and old will call in and leave a post.

Dec 27, 2018, 4:28pm Top

Hi I am John and this will be my Sixth time with the 75ers and I must say I have made some great friends along the way.

I am 55 years old and have been married to Karen for 34 years, I have two children, Robert who is 31 and lives with his partner Louise and has a daughter Hannah who will be Eight at the end of February and a step-daughter Shannon who is 16, and Amy who is 29 and married Andy in October 2015.

I love books and currently have just over 2,500 books on my shelves and this doesn't include my Cricket collection which stands at about 400 books. While reading I do enjoy the odd pot or two of tea.

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Edited: Feb 11, 3:20pm Top


1. A Gull on the Roof by Derek Tangye, PB - 216 pages. No1 of ? in The Minack Chronicles Series.
2. Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor, PB - 206 pages.
3. Fragile Lives, A Heart Surgeon's stories of life and death on the Operating Table by Professor Stephen Westaby, HB - 340 pages.
4. The Trial by James Patterson, PB - 114 pages.
5. 16th Seduction by James Patterson, PB - 350 pages. No 17 of 20 in The Women's Murder Club Series.
6. The Maze Runner by James Dashner, PB - 371 pages. No 1 of 3 in The Maze Runner Series.
7. Lacey's of Liverpool by Maureen Lee, PB - 481 pages.


8. To Play the King by Michael Dobbs, PB - 309 pages. No 2 of 3 in the House of Cards Series.
9. A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly, PB - 403 pages. No 7 of 22 in The Harry Bosch Series.
10. Manna from Hades by Carola Dunn, PB - 305 pages. No 1 of 4 in the Cornish Mystery Series.

Edited: Jan 24, 3:27pm Top


1. Haunted by James Patterson, PB.
2. To Die But Once by Jacqueline Winspear, PB.
3. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley, PB.
4. Starting Over by Jack Sheffield, PB.
5. One Day in December by Josie Silver, PB.
6. Mexico by James A. Michener, PB.

Dec 27, 2018, 4:32pm Top

I just love Big Books, these are my 1000+page reads so far with more to add.

1.Shogun by James Clavell, 1243 pgs
2.Gai-Jin by James Clavell, 1578 pgs
3.Noble House by James Clavell, 1435 pgs
4.War & Remembrance by Herman Wouk, 1171 pgs
5.Whirlwind by James Clavell, 1343 pgs
6.Centennial by James A. Michener 1100 pgs
7.The Covenant by James A. Michener, 1080 pgs
8.Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd, 1344 pgs
9.Homeland by John Jakes, 1138 pgs
10.Russka by Edward Rutherfurd, 1007 pgs
11.A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, 1474 pgs
12.Love and War by John Jakes, 1019 pgs
13.Texas by James A. Michener, 1508 pgs
14.My Life by Bill Clinton, 1000 pgs
15.Child of the Phoenix by Barbara Erskine, 1086 pgs
16.Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, 1059 pgs
17.The Journeyer by Gary Jennings, 1219 pgs
18.Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton, 1144 pgs
19.Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton, 1235 pgs
20.Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, 1185 pgs
21.Wicked by Jilly Cooper, 1007 pgs
22.The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, 1412 pgs
23.London by Edward Rutherfurd, 1299 pgs
24.The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, 1076 pgs
25.A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon, 1391 pgs
26.World Without End by Ken Follett, 1111 pgs
27.Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey, 1,015 pgs
28.The Executioner's Song by Norman Mailer, 1,056 pgs
29.An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon, 1,065 pgs
30.New York by Edward Rutherfurd, 1017 pgs
31.Hawaii by James A.Michener, 1130 pgs
32.The Company by Robert Littell, 1281 pgs
33.The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F.Hamilton, 1225 pgs
34.Spangle by Gary Jennings, 1276 pgs
35.Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, 1024 pgs
36.Alaska by James A. Michener, 1073 pgs.
37.Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson, 1180 pgs.

Dec 27, 2018, 4:35pm Top

After a year of reading Chunksters, 2019 will be a year of normality and tea, as some of you know, I am a bit of tea monster. This year I will reach the target I set myself but that has yet to be decided on just at the present but will be up either tomorrow or Saturday.

I am looking forward to a better year on the reading front and a far better year on the posting front, see you all over the coming months dear friends.

Dec 27, 2018, 7:42pm Top

Welcome back!

Edited: Dec 27, 2018, 9:18pm Top

Dec 27, 2018, 9:22pm Top

"Normality" hahahahaha

Tea, now that one I'll believe. Happy 2019!

Dec 28, 2018, 2:36pm Top

Dropping my star, my friend, and looking forward to lots of tea and books, maybe a bit of gardening and baking as well.

Dec 28, 2018, 3:46pm Top

>9 drneutron:, Thanks Jim.

>10 Berly:, Nice to see you here Kim my dear.

>11 richardderus:, Hello RD, knew someone would find this funny and Tea I am well renowned for drinking copious amounts.

>12 witchyrichy:, Hi Karen, nice to see you here. Books, Tea, more gardening, updates on Karen's baking and Fountain Pens, what more could anyone ask for, I spoil you all, lol.

Dec 28, 2018, 4:43pm Top

The target for books to be read in 2019 has been set, 100 books and 40,000 pages. I will dent the TBR pile as long as Karen doesn't buy books as she has done in 2018.

I also have a competitor, Karen is too busy to join LT but she is going to keep a record of what she reads in 2019, should be interesting.

Dec 28, 2018, 6:56pm Top

ooooh, some household competition! Makes life interesting!

Dec 29, 2018, 4:07pm Top

>15 drneutron:, Doesn't it just, Jim.

Dec 29, 2018, 10:29pm Top

Hello, John! I don’t think “normality” applies to the book fiends around here.
That will be interesting with Karen keeping track of her reading this year. Although all my family reads, I’m the only one who really keeps track. I just like to reflect now and then on what my reading might say about me.
Wait. Maybe I’d better keep that to myself.
I’m looking forward to your thread this year.

Dec 31, 2018, 3:02am Top

Happy New Year John!

Dec 31, 2018, 8:24am Top

>17 bohemima:, I haven't kept a full track of your reading my dear so cannot comment on what it says about you BUT what I do know is that you are a very lovely, kind, caring and loving Lady and thank you for being there for me recently on FB. Like all my other LT friends, we have never met and may never meet but I know we would get on great if we ever do, thank you for being a friend, it means a lot to me dear friend.

I will make sure that I visit your thread and I hope I will keep you informed and entertained on mine, love and hugs dear Lady.

Dec 31, 2018, 8:24am Top

>18 The_Hibernator:, Thank you so much Rachel my dear.

Dec 31, 2018, 10:20am Top

Time for the 2018 Stats and the latest overall stats.

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 10:32am Top

Latest reading stats:

Books on shelves at 1-1-218 - 2490
Books added in December - 22
Books read in December - 3

Revised book total - 2509

Pages to read at 1-12-18 - 1,045,423
Pages added in December - 9,410
Pages read in December - 1,983

Revised total pages to read - 1,052,850

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 10:35am Top


Books Read...................... 3

No of Authors.................... 2

New Authors...................... 1

Male Authors..................... 2

Female Authors.................. 0

Pages Read....................... 1,983

Daily Avg........................... 63.97

Book Length avg................. 661

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 10:36am Top


Books Read...................... 47

No of Authors.................... 37

New Authors...................... 11

Male Authors..................... 21

Female Authors.................. 16

Pages Read....................... 31,944

Daily Avg........................... 87.52

Book Length avg................. 679.66

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 10:37am Top

1st JULY 1995 TO 31ST DECEMBER 2018

Books Read...................... 1097

No of Authors.................... 352

Male Authors..................... 203

Female Authors.................. 149

Pages Read....................... 516,341

Daily Avg........................... 60.14

Book Length avg................. 470.68

Dec 31, 2018, 10:37am Top

Happy New Year, John! Glad to have you back with us for another.
Hope Karen doesn't become too competitive with you :)

Dec 31, 2018, 10:40am Top

>25 johnsimpson:, Thanks Chelle my dear, Karen is a faster reader than me but she also has her Baking, Knitting and Working to add to the mix. It will be interesting to see her final figures though and what happens if I read more than she does, that is the main question, lol.

Dec 31, 2018, 11:49am Top

Happy reading in 2019, John!
I love the way you keep track of reading and for how long you do so.

Dec 31, 2018, 2:23pm Top

Happy New Year & New Thread John!

Dec 31, 2018, 4:20pm Top

>28 FAMeulstee:, Thanks Anita my dear.

Dec 31, 2018, 4:21pm Top

>28 FAMeulstee:, Thanks Anita my dear.

>29 SandDune:, Thank you Rhian my dear.

Dec 31, 2018, 10:20pm Top

Happy New Year to both you and Karen!

Dec 31, 2018, 10:22pm Top

Happy New Year to you and Karen!

Jan 1, 10:20am Top

I wish you from my heart a healthy 2019 filled with happiness, satisfaction, laughter and lots of good books.

Jan 1, 3:34pm Top

>32 alcottacre:, Thanks Stasia my dear.

>33 Berly:, Thanks Kim my dear.

>34 Ameise1:, Thanks Barbara my dear.

Jan 1, 3:51pm Top

Hope you are enjoying the first day of the year. I really want to do more of my own reading/book stats and may use your list as a starting point.

Best wishes for 2019!

Jan 1, 3:59pm Top

>36 witchyrichy:, Hi Karen, it has been a nice steady relaxing day for both of us, hope you are having a good first day of the year as well. The stats have developed over the years but I think I have all my bases covered and all of it is in analogue mode, nothing digital about it apart from on here. I will be able to use my ledger that I managed to pick up to have it all in one nice book, more work for me but it will be enjoyable and using new fountain pens and inks.

All the very best for 2019 my dear, sending love and hugs.

Jan 1, 4:58pm Top

Yesterday was a steady day, once up and about we had breakfast and Karen set a load of washing going and the rest of the morning was spent chatting and having a couple of pots of tea before it was time to take Karen to work. I dropped Karen off and then had to pop into store to take some shoes back for her and then pick up my paper.

Once I had dropped the shoes back and got my paper I made my way home and made a pot of tea before firing up the laptop to finish off my thread and do year end stats and then visit a few threads and drop off New Year messages. I did this for a couple of hours aided by one or two pots of tea before going to have a shower and then clean the bathroom.

Once I was clean and the bathroom was cleaned I had a pot of tea before putting a pizza in the oven for my tea, I read my paper whilst waiting for the pizza and then finished it off once I had eaten. I continued on the laptop until it was time to go and collect Karen and a work colleague, I took Karen's work home and then we made our way home. Whilst Karen got changed into her PJ's I made us a pot of tea and we watched a bit of TV and then we got some alcohol and watched the documentary about Raymond Briggs whose graphic include The Snowman, Father Christmas and When the Wind Blows as well as Ethel and Ernest which was about his parents. This was very good and we have watched The Snowman every year since it was first shown on TV in 1982 and Hannah likes this along with Father Christmas.

Once this had finished we watched QI until it was time to change Channels to watch the Madness concert to bring in the New Year, they broke off so we could watch the countdown to the New Year and Big Ben sounded to herald the New Year and then the fireworks in London went off, once that was done with it went back to the concert until 1am. While the London fireworks went off I tried to watch the fireworks in Funchal on my phone but the webcam was down sadly. Not long after 1am we went to sleep.

Today we awoke to the alarm at 8.30am and I went and made us a pot of tea to have in bed, we eventually got up at 9.30am. Once washed and dressed, we came downstairs and I got our meds and vitamins out and made a pot of tea whilst Karen sorted breakfast out.

Once we had eaten Karen finished off the last bit of vegetables and seared the Venison Shanks and then put them in the slow cooker and set that off. We had a relaxing rest of the morning before Karen did a bit of ironing and then we had a pot of tea or two before going for a walk around the village. As we were walking around we called in to see her brother and his partner to wish them a happy new year and then continued with our walk. Once back home I made us a pot of tea and then Karen put the potatoes on to make some mash and a short time later our late dinner was ready. The Venison stew was delicious, I am a very spoilt boy. We were full by the time we had finished eating and so pudding had to wait. The rest of the day has been spent watching a bit of TV, reading and me on the laptop.

Jan 1, 6:32pm Top

Happy 2019
A year full of books
A year full of friends
A year full of all your wishes realised

I look forward to keeping up with you, John (and Karen), this year.

Jan 1, 7:03pm Top

Happy New Year, John! I am dropping off a star, hoping to follow you more closely in 2019.

Jan 2, 3:50pm Top

>39 PaulCranswick:, Thanks Paul.

>40 EBT1002:, Hi Ellen, I hope I don't disappoint my dear.

Jan 2, 4:30pm Top

A nice steady day for us today and for the second year running I begin the year with a trip to the dentist. I had a gum infection in early December, Dr Cook managed to sort it out for me but the long term diagnosis was that I needed root canal treatment and that began today.

We were up with the alarm and once washed and dressed we got downstairs and got our meds and vitamins out and then whilst I was sorting the pot of tea out, Karen put a dark load of washing on. We had our tea and breakfast before I dropped Karen in Wakefield and then went to my dental appointment. The treatment went quite well but he couldn't get it all done today as the x-ray he took still showed a little bit of infection, my next appointment is on the 18th of January and that should see the treatment all done and dusted.

Once out of the dentist's I got back to the car and rang Karen to arrange where to meet up with her, 20 minutes later we were back together and after picking up a couple of items in TKMaxx we made our way back to the car and headed to the Aldi store at Snowhill. While Karen popped into store to get the few bits we needed, I stayed in the car and read. Once Karen had done and got the bits we needed we made our way home and after putting the bit of shopping away, Karen put the washing on the airer's while I made us a pot of tea.

We spent the afternoon catching up on a few programmes we had recorded although mid afternoon I came over quite cold despite the heating being on. I feel a little better now and just hope I am not succumbing to any of the bugs that have been doing the rounds. We have had a relaxing evening so far and hope it continues. Tomorrow we will be having Hannah for a few hours so I need to be fighting fit for her visit, lol.

Jan 2, 4:48pm Top

Hello John! Happy new year and happy first thread of 2019!

I am looking forward to your normal reading year. I admire your chunkster goal last year, and the type of focus and drive that takes is much more than I could accomplish. Bravo.

Are you going to post the books Karen reads or only report the number of books she reads? It would be nice to see what interests her.

Sorry about the dental work and I hope that the chill you got was just needing another pot of tea, not getting sick.

Bill's back at work and Jenna left almost 3 hours ago to get back to Wilmington to start getting ready for the new semester on Monday. She was here for a good long visit and although my reading stats will improve, I already miss her a lot.

Sending love and hugs to you and Karen!

Jan 2, 4:56pm Top

Hi John, wishing you and your family a happy new year!
And lots of good reading and nice pots of tea.

Do you and Karen have similar tastes when it comes to books?

Jan 2, 4:56pm Top

>43 karenmarie:, Hi Karen my dear, it is nice to get back to more normal reading and I was pleased that I stuck it out with the chunksters. Karen is keeping note of her reading and I will post periodically what she has read.

I do feel a bit better and hope it is something and nothing, the dental work was ok. I would imagine it was nice to have Jenna for a long visit and I can understand you missing her. Karen was at work on Monday and she is back in again on Friday although we are having Hannah tomorrow which will be nice, she is a bundle of fun.

Sending love and hugs to you and Bill.

Jan 2, 4:59pm Top

>44 EllaTim:, Hi Ella, thanks for stopping by my dear, copious pots of tea are being drunk and the reading is starting to pick up. We do have some similar reading tastes but I would read more of Karen's type of books than she would read of mine, it will be interesting to see how much she does read combined with all her baking and knitting.

Jan 2, 9:54pm Top

Hi and Happy New Year!

I am back at work after two weeks in the hinterlands. I am just now making the rounds to get all my starred threads in place. I just read that you and Paul had a meetup! How grand! It is always a pleasure meeting old friends.

I have now been with LT 11 years and it amazes me how many friends I have made here.

Happy tea drinking and reading. Mayhap you can post some of Karen's books here from time-to-time?

Jan 3, 12:51am Top

It must feel freeing to have the chunkster challenge over, John. Shorter books should do wonders for your stats especially if you are in competition with Karen.

Jan 3, 1:38am Top

Keep up with the tea but shorten the books this year!!

Jan 4, 4:47am Top

Happy new year, John, to you and Karen.

Jan 4, 8:57am Top

>46 johnsimpson: Than you can talk books together, nice. My husband Marc is a dyslexic, so we don't share the reading, but we love to watch movies together and talk about them afterwards.

As for the knitting, that's where audiobooks can come in handy;-)

Jan 4, 9:35am Top

Finally making it around to threads and finding and starring yours. I'll be interested in seeing both your book targets and tea consumption targets for 2019! ;-)

I picked up Rory Stewart's book The Marches: A Borderland Journey Between England and Scotland yesterday at the used bookstore. I'm looking forward to reading it sometime this year. I saw it mentioned on someone's thread last year.

Jan 4, 12:56pm Top

I would like to use your thread to let people know that I am hosting a mystery challenge thread within the 75'ers Group.

Here is the link. https://www.librarything.com/topic/301787

For lack of a better title I christened it: Lackberg and Leon: A Scandicrime vs Venetian Mystery Challenge. I thought about doing something with North vs. South or Hot and Cold Climes Crime, but somehow it just didn't mesh. If one of you can come up with something let us know over on the new thread.

It is part of the 75 Books Challenge group. For a couple of years we have been doing a compare and contrast mystery group read and this year we selected the Erika Falck series by Camilla Lackberg and the Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon as our two authors. Scandicrime vs. Canal Crime? The Ice Princess is our first book for this year.

If nothing else, drop a star on the thread and just lurk. We don't mind.

Jan 4, 1:19pm Top

>42 johnsimpson: Oh no! Not the dreaded dental work! The thought of a root canal makes me positively ill. I went to a new dentist last month (having moved) and was devastated to find that I must have (cue Jaws theme) deep cleaning. I had this done before and foolishly thought that would be the only time. Good news is that only a very few teeth or gum pockets are in bad shape. Still, I’m splitting it in halves a week apart. Urggghhh.

I consider you a wonderful friend, John, and am very glad to have been lucky enough to meet here in the midst of Library Thing. ooxx

Jan 4, 4:05pm Top

>47 benitastrnad:, >53 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita my dear, hope work has gone well this week, it was nice to see Paul along with Hani, Kyran and Belle. I will enjoy my pots of tea and books and will post Karen's reading from time to time.

>48 Familyhistorian:, Hi Meg my dear, it does feel a bit freeing after last years Big ones and I will enjoy the more normal sized books this year. I still like my Big Books and might read one or two and to be honest there will be no competition with Karen as I have more time on my hands to read even though she reads faster than me, lol.

>49 Berly:, Hi Kim my dear, plenty of tea this year as usual and the books are shorter.

>50 DianaNL:, Thank you Diana my dear.

>51 EllaTim:, Hi Ella my dear, we might talk about the odd book or two but apart from that we will just read.

>52 thornton37814:, Hi Lori my dear, I haven't set any tea targets but I average 10 pots a day.

>54 bohemima:, Hi Gail my dear, the dental work wasn't too bad and I have a two week gap between treatments, glad you don't have much trouble and you have a gap between treatments like myself. Thank you for your lovely comment, when I read it I got something in my eye and I am sticking to that story, lol. Hopefully one of these days we will meet up and have a proper chat and a brew.

Jan 4, 4:21pm Top

Yesterday wasn't too bad until just before 3pm. The morning was quite steady and before long I was going to pick Hannah up and drop Louise at work. I got back with Hannah and Karen was boxing up the decorations in the dining room and continued and so that by the time she had finished the only thing left to take down is the tree. Hannah had some milk and then Karen told her to look in one of the small stockings on the fireplace, she found a Chocolate Reindeer and was very happy about that.

I got message from Tom the plumber asking if we would be in as he wanted to fit the pipe that had to be ordered when he fixed the boiler, I said we would be in all day. Tom arrived just before 3pm and that was when I had my little accident. Karen let Tom in and I was just getting up off the sofa when I felt a sharp nipping pain at the base of my back and I couldn't move. While Tom was fitting the pipe I was trying to stand up and just about managed it and made my way into the kitchen just as he finished and I could pay him the £20 I still owed him. When Tom left Karen sent me upstairs to lie on the bed until it was time to take Hannah home.

I managed to take Hannah home and pick Louise up on the way and before long I was back home, once home I had a pot of tea and then back up to bed to lay flat. I didn't get up too quickly and have no real idea how it happened although on Wednesday evening I was going to the recycle bin and my left ankle gave way and I fell to the floor, whether that had jarred something I am not sure. I spent most of the evening laying on the bed although I did manage a bit of reading. I spent the night in the spare bed so that I could lay on my back and not disturb Karen.

Jan 4, 4:26pm Top

I awoke this morning and I didn't feel too bad although the back was still tender and niggly. We got up, washed and dressed and came downstairs and sorted out the tablets and breakfast and a pot of tea before it was time to take Karen to work. After dropping Karen off I parked nearer to the store entrance and made my way in to pick up the essentials we needed. I took my time and although the pain flared up a couple of times I managed to get everything done and then get myself home.

After putting the few bits away, I made a pot of tea and then read my paper and the rail magazine I had picked up. The rest of the day was spent drinking tea and reading apart from making myself some lunch. The pain has eased a little and hopefully it will be cleared by the end of the weekend. I did manage to finish my first book of 2019 during the afternoon.

Edited: Jan 6, 2:29pm Top

Finished my first book of 2019, Gull on the Roof by Derek Tangye. This is the first book in the Minack Chronicles.

Derek Tangye was the author of the much-loved books that collectively became known as 'The Minack Chronicles'. They told of how he and his wife Jean left behind their cosmopolitan lifestyle in London to relocate to a clifftop daffodil farm in Cornwall, where they lived in a simple cottage surrounded bey their beloved animals.

A Gull on the Roof, the first title in the series, tells the story of their departure from the city, and how they came to Minack, which would be home to the Tangyes and their menagerie, including Monty the ginger cat. Following an inauspicious start, and many trials and tribulations, the arrival of a Gull on the roof would eventually be the first augury of better times to come.

A really lovely book and one I would heartily recommend to all my LT friends.

Jan 4, 6:04pm Top

I hope your back is better soon! I have similar problems occasionally, and can sympathize.

Jan 4, 8:22pm Top

Found you, John! Dropping a star here. Feel better soon.

Jan 4, 8:33pm Top

>58 johnsimpson: You delivered a book bullet with your first read of the year. I put it on my Book Depository wish list. I suspect I'll be placing an order from there for my Thingaversary at the end of March -- and possibly even for my birthday next month.

Jan 5, 6:39am Top

Oh, no! I'm so sorry that your back is giving you trouble, and I hope that it's definitely on the mend now.

Jan 5, 3:46pm Top

>59 drneutron:, Thanks Jim, I barely moved, just shows how easy it is to do some damage.

>60 jessibud2:, Nice to see you here again Shelley my dear.

>61 thornton37814:, Hi Lori, I must say that I really enjoyed it and there are more in the series. We both love Cornwall and have been near to the area mentioned, I read a bit more about Derek and Jeannie and it is a fascinating story, hope you enjoy it.

>62 scaifea:, Hi Amber, it was a bit of a shock as I barely moved but because it is weakened over the years it doesn't take much to cause pain. I should know about barely moving and causing pain as this has happened a lot of the last year or two with the left side of my neck and I can easily pop my ribs with just the wrong slight movement. It does seem to be settling down but I am taking care not to do anything that would exacerbate it.

Edited: Jan 5, 3:49pm Top

I forgot to post this stat for my Chunkster reading of 2018, this is the last one I promise.


500 to 599----- 17

600 to 699----- 15

700 to 799----- 7

800 to 899----- 6

900 to 999----- 0

1000+---------- 2

Jan 6, 7:56am Top

Sorry to read about your back acting up, John. I hope the pain will be over soon.

>64 johnsimpson: I always love to see statistics. Two 1000+ books, wow!

Jan 6, 11:07am Top

Hi John!

I'm sorry to hear about the back and hope it's settled back down.

Congrats on your first book of 2019 - that didn't take long at all. And thanks for the last bit of statistics - very impressive.

I hope you and Karen have a lovely Sunday. Sending love and hugs to both of you.

Edited: Jan 6, 2:37pm Top

Finished book number 2 of the year in mid-afternoon, Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in January, Mrs Palfrey, recently widowed, arrives at the Claremont Hotel where she will spend her remaining days. Her fellow residents are a mixed bunch - magnificently flawed and eccentric - living off crumbs of affection and an obsessive interest in the relentless round of hotel meals. Together, upper lips stiffened, they fight off their twin enemies; boredom and the Grim Reaper. And then one day, Mrs Palfrey encounters the handsome young writer Ludo, and an unlikely friendship is formed....

I really enjoyed this book, a few years ago I caught the film of this book midway through and enjoyed what I saw and so that Christmas Karen bought me the film on DVD. We both watched the film and enjoyed it and then I saw that it was based on the book, therefore we had to get the book and like a lot of what I will read this year, it has been waiting patiently on the shelves whilst I got on with the Chunksters.

Jan 6, 3:50pm Top

Just to keep you all in the loop, the current reading progress between myself and Karen stands at 3 - 2 to Karen, not that we are competitive you see, lol.

Jan 6, 3:56pm Top

>58 johnsimpson: Got me with that book bullet, but

>67 johnsimpson: Missed me with that one since I have already read it.

I hope the dental work as well as the back and ankle issues do not take too much of a toll, John!

Jan 6, 4:03pm Top

>69 alcottacre:, Hi Stasia my dear, the dental work has gone ok and am not worried about the 2nd appointment on the 18th. The ankle is fine although my left foot in general is weakened so it could go on me at aby time but the back is still troubling me. I will be monitoring how it is going and I may be due to raise my Fentanyl patch dose, currently have two patches with a total dosage of 150mcg, the 50mcg patch may have to go up to 75mcg.

Jan 6, 8:34pm Top

Glad you are making reading progress on your reading. I want to read another article before I go to bed tonight. I did finish a book today though.

Jan 7, 11:47am Top

You got me with a book bullet for Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. I have not read anything by Elizabeth Taylor but she was mentioned several times in the book or the correspondence of Eudora Welty that I just finished. Welty thought Taylor a great author. Taylor was also featured in Paul's British Author Challenge a few years ago. However, she was coupled with another author that I already had a book for, so I read the other book instead. You have reminded me that I should read something by Taylor.

Jan 7, 3:08pm Top

>71 thornton37814:, Thank you Lori my dear.

>72 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita, glad I could be of service with the book bullet.

Jan 7, 3:34pm Top

We had a pretty good weekend and got all the Christmas decorations down by Twelfth night although we did find a decoration in the kitchen late last night.

Saturday was pretty much steady away, we had a pleasant morning before it was time to take Karen to work, after dropping Karen off I had to go into Wakefield to pay the last payment of the 2018/19 Council Tax. Once that was done I picked up my Saturday copy of the Yorkshire Post and then made my way back towards the car, I called into the Antiques centre and came away with a lovely Parker 17 Lady fountain pen in Black, it was in excellent condition and was a really good price. Whilst I was out the Yodel delivery man had been with the Roberts Stream 65i wireless multi-room sound system had been, but as it needed signing for he couldn't leave it and so he left a card to say they would try again on Monday.

Once home I made a pot of tea and inked the pen up, it writes really nice, slightly on the broad side. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading until it was time to pick Karen up. We had a nice evening after we had eaten and watched the first show of The Voice 2019.

Sunday morning was spent getting the baubles off the tree and taking the tree down after we had had breakfast. Once everything had been packed away in boxes and labelled we took them upstairs and then while I perched on the top of the stepladder, Karen passed me the boxes and I put them in their storage place. Once this was done I vacuumed the living room and we moved the furniture back into place, once this was done I vacuumed in the dining room and then the kitchen. We had a tea break before preparing the vegetables for our late Sunday lunch.

We both read and I managed to finish my 2nd book of the year before Karen put the Steak pie from Blacker Hall farm shop in the oven along with the Cauliflower Cheese. I made us another pot of tea and we just relaxed until the pie was ready. We had a lovely lunch and then watched a bit of TV before Karen began to read and I fired up the laptop.

Jan 7, 3:45pm Top

Not a bad day today, once we were up and about we got breakfast ready and I put our meds out and made us a pot of tea. I checked my phone for a message from Yodel about the delivery and after checking the tracker found he was six stops away from us. We had our breakfast and pot of tea and not long after the delivery man arrived. The sound system is nice and compact and just what we have been after, it was a really good buy as it had been reduced by half, so what we had intended getting for the money we had we have ended up with a far better system.

I got it all set up apart from the internet link so we can get internet radio and download from Spotify if we wish (I doubt we will do that at the moment). Once I had got it so we can listen to the radio and CD's I went and tried to sort the printer out as Karen needs a returns label printing off. I managed to get the printer linked to the laptop but it turned out it was out of ink.

We had some lunch, some of the pie and vegetables from yesterday and after a pot of tea it was time to take Karen to work. After dropping Karen off I had to go into store to pick up a couple of bits and a Black ink cartridge for the printer, after doing this I made my way back to the car and drove to the stores re-cycle area and disposed of the juice cartons, certain plastic bottles and all the glass. Our recycle bin at home will not be collected until the 16th and it was full until, I took all the glass bottles out along with the plastic milk and water bottles. Once I had done this I made my way home and made a pot of tea.

I had another go at printing the label off for Karen but even with the ink put in it was still playing up, I will look at it tomorrow. Amy rang me and we had a good chat and once the call was over I had a couple of other things to do. Once I had done my jobs I had a pot of tea and watched the main news before making myself some sandwiches for my tea.

Jan 8, 11:41am Top

I didn't have a lot in the way of Christmas decorations to put away at home, but we had to take the ones down at work when we got back yesterday. With three librarians working on it, we got it done in short order. We decided the packages need to be re-wrapped next year in some more up-to-date paper. We also need new bows for the packages. Hopefully we'll remember that before it's time to put up the tree so we can get the re-wrapping and new bones done!

Jan 8, 3:04pm Top

The trials and tribulations of new tech, tried again to get the printer to print out the returns label for Karen but no luck, I tried the old Epson printer, still no luck. Karen had already looked at new printers so that was the next step.

After we had had our breakfast and a pot of tea I was doing the above, when all failed I had time for a pot of tea before taking Karen to work. Took Karen to work and took the Black ink cartridge that I had bought yesterday back to get a refund, which Asda did. From their the next stop was the Argos store to order and pick up a new printer, this time we are trying CANON, not a bad deal really at £29.99 including ink. Once I had ordered, paid and picked it up I had to pop into Wakefield to pick a parcel up from Next for Karen and then I went to the Post Office next door to inquire about renewing our passports. With the Next parcel and the information from the Post Office I was done in town and made my way back to the car and home.

Once home I put the kettle on and while it boiled I brought the old printers downstairs to put in the garage awaiting a trip to the recycle centre. I took the remaining ink cartridges out of the printer and will pass them onto Amy who has an Epson printer. Once the kettle had boiled I brewed a pot of tea and then settled down with my drink and flicked through the Radio Times listings magazine that had come in the post. Once this was done I took the new printer upstairs and put it on our bed and put a couple of other things on our bed and got on with the upstairs housework.

Once the bedrooms had been dusted and vacuumed I then cleaned the bathroom before taking the Vacuum back downstairs along with the cleaning cloths and duster. I put the duster and Vacuum away and the cleaning cloths in the washing machine and then made myself a pot of tea and some sandwiches and cut myself a decent slice of Christmas Cake.

Once I had eaten and finished my tea I decided to set the printer up and print the returns label, an hour later and I was losing the will to live. It just wouldn't connect to the Wi-Fi no matter what I did, the CD-ROM from Canon had worked most of the way through until it said cannot connect to network. I had had enough so brought the laptop downstairs and had a look at my network connections. I turned the router off then put it back on, I checked my broadband supplier page and altered a couple of things and added some more Web protection for free and then decided to make a pot of tea. While the tea was brewing I brought the printer downstairs and put it on the coffee table. Once my tea was ready I was then ready to tackle the printer set up again.

This time everything went as it should have in the first instance, the CD-ROM went right through and I was connected to the printer, whilst looking at the screen to make sure everything was ok I decided to listen to the radio on the Roberts sound system and as I turned it on I noticed that the internet connection on it was now showing life, two birds killed in one fell swoop. Whatever I clicked on the network changes when looking at my broadband connection had done the trick. I immediately brought up the email that Karen had sent me with the returns label to print off and proceeded to do so and in a few seconds it had printed said returns label, oh happy days.

With the returns label printed off I could now come on here and browse through threads and put this comment on my own, now I can post this and make myself a pot of tea before browsing other threads.

Jan 8, 3:37pm Top

Yay for getting the returns label printed! I am suffering with printer issues at the moment, so I can sympathize.

Jan 8, 3:46pm Top

>78 alcottacre:, Thanks Stasia, at least Karen will be happy when I pick her up from work and she can now send the parcel back.

Edited: Jan 8, 4:26pm Top

Ok, I'm late - somehow I thought I'd already dropped my star. It will take me a bit to actually catch up! I hope normality is all it's cracked up to be.

Happy New Year Thread!

Jan 8, 4:30pm Top

>80 quondame:, Hi Susan my dear, welcome to my thread. The normalcy seems to be going ok at the moment although I didn't expect a little bit of competition from Karen to be honest. I have more time to read but she reads faster than me and when we are on holiday in July she will get through a number of books. She did ask me to recommend one for her and I immediately thought of the Norman Mailer book I have that is 1405 pages and she said that was just nasty, lol.

Hope all is well with you my dear and you are having a good week, sending love and hugs.

Jan 9, 4:31pm Top

We have had our first date day of 2019 with a visit to the Dales town of Ilkley.

The alarm went off but Karen wanted a pot of tea so I went and made both of us a pot of tea to have in bed, once the tea was finished we got up, washed and dressed. I needed a shave this morning so after trimming my chin beard I decided to use the shaving oil that Karen had got me as a surprise in our mini stockings. I was a bit sceptical but used the oil as instructed, I was still not sure as I am normally used to shaving cream and a decent lather. As soon as I started to use my razor I was impressed, I had expected it to feel dry and scrape but no, it was nice and smooth, will use this more often.

Once we had done our ablutions we made our way downstairs and while I got our meds out Karen had unloaded the dishwasher and boiled the kettle. I finished off the tea and we went into the living room and watched the morning news while we had our drinks and meds. Once done we got our gear together and got into the car and set off for Ilkley, 75 minutes later I was parking up in the town. First stop was Betty's Tea Rooms to have Brunch as a nice treat, I had Scrambled eggs and Bacon on a toasted muffin along with a teapot of Earl Grey and Karen had Poached Eggs and Bacon on toast with a large latte. The food was excellent as usual and the conviviality of this Yorkshire institution cannot be beaten. Once we had finished I went and paid while Karen went to the front of the building to pick up a nice uncut loaf of bread, a large currant teacake scuffler and two Vanilla slices.

After leaving Betty's we wandered around Ilkley, first in the shops along the parade where Betty's is and then we wandered over towards the railway station as we needed to use the post office. Karen had a parcel to send off and we hoped to renew our passports but they only had paper facilities so we decided to do it back in Wakefield. After leaving the post office we continued our wanderings and I had soon picked up the first book of 2019 in the British Heart Foundation charity shop. We continued mooching about and Karen picked up a nice sweater and some socks in the Fatface sale, after popping into Boots the Chemist we came across Just Books, this was a good move as we picked up two nice books and the next stop was to get some links taken out of Karen's new watch that came yesterday. We left the watch as he told Karen he would need about 45 minutes and made our way to the Oxfam bookshop. After mooching around Oxfam I came across a real bargain of a book, I am wanting to learn Calligraphy this year with all my fountain pens and I spotted a nice coffee table sized book for only £3.49.

After leaving Oxfam we decided we needed a coffee and so we went to Avanti's and had a nice coffee and a nice fruit crumble slice. After we had finished our drinks and slice we made our way back to the shop taking the links out of the watch. Karen came out with a watch that fits her wrist and while I had a cigar she went into Joules to look at scarves. Once Karen had come out of Joules we went back to the car and headed for Wakefield.

Once back in Wakefield we parked up at Trinity Walk and went to get our passports renewed, the young lady I spoke to yesterday was available and she sorted everything out, she took all the relevant information and then directed us to the booth for our photos taking, after a couple more questions it was just a case of paying for them and they would be sent off to the passport office and should be back with us within two weeks. We were just leaving the post office when we both got text messages from HMRC to say that we had gone for our passports renewing and they were just waiting to receive them, we both thought this was really good. From the post office we went into Sainsbury's supermarket and had a quick look around, we picked up some rechargeable batteries for the house phones and while I left Karen to pay I nipped out and across to Asda Living to pick up some Baby Wipes for Rob. Once all this was done we got in the car and made our way home.

We had had a really nice day and have spent the evening relaxing.

Jan 9, 7:50pm Top

>82 johnsimpson: nice day, John!

How many new books? Four? Titles?

Calligraphy is a neat thing to learn, especially when you are a pen fan. I had a special calligraphy pen, you have to be able to make really broad strokes, and to change to thin lines. Have fun learning!

Edited: Jan 10, 3:48pm Top

>82 johnsimpson: >83 EllaTim: Trying a calligraphy class at a local library reminded me that I am incapable of seeing a straight line. I have bizarre astigmatisms and while my brain can figure out that a line is straight by context what I am actually seeing is pretty wavy.
I hope you get a lot of enjoyment using your beautiful pens to make beautiful words.

Jan 10, 11:14am Top

>82 johnsimpson: Sounds like a nice day. I learned a bit of calligraphy back in my college days, but it was with markers designed for calligraphy. Shopping for books in Ilkley sounds delightful.

Jan 10, 3:56pm Top

>83 EllaTim:, Hi Ella, the books are listed earlier in this thread, I don't count books like the Calligraphy one on my TBR pile. I am going to use my Monday afternoons to get back to my art and to make certain I do this I have decided to try and make a few Christmas cards and want to use Calligraphy to write the message inside. I haven't painted with either watercolours or acrylics, nor drawn with pencil, coloured pencil or pastels for a few years and I did enjoy my art.

Jan 10, 3:58pm Top

>84 quondame:, Hi Susan, I am not sure how I will get on but I have writing inks as well as drawing and acrylic inks and a selection of dip pens and nibs along with my fountain pens.

Jan 10, 4:11pm Top

>85 thornton37814:, Hi Lori, we had a lovely day and Ilkley is a lovely Dales market town, even better on a nice warm and sunny day. Shopping for books is always delightful and Ilkley has an independent bookshop along with a good selection of charity shops that all have books.

Over the last two years there has been a rise in independent bookshops opening across the UK and we are getting another one in Yorkshire in mid-February. Read is opening in the picturesque town of Holmfirth on the 16th of February, I am following them on twitter and getting updates on how the shop is progressing. I saw today that they are going to have an author (yet to be named) to open the shop which will be good, last October The Stripey Badger and The Stripey Badger Café opened in the lovely small Dales town of Grassington, just outside the market town of Skipton. The bookshop in the market town of Ripon moved to larger premises late last year and there is a nice bookshop in Harrogate and now two in Halifax owned by the same people, one of which is in the famous Piece Hall in Halifax which was re-opened after an £18 million restoration and is 240 years old in 2019.

Jan 10, 4:27pm Top

>88 johnsimpson: I think I need to do a bookshop tour of Yorkshire! ;-)

Jan 10, 4:35pm Top

It has been a nice steady for us today, after a pot of tea in bed we got up, washed and dressed and came downstairs to sort breakfast out, a pot of tea and our meds and vitamins. Once we were fed and watered and had our meds we set off to Featherstone to call in at the Lidl store and then go on to the Aldi. On the way we went through my old village of Sharlston and stopped at the post office so Karen could send a parcel back, sadly our post office closed two years ago.

We picked up a couple of bits in the Lidl and then when we got to the Aldi, Karen went to get the other few bits while I went into the B&M store to get some breakfast bars for Karen. Once the little bit of shopping was done we made our way home and unpacked and put everything away and then had a pot of tea. A little later we had some lunch and shortly after this, Debbie the nail technician arrived to do Karen's nails.

Debbie had been with us for about 40 minutes when I left to get some fuel for the car and then go on to pick Hannah up from school as they now finish school at 3.10pm instead of 3.30pm. Once I had collected Hannah we made our way home, Debbie was just finishing up when we got back. After Debbie left, Hannah wanted some milk and wanted to watch the Trumpton DVD, so we put it on. Mid-way through the DVD Hannah has something to eat and we had something shortly after. Once we had all eaten and the DVD had finished, Karen took Hannah for a bath and not long after she had come out of the bath and was in her PJ's, I took her home.

Once back home after taking Hannah home, I made us a pot of tea and we watched a bit of TV before Karen picked up her book and I fired up the laptop to come on here.

Jan 10, 4:38pm Top

>89 thornton37814:, Hi Lori, what a tour that would be, touring all the bookshops and God's Own County, what could be better. I think Welcome to Yorkshire ought to promote this along with all the other things they promote, although they are busy at the moment as the Cycling World Championships are being held in Yorkshire this year.

Jan 11, 9:45pm Top

>77 johnsimpson: Hello, my friend! I'm still laughing over your comment while trying to set up your printer..."an hour later and I was losing the will to live." That really sums up dealing with any of the electronic equipment for the first time! I have to do all of our electronic set-ups since Kevin "loses his will to live" so much quicker than I do! So glad you got it up and running! Will you also be posting the names of the books that Karen reads as well? Inquiring minds want to know...

Even though it's already January 11, I still want to wish you and Karen a very happy and healthy 2019! Love and hugs from here to there!

Jan 11, 10:06pm Top

>4 johnsimpson: John, This sounds like a great book. Though, I will read it after Will's heart catherization this coming Wednesday. He was slated to have it this past Wednesday, but the office staff misplaced the paperwork for the insurance authorization. This added stress to an already very leary man. He is doing this kicking and screaming.

It is fear that is happening..pure and simple. I'll be with him all day Wednesday as they want him at the hospital at 7 a.m. and will hydrate him for a few hours before the procedure.

He is convince that this procedure will lead to open heart surgery...ugh...these last days haven't been easy.

>92 Dianekeenoy: Diane, so good to see you posting. I miss you. I also laughed at your comment John. Diane and I have had conversations of the inability of our mates to remain calm when facing technology.

Happy weekend~

Jan 11, 11:10pm Top

Well, my goodness, John: two books, two book bullets. At this rate I may find your thread dangerous!

I’ve decided to go back to a bit of art this year, too. I love to play with color in several different media. It’s absorbing enough to shut out the rest of the world for me.

Oh, my, I’d dearly love to visit Yorkshire.

Jan 12, 8:44am Top

I *LOVE* that your stats are analog. I am a fan of pens and papers myself.

Happy Saturday, my friend. I took one last holiday vacation and then started up work this week. But, today is a lovely day off. I am settled in by the fire with the dogs, waiting for whatever bad weather is on our way (snow/sleet/maybe just rain). Stopping by thread to send good wishes.

Jan 12, 12:27pm Top

Hiya, John.

I'm glad you enjoyed Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. That was a top read for me, too.

Having heard your praise, now I need to track down the film.

Jan 12, 6:02pm Top

Hi John!

I'm glad you finally got the printer sorted out - it would have been depressing if a printer could have completely sapped you of the will to live.

Yay for your first date day of 2019 and congrats on 2 down on your way to 100 for the year. That's my goal, too!

Sending love and hugs to you both.

Jan 12, 7:09pm Top

Hope your weekend is going well!

Jan 13, 1:24am Top

I know what you mean about new tech and the loss of the will to live, John. That is why most of my tech is old and only gets replaced when it wears out. Good to see that everything eventually worked out.

Jan 13, 1:35am Top

Glad you conquered the printer. And book #2. And you fit in a date! 2019 is off to a good start. ; )

Jan 13, 2:52pm Top

>92 Dianekeenoy:, Hi Diane, the printer is fine and the bonus of sorting that out was getting the Wi-Fi connection sorted on the sound system. I will post Karen's reads at the end of each month, the current score is 6-4 to Karen, not that I am competitive you know, lol.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Jan 13, 2:55pm Top

>93 Whisper1:, Hi Linda my dear, I must say that although it is only the third book I have read this year it is currently my book of the year. I will be posting details and my review shortly and would definitely recommend not to read it until Will's procedure is done and dusted. It is very thought provoking and tissues are a requirement both for joy and sadness.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Jan 13, 2:58pm Top

>94 bohemima:, Hi Gail, I would be very careful visiting this thread this year as there may be other book bullets throughout the year as I hope I will be reading some really good books.

I am looking forward to getting back to some artwork and like you I find it so relaxing and time just drifts by and I always feel in a good place after doing some art.

I must say that you would be very welcome here in Yorkshire and I would be your guide and hope to show you some treasures of the county.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Jan 13, 3:08pm Top

>95 witchyrichy:, Hi Karen my dear, I much prefer my stats Analog as I love my pens and paper and have lots of both. I have ordered some wooden boxes for my pens and inks, the pens will be displayed nicely when I have fitted out the pen boxes and then I will have more room for my notebooks. I mentioned to the new bookshop in Holmfirth on twitter about my reading log and they want to look at it so when I pay them a visit in a few weeks time I will take it along with me, even Karen had forgotten how long I had been keeping a record of my reading and that it was in the same notebook.

I am glad you had a good vacation and hope the weather is not going to be too bad for you over the coming days, ours is very mixed with dry and warmish weather for the time of year but it will drop by a few degrees by the end of the week. I must say that compared with parts of Europe we are doing well as they have had up to three metres of snow and three more expected with some small alpine villages cut off and threats of avalanche to contend with.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Jan 13, 3:13pm Top

>96 jnwelch:, Hi Joe mate, the film was really lovely, it starred Joan Plowright as Mrs Palfrey and Rupert Friend as Ludo and came out in 2005. I really think that you and Debbi would like it, both the book and film are good, I would not like to say one was better than the other personally.

Jan 13, 3:15pm Top

>97 karenmarie:, Hi Karen, it was just frustrating with the printers, more so with the new one as I was setting it up with the CD-ROM and nothing was happening. Everything is fine now and it also helped sort the sound system out without me having to do anything.

I am now up to four books read but still behind Karen's total, not that I am competitive you know, lol.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Jan 13, 3:17pm Top

>98 thornton37814:, Hi Lori, the weekend has been pretty good after a bad Friday due to my back, more to come on that in another post.

Hope you are having a really good weekend my dear and send love and hugs to you dear friend.

Jan 13, 3:21pm Top

>99 Familyhistorian:, Hi Meg, that was part of the problem, the frustration on Monday and then Tuesday morning proved that the Epson printers were ready for the Knackers yard but I didn't expect the new one to be so troublesome and with a fairly new laptop to boot. It was as Karen said to me later, I should have set it all up downstairs in the first place instead of trying to do it where it would be kept and then having to bring everything downstairs. On the plus side it sorted out the sound system with out me having to do anything.

Jan 13, 3:27pm Top

>100 Berly:, Hi Kim my dear, it has been a pretty good start to the year, the date day was great and I have now finished four books but am still behind Karen as she has finished six, not that I am competitive you know, lol.

Hope you have had a good start to the new year and that you and the family are having a good weekend, sending love and hugs dear friend.

Jan 13, 3:56pm Top

Finished book 3 on Friday, Fragile Lives by Professor Stephen Westaby is a must read and I have already classed it as my read of 2019, it will take a good book to top this.

We came across this book in 2017 after listening to the Professor being interviewed on the radio, he was so fascinating to listen to that we both decided that we had to have this book, so much so that I purchased it in Hardback. I was busy with my reads in 2017 and then I set myself the Chunkster challenge for 2018 that it has taken about 17 months since getting the book to reading it and then Karen read it before me.

Professor Stephen Westaby was born in 1948 in Scunthorpe, a Steel Town and the long-suffering butt of music hall jokes, and he was brought up in a grimy council estate and they were as poor as church mice. In 1955 they got a 10-ich square television set with a grainy black and white picture and just one TV channel, not long after he watched a programme called Your Life in Their Hands that would shape the rest of his life.

Over a Thirty-Five year career as a surgeon, he worked at several of the world's top hospitals and performed over 11,000 operations. This book details some of his most remarkable and poignant cases - such as the baby who had suffered multiple heart attacks by the age of six months, a woman who lived the nightmare of locked-in-syndrome, and a man whose life was powered by a battery for eight years.

I cannot recommend this highly enough but would advise that you have a tissue at hand as there are parts which are so sad and other parts with unbridled joy.

Edited: Jan 13, 4:08pm Top

Finished book 4 this afternoon, The Trial by James Patterson is from his Bookshots collection and is book15.5 in the Women's Murder Club Series.

Detective Lindsay Boxer has finally managed to capture the drug cartel boss who has been tormenting her for months. And now he's about to go on trial for his life.

But after threatening to unleash violence on everyone involved in the case, the whole city is paralysed, and Lindsay and the Women's Murder Club are caught in the eye of the storm.

Jan 13, 8:29pm Top

Glad to see your reading numbers climbing!

Jan 13, 8:57pm Top

I quite agree with that shopping for books is both enjoyable , and dare I say therapeutic? Oh these computers! Shortly after Dave's fall, our computer monitor bit the dust and we had to run out and replace it - though in fact we rather limped about to get it. And while Dave was in hospital , the dryer gave it up! Our clothes dryer is just 5 years old and it turned out to be the electrical contacts and we able to replace a part of the dryer and not the entire dryer. Just what I needed while Dave was in hospital. I know you hang things up on drying racks, but we are accustomed to our tumble dryers and as it rains here nearly every day in the winter, hanging stuff outside was not an option. Plus we live in townhouse. Anyway, that is sorted.

Wishing you and Karen that the best this year. Love and hugs, John and Karen.

Jan 14, 6:13am Top

>110 johnsimpson: Adding that one to the pile - it sounds amazing!

Give Karen a hug for me - I hope you both had a great weekend!

Jan 14, 11:13am Top

>110 johnsimpson: You got me with this one, John! Off to see if it's available in the US! Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Jan 14, 3:28pm Top

>112 thornton37814:, Just need to keep it up now Lori my dear.

Jan 14, 3:31pm Top

>113 vancouverdeb:, Hi Deborah, it's just the way it is sometimes my dear that electrical items seem to gang up and fall apart or get faulty all at once. Shame about the monitor but at least you could get dryer fixed up.

Jan 14, 3:32pm Top

>114 scaifea:, Hi Amber my dear, I seem to be on a good run of reading books that are being picked up as interesting by my fellow Lters.

I will pass on the hug to Karen.

Jan 14, 3:33pm Top

>115 Dianekeenoy:, Hi Diane, I hope you can get hold of a copy one way or another as it is a good read, it is hard and though provoking and as I said, you will need a tissue for the good and bad parts.

Jan 14, 3:53pm Top

The last few days have been a little bit up and down with me and my troublesome back. Friday morning I had pain in the left side of my neck and the back was still tender, I did the shopping after dropping Karen at work and I wasn't there too long so I didn't think that had done me much harm. After putting the few bits away I made a pot of tea and read for the next couple of hours. I had some lunch and then got on with the downstairs housework but by the time I had finished I was in a little bit of pain. I read and had a couple of pots of tea until it was time to pick Karen up from work. Karen noticed I wasn't quite 100% and once home we had something to eat, I got worse over the next hour or so with the pain going down the back of my legs and the backs of my knees were excruciating. By this time Karen had decided that I needed to go up to bed to lay flat.

Saturday wasn't too bad as the pain had eased but had not gone, I just had a steady day reading and doing some stat work.

Sunday was pretty good to start with and we had a nice morning sorting a few things out and we cooked the gammon joint that we had got for Christmas. We had a nice afternoon before having a nice late Sunday lunch with the Gammon and then after a gap I had some of the bread and butter pudding Karen had made for me using up the Panettone. Sadly by mid evening I was starting to ache and by the time we went up to bed I was in quite a bit of pain.

Today has been steady but I have been in pain for most of the day. We had a steady morning although I had to pop out to pick up a parcel for Karen and sort my healthcheck appointment at the doctors. Once back we had a pot of tea and then a short while later we had lunch together and then another pot of tea. My wooden boxes arrived so I could sort my pens and inks out and not long after they arrived it was time to take Karen to work. I dropped Karen off and then made my way home. Once home I had a pot of tea and then set up the DVD recorder for a couple of programmes for Karen, after this I sorted my pens and inks out before having another pot of tea.

After my drink I did the bank statements before having another pot of tea and then I went to pick Rob up from the station, we had a couple of shirts for him and he had some coffee for us. He could see that I was a bit uncomfortable and told me to make sure I rested. Once back from dropping Rob off I made myself a pot of tea and then had a bowl of soup for my tea before firing up the laptop. My morphine patches are due to be changed tonight and hopefully they will kick in but I am thinking that my dosage may need to be increased. I am monitoring the situation as I rally could do with it easing up.

Jan 14, 5:09pm Top

>120 johnsimpson: Hope your back pain eases. I think I'll make some tea tonight here in the library. It's cold in my office, and I've got some sinus crud, so I think a nice "pot of tea" will work nicely. I really need to purchase a container of honey for work. I really do love a spoonful of honey in my tea!

Jan 15, 7:02am Top

Well, dang, John. I'm sorry to see that your back is giving you more trouble and I hope that gets sorted for you soon!

Jan 15, 7:30am Top

>110 johnsimpson: Hi John, glad to see you enjoying your book so much! And you waited a year to read it, what patience!

I'm sorry about the ongoing back pain, no fun. Take good care of yourself, and I hope that new morphine patch will do it's work.

Edited: Jan 15, 7:37am Top

Hi John.

I'm so sorry that your back has been acting up. I hope the changing of the morphine patches helps out.

I didn't know what a gammon joint was - there's always something to learn here on LT! I hope it was scrumptious.

Does Karen read mostly the same books as you (like Fragile Lives), or mostly different?

Sending love and hugs to you both.

Jan 15, 7:37am Top

>110 johnsimpson: Adding that one to the BlackHole, John. Thanks for the recommendation!

Sorry to hear that your back is problematic. I hope the pain eases for you soon!

Jan 15, 11:04am Top

Sorry to see that you are having pain issues. Hopefully you find some relief soon!

Jan 16, 4:11pm Top

>121 thornton37814:, Hi Lori my dear, the back pain is up and down at the moment, the fall I had a couple of weeks ago and the changeable weather is not helping and it is the time of year with cold damp weather that doesn't help me much. Over the years my pain threshold has risen as I don't want to give in too easily but I am careful in my management of my back.

Having a cup of tea sounds just right and adding a bit of honey just adds to it, I must say that any sweetness to my tea would not be good, I haven't had sugar or any other type of sweetener for nearly forty years and it is only occasionally that I have sugar in coffee.

Jan 16, 4:13pm Top

>127 johnsimpson: I prefer my tea unsweetened too, John. I am allergic to sugar and do not want to add artificial sweeteners to my tea.

I understand what you mean about the cold damp weather affecting your back. It does with my joints :)

Jan 16, 4:14pm Top

>122 scaifea:, Hi Amber, the back pain is annoying but during the winter months it is something I have to deal with, damp and cold are no good to me. I think the fall I had a couple of weeks ago started things off and then getting up off the sofa when Tom came have exacerbated things. I am monitoring the patches to see if they are doing the job and if not I may have to have an increase of 25mcg.

Jan 16, 4:18pm Top

>123 EllaTim:, Hi Ella, the book was fantastic and it was more the Chunkster challenge that delayed me reading it, I have a number of books that we got during 2018 that I really want to read plus all the others that have been on shelves for far too long.

The back pain is annoying but it is winter and so I am now used to being in more pain than when it is warm but as I have said, I think the fall I had a couple of weeks ago has been a main contributory factor along with the changeable weather. I will be ok if I can be relatively pain free for a few weeks before the next pain attack.

Edited: Jan 16, 4:44pm Top

>124 karenmarie:, Hi Karen my dear, the back pain is annoying and hopefully the patch change will do the trick, the problem is that the weather is so changeable at the moment, dry and unusually warm for the time of the year and then it is either wet and cold or just cold with some cold weather forecast. The fall I had a couple of weeks ago has not helped but I just want a few weeks of relief before the next pain attack. The one positive is that without wishing time away we are slowly getting towards warmer months and then I should be ok as long as I don't do too much in the garden when the weather is good.

As for our reading tastes, I would probably read 99% of the books Karen likes whereas Karen would only read about 50% of the books I like. We do like a number of series and authors but her tastes have changed over the years and she has gone off some authors. Reading Fragile Lives was hard for Karen as she wanted to talk to me about it as she was reading and couldn't until I had read it.

I love learning about things that I read on the threads, the Gammon was lovely but we both agreed that the glaze we put on this year was not as good as the honey and mustard we put on last year and we also thought that last years joint was of a slightly better quality.

Sending love and hugs.

Jan 16, 4:26pm Top

>125 alcottacre:, >128 alcottacre:, Hi Stasia, I seem to have read a good one that has resonated with fellow LT readers and I hope when you get to read it you will see why I was so enthusiastic about it.

The back pain is something I have to live with but at times it is annoying and as in this case seems to be dragging on, I just seem to have some ease and then it flares up again. The fall I had has not helped and the weather has been so up and down and it is forecast to get colder for a spell which will not help.

I haven't had sugar in my tea since meeting Karen and only occasionally have it in coffee depending on the strength of the coffee.

Jan 16, 4:28pm Top

>126 ChelleBearss:, Hi Chelle, the back pain is annoying at the moment but hopefully relief will come soon depending on the weather which unfortunately is not forecast to be good over the next week or so. The fall I had a couple of weeks ago has not helped but in a couple of months or so it will start to get warmer for me.

Jan 16, 4:32pm Top

I am sorry to hear about your back troubles, my friend, and am sending lots of healing love your way.

Jan 16, 4:46pm Top

>134 witchyrichy:, Hi Karen my dear, the pain is just annoying but I am coping reasonably well, I just hope the cold spell forecast is not too bad and I get back to the normal aches and pains that are par for the course with me. Thank you for the healing love my dear.

Jan 16, 9:36pm Top

The weather is up and down here too. It looks like we are in a see saw pattern the next few days. It was really cold today. Friday & Saturday are supposed to be in the 50s, then it is supposed to cool back down for a couple days, then go back up to near 50 for about 3 days and then go back to the 30s. Snow is in the forecast 3 days but not together. That's better than the prediction a few days ago that showed we could have about 4 days of snow in a row.

Jan 18, 3:59pm Top

Finished Book 5 late on Tuesday night, 16th Seduction by James Patterson. This is the 17th in the Women's Murder Club Series.

Fifteen months ago, Detective Lindsay Boxer's life was perfect. With her beautiful baby daughter and doting husband, Joe, she felt nothing could go wrong.

But Joe isn't everything that Lindsay thought he was, and she's still reeling from his betrayal as a wave of mysterious heart attacks strikes seemingly unrelated victims across San Francisco.

And at the trail of a bomber Lindsay and Joe worked together to capture, his defence raises damning questions about Lindsay and Joe's investigation.

A deadly conspiracy is working against Lindsay and soon she could be the one on trial.

Another fast paced thriller from Mr Patterson.

Jan 18, 11:36pm Top

Hi John. Thought I'd check in. Sorry about the troublesome back. I've been so pleased not to have back problems and then every once in a while I tweak it and think "uh oh...". It has never amounted to anything, thank goodness.

>110 johnsimpson: That one sounds good!

Jan 20, 11:56am Top

>137 johnsimpson: I gave up on Patterson many years ago when he stopped writing alone, but this series is the only one I have stuck with. I think I am one or two behind though

Jan 20, 11:59am Top

Hi John!

You're really cranking now that you're not limited to chunksters. Congrats on number 5 in the hit parade.

Sending love and hugs to you and Karen.

Jan 20, 1:47pm Top

>139 ChelleBearss: It's funny you should say that. We found that Patterson alone checked out well. The only other combination that really checks out well is Patterson and Pietro, so we pretty much only order those now.

Jan 20, 4:37pm Top

>138 EBT1002:, Hi Ellen, the back has settled down slightly but I am keeping fingers crossed it stays this way. Fragile Lives is a really good book, I am purposely not saying too much about it as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who decides to give it a go.

Hope you are having a good weekend my dear.

Jan 20, 4:41pm Top

>139 ChelleBearss:, Hi Chelle, I have had one or two concerns with Mr P but I am a stubborn type at times and so I do mostly enjoy his books I have carried on with a number to read on the shelves and I didn't buy any last year so I am behind. As I keep lots of stats on reading, Mr P is my most read by books and pages although I do have a sizeable number of Danielle Steel's on the shelves and have only read seven so far, so maybe she will overtake Mr P on my charts. I know, I know it is a bit sad with all these stats but it along with the reading keeps the old grey cells going and I am determined to read my TBR pile, lol.

Hope you and the family are having a really good weekend my dear.

Jan 20, 4:43pm Top

>140 karenmarie:, Hi Karen my dear, the shorter books are good and I am going along fine but I haven't hit my straps yet and need to crank things up a bit plus Karen is still infront of me on the reading front, lol.

Hope you and Bill are having a good weekend my dear.

Jan 21, 3:13pm Top

The last few days have been pretty good, on Thursday Amy and Andy came over and spent most of the day with us, Hannah was very surprised when I brought her home and saw them both.

Friday was just a steady day for both of us.

Saturday was good for me, after dropping Karen at work I had a couple of things to do and after they were done I ended up at the small antiques and collectables shop just outside the town centre. After a good look around I came away with a Boxed Conway Stewart 14 Fountain and Propelling pencil set for £25, once home I filled the pen with ink and it wrote beautifully, the condition was very good. Later in the day I saw that a fairly local auction house sold the exact same set for £96 a couple of weeks ago, I was very pleased with this but I will not be selling.

Sunday was a really lovely day, we had Amy, Rob, Louise and Hannah for Sunday lunch, sadly Andy was working but Karen plated him up a meal for Amy to take home for him as she had promised him on Thursday. After we had eaten we had a good natter and catch up and then had some homemade Chocolate Brownies with custard.

Jan 21, 3:21pm Top

Today has been quite good although Karen got a phone call to ask if she would go into work at 5pm instead of 2pm as the store was quiet, at least I had her company for a bit longer than usual. During the morning after we had had breakfast Karen did some ironing while I filled the boot with things for the recycle centre. Once I had loaded the car I did a bit of cleaning up in the garage before coming back into the house to make us both a pot of tea.

After having our tea Karen made lunch for us with the leftovers form the Sunday lunch and then Karen read for a bit and I did the last of my book notes before watching Escape to the Country. Once this had finished we had a pot of tea before it was time to take Karen to work. After dropping Karen off I made my way back home and finished off my book notes before I had some soup and a pot of tea.

I hope to take a photo of all my analog book notes and stat work to show what I get up to and if it comes out ok I will post it on here.

Jan 21, 4:03pm Top

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but a new bookshop opens shortly in Holmfirth, home to Daisy Lane Books which both Paul Cranswick and I frequent often. Both shops will be able to operate in this small tourist town as the new one, Read will sell new books, whereas Daisy Lane is a Secondhand and Antiquarian bookshop.

I wish the owners of Read the very best in this difficult business climate but new independent booksellers are on the rise, I hope to get along there on their opening day, 16th February.

Jan 21, 4:11pm Top

Hi, John! I'm having a pot of tea while catching up on threads and so I'm thinking of you in particular.

Jan 21, 4:16pm Top

>148 scaifea:, Hi Amber, funnily enough I have just made myself a pot of tea before I go and pick Karen up from work and I will be taking her a pot of tea in the travel mug as she does like a nice brew when she finishes work.

We saw the photo on FB of Charlie learning a new skill, knitting, Karen was very impressed my dear.

Sending love and hugs.

Jan 21, 4:20pm Top

>149 johnsimpson: Ha! That's great! I love that we're sharing a pot of tea across the pond!

Charlie is doing an amazing job with the knitting - he has managed more rows without giving up and crying that I did when I first started, and I was in my late 20's when I learned!

Jan 21, 4:26pm Top

>150 scaifea:, Karen taught Amy but it was a bit awkward at first as Amy is left handed so Karen got Amy to sit between her legs and wrapped her arms around her to help her to cast on etc, now Amy is the more proficient knitter as Karen prefers smaller knits.

Amy had a job interview with the UK Guild of Quiltmaking in York last week, they were impressed with the amount of crafts that Amy does although she did say that although she loves quiltmaking she has enough crafts on the go at the moment and they just laughed. Sadly she did not get the job but she has a second interview tomorrow with Krone and the lady she interviewed with initially really wants Amy but she has to have a second interview with the lady's boss, so fingers crossed.

Jan 21, 4:38pm Top

>151 johnsimpson: Keeping fingers crossed that Amy gets the job!

Jan 21, 4:40pm Top

>152 FAMeulstee:, Thanks Anita my dear.

Jan 21, 8:55pm Top

Wishing Amy the best of luck in getting the job.

Jan 22, 6:43am Top

Oh, fingers crossed for Amy!!

Jan 22, 6:52am Top

>151 johnsimpson: Wishing Amy all the luck in the world!

Jan 22, 4:03pm Top

Thank you Lori, Amber and Stasia, Unfortunately the chap who was supposed to be interviewing had to fly to Germany this morning so his understudy interviewed her instead along with two others. Amy said she had a good interview, he was impressed that she would learn German to help in the job and overall it seemed good. They were then going to narrow it from three to two candidates and she is in the last two. Fran, the lady who interviewed Amy initially told her that the chap today is more demanding than the chap who should have interviewed them today so if he was impressed then things are good. Amy's final interview is next Monday so fingers crossed that she does a good interview again and gets the position, she really wants the job, she has a good feeling about the company and he put her at ease today regarding the Brexit issue, the British side of the company is going to make itself registered here so that there are no problems regardless of what happens.

Jan 22, 9:24pm Top

Best wishes to Amy as far as the new job goes. Fingers crossed. My best to you and Karen.

Jan 22, 9:32pm Top

Sending good wishes to Amy and love and hugs to you and Karen. : )

Jan 24, 3:22pm Top

>158 vancouverdeb:, Thanks Deborah my dear.

>159 Berly:, Thanks Kim my dear.

Jan 24, 3:28pm Top

>157 johnsimpson: Glad to hear that Amy has a good feeling about the company and that the interview went well. Here's hoping she is the chosen one!

Jan 24, 3:39pm Top

Finished book Six last night, The Maze Runner by James Dashner. This is the first in the Maze Runner Series.

When the lift cranks open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone - an army of boys welcomes him to the Glade, an encampment at the centre of a terrible maze. The Gladers have no idea why they're there, or what's happened to the world outside. And following the arrival of a girl with a message, they must find a way out - or die.

The boys and the girl have no real memories of life before the Glade and have no idea why they are here, it appears that they have been experimented on, but why. As time moves on it seems that they have to crack the maze which is outside the walls of the Glade BUT they must get back before the walls close for the night OR they are at the mercy of the Grievers, slug like mechanical creatures that have a blubbery body but have claws, knives and other weapons. If you are stung and manage to get out you go through the Changing, a painful process after you have been given the Grief Serum and certain memories come back.

Why have they been selected for this and by who? What is the World like outside and will they go back to their families? Now you just have to survive this until you can find a way out, if there is a way out.

Jan 24, 3:45pm Top

>161 alcottacre:, Thanks Stasia my dear.

Jan 24, 3:54pm Top

Yesterday we decided to go over to York, once we were up, washed and dressed we had breakfast and a pot of tea and then we set off. After a 45 minute journey we got parked up just a few yards away from the Coppergate centre. We left the car and made our way into the centre of York and began to wander around, I had to go into Marks and Spencer's and the while Karen picked up a few food bits I went next door to get some cash out. From M&S we made our way to the Post Office so Karen could send a parcel back I then I took Karen to the café where I met up with Joe and Debbie Welch last September.

We had a nice coffee in Belle's Bouffe and then made our way back towards Stonegate and the Minster, wandered along and then split up for a short while. I made my way to the Oxfam bookshop and picked up a book and then made my way to Coney Street to meet back up with Karen. We met back up and wandered around Coney Street calling in one or two shops.

We left Coney Street and wandered back towards the Coppergate Centre, we stopped along the way to pop into more shops before we had lunch in Costa Coffee before making our way back to the car. Once back in the car we headed to Selby to call in on Amy and Andy. We had about an hour or so before we made our way back home. We had a nice day out but as we had started out both with acheing backs we were still in a bit of pain once home.

Jan 24, 4:25pm Top

This morning we both had our hair cut, obviously Karen had the better job done. I dropped her at Lou's hair room where she met Louise and her dog Harry as she was opening the shop up, Harry knew Karen had something in her bag for him as he was straight into her bag. I left Karen and went to get my five minute haircut and then drove the short distance to the pharmacy to collect our meds.

I left the pharmacy and made my way home and once home I made myself a pot of tea and read for awhile until it was time to go and pick Karen up. Once I had collected Karen we made our way to Linda's to drop her birthday card and present off. Once this was done we headed to the Aldi store at Featherstone, while Karen went in to do the bit of shopping, I stayed in the car and read. Once Karen was back we made our way home and unpacked and put the shopping away and then I made us a pot of tea. After drinking our tea we watched the news and then I made us another pot of tea and Karen made the sandwiches for our lunch. After eating lunch we chatted for a bit before I went to collect Hannah from school.

Jan 24, 5:58pm Top

>165 johnsimpson: I had my hair cut Monday. I try to keep it a little longer in winter, but I think my beautician forgot. It's shorter than normal.

Jan 24, 8:10pm Top

>165 johnsimpson: >166 thornton37814: I discovered that my beautician broke her elbow when I stopped by to drop off holiday cookies in December. She is out of commission until mid February and I don't want to trust my hair to anyone else! So, I'm a little shaggy but it's winter so that's OK!

Hope you are well, my friend!

Jan 25, 6:15am Top

Hi John!

>145 johnsimpson: Isn't it wonderful to find something you really want then find out later that you got a Great Deal too?

>165 johnsimpson: I'm shaggy right now - I tried someone new in November and loved what she did with my hair. It held up nicely until about a week ago, but I haven't called her. Sigh. I have to drive 30 miles to her place - her husband built her a Beauty Shop on their property and they live in as rural an area as I do. I'll text her today to see when I can drive out there.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Amy and the job, too, and of course I'm sending love and hugs to you and Karen!

Jan 25, 8:40am Top

>168 karenmarie: My mother always went to a lady who had a beauty shop on her property out in the country too. I used another beautician in the area that I always liked who was in the town of Becker until she quit doing hair because of her cancer treatments. (I was living away but waited to get my hair done when I was there.) I used Mom's stylist a time or two, but I finally found someone who did a good job for awhile. I finally quit going to her because the color was weird all the time. I found another stylist who does a much better job. My hair is often a little dark after it is done, but as it grows out, it looks more normal.

Jan 28, 3:18pm Top

The last few days have been hectic and busy but enjoyable.

On Friday I dropped Karen at work and then popped into the store to do the little bit of shopping that was needed, once I had done this I got back to the car and drove to the dealership as I was having problems with my sidelights. They said they would get someone to have a look and so I got myself a coffee from the machine and settled down to wait. After a while I was informed that my brake discs were shot and they would replace them.

I had another coffee and had a wander around, in place of new cars there were used ones, I didn't think much about it as most of the dealerships were having January sales. Just as I was told my car was ready I asked one of the salesmen when the new models would be back in and was told that they were no longer a new car dealership, I was a bit shocked as I wondered where I would have to go to pick up my new one in May when my current three year Motability deal runs out. I was told the nearest Nissan dealerships were in Barnsley, Leeds or Huddersfield. I made my way home with a few things to think about.

Once home I had a pot of tea and then put the washing on the airers before doing the upstairs housework, when that was done I had a pot of tea before I dusted and vacuumed the living and dining room. Once the housework was done I made myself something to eat and drink before reading until it was time to go and pick Karen up from work. Once I had picked Karen up I told her about the car situation and we decided that we would have a look on the Motability website to see what is available at the price I want to pay as my lump sum contribution.

We had a steady Saturday morning until it was time to take Karen to work, after dropping Karen off I popped into store to pick up my usual Saturday copy of the Yorkshire Post paper and then made my way home. Once home I had a pot of tea before cleaning the kitchen and then I made myself something to eat and drink before settling down with my book whilst listening to the Final score programme. After a couple more pots of tea I made one for Karen and then went to pick her up from work.

Once home with Karen I made us a pot of tea before Karen went to get changed out of her work gear and then she made us something to eat. Once we had eaten we put the TV on and watched the a couple of programmes we had recorded before The Voice programme came on. I fired up the laptop and perused the threads before having a look at the Motability website, I found a few SUV's that we needed to look at and made a note of them.

On Sunday morning we had a little lie-in, when the alarm went off I went and made us a pot of tea before we got up, washed and dressed. We had breakfast before setting off out on our little errands, we called into the retail park to look at Curry's PC World to look at small Bluetooth speakers and to look at Freezer's as ours in the garage looks as if it will need changing before long. After perusing speakers and Freezers we went to the first of nine dealerships to look at what was on offer. We were really surprised to find that apart from two, most of the cars we were looking at didn't have a CD player or Satnav. We saw some nice cars to compare with my current Qashqai and we went to the Nissan Dealership in Barnsley to look at the New Qashqai.

Once home we had reduced the nine down to three and after we had eaten we then looked at the pro's and Cons of the three remaining. We came to a decision based on what we needed compared to what was on offer and I will be ordering a new Nissan Qashqai when I get my notification from Motability in the next few weeks. One thing we didn't like was that at the Kia dealership, the chap said that the Nissan dealerships were having difficulty getting stock in which surprised me as they are built in Sunderland in the North East of England. The Motability lady at the Nissan Dealership laughed when we told her, she said it is the best selling SUV in the UK and they always had stock. It was obviously sour grapes from the Kia dealership which is run by the family firm that had the Nissan dealership and obviously they didn't want me going to a rival.

Once we had decided on the car we watched the Christmas edition of Call The Midwife and recorded that nights episode before watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.

Jan 28, 3:27pm Top

Today has been steady, first thing I had to go for a blood test and drop off a Urine sample as part of my healthcheck at the Doctors, I go for a follow up 20 minute appointment next Monday afternoon when they will have the results from the blood and Urine samples.

Once back from the Doctors I had some breakfast and a pot of tea and my meds before doing a couple of small jobs while Karen did some ironing. Once this was done we watched the first episode of the new series of Call The Midwife and then we had some lunch before Karen went to work. We have episode two and Three to watch before next Sunday's Call The Midwife episode. While we were waiting for our food to cook, the post came and Karen got the bag that Andy's Auntie Lesley had made for her and the pen I bought from a lady on the Fountain Pen group last Monday evening arrived.

After dropping Karen at work I had to get some diesel for the car before going back to the Nissan Dealership to check a couple of things out. Once this was done I made my way home and made my self a pot of tea before reading my book. After another couple of pots of tea I did my book notes on the last book I read before making another pot of tea and resuming my reading. I watched the main news before making myself something to eat and drink. After I had eaten I fired up the laptop to come on here and look at the threads before typing mu own updates.

Jan 28, 4:38pm Top

Amy had her final interview today, she said it went well but they didn't give any indications before she left but was told that a decision will be made by Wednesday. The poor lass has more time to wait bless her, it seems to have gone on a long time and I hope she is successful.

Jan 28, 7:00pm Top

So sad your dealership no longer deals in new automobiles. I'm glad you found something you will like when your time comes.

Hope Amy gets the job!

Jan 28, 7:48pm Top

I hope your back is feeling better, John. The best of luck to Amy on the getting the job.

Jan 29, 9:54am Top

Hi John!

Will your new car have a CD player?

And, as always, sending love and hugs to you and Karen.

Jan 29, 1:52pm Top

>173 thornton37814:, Hi Lori my dear, we are happy with our choice, I have driven Qashqai's for the last nine years and have been very happy with it, it is always fun getting used to the upgrades and gadgets that they come with. The biggest problem now is the choice of colour, I have had a Red, White and Blue one and Karen fancies the nice light metallic Blue but I have seen lots of them about since the colour came out with the 2018 model, I fancy the nice Metallic Brown as it will stand out for her better. If we do go for the Blue I will have fun with Karen, if another one is nearby she will head for that one first as she just looks for the colour. She has done this twice before when I first got the White one and the current Blue one.

Sadly Amy did not get the job.

Jan 29, 1:54pm Top

>174 Familyhistorian:, Hi Meg my dear, the back is up and down at the moment and as we are having a cold spell with snow due it is not great at the moment but my patches are due to be changed tonight so hopefully it will help negate the cold spell.

Sadly Amy did not get the job.

Jan 29, 1:57pm Top

>175 karenmarie:, Hi Karen my dear, the car has a CD player and Satnav in, at the moment Nissan have no intention of taking it out but three years down the line when I will be due again, May 2022 it may not be available. As I said to a few of the people we spoke to on Sunday, I will have to see the Cybermen to Upgrade me, lol.

Sending love and hugs to you and Bill.

Jan 29, 2:03pm Top

It wasn't a good start to the morning today, I was just finishing off making our pot of tea once we were downstairs when I heard Karen exclaim loudly. By the time I had got into the living room I knew Karen had got a message from Amy to say she had not got the job. It turned out that she found out late yesterday and didn't want to ring me up and let me know as I would have been on my own until I picked her mum up at 10pm and she didn't want either of us to have a bad nights sleep, bless her.

Karen rang her up once she had read the message, Kerry at the Agency rang to let her know and Kerry was livid, she believes Amy has been messed about and that the process has been long and drawn out as she first saw them at the beginning of December. Amy would have liked more feedback on what had gone wrong so she does not repeat it next time but although she was angry and upset last night she was more sanguine this morning and has dusted herself down and now it is onwards and upwards. I just hope she isn't too long in getting back to work, meanwhile we are here for them both in whatever way we can help.

Edited: Jan 29, 2:51pm Top

>179 johnsimpson: Oh, John, I am so sorry that Amy didn't get the job. However, I firmly believe there will be a better job for her down the line. It took my oldest daughter awhile to find the right job after she had been laid off from Toys-R-Us but it was a much better job and paid more money! And, thank goodness Amy has such a strong support group of family and friends.

Jan 29, 3:36pm Top

>180 Dianekeenoy:, Thank you Diane my dear, she really wanted the job after the first chat she had with Julia and Julia made it clear that she wanted Amy but since then obviously things have changed. It will have knocked her a little bit and knowing Andy he will be feeling it as well and he will be doing his best to make sure Amy is positive.

At the agency Kerry is determined to sort something out for Amy as she is annoyed from what she had been told as things were progressing, whilst keeping Amy's feet on the ground she passed on the positive murmurs she was getting and she feels bad for Amy as well.

Jan 29, 4:11pm Top

Sorry to hear it about Amy, John. Diane said it very well in >180 Dianekeenoy:; hopefully, it'll work out all for the better for Amy.

Thanks for posting about the car-buying process. Your legwork (and cyberwork) obviously has paid off.

Jan 29, 4:22pm Top

>182 jnwelch: Hi Joe, thanks mate. If nothing had been said about Amy being ideal for the job it would have been a little bit easier but she just has to dust her shoulders and stay positive and she will find the right job and salary.

Regardless of the Dealership closure I would have looked at comparative vehicles to make sure I was getting the right one for us. A couple of other makes and models were better inside but neither had CD or Satnav and to be paying more of an upfront contribution to have a Satnav box stuck to my dash or windscreen or having to use my phone with a cable to a socket didn't seem to be value for money. The new Qashqai still looks good and what I am losing does not make much difference, we are happy with the Qashqai and having another for three more years from the end of May, just need Karen to decide on the colour we are having. She makes most of the decisions and I just drive it, ha ha and as long as she is happy, then I am happy.

Jan 30, 10:13am Top

Oh, I'm so sorry that Amy didn't get the job. Hoping there's something even better waiting for her out there.

Jan 30, 3:33pm Top

>185 johnsimpson:, Thanks Amber my dear, I am sure there is something out there for her, she just need to remain positive and she will succeed.

Jan 30, 3:57pm Top

Finished my Seventh book of 2019 late last night, Lacey's of Liverpool by Maureen Lee. A tale set in the Bootle area of Liverpool and a grand tale it is.

Alice Lacey couldn't be more different from her sister-in-law, the bitter ambitious Cora. And when both women give birth to sons on one chaotic night in Liverpool in 1940, Cora's jealousy and resentment prompt her into an action with the most far - reaching consequences.

Alice's own happiness is soured when her husband, disfigured in an accident, turns against his family. As her marriage slowly begins to disintegrate, Alice looks for a life outside her home, and decides to buy the tiny hairdresser's where she works. But to do this, she must first borrow money from Cora.....

Alice gets the money but Cora's bitterness knows no bounds, Alice goes through numerous troubles as she tries to keep her family together and Cora just goes from bad to worse. As the years pass Alice and Cora's lives go in different directions, their children grow up and have families themselves but not all is plain sailing. Well worth a read if only for the historical references.

Jan 31, 1:50pm Top

Sorry to hear that Amy didn't get the job, John. What a long drawn out process that was to come up with a no at the end. I hope she finds something better.

Jan 31, 3:57pm Top

>187 Familyhistorian:, Thanks Meg my dear, she was very disappointed but she has dusted herself down and now it is onwards and upwards and the right job is just waiting for her.

Jan 31, 6:38pm Top

>179 johnsimpson: So sorry to read Amy did not get that job. I hope an even better one comes along soon.

Feb 1, 4:03pm Top

>189 FAMeulstee:, Thanks Anita my dear.

Edited: Feb 1, 4:09pm Top

Latest reading stats:

Books on shelves at 1-1-2019 - 2509
Books added in January - 6
Books read in January - 7

Revised book total - 2508

Pages to read at 1-1-2019 - 1,052,850
Pages added in January - 2,433
Pages read in January - 2,078

Revised total pages to read - 1,053,205

Edited: Feb 1, 4:10pm Top


Books Read...................... 7

No of Authors.................... 6

New Authors...................... 4

Male Authors..................... 4

Female Authors.................. 2

Pages Read....................... 2,078

Daily Avg........................... 67.03

Book Length avg................. 296.86

Feb 1, 4:29pm Top



1. Quality Street Girls by Penny Thorpe
2. Fragile Lives by Professor Stephen Westaby
3. Essence of Malice by Ashley Weaver
4. The Mobile Library Case of the Missing Books by Ian Samsom
5. Sing Your Name by Jodi Picoult
6. The Cheltenham Square Murder by John Bude
7. Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks
8. A Drake at the Door by Derek Tangye

Feb 1, 4:31pm Top

Sorry to hear that Amy didn’t get the job. In my experience by the time you get to a final interview there isn’t much doubt that you can do the job. Sometimes it’s down to something as simple as whether they are a good fit for the rest of the team, personality wise.

Feb 2, 4:22pm Top

>194 SandDune: Hi Rhian, she was asked at the second interview if she spoke German, she said she didn't but was prepared to learn German, he said it didn't really matter. It turned out that the other candidate spoke German and I wonder if that swayed it in her favour, things happen but she is positive about the future and that is what counts.

Feb 2, 4:24pm Top

I should finish another book either tonight or early in the morning which will put me level with Karen. The last few days have been quite steady but I need to get back to posting as I used to do even if I think it is quite boring but apparently some of you enjoy our day to day activities.

Feb 3, 8:37am Top

Hi John!

I'm sorry to hear that Amy didn't get the job. In the long run she'll find a better job, it's always that in the short run it's upsetting and a financial hardship. Good luck to her.

7 books so far. And thank you so much for sharing Karen's reads!!!

Heh. She's one up on you...

Feb 3, 3:03pm Top

Finished my 8th book of the year in the early afternoon, To Play the King by Michael Dobbs. This is the 2nd in the House of Cards Trilogy and finds Francis Urquhart on his way to see the King as he begins his office as the Prime Minister of the UK.

Prime Minister Francis Urquhart faces a crisis that could end his term in office before it's even begun. To save his future, Urquhart must take drastic measures. There is just one man standing in his way - the new King. Urquhart will stop at nothing to stay in power, even if it means threatening the monarchy itself. But can he withstand the consequences of challenging England's oldest institution?

Politics, intrigue and passion in the corridors of power, has Urquhart gone too far, has the craving for power corrupted him so much that it is the be all and end all to his life, read on and find out.

Looking forward to the final part.

Feb 4, 3:12pm Top

Hello all, it has been a pretty good day for me although Karen is in a bit of pain, bless her.

Yesterday Karen had to go into work as it is the annual stocktake, she was supposed to be doing 5pm until 9pm but around 8pm she rang me to say not to come for until 10pm. When I picked her up she was tired and she ached all over, once home she had a hot drink before we went up to bed and I used the pain gel to try and give her some relief. At around 2.30am she was struggling to get to sleep and I was not helping so she asked me to go into the spare bed which I duly did.

The alarm went off at 7.30am and Karen gave me a nudge and asked me to go and make us both a pot of tea, once we had finished our tea I quickly got washed and dressed and then Karen went for a relaxing shower and washed her hair. Once downstairs I got the meds and vitamins out and made us another pot of tea and we relaxed in the living room, Karen got herself comfortable in the armchair. We had a steady morning and she felt up to starting some knitting, I bubble wrapped a couple of old, damaged Fountain pens and then put them in a padded envelope to send off to a lovely lady in Germany. Kasia does wonderful work repairing and restoring vintage pens and so I contacted her on Saturday to see if she wanted them, I told her that I wanted nothing for them and she can sell them for herself if she manages to get one or both of them back to working order. I did say that I am after an old Swan / Mabie Todd at some point in the future and she said she would come up with something. At worst she would be able to salvage some bits to use as spares if they are too far gone to repair.

We had lunch which was the remains of our Sunday lunch and it was gorgeous before I took Karen to work, hopefully she will be able to get through her shift. After dropping Karen off I popped into store to pick up some mini cigars before heading to the post office in the neighbouring village to us to post the pens off to Germany. Once I had posted the pens off I made my way home and once home had a relaxing shower as my back was niggling me. Once dressed after my shower I made myself a pot of tea and then read until it was time for me to head to the Doctors for my health check with the Nurse.

I came out of my health check very pleased, my bloods showed that my Cholesterol levels were very good, my sugar levels were very good and then she took my blood pressure and that was fine. She had a student nurse with her and the student did my height and weight check which was good. Overall she was very pleased with me and I told her that I self-regulate my weight and haven't really deviated with my weight for the past 35 years. The nurse told me that unless anything happens in the next couple of years I would not be seen again for a complete health check until I am 60 as I am in the bottom 9% on the at risk scale. Once I left the Doctors I made my way home and made a pot of tea and read.

I had another pot of tea and continued reading until around 6pm when I decided that I ought to make myself something to eat. I made myself some sandwiches and picked out a yoghurt from the fridge and also made a pot of tea and with this lot I ate while watching the main news and then the local news programmes. After I had finished eating and the news programmes ended, I read a bit more before firing up the laptop to come on here.

Edited: Feb 5, 5:09pm Top

>199 johnsimpson: Hope Karen feels better this evening. I didn't really feel good last night or this morning myself. The up-and-down temperature swings wreak havoc on the sinuses!

Feb 5, 3:22pm Top

>200 thornton37814:, Thanks Lori, hope you are feeling much better today my dear.

Feb 5, 3:35pm Top

A nice steady day today, once up and about we had a our meds and a pot of tea before having some breakfast. Once breakfast was done with I pottered about a bit and Karen did the ironing and then we caught up on a couple of programmes I recorded yesterday. Once these were finished I made a pot of tea and Karen made herself an omelette, once these were finished it was time to take Karen to work.

I dropped Karen off and then made my way to the retail park and went to the DIY store to pick up a mouse trap, it seems we have a mouse in the garage and it has done a little bit of damage. After purchasing the mousetrap I made my way home, once home I had a pot of tea and flicked through the new TV listings magazine that came in the post and set the DVD up to record three programmes. Once I had finished my tea I went into the garage and cleared a few things in the area where the mouse has been and then set the traps. After thoroughly washing my hands I made a pot of tea and read for a bit before getting on with the upstairs housework. I dusted and vacuumed the bedrooms before giving the bathroom a really good clean as usual. Once the housework was done I made myself a late lunch and a pot of tea. After finishing my lunch I read for the next couple of hours, making another pot of tea along the way and then decided to get a pizza out of the freezer for my tea. I read whilst the pizza cooked.

After finishing my pizza and watching the news I fired up the laptop to come on here and peruse the threads and type up this post and continue to update my new notebooks of authors I like to read so that when we are out I can ensure I don't duplicate purchases. I am still working my way through the letter C on Fantastic Fiction, it will be a while before my new notebooks are ready to use.

Feb 5, 4:17pm Top

I think I am getting back in to the swing of things with my reading, should finish my present book tomorrow and then it is just a case of which book to read next. I have a few lined up but after looking at Fantastic Fiction while drawing up my new set of authors I like notebooks, I have thought of a few more books that I should get around to reading. My reading list this year should be interesting.

Feb 5, 4:19pm Top

>162 johnsimpson: I have had an ARC of that one for years now. I really need to get it read.

>179 johnsimpson: I am so sorry to hear that Amy did not get the job!

Feb 5, 5:12pm Top

>203 johnsimpson: I'm hoping to finish one this evening--maybe a second one. We'll see.

Feb 6, 8:49am Top

Just popping in to say hello. Hello :)

Feb 7, 1:35pm Top

>199 johnsimpson: Good to know you are healthy! Stopping by to say hello and get caught up on your "doings" as we say here in the south. Best to you and Karen.

Feb 8, 4:13pm Top

>204 alcottacre:, Hi Stasia, I have had the Maze runner series on the shelves for the last nine months when Amy brought them over for me to read, I will read book 2 this month and the third that I have next month.

Amy was disappointed but since then she has had a few interviews and has been offered a job with York Pullman Bus Company in their head office, this was yesterday, she had an interview with a Car Auctions firm today and they have offered her a job and want her to do a weeks trial to see if it is what she wants to do, she would be paid for this. As I type this she is on the phone to her mum and she seems to be saying that she would be part of a team and dependent on sales each month they get a bonus. I think from what I am picking up is that she prefers the job at the Bus company so she is going to contact the chap who interviewed her to just check on progression in the company and if the salary will rise gradually as she gets more experienced as it is 2k less than what she was on. I think that by next Tuesday she will be in employment again with the Bus company.

Feb 8, 4:13pm Top

>205 thornton37814:, Hi Lori, I did finish my book, did you finish one or two my dear.

Feb 8, 4:14pm Top

>206 ChelleBearss:, Hi Chelle my dear, always nice to see you on here.

Feb 8, 4:15pm Top

>207 witchyrichy:, Hi Karen my dear, always nice to see you on here.

Feb 8, 4:26pm Top

>208 johnsimpson: Great news about Amy! My husband just accepted a job downtown yesterday. He can use our new metro-line and it beats a 1hr plus commute.

Feb 8, 4:32pm Top

Finished my ninth book of 2019 just after lunch on Wednesday, A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly. This is the Seventh in the Harry Bosch Series.

Terry McCaleb's enforced quiet lifestyle on the island of Catalina is a far cry from the hectic excitement of his former role as an FBI profiler. However, when small-time criminal Edward Gunn is found dead, McCaleb becomes embroiled in a disturbing and complex case... leading him to cross the path of Harry Bosch.

This infamous detective has always teetered on the brink of darkness in order to get inside the head of the killer. Is it possible that he has stepped across that finely drawn line and embraced darkness OR is someone out to get Harry? Harry has a lot of enemies because he is a successful detective, has payback time come?

Looking forward to the next one although I had read a couple before I started reading the series properly so it is not going to be No 8.

Feb 8, 5:17pm Top

The last couple of days have been pretty good one way or another. Yesterday we awoke with the alarm and I went and made us a pot of tea before we got up, washed and dressed and then had breakfast and our meds. The weather didn't look too good, it was raining and was quite windy, so we weren't sure what to do. We set off in the car and by the time we got onto the M1 Motorway we decided to go up to Ripon, in North Yorkshire. After about a 50 minute drive we parked up and made our way to the centre of the Town. After a short wander we arrived at Olivers Pantry Café, it is a quirky, welcoming café and as we entered we could see the display of pastries and cakes, in particular they has some Pasteis de Nata on display.

We were shown to our table and a minute or so later one of the staff came to take our order. Before we knew it our coffee, toasted teacakes and Pasteis de Nata were brought to us. We had a relaxing drink and a bite to eat before we paid and left to wander around the Town. First stop was what used to be a department store that now sells a mix of crafts by local artists and artisans. As we delved deeper into the store we came across an antique section and my eyes alighted on a selection of fountain pens. The chap who was looking after this area opened the cabinet for me to have a look at them. a couple I didn't need to look at but I did see one worth a good look. The pen was in a nice red/burgundy and was a piston filler, it was priced at £54 and I thought it was a little overpriced. I didn't haggle and said I would think about it and perhaps come back. We moved on around the antiques section and Karen came across a lady with lots of brooches and associated jewellery, Karen had a good look at these while I perused other areas. I came back to Karen to find her talking to the lady about brooches and then she spotted one she liked, it was a ballerina called everbright from the 1930's. Karen decided she wanted it so I paid for it then she continued chatting to the nice lady as she saw a couple of things that might suit Amy and as it is Amy's 30th birthday this year she thought something like this might be suitable. We left the store and continued wandering around, I picked up some record cards and Karen picked up some sausage rolls and a couple of pasties for our tea. I had forgotten my author notebooks so we didn't risk buying any books in case we duplicated some. After a good wander around we made our way back to the car and headed home.

Once home I made us a pot of tea and then I started to google "Corona" pens, it would seem that £54 was not a bad price, they were made in Italy in the 1930's and 40's mainly in blue celluloid, this one was in red. I saw a dealer in the US had one for sale at $250, I may need to go back, ha ha.

After a pot of tea or two and watching a couple of programmes, we had our sausage rolls and pasties before I took Karen to her Bariatric meeting at our hospital.

This morning we were up with the alarm and got washed and dressed. Once downstairs I put the kettle on and then got our meds out while Karen got our cereal ready. After we had eaten, had our meds and finished our tea it was time to take Karen to work. After dropping Karen off I went into store to do the bit of shopping that we needed, once this was done I made my way home.

Once home I unpacked and put the shopping away before making a pot of tea and doing a bit of reading. After another pot of tea or two I did the book notes and stats on the last two books I have finished. I made a pot of tea and watched the news before filling a couple of my pens with ink. Not long after I had done this we had a delivery from Amazon, a CD for Karen and my Jinhao 159 fountain pens. These Jinhao 159's look similar to Montblanc 149's but the price difference is enormous, a Montblanc 149 is around £650 whereas this pack of three Jinhao 159's were £15. I filled the Black and gold one and tried it out, it feels nice in the hand and writes well for a chunky pen.

After sorting my fountain pens out I got on with the downstairs housework, the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Once these had been cleaned I made myself some sandwiches and had some cake, a Bakewell tart and some flapjack before making a pot of tea and reading until it was time to go and pick Karen up from work.

Once home with Karen, she went for a shower while I had a pot of tea and then we had something to eat, we watched a couple of programmes we had recorded and then Amy rang to say she had been offered a job after her interview yesterday at York Pullman Buses and she had an interview today at a Car Auction place and they also offered her a job. Amy spoke to her mum and after a while Karen said to her you have just ruled out the Car auctions after saying how much nicer the York Pullman job was and it also offered more progression and they were much more friendlier than the auction place. She is going to ring the Bus company on Monday just to try and sort a couple of things out that have cropped up but basically she will be accepting their offer, this is good news and she found this job herself rather than via the Job agency although she has been very grateful for all of Kerry's help at the agency.

Feb 9, 12:57am Top

Yay for Amy! That's great news, John. How great to have two offers to consider.

I hope you get back to that Corona pen that turned out to be reasonably priced after all.

Feb 9, 10:04pm Top

John--Hurray for new pens and brooches and new jobs!! Seems life is good out your way. : )

Feb 10, 2:36pm Top

>215 jnwelch:, Hi Joe, so pleased for Amy that she hasn't been out of work for too long and hope this has some permanence for her. Part of holding back on the pen besides the initial price was that if Amy was out of work for longer, this amount would pay a small bill or get some food in but now I may go back and try to haggle a little bit, would be nice to get it for £40 but would settle on £45.

Feb 10, 2:39pm Top

>216 Berly:, Hi Kim, Karen loves her brooches and £7.50 was not a bad price really, Karen added the Jinhao pens to her amazon order and they were a bargain and are quite chunky. It was good news about Amy's job search and now she just needs to accept and hopefully working by the beginning of March. Things are not too bad at the moment and hope they stay this way my dear.

Feb 10, 4:38pm Top

I should finish another book tomorrow to keep me on track with Karen's reading, not that I am keeping close tabs on her reading you understand, ha ha.

Feb 10, 5:40pm Top

>214 johnsimpson: Happy to read Amy got two job offers, John. I hope it all works out tomorrow.
Sending love and hugs to you and Karen.

Feb 10, 7:25pm Top

I stopping by to let you know that I am still around. It has been a very busy start to the semester. This week I will be teaching four library classes in one day.

I also promised to bake a cake for a friend this next weekend so it will be a busy week.

I purchased some yarn this weekend and have started a shawl. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern simple, so I hope that I can get it done in a few weeks. I have been tired in the evenings so I have been watching TV and knitting instead of reading.

Feb 11, 12:20am Top

Best wishes to Amy . It would be lovely if you could get the pen.

Feb 11, 9:37am Top

>209 johnsimpson: I think I did finish a couple before the weekend. The weekend wasn't very good for reading. I chaperoned a youth choir trip. I read several articles, but I did not make much progress on the book I was reading.

I'm glad Amy found a job!

Feb 11, 3:05pm Top

>220 FAMeulstee:, Hi Anita, Amy got a call from the agency about the Car Auctions position and she explained why she was declining it, Kerry fully accepted her reasons and wished her well with the job she was going to accept. Kerry also told her that if she needed any help just to give her a call, Amy thanked her and the team for everything they had done whilst she was without a job and said she would keep in touch.

Amy e-mailed the Bus company last night and then phoned this morning, the chap managed to get back in touch with her just before 5pm and apologised for the delay and thanked her for accepting the position and said next Monday would be ideal to start. Although they don't like staff taking holidays from May to the end of July she told him about the KISS concert and told him she had had tickets since October and that it is the final tour and he said that was not a problem and hoped it would be a good gig.

Sending love and hugs to you and Frank dear friend.

Feb 11, 3:08pm Top

>221 benitastrnad:, Hi Benita, I thought that you would be busy my dear and from what you have said you are with all the teaching. I hope the baking of the cake goes ok and your friend likes it.

I can understand you being tired at the end of the working day and it seems that like Karen you both find knitting relaxing, you will get back to the books at some point.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Feb 11, 3:11pm Top

>222 vancouverdeb:, Hi Deborah, Amy is very pleased that she has now got a job and she found this one herself, she contacted them by e-mail last night and by phone this morning. The chap was delighted that she is joining the team and she starts next Monday.

I hope to get up to Ripon either by the end of the week or the beginning of next and hope the pen is there, I don't think it will have gone by then, fingers crossed.

Hope all is well with you and Dave and the family dear friend and send love and hugs to you all.

Feb 11, 3:15pm Top

>223 thornton37814:, Hi Lori, glad you managed to finish a couple of books before the weekend, I hope the youth choir trip went ok and the concert was good. Your reading has been going apace so not reading much over the weekend will help to recharge your batteries.

Amy is very pleased that she has got the job and starts next Monday and she is really looking forward to it, she contacted the firm last night by e-mail and by phone this morning. When the chap got back to her he apologised for the delay but was pleased that she was joining the team and looks forward to seeing her next week.

Sending love and hugs dear friend.

Feb 11, 3:26pm Top

Finished book 10 just before noon, Manna from Hades by Carola Dunn, this is the first of four books in the Cornish Mystery Series.

Eleanor Trewynn, recently widowed, returns home from years of working overseas to the village of Port Mabyn in Cornwall. Even though she is retired she still plans to continue her charity work, running a shop from the ground floor of her house. As she opens up one morning she finds both a particularly valuable donation and a corpse stuffed into the storeroom. The donation is linked to a violent robbery in London but the corpse looks nothing like the robber being sought by the police.

With the help of her niece, Detective Sergeant Megan Pencarrow, Eleanor is determined to unscramble this confounding case of daring theft, double cross and murder most foul.

An enjoyable yarn and I am looking forward to the next one.

Feb 11, 8:40pm Top

>228 johnsimpson: I made the mistake of jumping in at #4 on that series and didn't enjoy it so much. I'm glad to know the first one sounds better.

Feb 11, 9:39pm Top

Oh, fabulous, Amy is has gotten the job. Great news and congratulations to all. We are doing okay. We have snow that seems to be sticking around and we are not prepared for snow here , any more than the UK is prepared . And that dratted dryer, which is only 5 years old is acting up again. Fortunately Dave is " mechanical' and has pulled it apart once again and a fuse has blown. I don't think I've ever had a dryer that has caused us so many problems so quickly. Usually they last for 10 - 12 years without a problem. The shop that might have the needed fuse is closed today. Dave will look there tomorrow .Sorry to hear of your ongoing back problems. Love and hugs to you and Karen and family.

Feb 12, 8:51am Top

Hi John!

I'm so glad Amy has gotten a good job and that she had two to choose from.

I'm having a mostly lazy week although Bill and I will be going out to dinner the night before Valentine's Day to celebrate. We usually just get each other cards and candy, so I think this is a better way to spend time together AND a better way to spend our money. It will be the new normal moving forward.

Feb 14, 1:42pm Top

Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤️💚💗💙

Feb 16, 10:08am Top

Time for a new thread, join me in a short while.

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